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Sunday, January 14th

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To learn more or find out how to apply. You can read more about the amazing opportunity and buffalo healthy living in February issue on stands January 31. Unquote popular magazine and Western New York premiere free health fitness and nutrition magazine for people Bali agents. With over 220000. Computers and thousands more on line went right about capex anathema to our readers. The rest at every area wegmans and perhaps among the thousands of other locations across Ali counties of Western New York. You can ebitda online at buffalo hopman dot com our talent and they'd spoken Twitter and you're healthier life with buffalo healthy living magazine. Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning west in new York and welcome to lessen your network and ESP and 15:20 AM I am Lauren Lewis in studio this morning. With icons down and think. And as it. As every second Sunday of the month we do legal matters with frank attempt PL outlets and your PC lock earned. We have Franken stimulus morning thinks I'm funny frank the more you earn her work cut Mario dread it didn't senior analyze. I know it's been well at the last time was huge bill schemes are in the ten there was tailgating and only Nia. I gotta tell that's what that morning like Phibro lonely but at the mile and Lilly who. This latest added to the window. And of course there was some. Can remember working on myself oh well eighteenth was that this thing and another patriots game I think Alison and I think it was okay came so is. It was a tough layup and a second on iMac that's right that's right so when we do tell you from the sharp yes special exactly exactly so I kept introduced. Mike's our special guest today which is doctor Jan malveaux who is my uncle my mother's brother. And who is. In one of my best friends in one of my. Confidence for very very long time he's a urologist and surgeon in Rochester. Yeah I think coming on the morning thanks for the kind and reductions pleasure to be here the pain is so we should probably go right into the sports right. Ask you lastly we have we it was really fun press talking about the bills' playoff game but. They can listen it where is. They obviously fired the coach right yeah and offensive corner and they had to fire the offense corner. Because it was clearly the worst call I've ever seen as a human being as a football fan. To its to give run pass option to Tyrod Taylor. When you think. I couldn't agree with him more but it's just been gone downhill most of the season particularly. You know there's been some ups and downs but. Is as a buffalo expatriate living in Rochester. We lead the lead with you believe it. Get it right yes we did that and throw the ball three times from the one yard line. And ink in the worst part it was it was second the that the problem was when it was second down into. They threw two passes the incomplete. They jump off sides idea first and one from the ball. And that first play causes us a for five never liked the feet past the fate this is the worst pass ever known to me how can you think the patriots. Well he and I think the biggest problem that a slow and often saw here was the failure to sustain drives. You know there was it's kind of like one good play three bad ones and it it didn't seem to be direction to the end. If so it. It it's there is nothing short of actually frustrated watching that can play this year and you know you have LeSean McCoy you've got a good offensive line I think. I think those receivers were as bad as they thought. Now I and many of many times they were open wide open and you know and replace. I just think. Mr. Taylor's little too short for his line. I think it's off I think you know I'm I I I do like retirement. I am I do like returning H Agassi and I am I am concerned I think we do need it definitely an offensive coordinator. It didn't know what they're doing and thinking it corporate it knows that those are doing it just. Tuning consist Eric. Yet too inconsistent when he gets here he does have intelligence game either me Tony Romo with killing him. And and I'm a patient and a perfect play as I'm and I'm gonna give a little credit to the team that I cannot stand. That the under share Merck reprimand loves the New England Patriots but when. When there is thick plates that. Was attacked what is O clay. Right catches a ball this puts out about 25 seconds kicks off and we don't get a plan. And we see you get their play you know what the patriots no question in my mind. Covering would have gotten up to that line like that ball and they would never replay that plate and you move on and you go correct. Yes well you know time those were the bodies are everytime he proves that list I improve that as many lovingly at this morning to. I sat at the teaching our question I can listen up even those since they scored first the thought that may be this was going to be the turn the screw well. It was the same old screw. There was the same with the same votes with other he did not say what I think that's about asking temporary quail season with last night he I mean I've watched them a number times. And hit the last night he weighs. I I don't even. I have to admit and I can't stay in the guy. Is that the some of the throws he made last night permanent when he was front and the other way throws accompanied only catches and that's just. It was just superior was actually superior well it's kind of nice to see someone who's over 35 getting better but her like myself. Well I've heard you rarely these huge Eagles IC eight Thomson today that the Eagles beat the falcons last night. Her aunts and for weapons sales and it yeah excited the great game TO little sloppy that it's election. It's a win wound up. A win is a win exactly in the playoffs you know and in my body showed me that the park river and semi of as or maybe it was AG said. A clip of Bill Belichick goes I don't care much that you know hard to compare our stats it's about win. Wins and losses when there's winners and losers lose and he's right yet and I hate to say it and I hope he goes to a different team. In the other conference. He has hope it's not matter divisional my county commission if you went to my left during went to Miami I think it shoot myself yeah so there would be. Absolutely have but I think tonight I I've I've had this debate. Over and over again. I think look I don't think Tom Brady's tambourine youth Bill Belichick I think Bill Belichick is a superior coach and I think that. I think he makes these quarterbacks in and I will give you two prime examples. Matt Cassel went eleven and five right what did you and get one good year in DC after that to me. Matt Cassel. He I think he did I think he he did carry on them that the big question is what's going on with them grow up. Mean everyone thinks that he was that your parent and a he gets treated lot of controversy surrounding that. Huge controversy if the guy turns turns it around San Francisco. That's going to be your interest they went by three games that's right and he. Looked all the park and I'm Tyson but that's another thing and I think that's Bill Belichick or Bill Belichick talked about the B quarterback. And I think he knows what he's doing I mean the guy's obviously look at he's obviously superior football coach compared to all these other. Idiots that's the problem. Right and this is entering surgery tally your. Right we're there's times were changing its ease it really really needs a shake up there. That the dominance that the patriots have had or last fifteen plus years. OK it's over and I seven and seventeen OK so in order to aren't things have changed we have the shipping so we have to do. The same cause this cliche is gonna think it's hard to marks. In order to do that you have to make some unpopular decisions while that this this organization now I think he's making us don't you think. Yes but I think the trip generally speaking fans under appreciate the value of coaching. All of these players come from the same pool yeah all hit the home of tremendous talk. Girl all stars in their respective divisions and they come to the main stage. Why does one team consistently get better than the other. Coaching no question at that I've said it for years there's no question and again. This season brain surgery I mean I don't these guys are and ask themselves all the time. But I do like with that when you talk about shake up I do like the way that's organizations said he dearest Jamie Larkin is you get rid of Marcel Darius both guys who. Simi likens it did not have a very big here in LA. I hit a mediocre year a and that teen that was. Certainly not struggling for offense right I mean Robert would seem to be the better. Receiver and their opinions. And Marcel Darius was restarted in Jacksonville. Right right yes right and. Isn't as easy to see people like that we're key players in past seasons you know get treated from the bills but. I like to see and an actor and much another team either OK. You know it's. Look in the that that's the perfect example you're gonna put Bill Belichick against. Mike Malarkey I went Mike marquee and we coach's way of paper bag are you kidding me. That guide us through the third string Pittsburgh Steelers. You weren't sticking with me weren't you yes you are thinking it was the most depressing union's members you know with the walking out of that stadium when Rashad men are worth it in Mendenhall ran a third string running back is killing us. And period the stars aligned just like they did two weeks ago every team that lost it a lose. And we lose to Pittsburgh third stringer. Bill Howard keep making them. Did everything he could remember that well and exactly but going forward what that your prediction who's who's going to be another title run for. Patriots. How can only tell you this that I hope now and I I can't I I can't take it thinks Alba I really help. I think he. I think. Look at the NFC is actually has excellent football teams Philadelphia is a good football team even without. Carson once I think it hit a great season they had a great tease and I think people but yeah. I know we were talking about the slip that forces a good quarterback that you don't write. Well I mean he'd he had that starting job before break and they lost that and that's what happens when you don't produce the only quarterback I think to commit a town. Treaties trees okay. What are you guys have some very interest in conversations so we're that we take it from here where you see the UFC going. Well I think if she and look at I think the only thing that can be the patriotism. As the Steelers right. Which by the way they did beat the patriots. Let let's say that other than for Al reverend. Posing that came shortly for the Steelers that. Well zebras do they have an effect something that the worse there than that that's that's a conversation that we can spend hours and these guys are not qualified. Two to pin to officiate that these guys I'm watching some of these arrests by the way. They couldn't run a forty yard dash in ten seconds and their and they're trying to. Keep up with. The best athletes in the world I just I I don't know I think it's a joke but it. Anyways. So let's say it we'll talk a little business now so you are my uncle is a urologist and surgeon in Rochester and so how is the guest faced him hasn't changed over the last couple years. We're going cash we're gonna go to sleep a lot performs yeah. It certainly doing business you know. The retainer fees up front for your operations. Pay as you go. Well I obviously it's it's a very controversial issue I'm not sure. Personally but I want the government too much involved in my health care decisions but it seems as though because of its. Such a larger vastness and the economic. Percentage of TTP. They're getting involved as well also I hope we come to some. Some. Halfway point it's a satisfactory to most people. And if you found that because of health insurance companies and highly paid out of there really are particularly the art of Madison and Canon. Forcing you get picked Gaither and treatment because of the cost factors and formula very. Sure I mean is is a urologist that we do imaging studies and men for Ford as certain conditions and our biggest hurdle for most part her insurance carriers yeah. Because the cost of avenge. I nevertheless when you look at the long. Term. Six. Doing it in the genome front can save a lot of rain on this or at least the dollars. Now looking more than a candidate I ever. Long term we'll save money in we have we have panels of doctors did that work insurance companies to try to determine whether or not. A certain things can be done but they're oftentimes sentencing specialty. Right and really don't have a feel for what's current. And but hopefully that changing. And as more and more. A papers come out to prove a certain condition than. Off off and don't moment. Which are becoming our effort was to become a doctor today. Based and what you know now now I'd like to Kentucky just drive truck might. I think what do you mean it's definitely drive in quiet. And nobody object but certainly the don't get a three can't call in the morning you know and I took over this business three years ago from my father. As a lawyer he said to him he should I don't and to use that you have to do this for another 25 years is said. Thanks so that's nice to hear he says I said and I know the reasons why it seems. There's too personal are too many lawyers break him but it's that you do you feel that way with the doctors or that to me you know just as. Just the opposite. I think we can't play a dearth of physicians but certainly qualified and and well educated in many. Penalties. And it's it's not being met those the shortage it is about to really can. Be felt by most citizens in the next 1015 years so why do you think that their that is. Well I think when you look at the at the long term struggles of education. That it was the man as you can probably. Can venture. Your medical education just like they're trying to do. But some law school district. Two so much shorter run than it is now so student is looking aunt. You know after high school another 810 years maybe something even. Fifteen years of training and caring. Quite a bit sizable dent and there's. Many other ways to lose a nicely. And make a reasonable living others and that. So good with that being said is academia or are private industry on the doctors themselves targets academia to effectively make those changes. Well look the truth of the matter is medical school enrollment is regulated but by the indictment the government. And so he can't just pop up umpire prop up a medical school without the government. Agreeing to fund it. And that's been really do that hurdle that but advancing more positions in the country a Hazmat. The alternative is that there's an influx of tough positions from outside the United States coming in filling in those those spots in emergency room departments. Psychiatric health things as answer. American born students in math and participating. I think I can tell you this is as it relates to law school that thirty year lost to me was total it was a total waste of mean it was just. You can get your credentials within two years and used that that thirty years should be more. Residency they can doctored. Because you read this I mean you look at island baptism by fire trucks it the first time. The first patent court he says you're getting ready her first court today through acts of what am I gonna do what what are you I don't know what it. And he said just going to figure it out so it ended up and just do while he yeah he did an ally you know what happened while actually the only thing he actually told me is as I was leaving he said oh you do have to know one thing. I think what's anything GT at camp I think it was GT everything is to get the money. Then I went to court I guessed Kirby green who I think is rather best attorneys around and I said. Early welcome I don't like it did go. But I I think I think that they can even convince scouts think about your think about your senior year count and mean it was. You know it was it was really useless if you initial your credentials by your junior year in your race I think you're ready to roll. It which you think about how much money these people would say later. Unfortunately for for most medical school grads and TM comes after the killing about 250000 dollars. So that need to get paid off. 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And frank front and uncle doctor John elbow a year allergist from Rochester regional help. Thanks so much for being infused morning guys. Thank you give your pleasure to be here saying so I've got a question or go back to this because I know we can probably going to be this and we probably will the holiday party afterwards. Especially if you bring my mother and this conversation. Is that the government. Or is that the health insurance companies it's running your business. Well at this point in time pretty much is it victims come from me health insurance companies. Because we shifted it to them. Approval preapproved for a lot of things that prior authorization for all the paperwork in your familiar with the network and affirm yes yes. And particularly when it comes to drugs. And having having you know really. Game changing drugs approved. Oftentimes. Insurance company will query to. To Trace of subservient trucks first right to determine and a cost basis it still does did you. Oftentimes doesn't. But the patient has to go through it. That little circus before they can qualify for. For a higher tiered drugs so when I think when you said that the government effort and you don't want them involved in your medicine. What do you mean well I think the government has demonstrated that when they have been involved that they haven't done the job and he can look to the VA system. For a friend for analysis and and how that Soledad. Really railroaded. That can get railroaded and who's entirely government. Run operation. Somewhat in articulating an animal well I'm not sure because if if they couldn't handle it. Are there and handle 250 million people. Well I I totally agree and I given that at and they have not been impressive of any of the government's. Involvement ends and in social activity this so I'm I'm very skeptical and most of my colleagues errors. So our premiere this question so leave it there should be an elimination of the affordable health care. Well I think that has now part substantially in many places I think people have I don't think we've given at the time to work. Whether that's the antidote or not I don't know. But some beef and then we've almost come to the position now where maybe the single Payer system would be more equitable for everybody. Provided it's done fairly. But there's so many lobbying groups. They want their piece of the puzzle that makes it very difficult for these. For congress to it to really. You know discipline themselves. And and really do them right. Well which at the end of the day and I think that it goes back that I've I've I've often thought I am certainly no expert on the subject. But I think it goes back to the insurance companies in the health insurance that that lobby. Is I mean that look at. It ended in times of depression and times of a recession. You know the only people still making money error is insurance it's. Well you did CEOs in her and the mega salaries that have never taken care of patient. Hand them in many of them get you know golden parachutes. We're just kind of a monitoring the system you're itself. It's telling story telling. So now I know you change your practice. You know we've talked about the you're going into the hospitals now writing your becoming. Instead of room like running your own practice what what were you doing in my door. We we are basically work in his as a fee for service with the hospital has four we're in a private organization private practice. And down from the hospital. In its effort to provide care for the people that come bills. But most hospitals now are becoming systems are not becoming an nicely anymore and so they're covering a greater expanse of patience and they need. Physicians who are. Capable of handling that volume. And so we're working closer with hospitals and we were before. During the summer and then and that's would you want I mean it's better for you as I mean. Yes I think it both financially economically and from time wise he's a little more time off but yeah. The problem is is his physician shortage right and the just. Acquiescing in these areas isn't as simple as just putting in the other dugout there. One that needs another cup they need that to tackle part of procedures and so it is to stretches of. I what do you see about the mid levels to Xena there's a lot more people going into. Becoming physician's assistants and nurse practitioners. How do you see that changing within. We could and we could not deliver the type of health care that we've seen in this country without. That level you know mentally. DC giving more people who may be broke considering. Going to medical school with and they think about the burden of the cost in the time in the the many years on a training taking more. Yeah I mean. The quality of life of a physician. Are kind of going enormous level route. Yes yes and and midlevel servers that to I'm very impressed with mid levels that we've been involved with achieving date and now. They've been excellent very contentious area in other limitations. And an act in many capacities in the position. You're what do you think that the do you think that there could be a system whereby you become a PA and then after a certain number of years here you moving to a physician at some point time with with maybe some. Extra schooling a little extra schooling or something of that nature were under residency. I can see that happening in time I really can under kind of an apprenticeship program right yes much the same is the law school used to be where people could. We come along here but not have an old school. It's. Well it is an awesome citing thank you for coming in actor Val I'm sharing with us got here. Your journey that in medicine and in your practice and in an always frank out of reach out like an island Earl your in the studio us. They bring to your thinking on you yeah right Heidi that's stamp. Well when things and think about it is that we have a mission exactly if someone needs your service helping me find it. I am. The director for about a surgery at the Rochester regional. In Rochester New York. Awesome just on the threw away a little bit and people travel for good health care and he's one of the best I can tell you that okay if I'm a legal matter where you go I always call me frank from the Tokyo. And let her go PC locker room okay if buffalo thanks so much between into Western Europe it worked with Dell mar and Marvin Lewis Thornton would bring it back to you any parting thoughts. The first week in a while I can't signaled felt that I kind of had an awesome on an amazingly. Well buffalo sabre is goals they've learned I Wii is that an act and rightly. Yeah okay next enemies that is of us sabres and bandits. But we'll have a beautiful week you'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.