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Sunday, May 13th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough. You listen to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh Lacey. Good morning everybody welcome to another addition a slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time for yet again this Sunday morning we're here every Sunday from 1030 to eleven. And we always about variety of topics that are likes our radio show out certain appeal welcome. Murti packer RO two our airwaves for the first time in you've probably heard got the commercials for Marty's place it's family dealership. Down and anger street riverfront auto sales and Marty welcome good morning good morning brother Dario I'm doing well I appreciate taking the time to talk to us about it I love your commercials I've heard him over the years went from mama baccarat or two out. Do you your sign your grandson truly a family dynamic here tell us something kind of the concept behind riverfront auto sales and how your family. I can place and gone. I'll try to give you sort short version of my grandfather actually was in the service under the business picked it completely. Gut twenties. The my father had the service station on Niagara street. And I worked my father's a Yo-Yo the little boy. The gas stations or percent. We status only Karadzic you and I got a high school back in the seventies. That my son enjoyment and it's my dad passed away we've we've bought the place right on the street and your street. Son's been with me now my grandsons there are so we've been now I'm Niagara street for a long long time in bits of family owned business and were pretty proud. Or generations of the park or family and I think you know Marty and and the Western New York area there's a lot to be set for people who would like to patronize him Iran businesses. And stay with local owners and independent business is you can't get dynamic as well. Yet it's pretty rewarding to me too badly you know I've seen over the years 'cause I've been at this location for forty almost 45 years now myself. So I've seen people come in with their kids when their babies and other babies are coming in buying cars with their babies and other babies are almost ready to buy another car so it's. It's pretty rewarding to see a repeat customers coming back and you know and so look current guitar from steps. And it IDC speaks well of your company too because people try issue they come back generations after generations are crude assume it's Andy's gonna it is especially in New York State that you saw a lot of outstanding pre owned vehicles. Many of which come from the south right so the advantage the obvious advantage in my mind is that there's no rust amateur. Harsh winter damage what Paris do you sell vehicles would help us automobile I do. A lot of this in the wintertime it seems like that's gonna give my best deals in the wintertime plus they get to go get out of awful when herself aspirin or a little the little perk to it but I find that. Does the variety you know the sports cars a convertibles that I can buy in the offseason in the winner. Our and there are so many of them down south verses what they are here and buffalo and don't quite honestly people seem to take better care of the cars the roads are better shape. Knowledge is a sports cars but all the suvs and pickup trucks. They Russell being here just after Koppel winners of the salt. Really take dirt hole and on the vehicle so. It's pretty nice. These carrots are very hardly dusty let alone rusty I mean the brake lines that he'll it's just amazed at my guys in the sound easy while everything comes apart everything's such. No great shape. Makes right right and what you people look for an hour we have a lot of high quality vehicles everything from Lexus Porsche are being immersed. I am curious my Fred Merkel altered or it's a beautiful Cadillac STV work things you look for. You know I look for a congressman taking care of and maintained those and it signs that I like to buy cars of the original paint and I look at to tires a look at the interior. You know the guys took care of the outside chances are he took care of the inside. So I like to feel in all I can get a good feel within ten or fifteen seconds of just blew out a coward saying while this is powers it'll really been taking care of and and that's what I look for it like to see while well cared for. Well it's like you have an instant credit sixth sense I would say your answer to your son is at developed. Taylor to 45 year veteran of color are gathered as a my son actually is not obviously not been as long as I have but. He's actually better car guy that him and he's really. He had a good teacher and ultimately put myself I always have probably help block he's obviously got a good feel to same thing he really knows how to look at the current tell the difference of you know how the tires are worn and things like that are just kind of things that most people don't look at that we can look for received the cars are. Makes perfect sense for talking with Marty pat her senior who is the owner of riverfront autos house. You'd probably pass or riverfront it's a thirteen 79 anchors in case you're punching it in your GPS. Right near downtown buffalo of course in the number to caught you're looking to. Talked temerity your staff about via call 88616268861626. Riverfront auto sales on Akers street. In downtown buffalo you can't miss it in that area Marty you know with some of the other buildings had to come up a lofts restaurants are real Renaissance in your neck of the woods. Actually a big big resurgence going out I'm glad to see it 'cause I said men they're for over forty years so I've gone through the tough times and now it's amazing to see all the new things that are popping up it's really really exciting. I always say never thought I'd see it in my lifetime but to see buffalo come back and you know a lot of these things have finally come to fruition it's. An exciting time to these are questioning our he has Leo house. And one the other thing is it's new in your business too you know because everybody's lives Ers are to earn tactic it seems like world times served him multitasking. You are offering at riverfront at concierge service how it worked when it comes to vehicles. Well you'll Renner what's so we have this thing it's his order my car it's kind of like ordering a new car which order used car. You know nowadays who's got time to go around from watts a lot. Just his get disappointed and kind of get shoved into a quality really didn't wanna by the the command looking to buy a book and and they walk out the sports car vice Versa so we can actually. Hone in year make model callers options things that are important to that specific customer. Give them condition reports detail pitchers and they know exactly how much is going to be. Any case I can have the Carrick gets delivered right to their house who grader in Arizona for the or whatever exactly you know things everything's done through the Internet just like everything else nowadays grocery deliveries and Spielberg won't answer I thought yeah or change and we're trying to stay with the changes. It really does make life easier because people are busy and as you point out her groceries restaurants food even right sharing I really did give credit where. For thinking a hat like after being progressive and knowing that he would cause probably make a lot of sense to when it comes to concierge service. You first something like there with other services for apology joining oil changes or any sort of mechanical work very strictly a place to buy and. Soundly last year how we service what we sell we don't really service too much off the street we kind of want to cater to our customers so. Because we don't want our customers have to wait for an appointment when they bark from us a week service will resell. All year makes and models sold mine makes it to the person does he servers in a regular maintenance we can do all in house. An easy enough to find as you mentioned it straight and your homepage write that riverfront just simply click on order right her body and a great idea speaking of vehicles hellish inventory of these states. It's that tough you know I got to be out for justice in all this time the summer it's tough for me I'm not going down south. So we're offering people to bring their cars it was a dream even thinking about selling a towering if they want to trade in and they really want to buy. A new power in. Before you trade and common call us or bring it down you'd be surprised how much were pain. We're paying well over Kelley blue book value for the cars and some people have a better negotiating power going in with cash verses have penetrated so if you think about sonic are. We'd love to see it in an NB with a buy from. And I have to tell hammered it like to think that I am I can you know or read about things research British female I always feel like I'm that a little bit at a disadvantage and lock indoor dealership I still feel there might be that. In algae reeling or you're talking about a trend detain me for right now pun intended yeah how do you feel about that. It happens it definitely have they see it all the time where people go somewhere and these geez it was just it XYZ dealer he told me easily and give you 6000 we don't ask you what you want we have you bring McCarron that we have documentation. We use any DA we use Kelley blue book we use a lot of tools. That will give you a fair and true number where most guys are people most women or anybody goes into dealership. The guy just comes out it was too. Piece of paper is okay were gonna give you 7000 dollars for the car they bring it doesn't for an hour and give me nine or 101000 this same car. The other thing too you're offering something they've heard advertise NGR and B an estimate your commercials to 500 dollar gas card not. Who doesn't live at because you know issuing out this week at least the prices are going back up. How does a 500 dollar gas. Now anybody comes in they just mentioned as a WB and they mentioned they commended mess initial WGR and we will give the five RO gas card pendant and helps a 500 dollars is five or boxes. It's you know especially if gas didn't close three dollars a gallon. But it can help. So I tell you I heard it Ambien and you arrogant as analogous or not. Ali how are those aren't the airline before time is Marty again if you can just reiterate where you're located in hand and you know why you think it's a good idea for people to buy pre owned. Lower right and I gestured at thirteen 79 run between Dallas and in Los Fiat when their fur now 45 years. I think the best thing is the bank error one or two years old. It's kinda sweet spot the depreciation is out of it and I'm fine and those cars when they come back to me if they want the money trade amend the close to worth what they paid. From me and a year ago or two years ago vs if you buy a brand new car. You know it it really gets appreciated fast and hard. That somebody asked joie the depreciation exactly you bags during this currency right handers do you by decree of you enjoy the car for a couple three years. And you wanna trade out of it you're not gonna get really hammered you media lose a 1002000 dollars is not close and tender fifteenth. Great point. And that again is at thirteen 79 anchors street the Parker Parker our family for generations strong and and moving forward in downtown buffalo is this city is. Is reviving itself it's great to support local businesses. Like river for an honest up or call 886162630. Barber great to see a looking forward to icing it down the road thanks so much thank you coming up next one in my former colleagues and vampires sports network dot Trimble back in the house stay tuned everybody. No home who worked for do you wanna learn about home brewing. 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We think Teddy would've liked to Tillis fitness gear. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. That's 8430651. And welcome back to slice of life and this Mother's Day and hate your mom as a sports hander I have a deal for you we're gonna talk to the author of press can't spot Trimble and Bob May be a familiar name. To folks who have been around the buffalo area for a long time he and I had the pleasure of working together at the empire sports network dialogue lamented empire sports network. And WNS say we were together for quite some time back in the late nineties and into their early 2000. Was an anchor on fans TV reporter. Also did the empire sports report anchoring. Occasionally and just a great guy and I'm privileged to call him a dear friend obvious down in the Pittsburgh area. And he birther book called pressed past and it recounts his many many interviews are over the years of major sports figures throughout the country. And Bob is on our show this Monday Tuesday morning good morning Bob great to Turkey yet again. Good morning Greg it's really great to talk to you again and so it's a pleasure we had great times together working in part. We certainly did and now I am so happy that we maintain or French or even now. Where few are few miles apart back. Thanks to social media and the way the world is now a days. Our pants cross every now and then in and say you're in buffalo yesterday. That twelve hovered just 716 food and sport. Tell us what was on nine yesterday with your press pass puck. Well we had set it up. And to promote the book and all have to do a little bit. Or failed called charity but it is certainly to help out of the Buffalo Bills alumni association breast that you said was designed it was really. Over the years when you're an empire and all those stations in Michigan primarily Detroit talking about my impressions of those. Particular individual that was Jim Kelly of the bill. Mohammed Ali even the crew chief Euro guest that was on but that's an empire and of course the Buffalo News. The idea what my impressions of them and and it really it was focusing on them and I think people get a kick out of it because it's it's. Taking them inside things that maybe they didn't go in and realize these guys are all human you know and and that's what made me feel great at that time I wasn't thinking about it consciously but I know he's had photos taken. Either my way it was Livni or camera in order with a particular individuals. And so that made it kind of need to look at the book is 219 pages long but it has. About fifty pictures. Of the different aptly than where weather spring training you're per in this it is Stanley Cup finals or whatever might be. And it worked really well and the folks seemed like it and yesterday we had four members of the Buffalo Bills alumni association. Adjustments tomorrow period Murkowski and vote registered and I was donating five dollars there it is in the books. Sold to the alumni associations that it was a great partnership it is really fun to see some friends back in town. Sir greeted he would come back to buffalo and do this I think once people come to buffalo on spent any length of time here there's a certain term Victor that you if it's captured by the city and in people app and got some canceling long roots here and even though. You're down in the Pittsburgh area do you think offer of your time in buffalo and in the Western New York region. Well absolutely I do and anybody use I think that sort of thing that brings you back to it when you think of a lot of the individuals that we interviewed over the years especially in National Hockey League and found. People like Scotty Bowman who's in the book. John Mark where a lot of these other folks they make buffalo Marcel being on and make their home in buffalo even though they're gonna release from Merrill and it's it goes to show the kind of community it has been. And seeing what happened down there in the armor in the water front as just magnificent all the things that we spoke to Levy would do when we heard empire in his years ago an outcome from merchants are not a now an empty parking lot down there now it's really terrific. NS any great they have a place like 716 to settling you can leave her sit back and watch whatever gamers burning about you want. See people. On the American made yes give me even when it spilled. There's room to move and I can't believe this side of the screen and there and my favorite part if the bar. Never been in there it's it's lit from underneath and trying to look like guys that you can be to skate parks and but that was a great great idea. Really clever here today you know the attention to detail is ski and speaking of attention to detail when you and I were together I was a producer and fan TV and you're one of my main anchors in just a pleasure to work where your attention to detail was something that Ali stood out your hours are very. Colorful incapable or writer and down to a lot of pride in our entire presentation. When you did the book about how different was mad from say a Arab TV or radio broadcast career when your. You're you speak differently with TB and raid overseas speaking differently authoring a pocket while the major difference trio and they are regard. Well you know way and I appreciate that kind words grand you're right when you're under a deadline in your putting this together so little difference you're you're saying that who what where why rate there. When you have a book at least like this and I had time to do that buddhism some physical issues. I basically just. It is set up an outline instead decided to disparage writing down notes at the pictures are running by the way it did today on my pool table I set out the pictures. And then I ever and I would recant when myself. When I did that in your view what we're talking about what we're doing it's amazing how. Much like it remembered some of it also grab from video in and television interviews that I got this in the comments. The Radio One that I did with our Tokyo earlier in the book or rerouted and he dispelled what they get in 1979. If you can believe it. That Chinese for that brick. It just that when you have a book you're allowed to expound you can go into more detail you know these you know even with it and he'd be where we had so much more time in the traditional five minutes' work. We still had some limitations there in the book in the early limiting yourself and I didn't I knew I couldn't go very long like in novel but. It really just gave me the freedom. At my pace that would matter any deadline acted to write a little bit my wife there Kim who used to Jimmy continue to go downstairs on Friday night or Saturday morning and you can look for air campaign. Like he just get on a roll of the art flowing. And thank goodness we have the computer to get there all in and say that because. My in my writing it's boring and I don't wanna have to transcribe this is just typing and as it went. And then cleaned it up and that it was early it really look a lot of funny it's going to be rocket launch and actually coming right at. Why and and done it. Running down really well I'm serving their might be a sequel to this you know it's funny you say about the time frames because they remember picking up the book you sir kindly otter grifter book forming. And out one night at home I had some time on my hand to pick about spoke in check it out while. I ended operating the whole thing because it one. One story it would lead to another and then there's another and you Natalie recounted your experience with these high profile athletes. But it there's a glimpse into the human part of those athletes as well and it it really commie and I. And it's OK I'm just gonna read on Maher well you know an hour later I had finished the book and it was so well done. And of course obvious it was most interested in the buffalo folks who are you talked about Jim Kelly. About the quarterback and the writer for that matter and so many of the sabres issue said. Is there one particular buffalo interview that stands out would it be maybe Jim Kelly because of his health issues of late. Well I think a lot of that and plus the fact that you know I take great pride in being from the Pittsburgh area which is where. We called the cradle quarterback that's where chairman Marino and Montana main event centered bland and joining united saw these folks are originated from down here. And so I I would say Jim. Because we got to do so much stuff with him before he got sick he obviously gets sick after I left town but. He and his family were so very gracious community you know that you and I are at work did empire. Very much so with honor so campaign and we would use live telecast from that the other ironic thing and that many people may not realize is both hunter. And Tim were both born on Valentine's Day and so this year dad and one of the points that make it about 200. Surveys disease was not expected to live pastor were to really look to the B agent eight. And got to be there in camp toward Tuesday gators right in all payment that was that was to be a very very touching moment. And it meant a lot and and I also had many chances to visit the Kelly at their home. 100 still alive the so they're very warm people Jill Stewart and a great job you know promoting the prize I guess you're promoting gym and then of course Kelly strong since he has had. The cancer and it's it's come back. And are working to get rid of it for him I mean I whose newspapers all the time for an it is a wonderful human being and you think about all they hit the mid seriously the physical to roll. The big game in the NFL took on him. And he managed to get back up and get back out there and so. If he was gonna do that he's saying is they've been cancer you may be here rated kick by about Obama. Right back no doubt about it now about 8% of price ten and I think your arms and the new regime at the bill still I have to ask your take. You know a lot of controversy here about the bill selecting Josh Allen many people that would Josh Rosen on the board that they retain camp. What's your view on him and also charming and mince. Well I really like Josh Allen and I liked it because besides he's too many. He's a lot like our quarterback down near Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger. And also advocate that they drafted this year. Several runs later Mason Rudolph. Who out of Oklahoma State. Big strong you know 646523040. Pound guy that can throw the ball and it's great that we you're in a buffalo winter. The winds and how down their archer partners like ninety ever been around and be one I've gone for an arm. Liked our roads and alignment which could very well but he didn't impress me at the meeting can handle. The the elements as well. He noted the other thing. Answer about are just gonna say the other thing took our Rosen is that he suffered a couple of concussions in college in their concerns me coming into the pros. It sure does and I mean it's an issue but without question and we you have to watch out for that and I think that's more ministry in any of the year shoulder injury and you want these guys. To be as healthy as they can be and recognize when there's an issue and get them out of their receiver they've got a new rule in the NFL while Iran protocol which is currently rate but it took me a benefit. Is. Is Josh is our Allan there about slow but sure we're just hanging out. Via when it brother you know as a drafted down here in Pittsburgh. And the first round as well and it's it's going to be interesting to see how the band out there as well. A lot of talent very quick. And I think he's a fast learner too except I've uploaded very very well myself. And I want to give props so our young man from my area as well once the draft is over do you notice that there's so many. College players that have the ability but they're simply does not a roster spot and so a lot of players. Some help me get through free agency. And we are kids from my high school down here in Pittsburgh Atlanta Alabama went to national championships are under Nick Saban didn't play a lot because we were shoulder injury but he is. Act that he is strong his name was Robert Forrester repellent to Iran and held he was up over the weekend at the rookie camp and you watch out for him I think he could be a tremendous asset as a kick or punt returner as well as a receiver I think he's one of those ones you'd call it diamond in the rough. You didn't see a lot of them but when you see him he made a great impression at the at the combo and in the I think yes man if he can make their roster will be very pleased with him. Thirteen now it's always fun to looked at a sleepers too bad. I'm listening our time is up items are giving the -- don't come back to buffalo and enjoy some of the amenities of Western New York. And and the charitable work ethic is so and kind and gracious acute you remember to keep. The bills alumni association hand in in year we don't house bound. Look for press pass you can I love the cover by the way and by the way I am honored to be in the book TO. Yet we continue we're talking about victory to him because civic there isn't the whole idea you know victory on the subject but we want to. Talk about it remember the picture of it on tape ready for a and that campus in line. And that humans are our commander that you resulted gracious as well it was a resisted until late yesterday we're just. Are right now I'm Rory and I love I power and the book you on the cover so striking because you can't just haul our rate of your media passes. Firm here are very illustrious career Natalie locally here in Western New York Purdue and Michigan nine are you he worked in other markets as well. And bad sister pleasure to have you rightly ask question how to people frank your book press past. Well there's there's several ways of course anybody look me dead in my area here they can contact me either personally on the phone or through email. The book bill aren't from a national perspective is available on both Amazon. As well as Barnes and Noble's more excitement they even a few other ones out there so. You know they were picked it up and of course. If if you know in person or whatnot and their habit sign the book that I wanted to evaluate of course. I love to do that because I think I remember myself you know meeting folks and and and wanting to be running hoping that they would be nice in person and I would like to I would like to believe that. You know what you see hear or read in the book and the way Hammond wrote an in person at the same register I enjoy meeting people and talking to them and I I was blessed to have a big career. You know if it would stretch short I get there were say it is a physical limitations that I had I got to do I was wanted to do and I think that's another thing that shines through there that you could tell that I did loved doing it some people just you have a job they don't like it I love. Here's our question about it one of the good guys run of the best guys I ever worked with. Not tremble author of press pass bad thanks so much for your time this morning. Think senior Brenda thank you so much a right. That a putter rap on this addition of slice of life thanks so much for tuning and a rusty in next week. Thanks Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.