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Spectators and thousands more freedom client win right about half an anathema to our leaders. The crash at every area whiteness and half on my thousands of other locations across following counties in Western New York. You can visit a top lines as a possible house visiting dad comes or follow us I think I can better. Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western European work your business friendly conversation Roger ESPN 15:20 AM humor and and along Lewis what we talk about sports jobs economic development. And always have people that make it happen. And joint life honestly with my wonderful cool holes. Like Lewis good. And things down the morning Daria I'm doing great it's been a long time where you've been. I was at Florida last week and my friend's wedding so it was nice getaway beautiful ad saying he was going somewhere alarm was going revealing little wants down. I'll put up our Catholic art when when I get the invitation to win these all you know trips that you policy about that the. But he's I'm not going anywhere. Sorry. It's so much weakness and you return stingray it's been busy stepped up close and really busy we've had a lot a lot of great jobs of Republican and yesterday to the shamrock run in the first ward that was great five mile run kick offs impact XT season as the fortieth. Forty and house Democrat even gain of forty years it's huge raise it 4800 runners. Speaking of Saint Patrick's Day is coming up and buffalo is eight Hugh. I think our cities and often change. When it comes to Saint Patrick's Day celebrations Leanne to two weeks off have the first portrayed. And and that's and Saturday march 17 and then following Sunday the eighteenth is the downtown parade Saturday a big weekend of festivities for the Irish and the not Irish and and the outlook for instance it everyone seems to seem to partake in it regardless of if they're Irish an item and there's an outlet passing a stress accords are your neighbors calf. And that means half Irish half polish I'm iris you aren't there he's out or you've if there are dark iron. That's okay we're parents we believe that when you look at. Hey there is. There aren't piracy I have new ones yes exactly. It was speaking of just green iris. This is the Greek decision. What you're listening to what's new and it worked with Gil Martin Lewis and we always have won each and every Sunday like three years paean. 1520 scheme and today we having great conversations we have some amazing people this to deal with that we have mr. Berry. Brass weren't with the president and CEO. They're actually there are lots. All right thanks watch without you know our. Went there it wasn't studio it was Mother's Day innocent things giving that was not good. Now that's what I. Have Venezuela so okay so for correction we have mr. Garrett why it's worked with the president and CEO. Of you know of an amazing company and we have this price president and he should. And she's the two of them together will be talking about how we help businesses. And the employee benefits. HR consulting. Very roughly you wanna be a part of this conversation but you know we just from what you guys should. Thank you. And thanks for having us. Yes thank you north west capital benefits. And a leash they're great team I've been fortunate to have worked with Mary Ann Elise. On professional level and they're awesome so I'm really excited they're here in studio with us this morning to thank you for being here thanks to show you a little bit about we we do. Well as sent down militia Thomas. Came to buffalo actually law school Indians practiced law for several years of doing human resources our Catholic health and was there her. Almost seven years. And realized I want to take and transition to helping small businesses be successful so. I'm doing Earthlink and do it may benefit me turn now that your get into the details more. It. So that is the one thing I like about what you've been your stories that you don't have room for large business and you brought it down too small to medium size companies. And you have an amazing rest and as I took a look at your tank round. In effect both of these guys and a this amazing what you have done is it's almost like you have groom yourself for the position where you are today. It. Yes absolutely I mean for me it's why I like the most and what can be most impact phones are really that many. Large companies in buffalo and western new York and across country I'm so. The small businesses are really weren't actually able to take that knowledge and expertise from a large corporation will make sense than a million dollar business. And translate that helping small businesses it's very Earl Ward and. OK and beer for you soccer being the president co-founder of your entity. I mean what I mean just give us just an idea what what motivated you to. To start to company. Well I started out in this business right before the recession iron over the years I know is that doesn't it. When I started actually working with my father who had been doing this for I don't know how many years many players. And that was in the pre obamacare pre affordable care twirled. It was much more of a trial by fire sales gain. How do you go and knock on doors and try to get some business owners to give you time and date. And as time went on. And the employee benefits worlds change with a couple new laws the biggest one obviously being Affordable Care Act. Suddenly there is an opportunity because the role went from the rose salesman to the role of the consultant and that journey ended with finding a Lisa and I couldn't believe my luck when we bumped into each other. To find somebody with her qualifications and resonate who was actually interested in coming in and joining me in this endeavors so. Here we are where China. Take the benefits and the HR consulting world. Been treated. With C the complexity that accurately. Requires nowadays okay world championship and we don't get back to their north Smart strategies. And a very complex world. Speaking of complex find that what's happening in the world of sports group that is definitely something in this very complex lowly. It was a tough weekend of local college hoops hopes for three westerner to make March Madness is over. After hole. We should and tired or upset in the MAC conference tournament. The gold records were second seed return of the seventh with a Quinnipiac Bobcats shocked regret Friday night with a 76 to nine victory. In the first round. Tiger at a recent tournament held to sixteen Fairfield last night nineteen to 77. To the big four remain in place you beat kicked off their debut in the Mac tournament Thursday. They sit on top of and number one seed. Economists who went there on until Friday night Atlantic ten tournament the body spreading the truth. Sticking with basketball five games were played last night and day he took on the Detroit Pistons. Houston won a thriller against the Celtics one point 31 point lakers defeated San Antonio Spurs once it. Well I'm talking points after. He won the trailblazers tejada in Houston won only 100. Plus in three games separate the three seed they're eight suitable this as a playoff push you saw in the NBA. We had over Indianapolis where the NFL scouting come on now underway Friday according to reports the bills that was the two most recent Heisman. Quarterbacks in Louisville we'll Mark Jackson and Oklahoma quarterback baker may feel. They've had over to W your pocket dot com fertility options full report in full coverage of the top line. This update is brought to bio test you can see walker to complete legal counsel I thought she's pizza. Enjoy the game with a nicely supply. Iron right pinky so much sleep for our sports update welcome back to west generic out where I'm learned Lewis in studio it. My cohost down mark and and we haven't studio with us this morning north woods capital benefits there at labs Britain and at least Thomas fellow. So after coming back to the show attention is a little bit about what. North what's capital benefits Davos. Well I guess I can start with ventilation can jump and so weary of traditional employee benefits brokers. On and in the non traditional sense. Also an HR consultant for small to midsize companies and as the benefits industries become more complex. And from a leases world benefits is really apart or component of human resources. And as the HR worlds for especially for small businesses. That haven't had to deal with a lot of the issues that larger businesses have in the past. That's less true these days. And they'd have really merged together you can't have a good employee benefits conversation that is not also about HR. And compliance you can't have a good HR conversation. That isn't factoring in employee benefits plan design cost structures. Yes absolutely. Like bears hadn't in my world meeting with human resources and and legal. I approach every conversation with the client where I look at legal components commonplace benefits components and human resources components and we come up with the best solution for the employees in the company. And I would say it ain't what we do different in that regard is we're just looking at different types of solutions so. And we try to explain things in the way that the small businesses can understand. We leave a lot of first client meetings and and we here I've never really understood health insurance before you know it explained it to me in ways that are really understand it. And we also look at. More holistic approach than just selling insurance products. So we had recently small business where that income levels of everybody up company were very low and Weaver talking with them about I think health plan in place and they have that was one of the larger brokers in the area who's and here's the rates for smaller players you know this is your only option. And when we sat down and talked with them we actually realized that the employees could get free or low cost coverage on the exchange. By having us facilitate them in rolling that way and getting those government subsidies and not having a group plan was their best option so. We look at who we sometimes bring solutions and I think traditional insurance sales folks convert to the table. It would be necessary Nora and what her eagerness that you were very here approach. To your clients it can be an employee handbook it could be health benefits they can be other services. Went four for small to midsize businesses that you know they think they have eight in a plea handbook. And because of the dynamics that are changing every day how do you help those type companies. Yes so on age our side our services range from the boat the most basic compliance so late postings and books policies and procedures that the state requires stare at all governor cars you have. And it evolves from there into each our strategic initiatives like job descriptions performance management. Making sure that we understand the objectives of the business and were helping companies. Take their employees and half their HR initiatives truly advance the business. But we always start out you're talking about handbook we always start out looking that what I call that stay at a jail items. You know and yeah I wanna get in trouble you don't wanna have a fine. Paid family leave New York State really change things for small businesses because you don't necessarily have to have him there are things New York State Senate he should have. You're leave policies are writing in your education policies and writing things like that. But a lot of companies got away with not having that and you know as we've been talking now complexity of paid family has made things so much more complicated. And I also say it's not suggesting out of jail it's that you want your employees have the information about their rights and their benefits so. It's not fair your staff to to not have a house in allens what the heck is paid family even when my Atlanta jail when I have what I have to tell you. Now as an attorney because you are an attorney. What you walking in and sometimes see armed with small to mean sized businesses that knew what they just overlooked. A lot. No and I think you know small business owners adverse there and I are small business owners who we certainly understand the business of owning as long as it's being stretched on some different things. We find that most small businesses are not in compliance with legal requirements and labor and employment HR area. We try to always say you know how serious are the potential violations what could a fine or penalty from the government agency look like. And focus on things that are most important. Par to me looking for a business side is not necessarily saying while the losses you have to do this so this is what you have to do you know. So much of it I'm not suggesting people should be violating the laws that so much of it is looking. You know what's the cost to the business to be in compliance what's the penalty for noncompliance and nearly one over is asking for the employees in the company. Yes it seems that you really take a full hands on approach at the business of looking at the business as a hole. Which can sometimes tidy tops are installed as the senators and they wanna like it's hard to hand off sometimes what they do. What's going on their company to someone out Heidi day's work through that. Absolutely. Most small business owners especially founders are still running controlling. Their own company that they built from the ground up it built from scratch they have a skill set that got them there. And now I find themselves wearing a whole bunch of different hats that they may or may not have. And he skills and yeah that's he'll set an inmate has scraped their way along a lot of small business owners are just scrappy. Problem solvers. And you hit a point where the the penalties. Or at the complexity. The issues that they now have to deal with and in the different hats that that business owners wearing. Become overwhelming it just gets it at some point it becomes too much or becomes too expensive to make a mistake and it. And that's where become an awful those companies can't afford to hire relations Thomas so a full time basis the write that. A bigger organization cuts so we can come in. And an affordable way but to help them navigate these things so let's talk over the serves were those key services that you do provide. You. So the benefits and HR are completely integrated in how we view the world because you can't really have. A good conversation about one without including the other. That being said. The way that we provide them to people are very different we're retained we're essentially hired as HR consultant. As contractors. To comment either for a specific job or for the company's full blown. HR department depending on the needs of that company the size and number of employees. The demographics. And what have you. On the benefits world at least for now our fees are built and we don't have to charge fees. I'm we're simply act as brokers and were paid by whichever insurance carrier we deal with. So our services. Range from basic insurance brokerage. Meaning that we can do the obvious we'll shop around all the carriers I'm the same things that are broker can do. We can go well beyond that and look at more intricate plan designs we're nowadays often doing cost benefit analysis of how to. Distinguish which employees in group could benefit. From. Obama care exchanges or from looking at making them eligible for Medicaid and other options is on an individual basis. The first is that your plan and that's where you start to tell. And to the feed based. HR consulting role orchestra let me ask this question mark because you're working staff senior for you on your staffing company and one of the things that I know are very intimately is there. In order to hire the right talent. One of the attractions are working for organization. Is the benefits and what does that company provide. And so. The question is. When you are talking to when he your potential clients are clients you are making sure that they can they have the right benefits package. That they can provide for their clients. Yeah it's absolutely and it's so interesting different and you've got legacy companies vs newer companies and so many legacy companies put it benefits package. In place back when the costs of all these things work. A lot less than they are today they were able to say will offer full family coverage and will pay for it spouses and children done on your health plan. I know very few new companies that started in the last few years that's still take that approach which creates a competitive disadvantage for the older legacy company. Because it's always more difficult to take something away is a benefit. That it is at it. So. Strategies are on the company's how to take what they have in place today. And move it towards. What they need to be in order to have a strong benefits plan for their employees but still be competitive health insurance costs are closing in on. You know 3040 in some cases 50%. Of wages and I mean this is these are big dollars and they represented big ticket items for a lot of companies so any percentage points differential. In the overall costs or in what the employer vs employee contribution. Makes a big difference on everybody's bottom line. It is expensive it's expensive for employers to chew on issues you have. The benefits for your employees like you said I don't think we mean maintain that competitiveness within the marketplace. It's confusing to Tony it's confusing for a lot of business owners a lot of employees understand. Which. For the employee urchins. Figure out which plans to offer and then for the employees to figure out which plan they should juice and you guys do great job helping to educate. On both. Every time there's a new round of of complexity get. Gets thrown in it's not necessarily great news for our clients but that's why we exist it can do it for us to keeps yes it keeps us in business. Yet another thing I'll say I'm both for a term benefits. It's very industry specific but it's also client specific and a lot of times in you know it's a once those what do you do on the H arson and you know some of it is it is very clear and everybody needs and its compliance and stuff is so much of it is one particular company needs or is interested and I'm I spend all my time working on non compete agreements for client. Or might spend all my time when it and you know policies around company vehicles or something like yeah so it's very specific and same with that the health care I mean. Our professional clients like law firms or architecture firms. They offered different types of benefits than some of our manufacturing clients so. You have to again it's not one size fits all get out there understand. What's competitive for this specific industry in terms of recruitment retention your staff. And then what are your objectives as his last re absolutely yes we have a. Questions are out there we don't bring to the table is sort of the army reserve currently under I think before we take a break this government do you have a question. I don't I just question that I have business. Especially for being us staffing in particular. When you went to a company now you almost got it going there. Thinking about the U. Okay how much of an. Awesome day everybody plays went. What what happens when you have a union shop and how does that change your negotiations. So. I can speak to that day. My traditional practice was labor and employment lie and act Catholic health played it negotiate probably twenty union contracts in the last 67 years now. As significant amount my time spent bargaining table. It definitely changes things most of our small business clients do not have a union involvement currently. Usually it's larger companies that would end up doing that. But it changes the relationship between the company and the employees there are no longer able to engage and will be culture dealing. Terms and conditions of employment wages benefits those conversations have to involve the union in all situations so. An addition to rolling out benefits you can't do a hammock update there. Put a new attendance policy in place without negotiating impact with the union as well so it's it completely changes situation. It but the very very complex world is listening to western you were at work with Gil Martin and Lewis Lewis. Don't go anywhere we have more great conversation on the other side of this break we have the Lisa Thomas solo and Garrett wants fourth. We're talking to north was capital benefits you do that wanna miss this conversation CS on the other side of this break this is frankly Kerviel the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 8553761. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up with a full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about any art. In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personalized print management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. They assist their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning posts and custom designed servers and network infrastructure solutions at access CU group they go the extra mile to handle even your most basic IT in business needs such as setting up your internal Wi-Fi system and they provide 24/7 help desk support. And managed services. Stop worrying about the complexities of your IT problems and focus on the solution. By contacting your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York. That's excelsior group. Call 5687990. To schedule an appointment or visit them at accessing a group dot com. Welcome back to questioning I can't where can ESP and 15:20 am I am Laurie lists in studio at my cohost Del Mar and and we had a great conversation this morning went. Very elaborate and at least Thomas Gallo from north west capital benefits and they opt for her. HR consulting and employee benefits. So I think get so much for coming in this morning. We've sat and talked a lot about the services unit offer working with its small to me sized businesses and providing those solutions for human resources and employee benefits so if there's a small business up and wanna get in touch with you Holliday called. Out reaching out to you guys. Yes thanks learn it didn't sell our website. Is www. And WC BL LC dot com so north woods capital and that the Osce. The phone number is 3225221. And you know we work very closely with our clients so. That's our general information all of our clients get our cell phone numbers and and it's the colony time Saturday. Certainly that's how nature and of networks. But that's our information our office we have an office right on Delaware near gates circle between Cleveland Auburn. And what some. The things that we have not touched on. Well. The only other thing that's come in my as we're talking over the break is. Everybody knows how expensive health insurance as every employer knows what a major costs it is. Wherever they put it on the accounting she is but it's also at such an incredibly important thing for individuals for families. Whether you have somebody who's sick and is relying today on. There health insurance to pay for whatever treatments are having or do you live like all of us do with the possibility that that's going to be the case tomorrow. It's it's not something that you want to error it's not something that you can make a mistake and of not having the right quality or not being able to for the right kind of health insurance. And so I guess I would say that any employee that's out there when he talked to us or you talked to somebody. Who knows their stuff. It is so important week and recently. Have run into a number of it businesses and what we would call a mid size range. Where years ago in the AC it was first passed they were told to put in the lowest cost plan that is possible on the market. Even if they are really trying to offer other plans in order to make sure that none of their employees meet what's called the affordability. Exemption that would allow them to go to the exchange and get a subsidy and that that was done out of fear of the employer. Having to pay penalties called in large employer mandate. There are a lot of companies that aren't within the light years of actually knowing those penalties. And so by doing that are not having updated that policies and some of the new regulations that come through. There accidentally keeping their lowest paid employees. From being able to go and get either free or very heavily subsidized insurance they would otherwise be eligible for. That's not the employer trying to do something that's harmful to the employees obviously that's lack of good advice that lack of understanding. Of just how complex about these issues are and that really impacts these employees' lives and their ability to have. The quality and affordable health insurance that. That they need and speaking of that because it is so complex before you even get your arms around that now we have the what I think is the new family leave act. And and that's a whole new in no issue or animal in and of itself didn't. Yup absolutely as its brand new world for our company is under fifty employees have never been obligated to provide down job protect and partially paid leave for individuals and that's why. And it's so complex and it's such a perfect example of what we do in north woods because hasn't insurance components you have to get. I am a writer juniors ages ability policies for the paint him as insurance in place. But there are also and again in my background I would say more importantly. Significant HR employee relations components of that lie you have to cover and policy you have to do payroll deductions from your employees. You have to give them certain notifications yet have a post and I'm about the benefits and again I'll always say what you're supposed to do and then of what we want to do as business owners for employee is. I don't think that any company you know once they're placed in the dark about it and I felt like is as controversial as it may be they're certainly pros and cons to end. On the U wanna make sure that you fully understand and we'll we are saying like this summer our clients. It's January 1 you have simply come to you and say you know my parent is ill I think I might be able speak all I repeat and relief. Can you help me understand what my rights are you don't want to stumble over that question might be able to answer I'm here McCarthy action so if you are a business owner if you're starting a business what should you do. Go to our website give us a call. And WC BL LC dot com or 7163225221. Word here where. We're open to me and give us a call comes to Wear on our web searches came out and we would be happy to help. Our weekend. The fastest business radio show in history west an elegant like this so long are selling so much what we can get into and talk about next it's flies by every replies Friday which is great we about the war it's just west of New York. In overtime. Overtime west new York and work overtime with a new way and speaking have any plea benefits we can talk about what's the pros and cons that happened over time. On the clock that you xenophobia part of today's show he parting thoughts. The only last thing I was thinking and that's as there was a speech in as. What we usually hear from our clients that is different from what other companies operating officer artists are customer service so small business owners wanna be dealing with other small business owners. They don't want someone who's really new to the industry coming out and make good decisions so. We often get new clients because the company's us. Somebody set aside for health insurance by years ago we've never heard from them we don't have a name personal phone numbers to contact. We want them personal service and a spare tire business owners. You're always gonna get us in and try some new staff who just wanna say thanks for having us on thanks for having us you know and we really appreciate and enjoy a nice day actually think day so much had a great week so I'll. Yes you got us into western new York at work with Delmarva and when the west today north was capital benefits smarter strategies. For very complex world plea gonna visit HRs. HR consulting buffalo have a great day but before we can we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part five of ten field PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.