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Sunday, January 14th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life sir deputy pick her Bratz and time forest were here every week from 1030 to eleven it's the only. Lifestyle show here in Western Europe radio and it is always if you some ideas for gas or topic you like us to cover. On slice of life to reach out to maim and direct line here and her Cabrini hours each for 30651843. 065 lining you can hit me up on FaceBook and agreed on Twitter all over social media. I'm pretty active and that is well and Israel see this handsome gentleman as well yes it's picture on FaceBook this morning on my page Brenda only see. And I am delighted to have him back for an encore performance we're gonna talk. And Botha segments today about the world a pharmacy with Brandt Arthur ray good morning thank you and good morning to you Brenda thank you for having me it's a pleasure and there's so much to delve into break you heard via owner and pharmacist at black rock pharmacy. If we're 31 time on a street in buffalo the land grant. Section fittingly enough and also the co owner. A separate anchor pharmacy in Taiwan at 933 Brayton. Prayed when it comes to things and the world affirm C I think everybody's concern these days is the different shifts and health care and Health Care Reform how does it affect the firm received as. You know let me answer it this way Brenda if you look at our culture today society in general there seems to be disruption and virtually. Every type of industry you know here we have mover in western new York and and you have mass consolidations. And it was rumored recently that Amazon might be instant purchasing target in 2018. And it just seems like the pace of change in our alliances. Become much more rapid. So health care is no different and pharmacies no different. But what I would contend is that there are certain things that shouldn't be. Brought to a mass merchandise and scale I think that's health care health care in my view it's very. Local it's very personal it's their relationship based. So for me I'm I'm very optimistic about the future of community pharmacy independent community pharmacy which is what I do. Based on the fact that we have relationships with patients we serve the big challenge for us though is to. Be able to beat back and compete fairly cancels large conglomeration. That seemed to be taken over health care like Cooper's. While just this past your loan you have a few you have up. Walgreens is consummated their merger with Rite Aid. There was some some modification of apathy and that they radiated says the majority of the rated store as well. Will come under the the walk Greenspan are. You have to two major insurers health care insurers Cigna anthem which were trying to merge and the FTC decided that that wasn't. In the best interest of the public impatience. He had had an Humana again they FTC weighs in on that expressing concerns I think one of the parties walked away. In very recently had CV asked me a brick and mortar retailer. Competitor mind. Offer and I think 69 billion dollars to purchase not so. So this is the kind of activity I think one can expect going forward and while these big companies are pretty savage crafting. Messages that sound good such as well you know we're gonna bring us. Size and ski Allen and we're gonna leveraged marketplace and we're going to do that for the benefit of patients who don't keep premiums down. We're gonna reverse health care costs and history shows us that the access is Hopkins. And these are these are match for Amber's Bradbury is are earthquakes and they are your system absolutely did you ever think you'd see these giant conglomerates come together to form these massive group. Now the has some very. Unholy alliances and I think you know when you have. When you have to answer these in any particular segment of the market that's one thing but now you have all this vertical immigration you have. Wholesalers purchasing drug chains. Insurance companies I mean firm from CEO sitting outside and looking and it just sounds like how is not allowed to happen how is the person. That's creating the insurance benefit. Allowed to merge with a company that's going to provide that it just seemed it's almost to me it's akin to physician self referral you doesn't pass this this now. You know so my my hope this and I like to think I'm an eternal optimist. Is that the FTC will begin to. Shed some light on these transactions so people can see that they in fact are in are not in the best interest of the public. You know they want not result in lower health care premiums. All they will do is enrich the shareholders of those entities and disadvantage small folks like me that are really. Integral parts of our community I've been numb myself my father before me but we've been Blackhawks since 1959. And I am I'm in some instances taking care. The fourth generation family and community almost sixty years. This man is simply a crack along gap you know passed a war started so very very long time and and now black rock is emerging you know the Amherst I sort or. He'll folks there back in the day and I'm getting on up Americans say that your primary care physician would hang a shingle out Mac community. I'm nowadays people are accessing health care from a eliminated number. You know clinics or other types of facilities like that and I hope one day that that access to primary care. How will become much more accessible to people. Is consumer account for and why would somebody still wanna come to an independent pharmacy vs one of those that acts. You know that was that was a very that was the very same question that was posed to him by a friend who is a physician. He he and he wasn't being now I'm not sarcastic is why why does someone pick you. Nice of why does someone pick Q I mean there's a level of trust that's developed over time as a relationship that's there now. So I think that is the fundamental reason why people select us. That they come and they are exposed to the services that we offer in the manner in which we do it may develop a level of comfort. Around their health care and it's and it's our job to help Foster that it's built on trust that's built on. You know credibility consistent. Service. And I think. In the minds in that in the minds of the patients that we serve they're starting to delineate between. You know off a pharmacy where they can get a two liter bottle of Pepsi for 99 cents. Or can go to France pharmacy and I have complex diabetes. And he's going to open up a whole quality of life to me that may be out there as when Harry. And cheer quite a moment ago or two about the multi generational. Your groups of families that you treated. It's a whole different ballgame sure obviously than you know walking into a pharmacy and seeing different pharmacists. Are attending a lot can't tell that. Timmy that makes a big differences well. It is and you know I think there was an article in the newspaper the other day about the opening of the the new UB schooled Mattison and they they talk about the way the curriculums gonna change hands. Fundamental to Madison diagnoses. News. Is them being in front of a patient and looking at cues health care cues panelist from the patient but oftentimes primary caregiver. He off your arm. Your husband and wife typically the husband is not very forthcoming with his health elements. But the spouses off from the one that's dealing with them. You know I hate hearing it at home ended our ghastly ten to get you tend to get a much more honest assessment that in. How someone circumstances. And I mention that because. Many times too numerous to mention I've stood before patients who are no other family history. Because we've taken care and I'm for a long time I understand some of the other variables that. Maybe contribute to their circumstances and no one gentleman has a history of diabetes and its family. And I house and always noncompliance. You know we can we can adjust the way we approach those folks based on their relationship that we have over a long pear tartan there's no question about it it. I think can end here in general terms for and it's it's easy to say that the buffalo area in buffalo people quote unquote are very loyal to chuckles. I do a lot of work in restaurants and I know that all the time and my trick out of the Phoenix for example chair an Amherst street and that local chain on the road you know. It's it's ink pen feeling you feeling as magistrate cookie cutter approach and even if I was thinking about it as you are talking about big backs drugstores but now you have. Supermarkets in the next share up but so you do how do we handled it. You know the competition people ask me frequently on who should biggest competition and I think today I think in their mind if they think there you know the answer while it's got to be the big chain store street that. Big box retail are. And my answers are the same it's it's really not that's not the obvious person it's the it's the people behind the scenes. That are dictating the way health care is being beats him in that community when I mean by that. I have a lot of patience that would love to. Continue to patronize me but they can't because the health insurance benefit that they get through their employer or through this county or city. Dictates where they have to go. Very very unusual phenomenon it's like someone tell me where I can buy my Mel you now and but that's the reality of health care that. That the health insurance benefit which has been around since around World War II. Has gotten to the point where the insurance entities or in the case of pharmacy the PBMs have become so powerful. That they often dictate. Where folks can go when they can go whether or not they're gonna get it in the mail I mean we experience and single digit days last week. And there were patients who were anticipating the delivery of insulin for example and it's gonna sit in their mailbox. Five degree day yes you know so my biggest competition. Are those folks. Across the street from a big chain and will compete on the wrong. You know it's interesting too because a couple of years ago grander chronology suggests that the user mail order prescription servers are century and I take for awhile I just in you're comfortable with an average. And then I went there tonight local firm assessed. And act same thing years I have I have any questions I can sit and look at their person face to face and there's no comparison in my mind it's very much analogous to me about the whole restaurant thing in the New York shopping mall all spring up a business whether it's a restaurant there. Or you offering up for example. And which you mentioned about the winter weather too because you certainly an arm in your streak ever really cold weather. Do you do letter from. We do we have for free since truly for free since 1959 actually have a wonderful picture of my dad. And it's much than her days sitting in front of 1957. Valiant. Appropriately so yeah we've and it's it's it was. Affectionately known as the tell wagon. And I think single column that in an iron out its that we feel like he's era I think he had snot so we yeah we deal with sand and wind we do that because. Particularly community of black crack in northwest buffalo we have a lot of folks that are are homebound and elderly. Other unconfirmed and they can't get out so they they need test. To do that and you do it regardless of the weather right absolutely. What are the fear factor after worried meaning here bats and getting clobbered ever had for keeps yeah whatever drugs. You know Osama mine I'll be honest with you it's on my mind and historically we would always sound. One who identified the business in the contact information on the vehicle on I'm kinda. Hemming and harm a little bit maybe it's time to go anonymous. You know but we're also very cautious about him. He knows some of the things that we do we're very very mindful of the responsibility that we have in our community to be. To be good custodians of the medication to you so. You know we have things that are particularly sensitive OP always of that type of thing we're taking extra precautions to make sure that. That those are being received promptly. By the intended patient. And not have them sitting out there as a target right 'cause it is it is very very dangerous. It's the reality now live and unfortunately yes we're trying to get into generics first history and name cancer OTC drugs that are popular now especially around flu season. Back right after this. Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol. Even if you think he might have a problem call this number right now for free information 806471141. That's 806471141. By calling the addiction rehab specialist you're taking the first steps to recovery there advisors are ready to match she would approve and five star facility right now. 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Across from monro muffler in Hamburg you can rely on the road Zacks that's rose X vacuums in Amherst and Hamburg wrote Zacks. While. I'm back to slice of life and the Sunday morning hoping having a great weekend it's staying warm. We are talking with Brandon Archer and Brandt is a familiar figure in the black crack community he's the owner firm basis of the black rock for RC Montana artistry. A longtime family business since 1959. For that matter row what a legacy. And he is also the co owner of the brain Eckerd pharmacy. Taiwan into don't want nations say at 930 fried brain due to liver from there is opera. We do you know edit yeah this about India and you know it's a steam because that's how he suspends service that we provide and and now others. You know have come out these big public splashes. Promoting their delivery service and it's really funny because you know we've we've set an expectation and standard. In our community based on 4050 years of delivering and now the big national chains and you know. We'll do our best to get a two year when Henry is on monuc time I don't be at a reasonable fee and all of this type of stuff I just have to chuckle yeah you've endured for years and it's free you know we're we're better than that. We're not group we don't like tennis we don't like to brag too much about ourselves you know we live in a day in an error right now where you have to. If tell people what you're doing it's. Knowing him and I think you've been telling people about I've heard your commercials and WG RE SP and fifteen tourney this very station of course. For so Dan I felt that I save incorrectly you sure did and it's the generic. Form of Viagra it's not a Jeanette. Eric it is the off therapeutic alternative okay government and why do I say that because to be appeared generic you have to be approved by the FDA. After extensive. Valuations to make certain that you are clinically equivalent to the brand name innovator drug. In the case of Savannah so it's actually interest in how came to market it was a drug that was primarily used for a cardiovascular. Treatment. And they found his side effect and at that helped with erect tile dysfunction so it was market for those purposes. So this Saldana fell on that we're able to provide. It's. Considerably less expensive you know even recently with the introduction of generic Viagra I think. I think basically the marketplace is around fifty dollars a pill for the generic form via Accra. Still pretty hefty it's still pretty have to Ian were able to offer a therapeutic alternative to Savannah fell on the dollar fifty point oh my goodness half. About fifty account yes so it's been very it has been very well received by the public. And now you know it's it's one of those cases where you have these products where there's a need. But patients can access them because insurance companies for the most part. Don't pay for them because they're not determined to be medically necessary if they're more lifestyle. So most most plans would not cover the Viagra and are still not covering the generic for bankrupt. So bringing something that is affordable to folks has been. A big big well welcome to this community. Spread when you're talking about something sensitive like erectile dysfunction Q framing Manuel. Call UN and say look there are already the trucks and taken a Turkey over here in the corner or they have their. Spouse or significant other call on their behalf what it would you know and. Frank my experience has been that the manner generally somewhat. Hesitant to. To engage in the conversation so I think that's where professional pharmacy staff comes and we make certain. That our staff know that our front line staff know that that that is a question. That needs to be fielded by the pharmacist farms so only in his. And I think by and large people are comforted once they. Once they realize that the pharmacist has a professional on their gonna provide the facts to them and there's nothing more than that so. But it's mostly the patient calling on their own behalf. And then there is a certain amount of anonymity that they want didn't you know manner proud to capture cannot print ourselves you know often by. But that's been my experience. It's good to know that that there are drugs out there that can really help people at an affordable cost because quality of life is so important it is and especially in those areas that are. You know can be embarrassing to some folks are I think this has been. This has been very welcome service that we provide we're very happy to do it I think by and large armed. The urology community in Western New York appreciates that had a nice conversation of the private practitioner the other day. You know people are present in the office and it really affects their whole life. You know affects healthy balance in their lives or happiness structure so this is of a very very good thing to be able provide. I'm simply to hear you say they because it's so easy to China ran out these things but to talk about things that are less tangible like quality of life sure. Where you can help with the drug is sound boring is there anything coming down them them pipeline for women with sexual vitality. You know I think they continue to explore the basic ingredient in this product. For applicability in females and a has been some studies. But they're largely inconclusive. I'm unfortunate they haven't to my knowledge science hasn't yet found that. He hasn't found that magic pill is and I know there's a lot of work done and hormone replacement and looking at some of those. And some of those factors and how they contribute on the female side to those type of things as women maturing thing go through menopause in the changes that they go through. So I think you're gonna see a lot of power and opportunity in those areas. I know and our other pharmacy we do a lot of custom compound in and we're starting to really focus and hone in non. I'm not hormone replacement for women unfortunately in the State of New York as progressive as they are as we are. There's a lot of things in our practice that we're not allowed to do that other states are. But my hope is that someday we can get to a point we can he a woman can present at the pharmacy. How we can do an assessment and then actually be able to do weather be a blood test or some other type of indices that will help us spider. I'm identify what their hormone replacement needs are and and maybe even provide them with a product to suit those days but certainly working with their. Their primary paradox again solutions and on this occurs in other states right now is probably just a matter time. As is when he sees it one of the things that might be found in a different state absolutely. I'm glad you think it's happening in New York is that you know its aspirations yes regulations bureaucracy gets sometimes I think what we experience and and these bears are coming down. As those of us and health care realize that we have to work together call for the benefit of the patient so we collaborate. Much more than we used to in the past in the past it was it was turf issues you know it's. You know these types of things to be perceived by some in the medical community to be an infringing on their role you know I think now that we. Now that we've proven that were that were in it together for the benefit of the patient. I think you're gonna see even more collaboration especially as we move from. The current environment and health care is fee for service. I provide a service to you and I feel fee for two quality based care. So if you're the patient and you reside in the middle we showed. All of us and health care all around supporting each other to get them past most cost effective I'll come on your behalf. Instead of law if I just keep to a more more more tasks and make bread or more money yes I to a task and it's the right on and you're out here. And I'm gonna partake in the spoils them. Makes a lot of sense to me yeah in general when you talk about brand vs generics arm. Is there any drop off in quality of somebody's getting a generic brand. Pass it don't believe there as and the reason why is because. The way the rules are set up in this particular country in order to be approved as a generic you have to cement the clinical trial data. That indicate that you are not precise and exactly the same but within your reasonable grounds to matter percentage points. So they will go through exhaustive tests to make sure that the the absorption of the drug the the monitor drug available for a therapeutic effect misses all comparable so that's in this country isn't. And why do I qualify that because as. As the Internet has opened up mail order we talked about Saldana felt you know we you can't still in this country order what you think is Viagra. That may come from overseas. May come from China might come from India. They may bring it through Canada just have it appears those legitimate. But no one really knows truly what is in that you know and I think if you look at the open your crisis. You don't really know what's you know what's if you know what's actually going into the trillion fentanyl that's tainted with things in view of all of this so. The same is true on the legitimate pharmaceutical marketplace that. You have this free flow of goods coming in this country the FDA cannot oversee every single one. So you have to ask yourself this is a real. In my really getting when I'm painful right around an analyst from. And effectiveness standpoint from a safety stamp I taking this to every day and sometimes I have an oval tell on them when I got another prescription it's around I think Chia insists the right thing I worry a little bit about. Well the pharmacies should be letting you know that you know there're there are many generic you know wants it. You know the brand vs generic question companies basically at pad protection for pretty long period of time. And then once the generic is allowed on the pad protection runs out. And then typically six months after that you have numerous companies come into the market which is good for the consumer because price slowdown precipitous in his. When Vista first came on the marketplace is in the hundreds of dollars. Now because there's so many different generics of how opal. The price is probably less than twice so that's a very good thing that's any chance those generics have to pass. FDA must have revealed from the market's great peace of mind. But about two minutes slasher and Iberia message and ask you about flu season is over in mid January now and called spell we've gone through leasing at the firm seen these days. So food. I'm dealing with the flu and providing service to our population for the flu has been really instinct for me because it's a moving target you have seasons with the flu it's. Nonexistent. And you have and you over prepared for an then you have those seasons. Where it's just the opposite you know on flu season is is in his kicking off earlier earlier beer historically we would come out with a our marketing pushed October. And how this would get out in August which I think is will literally be asked. So here we are in January it's been a quiet season up until recently. So the big issue is going to be. Can folks still access the loose you know that the flu shot. And today and for the foreseeable future I don't see any reason why they can't so I would strongly encourage people it's not too late by any means good. And out currently what all indications are that the current. The current strains of the vaccine are more than. Able to to deal with what's currently it's in talks. Is it something you administer the pharmacy. This Yahoo! and we were the last again back to our earlier discussion. We were the second to last state to be granted the authority to immunize. Second collapsed and I think the other was Maine a Maine and New Hampshire. Disparagement of those states up there but you think of the great State of New York would have been out front leading the charge for good quality health care. You with banking. Necessary in the case. Spread if you wanna do a good show right prescription is to bring you land so thank you thank thanks so much now I'm at the time flies get ourselves so many things to talk about. Bread Arthur who is the owner and firmer since that the black rock pharmacy. For 31 tunnel on a street in buffalo of course in the black wrecked neighborhoods and so many good things happening in that part of the city. And also the brain haggard stern pharmacy. In town I Wonder Bread as a car owner there and look forward to talking with it down there are Brit thank you so much your coming into thank you for infamy. There Oprah or rap on this addition a slice of life faced returning and her British embassy in next week. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.