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Did you know that the leading cause that's a question as part of heart disease. I'm Appleton United States nearly 2300. Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day. That's an average of one gas at least 38 seconds. However just thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve your house can decrease your risk for heart would be. And Saturday march 3. The fashion outlet will be hosting a one mile and go walking upstairs that benefit but up one day after American Heart Association with. They're vegetation walk start me that's suspect and Cunningham. The health bill will continue from ten to 1 PM and will include vendors found Aqua ball from plan a medical fact the united health care. Not think Mary hospital and the Niagara yoga collapsed. All donations are welcome and the walk benefit the American heart association of Western New York. Only then he came out can be found at fashion outlets Niagara dash com. For a tax W and allocates 571. Effects can kids do 3350. Buffalo how visiting magazine as Western New York premiere free health fitness and educational loans for people of all ages. But over 220000. Meters. And thousands more in mind and I about the topics that amount to our leaders. But traffic every area vitamins and passed along with thousands of other locations across Ali Khan and the Western New York. You can as a fan I have talked a couple of them dot com or follow us from Pittsburgh and Claire. Tough to make a difference and that committee's one heart and one mile at a time. Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning western Neil Martin welcome to Western New York network and ESP and fifteen Tony AM where we talk about. Sports jobs economic development in the people that make it happen. And this morning as Dolly the second Sunday of the month we have frank attempt feel for the attempt at peace he offered for only a matter more and I don't. You that. I'm excited about this doing you know every cent the second Sunday of the month I love looking forward in this. I'm glad we love having yearly is a great cast and thought I'm shelling out with a cleanup relaxing to talk about there's no question no question about that. But with us today I can introduce absolutely please do police judge Craig can as with us today judged. Hannah is a buffalo city court judge. Currently running the opiate the first one in the country right that's. Me and I can tell you from personal experience I've been I. A practice allows into the court and George and that is truly one of the nicest. Judges to be in front of he is. Mild mannered. He he's tough when he has to be tough but he is always a reasonable. I will never in England 11 things that lawyers always look for hours. Well one thing that judge we don't want the judge to do is have earned bears. This lawyers and anything and just hand that is. Lawyers judge he spectator I you know it's funny it never gets nervous going in front of the I don't I just it's you know there's some judges Richard you're literally scared they don't like how can you know my teeth kicked into high. But you know walking and in his court he understands what it's like to be a lawyer and it's an absolute pleasure. So well thank you frank thank you. Think you judge for having here. I had a dog a series it it's so important. For a lawyer to know. You know when someone comes in in my in my office and things you know there are resting on this this. Who's you know Hui in front of did they do Raman in front of a different judge can OK it's American and mean. There's a lot of different options you'll listen to it. Many different options would every have if it's a big cases it's a good case you know it's and and of course you know the lottery to mean witches. Which is huge for a lawyer but it sometimes especially into the court not always about the law all right it's it's about the you know you're. Make sure people c'mon your better versed in no question there's no question. And it's. On the soapy accord is which we'll talk about a little bit this fantastic. I was regular batteries are just standing up via court Iran articles on NPR. And it was a really nice exchanged. At at at each thirteen you and one of them and was appearing in front of you like. Yes we try to treat this family. Frank eluded to link. None of us are perfect and we all made mistakes and the whole idea of people on the court you wanna make sure they come out of their sunscreen this car. Yes and it's just like Kennedy. Very nerve racking for people in new Donna feel. Ashamed but at same time your you've made some mistakes in there for a reason it's how we get past it how do we learn from this and become better person. And it took took that I know when mass would just go right into it and I know because that we do have talks sports at some point we Ethier or in sports update and things this. But it's it's gotta be tough because opiates from from what I understand. Our total totally different concept. And alcohol. And marijuana. Than even cocaine I mean it's it's. It's the next level kind of thing I mean yes just to give you a brief scale listening on a scale of one and ten being the most profitable experience champion. To. Yankees in the world so yeah. I had to bill's going to play offs or from the warm may be right ten being the most pleasurable experience your regular. Your first got to deal with five house. If you leak is 5000 times better than anything you're experiencing. So that's why it's addictive. Is so powerful it's addictive and has people just cringing just to go back. That's scary to me something that. A substance do you bedecked and live but had pleasure enjoyment in seeing it become addicting thing is that it's terrifying to me. But the worst part about it because you destroyed those pleasure centers and you'll never feel that way again and used so there always Jason that I am trying to piece we know it's funny. There's a there is a cartoon on FaceBook. Some social media site. And and it talked about drugs that this is strikes and it was like a bird who was up I got to find it for you to birds that goes up to yellow dot. And strikes and the bird can. Each hit and goes on this. Incredible high right and then flies flies flies and then lands. And then. K to go far in the next you look great and frankly next yellow dot. And takes a quicker than he did the first time flies flies flies but doesn't mean and so the second time because I'm in and and told. And when he lands after the fourth or fifth time taken drugs just amassed great and that's and that's what you're talking are right. Is to always trying to like you should you reached at first level and I'm never gonna region. But the part about it is so troubling is that they don't have the resources. And I always say people don't catch buses to come to actually start preying on their friends and family members so lots of time in the heat from. We've learned other bridges right so now we have to try that. Reeling them to their friends and family in their community members once we get them stable because. After a while few key beg borrow and steal from your family members. Some point they can cut you mean so it's very hard is very troubling and as you said before. I look at it that I guess this Sunday so mindful saying that. Always good judgment was pulled from the floor her rightful and I come in here it's in Somalia plain and and burn I just try to treat people the way one tree. In and know that people come from all walks of life and it's our responsibility to look out for people that less fortunate enough. And try to make sure they're in there that they have the second be a pleasant experience because it is right or. But at least he'll come out of there as I was games. But what's intriguing about this too is is this this addiction it is it's. It scans social classes racial classes. There right I mean because. There's a lot of people who are getting you know you're talking about. It's not your stereotypical. Young blackmail its its its effects. You know we're young white guys in Amherst young white girls and hampers it is because you know what it just it's it's everywhere and it's affecting normal. Every people that have a job that keyed into about bad carriage accident that that doctor prescribes. Coding then. Whatever than OxyContin and and it rolls from Merriam advocate Brett Favre look at all these guys you're right that. So I think about it I know that it cuts all branches of society so maybe that's why read a lot more attention to it. But it's good that we get attention to but it's still awful to think about that right yes but what what they think we really need to educate people and I know you alluded to it earlier we gonna get to shame and stigma away from people asking for help. Right and I think that's with a crisis came for a individuals thinking they can do without her own because they're afraid to reach out and tell people that there an attic and then if you get to help thank you need to you can live productive life as he was moved. And there are a lot of Tom. Mental health issues associated with the opiate addiction I mean I know when you're talking about just regular drugs alcohol. Marijuana. People self medicate with those things especially because they're mental health issues but these. Is the opiate addiction and are there at the combine imminent. Today in most addiction there's always across diagnosed restaurants that's it that's it I'm glad you brought that up to. But the point wanna move back to a lot of this and Dixon came from people go to her doctors and eat a lot of let's just listen to the doctors on line thing. Absolutely in theory as you said. Back injury in a car accident you know. They get appeals only to do was keep asking the Caribbean warm worked in Kenya and once they got addicted to it and we start to get prescriptions that you can't get pills. That prescription is gonna cut off there and did that pulses alternative. Terror terror. I love. A lot of people on a bad place to inning can have really restricted. Getting your prescription medications because Hebert taking all other measures to trying get it but the doctors in a really tough spot to extend my. Other crazy love that I. Welcoming the doctors also got a lot of information from the the company mastectomy misinformation. And you know that actually cat and they knew. If you read any articles I which I'm sure you've read more much more than I have but if you're I forget the CME group the invented actually captain. That they knew it was addictive from from the get go when they hit those studies and it I mean look at what it's dark it's created an epidemic. It. You guys both hit the nail on the head. I don't like to point fingers I just try to look for solutions that right and you had. Pharmaceutical companies marketing something anything new was addictive. As an island addictive. Pain substitute. Payments and he went everywhere they flooded medical offices right and obviously your doctors main goal is to do no environment to treat her patients. And they dots on them with a safe alternative a painkiller. They prescribed as they normally would become the find out as we all know that the pharmaceutical companies knew this was predicted. Yeah it's it's awful. Fundamentally didn't 2.0 whenever yells at the doctor there was the lawyer who and that people trust their doctors who applied it. And I'll tell somebody he's gay. You know I was I was doing some research I hope you work that's that's what they tell you the addition to encrypt that is good for a. That's a good point I always use that as an analogy nationalism and listen to their lawyer Asa when you go your doctor's office you try to tell him what to do. Everybody wants to be their own lawyer everybody's. I think it with a man and you know a lot of there are a lot of self diagnosis has gone on now I think ultimately patients going to the outside his son you know Internet I Google's. Look my symptoms so. But for Tony for that I do what I can hit our sports update I can even gotten that part yet so Lee. Got to split the difference let's do it IRA. Buffalo is embracing the madness of march UB men's basketball is in the big dance after winning the Mac title Saturday night defeating number two seed Toledo. Seven 666. Will be the third time in four years the bulls are in March Madness only missing and when he seventeen. You be women's didn't get the same fate as the man in the Mac tournament following the central Michigan Saturday 9691. In Cleveland. However even after the lost a woman or still the nineteenth ranked team in the nation. Have a shot at making the tournament today. To get a foul on number of trees occurred Friday evening including one involving the Buffalo Bills the bills have traded quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns for a third round pick. And when he team Taylor was buffalo started for three years finishing with a 22 went when he record in buffalo. The pew research is officially under way at a pro free agency begins Monday afternoon. Coverage of any bills news and moves can be found over at our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. Other news around the NFL's Cleveland made three other trades Friday acquiring wide receiver Jarvis lane from the dolphins. And quarterback to Marius Randall from the Packers in exchange for quarterback dish on Kaiser. While also shipping former first round pick in Shelton to the patriots. Other traits from last week includes eagle setting a fifth round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson to the Seahawks for defensive end Michael Bennett. In Philadelphia also traded wide receiver Torrey Smith to the Carolina Panthers for cornerback Darryl Worley. A big names have to be a free agent has agreed to terms this weekend former Seahawks corner Richard Sherman has agreed to suit up and running gold signing a contract from San Francisco 49ers. To hockey the Buffalo Sabres felon shootout Saturday night of the Las Vegas golden knights two to one. Just a really scored the lone goal for the sabres it was the buffalo natives first game back in blue and gold since October. Playing in the HL Rochester Americans throughout the majority of the season. Next up or Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday Thursday in an excuse me. This update is brought to pilots have UPC marker of your complete legal counsel and I thought geez pizza enjoy the game with a nicely as the bodies freest and fifteen point eight. I'm read it yet. Awesome thanks so much Lilly. Slack on and sport. You have a the let's talk about it or let it he isn't Oakland Raiders can match the way. How. Wars Ol ma patriots you. Let's start. Getting your quick story and it will talk about. And I went out okay. It's often the line. The nicest human. Being like five or six years ago. So among the leaders. And political battle here that I can I. Acrobat. You activate it at that. There is that first the you know you know mark reform in the air under here yet have marks a terrific friend in and terrific guy but for the fact that he trees and and then send them this. There's someone who is interviewed on the news when time and he said Leo feel about this he said you know if you're from buffalo on YouTube for the patriots you don't trust that person now. I said that two of every like you had everything make it so obviously you like cheaters and dances that way became a judge no we. There he Lila I have heard that they take people where earlier that you be washed up one for use by others. They put him in the can be effective and him. Angry do you think it's very easy thing it's Bill Belichick. I think is probably 80% Belichick. I think Belichick just grateful. I do that when he cheats you know write him he films that. Make college eating. And at that time I don't think it was a leg up. Maybe they don't believe him. So we think about Tyrod. I think Ty Bryant it's open now. I just think he didn't fit the system. He's phenomenal you don't have to be at all stand up guy Aoki. You listen pretty lucky he did this thing. You know I got archer was that you apparently he's a very you know he's he's. Pretty pious guys and it was faith. I think which you know he's he seems like you're very respectable guy and I never expected. This afternoon to meet with him. But he was just I don't think. I don't think you not only did he fit the system but there there are times it. He has this cannon of an arm and just. You know what what drove me nuts with him being so conservative you know I would rather head some interceptions and just fire that ball into the in to a spot and just keep them in the case. Well that those two games I was not offended let me put it Peerman and there are two games before he threw for 65 yards each team. That's. You can't do that NFL quarterback that's not an NFL quarterback framing. I mean and we were in those games to into the second half we were in those games. And so I was never a huge fan I I was. I wish cheered for him. But I just I think it was time and that dimension the play off. Moment we always lower at nine point 60 within weeks if peace police halfway decent. They came to blow. And I know they gave him. The run pass option on that play. But. You you you have to she can record behind him the go when the greens perhaps of all time hit the ball. In the end zone is your challenge you Richard yeah Brady throws it and he threw an awful pass to Benjamin by the way Benjamin 65 if you're gonna throw audience when the best cornerbacks in the league. He's got six Friday kid. You throw it up in the air. And that's it and he's only perfectly that there have been dropped and he dropped that didn't let it worry you know amicable and yes. Italy inconsistency. But Kyra yes it was very inconsistent. Game he played in an avenue what you're gonna get. No weeks now know you you ordered a quarter week to week you just you didn't know what you're doing that yet and I feel bad for the I'm happy that first ball I don't feel that bad for him if he's still making millions he's making that he's made a hon of money I mean right I mean that you're he's scheduled for a team going out. I think one year he came in right. I I was exit. I don't know what Cleveland's thinking I mean that. Pete and Blake I know what were they thinking just ask you know and excel third around in there third round draft pick though you take it all they are from. You and that's that it's it's really. Brandon being to pull that offices. It not them huge cheers solvent and that he even said this is a huge coup for branding him he would gets expects so what do they do. Where they go. You gotta get a quarter net. Have to do you cheer for themselves at least I mean usually mean I'm a season ticket. Again it's tanner and am I know I think another a cure redeemed yourself. So we cheer for a over the for the patriots you know audiences it. I'd hate it definitely I. But why Sony predicts that we come back and my beer and talk about the opening day in avenging clay the first one in the country. Answering your top line judge and you are in charge of that which is awesome. But I wanna we take our first break so don't go anywhere questioning aren't really back in just a couple of minutes this is Franklin term view of the third. The term view PC log group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal heat policy it 8553761. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up well the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about when he liked. And the surrounding areas which excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check it out at staff buffalo dot com. Step buffalo where buffalo works. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. This is their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning posts it. Custom design servers and network infrastructure solutions at access CU group they go the extra mile to handle even your most basic IT in business needs such as setting up your internal Wi-Fi system and they provide 24/7 help desk support and manage services. Stop worrying about the complexities of your IT problems and focus on the solution. By contacting your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York that's excelsior group. Call 5687. 990 to schedule an appointment or visit them at accessing a group dot com. Welcome back to questioning are nowhere on ESPN his teens on I learned list react. And I had consented among them legal matters if Franklin Campillo from attempting a PC in studio. And we had. Judge crank Kana and studio and just as I. On awesome. Judge and we just not this morning but Wednesdays and research about. The buffalo opiate in announcing court indicating amazing things and as the first of its kind in its country in the country self. Since the crisis where yes. On the process works and manage your rest and anywhere in city of buffalo to get the very tour record if you answer in equal on three screening questions which are if you use opiates in the you'll be running killers. If you owned the during arcane and where you're going to be doctors here for some type of pain management. So it's shifted to our courtroom and to lead to a further there could be the police did it screening. Now. The saying that when every year and I'm glad we don't know this whenever your rest and you go into their pension detention facility. They have to actually medical screening questionnaire. They're in charge of your care and right and we ended about 45 extra questions of that. And I think answering affirmative anyone in those 45 questions that is we divert our heart when he can speak to some art treatment specialists. So Tenet treatment specialist T hat. In a courtroom. We make sure you people so I'm at ten systematically assisted treatment within hours as opposed to weeks and days and if they need to go to inpatient with him and inpatient and within days. But a lot of our clients goes Al peace to the you know link back to services and a lot of its ancillary services as smugglers who before. Because we tried to treat the whole person. We currently go to insurance. We threatening to transportation. And to doing educational components and treat and we do that as well as we wanna make sure that they have been pursued it. And a lot of times people can't make it to treatment. Just because of the funds that means right. So we try to make sure they have the means to get here so we take on excuses away from right in my job as for them to give treatment for a. Well that's part of the problem I have some on my clients. You know here they are they come and they retain us which is not cheap of course. And then days we have some incision got to go to treatment they think frank hurricane Ko coming. It this fifty bucks a week from fifty about a week for somebody as us and some and it's a big deal you know a year you know. And they can't I can't afford that we're going to do it or do so those are always problems that we face as defense attorneys you know. Because the logo went in. Why didn't they treat. They don't have Medicaid setup yet they Medicare so whatever it is and and it's. Its interest in and you guys are carriers are helping people get through that we try to take. Of all that your first time in the air recall elect the first contact during their first contact fears when you can get make the most measurable change. Because once they go home and think about it and get back there. If family people that they use with picking and Matt take this so so the first time. Either choice to they have to be in the right mindset to know that they want you. Get out there. And that's a republic. Everything is toll violent here because as you know this is there an asset right now again there's a rained on their charge so I can't really mandate anything. But our jobs to us to get them to try to treatment and get them in and of taking care of themselves and are responsible things that you and I do it. I think it's a proactive approach it's great that I know some. Some defense lawyer so I can why is this person treatment we haven't even gotten. A guilty verdict yeah Anderson war. Or you haven't taken a plea or or or something of that nature I always find it to be. Terrific I I I don't mind at all when because a lot of these things like crimes are committed. Based on somebody's addiction to it as simple as that or even look at about a domestic violence issues are alcohol these people get term. Did they get no fight someone calls a police here and that you're in domestic violence court and this is it's a result of drinking. Corporate evaluation. That's that you know you and and these people are bad people write this is that there are these these are people that you know they -- wrong ticket no fight. Me man or woman by the way has it he's good at it. And something happens and next thing you know you're sitting in the courtroom the first of which is. It's not so scary for us is are there every single day. You know we of people walking or courtroom for the first time and not take it if you're not scared from that your defendants. Then I don't know what that is gonna scare you right. You're right. Is for prosecution is causes our location and we do it so much as is becomes perfunctory but four and a regular citizens. It may be one the most dramatic experiences of their life. And I always keep that in the back in my mind especially when they appear without Ernie. I hit let's say if frank is you know than they have sold the duel of talking. And they can just tell them Christiane. But when you first come the court I would say what 99% of people don't come of turning. They come back was turned in seconds or so I just wanna make sure whether they are not only that their rights are protected. That think experience is. Yes and so and others guidelines to being part of the opiate open eight court what are some of those guidelines that these people have to meet. We're very straight primaries once we get them a participant called his parents have been defendants because when it's still open cry right. That's great they have to come to court every single. That's huge commitment because I wanna put guys on them and make sure they're using and make sure they're doing its post doing go treatment. They have an 8 PM curfew and we all know when we learn about its stellar citizens that most are bad activities capital after dark the so we try to keep. Them busy keep an eye on them and to make sure they stay on point stay committed to recovery is the best part about it is when you see them 306090. Days from now. And they're now at the same person you saw first that's the most rewarding. I K I I hit some kind some clients who hit addiction issues and tea watching the transformation if they get help. Eight you're talking about. I mean it it's a person who's generally I think I'm very skinny very pal. Ray. And sixty days later after they're treating. You can see the muscle tone come back and their body their face everything from it's amazing isn't it in a total different are totally different person. It's absolutely on the lives of want more information and Buffalo's OP eight court how can contact. 84526. There. I wanna give a shadow OK if you had to say earnest Donaldson is a very good friend of mine. And down for so he's a mental health counselor told him he should hook up with you sometimes he's actually has. That's in our building. And if you read the more this morning's paper sharp Kirsten are calling the Foster kid Mubarak Carmelo Anthony's name and be the jury that this morning I did read it saw a case read it so earnest if his. Brother and earnest. It's a great article read it. Furnaces were all time best guys you'll ever meet and he's a mental health character in that dealt with mental health issues and how this. His brother went from Foster home to Foster home for par to Foster moment finally to an earnest this house with Ernest and his mother Edith. And it's a great story simply cannot turn you read it today. It at least it's not pleasant it's paying in Chancery he had checked it's a great great great great great article. Guide sell any final thoughts for Tenet wrapping up another quick cat power and what's our what's elsewhere the bill's gonna do for corporate. When I hope we get a quarterback but I'm predicting. Eight. And a tennis six tennis six that's that's an. I don't want a trip I can tell you this I do not want a trade the first two picks I don't like trading picks I think. I don't know there's there's playing guys out there I think that we can get still case came in Almonte. And I and I think with The Who who who who's a kid out of from Oklahoma State Mason Rudolph. Yeah you can get their kid may be in that 21 twice second I think so. Well that off season from nine and an out draft becoming out and that's scheduled coming out soon and next you see those to you. But thank you so much this morning in extra I think he's so much touching and I think you had no interest in and I think down Marten. Denied here to daylight savings time. Yeah. That's not where I had a great question I think you so much for listening to lashing back at where I'm learn and have an awesome week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.