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Sunday, March 11th

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Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition of slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time forest. Yet again this morning we're here every Sunday from 1030 to eleven it's the only lights I'll show on buffalo radio. So I'm proud to be here and I appreciate you listening I always have some really interesting and on topics. Today show is really food focused in how is it food focused. But it's transit wrote focus go figure I tried to do as an anchor of planted but we're going to be talking shortly with Kelly Jacoby. A familiar name in the locker restaurant industry Kelly is the owner of our minds. On transit road near Casey in East Amherst later take your ride down match transit the other way go in south we'll talk with Donna turn out. And render a blue ski Wear with transit lanes and hecklers you may have seen them at their recent Mac attack sponsored kiss 98 point five. So we're gonna talk about. A lot of good fun food focus things on today show and it's it's always finding a different guest commands a few ideas for guests please you're free to call me at 843. 06 I've won it's I direct line here on. And not to charge you about some guests ideas or topics in an interest in delving into you here it's like supplied. Again 8430651. Or hit me up on social media whether it's FaceBook Twitter. Or in Graham or would you believe we're parity and a march to switch the weather which are cooperating Brett. Next month it's time for the spring edition of local restaurant week. Which runs from April 16 to 22 I was gives me hope that spring is on the horizon when it's time for a local restaurant week. And Kerry forty restaurants participating. That probably be up to 200 or more for local restaurant week. It's a tradition keeps growing and one of the participating restaurants. Is Karen minds and the owner herself this year Kelly Jacoby good morning Kelly good morning thanks for having me. Pleasure to have you here and when I think about harm I think about the time I was at the taste of buffalo in July 2015. Can you believe it's three years are ready. And I usually have the pleasure being that you just remember walking around and gorging myself on food as they do every year. In hearing about her how car minds. Hit into her ear at the very same time that you're participating in the taste of buffalo in if memory serves you're winning an award days here. We did wooden award that we year it was tragic that phone call that recap was there's a fire and transit road. I didn't quite believe the extent of the fire. Until I was shown a picture in a video. And then I realized that catch fire truck was hanging over the building at how bad it wise how my goodness Kelly what a roller coaster promotions UMass experience. So what happened you know what transpired Egypt and leave here here's oddities of offline right SO restaurant I went I laughed and when I approach restaurant was closed. I realized it must have been pretty bad it was three or four alarm fire. I got there and it was just it was still up in smoke it was devastating. How horrible I value your hard work literally going up in smoke. So fast forward here you are and 2018. Any idea of a new location for parents showed yet Q&A half years later. We were unfortunately. Denied by your insurance company. And we had to sell the land. And that's hands where I started looking for those locations found East Amherst location and I'm in love with it. You know that's such a busy corridors and announce transit and certainly Casey an area there are so many homes businesses. Boutique places you've finally you're able to drop people who perhaps an even go to term and well that's that the bonus of at the East Amherst location I was afraid it was a little too north and transit. But I'm getting you know great responses great reviews and it's more residential. Yeah yeah you certainly have a lot of apartment complexes town homes in our regular homes as well. If you're punching it in your GPS it's 9430. Transparent Rainier Casey. And for folks aren't familiar the menu is Karen right you know we have all sorts of great specials including a half price appetizer. And cocktail specials at the bar for hippie are chasing your credit him for six and it's nice that Iran. You're open daily at 4 PM except on Monday right current and what are some of your signature dish is count. Well chicken a Qaeda is by far best seller on the boneless breast of chicken egg better tips on Taylor lemon butter white Weiner took cards just at. It's unbelievable. And then they plant parmesan is actually topping analysts' you. It's more like a layered with piece of lasagna but just vegetarian and plant in the cottage cheese Erekat and with a delicious merit heiress yes it's my favorite agony they planned it any form excellent on a plan. And actually you know you are talking about some of these staples vicious. The eight planting us we have chicken term and spaghetti. Wednesdays are big day if you're trying to get our hop on object. Head out to Karen my eyes because you offer discounts and they acted so Wednesday's carnage on Wednesday its discount price for that chickens harmed spaghetti permanent plan perm. What are they TO in a save money enjoy a hardy meal and it's all. Fresh made from scratch absolutely and it's so important I think Cali because let's face that you got plenty of competition out there in the restaurant world we do and naturally they happen you look at these major supermarkets in town here on the east prepared dishes and prepared food sections it's really tough to get by with. You know what was once viewed as a traditional restaurant I would think. Yeah I agree it's it's definitely more he got to put your love into an apparent labor of love and NP of people come back for that that's important do you think there's a certain loyalty among folks in Western New York to homegrown restaurant. I'm definitely I do I mean buffalo is like a staple for good food good you know service and you know as they want the independence and that's important yes in speed or to ask you about our local restaurant week as they said it's coming up next month April 16 through the 22. If her strokes humane happy for Mallorca the idea is to have a meal only costs twenty dollars and eighteen cent obviously it coincides with the year. And then there's different levels of people can now. Can enjoy myself. You know again you've got plenty of competition works pretty cute to return to a local restaurant week and you're done in the past and the fire occurred you've moved. When it came around to do it again what prompted you to do so I think just being independent and you know solely owns is a bonus. You know and being in restaurant reconnect at your name out there you know people look for that instead of the genes in the franchise's. And you know and if other people go out that we can make people while every night for the deal and that's important buffalo to. I remember having Christian Hubbard on the show a couple of years ago she's the event to organize our as you're now in die hard worker in her own right. And we are tying that you could literally eat breakfast lunch and dinner during restaurant week in one day hit him while he's great deals she usually did and I stone teaser about you know an indicator spandex. Pants cleaned. Two it's a management death. Do you find me use seeing new face is coming in because it like you said they Maine and now our airlines are perhaps. Folks have heard about your restaurant may not know that you Albany new location after that devastating fire hit got to turn this place now oh absolutely I think restaurant week itself brings people out to different areas and they wanna trying new it's always some team out something new and different notes that how did you decide what to feature for via a special I got to pick your staples and what you're you know what I am you know did that plant parmesan chicken because you just can't go wrong so that he I have to put those on the actual options Murti deciding on nine Iraq yeah why is because if you got a plan arm and now other than the obvious restaurant. You know service that you have offered for many years here. It's your restaurants you're perverts for hosting her bridal or baby shower cheer right or. Other gatherings where there's a first communion after his and you give hero breakfasts luncheons yes so I'm I. Open daily at 4 o'clock so I'm anything like during the day I'm available for private charities on Monday evening some closed Mondays I'll open for tomorrow and Saturday and Sundays. So it's actually on my Bernie gotten some you know in house events and that's working out well and then you would do on the catering enhanced. I would do all the banquets in house I do full service catering to call self which is like full drop offs to their home and that's really popular that's. Big portion of business for first communion meek and I'm graduation in the summer it's it's constant you know either my restaurant or your home I can provide for your. And Mary thinking it creates you'll have family coming and for graduation comedians and alliance. And they don't wanna go out necessarily say you can bring it to them I can bring it to them and you bring everything with you. I can I can provide plates forks nice food pop cups ice everything that they would need for their event. And that's chino Cali because people may not assume that you cater in addition to running a restaurant and I think that keep you pretty busy in your own right arm. And then whisper approaching the catering is something that answer parties have ten or more work pricing you offer. So it's 11199 is our most popular for catering I think that's what makes the most appealing. And it's you know two entrees two sides in a salad so it's a pretty complete meal on the sale less cooking for you less clean up it's it's the whole lying. I think the clean up as the big bad army it's one thing to cook and prepare you can do some things at a time but afterwards. You probably exhausted you wanna you know kick your shoes off and relax and can reflect on the parity united story about. The kitchen full of dirty pots and hands and you know cleaning everything up. So it's a way to go and I think more more people are doing it especially on the other thing I noticed her I was reading an article recently about how. Feeders are really suffering because so many people are just watching you know Netflix and video is an Amazon prime at home and I would think that it would lend itself to ordering food and as well do you she theaters it's still too early ever trend. I'm not seeing it too much for its mines for groups of ten or more so they do have a lot of individual pick up and you know take out. But nothing more than normal. And what's the dress code it determines he can and it appeared genes are necessarily carry canceled an old pair of jeans is fine it's very every nobody's gonna feel a lot of playing out here now casually dressed and definitely more of a modern look than our last location and you know it's got the high opened ceilings and it's just more modern fresher. Adam but I'm loving it absolutely loving it patty fuel during the it's when he appears you're at a business did you work for somebody else in there I did in Tyler I didn't you know. Honestly I always thought that we are getting the checked next on track on and then we know we're gonna start the rebuild process and it didn't come while so. When the official denial came a year and a half players that's one. And we had to settle an initial like that that's when I found another place action and more interesting story and adventure if you only after. I want you it Richard anybody I sheriff's it's got to be Taft. Before we go cal they've got is key to being in the restaurant business for years and seen the advent of social media becoming so powerful. No matter what we do how if you use it in your business. Well I think in this I have to. Mitt twenty year old boys because they do help with the social media. You know I'm good face for Eric in post no matter what but when it comes to the insecure man and that you know on the other things that they do it's it's key. You know that colonials love that is to Graham and they want to pitchers and it's all about you know promotions. I have an animal audio for a long time I. I take a picture of food on the ten game off posting a college food porn. I love posting food. Yeah panic is not talking about food and it kind of doing it yes egg food porn it's yes. Yes I've been a food corner for a long time so our are and yes I come over hear it and happy posting a picture for a dive into. I really wish you continued success in the new place and certainly hope we have a big week for a restaurant week. And help spread the word out especially with your new location grants and here. Rising from the answers thank you very Kelly Jacobi from harm eyes and where is Tara mines located now it's 9430 transit artery near Casey and I see it aired during a restaurant week which again is from April 16. To the 22 answer for the 3040 restaurants and happy expecting him up to or over 200 industries are all. And if you wanna see what the current status is go to a bar or restaurant week. Dot com we'll have more about that next week as well I'm slice of life or hit the lanes next with that a couple of lovely ladies from transit point stay with us. Looking for the most inexpensive way to add livable space to your home may be in office man caves play rumor in law apartment. Think if your basement first. 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Who is pushing out the appropriate bonds Taurus and driving us in the right direction on the cake care what a coincidence we have another gas and picked two of them from transit road and in fact it's from the transit lanes. And hecklers which is a revelation to me because at a time were great food there. Inside the transit lanes it what I call the hecklers kitchen. And it's a pleasure to welcome general manager Donna turn out. And the director of food and beverage render a Polanski ladies good morning to morning good morning so happy to have you here and slice of life and first and foremost kudos to you about you participated and the kissing eight point Simon and her sister stations. Signature event the Mac attack and what a great success you won the people's choice we did and we. I so incredibly proud of them I have to tell you it was a lot of fun and kudos to Brenda and our chef turnout has integrate China while Brenda when I walked into the marry our CIA there you and turn our dishing out there American cheese it was absolutely delicious. Tell me kind of response he got from folks first brought about hecklers and your Mac and cheese. Well number one and needed to know where tankers was located so they start introducing yet as we're not just a bowling Alley. To get people involved in we were giving out free. You know pulling passes to him try out chants of planes. Our food keg leaders. It was scraped great response we had a lot of people. You know post on FaceBook we should've won the whole saying I asked when could they can get it up firm menu could be ordered any time could lead to a pickup of the menu items so as it was. Great response to what yeah exactly did you ever make and she's refresh my memory it's a Ford cheese Mac. Topped with Barack in chicken and fried her students wouldn't interest in economics I to remember they now come to think of it hasn't hit it nice little crunch. And that's happening just a great texture contrast was fabulous guests and everybody had a great time. The other day and driving on transit road and look up and what a pricey but at the transit lanes characters anarchy. That you want the Mecca tech the people's choice and I took a picture I sent it to some of the folks here. How great is that another terrific way to highlight what you're doing transit lines insurance and we appreciated the opportunity how I'm hitting it into his head to participate done and friend and I your hard work and let's talk about hecklers are a little bit in particular brandy your the director of food and beverage and our people issue indicated surprise you if this hidden gem delicious food breakfast lunch and dinner. Yes we hear that all the time we do a lot of corporate events. And I think they're expecting you know a slice of pizza. Chicken wings in assailant. And we have full station the phase that we offer. You know our chef card now is fabulous and he can pretty much come up with. Anything that any customer asked for. And you are open early Abby say because there are a lot of people who like to command ball so they can grip record straight there as well we we have a full breakfast menu. Commerce slogan is why wait in line he could come and bolt. We have fronts on Sundays from 10 AM until 1 PM that's becoming quite popular. And what people say when they command is it you know what you indicated that she had an extra diseases such a wide range of items in and in expect this quality of food on top of it. That's exactly house express two in a bowling can only pray right get some true you never generate gonna find these sort of hidden jams. And the food business is so competitive is general manager what's your feeling about what you. Should I offered a place like trains planes and hecklers well I think he my personal feeling isn't right and I have been able to do this with with the fabulous staff that she has put together. Is he wanna come and you wanna ball and you still want to have good food. So we offer everything so you can get the traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza and chicken wings. But you know what you can get and Craig Mac and cheese you can turn it great roast beef on a whack. You can get a great boneless breast of chicken stuffed with mushroom and rice so. We offers so many things went my favorite things is our our chef Karen Allen makes soups every single day from scratch she's stretched shaft which is fabulous. So there always delicious I mean they're always great there always hot everything's fresh. And that is not usual to Boeing's. Now it's for sure I have to tell you I was shocked I participated in a sabres charity event. And transit lines and after we read fault with members of the sabres. For charity they pass happy air command and have a buffet aphorism and now I'm probably gonna customer house. I went in there and we lobbed the flu I thank you I have told so many people about this because I could Napoli the quality of the food. And how wobbly it is in there because you've got a beautiful car. And I don't wonderful variety of you know spirits and wine itself for just a really cool place check out check your spouse. You'll be a surprise him and pleasantly surprised it's how many of us are. Who have discovered this hidden gem. That's about that then leads to Johnny your family has been involved in transit points almost fifty years now that is tracked what a legacy my father airlines and several of he is sitcom friends it was six gentleman who started in 1959. So we're coming up and a half century guess react and when you've involved is it much different obviously it's gotta be different but how is it evolved over the years with a different cap petition happier now. Things like at Dave and busters and I Turkey cheese and so forth do you view them give me your competitor. Actually I don't OK so into sync is most people think he would but we don't. Only in the industry has changed. So when I first came with transit lanes in the early ninety's it was all about Lee following it is Nat all about Wayne Ellington. What happened with the industry as a whole is what we found that it one point there was this thought that. Bowling lies the blue collar sport fifty fat girls again or smoking Beers drinking. Guy who assists Friday night it's now we have ladies leaks we have seen nearly we have junior at least. Brenda a he has eight. A female again Tuesday that they love the food they loved the drink she's making Martinis she's Macon salads and it's just. It's changed the face of falling has changed but the interesting thing into even more interesting thing is that. On since I would say about 20042005. But it's become cool again. So will we do is we do a lot of fundraisers suite is you say you attended the Buffalo Sabres ask yes we do a lot of fundraisers we do a lot of corporate events. We do birthday parties and adult parties not just children's parties. We recently Tripoli was fiftieth birthday party but we also had a ninetieth birthday parity there. And the one they did birthday girl who was named yourself requested that she wanted to dump combo like she is well. Jitter martini or she's dead after she energy and a fall let's say he had so. We are now like mount when you say to a bawling signer or an antitrust filings and I'm under our place. It's cleaner staff gives outstanding customer service. We have a full service kitchen and a and we can do so much more than what you would think they bowling Alley can do it. Set the scene for me Donna when you have a birthday party for example. Do you set his sights and lanes for their party and determine how many planes to set aside given number of gas and it felt decorations. We TO so if you block. You know little Channing you're Susie is birthday parity here here's the great thing about transplants the only thing you need to do is shell out. And because our staff will make sure that you hear have birthday. Themes placements cups napkins. You have a private post taking care of your host as they bring your pizza they bring you any additional Fujimori they bring your soda. Faces two putting your children's names up on the monitor. If you need gutters they suck it up for indicate it's a lightweight balls so basically you can comment is the mom or dad and and we know that some people are so busy these days. What's your vantage transplants watch and ten minutes before it starts. And everything's taking. And care of perfect no stress no stress and help clean up and the mom or whomever is setting Salah can enjoy herself to absolutely it's so nice to do that and then Freddie do you work without those particular folks to determine the menu. Yes is it the way it works so they'll call you and say amateurs and having you know particular dishes or learned in neighboring indicate how does an hour. A lot of times I start out with their budget you know we can learn any budget. And than had to go from there after the kids parties packages they're all kind of preset. You know and then we add additional items to it. If it's a corporate events. Into allowed Wii is quite a few companies around. Chance erode. He and they're pretty much standard menu Dell call or email me. The next day it'll all be in place. So really it's so easy for everybody who. You know down everybody's top sometimes stare urgency it's absolutely anything you do to make life easier I think and take notes that it stresses of bonus and one of the best things about the parity is is is so many families do now. They they want to have a birthday party for their child. But they also include their aunts uncles and their relatives and so we do is we can make it fun for the children. But we can make it fun for the adults as the way it should be right and you're located on transit road as excited 7857850. And applause and what side streets even here. Between third avenue and maple road. So you have plenty of great neighbors erratically you know Kelly Jacobi I do better restaurant and tanks. And it's a family favorite house we love Cameron I concerns are real and they opened its great to see and it's nice that that your all sort of competitive they actually ever cared. What do you anticipate happening. Is falling continues to be cool for segments of society whether it's finding those women. All their folks kids. Do you see this continuing to evolve in your business. Well in a perfect world do practice you know that's that's that we hope for every day. Well we're finding an eight and I toughest people so often in in in Buffalo, New York for us about what we called what percent. So you always have to look for something to do but the big thing about walling which is what makes it perfect. For any type of parity corporate event fund raiser teen building. Is not everyone can play golf I I don't golf so during the summer time many now for profits say yes to a golf tournament. I was gonna for the dinner is make a donation and a golfer. Every 12 ball doesn't mean other men were the years six years old or sixty years you can ball and you can still have five. I feel like your party and feel like you're part of the troops so what we see in the future is that. More and more people begin to see that this is a great thing to do to bring families together. Companies together it's a great fundraising. Venue for a nap for profits which we to a lot of so it really works and all levels. And how nice human experienced director food and beverage with printer broke last ski ladies thank you so much for coming in before we close what number to call. 6323838. 6323838. Hlavac I'll throw a 300 and have a great mile attack transit lanes integrys. Donna turn. For under a plus ski nice to and other Brenda is that many of us thank you so much for coming in this morning thank you for having us there reporter rap on this edition is slice of life thank you so much your carrying us intact coliseum next to a. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.