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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. And join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martan and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western Europe at work. Your Sunday morning business friendly conversation like you're ESPN 15:20 AM when we talk about sports jobs. Economic development always the people that make it happen and I'm join a studio what my wonderful cohost as always say going. The second inning Dan Mahoney Lauren hurry today yes that's Canadian studio this morning I love and yes we do and that's and it's bills' season opener airing today. There's ultimate not home opener of their way but. And it's gonna be an awesome show it was still a lot of energy surroundings on the strategy that's super exciting to me we haven't lost a game at south. We can't all out of the world right now there's a. The optimistic and hopeful is all of the about half live ahead but we have our first win. I would love to see them having won an all star and just go from there to get the momentum gone from the start of the awesome it's going to be hearing any game twos so it's very sloppy just like the bills like it. That is get prior they're gonna Aaron they're gonna wanna gritty twelve to seven game here. Really have a asking an eye to the green and yet had a heart attack at the last play of the game but it was a good start it was a sloppy game outside in the fourth Corbett he had no lightening in a postpone the NFL season starts to kick off until 9 o'clock. While while starts of the season. We and we are some amazing guests is to do with this they need to do we go into the the introduction just like to know if any of them are Buffalo Bills fans. Can we have one. They've missed a month. Our and my McCain would army when you know he's only one as the bills for some assuming that the others aren't soccer fans the mobile. Now it's my annals sportsman's. I I don't get it yet and in. Neat well that makes it okay. Well awesome we have a date for the article in our sport that statement stood IRA. The Buffalo Bills kicked off 120 team's season today in Baltimore taking on the ravens may computer may get to start at quarterback. Left tackle got Dawkins also returned the lineup after missing the pre season with an injury other injury news to report wide receiver rhetoric McLeod is out. With a knee injury the weather forecast for full story now shows rain throughout the game. Pick up a set for 1 o'clock for pregame coverage all morning head over to WGR Sports Radio by fifty WGR by fifty dot com. Some other games picked off get a full season at one including Steelers browns the Bengals pick up call for Indianapolis. Titans dolphins the vikings take on the 49ers at home the patriots are used to take on the Texans. The saints take on the Buccaneers the jaguars are against the New York Giants for the 4 o'clock slid against the Seahawks take John Denver Dallas and Carolina take on the Panthers. Washington had to Arizona against the cardinals the chiefs take on the chargers and LA chiefs chargers to be her right here is it 1520 at oral side. Heading over to college football you'd be remains undefeated after a thrilling down to the wire victory against temple Lincoln Financial Field yesterday. Wide receiver Anthony Johnson scored the game winning touchdown with one minute left. To take the 36 point nine lead with awful awful lot to. You people balls to know for the first time since 93 up next for the bulls they take on undefeated eastern Michigan. Next Saturday at 6 o'clock which can be heard right here on ESPN fifteenth when he results from around college football yesterday number two ranked Clemson squeaked by texting them. When he went. 46 number ten ranked Stanford takes down number seventeen USC seventeen to read the Georgia Bulldogs to be number 24 South Carolina 41 to seventeen. Eight ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish finished out a close one against Ball State pulling up the 24 to sixteen victory. Forty guys the sabres win their first game of the prospect challenge against the New Jersey Devils six to four. Number one overall pick Rasmus d'alene impressed in his debut scoring two goals and and assess. Point six to infer from that helped me later also on the back and for buffalo if you had to get the start in goal saved thirty of 34 shots. The sabres get back in the eyes today taking on the penguins at the harbor senator. In your coverage of the process deleterious in fifteenth when he starting at 1230 Paul Hamilton panel Carl McCall. The sub David Roger pilots have UPC marker you're completely legal council and by Boston pizza enjoy the game with a nicely survived. ESPN fifty flooding upgraded yeah. Welcome back to Western New York or work life your ESP in 1528. And with DO Maarten in Laura Lewis. And as we. Do each and ever since we don't have a unique conversation at least I feel we do. Yes. Yes great cast are large for writes he good conversations in today's is second to none. We're fortunate and very happy to have too much for new wars that are making a difference in health care management arena and that would be. Mumbo Collins Chia and he's he didn't come alone he brought doctor Pamela. And I apologize I'm at the work that went to bed the IP to Betty okay. And Betty okay C a now ahead doctor Pamela. Today we welcome to The Today Show and some start with you you know have been known each other when number of years now put. You have a very unique journey so tell us a little bit about you know your journey your path in things that you've been doing and bring us up to speak to where Europe today. So I was stabbed by a I think he knew Dell and you cool mostly by in those cities wonderful location. My jammies. Some of you need by its own we saw YE re looking its the United States back in 2005. And nine. Pursued a human bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences. And a poignant time most thinking of coming medical doctor. But fast forward I realize it clinical component of masonry was informing. And so upon graduating ET back to us in dominate the same seaside. He started working on in practice management. No it's critical because heat expose me to the other side of health care that he's not spoken about enough. And down because of the experiences that says to pursue unity my sister greenhouse and sits in the situation. Dream that PO I realized there was certain aspects of health k.'s speech from the as it pertains axis put aren't working poor. That was of particular interest me and so I decided to take on a project quieting graduate school on now access support for overlooking pool. Access to health and sort of walking pork. And Serena project I decided to create the very first sock. My very first incorporation which is what I meant down called the west Neil okay collaborated console. Was just an organization that sort of integration off provisional services. In you really peeved that wave to integrated medical behavior in circles usually provide us. In a waiter had never been done before. And now also lucky of the and other project. Neal Steve can mount reached yet another initiative called chronic illness demonstration project. Which was really my project that more on steroids right and B that skilled. Integrating pro right as a have routinely function outside rooms. And soul. West neo Tokyo collaborated also is what today's known in the community health home. Very fortunate to be become part of the leading health home. Luckiest according to creation and I'll be management services organization that is all about him management world. Really tee to finance accounting the legal issues contracts in and so on and so forth. And from dad became the chief operating officer for that organization. Really to conduct concept from the white bought some knowledge Martin an envelope creation. Fast forward and then was very fortunate enough to begin that recruited by an even below organization. To serve as the during tilt public health. Really need to function of the population management now I didn't watch broad and legal skill. And when as a population management in the vehicle passes everything that has to do the that's so creation primary KB address note school news golf. And Renault reshaping that we the policy and the strategy of getting wishing you healthy. Begin getting in and out which he needs he's well we've cross functionality we'd stayed. We ought to key stakeholders that the routinely. What are saddled in the past were able to breach that gap and really. You know ensure that Sims is we've been to leave bragging seamless stream. Throughout these Janine how do you pushing he sees which she ate she addicts but in 2010. It must eat it out of innocence because then you know these human pretzel creation the user. Idea that have been ET of both affordable. Medical course enables wasn't enough in that area so Chad it's was created to settled. Increased forty dvd interest axis of needy and really get those quantities to the users. And fuss for Islamic Perry Ellis began able to realize those Chaz Adams Sweden health care though we're not I decreed the address to a hearing and soul. Idea and I said well you know let's bring to get a team on different talents and really function as an organization. That is aimed. Helping auto organizations become high performing and reliable entities. And template to Cedric as a wanted to part users speaking of bringing the best and bring in talent he didn't come along. You brought some excellent talents with these aren't like Peter introduce a soft and share with us a little bit a little bit about your journey. And you think it is an opportunity. So for myself I have natural passion for anything medical right when you are and particularly I had a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering knows your name money panel let's have Betty okay. Doctor and the doctor tablets have been yes you well for the designation thank you thank you. I'm so apple is had a passion for biomedical engineering right from undergrad to master to PG it's something that I. I comes easy for me everybody has to niche so for me it was more of the instrumentation size so from the time of undergrad and having exposure. And having classes that talked about in applications and applications in health care and how we can use all of the technologies and building things I can diagnose and treat. Host entry I act so when I left undergrad asked that are working in laboratories and understanding laboratory medic at the prices and hobby function and the usability. From there I decided to also now work for medical device company because again the idea is. And see how they're using it but I wanted design and help in that process so rook for a company and incredible act had a chance to actually work with those that missed engineers. I got to travel literally throughout the globe to look at different hospitals understand that the prices. To help them to install to happen in their training out there for alzheimer's person on and also the customers as well. In addition to that I realized that you know. There are issues that we'll fund along with what things what that does and protect it's that the end user. Whether it was the style the shade. The tools to fix it all of these that are sanctioned and the training update so from there had actually told my thoughts at the time that actually want to go on need to fix the problem that I see in my travels so I was told. Get Ph.D. so wrapped up. And ask them to want to go do that so and doing my Ph.D. I got a lot more into health and actually be applications so how. They let it devices we use and how it actually impact salas. Why did my PG resellers and and I was really gave me an opportunity to know not in depth right at what you do. Incidents were touching how that doctors Heusen and the implications because not just about atlas and treating. I'm not leverage our would be known so in doing that I realized that I actually enjoy this field so when I met on. We hadn't met for awhile and he talked about this thing we had this passion because. He has this whole entity that he is building and I think that you know I was left to come on board and support which from doing you know. I have this background to understand devices medical laboratory devices. I understand how you select that specific regions and markets and why different things make sentence at the US vs C South America acts that vs Asia right. All these different things and how can I network with him to actually leverage his vision and his passion for what he's developing. Yesterday taking your real world experience to put it into practice and I think you get so much when you have a business in the company. Hired. Giuliani species cat seeing where the gaps are and where you may get better and sounds like eating your journeys have brought you along that. Yeah absolutely I think you know like I mentioned moments ago. Chad thanks brings to get a different subject matter experts will look and that's basically Sweden they have Karina. We can do you have case there is an assist entities be calm. High performing. And reliable organizations what I mean by that is really. Having people and processes and technology. What can seem to improve to devious and it's yes and you know for us to do that we need to get the right time so when Gupta today he's talking about. In Ohio passion for medical device. And the week's use and the maintenance remembered deviation of charities is not just local it's actually global. We have clients you know we have business organizations we have governments you know development of camera on the government of being mean. The government most mobile the most our clients and so using his skills are no plans and sort of repeat Cates and really helped him utility services to meet the needs of the couple. I'm so happy that you brought that out because earlier you were doing your introduction I was thinking that are both of you have really chipped travel to global. You could have taken your skill sets in you and your your entrepreneur was in. Arctic anywhere in the country. But you Charles western new York and primarily mutual's buffalo so like to learn. On to go their little bit why buffalo even though it gives you global presses as you just mentioned. What you could have taken into Houston all Washington DC worked ransom. What you truly international presence not just one more than just Western New York but can you speak to that. I've slowly. Buffalo's largest home for us both blue swim meet to happen we think about the ball for the economy to be just the economy's health care. We have the best talents. In health care industry he right here in buffalo is very unfortunate that we have the young and vibrant scene all Huckabee about some of these. They'd be Chad races decided. To Indies creation in the buffalo region because we have talents like. That attended the Mir and as she and and the others noted wanted to tap into and devote that not been also create kind of a system of sustenance. Long term. Okay great awfully listening to Western New York or were your Sunday morning business conversation wife or ESPN wood dale Martin and Lewis. We're gonna take a very short break but on the other side of the break when I hear more great conversation. About the management and health care that their organization is bringing to the west New York area as well physical. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped upload a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about when he liked. 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To schedule your political moment specs. Welcome back to class and check out where it got ESPN fifteen to 20 AM. I learned this in studio and I cut us down my and and we had she had spent cherries in studio with us this morning we have mama. Concert she asked and doctor Pamela it's about me that they say so much for joining us we talked a lot. Medina show about your journey isn't how you and it seemed to form she expenditures so really what your mission and vision is sport she acts. So of admission of Genesis release a cease organizations and transforming into high performing. And reliable entities what I mean by that EC game hugging people and the process has technology walking in saint. To improve patient experience to improve as an ambulance services and most importantly reduce costs are out of beach on long term needs relief who. SEC Nam advancing health globally. And every aspect of our organizations get that from start up to up to my position project management and everything in between. So let me ask this question for Smart cars are when things are really resonating with me. Some other nursing homes are locally and across the country are we get a bad reputation for inefficiencies within the year their structure. Dutch organization Communist helped turn them around and give them best practices is that an example of the type services or we are you looking at something else. Obsolete there's a very good example of the kind of things we do. You know we goings on in the transition against such as an innocent home. We sees it and Bryson a strategic solutions and sees wearing boots and that's in our ounces is right every single. Seven he's line. We assess what's arrow I is eating Lyon leading nations in nine division. One of the improvements that are needed to Tehran that creation. A we do that from the arts board we actually take. Concepts from the white bought. It's reality. Awesome and so how are you going about getting like your clients and finding these organizations and maybe hit and and she had access services. So a lot of what plans to sell Rivera because of the also wonderful job without it still plans to intense again. One of martyrs for eight medals so we can get us underway at a Chad hates. The US so WW dot CD HI EEX. Argued as and you can cause they're idiots so once seeks. Nine seeks one. 323. Seats in someone's seeks 9613236. Men we are part of a lot of professional organizations and compressing. The local chapter of the American college propped hazy teams. The biomedical association of what's in Europe so we've in those circles in all the small white out there they we will be getting smaller advertisement. OK so what the other aspect as he mentioned in supporting the example you mentioned is the fact that Google and there. And assessing their services in the process and optimize and but also. What other things to do need as far as the equipment side right because you have all these patients that need to eat things you can do in the house what you have to send them out. That whole process and in the laboratories in the transportation. Back and forth and popped in my and that process yes it in health care as it is a very technology driven arm industry how does you know your organization. Our address technology. So right now we know that date that it's a big deal right. And that he had data and accessing data to make good decisions decision to release are affected not just for. That patient that put the end to the hospital organizations so. Assessing what at times that you're looking at as far as giving a patient in an outright what is that process I think any issues as far as did Mason and time that you can improve on. And it procedures that you can minimize so axle. Had to write was looking at those things and assessing patient data and also focused patient data and streamlined loan and I think that's where. Our. The rent you content to where she actually has a better understanding of data exit data scientists and systems that can fantastic. I musicians guys wanna mention we're very fortunate in our careers who've been exposed to so many different. I two solutions in ninety platforms and we've actually being in the position where we're resistin B Montel beyond the organization's. Decide reach. Platform to go we based on specific functionalities who says so we have had a duty to to help organizations and entities choose your right. IC platform IT about born that was support did you tell management. That okay great. And something else that comes to Miami as we quickly approach on the end of twenty change certain do you have goals that you wanna compass for the end of this year and inserting in nineteen. Are there a specific companies that you like to work with more than are no meat on your radar. As I mentioned earlier our cost Monday's preview why I mean how from. Small. Tool physician practices to. Martin and me on the last governments you know invites analysts have been re strategize the probation sentence is a population and so. For us our goal here in Western Europe at least locally is streets while we any organization that is having issues we've. Either transformation payment reform. Tom how been approaching you see full improve Maine any to reveal any of this and seized. Or just a mean and zine you know quite frankly baseline some additional wave are way you could be. Based on the Korean trade. So are you going in to these health organization tell your company's stock practices. Setting might connect observing. An Internet plan to help them go from point eight aptly be an absolutely battered regions except. Yes you going Brighton Caminiti tickets not shown off student school. How things are housing finishes Luke who you Christians come are currently what Eddie potential is so deep faith when it also the AS all improvement. Then combo would apply. Right it was a decision to execute from here today. And these wedges in to any taking patient feedback as well this is the general view of that act itself nozzle efficiency bad guy in health care east side. More important than ever before it's situated reimbursements titans patient's treatment so that's a critical part of far. Overall. Like what we call these strategic solution planning. There's two sides to every I say every situations are gonna ask you. Can you share with us I'll give us an example of a success story you don't necessarily have to see the company or government agency name would give us an example. Of a case study that you work with. In you know howled with the results. So had a chance to bring together organizations that are roots he had never will work together before they walked inside us. This is one called cross functional collaboration. Which is true collaboration what I mean by true collaboration leaving agendas out the dole didn't want to add regional common goals and what can truly. To achieve those schools will go on that multiple times he game there was some you know here than that fall organizations that take. Gets us why adults done that for organizations looking to for peace. Don't know if organizations such an effort population as a whole idea what anybody that you see in bringing folks you know there'd have you drug help orient today meant an ovarian today. He's got held oriented medical device companies. Vandals and bringing the state new York state department of meaning the insurance all agree on a common goal. Fundamental knowledge of achieving specific nation. And that is our strength. Where is the health care go in the next five years. Help case evolved as a class act and I think this is the right temple organizations to really make that change means its fleet. Speech he became in reform. We have better creeped out sees organizations in that. Right. We call me we expertise that port tactical drivers. To enable organizations understand. Payment reform. And shorter deal or creating region acceptable parameters have been if he. From those changes because. I want to mention you know resources and Nokia hasn't really changed right. Is really taking it from eight PP based on performance race when he specific qualities he educates us and so if you are an organization that you only eight. And you figuring out how he can import fine naturally become the high performing organizations. You wonder what we don't we can help get. So it's act what he mentioned ripped apart the mission basically is. Being able to synchronize people process technology and with all be upbeat and advances in technology nowadays right. It's all of us leveraging that right right thinks fast changing how do enough also change adapt to the changes the platforms but definitely looking at the death. Assessing customer feedback assessing hospital feedback and data that cost right. And the deleveraging. That people. All the processes involved in the entity and then they tend not to because we have present hardly out on the back together and sing. To optimize the process right after writing process is key to his ex for the technology. When he had a great craft of it and use it to your credit and it really does not to race. Everything you do business. Yes and what it thinks I'm here is that if you are small to medium size our physician or medical office you'd need their services. Can you need to partner with them because. Are their main focuses not taken Curome you know providing the patient care. Where's their organization will bring in that that technological analytical business side to help them be a more efficient operation. That angry and Iain is on the need to just a practice season on nursing homes through illness and for Sweeney's assistant leaning. If you're a business entity. Functioning meeting healthcare arena in one fashion or not a I Simpson software. Fantastic earning any areas of your organization business that we have not touched on that we want to make sure we mention before we sign off for today. Are you do you cover a great you know a ray of different services and we've talked about the technology and the importance of the data we've talked about. You know affected you going and in assess their business first they may be less this focus on that just before we sign off and get. How does that original the first assessment piece you know take place. So we could call from a potential client of ours okay are we going we understand we leeson's of the clients on the side of the business that's east. We told we bought his key stakeholders need to be since some are just talking wheat in all the CC full Soviet leaders of that organization. Then also took me to stop the fungus out. Those are interaction during the two patients have a chance to discuss the patients get your perspective dictate. On doing disservice to your receiving and we've seen that organizations functioning attention toxin. Nudges a page has been dosage to patients about family we that we calm all week it status quo it's not shut off. How eighties as east today. And how we can have QB we synchronicity of people processes and technology. I love you guys really take into consideration every aspect of health care like you said at. The staff teases the level of of a practice organization patient patient's family and in and it really everyone is involved. So and that and the care the patient and you really have taken. Everyone's feedback. To really get that the picture and he can help you plan for how to optimize. The health care and how they experience a patient. You know in my accurately after the earned his facts as he mentioned Wright is not just coming in assessing. This eagle at the highland beat the keys they call was that you need to talk to. The nurses and caregivers and the patient because everything you're installing as far as. A process technology they all play into its because if you instant stealth technology that. BN news of the nurses are not able to adapt to you make the process not difficult and challenging. I think that is too costly for Iowa that you need to have a say so so I think it's the and everybody that is going to involved in the organization right and when he passed he talked about is important that we look at process. People in technology and getting all those people involved to figure out what is the best plan. For that entity that opens in that distance with great well only time before we go anywhere I like. She attacks flat out. How do people get tactic you. Chad it's you can reach us and wept I WW dot chatted spelled CH I EG EX. I TU and Stucco okay the fastest radio show. History each and every Sunday in parting thoughts and our goal bell and I think she expected that today and yes thanks so much deeper question I think you'd think this helps. A couple of injury to somebody haven't. Great week missy Dixon. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab accessing your group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.