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Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and work your business friendly conversation. I mean a whole still Martin live and steal your ESP in 15:20 AM. And I'm gym by my wonderful co host Lauren slowing the morning. Complaining now why don't go necessarily the longer like a long intro is shorter than your yeah. Thousands act coming up Garrett avenue where I've been working on. It has ended up little Yassin and might get. It's all green and it also gets up as opposed to just in showing again that part of sure you know it it can change in a weekly basis as the unlikely to happen. Our great so why are no what do we have in store today so this morning we even create cast in stone it might expense with us this morning in my is a business consultant. College coach career coats Tenet Jack of all trades when it comes to help paying. Businesses and how students can find their true track rate might. Yes that's right thank you Warren possible are so happy you're here with us this morning thank you so much in the last talk about the that's right. He has so. Yeah I just a couple of back and about what you're. She is this is like. Yes sure thing so. I give you look context for the storm toll here and I started out as a teacher's view. Early in my career a few years as teacher few years at university. And over the years. Two developing my own career I found this huge problem in the market. And the problem was with college graduates and what students were doing when they were in school. So a few about eighteen months ago I left to corporate job to start company coaching performance results to try and try and solve this problem so what I see is that students are graduating in May lack the skills and the experience they need so. Land a job in their career on graduation. And with increasing student loan debt. And students taking five years to graduate in going back for master's degrees to pick up things they didn't do when they're under grant. Is I grew into an adult had a child I'd like thinking about how my kid is gonna go through the same problem. So I talk to parents are we gains problems just existed everywhere I went numb having the same conversation. And I sort of think you know what this is a this is like a systematic problem and the only way to change it. Is to change the way people are thinking about how to prepare for their career so I started college CPR. He had cut CPI is your business and the other on his coaching performance results awesome and save a lot of ninety tells you different services opera than those things but before we get an that I want I can make it take it to our sports update before. Before I get yeah that's I know we're gonna get caught up there's so much great things talk about this morning sell we can't. Forget Lilly and they're giving our awesome sports update this weekend. With your sports update I'm going to be asked you know Tyrod Taylor for the Buffalo Bills today against the Indianapolis Colts. Rookie Nathan and Peter may is expected to get the nod at quarterback. Taylor suffered a knee injury after the first play from scrimmage last week in the loss against the patriots. CBS is Jason lock and four reports decision is not official until the coaching staff seems to a warmup today before 1 o'clock kickoff. It would be Biederman second start of the season the first five interception blunders and a loss against the Los Angeles chargers. Three weeks ago the bills of 66 currently standing game back. Of the final wild wild card spot. Holder in the seven and five Baltimore Ravens fall pregame and game and post game coverage can be found over her sister station WGR Sports Radio 550. It's a double header in buffalo sports and I the sabres are in Saint Louis take on the blues the sabres are coming off an overtime loss he had to Chicago Blackhawks three to two. And are now 717. And five on the season puck drop is at 7 o'clock eastern time it can be found. Over at every jar Sports Radio 550 this update brought you Biotech deal PC water you're completely legal counsel my box and be so. Enjoy the game with a nice slice of hockey's for ESPN 15 to morning I'm good to be Osce. Thanks so much flew out awesome I hope the bills tenants can pull it off today it's in perfect football weather. Yes from buffalo and we're going to be talking about performance. They've had a poor performance recently recently these artists John yeah yes so it's not like at Segway. Down. It makes sense in terms of today's topic because that is when it thinks we're going to be talking about and might I believe when your tank is working with individuals people. Process and profit is. Reporter people performance and profit people perform and yes a pharmacist key for everyone into some hires sports isn't take that into consideration lacked. And teamwork is key right there's news. You saw a lake that's right in the performance so I used to call muscle for performance coach but then everybody says what's performance coach Wright to. And that's just helping people be the best version of themselves. It's helping people. Do better with setting goals and having clear expectations. Being intentional and strategic. About where they want and so before the break percent talk among students. So let's take this back to a college student or high school student says what he want to ask kid what you wanna be. For the rest your life that's a pay big crush. (%expletive) nice feeling a lot of lot of people accident don't even know what they wanna be and so they can get into the work force still that's where 'cause you don't know what you like and what you don't like to what you're good at until you go out and try something right. So I think it's very important and we had this conversation with students that we get to them younger before they choose a career and we do things like strength assessments to see what interest again. What are you good at. What type of quality of life do you want is opposed to what you enjoy doing because they say that. If you like what you do you'll never work Dane your life right and I believe that but if you wanna play guitar and can't get a paid gig is at what you should do for the rest your life. And at what point to make that decision of following that passion that maybe not might not pan out for you and taking a different actions like. The timing of Hampshire plays a huge role that he can't waste too much time. Now I'm passionate soccer turn out for you rate rhetoric so with that because it gives us an example on what type of Stew or group of students that you work with it's kind of just take this from from a disease start to finish. Yet so let's talk will's first will use up high school student high school junior or senior is an example so. We meet with folks like to do this in groups because you know you get people talking realized are not alone in the little silos that feel more comfortable. Opening up that are in and they see it shared shared problems right now people are more willing to talk about it so. We talk about what type quality of life do you one half we do strengths assessments with all the kids to see what are good. Then we. Reverse engineer careers based on what you're good at in what their interest again. So I do a lot of work in the stem field. You know all because there's just in buffalo specifically there's. A lot of opportunity here with the medical campus in the growth it's happening. So we might for an article joke with any parent or at least it appears that doesn't understand that acronym what witnessed them very good. Science technology engineering and math. Okay. I'm some people even say steam and they and arts and there were it's more of the communication in the language. So. Science's big characters big opportunity and science but it's not easy pass and it's not for a one NASA is tied to an engineering and when we talk about. Careers in major choices with students. It's don't just go for some general program like general studies or philosophy or psychology. Choose something that's tied to. A license or to a specific jobs here and so we talk more engineering. You go for engineering you get out you're gonna be a mechanical engineer said. Civil engineer. If you go to school for. Management information systems you're gonna get out you're going to be there analyst if you go to school for education you're gonna have a teaching license him so we trying to steer students towards programs are legion down a path. There are little more structured and providing. The experience while you're in school so when you graduate you have somewhat overestimate. And not just a degree saying hey are your male school for years but in my piece of paper. Because I. I know a lot in the recruiting business at step up slowly get a lot of kids who are fresh out of college or even a year or two at a college and they still haven't found their career after what they wanna do or find that. That perfect job for them and a lot of times it's a student who have just general business account that degrees are needed and do anything during didn't do an intern ship. Yes to builder resonate so they have nothing and it's it's so hard hit two. You wanna help these students. Can hardly get them on the right path and get them first job on enough no experience back it up. And it also sounds like what Mike is doing is providing that our early mentoring for the students lose apps are absolutely and some guidance on how they can choose or courses when they're in school sought to bring up internships. I can tell if and I go back in my own. Success in landing a job on wonder grant and then transitioning careers. And I did that by doubling down on internships at the same taking independent studies that I turn those credits and when a tree internship tighter credit for you and I got to design myself to say. All I wanna be teacher while one of your principal let me go study underneath superintendents. And principals in two different districts and kinda customize this plan for yourself. Yeah I built my schedule my class casual around. Having two days opened a week where ago and mark dean an internship. So you kind of passive. Can he does things his act how sounds great comic and a street time I'm not a school every day from 838 full black and capitalize on the free time you know that's gonna pay off exponentially and you know there's at another acronym and I love. Giving students are so don't be it PC pieced him don't do peacekeeping in school and that means don't be a parking lot class parking lot student. How many students especially commuters. Go to school go to class go back home they don't get involved in any extra curriculars. They're not doing any student leadership things are not taking advantage of all the resources that are there on campus right in the campus may not. Market them as aggressively as they could. So students have to seek those things out career services is just a plethora of free services I don't try and duplicate what career services does. Are trying to direct students to those resources on campus. I try and get their thought process changed changed the way of thinking about their career to be strategic and proactive and get after this early. So they graduate with a resume and not just. Experience and skills that they pick up through the services. But also to build a network with the faculty in the alumni because not always just what we know but it's who know. That helps us get opportunities for anyone who wants to any parent or listener who wants to contact you directly would issue countered each. You can email me at. And Spence at college CPR dot com you can find me at college CPR dot com. You can find them Linkedin or FaceBook Michael Spence. I'm very active on Linkedin can find me and you too there's a number of videos that put together demand toward the students. To provide a lot of this advice for free for anybody that's willing to listen to it. And that's awesome that's really an eighth. Corey source. Or you're listening to western new York and work with Gail Murton and lord Louis and it wouldn't take your career path to the next level. You need to contact my expense were right now to protect our very short break and we'll see you on the other side. 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Stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in context solutions from players about when he liked. In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as Chris ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out cat staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo where. This is frank put her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. Welcome back to Western European work with Gil Martin and moralists. And what's in just wanna remind our listeners especially our IT. Professionals and be working at the nonprofit arm industry as well were hosting a cyber security event. Are going to be Thursday December 14 at the Saturn club. Tickets are still available card just give me a call at 716563. Miserable two to create this is really designed for the small to medium size business owners. And again for nonprofit organization that cyber security for breakfast will be. Are handed by a war should say are provided along with the panel discussion to answer any and all of your cyber related questions. But would further ado let's clinical backed her main topic of the day we were the good conversation turns up. Mentoring indicates. Pick back up to kiss I hate to say student yes college yes that sounds better. The congress students. And also pick a conversation once again. Yes we've my expenses see this morning and Mike is a career coach. Has a business called college CPI which helps mentor our and get college students ready for. Meaning that first job in China developing a career. Post college. But we talked about how you work with the students but on the other end of it is also how you are different companies in the areas of my questions about that Britain with companies in your decent career coaching in that side. Things yes so one of coaching performance results was started I tried to look at the problem is a hole in the snippet in the but we start with the students to help them get the experience thing need. But the reality is they're still students coming through the pipeline every day that are graduating that are lacking skills that are desired in the workforce. So we work with companies to bridge that gap between what business is needed in what education provides and we do that through skill training. A lot of that is on soft skills as we talk about machine learning and a guy tests are to focus on. Really human side of the business communication and emotional intelligence. And we'll different learning strategy stings a robust not going to be able to replace pray right. Mean I love I love and their personnel. Communication and worked with other people a lot times. Lot of companies trying to streamline things to the tax side and the robotics at events like you lose a lot of that. Personal connection. And you know business success whether they want admitted or not is based on customer experience and employee experience when increased brand loyalty. You feature complete treat your employees good Dolan turned treat your customers. And your your business will thrive as a result he played best assets capsule and a stick it to the next level because we start the conversation. With the work performance. We talked about the performance in the individual. Can you speak any successes with not just individuals put on the company's terms of you'd be able they've been able to. Achieved a certain level a new level increased performance yes absolutely and you know people use a work culture and it's kind of thrown around too much because cultures that's something you can cultivate a matter of days. But it. I've worked with my greatest success in my career was growing. A sales team and we grew company from three million to twenty million in revenue and three and a half years in the way we did that was by. Formalizing some things it was it was putting process in place mostly was employee training so we started to. Invest enough and warning and not just doing one or two weeks and I'm warning reached teach people processes and we go to question. But to give them tasks in pieces of tasks. Indicts scheduled this hour over six and twelve months of the year to say what do they need to know what do they want to know what is nice to have. And start with the priorities first. So we would take groups of students that I see students because employees were students great right and we would teach them on the basic skills first. Not we wouldn't overwhelm them with technical problems are technical. Terminology. We start with a soft skills how to communicate how he's just solve a problem what's the chain of command and an issue comes up. We started to have training twice a week one was on and I. Coach to sales team right this wasn't. So I'm speaking from a sales performance profit asp you're right. So we would train them on sales techniques for 45 minutes a week and thirty minutes week was technical training. That's a lot of time it was a go weeks without taking too much Emily for them being out selling right but at 3430 minutes and 45 minutes a week. I write yourself a much higher and that little bit of time taking huge difference absolutely. And to be honest the company pushed back to pursuing this is too much time they need to be on the phones they need to be selling us and look at if you don't give him some strategy and some tactics and some tips. They're just making calls and our clothes and sales. So when we did these training it wasn't just high level strategy stuff it was it was tactics like when you walked out here today. I want you to go try this cute and here's like one example the best question we can ask in this company worked with a lot of engineers. And if you want people to trust do you know anyone and talk you know talking about themselves right so this question and then I just figured out when they work. I think how to get into the business. Did you come through the military because it was in Telecom and a lot of these people came to a trade school where they worked on a switch board in the military. So I asked this question. And they would say all you know they give me their life story I met my wife I got married or join this company twenty years ago I started to attack. Nominee engineering manager and plant projects the company scrawled. And now you got some on the phone for thirty minutes is that a cause some Sam hey you need to buy anything today and trying to catch off the fault. It was amazing to other relationship in her for first that's right in many uses yeah I mean your strategic and post those notes guy tells me his kids played baseball. More common among the follow up because he doesn't buy anything. How the kids two and a baseball and auto critic. Exactly it was a long way. Which training to any signs you know EU initial training I'm boring process like you sad but. Things come up as you the more you get into the jobs like six months down there on nine months down the road a year down. You can really build on that training continue to. Help your employees. Continue to get batters something continuing education for them. Yeah never stops right here you have to continue to invest your employees who's gonna come back to man scoring. When your on boarding and growing company you're bringing in new hires frequently. So you create internal mentoring programs were new hires sit with. Veteran reps and then senior reps so that. You take that offer the manager's role. Right where they don't have did not teach everyone had employees teaching employees what's that do increase collaboration and trust in the camaraderie on the team. When is a question they go to their teammates first. For the go to the manager and now the managers focused on little stuff. You know folks on the big deals that need to close how can facilitate those and the floor is running itself. And you're just overseeing providing some structure checking in with people when there's a problem is stepping in all when you defuse situations. And you closed business so my you're looking to build and grow your company hoping to improve the profitability of other companies and individuals so what's the ideal claim that you look at for that you work. Yet so I'm looking for. High growth companies companies that are willing to invest in their employees and willing to look at things differently bomb. There's traditional way that people have been trained and it's gotten where our vision to try something new if you wanna continue to grow. I'm really thriving technology. In Telecom because I've spent the last nine years in the industry so I understand your business injured customers. So I can really plug and play. With those companies and I'm not just talking small businesses. But even when I worked for companies like Time Warner Cable I find myself training the sales staff I'm. Linkedin prospecting and technology tools and better ways. To. Social sell all right and will you be too and any type of workshops or information sessions in the near future yet great. Yes I've partnered up with UB for a few things and beginning of the year. I'm doing some winked and local meet ups were way to panels where will be talking about social selling content marketing. And how to get more out of your Linkedin profile whether you're in the job search or you're in business development. You'll be able to find that information in the next few weeks on any of my social channels we've partnered with UV with those programs are. For students in some of their programs specifically their funding those so those kind of closed. But there's going to be some open programs. They're gonna just be open to the public to some webinars I do monthly. So I just encourage you to connect with me on social follow what I'm doing I'm sharing a lot of these tips pro Bono for anybody that's watching and listening. I want to help everybody essentially building new relationships and partnerships is as important your business absolutely. When I was able to choose its title several years back I call myself. VP of customer development and strategic alliances because I get to spend my time doing what I wanna do. I'm working with people on developing relationships and nurturing them I believe in doing more with less I don't wanna work with a hundred clients I want to work with and and I wanna know their business inside out and I want to trust that I am lead them. To increase performance OK and once again for anyone who's interest hitting contact do you your contact information. You can email me at and Spence at college CPR dot com. You can find me a college CPR dot com you can search Michael Spence buffalo and find. Pretty much all my social channels I'm not hiding a mountain at my face but among face glaring and among Twitter list and ask Spence. Cool. Awesome to integrate what are we coming quickly come into the not really not really hear about her and we put we get put a lot out there and kind of put you on the spot. Went out and take a look at your arm. That the congress are CPR website. And I'm looking ahead of a few different things I see our college kick starter pack our C career essentials. Are you just offer and a number of programs and packages. For the individual. Still yes and. You know what's we're doing so we've got courses online that are kind of self paced. But we also have a lot of success in workshops were we bring in small groups of ten to fifteen students. And coaxed them. Through. Through recession so then we walk them through we have them all share their struggles let them see there on common ground. We've got different tiers of programs to see based on what someone needs right out individually coach someone one on one that's what they desire. But small group training is a really effective. We are able to cover a lot of ground if it's less than fifteen people can still personalized experience. Into people individualized attention. And that's the difference between traditional online learning. And a hybrid okay workshops we give activities they can do when the wrong time but we can explore their personal. Challenges and strengths and talk to their career paths when it's a small group. And there's never one person with an isolated problem its ownership group. And how you. That people you work with Kenneth signs which are Rooter which. Which check when you had the best way for them help them find their. Their path. Whether it's at night while Weiner group grew to which package offered. I think. They should the best way is to have fifteen minute free consultation with me let's talk about your needs in your goals. And weekend. And we'll look great what what's in your budget but really what are your priorities these are. Super expensive packages were talking a few hundred dollars for the top tier. So it's really about your needs and how serious are you about getting clear on your on your past your career path. And if you wanna get there but I'll give anybody a free fifteen minute consultation to kind of do some free advice and center on the way whether they choose one of our programs and our. But I don't want anybody just to jump in and informed rice talked about which schools are going to help you get. At 315 minute consultation answers you've peoples that if I mean if you figure out. What's the right move for them before they make an investment because it's an investment for people. Absolutely it's a time investments of financial investment but more importantly it's an investment in yourself in the future of your career pass notes that it's something that should. We thought it nice and Sherri can either. Break decision for. That's right and I think the same applies for the entrepreneur army to rip us for endorsement and Western Europe or grow as a growing population. Which ignores. I think the same thing applies to them and I know Mike you work with expert sources while correct. I do I'm very involved enough startup community through a actually publishing and pop star when he or him involved start crying and in. Start up weekend in all of these things are down on the Malcolm campus that game again. This for between north and so much going on in the start up well in Western New York it's awesome it's a great time to be here and it's really and it actually as we really come to endeavors shall I see a connection between. That to a view because you're working. With talking to students early in your career transition to college and Lori drew grant me that candidate once they graduate in most cases and take it to the next level. And it had their career and are looking for the next after their career collapse passive candidates who might nappy. Actively looking actively trying to job posting but looking for it in their eyes open minded to that next up in their career taken to the next level. Deputies are in any openings opposition you're looking to feel any certain. Career job opportunities out there we have account position and we have attorney positions apparently calls are working on. General business operations position that you've got a staff buffalo dot com. Slash open jobs seem anything we're working on it sapped awful good one might once again we thank you so much for being part of Western European work in parting thoughts. No I'll make sure that I linked to staff buffalo new website for an that is looking for jobs from the computer. But don't think thanks for having me appreciate the time. Who should question. I think I'm like it's been a great conversation this morning appreciate it thank you and Lauren any parting thoughts go us go bills slow Western New York. In listening to. Western New York or work with dale Martin and Lewis again if you are small and medium sized business nonprofit organization. You do not want to miss these cyber security breakfast meeting. Going to be Thursday December 14 at the center club starts at 7:30 AM a short bit from 730 to eleven for breakfast will be served. And a number of industry leaders enjoy today's game have a beautiful week and we will see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab accessing your group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.