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Sunday, February 18th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for carrying out some time forest on the Sunday morning we're here every Sunday from 1030 to eleven. If you want some previous shows there are available. On a podcast. 24/7 just simply courteous PS 1520 backhand look under the weekend shows tab. And there we are still a lot of fun show us a lot of interesting topics I've been blessed to meet so many interesting people and show Alan we really appreciate the diversity. And the unique nature of this. One and only lights and a talent buffalo radio later in the show speaking of buffalo likes Allen talked to Kathleen sure that you'll probably recognize bail last name. She that is is fair to say an iconic name anywhere near marketplace. Chicken barbecues come to mind that they do so much more as well so Kathleen what join us. A little later on slice of life we slicing up some chicken and other urban Q talk as well but for now it's a pleasure to welcome back to the airwaves may keep our net. And she also his with her new colleagues. And I knew colleague tab segment ASCII and they are from. The American nagger hospitality group and there are some fun things happening in nagger follow us Mickey Tom welcome. Hi good morning they drown us great to have you here and it's fair to say there's plenty of new things happening in the Kettering city make you run you start. And tell us that the transformational that's happening. The days and at the false property which is now being transformed to the wind impaired and. Anchor Foss high toss it out well for the past couple years that season has gone on under some significant renovations those who have. Seen it in the past and now seen it in the last couple of years we redid the lobby we greeted every single guest room. We converted an old banquet space on the eighth floor into what we call this guy floor. We have for a beautiful diamond sky suites. And then we have sixteen premium gas rooms up there with uses it can median skyline in the casino was well. And it's. All of this is kind of to ramp up to you a brand new brand. For the whole town it's going to be Wyndham garden hotels which is part of the wind and group. And we're excited to kind of elevate the brand to this new. I'm really growing brand with in the Wyndham. And the hospitality industry it's a little bit higher and Brandt it's her it's yes you can says it kind of went up a couple not sharing terms of you know the level of brand. And it's definitely. You know and people saw our sky floor and saw the renovations. There's no way this communities and it just doesn't fit. And so we're kind of letting them know that eventually you will see that changing and it is happening on March 14 that we're gonna switch over to the wind. Turnover and so before in our name and maybe your official title is director of e-commerce and marketing for the American nagger hospitality. And and you stick your hand Kenya and every aspect of these of this transition. Yes it's really exciting obviously working with. Every from every on from an operations and to the marketing side of things digital. The food and beverage or Thomas gonna talk to about a little bit so the whole property is a whole is completely. Can be rejuvenated. And it's going to be a great. Component. Not only for us and American hospitality but the downtown. As a Hubble and people are coming off the rainbow bridge they're gonna be seen this wonderful new facade of this building this great brand and that's going to be kind of the first thing that people see Whitney and her. From Canada so it's gonna be really nice for the that downtown what are great. Welcoming sight yes got to make you feel so great when you cross that bridge and time. With all of these new changes comes. Trendy new restaurant concept and I Lott talking about food of course. Tell us swept out what this whole concept and it is about and you're the culinary director right that is correct severe overseeing all of. It's yes and the new restaurant concept is called chill 443. How were fine casual restaurant so what that is the perfect blend of fine dining tie quality food and atmosphere makes with. Quicker and more efficient service so it's a nice warm welcoming atmosphere for in all travelers locals and travelers alike. I love the concept of fine dining your fine I think as a buying canceled because it almost sounds like an taxi Maher and right like Jumbo shrimp or plastic glasses that. It quite it bit of marriage can usually work well and the restaurant industry. Yes and will be featuring. I gourmet burgers hand crafted sandwiches. How will have gourmet grabbing don't coffee shop. And then from basically 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock tonight won't find many of fur the full service part of the rush around. Lost me featuring entertainment pool tables starts shuffle board so. It's kind of like a little complex and itself. On guitar sounds wonderful and the name chill for forgery there's some significant sedan mansion for a 43. There is that she had just went on and don't ever forget that so we're excited about it in the name. That makes a lot of sense and show sounds very consistent with what you're describing a slew of panic buying casual games in different amenities that people can enjoy it without feeling too buttoned up I'm and it's exactly. Accounts at time of the food I mean there's so many. Wonderful trends and the food industry it seems in a year and in Europe they're always do things happening. And you brought and you make your pen and a degree and some delicious looking food near Rome eyes calling me over there be back column Marion plant Brad and a really knew had a burger the OB featuring tell us in detail Hewitt about these and you write yeah. Absolutely loss or with a burger it's called the impossible burger so it's a 100% and begin plant based burger. I made ingredients would be pocono oil. We potatoes but the best part about it is is that it cooks like a regular Berger seemed or it's or whatever temperature you'd like. So it's unique because any other vegetarian burger cooks the one temperature of the well done and this one's a little more. Like burger. Little more flavor. Right so it can't mimics the real power or burger beef burger exact I don't care over preservers of every chart right the taste like one too so it's very very exciting so were. Very fresh food oriented. Pretty much something for everyone. Yes and the Colin marry we return match at the important thing with calmer district enacted greasy years that he can get soggy from that. Did you oversee all of the cooking in the executives Jackson's over it you still get in the kitchen yourself I do I spent a lot of time in literature and I find that that's the best way to. Operate. We are being present of course yes. And maybe what's important other types of amenities. In this hotel would appeal to people who are use there there Wyndham very. Well in well. The days where I keep seeing days and but it's not an alliance to Wyndham garden and I gonna have to get used to that right and then nice pieces. Of the Wyndham garden is not only are you part one of the dead fast loyalty programs across the country. Which is the Wyndham. Loyalty program. And you know you've guy that. Location for us which your steps away from. The rainbow bridge your steps away from the casino you're steps away from the state park so even if you are local and your coming up furlough state occasion. It's the perfect location just because you have access to everything. Met so that's one of the biggest selling points that we have. And obviously you know to some new and freshness of the interior. And it is very appealing to our cast. You know it's funny you should say stake Asia because it just wrote there were down and nearly hit sister are tough winter this year at least to me it feels like no longer count ranger. And sometimes he can't get away somewhere warmer jump on a plane why to a stake patient 45 minutes from home and if you security different world. It is and you know both of our properties reduced occasions during an that winter months just as it is so appealing to you. In western new Yorker just to you know. We live here we. But do we ever go to Niagara Falls and really kind of enjoy it Lester ants coming in hot attack exactly. Really nice that you kind of remind yourself that we have the world in our backyard. And it's accessible it's sorry. And you know the nice pieces about our properties is that we're steps away from all of that. And in the offseason incident affordable price and you don't have to worry about the tourists and you know all that kind of stuff so it's it's really. We do get a lot of people that are you know from the Western New York area air Rochester area that are coming in for Nancy quiche. It's a great way to catch to remind yourself reports in your own backyard have a great meal obviously and it's in the these new food items and and had. Coffee are available on the timer attempts all the time will be open all day long so yeah it really went out to area. We really want it you know this is not just for the tourists in the people that are stain. At the Wyndham garden hotel it's you know for locals not only in the downtown Niagara sector but. You know people coming up from. On buffalo it's gonna be like no other restaurant that is currently in downtown. Sector right now so it's bringing a little bit of a fun and in different elements and you know only get into the swing of things you know Tom and I are going to be treaty and you know different activities for different days of the week at Nike said you know bringing in fans and you know really getting people excited and rejuvenated about what's going on in downtown Niagara fall. With veteran right how did you decide to design then go look and feel that way towards the ambience like it. The ambience is a very polished ambulance lot of mill work and it's. Has the feel of a nice fine dining Russia but my guess that it offers that casual feel as well so everyone feels welcome but it has a fine dining. Kind of stuff be almost right and we are the exact opposite. Well on the other thing to make you it should be lost Tennessee economic impact this is having you on a nagger falls area I do you work hand in hand with the Niagara Falls convention and visitors bureau or you know at the chamber or whatever. Name their calling themselves these days you working in an era these folks were promoting man. Yes we definitely do obviously you know our sales team is always working with you know. The conference center on downtown so you know it's also great plays for businesses to think about you know if they have got something going nine. They wanna do an overnight retreat. We've got. Meeting rooms in the days and is well. So if you're looking to kind of have a new location for a board meeting our smaller group. It's a great place for that and then with a combination of chill 443. He made can go up there and have some drinks afterwards and so you know from. You know a visitor. A local. And kind of the business aspect for hitting kind of through them. Got it covered and so do you think because of the new and is also the name when impaired and that there oppressor act. Does it make you a little different than some of your competitors out there is plenty of competition afterward. We like to think so Brenda have a right. No but definitely because. You know were part of this American hospitality. I'm group as a whole you know we've got fantastic sales team and got a fantastic food and beverage operation. That help each other out in both properties seamless and our marketing effort so you know we've got a really good thing going and Q continued to not only support our properties but and. Do you get the word out. Excuse me with folks besides those who are in this immediate area. Do you work in conjunction with travel agencies around the world quite literally. Yeah. Our sales team does work with a lot of those national. Group's time to bring people and a lot of it has to do with you know our marketing efforts in terms of you know just driving people to our web say it's getting them to sign up for our email promotions that we can you know get the word out about what's going on and so a lot of those in combination with each other kind of house. Intel and I would think from a food stamp cramming nagger false mean especially what you're describing it this new hotel had so many amenities. You've got to keep an Iowa what you want to serve to every member of the family rights or their kid friendly things there. Coffee Paris I mean woody and Abkhazia are the cocktail bar people and it wine and spirits. How do you try to manage there when he at such a wide base of customers. Well from working and I are falls for the past few years I've learned that. He don't gas for all the world anti different options and have different options when they're going out to eat so we have created this model to be tailored to every one. A little something for everyone American classics with off some international inspirations. It's a good idea because IBC you to keep an eye on that foreign visitors coming and who remain out wanna eat you know what a typical American or Canadian may want to eat and expert she can't give something for everybody about what has sort of average but you well know it sounds like you well. So the dates again may you were talking about and this size of a 288. Rooms yes. And suites located directly on that main street and the US can act Canada border which is certainly accessible for people on both sides of the border. And you expect this to open march 14. Yes so the hotel portion is gonna switch over from the days and to the Wyndham garden hotel on March 14. And then that killed 443. Is gonna at con slightly after that. Probably mid. Mid may is what we're shooting for. So hopefully by the time summer season rolls around will be in full force. What other food items will be available and it's time period between the opening of the hotel and chill for forgery we'll have a breakfast and it's dinner options available. And tilt chill for a 43 is officially opened. And if people wanna get in touch with you now do they call you it's your main number what's the best way to reach you to tiger rep perhaps. You know the thing I was thinking back to as a team building morale things are people wanna do a corporate visited your idea or simply a visitors coming and for the spring and summer. Yes so right now. The Wyndham led say is underway so we'll have that launched by the fourteenth. That people if people have questions a about estate quiche and net for a hotel stay. Or any type of group matter they can call the tees in at the falls. And nothing would change if you book now under quote unquote days and your reservation will be. Underwent a guard and once we we switch over. But seem a strange S same numbers other kind of stuff so you can get in touch with. Us either had days and at the falls dot com. Four through our phone number and you have an indoor pool there as well plea deal yes and you know it's a great. That's that the great thing about our properties is that it appeals to you. Both you know the couple that's coming in from the casino. To the feeling that wants a common for the weekend and have a little sticky nation. So you know our properties are able to kind of accommodate both in a really great way. Mary congratulations to you about may keep our Nat. And towns Sieckmann asking thank you so much for coming in this morning. And wish you all the best in this big transition and I can't wait to see it. 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In the right direction as Ali's well it's a delight as I mentioned at the top of the surety of what I consider to be a Western New York icon on the show with us it's about as. It can't please shoot better herself to business manager. For the Katie are catering company. In the restaurant for that matter is with us good morning Kathleen. Hi Greta thank you so much for having me nice to have you on board in the name show about us is certainly among the most well known business names especially in the food arena. In Western New York your family been in business. So we've got around quite a long time and in business in the catering industry since about 1954. It's a great run Kathleen and when I think you match about it is the first thing that comes to minor driving around various neighborhoods around Western Europe and seeing issue that is barbecue is coming backwards here and there's. You know the the big truck at the line of people with there chicken and you know the huge can of distinctive looking chicken with a great show that is flavor. When you tell people he do for a living in I'm sure the moment they hear your name they're going to now what do you hear response and it isn't chicken colonel and. Absolutely and and that's just about a lot of people don't realize we do anything besides that's taken and and like you mentioned. Though it's chicken barbecue fundraisers at the churches the fire departments and school of that's really how we need I name for ourself and it and even though we do add variety of different things that's still well renowned for locally. You know I want to bring it up to camping because you participated and whenever sister station signature events. I'm at the end of January it's our annual Mac attack and it was the most successful make it take you out it was sold out both sessions. You know I saw you there you guys are really busy ask opener to act a jays and what feedback did you get there were people surprised seizure about mr. Yeah absolutely because. That's not really something EU is so C a Smith. You know we've been trying in the last year tootsie out and Q different bands like that and I am and we had great response from that as you mentioned. I mean that place with math and we can't really know what to expect our first time doing it and when that door is opened and people came through them I mean we didn't stop moaning. How I believe an error it's one thing I mean it's a lot of work but I'm sure the time flew by because it was kind of shirt everyday exactly at two different sessions and you were there for both of course or 800 people served a great way to get your name out that they checked me camping and I met you a few months ago was the picket. Natalie are you known for these you know terrific barbecues and these fundraisers. All across the area but you high and catering business as well tell. About yeah absolutely so I mean we're conscious that it's catering and most people leave that off of the name but that's really. Ram at the heart of it what we are we're catering company and it's how we got her start. You know we can you just about anything from the casual. Pick next week do a lot of white people refer to is the I do barbecued nowadays casually back lighting. But I do I you're you're married to ask you aren't Arabic saying really act and I would like to tell your listeners if they're considering having a aren't adding in the summer. They should sit in that firm in the middle of till I 95 degrees in each and it's really where they want without adding. But anyway yeah it reads you hi and stuff he you know primary of families. Alec in China and in. And that's not Latin. Not a lot of people would immediately associates. The fact mr. Added not you are like tipping your pretty clued into the food world here and rushing her but I shut eager they're hiding out the tickets so. How do you get the word out camping IBC we did some commercials together in summer or other stations you can and WG Harris well. Is it a matter of talking to people when they come to your chicken barbecue fund raisers and say hey you know what it's at justice that we you know. Sarah so fur really long time I'll be honest. We didn't do much in the way of advertising. Word of mouth with a relieve the strongest way to help us scarier names in advertise our brands. Once the industry started to it seems a little bit and we started to get a little more competition you know there are other companies who do barbecue but not only that. Everybody just catering of some sort now. We found our south needing to get our name out there more and not really having a lot of experience marketing. So we try a little of everything the first thing we added we did billboards that one plane accident where very well. Radio done we've had a really great success there we have me and company and other social media marketing now that really helps us so it's kind of done. Hit Nancy and and to just tried new things and see what works. Well it's funny too because it's almost as if he has to be everywhere in today's Jane A absolutely one of the things I wanted to ask you back to a social media how it impacted your business you've. As you said your company has been in business since the fifties Abbey's a year ever men or their whole length of time. So is he involved Kathleen how he hasn't changed in terms of using. FaceBook instant Graham Twitter and so forth. Yes so it's a greatly to. Keep your name out there I'll you know all the time we try to. Be out there it just just a little bit every you know every week not so much every day and two. Kind of helped tire sounds as you know to buffalo is at buffalo brands because that's something I think that's really important to western New Yorkers right now I I think. Sister and loyalty to chancellor locally based businesses. Those independent eateries. The independent caters of the world an issue said there's plenty of competition happier in its strikes me too it's not just other restaurants that you're competing against you think it. Also supermarkets have him there are prepared foods now and catering to her. Actually I winter graduation party last year and they had fried chicken and I think this is pretty good read as you can't get it and it was from the local supermarket. So you really have to work to. To stay around and and to keep yourself as one of the options that people are going to use the mentioned loyalty. We are so fortunate in our customer base and I mean it's about as customers are some of the most loyal customers are going to find and we have them all over the world. Whether they started in buffalo. And left the area or. You know the game a bottle of our marriage you marinade to a friend who lived at any area and that's frank act hunting got neighbors cuts. We really do have loyal people. Yes and I have one of those very few marinades and I covered at home and it's something that you confined to local supermarkets are online crash cracked OK and the odd thing to suck may not be aware. You have two locations in here. Hankering for cem should that is whether it's the check and or indeed the meats or the sides and I can voucher Telus is panic and cheeses. You have locations particular location and lack port and Fisk road we do a great efforts transiting do you just north of the drive then yes an easy frank certainly and then of course your main headquarters are in France right. So the black keys and we opened in 2009 and it was the first really big new thing we had tried to quite a lot of time it tickets fifteen years to. To turn to get the formula right. But that piece is really taken off in the last few years and it's the only that he should be have on that does take out for it's it's a quick style restaurants right in its entirety or you can watch enough mystery grabbed chicken dinner. Seven is Lee collier around. And they were touting a new hotel. How it's minorities and Norah Wyndham. And we're saying it just seems like an endless winter Tikrit waited to its occasion. And I think getting the flavors you know in this case it's about us. Have it taste of summer would be an ideal way to Canterbury through the monotony of this winter in terms of future plans Kathleen you're gonna continue to do your fundraisers I assumed it. People can get information it's about a stack time and despite delays and place it is. HI AVs eat TT and. Easy NRC HI AB ET TH. Oh service Jack come on how to do a fund raiser. In also prompt for information about the two. Restaurants are primarily take allocations. Are their phone numbers that you suggest you suggest people go to your website and that's the way -- so you can certainly go check out Aaron and used for catering to beat the fundraising information that's about it that comics you can also collar mean location in France seven point 654917100. I am an N and we need to refer you up to lock partly due from I 4917100. Easy enough to remember of course that web site. And keep an eye out as social media both FaceBook Twitter and degree and Europe they're playing everywhere. I look forward to us smelling it distinctive marinade and enjoying some delicious food from ship that is in the next few weeks complaints about a thank you so much for coming any continued success thank you. There what are rapper and this edition of slice of life thanks are carving out that half hour forest this week what I did next week thanks for tuning in every right. List named Brenda over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.