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Buffalo healthy living magazine into western York screaming you're free health fitness and nutrition mega thing for people volley does. With over 220000. Commuters and thousands more you don't mind we've write about the Catholics anathema to our meters. Look for us that every area white men can pass along with thousands of other locations across Ali counted to what you are. You can get good at our mine pop will help it and dot com or follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and doing healthier life with buffalo healthy living magazine. Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martan and Lauren Lewis. Good morning questioning you are welcome to lessen your network and ESPN fifteen funny AM. We talk about sports jobs and economic development and the people that make it happen I'm Lauren Lewis. It's it is the morning with icons down and it started out I'm doing great good more or Hillary and her eighth birthday lady urged the media. They break down Friday. We sure wish I had and killing Cantonese. K can't illusion of you who got the on this. I think frontier filed. I you know I totally forgot that it would you call yesterday I was like oh my god it's the second Sunday that month like creep up this overeat upside and obviously didn't invite any guests and death we just department. Yes as it always is and always ask me you know taking. And I you know edition on his FaceBook but I am. I would abrupt campaign I have a branch to go after this so. And usually that orange it's to superhero brunch where write some doubters. Wonder Woman. At the park country codes or were going there. And I think that their friends ignoring it usually she runs early reading I think with on the case she Jack yeah and we got a Q and we drink more perfect so that's great front. I didn't ask you the disclaimer here Eric. Has its. It's certainly so much because in sepia SS but that's that's that's another member. So yes as any studio that I attempt on studio it's a second and a month so it's legal matters on the last netware and we have a we have a guest host and story with us this morning as world mr. DC the wing completely under the morning you know great yeah I didn't need to write anybody during the coming right up there you go. There. So guys there's a lot of things that are happening in the world of sports in the world of legal matters that list let's talk about sports lawyer let's start with you. We'll start off in the world of hockey the Buffalo Sabres took down the Boston Bruins last night. 42 but the win did come at a price. Jack Michael went down in the first period with an apparent ankle injury and did not return for the rest of the night. Paul Hamilton report that was Michael's right leg that was injured but sabres head coach Phil Housley had no updates on Michael's injury after the game saying you'll find out when some team doctors today. The sabres have won two straight with three straight games getting at least a point. Buffalo to continue their winning streak tonight when they take on the Colorado Avalanche the first Niagara center. Puck dropped a set for 7 o'clock with pregame starting at six over her sister station WG I our Sports Radio 550 to college hoops the big four were all in action Saturday night. Tenacious Niagara and saint Bonaventure opening wins value be felt in northern Illinois in overtime after blowing its double digit lead. In the second half. It was UT's second in conference while the bulls now having to enact play. An eighteen and seven overall next up for the bulls another match to match up with Penn State Tuesday night to offset the 7 o'clock which could be heard right here on ESPN 1520. Over to the gridiron the buffalo say Buffalo Bills excuse me made another coaching hire yesterday bringing in shape Tierney as an offensive assistant for grind dabble. Cheney was an assistant at Alabama with dabble but also his coaching experience in the NFL coaching with the Philadelphia Eagles the previous four seasons. This update brought to violet and your PC marker of your complete legal counsel. By Fox's pizza. Enjoy the game with a nicely spot she's. For ESPN fifteenth when he alluded to FiOS. Welcome back to west near can't work would humor him alone lowest. Well no he said that its forces did after the super voting I think they're wrong I'm ready for the summer after the super ball basically associate with receivers in last place I can I. Although I still watch it I'm glad I'm I'm I'm. Pathetic loan went yeah I do not happen I think like an. Ridiculous I'll watch tonight's game I'll watch I mean I can look forward to my chartered has become obsessed with Jack Michael by the way. So I cater these games and we were and we went couple weeks ago that awful game. And that we lost but never wins today Ellison. She on she says jet is technical workers get back Jack I gonna there. I said and she's that you ethical Jersey and so now I am but I agree that I I don't I don't think it's dead it. If we could talk about the super rule for 12 because I played with now heroes in this weekend. It's happened to be when that I was cheering for the the. As I eagle as at the top and let slowly lower hand her her Eagles had an honest and nice to see the picture today and it. About this money Catholic looney I came. And I was really essentially we are now and where is really you know as Eagles and I had to go celebrate with him with my people only you Philadelphia. I know have family and OK healing and it's all different game. That's amazing act parred number etc. Some so you think I flip and then there are no but I saw that happening this. Think we're jumping off street I literally stay on the hotel at a hotel on broad street saw people jumping off street lights someone stole two police sources it was. It was chaos and it made me think if the bills ever wanna sit on our Circuit City and Tara iron I'm here I don't like out of my well and I did in the mountains well. I don't know either do not table smashing Jews crazy you know Lynette that Eagles fans showed up the bills mafia well Atlantic's an and that's part well. Is that the Eagles fans dominated the stadium I mean they they say as a partisan crowd and there was no question they're returned for. The Eagles because who wants the patriots to win that. Besides the under sheriff mark reprimand him yes and by the way anybody is the best line ever summoned Carson on face Berkett said. If you're from buffalo and you're here for the paid if you know somebody that's from off on chairs for the patriot you can't trust. Zero aircraft did you have that happen. For the ratings that is typical buffalo had a top ratings in a lot of trouble there had a Philadelphia an ahead of Boston know darn I was in the game is. The game was actually phenomenal. I'm the death. Similar relaxing Preston Blair's death. Number there is a string of super balls in the in the eighties remember that there are so bad it was like 5060 and android like there was they were just awful games. But it's it's been better and better every year I mean we should and which is fantastic and it was so great to see. The patriots who was so great and an idol wannabes. Like a sore. You know power convert buffalo fans in the even beating us for the last you know whenever fifteen years or more. And I certainly can't get but I just think that their awful I think I think that there are horrible organization I think what Josh McDaniel. Did to the Indianapolis Colts. College that crazy it's the first fight I mean I don't under it parent. From two in this I don't understand though regalia because I don't know peace and contract yet there he did. Are doing but I would sue. Pirates who him so hard because they brought in all these offensive coordinators and these kinds of corners of these coaches. And for him and and then you back he backs out and another coach Gary Cummings and accept your. All right take it. It's outrageous it's just them down there it's just another awful patriots well I mean that that's exactly where it is and and of course. Over the last two months I have read the books by gate so. Talking about how they're cheating which was. Which was real and substantial. Way so. You know the which takes me. If you think about if you cheat in the county right let's talk by Reggie Bush right Reggie Bush. Gets paid them money they actually take in the national championship away from those teams right. Why can't they think it's a proposal from people I just don't exactly can't because it's the NFL let's let's bright and it's not it's not college but that. Literally when they go into the super or when when these guys are hall of fame eligible. If that's not a part of the discussion him. And operating Belichick if that's not part of the discussion that they cheated. That's something to mess. You know something that it was so ironic. Manor factory said two things it will first you're talking about eighty back to games where. And against are so bad that this would gave birth than people realize this. That would gave birth. To the commercials being so it off her her okay because of the because it was so bad people Watson Oscar won the inner pain and the commercials became very hotly doing that aren't here. And also I'm grateful what you're saying in terms. It'll soak in the debt that hold cheeks and you know all of it was a quick metals. It was huge reveling in Eric and reported that you know it was a lot worse than that NFL than than than what was reported because I mean first of all Cadel. Actually. Destroys the videotapes that they ran right and destroys and so now we can really know the full extent of it which is gonna look at you gotta you gotta. Give it to get dal and he's he's he's protecting the union and take if you read that article about his father did you read that article by his father couple weeks ago. Who is a senator who was really went up against mixing. Aaron. And as a true believer in in and you know he is. Moderate social Republicans basically. He fought Nixon now on the issues in Nixon brought him down. And it was that the dichotomy of like a guy like they said Roger Goodell is father was fought if if someone was caught cheating it would have on here with a blown up but he. But Roger Goodell has a job and that's to protect what they call the shield which I think is the most obnoxious thing in the world trade and very you know who where shields police officers and firefighters were shields and the NFL as a bunch of pampered. Idiots that. The shield that's ridiculous you don't even the field you know what's funny about them. The thing is is that and this is little piece of trivia it's happening now but the shield itself you'll the United States of America. What are we remember do you remember the United States came days of America. It was a whole foods that change skating rinks. All across the country right okay and the guy that don't know. Is the one day. Did shield but really yes and your name was normal. Kid on gas I can't remember Mel and norm. And it is the strangest guy has has the meeting we had nom matter of fact you may cause we get to. Only your town and buffalo and who's won in the through weigh in on overrules on mom boulevard and I don't Niagara Falls boulevard I was able what was the when it eastern hills well. Stroller works roller words it was. After rang their way bluntly bring the Rijndael won in tunnel on I thank you and as they're about to ask right. Well yes so now though moving test of course the football's over. I'm a little concerned there is no update though there's no update on Jan Michael at all. I'm not yet he's gonna meet with team doctors today there was a cheap shot by the way listening to them project that was that got stuck his stick right in his skiing and he lined out. As watching this court it was much making those out to dinner I couldn't believe it when pilots and I was like well we're winning 2 nothing and I am running to one I. Do find them like this and I will watch again and I'm still go to the games I just that. Obama pathetic buffalo fan I think that's what buffalo and it's like no matter what I've been hot harsh with the sabres as you're like other dare lie less. And nothing else on TV's I watched the game. But like I was really not expecting him to win last and against Boston has boss has announced a hot streak and sabres have not. But it's been pretty awesome it was 32 hue and anyway it's a win but I think as awful fans. That's it is time year round in winter yet it's like. You go to the sabres games it's something funded over there watching the games it's keeps yen and attain keeps the winter moving by and before you know will be in spring. That's right this this team is a lot better than than that they play which is which. Begs the question of whether what what is the problem is it coaching you know manual houses in new head coach but you know this team is down here kicking some guys it. Mean that you're looking drinking your check likely see Palmer course rank Harry has come out alive in the last ten games he's an unbelievable. Brian O'Reilly I'm you know the skin Dallas he's good he's good day here I I think that they. I think they have to bring some these kids up from Rochester to. I don't play Grammy in the playoffs now rates ailment you know bring him up development of peppering up regularly higher level hampering are equally bring up line it's all marketing beard here clear. And that's their shopping they have to be shocking and right they have to be shot in the event rate. Yeah oh yeah I think I think and I think he's gone on that goal he scored that he I'm here and scorn. Twelve games he was uses when he scored last night he. He was real happy about that call like Lewis and but this team has a lot and I think it's better than they than the record is they've lost a lot of close games they just don't know how to win which is. The game has to learn how to win which the by the way. Which the Eagles did you know. And they tell you something that way you beat the patriots so if I woke up in the middle of the night. And as my daughter screaming and of course she goes back to sleep and fifteen seconds and then a month for five hours straight from 135. Actually. And it works miracles and I watch miracle right there is a greatest you know about the USC yeah yeah it's great movie and and what herb Brooks said today team. He said this is how you're going to. Beat the Russians he should you're gonna play there game and you're gonna take it. And that's what the Eagles did this this Super Bowl hate fort down until. Guess what we're for you know it you know I because the patriots would go forth that they'd go for it and first series of the game. That's it let's go that we're not going to be this team and that's we played. Shove their game down there throw on fourth and goal to running the trick play out nobody really I don't always understand. I don't understand I think the quote I think for follow football brain surgery there's one thing in this world brain surgery and it brings certain McCain. Football is not brain surgery and you know when we're sitting there watching the games and I'm like okay. It's its third in and six inches and we go back to huddle when the patriots would just get up. Time rates correct sneaks it as much as deputy I'm screaming at the TV just. Go up and do what go to the other teams not ready. Yeah that's what they do and they know they know how to put the pedal of the medal went to do it yeah everybody should know when they do it's that this is that. This is not brain surgery mean everybody all over think it did it's it's paralysis by analysis that you know it's funny last week we hand. Lupica. And I excellent little hit it just has gone from my parents and it from the pro conquered him sign it all possible. The interviews. Dolan the chemical peels off and he's that you. This Beatles the you look at. And is it would agree one. Just treat each and it. Everybody everybody hated to be news. Yeah ameliorate that because it was simple just you know go and doing it for parents don't forget what we're going yes it's simple as that. One thing I do not understand. How there was one offense apparently and the patriots throughout the higher. Playoffs you know that there is basically. In tot it's. It's it defies. Every single law of human nature was least who the the perception that there is a bit. But is scalable and yet or favoritism. With the patriots in refereeing system listen. Before that before that Jacksonville are before the halftime against Jacksonville. We have a group of guys we taxed and that he's a big thing we are we're currently swearing. After watching games and I've before halftime against Jacksonville patriots can check I said. I won it I'm guaranteeing. That the pacers with court touchdown because you'll there will be two penalties called against Jacksonville. The wind up on the one yard line as the one airline will be a pass interference and the punching literally. Thirty seconds later. My. If I know that it's gonna happen how. Then everybody else Chanel and right. It's. I don't why well because of how the NFL battle the patriots overs deflate gay. Sometimes or is it if Felix is there something going on put. That the stat you just pull up. One off but apparently it's literally not possible for only one penalty happened for an offense through three games there's no way an offensive linemen didn't hold somebody just pulled it every clinic at sort of say it's. It's that's why is this sometimes I'm not a huge conspiracy gears but there's just too much evidence for with the patriots. That to play key was to make up for spying gate that's what that there and then and and and by the way. What if someone tell you. That deflating the ball doesn't mean anything out of their mind is if you ever ever played football we've never grateful that connotation when I remember when that last year I kicked a field that was taken a really there yet right. And down so when I when I first got the ball. I shed it so the head of security could Chris Clark was obvious he got it and doing now and so Chris and let them Mike. These ball as hard he's like yeah I sits on it that we it really makes a difference when you deflate easily it totally makes a difference it. You've played football better grip better and our grip no fumbling last the ball is happier if you go and that is why. Okay it's a whole different feel into football. If it is heavy. Am OK it literally practiced heavy. And sold you know take an air out and it also kind of will dictate how that ball rotates. It took no question. It's no there's no question in my mind. Well and that no we have to go to our first break and it becomes the debris flying by add delusional self really back at a couple minutes come back. Stay with us question your can't wreck. This is frank put her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 8553761. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up well the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions for employers about when he liked. In the surrounding areas with excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check this out cat staff buffalo dot com. Step buffalo where buffalo where. 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It is the second Sunday in a month where in studio it's legal matters I'm Lauren Lewis with Nicholas Del Mar and we have frankly tent feel from left Tempe OP sealock Furman studio and Arabs aghast DC come and that's I don't know I didn't accidentally sit out that. Until we even have an angry it's not it's going to talk super volley on C buyers. The Olympics are going man I love this week and next week Hillary presentation of buffalo athletes. Everything of any Olympic the level of the Olympics haven't watched any yet. Two today after. I have line at the end. At the bar is cheaper here apparently the superior brains okay superhero I want my daughter to watch on the little of the Olympics to see what she thinks about it so I love it are you starting to get her acclimated into sports army and it should go to our KJ has done yet she isn't any anything organized but you know war with the during the summer in the basement should search took golf lessons at park last year cheese. And she I have her kicking a soccer ball ever to that stuff so we're here and we're gonna start up this summer at the side and stuff like that might. Far she's for an SP five and makes ocean almost five from. And so I'm like I'm I'm I'm looking for a target initially is she's going to be I. First our mother's a tremendous athletes and mean my wife is just day. Can I think she's a gifted athlete actually my wife is justice and never. And my wife would use her athletic ability. She would have been I mean she's really I mean she can pick up but she picked up a golf club when we when we first started dating. She started hitting the ball to earn 25 yards down themselves there might. I would kill to do this I would kill nationals he asked so she's and as. I mean I was college athletes so I had a crew Ayman. Biggest supporter of getting kids involved in sports again its sole. Beneficial to so many aspects of their life you know just learning how to be part of a team learning how to be coached Ty management's. Self discipline and still many benefits to being part of the question. And it's of them the most important part of it is that support me it's it's and being part of a team you know I never liked and you know I think as as a kid I think. I don't like individual sports it was just wasn't for me I always like being part of a team that that to mean. So but it does it it's it's great for everybody's it's great for kids should learn what speaker adding new members of the team news editor and it would turn to you and Gail and yell and yeah actually Brian. Attitude to nor attorneys and we have to. And she potentially add another one and sewing and became mine. I can call my utility infielder he he'll cover me. GA expansions on some criminal cases. He's doing some work firm litigation departments or he's learning from the ground up which it and the you're in a I think every attorney just like a kid playing sports returning should really learn. Hi to do a number of different areas of law before they start focusing because you'd been here. If than your pigeonholed into something and he's learning from now. Brian not just came mine. He replaced as you Bryan Wagner I got a job isn't an issue of law judge. So so we're happy for him but it's a required us to fill his position and we did with bright enough to. Came over from and other offices and there was another office eighteen years and he's just. I'm really happy although I've only seen them two days because I was on vacation started this week if I. Franks general. So I was nervous so there are now on the case and my wife had us down there that two I was there and again real. She even told some of that may say that Frankie was in real answer the last couple days so. But it was it's so we're great I mean the firm is stranger than I mean I know it's only five weeks into the year but it's. And others just did it but last year was everything was kind of rolling in and you know business is crazy right when you this. I understand in an effort to this list and there. Took over the business three years ago my four years from now from my father. In a now completely understand he was miserable most days. If not and especially during the holidays mean you know when when when the buck stops with you. It's a holding a wake up and Melanie you're thinking about. How long term projects you're thinking about cash flow issues you're thinking about you know because sometimes it's funny David chances. In our office he says he got a remembered. He can't get too high and you can't get too low when because this is everything goes and everything goes in that particular present. To the offering yet the X a mutt well my wife just redid our website at stiff and then it's you I'm so happy well. You know we actually partner with them and account. So in her term is now doing our social media. Her web site. Obviously right on the radio with and their camels so they they've done just respect him respect human judge who solvent and that group and that. Really can't can they. People there right now it's in Europe beat army your what's new York at work yes. Look of course you know I love doing this column I've been in this three years offering them. I'd love President Obama. This I would do it every reached actually yeah yeah Irish is that Doug Elliott said if you take a weekend off I'll just come do the show you know be careful what you ask for. I have. But that being said frank suffered the firm is growing so what do you look for arm when you're assessing that but the right type of fraternity that can fit into your culture. How he wants this the right to me to be grinder right you always are. Look at this if you hear my video in any human intelligence is obviously critically right to me to be very Smart. But you estimate reached an arm and our practice in the Carolina work you want somebody to be street Smart right it's a big difference in books are. I. First on anybody go to law school yes I am I mean like I tell people timing and you can get it donkey to be a lawyer right I mean it's just that again it's not brain surgery there's only one thing again as precursors or springs surgery being a lawyer is not a green hampering search and but you have to have some moxie you have to have some. Just some guts and you've got to be able to. And you look at what we look forward to is somebody who wants to go out and and be successful themselves. He we once self starters is we don't want everybody you know every law firm needs. Some people that. Can do the working grind out the paperwork because I'm today something I'm not doing paperwork in the marketplace that. But you want somebody who's a self starter who says you know I wanna make some money. And I want them and I wanna move forward you know some day you know I've never actually hit somebody. Freely and part partner track before in my short three years just because. It's I don't know it just isn't that right person hasn't come along but you know like. I want to me that lasted some basic and one piece SP one be responsible. For. You know I wanna wake up in the moment worried about that the UR Kessler next cases coming and. It. Accountability. That leadership. Rights are earlier in different areas again that you specialists but we do I mean the best part about our firm and when boy girl came north from him and boy was here. If you remember and he said the best thing about moving over our firm is that we do everything so realist about this leaning does there Steve working real estate work. On Amanda's effort as our workers worked so workers after turning. We do family court match morial work if it does most. Object changes. Does that mean it's in the artwork to. We do a lot of personally work and we do corporately. For anyone who has a lead them which they. Our policy 553761. Of course you report which key. Guys know we're at the two mean drew. Parting thoughts that's where mr. DC. The caught yup he's out got. After OK welcome back here. The next time I come Iowa and Allen talked especially you know obviously has been. African Americans and one thing really with interest in over the last month is watching the coaching and I always discussed the Rooney rule. And I think it's such an interesting topic next time come. Someone remind me that I'll remember that yes that that's a legal issue it's a legal issue goes affirmative action can be great topic our. Account OK so sorry. Well I don't think everyone beyond just my you flew by again and I want to blitz let's say let's go team USA guys love the Olympics I'm so excited and now and go sabres tonight. There's no different way to regularly at. The thinks so much less generic Delaware for joining us again this week things frank thinks DC thinks down and learn Lewis and tune in next week at 10 am on EST and fifteen funny. To Western New York it works sponsored in part five of ten field PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.