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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Laura Lewis. And mining questioning you I can welcome to question you act out where I ESP and 15:20 AM we talk about sports. Jobs economic development of people that make it happen and and I instead mindless and to get my cohost alma and Heidi Al Sharia Lawrence or current rents. Laura ran out. We would start the morning no room with the comedy. I got her. Doubt what an awesome event yesterday it was of the partners with the shared vision business fronts congratulations on agreed that. Well congratulations to there was also a bit we have some amazing conversation. Our great leaders. Our panel discussion. And I have to say that. I was when I was excited about the most was when the temperature went up when mr. Bruno made a comment and he addressed heated yes he wearing her. And I think that's what we have to do we have to have not just conversation but engaging conversation we're. It becomes emotional. And we have emotional compasses people take action as a stressful that was my biggest takeaways and no other back in the show we'll. You know we'll say some on some think just all of our sponsors have participated in and just stays event and is this our second annual west yeah it worked hard as what is your vision. I was very out of Israeli and that some great people there yesterday some great business owners and leader is entire community was awesome. Yes which is a good segue because our on the back in. Or continuation we have our whole buffalo to the big sponsor. Of the event and their lives in studio with us. Johnson thinks we have a whole crew and studio signing with us hope apple and that kind of increments during programme. So at Tiffany panacea and stand and in studio with us. This morning so I think you from Albania and keep being part of the business French yesterday morning thank you and 1 morning cute and has been no problem. Before achieved by talking too much about it getting an up and it cost us and we cannot forget. Our main body evidently with our sports update and a crazy weekend and sport a sport and it got drafted as a lottery. When he got breast blew it out get through it respect. We'll start off in the NFL the Buffalo Bills have their quarterback. NFL draft concluded Saturday night and the bills came away with a first round quarterback they covet. One of the Josh is a living up to Josh many expected. According Wyoming's Josh Ellen seventh overall after trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that's set to additional sectoral picks the bucks way. In order to move up from twelve to seven. In the first round brain being the bills continue their aggressive day one mentality moving up from picked 22 to sixteen to draft Virginia Tech linebacker Jermaine as it. Buffaloes are between 183 round pick to the Baltimore Ravens to select the Virginia Tech linebacker. Other draft picks for the bills include Oklahoma defensive tackle. Harrison Phillips in the third round quarterback to run Johnson round for safety Koran Neal and offered to guard Dwight Howard in the fifth round. And wide receivers bravery McLeod and Austin sprawl and the sixth. And seven. Other news or on the NFL day three of NFL draft included some trades for current players in the league. The rams and former first round pick wide receiver Taylor and Austin to Dallas Cowboys for a six round draft pick. And Dallas that the wide receiver of their own and Ryan switzer over the Oakland Raiders. Veteran running back Darren Sproles to greet your contract extension with the Eagles Sproles missed all of two games last year after season ending leg injury in week three against the giants. To hockey the Buffalo Sabres have finally won an NHL draft lottery the rights to elite defensive prospect Rasmus Darlene. With the highest odds to win the first overall pick it 18%. The sabres made the final three alongside Carolina and Montreal the sabres were picked over the hurricanes in the final selection. It'll be the first time since 1987. But the sabres have the first overall pick. From the NHL playoffs two games took place last night Boston took Donald lightning in game one of their second round series six to two. Followed by an overtime win for the San Jose Sharks over the Los Vegas nights for the three. That series is now even he at one game apiece. For today came to the penguins capitals gets underway at 3 PM in the Western Conference Nashville looks even the series in game two. Against the Winnipeg jets puck drops for jets predators is set for 7 PM. In local baseball before Biden's take on Pawtucket this afternoon at 105 PM you can hear the bison from right here. On ESPN fifteen to one with pre game starting at 1235. This update is brought you pilots have UPC locker you're completely legal counsel and iPod cheese pizza enjoy the game with a nicely societies. Yes he had 1520 I'm read it yet. While I just think he likes but close sports are going to be quiet nothing's really dying on him a crazy did you ask within the Spanish now lottery act I thought. The sabres get picked like the fort peck and does not act in fact this is three years late but we finally yeah water ice or not over the net David wanted to wanted to you know it's about him let me that we accounts. To that we picked second and Jack cycle one that even easier we kind of fell as far as for I I just so they're expecting for you know so. It's night and rest spellings and oh lead defense of prospect. You don't exceed and yet he's that he is the Mike David of defense he's going to instantly. Probably be your second best forward. And do you think evidence generally actually it locked darlings going to be using actors. Some big army OK there are sticker yes that's right here right here on the west European car. So ladies and gentlemen we actually. We have some great conversation going on today we have some amazing people live in studio with this so our forgiveness to some introductions. As we have Stan and hope upload Tiffany Lewis and Ganassi Lambert from company a mentoring program all part of hope buffalo. So thank you so much and being in studio with us. And CMI and Scotland about what helped buffalo it any of that overview of what hope uplifting for our community. Sure it's children thank you and good morning everyone thinks well on us is wonderful opportunity. Hope Buffalo's do you think to me led initiative. That started three years ago. Back into me fifteen we received a two million dollar grant from the office of adolescent health to replicate evidence based teen pregnancy programs. Our communities with the greatest need and these are programs have been proven to work to be effective. And also. One of those deliverables were that we scale up. Our reach in terms of the China we're reaching as many youth. Parents on candles as possible so having said that over the past three years we've invested over six million dollars. And to the community which has allowed us an opportunity to address specifically. Adolescent health issues in particular. Teen pregnancy prevention. Just a Syracuse and social map the virus might say. They look at the national statistics of months adolescents between the ages of fifteen and nineteen per 1000. The teen pregnancy rate is roughly around 22%. To bring that locally or in New York State is roughly about 33%. Per 1000 amongst same age group. An hour nine select is typical areas. That that number is. Really. A 64%. Per 1000 so this is twice that. Of the well below the state level at three times that of a national level. So really what hobo flow has done them and you did do is to Pringle forty close to fifty different organizations some formal relationships. Some and forma basis. And into work with them in a manner that allows us. To reach youth with the greatest and am very happy to be you would you know confident girl mentally program could date on some fabulous work. And the very short period of time to sustain on the scale social map. Assist come on board. You know they've reached over a 150 young ladies in the same age group and less than thirty days which is for them out so we were very excited about the work that they don't community. Guessing or there and I wanna see that I think that's really the pinnacle of this conversation because that's what. It's really about is that partnering that hope buffalo has created and built. Aaron and where you are today. And in terms of moving that purpose should movie for us here don't know some of the initiatives that you bring to the table. Sir thank you good morning everyone this is Tiffany Lewis here from founder CEO of confident Grumman time program. As damaged him before as far as building sustainable relationships. And as one of our goal is to make sure that we too. I'll push that agenda forward and talking about evidence based programming. Confident from answering program is just that it's an evidence based program actually builds confidence and self esteem and our young ladies and the west in New York area. Some of our programs that we do have would be. Umpteen. The evidence based program cost seventeen days which is a teen pregnancy and to attend that teaches you about sexual health. And also we have Peerman time programs they have leadership components of the program. And also something that we says implement it last year what is the first and New York State which is youth conference today. So with that the instead. We be able to continues to. Provide a leveraged those relationships that we have with community based organizations as elements hold off as so how are you getting you know Alice. And it involved with accounting mentoring program. So confident garments and program as a school based initiative so we worked a lot with the buffalo public schools as well last the community and community based organizations as well. So with that we also have relationships that we have right here. To me establishing confident her mentoring program as a celebrity S petition so we tied that and and we continue to push that agenda for the. It can't come into your celebrity asks is it yes. As well let's go up and around our resonate you know to move out well. Ahead. Though prior to. The confident government's program my background is government relations human being used has been. Actually the first African American theme receive. And it costs a lot about Tyler got cancer patients as. Professional athletes. World now artistic directors and he's on the news that's great. Well. I know that I got at best I can for that matter and that is in the you ambassador's view it. And it's got into the like this I am. Asa have a wonderful board president here pregnancy and Lambert so then agree champion for the program. That the morning Maryland even the hair. For sure a little bit about who you are what you do. Okay well this morning I'm here on the covenant girl's side. I think say I am the sealed at Diane the CEO the board of directors for a for a Catholic girl mentoring program. And my role is to continue to support programming in every way that I possibly can given the word out to the various community. I'm also has to do you mention that I'm part building those relationships and tells hard working with our with our youth within our school system. I currently work for saying yes awful as a community school manic interact when a proposal public schools. And Delaware as one of the programs through confident girl is being held the boundaries program so there is that the terrorists into a link. In addition to that I serve I do a lot of community work as it relates to my role. Ads on the navigator acts at one. And my role look at this this just to get the word out and also be promoting. I'm promoting our youth because this it's obviously important. That our young people have a voice say they and they have program where they can come. And express. Their needs and also all of venue where they can build. Their self confidence in areas where where where needed. Austin yes advertisers want thank you for sharing that information because I'm I think that's one of the essence of hope buffalo when we talking about the partnerships not just one organization is not one entity. This us as a community work collectively. To assure that our children have been needs to tools and resources necessary to that they succeed. We're happy to partner with CS and also sees AMP company grooming him program. And others to ensure that you know there's no missed opportunity. To ensure that our youth are getting what they need in order to me informed decisions about health about the education of their life. Yes every one of the messages that I am hearing. Or my biggest takeaways that it might beat a women young ladies driven initiative. But is also something that's also directed to the man and we can encourage women to make better decisions. Those women will help our process then make better decisions. Absolutely agree to experiment. Yes so with that. It's it's all about foundational relationships are so you mention and more about women helping others. That's is what it is is not just the women held in others it's community helping others so as we continue to assist and that. That. That. Programming that will create that's. I. Nozzle back to speak to that point is well. And talking about the tiny it's very important for us and sort maintain health. The relationship it has to come from both at those so we're talking no matter what young lady's roots are currently focusing on your particular moment but is also talking about our young as well. And we do provide program where were are partnering and partnership but other organizations to RC yes and their communities schools program. That we bring in programs specifically targeting young man. To do along the same lines being youth. Empowering our our young men to make. Decisions rightful decision to make decisions that are more positive. Also promoting the south and soft and health and well being of arm of RR a are you are young men as well. And I'm hearing is like Kennedy early intervention absolutely and educating. Youth. From an early age of China and you know make the best decisions and live their pass play and be healthy actually ask successful and can it have a direction. As I guess we know that our young people they make their decisions based on what's up what's around them into your point. The earlier that we could that we can get to start in with our young people we know that the road which he will travel. Will be positive and then an also a safe once so to their point it is all about those early interventions. With our young people starting at home and also starting. As soon as they leave their house in the trident two the academia and also owned and two of the social social context with the when they're building the flesh with difference. And I think it's so important because before which are first rate are and I wanna hear from everyone confident girl that's that's a strong and powerful statement. Confident girl what does it mean to each and every one of socialist to a roundtable. Synopsis of that and let's start with there's a customer here. Gonna say look at the wanna include standard pop. What we have in my. Say that's something that we revisit my closing. Having said that I think the conversation. That where arsenal football field we have to work and mailed to me. Club by. So buffalo partnership. Other organizations we really tried to detect. To me. So not to work. It. Were both so we were. It's efficient. Across the board. Did you learn so much about hope buffalo just you know and I. Short stint as co hosting with down we've had several programs and hope buffalo on the show and it is so much that I hope buffalo is doing to help. Support. The community and the youth and community Hughes is BE. Empowered to take these initiatives to help educate themselves and you know batter their their trajectory in life which is awesome so many programs out there or are you. It's great. Absolutely so yes so. While critics some accident roundtable that downside initiate a a couple of minutes ago. But waited that would let attackers break so don't go anywhere listeners we will be right back end with question and yes 101520 am. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles for a long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath. Can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified woman owned business enterprise stack up well the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about you liked. In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personalized print management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check it out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watching. Cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson gem but we call him mr. clutch. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little Rust Belt and it was the butt cheek club that actually head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found in cold logic it's out of him against an experiment with pizza and next thing you know here we are. Seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at each of them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It's as much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. This is frank paternity of the third. The term PO PC large group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 3761. Welcome back to US generic out where I ESPN 15:20 AM I'm Lauren loose and student Nicholas down and and we have a great group. And I invested in our studio and it helped buffalo and a confident girls that can't think I'll mentoring program and Tiffany list is the founder and CEO. Of copping a mentoring programs I think you so much being any thing why doesn't little bit with the mission is behind I think I'll mentoring. SARS our mission as to embody developments and strategies and workshops that takes the evidence on his journey to use of development. And self discovery well and understand the importance of taking care of the mind body and spirit. So we on now is all about the mind body and spirit if we're now ot together realistically. However that will be totally off balance so that's the mission is to make sure that you know us as adults and students. Have the proper. Balance that we need to you know be able to sustain hours. Ourselves and our youth so look programs can tell us you know be part of within kind of income entering the health. We demonstrate that ballistic talent or even whether its restoring it or just even. Starting so aren't about asses and realize that confident garments and program has six different components. There's a man time component we ass I have Peerman time which is include and that were the older students can be mentors for the younger students. We also have camp confidence. We also have a leadership component which is a two phase component. And which bits of where you are now. Vs where will UB and that program has also with a certified life coach that we have on Bora which is consider our boundaries program. We also have peace and confidence. Which we have keynote speakers that come and our leaders are elected officials that comment to speak to the youth about self development and engagement. Ask any I think it's. Such a great opportunity for young girls if I had to think mentoring is four and understanding. Where they're liking now having. He's at the keys. The heat needed to kind of help them succeed in life and think it's awesome absolutely at what age groups you worked so Margaret ages seven through nineteen. And New York State we also have programming not only in buffalo goalie also have programming and Niagara fonts as well. Which are notes is another demographic area or self esteem is really low so considering what those numbers are in the percentage of self esteem. Where they have less confidence. Is very high. Confident grow mentoring program as a power of mentor connector which has the largest United States referral system for a man tarring. Growth so we're a part of that. Which you leave basically just got our recognition and last month and I Phillies and half you could just program yeah I guess I am. An effort to return over question because with the mentoring coaching there are going to different program that you bring to the table. The one thing you have Nektar story and I know was there is diversity. Because our diversity and inclusion is so important we can be armed. We can internalize how to be better as individuals put it I can't reach across to tell people. And have a conversation with do you have a conversation with you because of so in tune so compare myself that's soft shell. I don't I I know it happens though that's. It sounds like confident. I'm telling me after I have. OK apple west of us. Know yeah I know there is sanity and a confidence in it when people are lacking in matters even. Lacking the opportunity to tie and helped them develop their confidence that it was not great at their programs out there to help. Helped Iraq so individuals to use. Grew older and and that's one thing that's really unique about happening government's program as that we try to change you just want you inmate. Be better versions as so that's art had his building confidence from within because it starts from it and it touched on the holiday diversity appease. It's important in Albanian. Harvard graduate. Bill and about the parent engagement and community involvement and adversity like that's huge that something that. We really really needs to. Relates to our youth and ourselves with it's all about building confidence that's what and you. And and that's right and also to that point. That we now live and they. A world I wanna say a melting pot because that we live in a diverse. On world and it's equal it's very important for us to understand. The different senses that we have between us which makes us all unique in. One in as one individual. And and speaking to some of the useless that are are within confident girl program we have a 10% of young people. They the school district particularly at some of the schools that we are in west hurdle. East. And also possible within their profiles we know that we have very diverse population especially with the news. New Americans coming in. Knew coming in especially on the on the west side to it's equally important. That that we understand. Their culture. This Wallace and understand what are called Taurus and continuing to build on that and that's how we built healthy healthy relation to so that is very important you know. Great that we north. There's nothing we haven't talked to artist you know how to for more information what you know what can appears fourteens do break. So what advance sale weekend there's our website you can visit which is www. Confident garments during that award. That's a website you can go to as well as donations we are always looking for donations were a nonprofit 501 C three organization and and we're looking for assistance and since spearheading and making these relationships better. If you elect to become a mentor there's certain things that you need to do which is also on our laps on our website with the get involved section. There's certain stipulations or background checks that you have to vote through an artist to be a mentor. How many members do you have currently we have about five mentors but we're also looking to grow. That organization as a newly founded an organization. But with the big cause yeah. Absolutely absolutely. The speed you have that are sort of lead the financial funny piece. What is your biggest challenge that you can run across. My biggest prizes and me yeah. And I have a kind of grew up yeah. Ice bags. In and that's why I won it though lies and sometimes it's not that it Matt Cain Obama. An I movement that has yeah did that our tight end and a half page please and but the but I'd. What I if they had another case that as their as serve not as their mom she has always been that way I'll play and very complicated all leads in a lot of different things. I've been so there's you know it's been about doing a lot of different parts. So this is something that you that's getting her own self and play it what it takes its own unique. Absolutely. And that's one of the things that you know that makes her unique and make this program. Believe that it is and provide so much on any reaching arms that we can bring in our young people with so many different places. And so we can provide holistic approach them so that they can on their journey to become more confident. Let's play on it's it's I'm looking to get involved with. Anchor a mentoring program epilepsy in my tie is that the elements. 111. Hour. It's. It's just. About you confidence. Confidence today and made. It's a day that's dedicated to leave with a celebration. That day has an proclaimed by our mayor. Has space and them. I celebrated every October when it. This year B second you'd. Like to be that he uses for making. The right about that. Last year reached over five are you looking at triple that number out here that were in the you know a lot of community partners. And let them for donations in support. Oddly Havoc rich history and believe say. So. Yeah. I bet that it party votes on a company level Conficker. I am extremely competent because it means. I am. I am confident. In this and why does not support company when it. I Saturday after coming from a company and I got a whole lot of I just think confidence leads to so much. It acts like you and it's important cabinet and that. Early. And it Apogee helped someone. Engage our country and so I absolutely agree but where you've been listening to Western New York are working and we have won the last. Confident young lady who has a very important message to share. And Catherine Darren parent. Yeah as they used this I had. Properly been listening to western new York and work your business from the conversation with del Martin and the lowest brighter ES PF 15:28. Am. Have a beautiful day a great week and we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you listen to two western new York and works in his heart I tell you at least moderately. Completely council meeting you're like I'm Lumix digital art. Liberty advocacy. Group you'll also society as a as a provider had an unsuccessful business partners.