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Sunday, March 18th

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Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martins and Lauren Lewis sucked into Western New York or work your business from the conversation. Life here and yes PF 1520 A and we dimmer and and remorseful we talk about sports jobs. Economic development and always the people that make it happened get more and. Then my ring and the Saint Patrick's Day weekend everyone yes yes so much comic holes lord she came in as she always do our address. Are for the occasion to celebrate what. Happens in purchasing happy Saint Patrick's Day on her and I'm half Irish now. My receipts seen Pepsi can and one from him the reins and have amyotrophic corn be an agent. On the straits times I was archer in my arm Irish heritage last night new and a. And I'm I'm I'm. You cannot predict your exit consumers as well so he was reckoned the consumer is in south buffalo on amateur routes only had a pretty crazy anti almost in its missile gap. Or Irish beer being sold yesterday and of course I work right Beisel Buffalo's notes the busiest. You anticipating it Alec I was really talked about it all browser for. That's one thing bottlenose ideas you know how to celebrate Christmas last year were ranked number one in saint patty's day celebrations that they choose. We're what private in this human embryo. Or go ahead of Boston. Easily yeah. Guys we have a lot to talk about this morning on to something different on Lawrence while we haven't studio two days before record to a sports update. Is that we have reporter Jim think from buffalo business first NC as a high end thanks for being on the show this morning that. Hi thank you have the same pasty weekend to everybody in tomorrow happy Saint Joseph sting yeah evil thing. So I Italian and I've never done a thing just this day. Table again the big custody. Come hunger lots of the great lots of food maybe some Italian magazine just this day sometimes you. Authority it's a little bit morrow who you are what you do. I've been with business first relive it over three years I may need of both Loney and moved away you but it went to college and came back then it took a job in Vermont power conferred do it daily paper in Montpelier. And also UPI and I came back at the star urging of my wife I. Believe it that seven back here for is said. Wielded over thirty years and led to be back in buffalo and in business first icon over. Like different topics. I Rackley sports economic development. Lucas southern Ontario. Hotels not to tell leaks under center. And you can follow me and on Twitter it. BF LOB is Jim think or obvious she can go right to business first website Marie always have lots and lots of breaking news buffalo died. News journal stack now okay that's a cheap plug permanent. That's perfect and we have a resident yes. Holds coal coal holes just to DC at number lanterns to. We know we are gonna leave you out okay. Do you listen closes the big news morning. Okay and snow well again we have a lot to talk about this morning and we can start up what keeping that sports update Louis what's going arm. It was a wild weekend of college hoops with the round of 68 officially under way. To Western New York teams made it into the tournament saint Bonaventure defeated UCLA in the playing game. 6558. Claiming the eleven seed that they couldn't pull off the first round upset falling to succeed Florida in the first round 77 to 62. UB however pulled off the underdog story the bulls getting their first ever NCAA tournament victory. Stunning four seeded Arizona blowout fashion 89 to 68 Wes Clark and Jamie Harris was the way for the bulls combining for. The 48 points 12034. Shooting from the field. The bulls faced off against the Kentucky Wildcats in the second round yesterday afternoon the polls on able to keep the Cinderella story alive. Following 9575. In Boise. You be set a school record for wins this season at 27. And the season making history as the only team in western here to get a win in March Madness. Over to the ice the Buffalo Sabres defeated the Chicago Blackhawks Saturday afternoon five to three expect he scored 23 period goals to pull away from Chicago. Chad Johnson got the win in net making 34 saves in the sabres victory. Next up for ball for the Nashville Predators Monday night that the key banks that are. Puck drop a set for 7 o'clock with three games starting at six over her sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. A big trade involving first from pixels finalized in the NFL yesterday it was not involving the Buffalo Bills according to reports. The New York Jets have moved up from the six overall pick to a third. Making a deal with the Indianapolis Colts and jets and their first into the sec or picks this season with an additional second having the colts' way into when he nineteen. South departure breaks it all down what it could mean for the phils pursue a franchise quarterback over it to be GR 550 dot com. Other news around in a fellow former Eagles defensive end Vinny curry signed a three year deal to Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday while the Dallas Cowboys released veteran corner Orlando Scandrick. This update is brought to pilots have UPC blogger your complete legal counsel abide by to speak to enjoy the game with a nicely the party's Prius PM 1520. I'm limited yet. Welcome back to western New Yorkers work with dale Martin and Lewis and a snorkel right into it I tackled Luis comment. A Cinderella story who wants to take a step or doctorate you be women they're still in it oh yes yes and like states 88630 to earn right yes oh there's silly local team. In March medicine's women's and you know don't overlook women's sports we heard there yesterday with and we felt her she was in. She met with some us in the media before the sabres game. And she's talked about the role that the US women's. Winning the gold and Korea will do for helping bolster when attacking I think. At least locally here UVs were in basketball the more they win the batteries for women's sports again. I agree with you and I think we should maybe stay on that topic just pollute a little bit because. I don't feel there are women in sports argue get enough attention I think there's a lot of women in in a leadership position as well. They don't get a lot of attention but let's talk about the athletes and and Arnold start with you because you know you're on your athlete yourself. Yeah I was. Division one college athlete and a crew and I wrote an art in and Russ and rowing club and I was able. But very passionate sport and I got to have college scholarship was recruited Oliver. Schools in the northeast mostly I chose Fordham university in the Bronx and it's great to be dealing athletes and that always carry. With me I'm very proud of it stealth and its with a great experience you learn so much for being involved in sports when you know a tough time management discipline. How to be part of a team how to coach there's just so many classes and I think it makes you really happy to see some great female athletes really stepping up and becoming leaders and athletic world and the better our teams do locally in the you know it's the new women's team it's in the buffalo abuse. Element relentlessly by the when yeah. It's an isn't great female athletes coming out of buffalo and representing high levels which is so fabulous to see I just really hope he. And I want to see more support around a lot of our teams and buffalo that's your college level teams. Special is happening right now is the glass ceiling in sports is being shattered. We've been going back to an attacking I'm a hockey guy played hockey on my life it's a play I've played this farm report came in our case. So. They glass ceiling is definitely being shattered and it's good this across the board you know I don't care you're talking. Immature beer leagues youth. Professional. The thing you know he had Danica Patrick who certainly senator question doing ceiling Racine. You know who rape crisis. Venus and Serena Williams could probably. Compete in the men's side yeah. I don't there phenomenal athletes so I mean. It's a shame you know you be men's basketball especially with they went through this year than you know the OPEC alumni arena. It's the women play and they played before 50600 people so I think and act and their dues so the more they win. Hopefully that translates to more people in the stands. More kids and everybody pay more attention to them. I think as Santa deceit and decent game down at the arena. Keeping an. They're tried they've tried collegiate sports. Anti arena in his failed miserably. Now maybe would you be on the rise saint Bonaventure on the rise. In each is doing better and errors doing better. Maybe maybe next season we might see. Before double header into arena. That would be fun getting they get it done really well it great seasons so far as you be the winners Elena but so far it phenomenal season so I think you'd be really fun to have. A nice Pallet not a lot of can do it one big game down it. Well that is when the NCAA is Mendes comes into the arena that always says that sells out and it's great for downtown hotels restaurants tells Ali how laughs TO but I mean M. I agree you would be great if they did the you BC signing game down in the arena is. You know may get 70000. I don't think you're in 191000 people there but now. I guess second sellout Fiorina Brittany these and a level 200 level. Have a great. Baby steps and have you can't flip a switch yet. In anything you really can't flip the switch and automatically see instant it's sellouts I mean it's it's gradual has to be organic. Who certain level and I think. We're starting his recovery seen that we UVs basketball. And certainly saint Bonaventure down in the you know it's anyways. While there is there you can basis all oil oh yeah I know a lot of people that went to see bear. They came in day to get into. In fact they were talking about that it seemed like it was a home game at the Riley center the way it was packed. Because obviously people from U2 I don't mention too many people from help from LA flew out to date 92 and yes. I I'd be shocked about that but more people from you know western York sir because what state and seven hours from here but certainly doable wrote yeah. OK you know but we're going to miss DC before it prosper well. Okay one of the things when you said quickly here is that. But it used to do colon comments now for. Labeled college. You know and intimacy. And one of the things that I flew. Is that we. I had never seen college basketball in particular. OK and when for whom is that. I absolutely he's playing doubles while this is great. But then when the man came on it was like nine times fast. And watching it from that standpoint. You know sitting there and actually you know commenting on it. I have to be quicker. Okay here and so I think what happens is that. In some cases it's funds that pay signal for women is there I agree with you that it has to be or can clean bill. On and I think unfortunately. You know women may have that just tunic you know in the community a little bit differently than them and. Well that's true everything well actually you know went. There really is up until recently made notes and half the UV team they could walk into the most restaurants and nobody would have known who they are exactly I think people certainly gnome NATO has been a picture of human history he said. Tell me who's the coach can you be women's basketball team is nine and attend probably could not answer that question exactly and we need to change that. Yes absolutely. But where you're listening to western new York and worked with Dell Martin and learn Lewis to not go anywhere on the epicenter of this break we are more great conversation with mr. Jim paint. It's huge. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified woman owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about you liked. 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Welcome back to west you act that way I am learned this in studio down my and I guess this morning is reportage in sync from buffalo business first. And we have Aaron. Friend of the show DC. In a studio at that right. Sell but what is before we break it up about sports and western new York and Ali say things happening college sports is an awesome but Jeff I want it out your. And act and as a reporter even with the dispersant that thirty years correct. And he got to upload three years ago from Burma know thirty years ago there isn't I think he's only three years ago now at thirty years or thirty. That obviously he's you've seen alive and in our City Council when he thinks or from your lanes are key speech that you know. The dynamics and the changes that we're seeing here in buffalo. Will first roll there's a lot. Unload different levels as receipt I was seeing a lot of changes the first row we have what I call our swagger back. For the longest time. People walk round what you are saying we're not good enough it'll never happen well things have. Developments. Changes to whether it's canal side Weathers are over senator. Whether it's what's gone on to medical campus. Even the Tesla plans riverbend. You know all these things collectively have changed helped change community swagger psyche. So. And that matters because when site selectors when people are looking in the area. If you know they can pick up that by taxi driver he's doing nothing but bad mouthing your city. It puts you behind me well. Story from that our clout you know well this. Let's be honest in his dark clouds I mean hasn't gone away completely. But it's a lot better. Scale of one to ten nights there community and two great now it's probably somewhere around six or seven. But it was not that long ago we were probably negative. So we've we've gone up but. And overseas there's downtown is a much different downtown today than it was even ten or fifteen years ago. You have people living downtown. I suspect if we left here we went downtown today wandered around well maybe it. And a little more vibrant as the thinkpad all right Raymond. There are no re nice people out there and do. That there was a great every preseason. You'd see people wandering around Packers talked to somebody earlier this week. And he was talking about when. The first started out in this particular field. He worked on Sundays you can take a bowling ball richt on the middle main street and he says differences when it comes out of his office now. And it's an easy CP wander around whether they're going down to business and to the waterfront. Taking out all the new restaurants. And there are people living in downtown. The Alexander permits on Washington street is officially opened Friday. Where knows. As Washington street. Rate between here aren't in Mohawk power and it it's a Billy and it firm goes for the longest time they store movies in there. Well and his. Amy judge talking about breaking the glass ceiling you know he have a female developer. She thought the billing and she invested about five million dollars turned into I think there's about twelve apartments in there they're all released. I'm nice and it's going to be picker on the first floor so you starting to see a lot of these older buildings there were sitting there. Neglected or overlooked. Green brown brought back life. As apartments restaurants. Is not just in downtown. You've seen in hurdler news you know and elm and avenue you see you want Seneca street and south buffalo and there's a lot of pockets you'd TV working its way into the east side. We're just I think is the next new frontier yeah. I think admittedly these I was overlooked in the first waive development but I think there's been a concerted effort by. The mayor and others to think Sinatra has suggesting growth rate a quarter Jefferson died after spending. Almost thirty million dollars billion that with people ink. Filling out that you residents. And there's other development to follow along way. But speaking on that Europe and along us and our topic. I think weeks we start to see something happening between hurdle and and one and I think they're going. Opposite directions what you thought about that path arrangements and boosted to front page stories in depth taking a look at why hurdles thriving. And why on what is going through. Little bit rougher passionately say. Ruining. What first votes are. Physically hurdle is Lulu wider. And only so they changed the perception in the movement but her old believer in not between like showed shown park. And Delaware avenue gets in the empty storefronts her or her room yet descent between chuck shown. Ayers arsenal park. And to our policies are not of and number 66. Sick it's about six. I. Out of it out of the blue gas but I just try to picture tracking down criminal you have them you see a lot of new businesses going in the east to see. Some vacant store and and I. Probably the biggest most noticeable one is. Will we bought the old boss steak house it's staring to India which is but there's reasons for and then. And obviously checkers disclosed last week which is sad and so crash. So crying over that as your got a staple. Is an open. It's gonna come back is a new car restaurant and very shortly so it's it's only dark. For the short term. And you know. Further down now would Lombardo is just Spock epic armed current low they're gonna make a very upscale wine bar should be opening sometime this summer. So what you're seeing is if there's an empty storefronts there's Ari. Plans. Now how would have. There is between say force avenue in elm street. There's roughly 31. Plus or minus empty storefronts but 70% vacancy. There's some issues with the downward in let's let me spec out a what is still cool chic it's still. What I protest outside still very much bribery and people are still going there it's not. Desolate by any stretch. But obviously Children's Hospital closed but you knew they knew that three years there was closing. And there is a very self development plan between now and development and Nixon after you know what crossing its gonna bring a lot of new families a lot of critical mass back into that pilot makes use that they're using the active with her and that two it's very residential basin which is good. Because that means there's more people who go to restaurants those stores etc. And and that begins a week that means we have to start we are starting to create jobs yes. Absolutely that our job growth has gone up. Obviously you we'd like to vis a room like you to be stronger. But there are more people working. Now. You have. The IBM center in 504550. He senator you have the Tesla plans weather's. 3300 people on their plus or minus for now. And it's still growing the medical campus there talking about having 171000. Plus or minus workers there the next couple years. There's more jobs. And his sister it's week. Can design wants to move from Grand Island downtown buffalo though bring another couple hundred jobs again here. Why don't I don't think so long for things. Quick question you know it is an eight years has been. Children's hospitals schools. And I'll act you know kind of keep an up with a the plan is changed 900 times and with the content development and don't know what in general. The. Blitzes and let's part of the problem is in this is what did I point out my story the development community real estate community. Bring other little skittish about now would they saw what chase an affinity went through to get their condos built. In Helmand forests and they're seeing what Simoneau only real estate's going through right now with the our recovery projects. And our that is our recent push back against Sinatra no market development about the children's. I know. New progress can be jarring at times. And I understand the passion you live and you live in the owner. I understand the passion the pride to protect innocent people have a moment. That's very noble incident should be encouraged should be fostered. But it's the same time. Do you want empty storefronts or do you want. Somebody like chase and affinity to spend 35 million dollars to bring in to build fifty plus or minus townhouses which by the way were offering. I'm very upper end. Grouping of residents to our village do you line. A bunch of buildings between now they've between Bidwell Potomac to sit empty or do you want senility to invest 45 million dollars. And you know bringing those they'll inspect life bringing more people that are pre more reasons for people to get their summary pointed out. You know it's nice that they have the Saturday morning farmer's market and Bidwell parkway in the world but you need more reasons to for somebody from Amherst to come down downward. You need more reasons for somebody who they're busy both political realm when you. Pearl avenues give him those reasons you have great restaurant straight pars not the other ovals and Helmand. But it's very inviting. I think a lot of it too is not I am a proponent for development have to keep up with the times they're changing and economic development. Residential commercial development but I think you've got to keep within the scope of the neighborhood as well and keep in mind with. The neighbor major and he can't go crazy. With them crazy new building that's not gonna fit. The neighborhood itself but I think a lot of what is an issue for people coming on as packing is extremely tough. That an iron Allen and you know the Summers. In Italy. People vote on the plot summary where somebody once said. In both low dressings and when to walk more than 500 feet from their destination Europe into our 500 miles yes. It's surely it is it is true an Illini are a lot. But here's Ernie you do takes him from a fully take into Chicago we take in Toronto. New York they have no problem walking the blocks. But yet no New York City US and walked three blocks. In buffalo. Mean again you're asked him to walk across this year desert her was because of walking in just I mean a bit. Expletive walking. When I'm on the 198 I feel like I'm walking in that's another area that I think this course some great discussion on. So we. And it's very edit turn infrastructure. Inertia and discussion with the peace treaty and everything else. I was he would happen on this project group was very tragic a couple of years ago with our question. And you know it became an in its own right the server Trace tipping point. But. He really you know making it. A thirty mile an hour parkway. I'm not sure that he answer extreme. In any jerk reaction. It is enough. By the same token I mean you need to figure out a way is there you know when you talk about three road it's fifteen feet from. They express where people are going 5060. Miles an hour I don't care with a thirty Mallon they're still going. So kind path and I think it's hard it'll slow one on Andy wanted to real quick points which is literally. And you write about. I remember when he first bill saying John's church. He was considered like a space Eads on this when I Goodell right on right yeah come off begin the end expressing an area. Instances. Say and I think that's kind of what reason I think why it took so long with brown wins in particular don't know when forests. You know what they were talking months and one day but it. It fit it fit within the it now. It fits and actually when you see the final product here is that there's gonna look like it along their from day one law and the people who designed it Permian wouldn't. They're very sensitive to whenever you they're they're not trying to build a 55 story trump tower. They're building a three story town house. That fit Luke when it is said when it's completed you're gonna look at and say. She hasn't been here on time. Think of being here Jim we can't secure enough for being here for anyone any company that's looking for your services how can reach you again let me go back you can get the fire Twitter and be at LOB is Jim think. And of course don't forget to check out the business first website. We're constantly plugging in with stories. And it's buffalo does his journals that. And of course our circulation people would really pronounce it give Karen Schumacher college and completely take your subscriptions. Online and print OK excellent. What what we've run out of time for parting thoughts about what thank you for tournament. What western new York at work with dale Martin was practicing pact states have a beautiful Sunday and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to western new York and work sponsored in part by lieutenant field PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider had other successful business partners.