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Sunday, February 11th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition of slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time forests and this Sunday morning we're here every week from 1030 to eleven. And always welcome your suggestions for the show if you want some previous show us simply go to ESPN. 1520 dot com look under the weekend shows to have. In your fight Oliver podcast from a previous shows and this is the only lights and a radio show in buffalo radio. So we have all sorts of gas from all walks of life. Whether it's medical foods legal real estate. Businesses. Events happening inner city with so much talent and this is this journalists and to return to cover. As much as passed ball always open to suggestions if you like to demean caller counting me out. Hit me up on FaceBook Twitter social media in any capacity or simply commie directly at the station 84306. I want. 84306. One while it's a pleasure to welcome back to the show Adrian by Lou ski. In Adrian is a chef who is is a very good reputation continues to grow in the competitive food market. And Adrian latest venture is a food truck caught loose cannon Adrian welcome to Cheryl thank you grant it's great to have you back here and you were that are recent John Mack attack at the buffalo area and Miller's part was never kissed signature events. It's a sell out event every year and you weren't there you are and the participating eighteen restaurants. At the Mac attack how did it work out or you. It was a lot of fun we got a chance this or over 800 people to us a lot of Matt. Everybody seemed to enjoy their food we serve national hot chicken McEntee is tied based after one of our partners he lives in Nashville so total influence of an on that. I would is a lot of fun not who came out hot everything went very smoothly and has a great event. It was a lot of fun is you said we'd over 800 listeners participate in the Mac attack. Any idea was cigar ran to the various. Now when you talk about the national line and I was a little lot tip of the chefs had to your friend on a national what exactly was in there. So it was both. I'm braced and fried chicken national hot chicken is usually fried chicken served over white bread with pickles. So our Mac and cheese was cap atop the noodles. Pickle smoked white Saturn and regular sharp chatter and then breeze and fried chicken hot so's. Pretty complicated that practically gets tossed in national spice it is usually kind temporary. Onion garlic and brown sugar while so it had some key to it and I was thing went over very well. It shows pretty labor intensive Adrian did it take you are a number of hours to just crack the chicken and the macaroni. Yes it did. Attendance a limited time body is that north. Well it was great exposure for the food church you know you pocket track your telling me back in November. And your goal is to get death a loose cannon food truck on the road as of April 1 in this is now April fool's joke and this is really. Going to happen for you how did you decide when to get the truck asked if the -- around. Well though licensing in the city buffalo alt I re news as of April 1 so if we want to we can get on the road currently but due to the weather and it's a solid opening business things that we need to take care of without his best week on the road April 1. What is your what your thought in terms of doing a food truck there are several that are coming on in your pewter really maintain their status and people look for those who tracks. When you're thinking of the concept of doing this what pushed you in the. Direction. Well I think that over a motivation has said. The in my own box sent to be our own boss there are two other owners of the truck and my brother Adam I was he and our other partner Jordan Davis has MS and lives in Nashville. But we wanted to be our own boss and we just wanna stop trading time for money and we wanna do summit ourselves so we east. Combine our strengths are we wanna be a food truck that helps people step out of their comfort zone as we are doing by creating our own business. So. Our food and hope we were it will reflect that we're trying to make people enjoy some things that maybe they never tried before or bring it some unfamiliar flavors. Are you talking head of an American fusion. Yes definitely we're going to be trying influences from a lot of international food and applying to comfort foods. And you can even sort of make the argument that it's mutated and tegra you've got these various. Forms of chicken it was an elbow macaroni and never again a house to act. And then all of the spices so. My concern at the Mac attack was duplication but it seems everybody had their own spin it in years certainly was among the more creative ones. Do you. Hip and now Adrian or you can just put some ingredients together and make it this review feel more comfortable following a recipe. I almost a very rarely follow recipes unless it's something I'm baking which US a RS needs the more of an exact exactly but I think most things that you're done by taste. So you have to continue to taste your food over and over again and so you really can taste each component in everything that goes into it. So I think restaurants tend to overdo the ingredients were perhaps simplicity may be a better recipe. Do you find that. You can taste the flavor better if you confine it to maybe two or three ingredients. 100% I think that I Ozzie for myself secular rule of thumb that I try to keep for a last experience of clay. And if there are more it's only in small quantity. But you definitely want a model flavors like keep things clean simple and that's usually the easiest investment about it. And you frank as you fortune some major restaurants in the buffalo market and you have received a passion for food. You've people's lives of people in Western New York or more discerning that their talent is more perhaps sophisticated. Then maybe a generation ago now I know your young Nancy you can't speak from personal experience that have you seen an evolution in the food business. Oh definitely I'd say that people less here now haven't I first you need an. And delicious food we have so many great restaurants and summing crates a stab us apps that are. Doing such incredible. Incredible work that I think that Tennessee buffaloes are senator reflected in their taste. I think so too we are giving had a chance to travel a bit you see all sorts of cuisine and in different cities in different countries for that matter. I put buffalo up against anybody I think Arabic food scene is phenomenal for midsized city like this. I have to agree a 100% I'd say that and so most of my friends I think this after many would be very very proud of the work they're putting right now. Well and you talked about the truck an American fusion so do you have in your mind maybe five or six items that you think will be sort of staples on your food truck and you. I honestly think it might run a slightly smaller manual I'd like to stick to maybe three to four large items and say two to three small start. But to start I think every should keep their eye out for our Coconut Creek lace baby back ribs. You culprit and her raised coconut curry going cracked so ought to have a little bit heat to it exactly and some really delicious flavor I love curry and there's such a misconception about it's nice would you agree. I'd I'd 100 Saturday I think most of our easily turned off by either experience and they're too young to really appreciated or it just. It has really strong points now but it's absolutely delicious I think that everybody's image. The other thing too that I try to sprinkle in my food is tumor. Do you do it as well I love tumor that has on how that it's as well yeah. I think it's great excuse especially with the anti inflammatory benefits of adding it's a little flavor to it if you spell watch out because it. Against external I everything yes absolutely. And I remember the last tenure and the show wagering you're working in a restaurant and you talked about it. Attention to detail and answer really struck me about what you do in the ability eater really drilled down to. The ingredients in your food in a way that reflects short attention to detail you return came out buying micro greens and picking out your own. Terms and so forth things that are here. Grown and John rate here locally rather than buying them mass produced her I guess the point and getting to is you still try to seek an out even in the dead of winter. Oh absolutely I think that. Everyone is still doing as Bassett and sport local. I it's really important as vote support to local farmers and everything's still during the winter it's easy equally as hard if not harder for them right so everyone is still working off the solid rounds reloading at. Things like pizza. Also us every terrorists. Call Robbie several different route vessels but I'm shirt once spring sir it's on in here we'll get some different vessels and and and I'll just yet is it. It's great to have those actions to is that I can think as more and more of those options available to us he even occasional hook like myself. You can go to our farmers are going to be nice and things weren't necessarily pick up summer house I love that diversity of what's offered nowadays. It's a great great food scene it was in the meeting recently we return man had there are 250 restaurants are open. Just in the downtown buffalo area over the past two or three years. In the sense veneer of very competitive marketplace Adrian how do you feel that your food truck can compete. I think we can compete by finding different niche spots the cut. I think that catering is going to be big for us large event type catering is going to be great I think that dot. Restaurants and Rick Maher always have their place and people always go to them I think it's just a matter being Smart and efficient with my time in the truck and where we're selling food. Right right he done any sort of mock ups had to have working in a very confined space like a truck. Almost it's an abandonment treaty tiny him but I advocate and some things my home case and that's made it pretty difficult as well. But we will be doing some dry runs in the truck shortly but hopefully I'll go out. If you need it tastes are having now chair now I Adrian Lewis is the young man who's on the show today he is the owner operator. Of the soon to be revealed that loose cannon food truck you may have seen Adrian and his brother Evan and it's the Mecca tactic kiss sponsored. In late January at the merry so you'll be seeing this local around town and if people wanna get in touch with you to set up loose cannon. Perhaps in their parking or in our party how does one get in touch to your. You can reach him by phone or email my phone number 763612774. Breaking email me at Adrian at loose cannon food truck dot com or you can visit us on FaceBook insert him or Twitter. And you can also visit our website at loose cannon food truck. Back nice and easy to remember loose cannon again the phone numbers 3612774. Did you come up with a name. It really is this a reflection of my south cooking I think it's. What I wanna be doing it's out there unpredictable fun. As just a real loose cannon type situation as this one it'd be doing something that I wanted to do and produce some really really great creative suit. And what are the hours for the future in have you decided if I say more about lunch and dinner Christine are you going to be on in the early morning during practice habits and Russia account. We will look at anytime and anyplace but at this hour of the morning and serve well we're gonna read to insulate network as well so we're not opposed thanks. So it's really quite open at this point and then he'll determine you know what makes the most sense and an amazing going forward yes hundreds great again to book Adrian struck 3612774. Loose cannon is also available all over social media Adrian you're always reinventing yourself I. I salute you for your hard work and I think he's roster coming in this morning thank you so much for after. We'll be back right after this. 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Well yeah I think nick pulls off play Brady looked at the end of the day they won the game now made a couple of throws absolutely do and I mean it's hard for me to say while ready to play well and then finally and I are not present and I'm not saying that at all Brady's growth I get that but. Just in this game. I thought Brady Wallach a Tony yards about Brady there was a Han. A Michael Goldberg receivers I mean they were figure out the coverages by sending guys in motion seeing who was going in motion he knew it was Manny knew were restored. And only time they were getting destroyed there was a terrible from receivers. For Brady got a lot of yards pretty obvious he's a fantastic quarterback put the weight falls most threading the needle and dropping the ball and in this game hot to me. I decided you're gonna tell me do one outplayed the other people of all those yards I would say that's full fit Buffalo's home for gold again windows weekly morning 66. One ESPN 1520. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. That's 8430651. And welcome back to slice of life on the Sunday much appreciative of view curving out some time forest each and every Sunday. And big shout out to the K Carrick having Paris pressing on the bonds forests weekend and week out we weren't the only driver in the right direction without our version of the cake care of thanks cabinet. Well it's a push welcome for the first time our show today. Picture clarity and Patrick. Has a very interesting line of work he has training program for developing and enhancing. Leaderships chaos through his company which is charity. Management services good morning good morning Brenda thank you for inviting me well I'm still pretty heavy here because I think it's tough to sometimes nailed down why these types of programs. And the development and enhancement of leadership skills and give an organization are so important to one's day to day work life. When you tell people do for a living you describe the importance of what you do in terms of its readership help. Well I I tie it back to the. Mission indeed that the mission is to help individuals. And organizations continuously improve. And that pro relates to the and Japanese philosophy of ties and continuous improvement and it also relates to Steven cubbies are seventh. Habit that is to sharpen the saw so it is a lifelong process. So we we focus on helping individuals get better. And as a result of that then. The our collective capability of the organization. Gets better and they can there are more likely than to achieve their goals. Now we talk about this could it be training and is it fair to say coaching pat. Coaching coaching. Yes yes coaching is involved. In the head. My role is to coach in. Managers aspiring managers knew managers. Or managers who have been around for awhile. In to identify areas in which they can beam. A more effective. And we start out by first of all identifying. Their stripes. Because there's a evidence and in neuroscience that. If you focus on the positive first then very often it opens a person up they are more receptive to suggestions and to. Identifying areas in which they can get better. So. Coaching is a bit of a big part of it. And it's also one of the skills. That I help managers. Develop so that they can coach their subordinates as well. So focusing on the positive first. Is the idea. Yeah it it really is and and as I mentioned what this does it look we all have strengths and we all have areas in in which we can improve. And bite by focusing on on the strengths. Then typically the person being coached. Would just be more open to suggestions and to waste to improve their own performance. Your kid it's interesting you say it because they think no matter how c.s and one is or how thick once scan as it's tough to be criticized. And it hang out in my own experience if somebody opens with the criticism that. I tend to remember just that instead of the good stuff so I look at psychology here because I've often thought it's the best way to approach this it's better to focus on. Something the person is doing right. Since you hammer and hammer their mistakes and errors. Because I think that just mentally they maybe more receptive and you're saying this science actually bears itself yeah. Yes the the gun and knew the neuroscience appears set out that. And if we start with a negative than the more we focus on on the negative it activates a certain part of the brain. That this sort of shuts down and openness and creativity and so spurt. Where is focusing on the on the positive. It's sort of intuitive. That it it opens the person up and they are then more open and more receptive to having a conversation about. How do we get better. No he have you seen this work with. Young people vs somebody who spend say as CEO for years and years does that work on the air your level of experience. It can work it's completely up to the individual sorry I have worked with. Folks in the top levels of organizations. In some have been very open and very receptive they want to continuously improve they want to get better. And there are others who are more resistant they think they're they're already and itself sometimes we we say they don't know what they. They don't know. And but through. Constant dialogue there and so on. Affirmations that look. We we are trying chewed to find weaknesses and in you we're looking to who worked together to find areas where we can be more effective. For the benefit of of ourselves and for the organization as well. Sure now we talk about your leadership training practice who would you say is your target market can win what is the contents. Well the target market includes. A new managers and very often especially in smaller organizations. People get promoted because they're effective at a certain level of the organization. So they get promoted into a new position whether supervising other people in that really requires a an expanded skill set. So for new managers or for those who hope to aspire to a manager real position. This this training is is targeted. At them. And capital archer level it's targeted at organizations. Who want to. Provide deer employees especially their managers or supervisors with the skills so that they can be more effective and the organization can be more effective. And regarding the contents of the focuses on. What I called leadership skills and I've identified ten leadership skills that I believe are. Essential to. To just getting the most subtle and a person's role as a leader or manager and those include. Things like communicating effectively. Delegating four efficiency and delegating for empowerment. Managing conflict. Most or organization tales have been issued to two out develop. And the skill that I think is is really most important and that is creating effective teams. Well whether B get to topple level of the organization or smaller departments over the cases. To help work groups. Department's work units what are their call. To help them become more effective. Talking with pat Harry T from guarantee appropriate laughter appropriately in our heritage management services and pick can be reached at 4220101. It's fourteen to 0101. Okay you consult with all us types of businesses no matter how small or large correct. Yes yes and I found that. That there are some real commonalities in the issues that they hear out because of one thing that they do have in common. This people's. And when you hear people then the issues that typically come up our issues related to communication. To conflict to to working together. And then what we can do is a drilled down into something is brought us communication and say well what does that mean exactly. And whether it's a large organization or small organization. And typically. Effort discussion about this what we discover is that very often it's about the goals that are unclear. Roles that are unclear. Changing circumstances. And so what while people might say well we need better communication skills are really needs to be broken down so that. We we can I get to the root cause of the issue and an address there. Have you been able to determine some essential characteristics of good leaders you mentioned good teamwork is key to ask you see. With those characteristics of people who are strong leaders. Well some of the more obvious traits are. Humility. Integrity. Having a vision. It's the and I found that those who characteristic which are central by the way. Our need to be supplemented by the data base skills that the leaders need to hear of in their interactions with people whether they be clients or. Employees or. There the stakeholders. End of those include those skills and I mentioned earlier the communication skills and delegating and and team building and so forth. And it also includes. Emotional and intelligence the most effective leaders that we see. Camp this this level of emotional. Intelligence. Yen in almost every case to not born with a it's something that they've worked and it's something that they've developed. Endo which again is a lifelong process yes and so it's a combination of this. Big picture view of the vision and these are personality characteristics of of humility and integrity. Combined with this skill set which. Enabled the day to day activities. And then supported all by an emotional intelligence. It's so pick its way out when Kobe tax about sharpening the shot it's truly what he's talking married it's lifelong. Improvement during learning her earned. Or massaging those characteristics. That that's absolutely right and he it's. No matter where a person is no matter what stage of their their career that that their Rian. These are opportunities for improvement handed it does take some humility there. And the especially the idea of emotional intelligence shall this self awareness and self management. Other awareness and relationship. Management those are skills that help a person professionally and personally. And they can be developed over the course of the light of a person's lifetime and then in protect its central tapie. Continuously improved over person's lifetime. And I think it makes it more interesting for their person chewed out and you attack doing the same can't drone work if you're canceling Kenner reflecting on how you're doing. Grocers and got to be happy medium that's right after. Try well you'd you mentioned Steven Covey and one of his quotes is that one of the most exciting prospects in life. Is the ability to get better. Yeah facility to improve. So that that that really should be energizing I think and and encouraging that. No matter where we are. What what stage were and we we can always get better. And like their philosophy you've got a very interesting business cared to and from city runner reach Patrick. His numbers for 220101. Again it's area code seven point six of course tortured to. 010 whining and you're parity you have a puzzle with different pieces one talks about environment technical skills and I Q inborn personality. And the other side leadership's chaos emotional intelligence that's been missing piece and and I loved the carrot is very symbolic. Pet at it's been a pleasure and something that I think a lot of people can take advantage of making just call you directly yes they can and then he'll discuss options on how you might help them and it doesn't and criticizing the organization. Does not matter at it in it can be a a small business such a starting out with two or three or five employees are in and it can be eight archer up. Organization and the out the mission is to help the individuals in the organization and the organization. Continuously improve. Thanks for I'm making me think about mice on serving its thank you very mr. coming in today and thank you for having me on my pleasure. Well better putter ramp on another fun show from food trucks to management services slice of life this year every week. Thanks returning and everybody stay safe and warm and attacking next week. Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.