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Sunday, April 15th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh Lacey. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life we're here every Sunday morning from 1030 to eleven and we appreciate you curving out some time force each week. Is always it's it just can't show it's a lifestyle shows you never know who might be popping up on the show this week we have an attorney in the later will be shifting to the act. Restaurant scene as local restaurant week kicks off tomorrow what you believe this spring additions out. Looking forward to that. Is always if he had any show ideas guest ideas bus hammer here and her ham radio 843. 06 I want is my direct line 84306. Taiwan always appreciate any input on slice of life. Well if you're a frequent listener ever and her parents family of stations you may have heard the phrase your ticket to justice. And with a phrase comes I'm very competent attorney who is gonna help Leo at any. Traffic in DW I issues you may encounter. It out for the grace a guy and I know there are times and I now I could've been pulled over and it's nice to know that there's somebody. Like Arthur Pressman who we can call at a moment's an artist who can help us and Arthur has come in today driven and I hope that any issues good morning Arthur Pressman. The morning Brenda thank you grant me and I appreciate the intro my pleasure my pleasure I've listened to your commercials on our sister stations Arthur and you know what a unique way to get the word out about what you do and there are so many people who I think have been affected by everything we're being pulled over by. An officer or trooper to somebody who was probably drinking and should not have been driving what you say is the Balkans your practice there. I would say currently about half of my practice is devoted to the defense as individuals we're charged with traffic tickets Santa TW I. And the other half is devoted to traditional criminal defense or can be anywhere from shoplifting to a robbery to. And insults so it's pretty balanced. Practice. Are people surprised to hear that there is a practice it focuses on traffic laws and violations. I think you're probably correct most lawyers. To have niches but I would say I am probably one of the only ones and buff maybe the only one who really devotes most has practiced two. If you lie and traffic defense later if my colleagues in the legal profession as well. That they I wish they had thought of as well. You know it's it's a wonderful man attendance certainly competitive marketplace out there there are a lot of attorneys it seems that whether it's the folks who just hang a shingle to their big. You know long established venerable firms in town I'm so I think you identify an anti Israeli Erica kudos to you. Yeah I think you know the practice a lot has evolved over the years Maria fourth generation lawyer in my father's side and I think that's black and it was probably about. That's entity attorney. And my father was a general practitioner as a father was a general practitioner as well. But nowadays that the practice the laws really. Focusing more on niches I think we all kind of all pay a specialty or of a practice focused so. A lot of lawyers may trying to either be allies are criminal on and that have a lot of experience and it's. I would recommend that in your listeners who would really seek whether it's me or any other turning it really focuses her practice on a specific area. Because the laws are so complex nowadays and your exposure to certain risks and penalties or have changed over the years that you really have to be upon all the current. Legislation now the current laws sleaze that you can provide the best. Possible defense and representational your client. You know when it comes through traffic ticket or terror act hit a few over the years using for speeding and I admit to an avalanche for an actor really wants myself and I'm driving. I'm pretty you know if you get a ticket you get pulled over and ruined your day but beyond me at White House would you. Tell people would you tell people to go to school to tell people try to plead it down what are some of the basic tips if one has to be pulled off. Well you know the the basis of my tag line and my spots when ever keys. Things that we try and let people know by just don't mail your ticket and I think everyone's initial knee jerk responses from the get a ticket is before throwing it in their glove box. Is to just when they get it out of there just a mallet and and can find from the court. I don't think most people realize what the consequences that you are associated with getting a ticket you get points. Insurance can possibly go up. And depending on your driving history you can accumulate too many points in a certain period of time and you run the risk of losing your licensee for was to drive for. Could be up to a lifetime and one of the things that we try and explain to people is that India's. Institute of the last five years new policies with a look at it you're driving history now 25 years. And even things that you do when you're 1718 years old can have an impact when your in your thirties and you're trip ability to drive and continued ability to drive. So the biggest piece of devices that I would offer anyone as when you get a ticket don't mallet and plead not guilty contact an attorney like me who's who focuses her practice on defending people. And you'll get a much better result and deal. To be much more satisfied and you'll be stressed out there and worried about. Having to go to court evidently finds owner driving schools cool things like that. I had no idea that that DMV laws he changed in that they can actually traced back to issue say when your teenager maybe want to Wear red lighter get a stupid thing. We've all done things I can't especially in our youth. How how did that come about. Well I think in 20122013. They started as I said looking back 25 years with the doing is they're looking at certain types of traffic infractions and and criminal convictions that are com. I'm driving related so if you have had multiple prior to have you lies. Even twenty years ago and you get a third one now in it involves a revocation your license. He can trigger an additional five years. Revocation of your license and toppling every yet and current one. And some instances you have four or more you can have a lifetime suspension or driving privileges. And besides didn't realize some of the other which team he considers incidences. Our speeding tickets that you were convicted of involved speeding over twenty miles an hour over the speed limit reckless driving talking on your cellphone. So just I've had clients who. Get a cellphone ticket. Mallon and plead guilty. And they get a letter or two weeks later from being me saying we're suspending your license for six months and then what they'll do is still call the attorney we'll call me. And all I have to do his title triangle back to the court that they just plead guilty on by mail which is I advise is not the right thing to do. Have them reopen the case Havoc on front of the judge and ask them to rescind or revoke the plea by mail since they were represented by a lawyer. And then negotiate with the prosecutor from the start. To get this six point speeding ticket with a cellphone ticket reduced to no points and doesn't have any effect. I'm their driving history and actually team dual lens and a new letter when we get the result that I usually get apples and a new letter. Saying he revocation is rescinded and yet wonderful group which is. This is really. Interesting news it's a real education. Is there were talking a western New York's traffic in DWI attorney Arthur Pressman who is our offices and main street in downtown buffalo. Your ticket to justice is now just ask slogan I mean this really can help people avoid so many problems potentially down the line. Absolutely. Again people need to be realized that. There are consequences to either getting traffic ticket or do you have Eli and you know nowadays and they unlike years ago. A lot of people know. And their history are probably don't drink and drive and god and got stops in the police were innocent mother away. And nowadays. That's a much more stronger and stricter enforcement. And so anyone whoever gets a DW liars pulled over for a alcohol related offense really need say a Korea qualified and competent attorney who focuses her practice on DW on. Remember in Arthur when I was learning how to drive and then driving curing teens in an early adulthood. He'd worry about drunk drivers and maybe people who are now paying attention than how it. Cellphones are so prevalent and everybody seems to be texting your email to your phone or. How think about it impact his dad had just a whole cellphone phenomena on your practice over the years. Well I think. You see a lot more cellphone ticket. Infractions at the U that the police are giving out and and also a lot of accidents are caused by you know distracted driving and she's been cellphone. Or people. You know even and doing her face time on herself on him in the way there a laws are written now. It not only covers taxing on your cellphone but also call it also covers. Using a hand held electronic device. So you could be listening to music to be face timing can be watching them believe it or not people watch movies scene there are driving so it covers more than just texting or talking on yourself on in the the penalties are all the same so. I've seen an increase with people getting an accident senses there it's a result of them being distracted by using their electronic devices. And again it's it's. Getting a cellphone ticket using electronic control devices five points on your licenses more than if you're going twenty miles an hour over the speed and mused we have to really. Can hold an attorney or resign on. She missed firework you said you come from a long list of attorneys are currently have a line your DNA. But in this particular niche practice that you have Arthur do you try differently because of it because you deal with this day in and day out how it affected your driving. Well I I personally you know why don't drink a lot on and on driving immunized I usually tell my friends and I tell clients F Nolan meet with them India realized usually from man at least average weight and height. Two drinks over the course of however you're going to be outages police say if I mean women it's a different story because attended the ability and the way less than a man. And the of this ordeal on their system on fest because of their weight so I've had plenty of women and you realize who lomb. Have one drink one and have drinks and if it's. If it's heavy pour a strong pour from bartender for themselves. I've had many clients who are above the legal limit her female with one and ethnic strengths. I'll be well I think it would be a big DI just the course aligns very candid dismissive. You know if you fury issues especially I guess so this year if you are a woman and you don't wail on you have to mix drinks and an hour. You can have a problem because in New York State well people don't realize is that. Everyone is familiar with point zero waking illegal for driving law intoxicated. And New York City we do have a a lesser charge call drive on pared by alcohol. And that is a point 06 or point 07 blood alcohol and we just think about what you need to get to be a point 08. And it's even less to get to be a point zero sixes doesn't take very much for anyone to have two or three drinks in a short period of time be a point 06. Right it's up quickly for share. When somebody is pulled over what what is the protocol I should never give an officer or her time I assume is pretty basic. Yeah I think that goes along way to smoothing things out on the road and if you get pulled over for DW I mean. What people don't realizes that more than just being polite and cooperative you do have certain rights that you can exercise when you get a DW life. You don't have to take those roadside field sobriety tests that they for real people are aware of that muscular familiar with effect even though refused a breathalyzer test deck at the station. But you do have the right to refuse any of those roadside tests where they had yes in the alphabet or walk a straight line or put your finger to her nose. So he can refuse those tests you don't have to making admissions are. So are confessions about how much he had a drink. You can just say you know give me your name address phone number. And in the council determined based on some other physical observations of your observations of your drive whether or not they have. Probable cause or enough no reasonable cost has to detain you and conduct an investigation but. You need to be polite and and and you don't need to be belligerent but you can certainly be cooperative and refuse to take. Those roadside tests as well some protest at the station. Our penalties refusing a protest that at the station. But every case is unique and whether it's the right thing to do or die and then that's when I get calls an overnight from people whether they should be taking him protester and a. In that happens frequently mentioned have been done on stringing him in the morning. On the weekends I get a lot more calls in the middle of the night from people whether they should take a breath test and I and it's really. It's not collateral anymore it was a really it's a real gray area on the depends on. You're driving History Channel prior to either your life depends on what jurisdiction or in what court here and and also the pendulum is an action or not and oftentimes though I will speak to the officers who made the arrest. And they can be very helpful such if you were cooperative with them and letting me know what and how they assess whether someone is in tax catered or not. When it comes to. The whole idea. Hoover and lift now finally being in the buffalo area is it something good in your humor do you think that they asked. I give any views on it because I think it's he wouldn't take your business. Well I mean it must listen you know we don't have a keynote none of the lawyers it's too and I do have to keep drinking and driving it's dangerous and chorus that anybody and you can seriously hurt yourself for someone else so you know using third party or ride sharing certainly. Helps. With. Preventing them from happening. So admitted I think in any any area that has over let the thing it doesn't affect our business a little bit. And it's just you know and nature are business certain things a certain laws impact those things it's. Talent and gift of hope that the over that drivers are being responsible obviously. Yeah you would think they would be in news hope actually before we close at her got to ask you a better now. How he got started and along the home Miami Miami Vice years and just pick if you can summarize it for hours because I don't think people would necessarily think that. This is talking about Anderson here's some great stories about your years and nine and the self. EL I I I went to undergraduate appear in New York State spring break I was done enough for a lottery for spring break my senior I knew I was going to be going to law school and I knew someone applying to university Miami. And went to law school there and it happened in the in the early in an eighty's when I was in law school there and it was at this time of Miami Vice is being filmed while I was there actually and it was also at the time of well we called on the sound of the cocaine cowboys in the when I was in law school only got a lot slower for some very high profile. Criminal defense transit that a lot of drug worked down there and so we have lots of stories and lots of interest and clients. During the eighties in Miami. How he could write a book and then I then I'm did you run into anybody is that say hello to my little friends think he's happy after a. Well I can say this there were times along we where it does not talk on our phones are phones there were bugs and we would have conversations with clients in the outdoors always. So I was in Jerry's it was very different. Yes what a way to start your career children how I mean even in the buffalo area now have him back here since 1988. Well I wish you continued success with your practice is Arthur Pressman law. Western New York traffic in DW I attorney you've heard his slogan your ticket to justice this is a gentleman to Carter's any kind of driving. Issue where issues with guy drinking and driving traffic tickets and the like Arthurs or for a three main street in buffalo and what's the number to call her. And it's a sudden 16984. 1795. And we should point out that you also work with Canadian clients many Canadian clients hello Mike needing clients. Third they're very easy to deal with 7169841790. Fact is coming on the show this morning thanks for having me here this morning Brenda we'll be back right after this. And Catholic cemeteries we believe a visit to the cemetery should be special. Every time. Holy cross cemetery in lock along respectfully embraces the remains of over 130000. Variables dating back to 1830s. Every detail stone crypt and monuments speaks silently at the proud heritage resting within. 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Krista Hobart actuary airway if she hasn't and I had a couple of weeks Krista is a local organizer for local restaurant week in would you believe that big day starts to arrogant their first kickoff for the week which runs from April 16. Through the 22 spring edition of opera Charlie Crist a good morning good morning thanks for me always a pleasure to see you weren't let's talk some spring weather comes a club or restaurant week we are so do. To gut it get out of the house and enjoys and terrific food and restaurants from all corners of Western New York we certainly are in an all witnesses the first ten not a restaurant week participant. The general manager of just pizza on transit road near maple and the plaza. Where there's a dairy queen in a florist you know they just pizza location Joseph now he is with us good morning to outlining. Nice hair nice to have you on board as well and showing you skipped. First temperatures for an up or restaurant week want to have motivated you folks to. To join in and all the funny activities. I mean it's always about a success restaurant week in general com. Video of this is this just peace particularly only has one as dining room an awful storms so. We gonna give a shot for temporary pizzeria and see how it goes. And Christopher folks who don't know how this works cross connection with 2018 in your price and so on we started it was but it went along with the year so it's twenty dollars and eighteen cents thirty dollars and eighteen cents or forty dollars and eighteen cents is out restaurants to structure itself. Whenever works best for them marks Ross is on as you follow our price point rocketed straight I don't give a nets those parameters shall what are you featuring just pizza transit. What we're doing that when he eighteen getting charged. Pizza and your choice toppings to sodas and two Omega that's the twenties it's quite you know. And I look in choppy since anybody has ever order injuries and they're even believe there are lots of people. Like that originally suggested people Obama down on acne itself and I don't even like to order because and it's sort of permeates the other. The other wedges and not. But I'm the type of pizza eater it's one of my all time favorite meals I think if I was on death row in this male. Eat pizza with anchovies and plant and happy campers I'm. It's a mixture of an idea of Israel like at an exercise and so with your location you offer awful service and you hit line in the year correct. We have about nine craft Beers and that Imus have a variety of different lines. And full service waitresses should some a little different she's about 3035 people. Do sports banquet so we can do you know sit down or buffeting type. Column just about anyone to violence and these teams in soccer teams. I've got is to judge too because they think that you know wean users certainly so identifiable. With buffalo and I would. I would say that beef on what is truly a unique buffalo kind of thing a lot of constraints. Even though it's on her to the country. But I would put our pizza up against anybody. What do you think it makes the buffalo pizza so popular and everybody you know us using of their own recipe years and I but why why is just pieces such a successful franchise. Our success or the success just pizza is in the bill and how we do it verses out pressing it. East and stretch and we make everything else sliced pepperoni which is apologies we use fresh US TA. Sirloin beef for the pizzas. Everything is done trash which is not done as much as he used to be years ago and our our owner has done for 25 years stuck with the original the way it was. If it ain't broke don't fix exactly and what are the different dietary things you hear about so much our allergies gluten things people who are perhaps lactose intolerant. How do you accommodate a spokesman Aikman. We have a gluten free Pete. That's. Very action myself 5060 entries that we were amazing. That's probably one of our. And whoever they want we can mix and match and 75 her eyes pieces sunny skies seventy I've got programs and pizza. And we can create another fifty if you'd like. So like mine with the anchovies have peppers and neither you actually go jackass as everybody numbers remedies are better I. We get some I'm pretty crazy and glass as there right yeah it's okay to eat just on the right and that's the beauty of pizza so adaptable and burn virtually anything Christian that you take years. I actually like pepperoni and Al salaam. Black colleges and mushrooms as a my two favorite things and I gotta agree with eggplant if I can kind of restaurant that served eight plant. That's my favorite on idol and and so that is and it just it's so adaptable as well. There are other things and menu is well Jerry it's talented horse is always. Look at your club and user that her. And it's just pizza and underneath wings to do. Drag him around when he tried different sauces. But. We can create more if need be if you mix and match process is. Because we want him doing best. One fire bass Blackberry barbecue. And message to little different it's sweetie sweet. Tang yes and that's important Felix feelings and you put it urging him or was it the area. It's Randy is a recipe in the how could pray for a do better than renting again. Pregnant ex. Did injure free you know I mean yeah a lot of people say that laughter. Within our chopper factor here candy all day for me accurate and repeats now made him unique pizza still. But we're not not as much. I can get cravings. But that we have to create sound and will create a house staff. Just because you know what's. As it makes sure some action now. Africa. And Chris -- -- -- local restaurant week just growing in popularity you have more than 200 restaurants about to kick off to her current you've got to more than 200 there's always some new ones to try to think we have about twenty brand new ones the times that are participating for the first time so. Just like just pizzas one on one of most wanted it's foreigners out from what always something new check out honored at a ready keep refreshing and it's twice a year that you do this right keep it fresh every year you and your own spin. Tell me how well what's cancer behind the bucket list this year. It's kind of like who was on your restaurant populist everyone's got a bucket list of activities they wanna do or places they want a L without pay. Rush out once we're off food is specially buffalo people really like to eat lasagna rush sharp market lesson and find a couple places that are participating in local restaurant week. And uses your excuse next in this week to go out and try those places. And now all impetus behind this program at least in the early days wise to support local independent eateries story break the chains and say exactly error some you know fine folks who work in the chain restaurants to brits are great to support the Oscars. What response you get an aunt their whole idea behind their concept. Com we've gotten great response I think ever mentioned in the show before one of the top restaurant concepts in the country there's only a few that are larger than ours which is saying quite a bit. For our little city of buffalo here the only ones that are bigger than ours are big city wants New York City Los Angeles Chicago and Washington DC other and otherwise it's. It's were right on up there with all the other great securities act and nobody else features just specializes in just. Shining a spotlight on the locally owned and operated ones that what's that's what makes us a little bit tougher. Local economic impacts go John I'm sure there with just pizza and participating for the first time you're gonna hit a few cents took it down to those conferences are planned Diaz congratulations. Thank you so much for coming in this group and I wish astronaut Christa is Ariza took last chanting Iran and I hope it's a very success so we gusty out of the restaurant is sure well. That reporter rap on this edition of slice of life thanks again for tuning analysts see you next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.