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Sunday, April 8th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for her bring out some time for sadness Sunday morning and you weekends are busy and over it's a Sunday funding for you when we so appreciate you tuning and every Sunday at 1030 here in ESPN 1520. Well speaking of curbing we're going to be talking to. Dispenses meat market and the owners themselves Franken Rachel dispenser here. And later in the shower or talk to the owner ever bring new business that are open and nagger falls boulevard. In China Wanda it's open less than three weeks and she's real sweet talker we'll get into the details on a bit later on act. Thanks as always to Kevin Carriker pushing the buttons worst week in and week out here on the show that cake character its us in the right direction. Every week thanks to cavern and if you need any guest ideas. Please feel free to I hit me up and FaceBook or Twitter into Gramm. 84306. Rival on his right direct line. 84306. I have one I'm always looking for guests ideas. And I'd love to charity about all the fun things that are happening around Western New York. Well without further ado it's an encore appearance very frank and Rachel dispenser and a husband wife team. There works and owns it dispenses meat market and ransom good morning folks humor and learning. Nice to have you back on board and I know things have been busy and frank you're telling me just before the show. Dirty entering your six year in business. We sure are six your business it's been growing. Quite rapidly and especially. It's nice to have a little bit of a break this Sunday because the last weekend was Easter was pretty busy. Allied that you were slapped Rachel what store hours are your top sellers a lot of lay out. Rib roasts. Cans deadly cancer top seller butts and we do make our fresh. Polish with margarine and parsley and he also. In a new feature is the chicken polish admired him in person so that was a big seller this demonstrates how ever how did you get a lot of traditional meet and manager and poultry that people really want. We do and what's unique about us is. We get some of the old school ethnic cuts that I can do because we are breaking down hall animals so we get questions all the time which. Sometimes I take for grant and someone will call and say can you cut me you know for instance a Brazilian cut which is content account from atop sterling. And I'll say that anybody in the area can't do this form. But because we are dealing with only animal I can cut any ethnic cut it one. So by ethnic cuts I'm afraid it's what you just described something in this case it would be this a Brazilian cod where what are some other types of all the authentic concert ethnic cuts that you encounter. Where there's our Hungarian kind of I parked only were you on. Can I make a slit in the natural on muscle pattern of the pork belly and and it's stuff so I don't do this stuff in but someone who's Hungarian would know. Exactly what their meat is where we do I'm so many different cuts of the lamb Greek orthodox Easter Israeli are now also. We we do on French lamb racks and lamb shanks. Bone and roast which you don't see in the supermarkets because they don't have the size so. Many of the things that we can do that you won't see at the supermarket. I was in Europe last October and I notice especially in Italy it seemed like park had it was everywhere. You hit some of those trends come from Europe to the US. Even it out not necessarily an artist and I suspect it's server commonplace thing now. Well really isn't with a great diversity in our area that we have. We get questions affecting just had a gentleman comment and was distraught over several different places he's been to that messed up or caddie didn't really know what it was. Andy's I let him come sit next to my cutting table and he was in tears as I made the authentic card and make it. It's probably resonates with people too because. Food to me as such have sort of a symbol of family life and tradition and a spam first generation. Italian so there's at heritage and constant use it preacher with your customers you hear that a lot. Away actually become an and they want some specific and a lot of times he'll say I can't find this anywhere. And frank even if he doesn't know he says yes and he figures it out and he gets it right and he just really good at what he does print humans are real pants. This instance I do I have a passion for the business but most of lot of passion for. Letting the customer field like you said there's a feeling of you know maybe it was your grandmother's that you go to and get to certain kind of meet that she made every week. I take a lot of pride and given some on the economy that gives them that memory and maybe a memory that they can build an outcast doesn't mean a lot to its. It's it is damning in our attacking me about butchering and meat market you really think that there's such an emotional component to them at their you know. I'm I'm thinking back to when I was a kid that dish is my mother made and the dishes I heard about my father was racist Troutman and small village in a Percy. You know they're really just can't recall some of those emotions. Let's talk specifically about to spend as it's at 3130 rich wrote in grants and now. And frank you know we talked to over the years I've known you for awhile now about how you're serving all the sale full service customer committed shop. And I think about the Brady Bunch for Sam the butcher effect do you get some camera people think your view is sort of at all for his temperature in your younger man. Well if it's amazing it really is I I told Rachel it's almost like where meet buyer 'cause I'm like the bartender I know. People's problems I know I could titans they'll if the bad times. I know when some watched him during know the economy to they want and the customers love that and there are ask me how to cook it. They're asking me what you servant with and it is it's exactly like that it's like Sam the butcher. Act as I always say it suspends his trust your butcher annoy your food exactly you should trust that I am gonna give you what you wanna. Treasure tortured her food I think is a great tagline and your open Wednesday through Sunday and it's your location. And so for the most parent when people command. It's seen form if you like what's it like when you lock in is it what you would expect to put your shepherd meat markets be it greed do you go and and and is and where is customized. It's it's customize what you would expect an old school but trichet activity so we do have your traditional class meat counters and everything but we have. The police decorated very nicely you know very it's and I are firemen our property which is unique so you can. See animals that are being treated well on the property you cut the animals which are patents. So. They and they're not ending up in the case could we are animal lovers but in our shop what you do notices if you look around. We are committed to locals so we have local dairy products local honey commercials. We have anything local that someone. To bring to us that we think Hasan shop we deal. I love the fit in support other businesses and answers artist and had a quality to it. Is they think you offer your customers they ask you specifically about theory China as a nodding your head what do you hear from your your customers. They want to know now more than ever where things are coming from so they'll ask I mean. The products on the shelves we'll save that they'll ask where's the meat coming from and I can tell them a fireman Powell you know I was raised and we banded these firms who we Knoll. You know highly annals of being treated and it's just they've that's what you. And you would hand them your store their product and wish you knew exactly where they are sourced from is airing absolutely yeah or was itchy come affirmed Clinton talked about. Absolutely teacup farmers and our Kurtz family run business because Liz and Tim I don't. They have a large family hard hard workers and truly you need to go to their founder respect. That. They made the milk is coming from their cows they only have I believe seven that there Melky now. They have coats. They make everything by hand there it slow time pasteurized. But there are so hire certified to sell raw milk at their arm. We can't sell Iran and our shops we saw the little time as terrorist and why is it better different. Just when we passed Trace milk. It takes a lot of the good benefits out of it and we're now there's no construed as cat. He too pro teams in this and everything management should just p.s that the raw milk comes from the animal that they're fed well. Not full of chemicals not full of bad products and not treated right it's the. Early in the pasture she's got gesture raised. Around their gesture than she brings an in every. Twist today in milk. And you don't wanna look at ingredients McCracken chemistry equation you know they can't throws man knack. It's nice to know that you can go where it's cure for this appears against basically. And when it comes to it and the meat market it's not just me that's a bit of a misnomer because you also sell fresh cut wild seafood. We do and that's taken off quite a bit NIA and no one's Smart enough to admit when. I don't know enough about a product that I learn about it so seafood it was a new thing to me about eight months ago. And luckily I am working closely with our Schneider seafood who goes to New England every single day to get to fresh seafood that's wild caught. And they'll tell you what's you know what's on the table for this week are there no way you can get fresh we're getting. Everything wildcard which means it's a much better for you because it's not farm raised with chemicals and other additives. And when it something is out of season like now are one of our biggest sellers. In Tokyo and Norwegian salmon it is organically farmed in Norway but I'm they don't use dyes or any chemicals and. And it makes it healthier dietary nature actually you're right it's you know the difference because you'd like kicking Q Santana he hero while caught persons. Another writer which one MI supposed to Brian wise of more expensive. You know I can make your head spin it or you're shopping and it's why it's important enough that there's somebody like you. Frank and you raise Toby Hanna Karan could answer those questions one on one you're not tied into a different person every week when you walk into a big box store. Or by summing out of our freezer case things. You know we talked in the past efforts and your commercials and WB and some of the other stations about. It's not a good idea to have a lot of time traveling when your food is trampling for a long distance who knows how freshness and that's and I thing that you hang on Hannah. Exactly was summoning commercials supermarkets. Importing beef and and meets from different countries. It's weeks before you even get into your home refrigerator. So it's important with us you know what you're getting his top quality premium. Mean since he foods and their local products where I can sell you anything that we wouldn't wanna put on their own table. And you have young children you have them near their quiet as church my guess is that there. Children of those there was just seven Lucy never even know they're in the room here hey guys good job over there. But you RBC are cognizant of raising on children and want going to be as healthy as possible south feed down and the and the way that you would want to you know ensure that there could how and when it comes to food is guaranteed. When it comes to your your location when people hear rants and all that gets you attack launched ago. Do yeah I was Rachel and I left college town about that because we get someone columns why I got to planned the trip on kimono from north tunnel on. Hello this is literally and sometimes eight minutes depending where you rank it the best way to describe as if you're familiar with nagger can really challenged her we're two minutes from there. And we're right next to fairies nursery and ridge road I'm ransom bills are mailing address but we're really in the town I can congress awareness. And here we are an amber she came in with your feeling Helen had to take you to get here and fifteen minutes for ten in what equipment to call these never to fire way. Eggs I love it frank it's worth the drive for fifteen minutes. And you nauert you're going to get never summer grilling season upon us at forty looking to feature for the if there warm weather ever gets here that you're looking to feature her for folks are ready to roll out there or else. Oh definitely still all the seafood com sausage huge huge seller on in our states seeks. Well I remember frank I Bronson stakes in a few years ago here and everybody went knots they were sick. And they talked about how juicy they were how tender how delicious. I can't imagine having a better grill. Buffet basically than going to dispenses and getting everything from. While caught seafood to. Meat sausages and your poultry of course correct and what are and pork yes thank you and wherever vegetables in produce. Well we're gonna try to start pairing up with some of the local. Organic farmers that do. Think they're meet C programs and we do ME ST SA religious community supported agriculture that's another. Highlight of our shop as we have this monthly unique package people can sign up once you pay for it and then for the six months you don't pay again you get your meets. There's also those vets to auctions from different farms in the areas. So were open they ought to offer some other programs from these local farms at our shop course we are small so we want to make sure that. We limited to you know the the necessity vegetables sure things you can grill Rachel's been doing some creations now. Where she seasons certain vegetables in the ready to cook house rain we're gonna have that in the summertime for the grill as well. Everybody is sometimes or average I don't need to tell you your mother you package of a career ever meet American and he's just hit it a little bit about a job by dinner thing makes a difference where you're not. Standing near him to season it you can throw it on the ground aren't in the oven it's Asia time you know where comes from. And if you wanna get things done on a monthly basis frank you are alluding cheers CSA. Now these are generally locally sourced artisan meets that people pick up every month for one low price very clear how works. And then you you pay wants and then pick up your first meets. That's correct I'm. The package now for spring and summer starts in an April also but you can still sign up through Maine and you would just get your. April Haggans retro. But I'm you pay once there's three different sized packages are on our website at WWW dispenses Telecom. And it's under the sea SE meet package section we also have other meat packages which largest single purchase one. And it's DI SPE NCAA. Everything has read and the website is franks adding it's fifteen minutes from Amherst. Great place to go especially and a lovely spring day push to get the Niagara and you a lot of lines air with the fabulous meats and seafood. Frank and Rachel dispenser frank I love this club and trust your butchering your food even Ellis and the Brady Bunch trust her fat after Iowa. Rachel thank you for coming in this morning keep things about a painful thank you so much strength and pressure their kids to eat every another here. The good food day after. I've no doubt about it well putter ramp and this segment but there's more commentator gonna go from odd and Maingear. Says or does that dispense us. To some sweet treats with and we should candlelight who is the owner's suite life dessert experience a brand new place that just opened and the Bolivar that's coming up next. And a little bit to talk about local restaurant week as well it. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watch. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the back she club. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Viagra there I said it Viagra is very expensive but so does that they'll keep active ingredient is a fraction of the cost at behind pharmacy. Talk with our pharmacist today about some dinner bill available in twenty milligram tablet for 252 weeks. A savings of over fifteen dollars per dose with free shipping. For more information until then a bill called pine pharmacy at 71633. To 2088. That's 71633. To 2288. Join us for local restaurant week it will sixteenth through the 22. Put over 200 locally owned and operated restaurants it's your chance to beat your curiosity. Visit local restaurant dot com for participating restaurants it was on or restaurant bucket list. If he is denture paste this senate seat unseat. It'll just mean hold historic moment excuse me only see none of its gradual release technology they hold 75% stronger at all day person leading taste without the use sea island stronger hold no loose all day. That means me. I. It is I. It's you know see. After stroke surgery or illness when our mothers and fathers need to recover as quickly as completely as possible. Be sure to choose only brotherly care choose from Rosa mercy exclusive homeward bound real life rehabilitation program unlike most other facilities that are owned by out of town corporations but as a mercy is one of the very few places left here in town that are locally owned locally operated and non profit from comprehensive nursing care to the exclusive homeward bound real life rehabilitation program seven days a week. Incest and probably cared insist and western New York's very own five star rated Brothers have mercy the Brothers helped my own parents and even my grandfather for more information or to pre applied call 7597. 629. Relatively okay. Join us for local restaurant week it was sixteenth through the 22. Put over 200 locally owned and operated restaurants it's your chance to beat your curiosity and visit local restaurant dot com for participating restaurants. It was on or restaurant bucket list. Join us for local restaurant week it was sixteenth through the 22. Put over 200 locally owned and operated restaurants it's your chance to beat your curiosity. Visit local restaurant dot com for participating restaurants it was on or restaurant bucket list. And welcome back to slice of life on this sunny morning thanks for tuning and would you believe the local restaurant week this spring edition is right around a corner that we get April 16. To the 22 and there's probably more than 200 participating restaurants. This time I checked with Christian Harvard she was inching towards it 200 number everything from casual to fine dining ethnic collecting carry you name it. And only does it yoga and in taste different but it does it's that in a million down your million dollar annual local economic impact. To higher regions now on. A tip of the shaft is hand to the folks who ran up a restaurant week Christian home and her crew and wonder restaurants there or eateries participating this year. His called the sweet light desert experience in the owner deletion Kandel is here. Good morning on the show good morning aria and doing well thank you so much for coming and for bringing in an array of delicious desserts. It's settling the breakfast of champions on the Sunday morning you have to let all the lawful from the top it absolutely at least brought in an array of waffles with one of them strawberries and bananas and other looks like. At peak times and an and is sure. Yes so we have brownies we have thousands of chocolate sauce now Belgian chocolate buttons and then the other one has actually Graham crackers. And then doesn't melt chocolate buttons so marsala sauce and then some chocolate sauce on top. My goodness what a way to start the day now you own your your husband Alan a brand your restaurant you've been open less than three weeks and these sweet light user experience. Tell us where it is and what the concept is behind snippet so it's right. Niagara Falls boulevard and tunnel on that. And it pretty much I named kind of says it now where dessert experienced the ultimate dessert shop that you can kind of ask for the minute you go and we have an open kitchen concept seeking watching desserts being made. And be meek you know we make. Our chocolate sauces and needed field thousand chocolate so we're about good quality ages as my mama fancy stuff good quality goods side isn't comfortable does that. Our needs are our conference this is truly comfort food that they've book the menu you were telling me is. Mostly waffles and crank sprained. Yes saw a lot I am I mean I think that our customers really loud RO waffles and creates with ice and and so you know you can get it a lot of different ways be you know we have about ten to it's time to from profiles and then. If you don't want ice cream should just one simple off arcade that's not a fortified categories but. If you don't. Mike the combination we have taken me down and he knew idealized. Purify it's all about picking your own everything is sort of customize and where to where you go these days and this is no exception. Course you simply in the mood for on ST at to scoop sundae you're banana split. Or a piece cake and you also make all of the F sources as well. Yes so we act cheat this man you took about it's been four years in the making went to school for Atlanta to me ice game worked for the chocolate here. So far talked it's awesome we have we have the monthly at the darkening of the white amusing real thousand chocolate to make our top sauces what was hardest thing to learn when he went to school for this. I mean. For chalk that tempering of the chocolate making sure you don't Brennan the basics of it but. And time to get the right creamy Nance and to make sure it stays in an oval time because your running restaurants in different context. But Allison a tying taught her door that I've that I've had but it's worth that in the end culture. And that we should get us watching out in hot cheese gourmet coffee and hacked cocoa. An espresso bar. And certainly another cameo on itself I think at oak shakes dairy freeze Moody's for folks who might allergy issues. And floats and drinks and now let's hope that whether it's warmer so we can dangerous ice coffees and tees. You know unleash it with sun the different dietary. Challenges that people have. You even have a section here for gluten free. Waffles with ice cream or Sundays with something house in had a sheriff Florence chop McCain. With its image and people yes for that you knew that gluten free would be a priority for many people. He had definitely wanted to make sure it was a dessert spot that I've been when can comes. You know found these everyone has different allergies. And we get customized to vacate we my son on Madonna has not apologies that we take extra precaution. While making their dessert is admin at the end of day you have an open shared kitchen. House of mass remind me shall we had a gluten free out menu actually our managers boyfriend and land he has a good analogy. And so she hop doll with a lot of that in terms of developing that part of the manually last. Diana what's important to us to make sure we offer on the array of desserts and be able to welcome all different kinds of people and industry you've been over and what you see is can the big seller at this point where you anticipate really selling well. All people love I'd waffles. Waffles and ice and and you know what I was team waffles are longtime we summit converted over an eighteen crave the polite laugh at let me get right on spot and it's very hypnotized into watch them make it right in front and you ask and it smells really bad. Give a crate Gregory put in and around Vatican swirls around and come. I never feel quite is guilty eating there because of sadistic and happy as a waffle probably just as caloric right now. I've always liked crates you know you can make it sweet or savory and it's certainly lends itself. To everything you're doing here whether it's with ice cream or ice cream and fruit sauces that you mentioned. Now on is at bring new business right and haggard falls boulevard in Taiwan and you decide to participate in a restaurant week and so for the 2018. Which is of course the hook here that coincides with the year what did you decide to offer. So we're off rain for two when he eighteen Tony I was eighteen sons are offering to desserts and two drinks. So Leon you can get a waffle with ice game and proceed come in Connecticut and I screaming and dead I teach. Even half French passes so yeah we know we have different kind B was we grinder beings right on spot while we make our coffee. I expresso shots. Deathly a lot of options for you as a pig farm. No doubt about that you can't get much fresher than that. Do you train you in the business and different incarnations over the year recently sheep and then you look like you're twelve on a hot. You people are more discerning now about what they need and how it's prepared have you noticed theater over the years. Yeah you know like I did some people are I kind of a particular about and that's why we have to open kitchen concept you wanna be as transparent as possible. The significant you know it's a sort of an entertainment for them as wild a ride in the desert being made to act and and the line. So that other people you know they just wanna make sure they have good quality food and that so we offer right. Their idea of doing just desserts in this case the sweet like dessert experience is the name of the place. Alicia candle is the owner what you ask you about being kind of specific about the cuisine. So low medium has been on about does accidently in and the desert into super six to seven years and you know we we are the people that go to our restaurant after we ordered drinks you wanna know what's on the menu for deserves because that's a little order remains. That's actually our passion and on and hope being at our Christmas concede to our menus it will when they come into our restaurant. Desserts is where passion lies in mass for pursuing that. Well it's great that you came up with this concept to an hour do you have to educate people about you know putting some sweet treats in a lawful or what a creep is. Does it require a little bit of education vs say everybody knows rap on Sunday years. Yeah is are you there a little bit of educating the customers one customer common date kind of don't know what's going on to deceive themselves are not it is a full service restaurant. And so we offer a very different kind of experience I'm in terms of deserves some disappointing come hang out with friends and soundly we have. A lot of different groups coming we have a church group common ones we just last week at a lacrosse team coming on young groused. All sixty of them so. Yes there is an education. But G Allen people come and this modestly waffles in the scene desserts being put out an act cakes and might not mean you know. On that you know and always gets me is this not freshly ground coffee beans and loved it Iran Oman. When it's through links are between man and waffles on a crate secure way to try this year only a couple of weeks old less than three weeks old at this point in the exact address solutions. It's 17 fives at Niagara Falls follow mass and tunnel liner ran off that tonight. And it's inept as a where potential audiences eighteen treaty yeses Aston until an AT&T in the plaza and as a pipe after you open seven days a week and that's welcome Simon is a weeks off from Monday to Friday welcomed them to laughter. Consulate and lit at night on the spot and then cited over how to open from twelfth to allowed and then Sunday from top to. So I ride my bike Robert does it negate the calories ha ha ha ha. Can justify some jobs is a lit up and are you on FaceBook. Yes that company as well as countries that yes asleep like does it and FaceBook and Nancy might I antsy on and it will look for secrecy with your eyes and especially in this case I wish you continued success of Asia is tan. This wonderful new place red anchor fuzz delivered in time and his sweet light desert experience in the will be participating in the restaurant week. Congratulations and thanks for coming and thank you for each of them. And there are a putter rep and this addition of slice of life thanks for curbing instant amnesty and next week at the same time. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.