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Sunday, March 4th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh Lacey. Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition of slice of life is always we appreciate you curving on some time for us on this Sunday morning and on weekends are busy for most people. So thanks for tuning in as always if you any guest suggestions please I mean after a pretty calm me at 84306. Thrive on this very direct line 84306. I plan. Are certainly are reached beyond social media in mr. Graham Twitter. They spark there are all over social media as well offers slice of life and when you go to page today receiving handsome face of this gentleman spoke Cantonese as with yesterday. And Beaubien for the fall show. I'm always one of the firm says it's behind pharmacy. And he works out of the Williams to office on main an average you're beyond the 290 in the locker senator rose are repeat performer here and spice of life. Plenty of face to talk about when it comes to the world are firm received phone is always good morning and welcome back going thank you ram against. Nice to have you here now such a treat for you as to actor Brad Pitt's hair really conflicting. You're gay during their tank and in no way do I wanna. Minimize your education. Little about what goes into becoming becoming a pharmacist with that the doctor. Sure yet is a doctor degree it's a six year degree program plan you know so it's it's it's a long haul but it's worth and long on from there so when you went under rated you focus on science curriculum yes it's chemistry based for the first two years and and in transition a pharmacy school for four more years. Did you go to school locally you be a nice nice to see and other UB along doings are well for how long you've been at pine firms. Who'll good question about ten years now because I quickly answered because I gave her the whole decade and the have boxer in your career and. What makes China a little different than say a big box struck stories of picking your compound and firm as he. It meanings. Yes so you know or definitely a little bit of different pharmacies can't coming get your regular prescription julep towards tell it things like that so I'm basically as a Compagnie pharmacy what we do is we custom make medication for patients so. Let's say you have a child there in elderly relatives they can't swallow pills. We can make those pills into liquid for them and you may have pack two is giving our time not swelling at the medication. We can make it into your gels that you rub on to the inner ear or flavored treats. And there are a lot of different things that we can do we can make topical creams can make flavored. Lolly pops dummies for kids so it's more customized dosage form for for patients. And giving you something that. Instead of you know fitting you to the drugs that are on the market we that the drug TU. It's a great service they have and you're able to how people adapt in ways that you might not think about it's not your. Is a common problem you mentioned about some folks a chance our cannot swallow I would think it's mostly children it is that you may be some health. Yeah yeah following W definitely I kids but so I'm definitely elderly you know why we Gilad nursing home patients things like that that are really struggling you know and then there's this can't get the medication and and that's worthy and that's for the liquids or common. You know I I'm glad you brought up about OP or it's too because there are so many concerns nowadays about the the addiction Chirac and access and it seems that across all socioeconomic lines. Folks have every elk that are dealing with this. What do you do in regard to that is it is safer perhaps to do a cream or some sort of lotion as opposed to ingesting the pill. Yes yeah he one thing that we we've done quite a bit of is something out topical pain cream where we mix drugs into a topical cream form that goes on to the area of the pain. And the benefit there is is not only is getting right to the area of the pain. It's not getting out to the system so you're not gaining those addictive. And at the time and he addictive potential united in side effects like stomach upset or drowsiness. I'm at some of those drugs can cause. I'm so. You're avoiding sided picture avoiding drug interactions is negative bloodstream but it's still effective at treating pain so that's ultimately went. Are you seeing more and more info is this crisis becomes more evident more public absolutely that's a really nice alternative to going on and it you know those hard core narcotics like yeah OxyContin and things like that Selena I can't director yelled bursting on the show a few times and she's talked about an hour can and even some of the other drugs account your and you. He had back. It seems to me if I remember correctly there's a timeframe involved three need to act quickly forget to take the act he had Romania so I mean with this Kenneth topical treatment there really avoids all that issue as well. Exactly it really you know eliminates a lot of the downside the pain medication minutes so effective at treating the pains those nice alternative. The other summoning complex things when it comes to your line of work bow. And Bo Cantonese is with us from behind firm he's firm series and there are ten years generating was that your first gig at a school yes it was well. It's a great company in Atlanta at. If you works just out of the main streets in Israel is a location yes because the other location and her faults and pine avenue fittingly. Isn't that really compounding pharmacy open to the public airing can be Niagara Falls arms he actually is no longer entrance I don't it's so there is someone knocking each and yes the system Leon's only have one or processors. Pitching out I think shall grant slice I. I could determine how more analogy here. So one of the things that we've been talking about what kind pharmacy is a drug costs to dinner now and I noticed that necessarily a generic at the true test of the word. However it's a a cheaper. Way for a man who never erectile dysfunction. To be able to enjoy life yes intimacy. How does it differ from Viagra you know the little blue pill and you always hear about. Yes and very common question we get and it is identical. In the active ingredient they have the same exact active ingredients are really. There are differences minor differences in the filler and things like that but really at the end of the day you still getting the same drug and the generic that we offers a twenty milligram tablet. Typically with agri you're getting somewhere in the fifty to 100 milligram dosage so. Most of my gentlemen take somewhere between two to five tablets per dose you know so it's a nice. Cheap alternative when you consider what the brand name costs or even. The generics that are available to higher strength those are are are more expensive as well so the lower strength as a lot cheaper. Is usually affect men as they age it's from Pittsburgh haven't. Yeah there's a lot of different factors I mean certainly ages one there are other. Disease states and things like that they can play a role like diabetes things like that so you know it does affect mostly older gentleman but. There's a lot of younger gentleman as well what's success story for some artists it and usually how gentlemen it's absolutely lingering health issues at hand yeah I know is usually very effective. You know obviously with medication never guarantee. But I would tell you that you know home more often than not there's there's high rate of efficacy. So in your view at the at and again it's really fair because he's he's the main. Hound and yes the same active ingredient. But in your mind you feel safe recommend to people on Larry Lou happening that's. I should you pay higher prices is that Ernie yeah. All you're doing in Japan for the advertising easy and really no reason to take the brand and yet we've all seen as answer cobbler and the cyber hey. And an accident this mistake you'll make a lot of sense to. Get hit and it's really Kenderick nicer. And there's a time factor that's involved so if you're having your romantic evening after a lot for it time for it to kick Syria means usually recommended about a half an hour prior. It's a plan intend to be correct but I expect a what Ers. The other common things that folks can save money on you know they I want I think it's so well known because there's been terrorizing him hand. Several stations including WGR. And there's such a huge campaign for I immigrant you've seen nationally on all sorts of media you are there other drugs boat that you would say are similar in the sense that it's there are some well known alternatives. Yes yeah we run that all day long as a compound pharmacy. You know we get patients calling up saying you know might drug went from ten dollars 250 dollars overnight. You know the drug. NAND market is it's getting ridiculous with the drug industry is doing with the the rising prices so. There's a lot of different types of things we can count on something as an alternative to what's available on the market. At a fraction of the price we we do a lot of that with the company. He's seen Eddie Brock now you've been in the business take years now and so. While you're that you know a veteran of 3040 years you certainly have had enough time that this isn't my short time man yeah you scene in Mary parent the evolution of generics yeah. I mean they say what's happening is the generic companies are kind of off consolidating into one or two companies now a man because there's less competition in the game. Unfortunately though mark to companies are leftists are injuries prices. You know some of them. More egregiously and others but we are definitely seeing over probably the last five years of really. Fast uptick in generic pricing as well as brand pricing and I'll drugs. You know I think it's where certain mass media advertising helps you because now you know well you know you're listening to the radio when you might hear an ad for a fork truck or. Attack boats line now hearing about something that's related to one's health. It's not the easiest word trips you're congress to dinner spelling edit it becomes personal acts yet you know because it's now something that's being heard. On a regular basis and I think to some victory you tell me and you work in this profession in India do you think in some ways it demystify the process. Yeah I would say that's a fair a fair assessment to. To go on because now people are hearing it they might feel more comfortable coming and say hey you know her angry about you know ED issues yeah yeah. I am do you frank to a sensitive issues like this and whether it's easier any other kind of sensitive issue that. Because she worked and affirms it's not a big box store you can do some counseling right here consultations yeah it's something you feel like you get a little more discretion. Just by the very nature of pine. Yeah I you know as an independent we. We're not. Driven by eight you know corporate head and in Nebraska anything like that so we're able to kind of hone in patient care a little bit more. And now what those pharmacists are able to do you know they're kind of more. Metrics driven you know at that those certain number prescriptions a certain hour we feel it's better to focus on the patient and so we'd we'd like to consult a little bit more so typical pharmacy. And spends more time especially even on the the front and with them vitamins and supplements and things like that the league it. I look you. You when your counsel come out and talk yeah it's and is accused him and a counter and how it's funny thing. Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about her terms is always a pile up you know Annika at a but you guys come out in an interview many female her since I know we didn't just it is certainly seem man. Annual top one I want with. The patient yeah yeah and an opera theater and that's where their 40 yeah it it really is a whole different feeling a pint firmer I can't recommend it highly enough. And we won't talk a little bit more about some of the other things. You know there's such a high rate of diabetes in this area and I think you know carry disease is a big deal yeah honest you know early as an ally and including me I suffer from it so we will come back after this quick time out. Mora spoke Cantonese and tied pharmacy right after this. Racquets season is right around the corner and this year it's time to switch your pool to five hour energy real time brackets. A five hour energy brackets dot com you can change your picks live during its German game. Seriously switch your pick in any game until this four minutes left. More matches more fun it's signed up today at five hour energy brackets dot com filling out a 100% accurate bracket that's hard. Getting yourself back to 100% that's easy politics is a five hour energy shot. Hi this is not just tap from high tech wellness and weight loss and we've helped literally thousands of people in Western Europe over the past seven and a half years. But I'm really excited about the success we've had with a handy just listened to his story. Miami Andy and I mature timer. That's two times I've got a doctor Tom to lose weight the first was last summer and doctor Tom help you lose forty pounds and he wasn't too hard. My family and friends are shocked when so much weight you lost just three months earlier I was pretty elm gravitational challenge looking. Some veterans and obese right so I was healthy I was feeling great at losing forty pounds definitely improved my overall album. I even went through the holidays without a problem. So I spoke to doctor Tom about helping me to lose another fifteen to forty pounds so I think that my college we think doctor Tom agreed that was a realistic goal. Just as my luck is about to start I get a severe allergic reaction for balance pat. I've taken half dozen different court a steroids medications emotions all the stopping allergic reactions on my skin in the stoppage. And worst of all anyone has been on similar medications know it was that caused you to gain weight. Gaining fast. Come up gaining weight over indulgence of foods is one thing the putting on pounds from your medicines I was supposed to start losing weight. And that's just with doctor Tom and I did he created a different weight loss plan from the my first time and having a fight medicines never lose weight this is doctor comes umpteenth time. With helping thousands people who lose weight he's been thrown challenges he's had to really super customize his weight loss programs. Doctor upset if you stick to it you'll lose the weight it will be harder you will be more frustrated because it's gonna take longer this time. But you know what it did before and you know what can all be done again. It's not your fault they're spektr's fighting guess you will adjust quickly find the best way to get you keep your goals well doctor Tom thank you. Again for the second time you're right it is taking longer conduct delicate yet. But I've within six ultimate goal now whether you dilated thinking to back. Given up trying I'm losing weight or losing weight was easy but finding a way to keep it off that's been your problem. And I implore you called doctor Tom today because he truly has the ways to help anyone lose weight. Don't blame yourself because I just learned a lot of times it isn't your fault. Get mad get determined to get excited. Just get a darn phoning your hand called doctor Tom. Because it will be sold more thanks sandy and give us a call at 6552302. At 655. 2302. High tech won't listen weight loss we can help. Most people are coming in because they have a problem. And they have all kinds of hopes and aspirations and things they wanted to do and they're finally. Walking into the good feed store. I'm ready to dive in there and help them find a solution to that problem. You're listening to death. And her support specialists that the good pizza store so this morning locks and she's literally got tears coming out of her eyes I'm going to Turkey and gonna be walking. And walking and walking I wanted to go there my entire life. I can't. And I don't know what to do so help me. There. For over twenty years. We've been helping people live the life they love without letting their feet get in the way. She called me and told me what a wonderful time she had on her trip wasn't virtually pain strain that I had literally saved her life you can cry. And he just carried us. See what we can do for you with the free personalized start support fitting. At the good fixed or colony in 1903338. Or visit the Dixie store on Walden avenue near the gallery imam. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. That's 8430651. And welcome back to slice of life and then Sunday morning thanks again for tuning in and also a tip of the hit to Kevin parents pushing. All of the technical buttons forests at the other end of the building here thanks very much of the cake care. Always striving slice of life in the right direction where Rick spoke Cantonese this week and Bo is a pharmacist at pine for or receipt. Pine is a beautiful pharmacy located right inside the locker Centre and main street. In Williams or right near eighty to ninety follow we were talking before the break about the incidents. Certain diseases it seemed prevalent in western new York and diabetes is something that you hear a lot about in west junior now I think Eric diet which is so happy contented. When it comes Anita explains it this way. You know it's challenging thing for everybody should do maintain a healthy way but you it's something that's kind of characteristic of this area. Diabetes living. Probably characteristic of America in general gas and you know with with delayed process foods that are error. Has taken over the food industry. You know that's a major epidemic across the country and definitely in this area as well let. And so that's that's something that's affecting everyone at this point. And it's yea really to keep it always watching Fletcher terror forehand now more common occurrence that used to treat diabetes. Well I mean there's there's the obvious ones the insulin is the Matt Foreman yes those types of things and that's pretty much that the hallmark has diabetes care and they can somebody use comparative product for those types of yes and it does not lend itself yet compounds typically don't align themselves too well with the the diabetes what we will do quite a bit of though is always kind of segmentation that peace and Amanda chromium. I'm more natural approach to helping. Control blood sugar. You know there's more ways to do it than just the traditional drugs there's more naturally especially if you're borderline pre diabetic. That's kind of where those supplements and vitamins can kind of play a role and helping to. Prevent you from getting to the point where you need things like insulin and that form and that's an exercise of course old certainly guy and exercises is number one and just on any disease states. No no question about it you know I was mechanic at a critical sentiment and I owe me on the younger and younger and a lot to Ayers thing and you know it's it might help open yeah definitely is at the end of the line. Yes it's racist that is habits is analyzed you know all known as good dancer and science behind it. When it comes to carry disease it seems quite prevalent yes it's easier as well and I hit a child directed me in on nine and and for every member of my family members from some degree of carry disease how do you see folks coming in Q it compounded medications for. Tyreke yeah we. We have quite a bit of that and with compound in that did the beauty of Compagnie uses and there are two different forms a tyrant armaments and activated an inactive form T for NT three. Basically what we can do is account pounders. We can make a specific ratio tier needs of both the activate and yet in the N activated form. You know. Instead of fitting you again to those drugs that are on the market and just trying to feature to a dosage that's available. We can customize the dosage to what your blood work is calling for so we do quite a bit in those combos. So it would be how would it be something like leave on Iraq seemed early in Iraq since the T four NC in activated form since Reuters is the brand name. And then there's T three which is like a siren and Nancy activated. Race OK so but if I wanted to getter refi when necessary mr. compound in terms. I write the day we're not gonna fill a traditional. Oh lead author oxen tablet and now will ultimately do is will combine that leave the rocks and with the activated form which typically can't keep in regular pharmacy. A lot of confusion too about when it comes to bio identical hormones and. What's the difference between acting and her arm around a person actually produces sheriffs about identical hormone is exactly with the name implies it's identical bulletin your body's cell if you took a picture of the molecular sharks' room bio identical hormone and a picture of the hormones in your body identically can't tell the difference whereas there are some hormones and the market. Bats are nonviolent means a molecular structures different so it's kind of fitting a square peg into round holes so to speak. You know we feel and in the literature bears this out over time bio identical hormones. And safer. And more effective at treating most of them hormonal issues like menopause things like that so wheat wheat. Will only recommend bio identical hormones for that reason. Is it is safer bad perhaps or woman who may have a breast cancer history and her family or enhance his effort armored herself. Sure yeah you know there's always risk associate with any normal weather be identical and I'm by identical but. There are ways to prescribe hormones especially in the bio identical and to protect against things like breast cancer there are certain hormones that kind of you play a check and balance with the other harmless to prevent them from running rampant causing things like breast cancer so if you do it the right way there's ways to minimize those. It's so good to know that there is information at the ready like this yeah that we can ask somebody accused face to face certain who can answer these questions forest and the special and a concert you know pretty scary things like heart disease to which is again. An all too current problem I think issue indicated just locally and around the country and I think much Freddy has to do with. Sedentary life sound or rich cruisers are readily available. Maybe airtime crazy lives you know pretty sort of times serves are easy to grab a meal out of a window yet. But I was your web error richer FaceBook page and and other terror some homemade ads that you recommend herself yeah I'll make a supplement he. What is likely is it due to help one's Harry how. Yes Omega threes are highly anti inflammatory so am. We often think of cholesterol as a signal causing heart attack and stroke the real real reason it does as it causes inflammation in the arteries and kind of blocks them. If you're able to reduce that inflammation and your able to prevent the risk of of those types of issues so. That's where Omega threes can really play a role and and reducing an inflammation hoping to. You know lower your risk of those types of cardiovascular issues. It's really act as a substitute for eating fish. Or is perhaps on and help you if you seven ideally you're gonna get it from your died and sit down eat salmon twice a week but. And everybody not everyone does know or am exactly so. Omega threes are nice way to an offset that the united you know Stanley Fischer's place a week. Omega three supplements can play that role and fill that void so to speak are there other types of foods that have this type of property. Or is not yet adding entries are located and a lot of different and you all types sufficiently three's I'm now you know certainly fatty fish examiner are more highly concentrated. But it's done yet they they are found and other foods as well nuts seeds and then that's the thing. Yet again her healthy diet yeah exactly and you can't really offset. A bad diet with the occasional serving examiner Nazis during August and now. I would and I Nardelli are there but you know that there are supplements can help yes and you have a wide variety of these supplements at the ready ready behind currency and again if people commend when it's questions about what went where asked if I'm suffering from XYZ you look at how mean and there are other things you know a campaign year for his front page is really a wealth of information Aaron and the pine pharmacy web site. Things that are annoying me to be life threatening but they just speak to quality of life warts or some Yahoo! deal right now and we do occurrences that game how often do you see it and why are they in all parts of the body. I mean. It it can vary you know generally looking hands and feet does certainly they can be on locations as well but we do get quite a bit it's that we probably fill for five compounded prescriptions a day. Warts in those tap yeah yeah it's almost an hour now yet you politely to the lord of tequila and a and how about efforts are races of skin issues. Andy fastow quality of life issue I am absolutely so would that I mean we do have some over the owner products that we am has seen great success with and then. For those patients that are responding to deal co owner products we do have them count on prescriptions as well that can help with that. See you woodwork canyon near the dermatologist Jeremy yeah I generally leases generally I would be the case yeah right and then they're on some family members of mine who are regulars at pine for our recipients swear I what you do because. Matt one niece in particular his it dairy allergies she can't take certain medications are there any feelers that yes in theory yeah. Is so you can work around a challenge as well. Yeah we're able to formulate most medications to exclude things like glue and case in and you know dies things like that you might have an allergy to so. I'm real to panic compound and clean so to speak in and make them halogen free who do I mean who would have thought that dairy would be. Pat cash for their dad and asked that the comment at all Cadillac tells his house and everything it men in the state and it seems like so many people are. Becoming either sensitive to it or yes. Food allergies are becoming prevalent and a. No doubt about it I think you damage Africa like at this point yeah. Her credit and job security or if there's any attorney for come pounding. For those of us and two days or those of us India or feed our beloved pats. As you said just to reiterate YouTube. Campaigning for him scenario yes absolutely history warmer 10-Q and it just explain where you're located mainly your hours church so war in the Tony lager pleasantly as though on main street. We're open 96 Monday through Friday and and the three ancestors unify both Cantonese who is with pint firm seawater for represented that there. Pharmacy which is locally owned by the way and we really appreciate. I having a company like they had environments both thanks for coming in this morning my pleasure thanks revenue. Great to have you with us and slice of life is always thanks for covering up attend a seat next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen point me.