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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time. For us this morning we always appreciate it tuning and we're here from 1030 to eleven every week here on ESPN 1520. Ideas for the shower guests selections you like to see. Folksy like to see interviewed and the show please you are free to call me directly at 843. 06 I won it's my direct line here and enter Camry DO 84306. I want. Pretty active on social media to show the army on FaceBook Twitter. And in to Graham well want the best things about this job is to make it to me a lot of people who do interesting things that are community. And use those places and people learn at his well known as they should be because they're hoping so many people. And it's a delight to welcome to women from hemophilia center of Western New York. I can show put Jane is here and also lowered read Jersey where glory reader who is the executive director. Other hemophilia center worst in New York ladies good morning good morning and mining director Jane are we Q you've been hit hemophilia center for three years now. And here's clinic that's heard of the center call that she clinic as eats eat. Which is an acronym for specialized team ecology experts. What is the mission. That she. Seven mission trip that she can make voice to provide aid Mike Dee disciplinary. Islamic aren't scared aren't young goods and women. Who'll have the leading symptoms aren't I diagnosed with a pleading to saga. And Gloria I know I'm that you have some commercials running announced or when a 2.5 and when you when I first met back in October. You really educated me about why this is such an important issue that there women in and even parents need to understand it's how many. Young women or girls there mayor hip pleading disorders and they just chalk it up to perhaps Teddy periods or other things. Do you see this a lot that there's a lot of misinformation out there. Yes. People are aware that they assume they're not sure what normally is when it comes to a period in that there. Mom head. Heavy periods that was normal for her. So when the when your daughter goes and asks you know. Information or assumes that gets that those periods are happy. They're not because that's what the mother head and there's a lot of fun. People wanna talk about it it's it's certainly not something you discussing your lunch table at schools most girls don't share that information. So that and providers a lot of times are hesitant to ask too many questions so. Are she clinical flea will raise awareness. On and get people talking about. They abnormal bleeding and heavy periods in young girls. Typically to actor Jane who would call us at the the young men who was here at tech for menstrual problems might call. What other what other issues with contribute to access. So. I didn't go agreements with leading news. Analyst of the gangs the finest manifestation often undiagnosed beating us on. I was. Beyond normal women who eat petered they have pretty demanding a face with a tan into half. Menstruation. They've been neat when that phase two red eye to an inch of pregnancy. Even with miscarriage. And that's the Feinstein. That database that something's not trade why that they need to get over a cup can. But I think an important issue ministers recognized that as a problem which. It's an education pieces like constitutes. Nominated leading and what constitute. Heavy bleeding which needs for the management and hook up so it's fair to say that awareness is so key here. Apps are duking. And I think having. To expertise. And Madonna ages ten and will be two and gives them end in sight in two. Puts things of that decider and management. Off their heavy menstrual bleeding and iron. Management as they go or go off a future pregnancy and plan it. So that there is less and safety. Unit undefeated and knife. Yes yes you did mention he went to medical school in India but also trained in Michigan and in Pittsburgh. You for a minute buffalo his high incidence of this or do you see this in other parts of the world or other parts of the US. It's exists and it it's everywhere handle it and if you look at studies are around the worded the activity. As a board of governance of 20%. Is an undiagnosed leading designer. And young goods and then and while presenting with heavy menstrual bleeding. 30% it's almost a third of the female population is nicer in mind boggling numbers and Gloria I have to ask you that her those numbers are staggering TU is there to me. There's there is it's astounding and when doctor Jane proposed starting this clinic focusing on young girls and women. Our hemophilia center typically sees men because men have but he did that aid jeans with a hemophilia. So bringing girls. Young girls into the human feeling senator was a little unknown that you know I'm side but certainly our. Board of directors and our providers they all jumped on the bandwagon because it they saw the need for. Well in the she clinic is relatively new right Jacqui opened in march of this year or so and had even a year old and how do you think I am. It's been received prosperity think that people are understanding the importance of having something like this. I think we've received excellent feedback from the patients in the found east Vick is if you can imagine having an adolescent go to court to will be you Ryan's office. And comparing it to having that come to a pediatricians office. And having an LBJ kind of an open it right then it just used much more comfortable these two disgust is too. Have other founding member is common and I think it's just comprehensive care providing. One today's salon Mehdi going home for these goods. Right yet it's central location. And it helps Steve stigma attached great glorious and then now a big part of the mission frankly is being able to just talk about it and know that there's help. Absolutely we also have a social worker that is there and cash and on top with these young girls and help them to be. More comfortable with expressing you know there's there issues. We're talking with Lori Reagor who is the executive director of the hemophilia center of Western New York it's located and Delaware avenue and the downtown area and also objectors show putt Jane who was he metallic just. And it was her brain child to develop the sheet clinic she is an Akron and the stands for specialized team ecology experts in. Interject your attorney met approximately 30% of women human undiagnosed bleeding disorder which you are awesome treat clotting disorders as well. So is it for folks who have trouble with platelets for example or tell me about how that works. So a clotting disorders typically. An individual as more eager hands and that could not art and none on. And has increased tendency to farm cannot and the party in the face off as stress. All I even fit dollar. Provoking circumstance. On and that she clinic is actually a police even for them. Think it is again reproductive options ire. Management of heavy bleeding. Secondary to being on that denies. It is a very very important part of day knife. And and citing your clinic you know he mentality evaluation. Near an onsite specialty coy elation land. Gynecology and contraception services so a lot of one stop shopping here. Absolutely and I don't need that there's a comprehensive. Care team we have a social worker as an outrageous mentioned. You have physical therapists development. Beyond to have a dentist who were actually special lasers and people who have eating disorders and can the rights specific in what. Do them. Thumb and a hammer and Suzy turner thing. Would it be a woman or girl who has trouble with pleading with two issues. Right so it could be Orange County bleeding. Spontaneously. You are off to procedures. So it doesn't necessarily have to be technological nature there's other places where this applies. I've said OK I am and what I think is so appealing to it's a simple blood test that can really improve a girl woman's. Life. I guess so. The the emission east knocked off raped a few screening and not just. And they give us a lot of information. As a starting point. Annan Veoh had to do a comprehensive history. An exam. So I think I'd probably gives us an ET to 90% of fan at amount of information as to how to proceed further. And so it's it's a quick Kennard. I don't miss it quick diagnosis but it doesn't take you on to evaluate what's happening right but I tell candidates pitching out too because I think sometimes it's a deterrent. If people might think perhaps this is going to be a long ongoing evaluation process it sounds like you know exactly what you're looking for and how to find those answers. Perhaps it okay and it might be a long process for a few look at individual exposures of the gangs. At a screening test as good amount of information. Lorena is a broad overview either she clinic is part of he technology center Western New York. Her she's hemophiliacs inner Western New York what do is your goal and mission with the center as a whole. To. Really raise awareness at our presence and how are specialized positions can help other area positions. Many of the providers are not in Ceylon hemophiliacs. It's not that common in and so when they come across a page that hands hemophilia. He really need resources to go to. In our center enhance those resources for them. Outreach we have become ready counties in western new York and many patients don't like driving in the buffalo. So I would like to expand their services through some outreach clinics and possibly the development of some telemedicine. To be a resource for those positions that are serving in those area. Us I mean if you runner reach other positions as well some here pierced packaging. And with every sense worried they have those positions indicate for you hate it you know that there's a hemophilia center in Western New York can help you absolutely. I would think gets an education process at that level as well accidentally. And lab for people who do need this service is your phone number to call or is there a website that you would direct people through and. The phone numbers 8962470. And our web site is he not feel Leon it's HE and OPH. I LI AA. WNY. Dot com hemophilia Western New York dot com 8962478962470. For information. The hemophilia centers hall on that she clinic. As well and anybody who comes to the she clinic director Jane. It doesn't mean if people feeling right it's important distinction and tried I think it's. What is important is still. Get evaluated and two controllers that heavy beards and all it sort of make it more negative H. It is very very important and improving quality of life and then the second step is to meet a diagnosis as to write this individual is having him sleeping aids. So it's O sports purposes you must go very gratified when you help a young woman. Get control and manage the symptoms absolutely and it's. It doesn't feel. Achieved. I didn't dot and that date. I bat it's gotta make you feel oppressed spring in your staff and thank you for what you do Lorie Reagor thank you for all the information you provided to me or the past few weeks about the hemophilia. Center questioner to me it's a hidden gem and it's nice that you're able to commend this morning Lori Reid here. Actor shall we Jane thank you so much they can do much much more to come on slice of life care route another fifteen minutes forest will be right back. I'm done again. My hips Hyperic ten. Thanks doctor. Today's deal of the day for my buffalo purchase a fifty dollar gift certificate to the closing bell restaurant in Coleman for just 25 dollars. The cold then they'll restaurant is known for local fresh ingredients and homemade desserts tigers out my buffalo perks dot com. I'm gonna get my facts Hyperic ten. A customer service job at seventeen dollars an hour for the evening shift with a consistent set schedule and always two consecutive days off it's available at Geico associates receive an average of two promotions and their first year we're interviewing now this guy could add jobs slash buffalo to apply. 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To oust these. He's your case worth more than insurance companies us call us you might be surprised they got over 600009. Times more what a short office. I am doctor Reid and even diagnosed with a herniated bulging or degenerative disk as your backpackers Annika constantly bothering him and take back control your life just like Teresa from Emerson from the moment I met with doctor reed I felt like I was in the right place I had tried previous treatment with chiropractic and massage therapy which only provided temporary relief with no long lasting results what impressed you with doctor Reid's office his exam was thorough and he ordered X rays which Nolan had done before. Then a plan of care was customized from my condition which involves spinal alignment and spinal decompression. Don't just go to anyone who offer spinal decompression doctor reef is the expert and has the most advanced table on the markets my health has been restored and I can do the things I enjoy in life without pain stop women with paint. Put your free council today at one Tripoli 59 spying that's one triple eight. 59 spying. To leave. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region contact Brenda during the week at 8430651. As a 430651. Welcome back to slice of life and snowy Sunday hope you're warm and safe and personal for another bloody Mary your cup of coffee and sit back and talk about some great books you can get your hands and where Al spot. You know the community Hobbs between our libraries and it really is no stretch to call them community cops because they provide. So much enlightenment and a place to go out and Placer relaxant plays to learn all under one roof there are 37. Libraries throughout. The Erie county area and also a bookmobile Steve can read and wheels as well and it's a pleasure to have the executive director of the buffalo and Erie county public library. Mary Jean jacket ASCII with us again and I'm par performance here. On sites like good morning Mary Jane Q my friend thank you so much for helping me here are my favorite gas I'll bring you bring such a wealth of information and passion for what you do absolutely love our library I often say it was shot and you wait tackle and what I know today as I would have. Gotten into this career field a long long time it isn't that the truth well place you can really learn is in these libraries and to Mary Jane everything is so crazy and hectic everybody scheduled seen so frenetic these days and everything is at the costs. But I think it's important to point out that library carriage are free in your library services are free at these 37 physical branches yet. In the book mobile tell us where these libraries are spread out around a dozen libraries are and. So at least throughout Erie county nearly every town has a physical library building went up for that do not. But now I'm Lybrand wheels is headed out to places like Sardinia and rain and an Athens. And confinement information right on our website and you know and I'm so glad you spoke about the services being free. And it's not just what goes on in the libraries that's furry but it's also are very very rich and in depth web site. We have a lot of free online database and she just need your library card to get into those. And that they are the wealth of information things from job resources to general researches. Genealogy researching. All kinds of things from agency yeah. I'm so glad you brought that up too because there are folks who main idea printers for instance. Here for the longest time I hit a computer and hitter trainers are yet to find a place to prance. You folks at the library at the community Hobbs that you have three deep trainers in we have meeting rooms it can be used by outside nonprofit groups. There's so many programs for kids story time print making for adults college night. And let's not forget on these cold winter night soon and I surround a movie or DVD and not need to pay for. Absolutely and you know after looking to get out of the house and static coming into one of our community hubs are in libraries. We have all kinds of activities and programs going on in those lifers. We've got Lego Clyde suite at the clubs you mentioned 3-D printing we have virtual reality glasses. We actually have public licensing for showing movies so we're showing movies. On site it's some of our libraries as well. And so it again it just runs the gamut from author talks. All the way through two story times for kids to simply coming in and fining and warm and comfortable place to sit down. Read the newspaper. May sit around and take a look at your FaceBook. Our print out whatever you need on your computer right and you their free downloadable books. And you can earth carrier devices whether it's your phone in your iPad. For free for two weeks. And also if you're music fans all sorts of music ulcers January all sorts of music and what I love to share about our downloadable music in particular and I eaten certainly committing get a CD. We even have an LP collection you can come and you know Ted I Alter the I don't read what I like common equity. But we all of downloadable music and then downloadable music is really unique because. And only can you download any song from the entire Sony music collection. You can keep that. Absolutely agree with you our library card. Seed downloaded to your device it's yours forever islands now with this basic question how are you finding your able to offer all of these services. At the carriage or free services are free where do you get your funding so the majority of our funding comes through the Erie county taxpayer and that's why it's only important for us to learn. What types of services and needs the taxpayers of your account any. Expect them from their public piper so. The majorities from there we also do get some state funding. We certainly do some alternate fund raising we seek various grants and other promotional opportunities that we have. But the majority cons and the wonderful resource is through the Erie county to expect. You may have heard some. Mercer is that we're running our from the library on an amber and her parents stations about the world or one exhibit and boring. A tame by Mary Jane there are a lot of folks who are war box and it seems sometimes it is always and attention. World War II you know the greatest generation also the Vietnam War. But its second World War I has been overlooked some degree and yet you have this exhibit. It's been at the library downtown the main library for a few weeks are ready what does that entail. So buffalo never fails the queen city and World War I is our latest exhibit this is a large scaled exit but about 3000 square feet. It's housed at the downtown central library and our collections gallery found on the second floor. This is a collection predominantly a collection of our World War I a poster collection. As well as all kinds of other rare and unique materials. And this is a theory community debris of an exhibit something that I'm very excited about we've had. All kinds of veterans groups and other organizations involved members that the general public. Ringing in artifacts in that various pieces of them memory BL yup that we've been able to incorporate. In to this exhibit that really focuses on what was going on in buffalo during World War I. We're currently celebrating the 100 anniversary of armistice day and so we hope that everybody will come. And maybe learn something about World War I that they didn't know. And just how important buffalo was to this wrap this city has such a rich history but you know I realize that there were over an exhibit in buffalo centric feel to it. So there's all those buffalo connections I just kind of an exit UNC and all my hall or in Dallas this has not going to finally a lot of other things and it is said he very unique things to buffalo and I'm really excited about the quality. And the the depth of the treasures that we as a public library are able to have. And to keep and preserved for future generations our goal of course to get those out. They belong to the people we want to share that information how long were the world where one exhibit B at the library so the exit itself. The will be up for a period of two years but what's really important for everyone to know about this particular that exhibit. Is that every six months and he wrote heeding those World War I posters I'm collection is substantial. In size it is unique. These are not just posters. From the United States they are world wide posters and multiple languages so they're fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. And the one colony of the work. That was produced for propaganda. During this time trying to think how this this is 1917. That this was going on it's fascinating. And so we hope that people will com. And really appreciate. And what these resources I remember seeing you know the old or 48 meeting in museums and where it was in Europe and October in which for some places like and you see the old reels but that. The posters and there are obviously there is now may ask communication 800 plus years ago. So that their posters Mary Jean. Currently firmer on their way that the propaganda whisper right absolutely posters have posters were used for propaganda and so you'll see posters and our collection. That are from the United States and the B a little bit different if they're from from from Britain. We even had posters from Germany so you're seeing the other side of the story. And so a lot of really great fascinating. Posters as well as those unique artifacts include. I'll latter. Written by Albert Hubbard who wheat now the right crafts face to the end elude police so he and his wife or lost on the Lusitania. Which is the precept hater of the United States answering into the war. Well we have a letter that he wrote to his son and I don't wanna give it away but it is. Fascinating because it's honest as if he predicted his demise really fascinates assets on bank and the fact that the library has this. Is just another piece of that wonderful treasures and history that we had a library content to get this incredible information and exhibit so a lot of the a lot of the a coup treatments from this particular exhibit were donated to the library. The posters were donated by one individual who had a substantial collection he took it upon himself for years to collect this propaganda. Really understanding the importance of this for history of the of the world in fact. So we are a very much the benefactors. Individuals and organizations who have collected these things. Over the years. And have provided them to the library because they entrusted us. To make sure to have these. Goods for four years and years to come I know that the library has partnerships with more than 700 organizations including veterans services I'm Mary Jean. You find that a lot of veterans groups are drawn to this exhibit you see veterans of every age come down we. Absolutely have and it and it really has and it's run again. We had a phenomenal. Opening ceremony where I have to say that it's so emotional by that we had a gun salute we had. Veterans speak to use the history. Of of World War I world sport to Korea. In Vietnam so we need to be proud of all of those to be grateful for all of those who have served in the armed services. And this was truly a tribute to those who served particularly in World War I so. We have had a tremendous. And I can't I can't not say Jesse clipper. Please come down and learn about Jesse clipper who was the first African American from buffalo lost his life. In World War I and there is all kinds of history to the city of buffalo NYSE clippers a calm down and learn I love love lots to find out how do you think it would take it to really give it to tell me in our unit set aside a busy time you're here for you. However calm at the beginning of a new year you know we call so much to do and got a library there and at least so I would say honestly. You know to get a full tour the of the exhibit we do have towards every Saturday at 2 PM we give formal morsels are absolutely free and open to the public. We encourage people coming and spend time. I keep yourself at least an hour to go through if you take a person who wants to get everything he certainly can be. One of those folks who just walks through. But you know what I can guarantee something. It's on to capture high. And maintain your attention so. You're gonna wanna spend some time I have an RIQ rich and down and see this exhibit and I salute you no pun intended for the fine work that you do. With this exhibit Mary Jane and also with everything asked that you you are pursing the Bob Lanier attorney. Public library as we close what's website for people to take a peek at what you have going it's our website. Is Debian Debian Debian tap buffalo Al ID dot org. Www. Buffalo Al Al aideed to act work. People could also give us Carl it 8588900. Be happy to help people out to that good old fashioned telephone as I happen. The telephone I asked Mary Jean jacket as he always a pleasure Merry Christmas happy holidays to you and yours thanks so much for being such a great friend at this now thank you so much for having me it's our pleasure and a putter rep and this additional slice of life thanks so much returning and see you next week and go bills. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.