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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host honey Wolfgang. Hi everybody thank you for listening to on target and the host any Wolfgang and we talk every week that subjects that we think they're important to an instinct. To all of us who live here in the west in your community and we now going to ever find is subject fits more interesting to those of us who live in the US in new act. Area I guess than my subject today in my guest today because. She is the author. Elizabeth look had a of a book and new book that's recently published cooled. 100 things to do in buffalo before you die. Did pick that the cover of the fears of bucket. Which I'm thinking might have something to do with that people's back endless and I'm just laughing looking at this at this title which have shares of AC. Did on purpose so that people would do like I am well before you dock it out. What a hundred things and I feel like I'm Mike and managed and I didn't manage this well. We're gonna find out how you can manage it is in the studio with that says they said is Elizabeth what kind and she is the editor of buffalo spree. Western New York. Which as you probably know is city regional magazine. And she's a lifelong area resident and she has been writing about the buffalo arts architecture. In gardens gardens youth she knows everything. For over thirty years here in Western New York. And she's also doing and sleep published art critic and garden writer and has written several books that. West New York are in gardens which probably. Led her to. Think about covering how a wider range of west in New York activities and particularly buffalo so thank you for being here. Elizabeth it's really nice I'm glad we have and have seen time at this and I think what before we get to that. Which is 100 things to do in buffalo its. Is it just is it a flow through say or is it you know a lot of times we use it like generically and. Yes exactly and and thank you for having me on penny. You'll find that the the items in the book ranged all for Western New York. I use the same kind of vision that I use when in choosing umps subject matter for buffalo spree in that we don't assume that everyone. It's only interest is in the city of buffalo and a lot of the best thing to do with then. Say a twenty minute fifty minute ride of downtown I mean for example we have to Niagara Falls and there. So on there there are a lot of things that are outside a lot of things that are inside buffalo. Yeah I can't effect because sat when I was gonna say a lot of times and on target on the program. Jim knows this we talk about like things that have to do with buffalo. Percent or we have had the mayor of buffalo but it you know or council member owned last week we had becoming council president recently reverend Paige and but thing is. What effects buffalo. Is it is like much what a spread out it's like cumulative it just doesn't mean just buffalo ever. It means it affects everybody because it's like buffalo as the hub but like there's the spokes. Europe we have been an informal metro area and fort fortunately it's not officially in metro area which would help us. But I think people when they say buffalo they. There including Amherst Williams film Lancaster Easter burn on Hamburg cell you know when someone. The only time that works against us is with the weather. Win win like national and they'll say well there you know via an end it'll be. Just hovering in that snow belt area and you know buffalo will have no thing. It happens a lot in our relatives dusty for myself will be calling in saying all. How is it ice can you and your house and I'll look out now saying. So I only had like 45 degrees and in something in and it went. So let's talk a little bit of to the book collection to things to do briefly to. What prompted you to write this book we'll of course I didn't think of the title at all now on three deep trance the publisher. Does. A whole range of books a hundred things to do before region in Atlanta. In Boston in New Orleans and Los Angeles so they contacted me. So I didn't think of doing it I don't think I would have actually. Although I think it now that I have done and I can see that it was a great idea because. The book is already into its second per inning and only came out April 10. Were 800 books into the at a different and so many people write books that you know as you know. Nobody buys wolf this isn't carries I it simple and useful work it's you know Reidy just a lot of travel books like this. And they've tested this kind of market name known that this these can't these are the kind of books that people like. It's a list. Basically. And it is abuse you're supposed to use the book it's it's not exactly a butcher I suppose you could read it by the fireside but it's really. More from book to use and I think it's. A good book to come out and summer a lot of people would like the holiday release of a book but I think for this one so many that things are outdoor things. That summer is the perfect time. Speaking of the news which we were before they would doing something similar accident warranting. Ali give us a furnace yes I think there are calling it a hundred things and more I think they I think they came up with many more than a hundred. And of course you and I know there are more than a hundred. Bomb. But I didn't really look at theirs of course because I want this to be. My list OK so let's say. Let's say you're beginning did you have categories. For that can't they actually did the categories as well. Her. Given bind the publisher of power for your loved to change them. So they had history and culture and I changed it to architecture and history. They had I think music and entertainment I changed it to. Arts and entertainment. And dying. I some of the things you didn't you know you weren't given a certain number that you had to include for example shopping I have very little there for shop. Because I just felt it wasn't nearly as important the other categories. Which. The big complain about all my friends lose list populated is no place to show after the well because it's a dozen that's not we have known as it was sticker and you heard about the story is all rights and now it's snatched it sits on the fact that people buy everything on this flight into the shopping categories off let's get it stack and as some categories Nicklaus. At any time anybody's doing any surveys are talking about western new Yorker talking about buffalo. I swear I know would you talk about a architecture and we should but reversing that comes to mind. Isn't it is food yes and Andrea says it's really can't agree I I don't think it's Manning and. A casino food it's important. Food is some not just if necessary for survival it's it's an important social mechanism you gather over food and. Which people been doing for me you know hundreds of years. It's how. Humans kind of get together and ending network and connect with each other. So I think on its right then and they're hunters have led to gather and I was and it and it was an event. Well I I think it yeah it really important human activity and means. Many times more than just seating but it's so what I do think it's important I think we have a great food scene so I was happy to include a lot of food places. Now you had to have this is really how did you have tasty is a people go around a did you take surveys because. If free every once in awhile even on radio alike and whenever stations they'll say what's your favorite place to eat. And be Fenway what's your favorite place for ice cream which you know and then people come up with. I I don't could be a whole hell is worth of of suggestions. Well I can't list all the places that you know on both those three publishes about six issues devoted to food per year. Week it's a topic we cover quite a bit so it was really. Not to hurt start to hate you because of you know I've been editor it's free for almost twenty years and and this is what we cover. Buffalo so. That and I think that's probably why reedy contacted me. Did you divided up into. Well I know you did but from what I listen studio. The famous foods and the ethnic foods yet I kinda think yes there's foods you have to talk about wings you have to talk about beef from lack. You can't just talk about sponge candy. You need to talk about on your own key. So either it's. On a certain. Ethnic foods that that buffalo is rightly well known for an and I and I think that sound wings. We get tired of being known for wings but. What are really at a marvelous combination of flavors and textures. You know invented by an Italian woman who knew her way around the kitchen. And they have put this on the map because in the sense that. Now is they've called buffalo wings which surprises me when you go to. Atlanta alert. Well Washington DC York everywhere and in Florida it's like buffalo wings will they do buffalo to a bunch of other foods is well now. Here's Buffett you know in other cities. Buffalo chicken it's buffalo icing it if you if you. The hot sun I think the hot sauce and you know blue cheese is the key to doing that did you US is seen. The controversy of SMB saying that you are using Rand stressed ministry and I forget Winnick accuracy was it actually isn't. In the media and electronic media everything who have Roseanne had. I criticized. Raid on but there was eclipsed. When Alton Brown said that some the best swings were to be found in Buffalo's zone that was through Africa for the regular person that was terrible travesty. Yeah just went interrupt for a from now when folks in case you're just tuning in now and certain to Elizabeth what kind of who is author of 100 things to do in buffalo to flee to. And we don't want to die before you hear all of the different categories and subjects it to she covered in the book. Was it what was the hardest decision like. As far as the food goes. Two. What which is the hardest decision one of the hardest some of the hard well make after you get hooted. As the regular stuff then then. You know when I talked about bread sausage telling union base you basic southern Italian food that we really have a lot of them and we do very well. And so which restaurants to choose that was difficult and and you know firm B table places we have a lot you know firm to stable places so. I can only list fell three or four for each. So it be it was somewhat. Not really difficult but. May be might choices might be arguable to some however they are based on as I said. Twenty years of of you know. Hiring you know assigning writers to write about food and I'm doing our best of competition every year with spree so. I've heard a lot of through these buffalo food he's talked about their favorite places and that didn't help. And damaged when you head to eat a burger where it was. Invented question my that there could well it's it's it. I just heard about this recently in it's only gotten press recently let presumably. In 1885. The hamburger was advantaged. At the Hamburg counting you know at the Erie county fair. Murti Iranians. Is the one who told me about this. And the I think they're called the mentions that there are now from buffalo they lived in Ohio. And so I guess they never really thought much of it they were interested in promoting buffalo because they came here from Ohio to sell to run their food stand I think. And what happened supposedly. Is that statewide in this did happen but. Was to hamburger invented somewhere else first that's a question. But they they ran out of pork and ground beef was hardly ever use in those days that's all they Kiki it. So they. Formed as an panties. And that's you know and stick him there yeah going not the early history snatched from the Earl of Hamburg. Or whoever of these girls something and also your own six. OK I know there was one they came from and Earl yes but. In Hamburg they want to use of the catchers you also Chris who went to make the handers the ten at the water tower voyage Aaron and it did they do it. No they never did it on. The problem with those outside murals like that is that eventually it would have it would have to be repeated quite often think and yet. I think it might be a maintenance issue but time I don't see why not think I think it would've been cute yeah I don't have any peace and water tower if a case so now. We as far as the food goes we can you if you got if you get the book you can. Read all what always mentioned local food hot dogs hamburgers. And then as you pointed out buffalo is really known for its architecture and it's within the last. Ten years or so. I think he's really. Just hit the national media as far as having. Really X good a background experience in architecture and really places that people should. Want to come NC from all over well we've always hand them. It's my you know it's mostly historic architecture there are some new buildings like the courthouse and so on but. The thing is we started taking care of it I think that's what's made the difference we've actually you know now you can walk into. On Richardson's hospital and there's a hotel in there and you can. Get a drink and you can you know stay in her room there I mean the place had been. And T and deteriorating for decades. And really the same thing with the Daryn Murton house complex which. Had had demolitions and site and and those structures have been rebuilt. And the house is almost done so now people through its you know people should come and see it because they Kent. Is maybe ten years ago they wouldn't have been able to go into that Richardson buildings so I think that on that makes a big difference. In an as far as places looking for places those Hitler really and that the Richardson and frankly right might be the most well known or. Well advertised but. There's some others that you put in that that you included that might it be is as familiar to the public. Font yeah I've got to get the old stone chimney. Bomb that you probably never seen now it's. On the waited just before you. Make the news circle when you go to Niagara Falls you know there's a traffic circle now. Jet just before that along the river along the reverend Moses is this chimney that dates back from the seventeen hundreds. It's that the sticks to its old itself and it's part of a fort that burned down the they built another four at that burned down. And done then they moved it and then they saved it in the nineteenth century there was you know a big. Campaign but the place they moved to became over Cronin was part of vote for all the right along with the chemical factories until then they took it down. And moved it verges down people in to actually offense rounded news interpreted signage and you can go and see it so that's one of the more unusual. Places and you know it the Lothian hotel I also had to unfortunately. Because of being limited to 100. Bomb I had to put all the churches of one entry which. You know it's too bad because it's certainly a lot of people would give the basilica its own entry. They might give the first presbyterian its own entry and trinity you know insulin we know it's amazing churches but I had to squish them all onto one page. But still it's a good category oh yeah really and then you know. I also mentioned ex for buffalo because of the only way to see a lot of the sick. This architecture is to go through their tourists in terms of like same mansion so long Delaware and so on and the church Easter Island that when I was gonna say. Tour millionaire's row which and inches. For people just I mean we drive up and down Delaware a thousand times without giving giving it a second thought. They have a wonderful twilight tour that they do of those still rampant mentions. That sounds relieved you know they start you know I think the headquarters of it is Christina. Theater over Roosevelt national inaugural site which it is also in the book and you also have fortunately that you can go to the the flow history museum. Yes. It's a great resource for many many recent. And down the former railway panelists at the office central turn right to prairie organizers are citing what they did that terminal itself and what's happening to what could happen to it yeah I I. You know it it seems like it's on the brink of something. It's definitely that next big milestone to accomplish in terms of architecture. Apparently happy because you've got I think you'll be learning now here in probably. You know part of canal side to tell us going on. Well yes bombed IMAX when I speak about theory came on the book and I'm Tony McCourt to launch the currency. And then Derek they've done some work there were on restoring the old. Played a five blocks so there's a lot of work going. If you just tuned in we're talking to Elizabeth what kind of who's the publisher of buffalo spree. Editor wait editor editor at him and promoted teacher until Sharon. I'm an associate publisher is and I don't smell OK so on north of Farrah editor of selfless very. A Western New York say see these magazines and who's written this really handy. Works workbook and handy book that you can like follow along and and take with you if you wanted to and certainly you certainly get for friends aren't you know it makes a nice gift to them and when you have people visiting. And yes and it is you put it right and that these races they're dead right 100 things to do in buffalo before you to. Which as we said for it's not my favorite title but now I can find out I can't bring forth. Let's go to arts and entertainment beat who has obviously. Something that is again and cultural aspect of Western Europe that people are like outside is still associate us with fat as well. I wanted to have the word hurts and Eric felt it was important because I think that our visual arts organizations are very important and on. And of course our our museums the you know offering knocks which is who you know. Then there everyone says that but it's true it is a world class you know our contemporary modern contemporary art museum. And then the virtue Penney which is and it's lovely new headquarters. And a lot of people forget about the console lining up there in the campus of going to university. Also a great place. And not only that but you put in like are a world famous college musicians club officials in which is definitely a world famous yes. Well for many reasons. Because it was a place for African American musicians were not alone they had to have their they were alone in the on musicians union. And so this is where they organized and got each other. Gigs into a lot of business for it not just you know not just the place to play. And last for now at least a minute and also before we get a fed of course you go as far as you mentioned before it's not just buffalo. It's you've got you to Oakland. If she ends I 'cause should tell the world you mention I've got that great blue heron festival. Because people people coming from all over Miller yes. And Shakespeare in the park which of course fair. And now. Sports and recreation week folks if you listen we did not forget sports is she would patriots' sports and of looking at buffalo. No matter how latch right. They would hang knew that they think they well it yet it's it's actually less sports serve you know then the major teams are in their butt. It's really more in nature oriented bombing getting outside and exploring her are perks inner nature preserve recreation yes. Yeah I ice both Serena and I that's their title actually that's one I kept and it might be the title that. My -- little but the recreation part definitely would there's some things that are so obvious enough but still you have to. You have to have them have to have to have them like you know go to Niagara Falls folks right. I mean well you you think of Niagara Falls is obvious but a lot of people who go there do not see. The whole false. Our staff took a trip there and I found that. Fully half of verse three staff has never been and three sisters. They might never seen the vantage point from Luna island. A lot of people just go to prospect point if they're they're the visitor from out of town. But there's a false OK let's go. Or maybe they'd over the bridge to the Canadian whenever just gonna say that dreaded word maybe the only candidate they might bomb. Let the park on our site is beautiful Kennedy knows many other there's three vantage point secede the false not just one. In that there's a three sisters is cave of the winds and just walking around goat island this is. Gorgeous. People friends of mine relatives that live there and they do they almost every day they're in good weather especially they just want Graham and not to forget is. The gorge in the whirlpool court she could just go there. I think that's an. It is wonderful experiences seeing the falls is to walk along the court just. And that the action the water and and the rock formations are really amazing. And besides an earful as you've got to tift which of course you think people would maybe not think us. A lot of times feet nature preserve I have tift and I Bryant's team. So and chestnut ridge park right of course and Brad are car which I mean these are not just every Connie you know let common that would come to. If people making their own list seeming to think of it. Well we just Collison with a list that area aren't an anchor that's what most able Colin and I Nina. If we always used to when nom for years ago with who would like if you're looking for something you do a nice day well that's when and we go to under the foot it was very intake of one. So I it's it's something it's very familiar to me but definitely would would be something. Certainly visitor would never think of and might not have pointed out than something you do that I've taken visitors there and they really like it. And of course you could. Not ignore even though we're joking about them at the beginning and saying now with that you could ignore the bills and save it chairman. And a license rights that the burden of being hit a and you do say to date he took it you know enjoyed how I like this enjoy the size and survive alone just with the bills. How to do that. Well you know and watch high octane hockey. And and I just used that term because hockey seems to me to go very quickly. The act there's a lot of pauses in football. And based on goes on forever it's if saying yeah but but hockey I've been to that I've been all three of these I mean not frequently but at least once. And dumb I noticed that that the hockey games were the days. Ever was always moving. In these two seem to go faster. And not lasted at least I just was talking to friends of mine in the days they would say bullying is coming back is such a big sport now committee. A woman different mindset I'd be I'd be all men my teen learned the momentum best bowler and I looked and said. It's you knew you knew how to bowl and where to bones oh yes it's really big now. It's it. I don't I don't know. How big it is in Western New York I know that Volcker is. Planes is is certainly iconic and that's why I wanted to include I want to include it just for the place as much as anything else. And I really don't know how many active. Bowling on sinners we have here. And you know in the but definitely as you said that that's an iconic famous places people Atlantic Ocean yes definitely. So okay we we didn't give you 100 because the money give it away hack. And we of course when we didn't talk that shopping which is definitely my favorite subject today. Work to support my shopping habit continues to say. I'd job my ashes. Over walled gallery and I was in of the latest favorite. Sayings but you do have only avenue which I guess certainly done him and Anthony Molson and attack right out of Africa. Only avenue and probably the the general store the glorious general story others again as I mean that certainly had been there isn't a place for people just ago and it's a tourist attraction it's it's a justly famous these things in there that I can even leave someone actually made and so and then someone would buy an extended day you can spend your day ended its okay so thank you so much now. Where we can get stuck. If if my listeners want to I know that all 100. Both Christopher's Lisa mentioned is our independent bookstore talking needs bookstore an omelet. And it's also available in all the burns and noble and next you know some some of the places in the book are stocking the others is actually so I can't. Our employee taco is stacking it and did that surprise me. And I get some emails C seen me handle the bookstore purchases and I think wegmans is going to have it as well where does happen. It it was out of print for awhile so it took awhile. For too cute and you can never feel wonderful feeling listed there if they sell so many that they had Trittler well it is well deserved thank you so much. Thanks to him talking to us today. And thank you shall listening in now you can go right now and start fidgeting to 100 places we told you about. But come back next week listen to a target have a good week and by everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please rate depending Wolfgang it's 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.