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Sunday, December 17th

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Associate publisher of buffalo have been living magazine. According to the New England and I feel like this is the fact of the hostages inside the month caused by a virus. That generally affects young children during item and went ten month. An adult disinfection and isn't that nice theory but until then as can be dangerous especially if the buyer at this map Claire quickly. Symptoms include wheezing and breathing harder in order to compensate. Across that maybe dry as predicted you guessed. Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing and fatigue. And fever nasal twang and and Canadian at a time. The best thing to prevent Frankie a light it is to reduce the spread of cold tires says through the home. With frequent hand washing and cleaning up shared items and on the house. This house because it's rocky by the Hamburg Paris pediatric rheumatology. With the highest everything quality. Third pediatrics has been cheating children from birth to funny when you're that age from more than thirty years and specializes in difficult diagnoses. Call 71 expects exports that. I have like 88 for more information. More information and regulator can be found in January issue of buffalo healthy living magazine and can't defend declining. Buffalo how visiting magazine as wet and you ex premier. Free health fitness and nutrition magazine for people of all ages. With over 200000. Computers and thousands more police and mine. We invite about the Catholics that matter most Arab leaders look back at every area why he hasn't passed. Along with thousands of other locations across Ali counties of Western New York. You can visit us online a couple of copies of the dot com. Well follow us I think the competitors enjoy how you live with buffalo healthy living magazine. Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning problems two west of Newark Airport your business from the conversation I'm your host Tim Martin livelier ESPN 15:28. Am. Where we are happy fine and I'm joined by my wonderful co host Laura and blowing good morning. Raining down I don't feel as sick this morning is you don't Bradley is thereon and unlike coming gray black bystander or. So interest isn't happy holidays really taken out hunting season is now resting against McCain in rent and I'll I missed the memo out Al. OK I expect to Starbucks cup where's mine. You know what I it was studio with gifts yeah players. It was not including examine that argument they had such as you can ask upstairs can Lilly. About the gaps are getting dinner Garrett got a new a you have such an hour. I I'm saying yes. Sorry guys doing this morning per acre are real wonderful wonderful that that's worked for the day wonderful loan went with a wonderful Stan. What do for crew wonderfully elegant knowing that you like. It's gained able Syria to the W and that I'll feel better. Yes you right you're absolutely right so look we have a deck today. You know went down. I'm good for is back to you because tip stock Saturday's. Before the show meetings Sunday morning they get an email from you about who our guest is going to be and that this I locked in this morning. No no clue notable here. No they're doing I walked in the studio in case he microphones and keyboard and Tony we have some pretty talented musicians well and. Let us to date is the kickoff of everything. Holidays with Western European work and we are so happy to have live history with this. Katie and grassy and her husband Jeff grassy mr. DJ himself guys welcome to Western Europe to work. Thank you so much for having asking and I don't think excellent Warren theme Keogh and cleaner absolutely. Well today. I didn't. Think. Yeah and then there. I'm Susie. Matt buffalo. That's right an Iraq that I love it. Today really flak this morning. So let's welcome our infrastructure. With the audience in your listeners who are you. My name is Katie and and and in studio with my husband and sees. And without music artist. You can go to my website Katie and music intact come. And and sees no exact count and her husband wife team where both solo artists that we work together. And the producer and write lots of music. We've released five how bonds' total. And richest music meaning yet it and we met we wa I experienced some of that this past four. Yes we met Dion. Let's start with sleep it's my friends sleep DT on her own soda soda soda yes yes you mentioned your name. Yes. Yes she asked him she's a wonderland and and she's definitely doing big things so we hosts dead to plan. A project in Chile cocktail party and her story and Heather Bellini attack if he also sponsored the event. And it's a music events one seeing many concert at Christmas concerts that are doing this season. I'll as charity for project chewing which is the benefits. To help Roswell park race funds for brain cancer research. Went away from random poll. Cost shifts in cam. Well you know what we go to combat that conversation as we always do each and every Sunday because this is like on ESPN radio 1520 with Diaw and Lauren. This final what's happening in the world of sports. Here with your sports update I'm losing pfc its countdown to kickoff as the bills. It's a take on AFC east rival Miami Dolphins in where field. Miami it's seven its only game behind the bills for the final wild card spot and are coming off an impressive win against the patriots on Monday Night Football. To Feller threw for three tossed around the Miami defense force Brady to throw two interceptions. Tyrod Taylor would've been not a quarterback for the bills after missing last week's ice bowl against the colts the patella tendon contusion suffered against the patriots. Backup quarterback Nathan human remains and custom protocol although WGR by fifty's self a pot your reports Peter and could still be activated as to his back. If not Joseph Webb will back up Taylor. Pick up except for 1 o'clock pregame Indian and post game coverage can be found over at our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. More injury news to report offensive tackle Corey Glenn was placed on injured reserve after suffering a foot injury the wind started in just five. Of the thirteen games this season. We're going to the playoff picture of the bills or hang onto the sixth and final playoff spot AFC at seven and six. Both the ravens and chargers are right behind buffalo with a seven win with seven wins the peace. This update is brought to pilots have UPC bloggers you're completely legal counsel and I thought he pizza enjoy the game but I slice of bodies freest and 1520. I'm Rudy via. Awesome things so much Lou. Welcome back to questioner at where we are innocent this morning in a fun show festive show and we have Katie and grass in her husband's asked. AK AMC Zell know why you. It's it's only the half hour show. But eight ABC's Saturday as a child Britney nickname hot and went to like hockey Balboa hot zillow. This alone and then settled and sees so awesome. And this tells me up there yeah it'll have progression from the name. When he came he came in on the deals attire. Are these bills collars. Easily rack and Rosie Jones Jersey people hate Nancy Jones in the you know lack. I'm a letter from the get go and we're gonna have a good days it feels and today do you really get the holiday that I hopes again. In the hugest deal and edit letters and act snowy game last week I asked did you go to it we weren't there. Now I was watching comfortable in my warm house looking out at no snow in the city and watching that. Crazy aunt it's not expedience and gas as kind of like. He's really fun to be there and a little bit of Beaumont and you know Elena do every night day and slavery illegal when it counted them. Illegal undertaken so that's. Why what you think I just what wore suits and Aaron decades. Other high alert businessman from Steiger. And. My brother's probably a citizen thing. What guys you know because we have limited time let's really get into the that that can be instant in the heart of mark today's conversation. He casually arm. Embarking on something that's really a mission that's greater than your cells and so can you share with known. Which with us and our listeners exactly with the machinists. Inky camp anger. Well we are publishing company week created a publishing companies this year called allocate proud. Hands. I also in the summertime aim Jeff's father got sick with brain cancer he interacts heat from Utica. Cannot to buffalo to go to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. And that's where we discovered he has clamp last Emma. It's a very aggressive. Form of brain cancer and there's snow a year. I'm only achievement to make him comfortable so it's just when it's mind boggling for our family with it's terrible it was terrible new us and it. Changed I'll I asked. And Jeff and I and what. Wait and see it changed since woody please refer to. I think sometimes. We can take. Our basic. Daily lives in it for granted grain or you know sometimes we're too busy to make phone calls to family members or to friends. And when when cancer. Strikes any one of our families. You know and it really just. It puts things in perspective fray and it really you really can't give banks and the roots of humanity and you know. And you wanna be there for each other yes you know even more than. Then any typical day and so we over the last several months. You know we've we've tried to uplift. Not only means that our family's spirits. But others around because everybody. Almost every single person. That we talked to. Is affected with cancer in one way or another and their families or they know somebody so. You know how do you go through that. And and we use music and positive that he and and then in the gift of our effort giving cells that basically. Just. So how are you create awareness. Well project joy began when in the summertime. They started residency at Roswell park pulling piano and their lobby. And I got so much gratitude. Found that patients they appreciated the music so much and you can count. It via the mean thirteen. I genuinely believe that music is therapeutic. It's a positive distraction in people's rights and it heals. Says that's the root of it was started playing there. And then we got to thinking hey we can't physics. Bob cancer. That's my father and I we can't take it away from him. And it's here. So all we can do gains try to make everybody more comfortable including ourselves. And maybe one day help find it here and that was what inspired us to do this Christmas mission. Where we're doing all these different Christmas concerts there I'll for me there I'll eat is that different venues and buffalo. And out of chest. Raise the spirits of everybody. Connect to me that human connection and empathize with others that have been through cancer doesn't have to be just brain cancer. Any cancer. I. Pray and then. You know obviously raising the funds for arousal part to help them. And not only are me doing our benefits. With the actual Christmas concerts but we do we are making a personal art destination. I plan. Selling giving half of all of our merchandise sounds too with the kinds. We treated a project Chile merchandise line. And which assists really beautiful chapel class and actually wearing it. And this have a cup logo that I want analyst yes we have to get back are you retreated beanie. T shirt and Christmas ornaments. Off for the tragic showing buying and selling those that are available on our laps I. And they're available interest and if you come to any of our clients and half of cells will go. To the cop I guess that's why it's them we also have a link and set up directly on the Russell park website. That you can also make. Donations straight to class. Isn't really taken a unfortunate circumstance for your family to try and raise the awareness. And give back to when you're so lucky at Roswell park cancer issues in our backyard as a snapping medic constitution for those suffering with cancer. You're really trying to just take it Sarah situation and turn it into something that can help raise people's spirits and raise money for. Great cause exactly. That is awesome. And it makes us feel like we're not so helpless in the situation. When you watch somebody that you love. Chest. You know changing right in front it's terrible well speak or make us feel so special before we take first -- Help us feel special with your voice immunity and Annika pound free him. Yes. CD slider while. He's seen flat wrong. Stick her in rural till he stick. Him. In the as a field and then pumped crews from. Since you're math team and people passing game. Not ill after nine. On every street worn on. The. Seeing our mode then. Seen over the it's cruised through earth to the. All of us is saying. A ring around the man. Can't come. Soon. In a room. Smooth. Awesome awesome I don't Andy any guess saying like my little dream to be able to sing that well when he's Selma that's what I can teach him. Off PayPal a lot of lessons and the west. In New York or work life at ES PF 15:20 AM would deal Murton and Laura Lewis don't go anywhere we have worked great how are they. Conversation on the epicenter of this park. What in new York at work and its partners will push your vision and we'll likely scared hungry greedy is part of our marketing director of hold my own department of VI global when they'll meaningful is you can't he's partnership he wanted and they go well what we've accomplished. Number ones and fives has been. Or from our homework by bill he's got me government bungled an awful lot more than on the capitol affluent QU AI global and that part was. Holidays here in Connecticut law alone ones hi this is marvelous B when you want to buy or sell homes in the country it was and you can contact me it doesn't want to do these. On behalf of my family I would like to review it definitely is a very Merry Christmas happy easier to be helpful in western new York at work and Harden who was sheared. Happening now in and. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. This is their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning post. Custom designed servers and network infrastructure solutions at access CU group they go the extra mile to handle even your most basic IT in business needs such as setting up your internal Wi-Fi system. And they provide 24/7 help desk support and manage services. Stop worrying about the complexities of your IT problems and focus on the solution. By contacting your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York that's excelsior group. Call 5687990. To schedule an appointment or visit them at accessing a group dot com. Happy holidays buffalo this a soda from start with sleep your best resource for natural sleep solutions. Wishing Ewing yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Welcome back to western yards out where. I am I listen back on us cellmark and and in studio this morning we have Katie and grassy and Jack grassy. To musicians and if you're just before the break we just had a beautiful beautiful. There's an silver bells. And Nike capella is Amy extremely envious because. NYNEX light and coming back at the top stack really get in your pockets and you because you like to. And off on that beautiful thinking some you come up being in this morning and before the show we're talking about and project joy. Yeah it is a foundation he started to raise money for Roswell park. And that those with cancer. And you mention some holiday concerts that are coming up on any given event today. I TO. Yes we have an event today at Gordon flake church into PO. And that starts at 5 o'clock will be from five to seven and will be performing with my keyboard and singing Christmas carols. And Obi sing along at the end of the events says that's going to be a really joyful beautiful and today. And then tomorrow. Is our last Christmas caroling advance in this spot copy and Ken marks from six to eight. I'm can be bringing my class out and a piano and voice teacher. So a bunch of these can it's. Very talented children. Are going to be coming out and helping to the heat. Christmas care. And yet it's gonna be self kindness and I encourage our community. Come on out this is an all these are both Ali just concerts today and tomorrow. And then add to that we're gonna be on on our Christmas hiatus but we're still gonna be raising funds for rats wound. And we're gonna do a clouds parity which is a digital advanced. You can check my website TV and music attack comes what do you allow heat on the 23 if December. And I were used them luck in life music and and then on the 28. At noon and green my students. She rats well to actually play for the patients which can beat a really unique experience for them. And we're gonna turn in all of the money that we erased subjects. So there really is and speaking of community we have a caller who's holding. Carl what's your question or comment. Oh no question when we moved to weigh on the Lannan who want to Dale's right way back win. We're just friends yeah. The spear and we never quite this morning. Okay through K. Dale was born. Deter them sports callable at all. You know as a matter of factly which is. They'll ask. In one green for an invite. You don't eco. What. And an island that go. Well okay I guess we did not get a little reluctant Larry because they don't do decently. And six class comes in many forms to screen what they've done and. Well Colin about with UK in particular I think what you guys have joined as. A wonderful thing and fact that she's actually. Putting your. Told him I'm behind him all that so many times people straight so many things. I deeply believe in something but they. Don't actually act on an update is a wonderful eulogy. Yes thank you aren't you very much awesome they're taking their talents and really utilizing it for the yeah. In brightening. Agents who separate cancer brining their days in their spirits. Saying something so simple as music can do animate. Yet and it really attack it like I am telling you playing and harassed while it is the basket and after because. It just it's so fulfilling. And I'm I'm not a doctor I'm not a nurse I'm not a lawyer I'm a musician. That this is what I can give back this is what we can get back to our family. To help right now if for anyone who wants to support your cause in you can make a contribution what should they do. Yeah how we would love to get more people to help right now anything from a small donation to relax to nation what how. So please go to my website T and music dot com. Slash projects dashed joy. And there's a direct link to Joni straight to our roster while. We are on a team Roswell paid each so you can. Donate directly on there you can purchase some merchandise from the project lying on our website as well. We've really got some sharp looking products that meet could Christmas gifts are in if you want something for yourself. You know it's really going to accurate Katz says you're gonna buy those gas plant I get that and I get back. TU those packed with its. Exactly yes and and let's talk a little bit about that because you really have some amazing products and I'm looking that you guys and yes you are musicians but you very stylish. And looking at those. Those caps are. And being with the yes Rick the critic is semi Alex there's so hats so hats so beanie is. Assam and bush yeah Debbie is that what you website is FEMA wants to make a purchase. Katie and music dot com there's a store right on the website people can purchase street from there. And I think he got done any time soon it will make sure that you can get them you perceive them by Christmas but the Christmas cash and we'll post that Katie and music web site and question your networks FaceBook page. And Twitter page as well excellent teachers Sherron that we islanders and I'll think yeah. And we we we're very strategic with our coloring we cherries or any because trade is actually the color for brain cancer. And the royal blue is for team around swap itself. That Christmas ornaments that are totally gorgeous that shot or truth he can mail them to people. And their royal blue awaits Aaron 10 o'clock am and land on the act. And it's a white to gray color and then our tee shirts are way with the rail little look now. And that the troubled craft is on your diabetes and yet every now and also as an Angel. I don't know I think that Dallas man many soak the wing and certainly an easier. Imus again into the lungs and myself I don't scenes of president Simon is the title and that. And that's exactly to the artistic expression and you know you king you can take it and you can connect with it in many different ways yeah in the same thing with music. So there's a larger. Enough I I wish I could take credit for that actually. I can't draw a stick figure unfortunately. Hmmm now this is this is the end. I don't matter I sketched it out and then sent to my graphic designer and he turned it until I'll awesome. Really very very awesome well before we take a lesson trying to break. Can you give us another sample of your beautiful points and fifteen. So. And to know me. World. Where I didn't whom. He. School. As news. Me. The he the it shouldn't. Non gonna RN. She and. Early. Hands man whose term. Some Laura and whom. It's. Yeah he. EU. Moon. Know the full new me. He sees. What in new York at work and partners will push your position or want to scare holiday greeting is hi this is Mark Ellis here with our realization like that we're human and we Merry Christmas and happy new year. I'm seems happy associate publisher for buffalo healthy living magazine wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas happy holidays and then. Abbe Pierre. Hi I'm Stan marks director of Pope mobile is probably a cozy I global. With the New York damage it left the holiday season and be happy and happy New England. Maybe apple what do New York can work as partners with the shared vision. She. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure and comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Courts download their new curve bath and get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Welcome back to last me I can't where I learned that lesson I'm Thomas Del Mar and and this morning in studio we had Katie and grassy and Jack grass in their sharing. There musical talents with us and western new York and they're doing it for good cause with Project Hope. He foundation he started for arousal packed and those suffering with cancer so I mean had he is amazing voice. I am with us this morning that's been awesome. They keep I like pressure coped but it's projects or did you only and those that hey it's okay and I think that once or twice and one that's an okay. We haven't tried not to delay act prejudicial will be the agreements. Like element agreement or speaking of the rebate and you know this latest foundations an adult yet. RD and so much with. I think this is the beginning to something much match McCarron I am we realized project today doesn't need to be each at the Christmas time. That we can also do things for other great organizations. All here around just helping family and connecting with people. Aren't we talking before about some musical goals you have when some of those goals for her coming up and it will be in the new year. While we definitely wanna continue on with this journey a project joy. And see where I'll take math we definitely want that we were working on a new album for and seize them. We definitely want to finish that and get that out pac. Because last year we released three albums for me I released my sophomore pop album culture than. I released a symphonic album called wedding music which is for brides and it was actually the music that we used in our wedding ceremony in 2016. And then I released an album cup sun just captures so we wanted to get out their moral we've got so much material we've so much product we want it to her. And and get out there but we're not gonna forget their roots Murray came from a more so thankful for the buffalo community. So thankful for all of our tragic choice sponsors. And daily planet spat caffeine Florida flights start asleep Heather Bellini for attack a fee of all helped us so much with this mission. And we're even the most thankful for the ones Hugh gave us a reason to do this which is my husband's family. We'd like to thank the grassy family rather Craxi who is battling cancer and his wife and a grassy and we love you thanks so much. It's amazing amazing knowing that if that passes showing in radio history and it's Leila what's New York or work. As a great sounds fun show and thank you so much Katie and after being in studio and sharing. You need accounts with us in questioning art and sharing project joy. Thank you so much detail and Diane thank you thank you cannot part of our family. Enjoy today's game enjoy your week enjoy your project Lori parting taco bells go off hello uncle buffalo. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab accessing and group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.