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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Laura Lewis good morning buffalo welcome to Western New York or work your business running conversation wife Terry ES PF 1520. You know we talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen and I'm joined with my wonderful co host Laura Lewis Laurie good morning. I'm doing absolutely fantastic this morning. This is a beautiful if we bring up the revamped. With a bring up the refinance the how can explain what we have a very very exciting show this morning and are we gonna talk about that. But buffalo we just wanted to let you know that Western European work is on the mall we are doing so many great things in the community and in the weeks to come we're going to be talking a lot of pop that. Are what are those events are which is the partners with the sure vision business brunch which will be held at. The set a club on Saturday. April 28. From 8 AM to twelve. Our Marty Griffiths who's the president of bank on buffalo we have Ron to Fredricka Mr. President and CEO of people ink. We also have as part of our panel discussion we have next Sinatra. Our presidency or Sinatra copies they're doing some amazing developments throughout the community and it in Western New York to work is so much a part of the growth and read. Are the Renaissance and rebirth of a buffalo and I'm just excited and Lauren you're doing some amazing things yourself. Yes some citrix etiquette in studio this morning we have Mary Carlisle from childhood and we service says. I don't know eight or three years now I think just about I think so yes so welcome Minnesota they marry innings learning and morning down. Good morning I'm so excited happy that you hear from like a kid and like America's Christmas time I mean when he to have Chong Kim services. A part of Western Europe were discussion forum for a long time so Loren thank you for making it happen. No problem I'm excited to have them on the shows were into his hands and surfaces to so many great things for our community and for those in need. Throughout our community the more I've been involved with child and family services the more I learn. About the services that provide the people they help and just all the different community. And talked to about their premier fundraising events coming up on April 19 at the foundry cart light which I'm code sharing with. And as a partner and cousin make each day. Well thank you we are I'm so that'd be here I think the great opportunity. And we're talking before the show Lauren has banned the one of our most fantastic volunteers both her and Maggie we have an ambassador committee is made of other volunteers through. Businesses not for profits and all kinds of all walks of life and Lauren has aren't that are rock star for Italy this. I'm unless. I have to say we know she's involved assuming different things I think she'd run for office so Byron no we're gonna look how Portland Lewis at the Thomas at and she wants. Now I'm not I'm not going to play implying she takes its child and family services because my you'll hear what she got my vote. OK. But the look on. Up. And there are story has finally come to and for UP women's basketball the bulls held their matchup against UFC South Carolina yesterday. In the sweet 1679. To 63. The woman kept a close throughout the game pulling within six midway through the second half but couldn't complete the comeback. Here stellar but the way for you to be scoring game high 29 points in the final game as a poll. It was also the final game seniors that they read Lisa ops happen ops my estrogen and cast the house where the whole fantasy. Season achieving many firsts including their first at large bid into the tournament. And the first two wins in tournament history. Between 1720. Can you be basketball season with a historic one. It was me or at least second the second time excuse me in NCAA history of men's and women's team of a school won their first three games in the same season. For more on the U women's trip to the sweet sixteen. Head over to WTO are high fifties dot com. Over the men's side apartment as we age we can start off hot last night eleven to Chicago violence continues to Cinderella story of their own. Advancing to the final four after defeating Kansas State 7862. Michigan also punched their ticket to the final four taking down ninety Florida State in the post 5054. Battle. You leave it continues today one seed Villanova takes on the recent Texas Tech at 220. I'll buy a battle tops ones he can't just take him to seed Duke Blue Devils are 505. Coverage of both games can be found right here on ESPN fifteen point. Took the ice it was a rough weekend for the Buffalo Sabres buffalo getting shut out Friday night three nothing against the Montreal Canadians. Well my applauded amnesty the Rangers picking up receivers five to one last night Cameron Hart scored the lone goal for the sabres in the third period. Next up for the sabres head up north take on the Toronto Maple Leafs Monday night. Parked opposite for 7 o'clock with Poland both pregame show starting at six over her sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. The bills news from over the weekend former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Philip gains it's up to visit buffalo this week. Games played in four seasons with Kansas City as a rotational quarter. Yes 89 tackles fourteen passes defended and one interception in four seasons with the chiefs. Other news around the NFL's New York Giants have traded defensive end Jason Pierre Paul of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers upper twenties teens third round drafting. The giants and Buccaneers also swapping for flounders in the trade. This update is brought you pilots have your PC walker you're completely legal counsel of my pocket pizza enjoy the game with a nicely societies. We have 101520. Numbers in yet. Welcome back to west spirit that where I am Lauren lists in Selig tell my end. And I got this morning as an acorn she about it officer at child and family service says. Thanks for being here Mary thank you mourn and he's chatting wiggle that before as quick update about. Other services that child and family services provides for community and o.s and eaten in our communities that night touching on telling listeners love about what Tom and losers is all about. Sure I'm gonna tell you a story. This it had this happened awhile ago we had aimed young mom and her son coming to haven house and haven house is your account means only licensed domestic violence shelter. And they came in New Haven house after they had years of abuse going on in their home and the young man and her son they had their own Herman herself terror. And they fell asleep and the young boy who woke up the next morning and he didn't sleep too well that ninety. And he was very very scared and he ran and got one of our counselors at haven house and he was worried because he had this he heard the strange noise going on and has room. From his mother. As they brought counselor back in his room and the counselors like honey what's time. Oh my mind sleeping she she snoring and I got nervous just like honey she sound asleep and it's okay. And wet heat what that counts and learn as he'd never hurt his mother have a good night's sleep before he'd never hurt her star. And that was the first night probably sensed that young child had been alive that. His mom had a good night sleep and I tell you that because that's what we do a child and family services we provide safety. We provided good night sleep. And whether it's their haven house for domestic inspect them whether it's very young child who's coming to our residential treatment program. Whether it's their Foster parent adoption for children who Justine safety her house and home in people who are. Willing to open up their heart and home we provide safety for ten to 121000. Children and adults but families in need in our western new York community. We are so clearly that mom was gorgeous and challenges in her life continues speed to them you know with some of those challenges work because. There was I guess what I'm trying to say let's get to the rule cost or why mom was not sleeping while giving a good night's rest. Don't let me ask that because people often ask why do people kind of talent coming services. And what we tell people is you are one traumatic life of that away from the inner services and if you think about that. Trauma means different something different to everybody whether it's a domestic violence survivor. Whether losing a job or at your home bloody last hone your home to a fire. Whether you've had a death in your family and you need counseling services are sold many reasons why someone would come to our agency for help. But what you need to know is it tastes so much courage to pick up that phone call us and say I need help and to walk through those stores. And for domestic violence in particular. There are so many reasons to master plan takes a physical form takes an emotional form takes a financial form. And it when you hear of a not for profit hurt security. They think it happens to a family Amy be on the east side of buffalo or someone in poverty. But people who need help are people of all races of all economic backgrounds. They can be your neighbor your sister your friend your mother editor's office everybody. Stanley in the east side of buffalo as well as the family and East Amherst. What I want people to know as we're not just a charity we're here to help every single person in Western New York. And you never know at any point in your life when you might need or service and it's not a marrow or if or or or we know it is going to happen. You just never know when it's gonna happen in life life can be a mystery but what you need to know is there's a place you can go to for hope. Yes I love about the about Tom Kelly Services is that you provide so many amazing service is cute people and our community and the most important thing is being aware of the services it provides that if you are. In an unfortunate circumstance you'd know where to dial and I think that was the story it's all about the woman showing up I haven house with her son. Think that she knew to go to haven house to seek refuge from his that they abusive relationships she was and. Absolutely and the other part of my job that I love I love being able to come on the show was Indian I'll tell these stories. But then there's the part where we have such a generous community here in western art there's so many people even if you find you do your lucky enough for you don't need our help. There are people who are willing to step up to the play and make sure that they can help those who do need their help. Because they are fortunate enough that they wanna give back because. Life just handed them an a situation where. You know they've had a good life. And so we have we have people who volunteer their time who donate their time in their talents and their monies that they can help people in need. Remember one day I was driving home from work and I was pulling out of the park in line and where I work are four of our residential homes and two little kids American whenever fans had medals around their Mac. So of course I had to stop my car NASCAR they got there miles and they are so proud of themselves they adjustments there. Therapeutic horseback riding. Lessons. And they came up to my car and they peeked inside and they ask Harding. It's don't edit. And then they asked they looked in my back my car and I can't two cats. Merry little confused and asked hey can make your morning and a certain and they asked you inside and play games with me. And I never forget that moment because. What they're looking for is people to love that people don't play with them they're looking for everything every other child month in their life. So even children are coming to us to help them along their healing and their journey to heal are also looking to just speech holder and they're looking to have what you would mine as a child what you would want for your own children so when people come and ask us what we do is about it here. You can kind of play games with children you can kind of done it. Like exactly wire today got a couple of times and it is one of the most fun rewarding things to do and it's just. Plea to be crass that the kids. Playing games that we've got water balloons. Picked classes and standing up it's over how to kits are soaking wet and it just having a blast and so much fun it is and it's amazing to see them. Enjoying their childhood and forgetting about. He's the trauma that they've been through. Yeah so let me ask you this winter as a person he or she know or realize that the eat meat or services. Well it really depends on the type of program that they come into a a lot sometimes children are removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect and they come to us through the court system. Sometimes a lot of times it's referrals to the courts and sometimes that this offer for all it takes for a domestic violence victim it just takes them. And we know that usually it takes seven times for domestic round pick them to leave their abusers that they come to haven house then usually they returned to their rectum. For Foster care it's usually a person who decides you know I wanna help a child in need and they come to us they go to their training and then the certification. And and they they welcome a child into their home. For counseling again itself referrals Lleyton come they can call us and you know we can Pannemon and they set him up with a counselor so it really varies by program. Okay if for any parent our individual for a listeners out there just wanna have some questions to ask. OK how can he contact you I encourage everyone for any kind of question are more information call 842. 2750. That phone number will get you the general agency lined. And they can ask any question about any program that we may have fantastic roughly two listening to Western New York or work would Kilmer and loan Lewis wouldn't take a very short break to not go anywhere we have more. Great conversation with American war chief development officer with Charlie for him services. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions for employers about when he liked. In the surrounding areas with excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check it out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watching. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world calls and Jim what we call mr. watch. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little Rust Belt and it was the back she club. They actually head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found in cold logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are. Seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It's as much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. This is frankly Kerviel the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. Welcome back to questioning I can't let kind he has he has to keep Tony AM I am learn list in via my cohost Elmer and give me acorn well. Cheat on the opposite from child and family services instant at this morning. Think so much for being married sharing stories about. Tom Kelly services and what. Haven house we talked about the residential services that content and resources provide expert. Young children and ten cent Foster care as well hunt you more about like some other services that town and the service is provided to our community. We also have an extensive mental health counseling program. Where redo inpatient and outpatient counseling we have two accounts we have two clinics one in downtown buffalo and one in Cheektowaga. They also have the Stanley chief ball school where we have three main school campuses. And that has a special education these school we have over 540. Students. And it goes from kindergarten up through high school times we serve students ages 5221. And students are referred through their school district and our class and settings are sick students to one teacher and one teacher raids that students really get that specialized in individual attention. That they wouldn't again and traditional classroom setting. You know really we have such a wide variety and range of services and it. And I get the great job of coming hearing Cummings obvious places to tell all the wonderful stories that we have been and how we help people. And of course every story is not always the success story. But the fact that we're here and that we can offers such a wide range of services to to the great need that is in the community you know that's what we're here to do. And I think that's the most important thing is making sure people are aware of the services that are out there is that they are in a situation where they need. They need to see cal they know exactly where to go and look at diesel than ever before about what number can a cop. They can call 84 to 2750. And that's the general agency line. And then whatever their problem hands or whatever they're looking to do they will get referred to from there. Okay it's so here's an error. There are many single dance are here and I think our I'm just accepting gas or overlooked. In terms of we're we're to go for resources were to go for counseling article for solutions. And so let's say that you are a single day it. And you know whatever the worker's child support or whether it's you know just when he to have our resource or how to be a better parent. Do you ever come across or where we're your suggestions for day X. Well you know it really is individualized and depending on what the situation actually is if dad needs counseling for himself or family counseling. He would definitely be able to get help buyer counseling program and that's a situation where. The the data is having trouble with custody arrangements or having trouble with his child. We have a mediation program or we cover a wide range of services whether it's special education mediation that the parent might need help navigating the services in the school system. Or parent teen mediation where they just at that they're having problem. With the situations with their child remaining mediation services custody divorce mediation. And what we do it's just it's a better alternative than going through the court system it's a lower cost and it's a healthier option. For the individual and the family and if there's children involved. So there's a lot of options for that single dad for his child for himself. And if there's some innocent the great thing about bless America are so many not for profits and our community so there's something we can't do. We won't just leave them hanging we will refer them how we will make sure we connect them with the services that helped out. Okay air dress so important because personally I know of a family where my arm again separated. And that child is affected by this separation mom and dad do not know the answer if they if they if they did they wouldn't be that certain. An escalation but again the child is affected by their separation. On so he has struck struggling in school. And our I think for any of our listeners are out here if you know someone we need to make sure that we refer them to your agency and so it sounds like charter friendly services. Is our provides the right time effort and attention even before. Went to the core system. Until that's so hard because what people when they're in a situation they don't often see that domino effect of the trauma that can happen whether it's divorce or mom and dad are fighting. It's just it's so harbor human beings and we can only handle so much. And the effect that can have on children and in the home life in general and mediation is is there to help. Both individuals and the children. And it's just it's a healthier alternatives so we have that and we can help them through it. And yet it's a great option they can call that number 84 to twenty tenants at the and we can refer them. And it's so amazing Lauren because and are looking at their website I mean they provide counseling domestic service mediation. Arm education services are residential. Can you speak to you say residential what aspect. Does. That agency. Provide services. So we help children who are either removed from their homes because of the abuse neglect talking or who are suffering from some sort of mental health. Disorder so we can help them at our agency they come and live in our program. And they have a high level of intervention. But again as those talking about earlier we also. Want them to be a child so we held them curve that we help provide child life experiences. That they wouldn't they you would have for our children. An effect you know being in volatile and services you really get to CD. Lot of people that it takes to run its organization and that team that child and we services is one of the best I've ever seen there are awesome people there so passionate. But organization and helping. The families and children. Get better get healthy and I was thinking about and yes and it is there atlas and Mary noted earlier there's so we keep it involves. You know outside of people who work for each and it's. Volunteers at sponsors and week. I Christmas that you adopted family in that we've not ticket to an amazing amount of people and companies that come together to provide. Christmas for families that gently when attic or in order to have a good company must have a great staff. We do it takes a village we've got a great management team and they really can't say enough about that direct care staff that we have. They are the ones were in the front lines every day. The ones who are taking care of the children visiting the families and their mom. Helping with the Foster children holding those. The hands of the children everyday in our residential programs I mean there there are their parents and you know it's our top hot shot at a very tough job. Which brings me to another question army can arm can we volunteer can the community. Can individuals volunteer. To provide no additional support service absolutely we we definitely look for volunteers. It's Martha and non traditional volunteer experience usually we like to meet with the volunteers coming in Torre agency. And really fine with the volunteers looking to do so we make it meaningful. Not only for us and that took a Acer for the volunteer because our children have gone there are some very traumatic experiences. We want to volunteer to understand what they will be doing and what they will be working at that really is so it's meaningful both for our children after the round here. So as you're talking about that to you coming up we have heart light. Which is that agencies premier fundraising events coming up April 19 at the foundry. It's Erez we're very excited about it I am CEO's I'm code sharing power play let. I make each day my is part of south buffalo and cousin. And where sucks and it's it's still fun to see it unfold and see all the generosity of sponsors and donors isn't. Tim Thomas Moore got the impact Hartley has you child and family services. And the community. Well we are very excited that you and I a year coach hearing you guys have brought new energy to this statement. And partly this or nineteenth annual Hartley nineteen years how. This is our their fundraisers as you sat in were having and it again at the foundry. And you know its rate party it really is we have on a lot of unloads departing buffalo gloves are in the conflict. Fine I've right it's. And it's a Thursday night so we're not gonna suck up your weekend though we're gonna ever gonna kick start your weekend right so. It is a fun about it and it the last one was my first time hardly and it is so much fun just energy. The auction is a silent auction. Me. Balloon pop gift card. The lines on them for like it's it's a great party and I know there are a lot of fans here in the community center alana for profits. But what I think is really special about the so that is your gonna have a chance to hear from a few people who are help buyers services. And to mean that is the best part. You're gonna hear from Jeff and Cindy who're Foster parents soon to be adoptive parents are all excited about it I hate to see us. These two individuals are incredible they came to our agency. They and for many reasons I cannot have children of their own they came ties and they currently have four. Officers that are now. They might be getting another one. They have made additions to their house to accommodate as. And they will be soon adopting two of their Foster children. One made they have since birth where absolutely adorable. I see them several times a week at the agencies sometimes there and twice today because of the that they have to go to college with a smile on their face is willing to do more for the agency. They are just the kind of people that you're just. Think kindness we have you in western art thank goodness that you're here to help children and it sounds like it's another party with a purpose source. Anyone would like to attend can purchase tickets they sponsor they can go to our website at CE at SP and why tickets are 125. Dollars. It's Thursday April 19. You can also go to our website if you would like to use sponsor. The event is at the foundry at 538 and 930. We have some great prizes. We're gonna have a suite to the sabres game we have Elton John tickets. Tosses him really Justin Timberlake tickets thanks to the somebody threw what Gary harm but there are some awesome or really rappel team that have blur. Passes to Disney growth cast our one day park had packed the park hopper passes and it. Round trip tickets to hire a high IQ I am and and 500 dollar Disney gift card apps and what do we got a plan and the date again. Is Thursday April 19 okay in a few weeks it's been a few weeks coming up there at planet finding your tickets but don't wait well. We're Laura we should be talk about this each and every week on our social pressure but this is really are something that Western European work is really about her absolutely. A party with a per ice passionate with with the URL organization shared that take that next that they the most important thing is that people you're helping because you update. Children and Kelly throughout Western New York who. A tough situation you know only being talked about kids that are in them home because it's not a great situation there you know. A mother earth father of domestic abuse and they need to see Iraqis Foster parents are so many amazing ways for. The agency helps keep and partly as a part of the service that can help. The agency help more people learning and community and that's that's. The heart of what goes behind. This fundraising and what the agency does. Yes and I think that it's just soul poetic and in terms of what you just said it and it makes my heart just two or I feel like I'm part of already. And our west near to where we wanted to be involved we wanted. Provide our support so anything that you need from us we're Carlson. Well now I Nancy you that's an afterthought because that doesn't mean they yeah they. And relax. But let's not. It's it's great it made in the logging out and we'll thank you both so much and your right at the heart of Utley knew everyone who supports and any different and anyway possible. This they really have a huge impact and the lives of so many people must okay. And just and sponsoring. It is not fair play don't meetings aren't auction I ads. I was putting together and party isn't making pennies donation of buying a ticket bank raffles. Go to child services' web sites the FSB and light out boards and you can finally partly right on the page and there's opt grade F Jesus sponsor the apparent anyway volunteers. I think you know volunteer. Yes and going Barrick took to the core mission of your agency I think if you're dealing with anything new work. If you need to talk to someone. You know we're taught to challenge him services okay and your offices locate where. Right on Delaware avenue on buffalo 330 Delaware avenue it's between it tougher and treaties over. Really close to downtown buffalo right along the boot bus line OK and more spin your way up our. Actress again see half ass beer and wine dot org and and phone numbers. Eight Ford to 2750. Yeah it's I feel any. In looking to in volatile and we services anyway or they're looking for services are just kind of went like for their match or their next step is that type situation. Reach us out and we services absolute box when you're listening to western new York and work with your Murton and Laura Lewis. Any party console are not think may not so much for me on the show this morning it was such as a that it finish out that he's had a and apart a child and family services on ambassador committee for the past three years and it's. I am always amazed every Tyner act organization find out. How much they different communities so thank you so my thinking about so much it's pleasure being here popping you another great week western Iraq. Thank you for listening to western new York at work sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. 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