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Sunday, April 15th

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Join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo work to Weston near their work your business from encompasses every Sunday morning. Life here ES PF 15:28. Am where we talk about sports. Jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen and marvel was doing. When is beautiful every sending my wonderful holes when the penguins. And good morning. I'm doing great you candidates had escaped an ice layer. It just went and punched and rolled out one and on the ice as spring in my name where you bomb. Neither should you be like ice in April. You do it hasn't. I don't look at praying and just embrace it. Doesn't stop us it does no nothing is Moscow was now made our producer Louis will find some music music in the pits word. Our word John route for two days who argument that in terms of and yet that's the motivation. Right but aren't. He can come along to. Me if I didn't think and actually got food. Move to Calgary. But in January and is back in buffalo for the time being when I don't like the United States I mean both circled but the more guys from. Thanks for joining us this morning that I came back to sprinter. For enter confidence and so what happened Calgary's at Salinas yeah that's the local as the opening ever and has all the effort. Filled out and yours right now says Iran because there are select. Pittsburgh is 83 yesterday. Seven injuries in New York people on the patio isn't doing well. For certain he came back to buffalo scene just when you just love both yanking it away you're in the north and Brad. It at. And she moved right back and it is awful. I had bills fan sabres fan honest and accurate play for a while we're talking and I hear you can we heard the bills' season. Scheduled to be released on us early Taylor's arrest him here. So that is so when you come back like dueling bills season home openers ready I'm ready to look at the hottest stuff that your team there were. Heard at. Everybody did everything right on the hole where there aren't big enough. And we always do an away game jail yet but the bills easily travel east to one early in during the season and past years we've done. Bringing in England then it goes Charlotte Charlotte Seattle Seattle. Up. I'm ready for Green Bay green grass area but not in the summer. And we're being green and warm in buffalo and. That's a knee on the Miami game. Quote says we talk about sports that's what's happening in the world sports. Let's start off from the world of football according WDR 550 south of popular former bills running back Fred Jackson will sign a one day contract in buffalo. To retire as a member of the team. After breaking out from NFL Europe Jackson spent eight of his nine year and a pro career with buffalo finishing with 5646. Rushing yards. In blue and red third highest in franchise history. The bills released their pre season schedule this week things will be happy to know they can thank any adult in person. For ending the bills' playoff drought as the bills play the Bengals in week three at home. Buffalo picks up the pre season at new air field against the Panthers the browns in Cleveland we too. And that to an up week three matchup against the Bengals haven't had too windy city in Chicago to close out the pre season. Over to the ice the NHL playoffs in the game three of the first round for sixteen teams Saturday night match ups include the predators taking down Colorado five to force. Tampa Bay to be managers devils five to three. Blossom blowing out Toronto seven to three in San Jose getting a game to win against the ducks. 32 former sabres forward Evander Kane scored two of the three goals for San Jose. Current series up to in the Eastern Conference lightning leave the devils two games and on the Bruins also lead to lead on the leafs with Philly and Pittsburgh all tied up at one in the Blue Jackets holding. A 10 lead on the capitals. In the west all four series are 20 the jets heavily on the Minnesota Wild. Vegas is up against LA kings after double OT win this weekend San Jose over Anaheim in Nashville leads the avalanche to oh. For game three matchup to get going tonight penguins flyers face off at 7 PM Tampa Bay New Jersey gets underway at 730. And then out west predators and pointed at 10 o'clock with duct sharks closing up tonight at 1030. The NBA finals to stop Saturday before games in the slate Golden State took down the spurs in the first game 113 and 92 directors and their ten game. Game one losing streak against the wizards won fourteen to 106. The 76ers make it seventeen straight wins over 13103. Pummel the Miami Heat. In a close up tonight Anthony Davis and pelicans get away with a nail biter in Portland 9795. Game one for box Celtics has pacers JS thunder and Minnesota Houston startup today you can hear camps pacers at 330 right here at ESPN 1520. This update is brought you pilots have UPC marker of your complete legal counsel of our bodies pizza enjoy the game with a nicely is about today's. Prius tenth fifteenth twentieth I'm outta there. Austin thanks so much we welcome back to western new York at where. And you know sports update. Sabres officially done think attic and we that's season's end but little weekly and the bills. World like what's damaging Cagney is retired is the fact is he retired again like. I can't keep up I can't either and that tweeting and McCoy offering him cash money for it keeps on the team I mean I I'd miss them and I. It's between them this morning thinking maybe I'll and it hit so. If someone calls and many. Might be Richie got in a tell us what's gonna happen I don't know if this isn't actually that keep. It's typical of what we are buffalo experience. A tax as you look up looks here in common I don't know there is a buffalo experience coming up Aaron I think we have someone who is really can share with us with the listeners. Exactly with the buffalo experience bar mr. Dave himself. Dave are you there. I am here. It is the experiences snow and cold and. You can't beat. Earnings say this is just nuts and out of its kind in this morning if yeah thanks for your on. They were to agree yes something's shirt with the arm should west and you are exactly what is the buffalo experience because I can guarantee that the as. Ten people and wrong will get ten to the answers but there's only one gains. Well that there's no great answer either so that's a good thing since the buffalo experiences. Collaboration of low organizations. The awful music hall of fame. The greater buffalo sports hall of fame in the local broadcasters association. That Turkey came together Rick and I collectively put together. Interactive museum type project. Where we can have all least three organizations under one rule. With some great interactive experiences. For you know kids from you know eight years old to a grand parents that are eighty. And we don't worry now we've been we are working on the project for a number years. And were in the process of trying to find a location for. And you know were look at her and administrative director right now can oversee everything and not. Or she the fundraising operation. Control early cost you know a good chunk of money to get the thing I'm bill so. Hopefully I was in the next you know ten years or shall have up. Facilities it'll be you know up and running. Ten years. Now go back before going to this I'm beater. Or rich guys police her back I want to see it in my lifetime but date you mentioned something about. Three organizations. Are which is really speaks to Herbert collaborative effort. Three hoping organizations come together to build. One. It's can precedent. And then the reason we did that was because one of organizations. And sign. Has the same kind of a mission statement where he endorsed not only are exposed to induct people on our people. That are in our industries and who are all famous for also supposed to preserve the history of you know the three different organizations whether it's sports or music in broadcasting. And we thought you know and everybody's life and every single day. You know music sports and broadcasting is something that it's their plate every single day you know people. Listen to music all the time there there are listening to the radio there watching TV they're getting their news information. You know from broadcast. And air and that's loans were you know were or other phone right now anywhere we don't work. We're constantly. Consuming the most three products every single day shall we culture everybody. All the time you know I mean you can't live without music in the without sports. You can't live up broadcasting's show up. You know we we thought it was a great trip ends you know part of the reason we wanted to declare every was because. For more realistic from money in perspective a dollar and cents perspective. It's really hard to. Put together an organization. And then run an operation. So why muscle right now. Well actually isn't something we're working on for probably close to ten years. That was an idea that it started with the musical treat the key to the pot broadcaster with the idea. And we kind of collaborated and we reached out of the sports hall of fame and they joined as a few years later. And you know the problems at all volunteer organization. And it rates paid to do anything. And you know trying to find time to work full time job and you know be involve them and you know this operation to. Good good capacity to be able to help. Growers and men do wall reassure action. I know the people who work on it. There is kind of a difficult situations right now or the point where we really want trying to somebody hired who can come in and devote a full time effort to it. And do some fundraising generate some revenue actually that we can continue to scroll. And expand our idea so it can become a reality. So what are you looking to hire can development director executive director Aaron. You were looking to hire are basically an executive director would be the personal view of wanna hire nick Gershon would be. You know church with the day to day operations of the organization including. You know fund raising you and you know that type of thing Belcher treat her location. Which we do have I think we do have. Any basic kind of tongue entry because we've been in this position about her four times before. Over the course of the years but I think we're close to having. An agreement with a company. Where were put us out how awful. Rate down close to the water consulate would be ideal. Oh great debate when the person that worked tennis is starting establishing offices for the buffalo experience. At a facility or how lease out downtown. Well wouldn't even be that he really concerned about in an office should be somebody or rather all. But this would be you know victory where the facility would be. You know deputy on down towel is something that we grew strongly about we wanna help grow buffalo and have more. Opportunities for people to come into the city and sees things you know he's in the foreign more museum that's going to be awesome next year so. And that that is a fantastic facility. It's going to be a fantastic facility that's done. And so. Expect partly component so I mean you know her explored more or connect you know basically. Appeal to a three year old so we need supplements a little bit. Older. You know they're older Brothers and sisters and their rounds and it's their grandparents can have fun and that's with the local experience is going to be about. Well that's a good point there's so much to do down in acting outside a lot of that is outdoor activities so we need some more indoor activities for. Four round. All ages are age group that's. Or you know for all times of the year two outside this I'll call from you know mate soul you know be in September but you know other math you know it's like. You know for the other in seven months of the year really doesn't have a huge purpose shock. There's still space down there are still land down there and you know there's so people would go down Ernie you'll put down their capture actually been out for hockey games and. When I was eight included a skating and ice I guess. Trailing ruling doesn't mean there's little things you bet and things and as you don't want an estimated outdoor things than us have some in our options as well. Which after and a limited unless you have. Knowing I'm just passionate about hockey on an elapsed from the games at however senator Richard great games were so it will have great facility there for that. Here next congress actually it so they what are you doing to and personal was that the way the common message that you wanted to share in terms of what the box or experienced guys. Well it's it's basically it's it's going to be an interactive experience going to be extremely interactive. I mean you know him bus stop on the walls so we'll have plaques that a lot of people that are hall of fame and all that memorabilia. From you know. Well sports and music in broadcasting and things like there but the bulk of what the facility is going to be is it's going to be an interactive. Entertainment so we've both been working with Italy exhibit true which of buffalo company but a couple of actual. An international projects under their work and project forums it'll. Israel right now where they're gonna put some from them out of there. There internationally known and you know they've done nothing in bigger city and and around the world. And we've really been lucky enough to. Be working with them for proper pitch for strike years. Putting together ideas and concepts for what we might put in this facility and its ever changing because the technologies constantly changing too. Hitting it too because there's so many. People that have produced that he you know gone and had great careers and sports broadcasting. And music outside it's outside the -- degree to recognize those people as well people who make a difference in our community basis and there's a lot of different. Route you can take with ten to grow and expand the experience. And it adds to where community needs. Them. Yeah absolutely you know one of the great things about those three entities is. Every day there's more history being made in other sports players that play every year there's no rain cool action music that comes out every year. There's no broadcasters to come in and out of the market. You know every year so so it's always changing it's always evolving and it's Orange Bowl ring and it's you know part of a mobile experience. It costs and the what can we ever talk to work for anyone who was and to sit in for more information. Or knowing what can they do there has been caught action. Well we we have a lot of information on our website. I'll be FL experience that'll work and you know people can I know a lot of information oh we're going to be achieved stroke there. A little bit of history about two or three different organizations. And there's some renderings of you know some of the ideas that we after the museum. In our network slate. I'm as well as a link to the video that belliard got pretty cool yet. Quit a few people from the from the city from the community. Who you know gotten involved in the project to know what the project tour interest is project and we got altogether out of video on the street. It's a critical thing to watch. And I'm so happy that you said that day because this is a huge initiative which means that you must have some what a great team. Well we we've got a lot of people would have well worked on this so over the course the years some have you know been within since the start. And then a lot of them have come in and out and and and now we have street people will be one of the organizations. That's involved all the time because we we try and our organizations separately but this awful experience is kind of the joint. Venture so. We we wanted to make sure that the three organizations where workers. Well shall we wanted to have people who. You know who we're we're preparation industry organizations. So we always get those people involved and and the organization. And there's other people who have come and and you know just it was a cool project they wanted to get involved and it. And so you know we welcome anybody wants to be involved. Okay and four for anyone who wants more information about the boss what spears what should they do. They can you know go online. Off it is sort of the or addresses EF OO. Experience. And dot org. And people can check things out there. Or they could call the numbers 99833259. NE 332 tribal area code is 716. Perfect fantastic they think is so much for sharing this great information it sounds like something that buffalo really needs that I think the timing is right the buffalo experience. And opera go back to something that's in a moment ago. If you ask three people. Or ten people what is about to experience you get into ten different answers right now I think we gonna unify. Its one. Answer. And data making it happen. Yes well it's been we will look at that for a long time. We're certainly hopeful and that's the great thing is we haven't found anybody who thinks this is bad ideas so. You know we've got a lot of people who were interest in the project and a lot of people were behind the project. Now we just need to kind of good location acquitted him and certain to raise the money to be able to notable it's gonna cost substantial amount get a bill. Fantastic what they think is so much for sharing the buff or experience a new museum under one roof you know with the best of three world. Broadcasting. Sports. And music and music yes that's. And music yes yes music not forget the music you know that's about plasma about Dave thank you so much for being a part of west in years to work. This information that we need to TARP borrow an ongoing basis and you just posted pallets. Can teach about you know repeat reach you know. Well certainly will appreciate your cart is that okay great Dave are you more you know we want to show things states. But please listen to Western New York your work your business from the conversation I'm the host of Martin Bryant in studio here with Michael's. Lowering Lewis don't go anywhere we are great conversational purposes of this break. Hi I learned with the staff buffalo stepped up all of a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about when he liked. 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Right local with liberty cab Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. This is frank paternity of the third. The term PO PC large group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal need to call us at 855. 3761. Correct to western new Yorker work. I'm being yes PF 15:20 AM with Martin and Ron Lewis. Awesome I'm movement here yeah. I know I even if you'd like something over there in Canada are right it is not slugger pat. We will make an SE docked in studio with us this morning in. Got moved to Calgary in January's she's back visiting buffalo mega mart must Malone are gracing us with their presidents good morning. Welcome back what we asked welcome back to the same exact content and timing and content. This your first and studios. Now with us. You hear this before I was the first ever online certain sound money for humanity has to talk about step buffalo we're not came with me and did all the social media for an questioning how much it was an idea. Analysts. Don't forget our Africa Lithuania and listeners out. There you have no idea what I'm looking at right now if you did that you wanna trade places with me. Has gone on each apparatus. Having grunts after it best so I doubt I want to talk about that person he is had a listeners. You know just her next door at commercial that he ran for the west north at work partners of the shared that is in Asian prison business fronts networking. Yes our its announcement that. It ever really us and this is our second annual on. Object. This of fair I'd like to say is our signature van Western Europe it works signature event. Partners with shared vision. Mraz and I think of partners. Are we know we can take a look at that the sponsors that are part of this event will be live we live recap bank on buffalo and I say I'm gonna start they are because. The theme of this year's event is together we are banking on buffalo from Jefferson avenue to the south towns and so we can now how one community deriving. And another community in poverty. OK so. Collectively inner weather collaborative effort we can bring this whole community together a whole region together. And there's there's so many pioneers there are are from both sectors of of those communities whether we talk about her Bellamy. Or O'Leary's stats or a Sondra are rice who was the now president CEO of one and all construction company a multimillion dollar construction company based right here from buffalo. Has a presence all over the country and so. The partners with a shared vision of events is too highly the leadership. And we have some outstanding you know individuals there are part of their discussions or it will be a panel discussion. Will be an awards ceremony leaving here for some youth. Which is which is our leaders of tomorrow. Now you know back and nothing I have to say this can be free warranties and. Sign me up yet quite a lineup here too there's some great people on us next Sinatra he's really paved the way for the his industries on pretty impressed. Yes get a great great group of panelists have right here but from being from buffalo Greg and injure. Apps and Nixon actress on her race and Tammy Owen I mean. He got a different businesses represented too from like he's a construction nonprofits development was not and company and bank banking and finance industry is huge in buffalo. Yes that and what can we haven't talked about is the world that it's gonna be brunch and business networking we also gonna have several. Businesses. That wanna be there they're that was displayed their products and services and in who they are staffed. Buffalo snapped fossils there in HR buffalo are you know HR consultants and that is the added so. Jillian and I myself leader presenting stepped up flown HR buffalo three and be part of it. Yes we have our hearing tonight chiropractic and I don't think we can really underscore or say enough about the business of acting. Here and in a chiropractor. And are you hurt you do now why do are you one now. Hope you are Tucker I feel like I have an art Harris Brigham is tracking three times now. I got my knuckles like ants. And we. Least it used to when I was bored. I did basketball softball soccer. I digress and we'll be talking business model but it you know sports and athletics an activity that the planned out yesterday and is it seems funny I am. Yeah Alan it's all about. Every single aspect of business in buffalo. Yes and if you look you know if you're employed under employed if you like to. Our final how we move in this community for this as a place to be mcginnis Saturday. April 28 at the senate club nines and seven Delaware avenue from eight to ten on B two air afternoon. On free wine tasting. And if you call and say no when you listen to show you get a discount your price is forty dollars right there our mission is sixty. Are if you see. See no aren't. See her Lauren on this hour. And you get he. Lauren yet you are yet and here come out oh crap out RN ER girl that age yes. But in ours is going to be on our. A happy event this deal with so much information. Awesome probably going to be given some wars and we talked about that source this year regardless of Muslim prophet. Six awards. Hand some individuals and more power bars and in the event that forgetting. But provide six awards and it may impact. In this community for example mr. Jim Hattori now a columnist about. He's carried yes he has he's been missiles over time. He brought pizza and wings in this Sunday's amazing payments are Imus food pizza parties in Calgary how does know either like that there's no place like air and Bernard is urgently you know he. And and ship it now. At his desk started this is like seven years ago. Executive of the year award Sheila brown who owns the only. African American radio station and the country need a 100% on Sheila brown. We are also gonna provide mr. Mac Lucci on with a lifetime achievement award. For his commitment he started a record store over fifty years ago on the east side of buffalo. I mean it just sold just so many people that we gonna recognize. You need to be at the event that's Saturday. April 28 at the senate club from eight to twelve noon tickets are sixty dollars per and how can it take its stealth. Cart several went 656. Threes or 238. Again that several went 6563023. And if you say the magic word Lauren guess what you get a discount. And don't lower it hit it a thing you know that you don't want. Now it is out equipment that obviously had a but we will close on social media as well also planning and listening and it can't you're driving limit on them it will be post on questioner at work social media such attack is the page. Questioner that way Twitter. Westamerica where an instant and Western New York where one. Actually in orbit and before we sign up list now for anyone who's listening to our show today and they're looking for career opportunity. What can you provide full looking to. You hired new great town for their team our candidates out there looking mean you can open to new options career wise in the new. To snicker at next level they can reach out to staff buffalo to cut staff upload dot com. He email me at Al Lewis Al Al EW I asked at staff buffalo dot com. And check out our FaceBook and social media does as well FaceBook linked in Twitter. Mr. Graham. Staff buffalo one we're okay and our favorite guests today SC dot thinks so much for. Any any party rounds I'm gonna come back and hopefully back on the show that I missed. France and apparently he compared to see me right of course in the number on Saturday. You're ever I don't from the airport X and I'll bet there are. Well you've been listening to west new Yorker where we're del Martin and Laura Lewis have a beautiful day enjoy your Sunday. And we see it next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab accessing your group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.