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You know that the leading causes bats and left in the art of heart disease. I haven't I mean United States nearly 2300. Americans quiet cardiovascular disease each day. That's an average of one that at least 382. However just thirty minutes of physical activity day can improve your house won't be create your risk for heart disease. And Saturday march 3. The bad smell in the ho no one mile and a walk upstairs that benefits the buffalo Niagara American Heart Association. The registration walk we'll start back up then depending on. We hope there will continue from ten to 1 PM and will include vendors found Niagara Falls biomedical planner UnitedHealth care. Mount Mary hospital and the Niagara yoga collapse. All donations are welcome and the walk benefit the American heart association of Western New York. Only then he can route can be found at fashion outlets many acrid gas. Or hacked W only okay. It's 71 thanks to continue. Weepy eyed hero. Our poor health and that won't mean as Western New York premiere free health fitness and nutrition market them for people of all ages. But over 220000. Meters and thousands more who wouldn't mind but I about the topics that matter most aren't yours. But trap and we area while Edmonton cop only thousands of other locations across all economies of Western New York. You can give us some minor up more popular than dot com or follow us on tape but can Twitter. Help make a difference and that community one heart and one mind out at a time. Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and work your business friendly conversations life here ESPN 15:20 AM were we talk about sports jobs economic development. And always have people that make it happen and join history with my wonderful cohost a lower lowest Laurie good morning. Hi I'm doing great how tough this morning I'm lists OK actually have you noticed anything different. You're you're mad I'm in rent you know he's still celebrating Allentown is celebrating Valentine's. A police someone says yes. That's a source corn. Its ten week with Eric airline in studio this morning from predicted success so welcome Erik thank you for coming in this morning and drove in from Toronto. Well thank you and agree to be here and I was the driver this morning and nothing just like programs out there rose pretty clear yet no cars so no no arsenals have known as seems pretty easy it is the immigrants to re answering this in Queens and now you go to Toronto quite often don't you. Or you go into Canada lot. Going to Canada. And trying to police are actually up and trying to raptors game. Trying to actors for Minnesota in Minnesota Timberwolves yes yes that's ticket I was costs and at the first three quarters. Minnesota to Merrill's leading and then the last corner the raptors came back and one is such an exciting fun game and get to those teams are out and there was fine. And on our user are you sportsman in my hand him in a can a going to be on us at least a little rain across the river from here so Lima. Diehard Buffalo Bills fan and the sabres fan Owhali and in Toronto it's pretty tough and they don't have a lot of for a peers but not Maple Leafs fan now now sells its neighbors always I'm pretty tough right now. Gas at. And so sorry about the and so your business predicted six asks. Edu. We're please assessments analytics and training he helped them players buying. And hire the best talent. For their organizations manage it up pretty good success yes well we've been around for. But eleven years where we've been the licensee for predictive index which is out of Boston so worldwide company in the video. They measure people's natural behavior we have tools that do that in people's. Natural cognitive ability how quickly learn how quickly you get up to speed. Anybody here and a half ago we decided to expand into western new York and we trust formed a pretty to success America and so now we're just starting to grow the business here and I'm. I'm come down all the time to help with the growth in the of the organization. And what are some of the types of businesses that you called that you were quick yeah it's it's really also nice is this company's from a smaller as a 2030 employees up to. I've got a client it's got a 160000. Employees operating in over a hundred countries around the world 400. Manufacturing plants on its side where in 92 with a fortune 500 companies as well. Now things Lauren I was gonna ask you about this and are you were quick you know certainly New York this is only to bring a staffing company. I would say that west mucus also starting to become more shots for new Oreo. Obvious is climate where we have our many start ups and at that BS says sometimes you know that mean be a five or ten. Employee type of business. Do you work with those types of companies do we have a small business program can help people think was younger when you're just starting out such an incubator type situation. Making the right hired at that stage is critical and so we really can help people like identified. What who would who would really enjoy doing it kind WQ you want because they're natural behaviors or 22 way. To the new rule requires Americans age. So are psychosomatic. Assessments. And how ready is an art so I guess the best way investors there's two that you meaningless that we we promote our. Behavioral which measures a person's natural paper we all. Have five natural behaviors. And and we are tools to measure them and explain and we also have a tool that goes with that to create. John model behavioral model so that when you when someone applies for rule. We measure Nutley measure their behavior we we can tell you the right fit for for the role and if you think about if you're doing something and being asked to do something. That goes with how hard you know actually won today. You're naturally going to outperform your going to be more enthusiastic about it you're gonna wanna show up for work first and foremost and then of course really be be more passion and. I'm productive then we're successful our company is usually typically using these assessments before. They actually make a higher for. An employee or are they doing it will. After the employees and working for the organization for several. Yes definitely both. For hiring in terms of fit like a look I might be looking for someone is really a going it's a customer facing Earl. Our is that person actually wired that way and can be fast paced himself on. I'm but certainly want your inaugural from a coaching point of view no one is is in the Nevis is naturally it's for is rare for someone to be an absolutely perfect for its someone there there's always some coaching involved and so understanding how your hard wired from a behavioral point of view. It's it's great to to use afterwards so that you can talk about situations in the role. And then of course for developing future peace future leaders is great for selection on that. And then the last thing I say is went with the labor market as tight as it is how hard it is to find people once you get them. And you understand you you wanna keep them so retention is now the big buzzword now driving employing his engagement. It's understanding how your wired persist. Dale as an example hot here what turns you want vs what turns on jailed and I should be managing U one way to satisfy that gap and dale a different way and our tool actually give you the recipes on how to do that so. We really can help you drive up engagement and of course and improve retention of employees. Excellent now and looking at your website you know there's some interesting. Stats here are organizations that work with you. Achieved between 9% less turn over 22% are fewer bad hire us. Are 30%. Or 5% more sales and then 12%. A close rate better close tricky speaks those numbers. Yes those are actual statistics from our actual clients and in what they've seen by using data and that's what this is its workforce analytics it's. Is its data about the person is how your hard wired. And so if you're getting the right fit. Dan then people are going to be up to speed faster when you understand what you're naturally behavior is also. When you understand how quickly person learns verses one person vs another quit or get it factor when you know all of that. Then the predictability in terms of are predicting an ongoing job performances. It's a much greater C think about like in an interview without using these kind of workforce analytics and data. It's it's really a guessing game in terms of what this person's going to like that dealing keynote so often I hear from from costs are for our clients that we have that. Before they were using our tools it was just a guessing game. I I think you look great in the interview in ninety days later there's nothing like what we've interviewed in Antwerp and who is this person they're like total. Totally not like they were and it's because the person in the interview there on their best behavior is trying to act a certain way. That that will impress you and get them the job but meanwhile it's not their natural behavior and over time when shows up at work is there naturally pockets of this is. This is why we're we can really help customers our clients really improve their bottom line metrics as this is really about fish and it just goes right to productivity. It goes right to turnovers it really does improve there performance now correct me if if I'm wrong it's my opinion that you know the space is crowded you know there's Myers breaks are so many. Dubbed they're sober right to our right to behavioral assessments out there and marketplace. What separates predictor of success from your competition in a west is that the differentiator sure yeah in the industry sells for around for a hundred years so it's you know it's. Since since the 1920s and we do have a lot of competitors that the one thing I I I can say about our organization so we said. In it here in the United States were EEOC compliance we are there there's no bias. And most importantly we've been validated for hiring and many of our competitors have never been validated for hiring as we have a whole science team and our Boston. An office that. There could. Run. It doesn't that run on tests to ensure validity studies that are sciences rock solid and that's why we can honestly say we've been Stan. We've been scientifically validated for higher now content. And we are talking a little bit before the show about the costs that go into hiring employees and making the wrong. Higher rates so and that's why predict a success can help companies. Yeah I'm most cost. Do you think of that the start ups you're talking but unskilled Labor Day the average cost is something in the neighborhood of 4000 dollars replace someone. These these this includes indirect costs that got hiring downtime. Poor customer service see you know Merck lower morale for the rest your staff because they're having to fill the gaps for skilled labor executives you can keep me. Q can be more than double the annual salary of someone so these costs are huge. The big challenge though is in many organizations is that there's just buried in your waistline. So there's no there's no specific turnover costs but it's definitely there and it. And it's something that you know when I went when we got when clients recognize what their real causes of turnovers. They're very interested in trying. Right I think a lot of times you don't realize that they don't realize that time that has lost the resources that are lost on. Hiring someone they don't last you know we had to start from square one again in the very invested some money and benefits and that first person any and a. Two and again he got and then the cost of morale of the rest of the team out of everybody who's who sit sticks around the survivors like. How often I know is that somebody left again we have to her. I had to do two jobs in one again when is this kind of stuff when you trio grades and he's buzzing about that yes well before we took our first break all like to ask one more question because let's take a look at the other side of the the equation. Let's just say that senior management is about to go through a transition there's a succession plan. And they're trying to wrap our arms promised you know what's going to be the right kind of leader to take the company for. Does predictor of success playing that space yes absolutely we do both with the behavior and the cognitive and which is how quickly learn. Certainly for senior. Executive roles you're hiring for skills like I am I from iron CF OR knowing there's certain set of skills and you have. But what. Differentiates us similar really complements this in terms of predictability is. Understanding what their natural behaviors so I know what's gonna show up work on how to manage them and prepared the team to of this you know we've hired to see if on this is how they're gonna wanna behave. But more importantly than than even those two things is cognitive how quickly that person learns enough. The more information a person can can absorb receipt especially senior executives. The more the better the insights that make them better does that decisions and they mix and higher than cognitive score this really ties in to senior executives election. And that's worried that that's where a lot of my clients that have really benefited from let's reaching all three. Okay great what are dead BSE we gonna get ready to take our first break you're listening to western new York and work with dale Murton and Laura Lewis. And we have a story with us today mr. Eric. Arnold went who's he managed in principle a predictor of success buffalo to not go anywhere to match her step down with a more great conversation on the other side of this break. One of the big challenges for North American businesses productivity and one of the things that we think a lot about is why the people leave companies well they don't leave the company they lead the leader. And when we have the ability to use workplace analytics like that predictive index for the new learning indicator. To help equip the front line leaders supervisor to be better and self aware of his or her impact. Everything gets a little easier when we get the predictive index to the line we've seen tremendously and dramatically improved. Results on boarding as much as thirty to 35%. Faster turn over cut by 2027 to 3032%. Sales acceleration we have the right salespeople on the right seat on the bus and managed properly revenue growth from eleven to 44%. And so we have analytics now only equipped to Frontline leader supervisor and not just our business partners in HR. Everything gets a lot easier and we're all singing from the same hymn book we know it's tough out there to hire employees it's tough to find me in the eight team. But if you really wanna hire to win we encourage you to try the predictive index from predictor of success. It is absolutely game changer. It allows you to great job models that are valid. That are predictable. That are defensible. And they give you an edge on your competition. We encourage you to take a moment if you haven't are ready to explore what the predictive index can do for your business. It's just two questions to tell you more about yourself and perhaps your mother you predictive index given a truck today. This is error occur when managing principal predicted success corporation. To learn how predictive index and workplace analytics can benefit your company. Give us a call at 7163280678. Extension one known nine. Or find a set predict the success. A car this is frank put her view of the third. The term PO PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. Welcome back to Western New York now where I am our lives in studio this morning with icons down Meyer and and we have in studio with us I wonderful gas Eric Herman from predicted six SaaS and his excess is. A leader in the analytics. Workplace assessment and training. Our industry and Eric Wright at the break Hewitt you'd mentioned something it's that it's all about the leader. Yes Iowa that's definitely been our observations so. We always at the phrase grossing as people join a company but they leave the leader and it's. It's it's always the management it that's the challenge and that's what that's why neatly pinned. Typically on managers that are. Not aware of their own natural behavior they they manage people to the way they wanna be matched. And that may not be appropriate for every single role and so understanding that. Susie might need to be managed differently than Fred and that may not be the way I want to be managed just. It's critical to to keep effort for driving engagement and of course retention and it's. And if we focus on the leaders we can really improve. A company's performance because then when the leaders become more self aware of their own natural behavior then you'll see productivity go way. Please focus on the leader what does that entail. It's it's really coaching the leaders this is getting tempted to take our assessment so that they understands how I understand how they are hard wired. And then that self or driving once they have that self awareness of what turns them on. And then understand and then after that understanding what turns up with their individual members of their direct reports their teams their peers. You all of a sudden you realize oh it's he's just wired that way it's it's not personal that's just that person approaches it. Which is very different than I am and that really. Is very disarming scraper conflict management and really improving overall score. And when in a manager leader is leading their team and we have ten different track reports on different. Points in their career he may have like someone who's younger who knew where more green and someone who's been around. Ten years how do you coach the leader. To work with a different levels of individuals while again we it's we do have behavioral and cognitive modeling tools and there was we can really help the leader understand. What they're looking 441 roll vs another role. And you know there's that old saying that Peter principle Leo he's rise up to our level of having confidence and the reason is as. You're doing a great job one level because you're naturally neighbors so it. Suited for or what happens to promote you straight up and meanwhile there at the roll going above me be very different. Requirements being neighborly. And so they're really setting you up for for failures so instead of simply doing that. Moving someone based on their natural labor from one rolled to another that suits them then all of a sudden you're making better selection processes. And and they the the leaders themselves are making much more informed decisions the leaders they start when they start to realize the kind of data they have about their own people and themselves. It just makes for for better decision making now. That being sick you give us an example of a real case scenario off we know accounted for confidentiality purposes you don't have to which the company name. But can you just walk us through our rookie senior where you know they've taken the assessment they have the data. What happens next sure I I can think and safety when one area where in trucking we one of our clients. Was frustrated with their accident rates that are there accident costs that are their repair costs and so on down time. And they they process it there was a couple of connection between behavior and safety and and we analyze their truck drivers were Iran actually create a model of what the ideal seat beaver truck driver was much. Surprising what what bubbled up once it was that dispatcher that was causing the biggest issues if this dispatcher is really high on dominance really wanted to win. And not really too worried about details they take chances and they put their team at risk you know. He can you talk them afterwards why did you tell them to get that truck there are five hours when you knew it would take eight hours how would they do that what shortcuts really going to take. We found the same thing and a large utility in western Canada where we were looking at. Safety issues are. In a utility were high high high oil high voltage electricity working with flying colors literally. And this that turned out that the leader of fear again had had too high and dominance. They they put their teams at risk in or into wind and take their metrics through to get their KPI's whatever they were measured on not safety wise but the other. The other bottom line productivity metrics they put their teams at Bristol when they might take chances. And so we were able to identify what the the ideal leader should be so we were able to coach the teams in terms of who they should be promoting to the next levels leadership. During a saint now I'm I'm curious to wanna know. What happens when they receive the data and they just don't wanna except it's your what you say that client and me the data is right your front of them. Yeah the will to do is pretty amazing I would have to say in 1998%. Of the time everybody's going. Almighty god how do you know logs about did you read palms is well it is just it's so accurate but but there is. Per our percentage is small and that that they are in denial and Andrew there's a couple of reasons I can think of when he was a president of a company. And he didn't want his team to know what he was really like and proceeded to deny everything about it. And of course while he while I was working with him he proceeded to act exactly the way the data said he act but he just didn't want anybody to know. I have another color I achieved I've known that she's president of large company and I've known her for ten years before hand I garnered just. To try it and I look better at the data and I said who is this person I don't even recognize this I never see this in you and she's. Started yelling at me don't tell anybody that's might really mine natural behavior by. But I have is I have to. I have to act very differently in order to be present an inch inch enterprise it very stressful she spends up expands all kinds of energy trying to be somebody who she's not. But that's that's that's how she's driven to be president but she really Aston. Two tomb massage are naturally Bernard do it yet. Interesting if you think about. The people. Are people allege that need of a lot of different and everyone's completely different. We'll talk that president who has the to advertiser. Some they find it more genuine and interior when you see that real side of a leader come out you kind of know that there are real person. How it is do you find that. It's it's more predictable as more genuine people buying into the sincerity comes across but that's also depends on the behavior we again drew great models and there's there's there's us you know one behavior that you know just comes across people have to be they'll they're naturally trusting people. It comes across on non non verbally just in their body language and and we we actually measure the second Tony what it was but we. We we do all of that time I know myself and end up in a prior life I was in very large retail organization which you've known here right in. In western new York and we. We study we we we created MasterCard for for the organization and we won and all the cashiers across the country to. So the MasterCard 25000 of them. And six months and we realize only 3% of the cashiers. We're doing 80% of the volume just 800 cashier's. Out of out of 25000. And and it was even worse now 154. Of them are only Wear it where we're doing 50% of the alignment. Our senior management are very upset you because this is unskilled labor don't tell us that their own unique. But yeah they really were and when we we did focus groups with a 154 people they were all missing person male female that matter. Their race or religion and they were all across the country. They all have the same behavioral traits aunts and an if you if you had that we could predict the likely to be released xmas and then in the organization revamp how they're assign as pastor Craigslist Maria they tried it was really hard because their own their own processes spotted but yes they absolutely did because they just put this went right to the bottom line you know it's it's quite successful in doing that. When you working with your clients and organ there organizations and businesses. How do you help them figure out which assessments and tools that critic of success offers to. Health organization all that comes to the client really an and that's really working with declined to understand what their pain points are what's keeping up at night. What's your challenges and Purina high growth mode what who are you hiring for in this release. Helping them is it isn't about secession planning I've got an organization right now where they just. Biron another cup another company. Twice their size and they're using it to school it's like to copy swallowing so owned the whale like. How do we integrate the two cultures together so we've become one company to an exe O going to these companies and help them via. Navigate via Wi I I work as a consultant to really help them use the tools and and in recent tools and because it is just a tool to but the idea is something that is at its data is workforce analytics that they can really use would there. With their right right on on right on site to to improve what whatever issue is it's driving him to time and how are you gaining new clients. It's a referral business an end done it's all about. You know you know. One kind tries to send their to do so well and then they're telling others and of course just shows like this to get their message out of what we're offering and you know where we're in this for the long haul predictive index has been around for 63 years were worldwide predict the success has been around. For eleven years in in Canada so we've we've we're taking the long view on this because we the goal of this is to help companies improve and it's so rewarding to help. Company so that every business. Any business leader who's listening to today's show that sets in north. I want like the more I like have more information. Or can I try to surface how. See if it's let's see what the data looks like you know what's next steps you know he you know I'd be happy get to speak to anyone I can we offer elect a complimentary trial they can see for themselves as it right for them. Is it really accurate that the software speaks for itself when you try it. Yeah I guarantee you'll be amazed at just how accurate and how did they contact you or contact critic of six aspect they find won't pretty just success dot com they can they can reach me out on. And a tough. Here in buffalo at 71632. Rate is 0678. And I'm extension one on nine can reach me anytime okay are not are there any RO. Areas that we haven't covered before we close at that they show is any errors that we would make sure we get mentioned. Well I I guess I would. It did just say the other thing that did the when you're using all three things when you're selecting an employee. Therefore they're your promoting Emery hiring them and what are the three things wanna skills and skills or something you can train your education is a choice but my focus on the other two which are. Three you're really hard wired cognitive how quickly I learned that's completely not coach of molding your hard wired that way you eat your learning speed as your learning speed and and putting that was skills and then cut and then the third one the third leg of the stool behavior what is your natural mode beepers what really turns you on whether it's. Because it's is competing with people or maybe instead it's working with data is it. You're really impatient go loco or do you want a nice calm stable environment and so on. When you but when you triangulation all three of those things skills behavior. And you're here cognitive here here are here learning speed you'll hear your likelihood of predicting success. Up for that person in the in the workforce goes up dramatically commence that's really the the opportunity. And I think that's what's norm what you were speaking to we have a client have a culture of different age groups in different personalities know how he approaches and so. She's like productions predictor of success this place to start absolutely and I am in the recruiting around at staff upload so we try and work with our hiring managers on and candidates has. Arrest made threatening the skills the skills when a person has but it's really trying to find that right fit culturally the fit into an organization and it with the manager and a leader. To really be successful and improve the efficiency of your organization. Yeah and an energy group as you grow keep to keep that culture intact and daddy get the real. Which is critical for a missing more air we can't thank you enough for being a part of today's show he's educated both of us and certainly long working in that staffing or recruiting. Are you deal would many types of companies. This is a conversation we don't have to we're gonna have to have a twice because it just so much information we need to get out there any party talks will thanks for the opportunity and again I. I look forward to working with you in here and here in buffalo and I'm available at any. And any time so thank you okay. Yes thank you Erica the great conversation this morning thanks to Alan. However have a great week this week and a great Sunday. Buffalo thank you for tuning into western new York at war with Dell Martin and Lauren Lewis have a great day of beautiful we can we'll see you next Sunday sponsored in part five of ten field PC log group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.