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Sunday, March 18th

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And now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life they cure is alleys for carrying out some time forest today and I hope to be a Sunday funding and we are pretty part picture today. We're going to be talking to some familiar names they are kind enough to come and see me every year. Around this time two sabres wives alumni members. Diane Smith and Nancy married better halves of Derek and Terry were thrilled to have ladies with us again. In would you believe it's time for the Buffalo Sabres alumni wine festival coming up on March 28. So we'll dig into the ad and now lorries atrocities ladies are taking the time to come and and for other volunteer work for a cause near and dear to me that's eradicate breast cancer in Ireland tanks or what touching Nancy. And dead dying and it just a little bit. But would you believe we are just days away from local restaurant week and with us. Are app and a real friend of the show Chris are Hobart here with she is the local organizer the guru of local restaurant week and also with us are some first timers. Victoria deadlock as the manager of the detour martini bar and lounge which is. Virtually brand new. And she has brought her well trampled chef with her Peter and for ski Christa. Victoria Peter good morning and mining when you nice to have you folks on board and Victoria and start with you. Tell us about the vision that they teach were restaurant bar which is located her in a chippewa near Franklin. So our mission. Come stems from. Whatever destination year coming from. That leads you to apps and we wanna be it would take care of you winds could food excellent drinks calling nightlife that a cut above the rest. Offering small please burgers different menu items to be able to. Satisfy every means and certainly with the name I think RT Aaron thinkpad Martinis are probably pretty key here. You're focusing your success. Yes absolutely even down to keeping him off looks seemed using local streets all over the city. As the names for our teens what are some of the examples of epic drama that concept people can really relate to that streets and act from iron names around town. So some of my personal favorites. Its the hurdle. Which has a little bit of a fresh mutate because of the development on hurdle. With and it's higher premium package that we use tapped twist mint fresh rose and lime juice. Couple other names that you're worth mentioning even Pennsylvania street they want to. Look at different communities in buffalo weather the west say the east side south buffalo. Just a little bit of everywhere. I love the idea you might wanna consider possible street yeah it's all irony. He's got it figured it'd get my tire repaired because I hit once how well sock hop pop. Also here alleyways. And his anti tumor is capital DD EST oh you are each applicant came. So neck and came up with time through the owner we want to make a little bit more unique and give them more matter of feel. Two. Kind of relate to the revitalization. Of chip it's a great idea too because so much happening down there and Peter and or ski is the shaft he's been on board for just a short while with teach for martini bar and lounge. But I appearance this year passport must be fault with stamps you have been well trampled and have not cooked all over the world quite literally. Yes I'm CIA grad from or two which feels like a lifetime ago that Verizon. I spent thirteen years in Boston. We're two the banquet chef for the Ritz Carlton there and kind skirts and travel all over the world and now I'm recently back to Western New York for the last two years and bring the food and I call fun comfortable food back to. The police are incidents I think. Yeah and a and do you Cher victorious U that this area has been revitalized. I mean that's kind of what brought me back to buffalo is that there is. Kind of a home for me now with the kind of food that I like to do it and and the food that I enjoyed cooking and so absolutely it's it's. Yeah it's great to knowing you've developed the entire menu now it's expensive and you but it's really a man you felt the concert have variety everything from salads to small plates and apps which is how I'd like to eat. He's like a sample different things. And then something called the melt our. Which is the melting of the day. How did this talk I'm about. Well we're kind of focusing on fresh local ingredients. The buys and meatballs are from a firm a little valley. The melt buyers just kind of using what I have I've got to open kitchen that's a very unique space. So amusing the equipment that I have to produce hopefully a world class Narnia. Now it sounds great and it really sounds like to repair while at the Martinis on the menu absolutely tasty and delicious apple and us to do a story that have a trees have a lot of competition and the hall of chips strip area and then even onto Delaware Franklin now mourn main street. Goes on nine what do you think makes you a little different in terms of both the kitchen and the bar. So I think as Peter touched on having open kitchen and senior food being mean rain for an interview. And also us allowing for that personal touch so when you come into dying. With us Peter is there to explain things show you you know different things like teacher different things which is complaining thing that's different from a lot of restaurants and buffalo its. Interactive very very hands on us with everything that we do and you know who wants want to give you an experiences. That should not gonna get anyplace else. Not sounds like are really unique opportunity to command and dine at a new place. And it all location there's been a lot of different places and that location but I think you folks have hit upon something. Unique and I wish you all the best and I think it's really strategic move to participate in a restaurant week. Which you are doing and Christa Hubbard is here and Krista what this year a little different without a restaurant week. Well first of all it's our nineteenth local rush Alley which I find it incredibly hard to believe so it's almost ten years have been doing it twice a year. On this year our theme this kind of what's on your restaurant bucket list because it can get you'd lots of places you can try also to bring new places. He can try I'll have my child Asian places that are participating in a restaurant we are all the German ones are the ones that happen to be on hurdle hardship law. So that's a bad news this time is right on your bucket list a restaurant places you wanna go this week and that's that the that the time ago. And the the day this year is April 16 the 22 you've got to argue with her remembered and I had a very good planning I had it out assailants have burned in my mind. If you Chris said mean you've been doing this down for a little while and there's both the spring and a fall addition. Think you feel really gratified to know the you can find a new restaurant it's eager to participate much like Victoria and Peter. I think where. You know lucky and and hard work I mean local restaurant week really has become part of the fabric of the community of Western New York people know about it they expected they're excited about it. On that make a lesson where they wanna go well beforehand. And something a relic art as were the fifth largest restaurant concept in the country which is really saying a lot for our food scene here considering the size of our city. The only restaurant we concepts that are bigger than ours to be what you'd expect on the New York City Los Angeles Chicago and DC wow that is. Enough excellent excellent company and Peter thank you feel that I mean RBC you're coming home to you're cheer area where you grew up in Wyoming county. But it it used to be really encouraging to note that the food scene is evolving into chewing in Western New York. Absolutely you know that's that's one of the things are brought me back here 22 Western New York is the fact there's. Such such a great uptick in and equality in the consistency of the food. And the amount restaurants that are that are kind of opening up sense. Buffalo's palate is is becoming. What sort of verse and that's Lance just like being back home runs a positive thing for the city. Compared me banning European and the ferries certainly all around the US. Buffalo racing Christian talks about it being number five in terms of a local restaurant recover human and just in terms of food quality. I think it's getting competitive you know. I work for us local farmers like Dan olds an ardent arms and there's tons of tons of options for our great producer and and basically whatever you want. Right. Because that's key to view to creating world class menus and I ask cuisine. Now no question about it in the old Hannah has been on the challenge just. Fascinating to know how hurt farmers work and what they do day in and day out and there's this real firm to table movement that continues to me about uterus with many of your restaurants. Yeah and a lot of lot of local restaurant we participants don't. Sort of vein in my existence I must admit they don't get me their menus at the last minute. But the ones that usually are the ones that we took last minute are those that are using really fresh ingredients and they wait to see what the you know what's going to be available to beforehand yeah I never really found out how they would impact the timeframe for you Chris but I can see why some way some some just are slowed the action slowed the game but others are really waiting to see what what's available that right that's pretty cool. Yeah and it's it's great to see that it continues to rise to growing the Syrian no pun intended. In Victoria when it comes to the arm the drink menu should have a hand in developing a lot of us. Yes and I'd like to know that my brainchild is you know. Developing drinks that are not too complicated I feel you know if it's not broken don't you know owning effects you know so. Creating just drinks that pair while the food that we offer and drinks that have people coming back. It's interesting to return that's a whole food move Graham and much of it is source locally here a lot of distillery is now and folks were making. You try issue. To solicit them as well liked and did it and try to get into your place yes absolutely we you know I I'd definitely to reach out to local purveyors. And we don't. Even please click block house things are at using local things and that gives a nice personal touch decide what to feature in terms of environment in Dallas fascinated me excerpts just an infinite number of combinations. So how do you. How do you determine. How do you narrowing down. And it's usually just trying to create a diverse menu as the first up you you know something a little bit something for everybody. And then. Trying to basically T decency it tastes confident. You know moving from there and switching things and now you think that buffalo has ever teeny town. I would say so I think buffalo is still has becoming definitely a city of sophisticated drinkers and nothing it doesn't have to be too complicated to taste and worked so well yet and it appears pro with a delicious food and some different things here Peter were talking with Peter for a ski. And Ross are talking victory deadlocked for him and you teach former teeny Paramount which is on chippewa street near Franklin Chris harper from up our restaurant week is with aspect. And might you have different things for example I would expect to see melted leeks and clam charter. So how did you come up with. Well it's from my time in Boston really accent I think out exactly yeah. You know with the page yes yes forget DR drop DR right. It's just something that I find seems to be boring most of the time so wanted to have something that was familiar. But somebody to be Cheryl as well. So its fiscal Buick a potato Raton. With all the flavors of clam chowder. So I've got us in the issue of potatoes not a leaks which are just softened and butter which are tasty village mr. French. And he just layer those senator Tom form. And then top it with some degree Iron Mountain thrust bacon on top you can't. My husband's charity like activists are gonna get a stretch pants aperture present at the and for local press early before we close where he's headed to feature among these well we offerings in air here. On restaurant week for doing the turned abruptly out salad or during the meatballs is the first course Caesar salad. And then. We're going to start featuring more Jersey entree is so I got a dry age pork chop with Japanese who potato pancake. With mustard greens and bacon and a chilly apple compound butter so it's basically import job. With an applesauce in in a variant class hear form you know hence hence the Martinis and more. I kind of kind of team that we're running with here. You're not opening temperature it was like I was no no I'm not not in this case now because it's going to be a little. Little different than it's it's wonderful I wish you well pioneer inaugural local restaurant week and certainly wish you well issue. Make your way too polite to get got a great concept here. And Christopher folks who aren't familiar with that local grocery it's twenty dollars and eighteen cents for particular offering from restaurant right it's twenty dollars and eighteen cents thirty dollars and eighteen cents or forty dollars and eighteen cents of the restaurant construction there are joining features however they want and all the menus and all the information can be found at local restaurant dot com. Chris Hubbard as always thank you for coming in this aren't you. 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Family packs include four sabres tickets for popcorn for hot dogs and force Otis for only 199. Dollars. For tickets and more information visit sabres dot com slash family packs or call one AAA go sabres Buffalo Sabres hockey. Sharpen your swords. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. That's 8430651. Welcome back to slice of life for the weekend is going well for your and you're staying warm as we continue to get through this long cold winter. My thanks as always to Kevin care for pushing out of buttons or is the K Kara keeping us on the right track. Weekend and week out well. It's a pleasure to talk to two ladies who really devote a lot of time and effort to. Putting breast cancer and ice and appropriately and happier with the Buffalo Sabres alumni association welcome to Nancy married and Diane Smith from the Buffalo Sabres alumni association ladies Nancy gay and welcome back to slice of life. It was hating us it's our pleasure and Nancy it's critically but it's time loss at Buffalo Sabres wine festival which is coming up on March. 28 and Gus and six to 930. Of course the key bank center where did you do it. For folks haven't been there it's seen force if you would please sponsor like when he anarchy you re there and UCC and. Well there's definitely received pink. That when you answers there will be we have about twenty restaurants. To when he wineries. We have a basket ramp. Silent auction. And this is on both floors in the mezzanine area. We also have the alumni and the present. Savers. Have a basket made happen next in the basket raffle as well. We have jerseys that are awesome and a basket from each of players. Music. You see so many people that you know how it is great gathering it's great mingling and Israel is now working for manner. Well and everything you know you block in there and you can buy the tickets online you can go to. Sabres stack. Jack slash white chest okay handling go to the ticket office at bank of acceptance. Which economy and in the future is one of my ticket you know to pay for anything else where I mean that we always encouraged it. Basket wrath and of course this in action. On that there's this duck parents refuse. Appropriately and let us and on my cash they're like little yellow ducks and they have numbers and it kind. Ice to console them. And you just pick up you know here and it's twenty dollars and you pick a doctor and you can win a bottle flying and various other things restaurants. Coop and then. How far I mean yeah there's a great variety of things from which to choose on the auctions. And either so many fun things and as you say to see the current and former sabres walking around there's that. Wonderful representation of the alumni sabres viewer winner Diane you're married to Derrick Smith and Nancy married to. Terry Martin of course so it's great to have these gentlemen there and wearing their. Their jerseys with the paint an outline of the numbers I love it tell you how do you see in this event. Grow over the past fourteen years. The first. Year and it was at the UB senator of the are simply demos mouth and there was various amounts. Am is just like the little area I can name can remember how many people think 30300. It was very mild in our 2000 and it's even with the vendors. Like alcohol vendors with seafood vendors we've gone from small two and you know only two when he of each now. And we have a lot of repeats coming and every year and we couldn't do without them you know parents they're awesome. There's so many has seen so many great concert airing Nancy and you had to use determine who you're going to invite in terms of people who may want to participate with food sampling more you know wine sampling to try to keep it on the local level. Absolutely it's all go totally broken it's how it should be yeah it's about flow it's it. Into new ride which way would be east to New York State for the Ontario saint Catherine's area. So it's all right in general area and it's it's so far and it's very moving as well because he see a lot of women who are survivors and pat. Is renowned cancer isn't just a fact there person answer here is domino effect and family wrapping up their loved ones. But with the money and he needs real tangible things you've been able to. By and help people who are suffering from cancer for example a day and recipients from the 2017. Alumni wine festival. Given number of different fonts the Angel fund for example. Where it helps people with. Financial problems right how do you folks determine where to spend this money or review you know. Like with dean LA kind of money. The angels fun that there's a gal at Roswell who. Tom is in charge of that fund and she has people sent come to her with their needs. And she is the one that distributes. The money to hand and he sticks and it's actually it's important that he hires us lord that we don't everything I had at. Harris to submit. Request from the board and the board will then look at an economic decision and ran person. People who need. It for example let's say somebody didn't have money to you can't transportation. Or they hits have somebody's baby sitter when they don't really have a chance to eat him many times you know I mean it's. You know cancer is about levels ass now axis. It doesn't discriminate that also Angel fund really threw the board. They SS. Anyone who applies. And the money's there to be it would help them. What a wonderful thing to do and there's other things that you allocated money for at least given to the folks who can determine where gross. Including this summer research internship program. Under Richard Hirsch for her character her burgers the chief academic officer Roswell. And he hopes high school students from around the country. Offered internships so I guess you can't you know steer young enough for I know it's hard ring educating young people to great program has its just sit there you know the seniors make. They have to dedicate their summer to coming there to get the lab coat I mean there they work there every day. In that cancer research area and leave. They're Smart I I need their papers I can't even understand what you're tired and their advocates and some come back yeah. And get jobs this and that illness and finally Chemical Ali get essentially you would readily think about when you think about a fund raiser for breast cancer you know there's certain things just kind of in there almost spokes in the wheels that are so useful again. That's a little yes that's one of the runs every year. We do right away and who like there's not even a question frank it's time hey make that much money that's for condos and town and yeah. We're not it's just breast cancer research. And see any evidence for other research bright areas but ours is just for rescue it's it's you know and there's another thing that it is an insecure about how is it that Dick kneecap. Dig it. Her second kid straight dig netcam Digg app got it. And this is a system that allows. The scalp to be cool. So is to reduce the likelihood of chemotherapy induced hearing loss. And it is the only system it FDA approval for use with women who are diagnosed with cancer. And it was because of your fund raiser that this happens right they weren't thinking about it and we talked to them about that. And we are the only donors to this particular. System. And it should start probably may first it's a huge machine. Right now rats I was the only one that has this machine. And they put to camp plan and they Coolidge and therefore you you don't lose your hair you may lose a little bit but it's just. A system that has just been unbelievable. Boy Dan it really speaks to analyze or getting it agnostic breast cancer but on the other physical and emotional elements that impact a woman and her family for him that are tax but at least having the peace of mind knowing that the statements camps business. It's gonna make you feel so good. Friend of fires just had his wife's daughter. Is using them and she's 31 years old and it's helping. This is an analyst at 31 no matter what age you aren't hair loss. You know let's see your appearance at it you know that's a tough time. And certainly yes absolutely and amp Cramer you can't I'm tickets available still for the pros are absolutely is that you're handing it to keep banks an error you can really bring a lot of people and you enjoy the line and the food and you can buy out the door slam the door and and so for this alumni wine festival one what I do you get from players on fire they're looking forward to this as well they do they have a good time. They enjoyed the give it to see everybody it's not that often they have a golf tournament as well but it's not that often that they are get together and you know it's just like. Being in a lack around their own liking him after an hour and a half. Without him they tease each other all night it's great and I'm a golf tournament where you can't spread out over an eighteen hole and work I mean to each other all day today maybe get to the nineteenth hole by. At least your people walking around him estimate their jerseys right. And this is the fourteenth annual migrants from six to 930 to keep banks that are out Wednesday march 28. What a great way to spend hump day you know you look at us and that we generated afterwards. And you have wineries and restaurants from of course we target our earlier buffalo. And and I currently as well as participating zone there and had to jump in and help as well absolutely. You have a committee that his two frank sponsors and get the wineries involved and solicit the restaurant there. Sharon and there's about it there's twelve of us now and so it's a good group. I'm in and we'd be remiss if we didn't you know mention some of the sponsors as well ask please do because we have blue cross blue shield files view casino restore it. Keybank JW damp forest frazzled parent offload those west her MS gene networks capital management. Did you fraternal. Order of Eagles got that right. Do you solutions strikeouts and resource is Great Lakes medical imaging and the black oak group Jack hunt gold and silver. And. Brady electric. West Mae and cleaners and express science and PSP graphics look its credit cross section of local businesses as you ladies have lived elsewhere where do you think of the buffalo community in terms of how Philanthropic every prettiest here it's amazing isn't it. It's everybody's their boards of Canada is better now you know it's. In buffalo it's. Who you know. Yes and and everybody knows if you get out there you know so many people who are so many connections in everybody's just willing to help no matter what it is true or whatever your cars is right. I have to do is ask. I raised through the city's neighbors it sounds like such a cliche that now often times you hear these stories just. Announcer Harry stands to hear about these things that are happening and also you know you've got when it comes to food and she can't predict. Quite a cross section as well. Downtowns sanction and I once next Bailey and Alan on your response. The chocolate her and you know some outlying areas to. Get however it's average. Upscale house seats. Sears agrees now argue that jock Ted's either now or you're gonna Mon sense of cheese with your line yet she's Nancy. So it's just a smattering of the many restaurants. So you can our rub elbows with courage and former sabres I have a great meal and Joyce V now. And know that you're helping wonderful guys in the meantime I can actually please. You hearing here around thank you so much here for me has announced here coming greats it great to see you I'll see you on the 28 eloquently and how are aligned with the yeah ready and a martini and a series that. At a quarter ever in this edition of slice of life thank you so much for tuning and you have a wonderful sending us in next. So listening Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.