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Sunday, February 4th

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Welcome to Western New York could work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's deal markings and lord Louis cardinals del Martin's life her ESPN 15:20 AM with my wonderful couples Loren little slower good morning. Complaining happy Super Bowl Sunday it hello. We have a great. We'll few dribble pizza party going on as recently as. Thanks Apache. That's right mr. boxer he's back back mr. Jim Pretoria himself. And he came with goodies you Dan. Good morning everybody good to be here all symbols Super Bowl Sunday weeks and get ready for a for hot and I have a good ideas going to be. A hot when that's out I. I went like this spirit. OK well that being said let's go right into the sports update what's happening in the world of sports. Well delve it's. Obvious. It's a rule Sunday it is patriots it's Eagles you can if you are not able to watch the game on TV today. You always hear it over our sister station at the region are Sports Radio 550 kick off. Around 630 probably a little after that. Yesterday called fame Terrell Owens Randy Moss headlining the eight that go into the hall of fame last night. Jerry Kramer among those with the with the veterans group. I should say that and that went into the hall thing yesterday and Endesa series last night. Despite being shut out one of nothingness in this was that played well however Carter Hutton blanking the sabres in what has been a hot season for him. Buffalo now all in three out of five game homestand they play again on Tuesday down keep except. Okay that's a sport something very quick. They stick with welcome Derek back to the show that there usually is down at that EG Aaron mornings and settle it pulled them out here this morning to view the sports update. Shameless plug. A shameless plug time. He took losing play twelve the famous plug. Sit same output is at twelve noon an excuse me noon to two excuse me. Noon to two on WGR duty be Osce and myself we are doing it local pregame show. For the simple so. Over on our sister station WGR by fifty we got local pregame before we go to Westwood One coverage of. The big game. Okay what we're family here where a family today so you know we're plug GR ING or close western new York and work that's where it works over here. I'm I'm sure I'll be giving a shout outs in his give a shout out. Okay. Okay what will lower army you're very avid sportsman yourself term. And Gingrich and yesterday the sabres game yes the same page it watch us there's nothing else TV ads that when there's like. OK I guess I'll watch the sabres I. Wasn't a game I mean there accent anyway. It was 00 to panicky you may I hardly played a great came in golf until the end. He was I'd minutes left in the third period when the blues scored. And then at the end of it he was just a few seconds left for Salina and hit it and nice shot angled across the iron. In eagle and then the muscle cells out you know it was a it was a good games and it it after that distinct pop of the W. This is like a lot of that's been happy with the sabres but you know what I'm gonna go back into the main reason we are in studio today and that is to talk about. Parties close pizza and sports so Jim again welcome back it's gonna it's gonna while what's our new and exciting but marches brought peace. While today's. Race. Super Bowl so. Here. Control. And that is. Just over here that we actually pizzas right now pre orders. To order boards. It up people start pre ordering receivable Sunday you know. That should be. Pre orders. And when did that look how how. How awesome yeah. You gave a call audible. I applaud pizza other undefeated Florida. What would you arm that piece that you that you are there other news that you have going on with your own. With the growth of Europe which of his keys to track where you don't vocational. The music industry. Hopefully within the next six months he'll look great thing can afford to opt out is nice but don't what was exciting. The path. I'm I would love that I live in the city infinite it's a little heart out to the daily location that good every calorie sometimes here we get out there and make a special trip and that apaches amazing keeps us. It's worth it. Now you too liberal. All across the countries are correct and and that being said have there been any request for orders and in other markets also offered his leadership we should every day Monday through Thursday. Delivery at a website. If you Trace where the buffalo audience will Colin get peace and misses of the week has been different for us. Yes OK now you have two locations so when you say on you not take any new orders is that just the daily. A little patient out just just between ports in this book Agassi and these before for actors can still you can handle. It yet but that's failure this it would this week you know charge. Cooks and pizzas. Obviously market. Is that deliberately that were picked up only bowl got a boat whatever you need is all hands on deck. Now that's. Really easy. I think I just got out put on waivers and. Okay we listened to western new York and work our Super Bowl special don't go anywhere and take a short break when we come back we have more great conversation with Jimmy. More and more comfort them and they're hiding. I'd eat my friends and I hate. Especially in the neck and that gap a couple of fat and depression. Apple lowered our immune system and live with more volatile element. Blatter there are many think we can do to reduce stress including my medication. My medication can help you trying to live in the present moment. That he though that this type of medication and resultant increase or just keep him healthy it decreases stress. Increase your work productivity and creative thinking. You can medicate them off is this and that. I hit it on because it every day and let yourself enjoy what you see here now safe and hot. Medication offered many physical and emotional health benefit. Especially as we head into the holiday season it's that great way to start and each day. Allowing yourself he presents and they flock and the thousands on the day. But for half is living magazine and how'd you blessing our senior free health fitness and Christian magazine for people filing. With with a few 100010 metres and thousands more from him mine fleet by about topics that matter most of our readers look traffic every area whiteman and half. Along with thousands of other locations across Ali trying to question mark. He can that's not them I'm about what happened that come. Or follow fancy looking better and play how you like the thought well I'll be living legacy. And surprise that the Apple's a full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about like. And the surrounding areas with excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personalized print management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check it out at staff upload dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Ask anyone to Muster more the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. Cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson gem but we call him mr. watching. He'll tell you how it all started touching cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a smaller restaurants and it was the back cheap car. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were experimenting and look at the base when they found an old logic to other immigrants they're experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at Saddam really had no matter how much she pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and she Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasure delicacy to all western New Yorkers. Douglas. It turned its back trying to get coverage and you always talk let's take it here. What's a code Comcast Douglas 53 Douglas says his backyard he cannot make the turn to try to break it up fine. Welcome back to Western European work would del Martin and lord Louis life you're ES PF 15:28. Am. Speaking of lie we have the man the myth himself he's live in studio with us mr. local car pool where did you dig that out yeah. You have their armies backed away you know we're at 26 years away from. For Super Bowl 5052. When we were in the Super Bowl you know of course we didn't have quite. As good luck as we expected but it's still record nobody going to be goal at four times that says yeah that's true. What that we have called this whole caller are you this year. Yeah. Good morning I recognize that voice. Hey it's got to scholarly colleague and I gotta say hi to my friend blew in and also I gotta say guided gym where I hit. Probably spent thousands of dollars sign this piece that. I dig this I'm. There. Yeah I lived close to the daily location so I've made many forays over there and it's always it's always great it's been at least but it institution for my family for. You know probably ever since late sixties we move to were we will do that Pellicano one that's up. It's great to hear okay what they actually you really should be instantly with this today we are I mean that the Roma in studio it's just amazing. On this barges was kind enough to bring some peace and wings and the fact that Jim what type of peace and we have this morning. I just like you guys party I had beat out once sang she's about Rory went side. Hot peppers and onions at that Oprah are sharp relief that we haven't done very well with the idea initially invest every year we won first place already years. I have no problem having pizza and wings in the morning and hanging here at 10 in the morning I'm like digging and yeah one piece centering pass straight hair. Jim asked mis it will do you light. You know you like what I got on us is it's on the pie I'll eat it period I don't know music and this is going to be a real treat. I just I there's a wanna have it it might keep on trying to talk on my country. Yeah. Yeah. What that you are avid sportsman what are your thoughts about today's game. Boy how I give up mixed emotions. I don't like seeing history being made. I'm not just the New England Patriots Kevin made history already. Buddy Guy again I have you know certain affinity get frank Reich Kuwait Libya. Privilege of interviewing several times back in the day when I was doing sports soccer on WGR. And then I would love to see him get a Super Bowl ring as a winner. You don't need you know what Dick meet two while from south Jersey originally in Philadelphia's hometown team you know Brady. He he is I believe the best. Of the best that have played the game. He's had enough. Right this time and frank. You know don't forget frank also engineered the best comeback. Okay in NFL history to against the use the Oilers when we did that so you know Brady's. The comeback kid. But he's also meeting that guy who engineered the greatest comeback. And he's he is easy and I'll tell you he's got to be in foals a year. Because foale's had he went from. A social gains to a great game. When he was ultimately they were given they were. They were getting three point. And he beat by an age freedom by what 31 if that's so it's going to be really interesting Dick and that. I think I think I'm with you I'd I'd love Philadelphia to win let's see let's see frankly that's suitable race. I'd look you don't have it deluded if I don't people that are Ottmar wears on these new music from that while. Lauren wow you're an avid sportsman as well Colin coming back to that where your thoughts about today's game. I'm excited for and I mean. I always loved this problem both Sunday and really think that every question you are just. Sick of the patriots winning an event in most people. Anxious ready to see Eagles win and I actually went to college in New York City income to name it from Philadelphia always kind of followed the Eagles and really relax again and Adam. 2005006. When the Eagles were inseparable advised him. And I think against against New England against England yeah that's right there and try to do it again I'm not senator rematch I had my Eagles had on today. And that's on the present and fly Eagles fly. I played with the I played with one of that. Gentleman. That actually engineered. The the NFC and AFC. Combination would Joseph name is so I had the opportunity went out with the jets to play with Joseph and and and play with some of the you know some of the finest football players in the industry it's really it's really a joy to see people would sell. Tom Brady and it's gonna be a formidable match up here today I think. Going to be just as exciting as a playoff game. We watch is no denying that you know Tom reasons. Amazing player one of the best of all time in the patriots are great great great team. They always seem to pull it off I'm gonna have to run amok pediatric aids project exactly a secret the secret of the pressure. It's under pressures now. Well they got a defense they got it. Philadelphia. It's a revolving defense of lying they keep them fresh they're gonna try to bloody mop. And I think that's a big big key to days. Defensive line in match ups on the outside. I'm actually I have a question here because the athlete looking at the New England Patriots were like so right. Actually. Doing all buffalo real hurry up situation I mean to leave it looks like the old bills we are going. You know two super balls that it's almost the exact same thing I know some slight changes what is basically the same things what you think about that Lou. Quality you know when you have an engineer first of all you have to have a guy who can do it. OK okay you gotta have that does the the engineers and you've got Brady who's been doing it for ever them as you make a mistake. And he's got a cast that is really ingrained. In the system. Oprah okay so. He can come up the line of scrimmage without going to a huddle he can do that quick and that's what he's going to be doing that day to keep those defense lineman from regained that rotate on me and you know he's going to be doing that. But calling calling it a light discriminate what I believe anyway broadcast these guys off not guard. Keep that keep the is offensive line fresh. So that. They can't get that rotation in there to put pressure on him because they get pressure on him but bloody about the little bitty it was like everybody else. He is not invincible. That is exactly. I mean I don't think some that I mean even we stop back then object it was the exact same thing. OK it was pretty much a slow everything down matter of fact that's what happens with the personal problems. Of data we went through a we didn't slow everything down. And so basically get to gain lol okay and that's the main thing at least that's what I see with Philly. Just keep the game clothes and have a chance in the fourth quarter okay. Can't catch people off the catch people on their edges and and you give yourself an advantage. Exactly greet your right to that we have another call and that's when holes called bush a question or comment. I believe we have a caller that's on hold. Caller yeah there. And there. Good morning. Good morning I would call it again you guys I think his gun and these are my friends. Billion caddie. I I I picked their talent and it was an inside analysis from Philadelphia welcome I'd like down today. So what is the yes. The idea is. Eerily calm and confident. I liked Philly fans are not cocky. We like at one kind of looked at each other thing is that gives there had not only look at each other and go. Yeah yeah this is what can get the word quietly confident about an eight game. When a Philadelphia fans not cocky. We have of Amanda I'm from south Jersey and we must be cocky about. Only eight dude do you let thirteen and three that's koehlke. Well we are or have been Super Bowl. You got a chance to repeat the scene against the same team. Ten years ago and it's. And what he is doing it in today. We relate. And you have all the gear on united ago decorations. Look at the spread to three pizza and wings arena in buffalo with your with your spread. But I didn't see day ago that you don't know no pretzels. It. Looks is spread on the game down there yet. That would I think it's been on the game is an idiot and what. At war yes. For now for. Went out like that would be perfect the commitment now when. They have. What they had that we have the 4% decline in the inquiry say and that drop the other seven back in coverage. And that formula that's how you have to be great that's how the giants that Detroit. But help raise and that is how the jets did that out an eagle at that formula. Yet they do and I've been reading that together they got a rotation. You know of defense of linemen although they'd been a little bit under the weather right they have Lou go round we. That it in there and outright some of the guys by. As of yesterday all got to feel better. Did they want if they injected the the New England Patriots with some special anti flu thing that you had a late case. You know if you ask five days now you're gonna have injected game. I would not. You again. Well Billy and patty thinks so much for coming in this morning and fly Eagles fly hope we get a win for you guys today. Go part of a bird I'd be connecting to the game and I think we also are actually have a Dick who's still on the line with this Dick are still there. Yeah me job. Gail Lewis Lauren in Jim eyes you know indulge me just one brief moment of nostalgia number one people need to realize that the original number 89. Things where is one guided them for cones. And was that instrumental piece of that great 1980s. Built key figures in this Al that was a great. Football team if you think back the Eagles ended up losing to the raiders in the Super Bowl that year. But that was the year that the bills came one sprained ankle by Joel Ferguson from quite possibly being in the game. In expires rumors are considered when you recover from the it was there before. The bills totally full throttle that's. Deep fat then rich stadium I would get him it was awesome New York. But thanks Dick how much I Ilya. We hear about it that it can drop when they gave us. Good and our system now yeah you're right Dick we had a great team and we relate one step away and it seems like to be my epitaph for a one step away he remembers Cincinnati yet annexed the following year I caught the ball that never counted went from hero to zero and thirty seconds. And I was like it was just heartbreaking because Cincinnati went on the plate San Francisco it's should've been us could've been us but we just didn't get. We didn't get the break. When they threw a flag this is what home field the ban means when they throw a flag. As good as it hits zero. If you're playing at home they would have thrown the flag that's. That's the home field advantage aspect. A big game like that I thought of the rough when it now. You led I've always thought of as the Russell wanted to you know the straight. Well that I could be you know they're they're the perfect targets they guess right on everybody cracked. Pinnacle how we set I was I could have found that one I did not and how they showed a live thing it is. No but today. Today's game has got all the makings all the trimmings of a real. You know a surprise. Although what do you what's surprising about. You know Brady. Even if he's behind and you know he's been behind he makes. What I read was this guys like me who are on discovered that come into the league they've got 33%. Of those guys. On their roster. On the New England roster what I believe is. That he finds guys that really wanna play and he gives them an opportunity brings in mid August 2 level. And when they get in that organization he indoctrinate them either by fear or money or something like that. Whatever it is they buy into it right okay and when it's their turn. They're ready mentally. And physically to step in to do that job and that's I think one of this one of the big factors that ballot Shaq pushes with his roster. You know I two things the group which first obviously Corey Graham as well as the me. Congratulations. To both little guys went nearly double from buffalo. Actually grew up with the means. Father. He played football then went like this on a completely you just tell us your take. I didn't back. Exactly yeah. Exactly. Which I do have a real wars in the sense that like you have seniors. You know singers warned a lot of times in families. It tossing your view from listening intently at. Isn't the same way with athletes and I think sometimes you don't for an athlete in this way is kind of the gift. The training widely viewed how you get ready you know it's apparently but what does the gift will would have. The gift is a in a sense of competition. An innate sense to follow that tradition. If there's Richard in my family it was a tradition of sport. And that. Bodes well because you've got example. Okay and and they set the example. Now. To play it the NFL level OK it takes an awful lot I can I can tell you it takes an awful lot. Hard work continues effort. You gotta be on your game all the time I mean on the ivy. Guy that played at West Liberty State College where I go okay now there but I thought weary but it was a real in depth. A plea minor league ball. But I had this image. That you know I wanted to play the sport and you can only get on one time when your life you've got a window. You know you're UK comeback when you're forty Raila Tom Tom Brady gone yeah. But you can't you've got to do it now OK get it over with find out if you canning you can't. Okay and that's only hard work. That really is your gift that OK you've got you've got an aptitude for it and then it's now much effort and energy. And attention you paid to analyze your attention. That you pay attention to everything. The small the smallest it becomes a matter of inches when you take a look at last year's game is well you see element. Catches the ball that changed in tired dynamic and outcome of that game. It got bumped up in the air. And I think you hit the ground I really do you know they'd big day David big David joke but what else that they they give it to them all the time you know you give us away. But you know what if you're expected to and they expect you to you more or less dead. Okay because you're supposed to do right you're that good you know so they that that sets that trend but it's it's a matter of inches felons. Okay it really is it comes out to those people who do the job the best that end up at the end of the day with that W and call. While. Well I hectic. I think I think that's going to be that I think right now it seems like it's arbitrary you know. It you know if you have possession and to view grounded all that stuff. Whatever it is they ought to standardize it and make it applicable threw out the game and forget about everything else that if you catch the ball possession. And they're both leaders now want you know. Settle on something. And it's not interpreted usually go you end up going. To a to a studio. Somewhere in New York City where guys are sitting there for the mother read a newspaper checking out the spread. Gary and result that no ability to guide. You know. Really and that's that you know you of those indications. And I are they can't fire me here with the but any any already out anyway the bottom line that that is make its standard. Make it and what is called on the field you check it out that's it you're done get it get over they make it standard. I haven't changed a little bit. Suitable Sunday people lot speaking or writing different reads and what is an Islamic art studio here in us find out what your favorite part of the suitable. That's about TSX. Cheryl Cuba. I look forward some sort of where disease of the commercials yesterday of creative arrow that besides the itself. Yeah to see what's gonna happen and who who does some really. Union. Commercial the commercial it was a while the highlights they they work at all all year. Halftime entertainment is also you know when he got Justin Timberlake out there I mean he's fantastic. Fantastic talent. A lot of meetings and the in and out. Why as a football game being played at a definitely cancer death. You don't gossip and when you think about that day you've got so much talent. To focus on no matter where you put your eyes you've got talent so it's really an Eiffel you know for everybody that watches that and that's why it's the biggest event Lou what your favorite part to provide the former player. The outcome outcome I know that's that's what it is meant for me but it's there really that the niche that this the excellence when you have. To have it you know the excellence on who goes and gets. The at this I wanna column holy Ammann goalie okay yeah this kid is how. Well you know anybody but any name we can take a look when you take a look at his. His beginnings. OK too weary king from the weary ends up. You know I wanna say. I'm a lot like him but I before him so he's a lot like me. You but that's the rules that's who will you play and you've got to know you're going to be in it and you got it and you've got to really come up with it. And that's that's what you gotta do when he does. And my favorite part is when the players run out of the field out of the tunnel. On the field I get chills at every time watching that's got to be such an amazing feeling for each and every single. Which it calls as we've come to an irrational excellent show excellent pool and we've done. Yes we are out of wings and feet are coming out there I dug and and if he was looking to get a piece that Jill what numbers of the growth obviously. 46. Profit thanks so much for listening to western new York and work our sports some promotional today with him Martan and marvelous guys thank you so much once again Lou cult is now. A wanna shout out to my with my lovely wife JoAnne who is in the hospital any prayers out there to help her get through her. Her impasse here is is greatly welcome so shout to my wife JoAnne. Get better. And better. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin's. Liberty cab excess you group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.