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Sunday, September 2nd

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martins and Laura Lewis. And mourning the western new York and welcome to west and he argued that whereas an ESP and 15:20 AM. We talk about sports jobs economic development and the people that make it happen I learned Lewis in studio Communist Labor Day weekend and I aimed. With our lovely produce hair really been growing really mourning little lonely in here today. It is yeah you do you normally at least dale and a couple gas just by herself from the big east is being. And three empty Mike's I'm glad you're here we can at least communicate fluid through the glass and up that hole and sports on your death or dale over the phone so yes the Dow is down at winged tests so what's. You know questioning aquarium. We're lucky amazing food. Throughout the area below from brilliant on four obviously never knows it chicken wings and the wings' best is going on this weekend on Coca-Cola field. The wing king himself users. Believe it every year and it restaurants from all over her. The area to come and show showcase their ticket things. Has an opportunity for anyone that wants to tried different types of swings different restaurants. There are a lot of great options there Lee what are your favorite chicken wings. So I was always the Imus misplace a person so I'll ask the like there really hot stuff. Move medium is knowing the safe route I like to go with but. If it's not medium aunts and get on a parmesan garlic ice extent not ending in a barbecues most people are. People are battling sales really popular failing laws barbecued chicken wings are not really big into it. Yeah I may I'd like medium crispy that's my favorite. Months allowed do little hot but barbecue. Only you. Every once and a while it's like. Yes I have added that the taste for it right. Part you spotty for me it's got to do the right time yeah awesome things so much sling it that's stating that the Boggan who started and it's finally time finally time next week next Sunday is. The bills' season opener. Those trade AJ McCarron so it's either going to be Josh how underneath computer and I only thing holding out I think it's gimme Peterman. I'm still hoping it's Alan. Although if you off the line looked like they did in the third game I don't want anyone anywhere in touch and feel just his own sake but. I think when the offensive scheme gets more diverse in the regular season. Do you doc and comes back I think it'll be a little bit better so I was so star Allen and kind of play it week by week and see if the offensive line. They're really struggling and I woman Peterman and as many tournaments played too good to probably be taken off the field. But it's an exciting football Tynes finally I mean as much as I want. Pre season. In short statins after a month of it it's like looks like he called an exit to the first game here football's back and then. Two weeks later I came in over the security wanna know some players right Saturday announced deals is at thirty former players are asked yeah. Got down 53 and the couple surprised but I'm glad I mean I'm surprising that a fifth round pick from Karen that's a play at who he was going to be the third quarterback right now when you get a normally for players like that you're gonna get maybe a conditional seventh round pick and you get a fifth that's it's a pretty good deal from being the bill also asked me point. So let's not we have. Down on the lying in my friend went fast day out how Mario. The real. Has leaped past will likely get some data to other wink here or record that they need national and we. Or you're ball well done medical school you know. And all the event itself has not started what the dinner at all lineup and starting to it just you know it they're all preparation. Or another eighty nature of the event. Possible how many vendors are there this year down. Let the cold will be hard to order a probably because there's Oprah can look out. Caller Erica legitimately. The link princess. Court and so are your network once again and hope would be ordered rules that the I beat it we practical. Welcome to show you think at any other course 100. Roxy gap today. At all and their ilk. Outing Wayne. We re all green street the budget for. Annan Arafat come from all of the country and you've been you know from. On our back but he lacked the we have rain and Ali from Mac I'll. Lean on all in the UK. On a variety of people. While the people from Mexico any case it's an international went past really. You're. Really hot and illegal. When bad part about different not only iMac go and are being brought in that he wrapped. And they even began from the UK where are your ears while. I'll extra F dedication to chicken wings we make a track that fire to come building. That's it's a testament to buffalo and what you guys are doing with to doing past. So what what goes on today at when asked in a live like there's different contacts and trying the wing. I'm at apple. Buffalo wing. I think there winging it. I'm. But stable without a national leader and act are or are actually won each. Opted it would actually out debates. I have ever eating well and I haven't really interesting that outing her away because our English here with the invited by different there are currently at over ninety. Our reach and at that of that happening wing are actually up high the room and the act and Hubert the imminent and went. All I got them has been hilarious. Do you worry at all it's an on air or just an aunt and everything the right. Yeah and packet back to our he'd either in all quote confident and they're gonna think about it now. All I ask them what a way to kick up their wedding weekend. Couple about. Other workers here now if I would really bobbing in is that there bobbing in blue cheese. We actually thought I'd eat are on and we fell at a ton of rain and we. Oddly about Cuba under way in that manner and apple. They just got worried and they get Humana and yet at any link that they want out of a out of how how many yet. The winner at the groom got sport he went. On and I think that right I want something happens back and now it was aren't. I coming you'd catch me bobbing for chicken wings and she's like that this much I love when the coaching you wouldn't you. That's Fisher. Now I also heard seeking a bachelor parties I heard. Buffalo's own just Antarctic who's just on the bachelorette. Has made. An appearance at pulling fast. Yeah that was issued kickback yesterday so he had a knee injury from about five to back and start up and it girl or a lack any. The only is planning on that the photo at and how all of our you know Robert. On and then at 9 PM on the heat. Add that in Deborah Kerr all candidate are. Only mini period of the bachelor on the road it and they don't get a one minute spiel about why they beat each elegant curve and diet which is a Brian rumpled. Good morning comrade Obama are on their that I went there on and yeah yeah I don't. A winner on the bridge and execute throughout the wind had and I Ali from Florida at it can't be as well you know and I don't occur I entry that it's pretty hot. That is great what it out so many fun things going on and knuckle so why not you'd a lot of different types. In styles of two killings at when asked what is the hot and munitions hot because of how wings at what the most interesting. Chicken wing we have this year and fast. We'll got it only got for a while and you know one I care debate that not that peanut butter and Ali. We have found. Actually different crowd I'm glad Barry Elliott. Well but it certainly code that. Advocate and I we don't have a beat out of whack at it are popular de L. Let's turn back Taliban. I was gonna ask that I know at. Then they went last year would there be somewhat Quang. Yeah actually dead they weren't that bad now. Awesome. It sounds. Like so much fun so many different types of wings and options. That I. A company in it and that he. Really really. Can't possibly know what you're a particular way. I'll. Like why I let all that aren't you harmony and balance the department at. How barbecuing. What am I at beaver eat at the urban and I loved Allen. That's sounds amazing to. Me. So what's the link that's officially starts today. Over Colin from wild is every day. Yeah it was not a little bit sort everyday I will impact our back. What what event can be put their head not knowing asked today what can they look forward to. The only half in eighty rain aren't as the only record at all. I'm have a highly eating linked aren't as hot in the world aren't as our biggest and the that they act is Lee. At 5 o'clock at gonna eat national eating could add with all the professional eater and really enjoy doing that. Awesome and you're Joey chestnut that dot Sullivan's Susie hatton and I think. Yeah he was here I'm Heidi you can hear the end avenue and I didn't occur and I'll a RD I'm and we aren't that's awesome. And it indeed your eaten up well I don't think. Haven't attacked. Around almost looked at the USA today article. Our what do I eat late it's True Blue sheet here it I really need a racist or complication in that area or reputable doubled in the past. I'd eerie. More in common at. All. But it will only be earned by increased over to the guy out is that light up. Yet start at 11 o'clock this morning he's got where I used to register but we agree or not the gallery or a month. That's a great way to go to going fast. Run and anything it not feel guilty that eating all the links. Got a decent built a three car. Protein. Did you get it out eight shouldn't you annual chick week sensible. We are hope you don't doubt about what are you on what is your favorite weren't. I kill. Let medium crispy. I like the wings and acts Sullivan is the city style in the pylon my favorites. I loved the wings from Gabriel's gate. I'm Alan. They have great wings and mothers and Virginia place I think they have great wings tail I know attend always order medium Christy and I like the flat ones. Now. We know you have a lot of Asia had to do this morning intricate preparation. Are there any part in property you wanna share what they're cute near west here I don't we have talked about just yet. Not to acquire. You know we agree on your network the rating on super rat pack that where they're not eat here. Com or router bridge that buffalo and another that is the high street that they're coming out now. It'll come out but where is the great angry out and get it back. What you get whole again and each you know may well you know it's just apple in the world can go as some are. Well in a great job that well. I look are we gonna get better you relate any arm when he bought the property. No we appreciate as being Natalie asked Camry and take our first break whenever clubs every day like fighters do. Flat spot Dell what's your favorite laying. My favorite playing I'm gonna point out today. Cool get something new to meet the coastline comparable to about what you're gonna get a sample of that. Yeah a lot of snow report back. Know how to act. Thank you guys had on out this regional. Airport listener club doubts the nationals are much more comfortable here at Coca-Cola you know. Enjoy the festivities a graceful. And these summit and all plastic surgery as a cold. Our Bob Mexico or New Mexico are ex country. And that's going to be there when we turned bright greens are restaurants across the from while the market that's. All of a. And across the times from the UK sales at an awesome. At old Inkster calls. OK guys or not right now over GRA. Thinks so much doubt all right Larry well. But so are our first break and you don't go anywhere Western Europe we will be back in just a couple minutes. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world calls and Jim what we call him mr. watch. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant and it was the back she club that actually head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found in cold logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It's as much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. This is frank paternity of the third. The term PO PC large group your complete Caracol TV beating your lifetime legal neat calls it 8553761. Welcome back to Lester and you are out way find EST on fifteen funny AM I learned this in studio our. A producer lately. We are calling couple are out here and a common corporate partly this morning dale enjoys free checked. All the things that. We can't just short end of the stick Lilly and when I get rich doing it. 10151020. In the morning I can get him. Typical Sunday with a Hyundai and student with patchy here minister backed united pizza and wings and in my glory. Wings as I like them too because you can just you can need to launch a mom and not really get fools overreact and it's probably put down when he goings on yet it's. I'd I've. Perfected how to eat the club blowing through its wild like the mark I don't need the matter is more chicken and two I don't like the clubs and clubs it seemed quicker more popular. Flats there pilot plant flats all of a little bit easier he. You have boy in twists. Whole model at. I'm on T gotten very good at over the past week. Amazing golf club is that you did things we do we found a raft of tricks like it think it's chicken wings. So. Now like eSATA down at going back to Coca-Cola field be just had not call and users I'm I'm talking about everything that's going on down and we asked today. So if you are looking for something you do on this Sunday I'm Labor Day weekend had down at the outfield check out the two gaming festival has a lot of activities going on. Contests. You name you'll find it down there and and it tension between one. So. I'm just a couple other media is so. With some of the vendors and it's coming back so take a listen. Welcome back to Western Europe you're what would del Martin down here lab at the national chicken wing festival. And I'm still in the right here next that a guy who makes it happened over at Denny's restaurant daddy how we doing today we're doing good today were doing. It brings out this afternoon well we re out would like to interact and everybody knew where we're. Serb checkpoints and today we do every year down here it's pretty good good successive us. About chicken wings so now I have to be honest with the I have not I'm not familiar what you doing so so that must be is that when your specialties. That's one of our specialties we do everywhere now we go invited no bones about it needs no matter. I like that no bones about it it sounds like he's a very unique story all. But behind Denny's restaurant. Sure would already has an old you know how Russell started only located at where we're located doubt that Saddam out by the name it everything I have overrode. Okay into the lottery of airport's. Only about an have been about thirty years and beyond. Really the price we crossword like they did a great. And everybody is particularly so. And often it can happen when you're at forty years later I don't upgrade any credible winning 30000 business terrier okay mother bought him. And what you see this item wasn't it is is the chicken being sued now you're the creator behind that. Now I actually I think it was my brother who did that would we we do have to celebrate Adam. Don't see how he would your meals so that's one good thing about us. Now before anyone who hasn't Betsy arrests were like let's just say it has very unique about detainees. What's life like what India is the chicken wings and you get a seat myself. You know the higher values is definitely you know Chris there very reasonable. Well I got snookered and what does it mean to you to be a part of that the national chicken wing festival are. Has played it's it's pretty crazy again. I have tired but it's fun you know you either need real lot of people. It's certainly you know you've been in business for thirty years it was me that not only do that a good company what we're likely have a great staff. On the staff rosneft here namely against them makes it if you don't have the stampede on how we got good honest people. Stuff like that it's. Okay are. What are some of the armed some of the different types of chicken wings that are all being featured today we have hired. We called alligator chicken wing because well I rich stadium we're heading down. Airfield now around there and we saw a lot of chickens but we came down here where you've been around it's admire him. You know maple and it's got. Iguodala had a very good all the things like yeah. You know there was talk could very well I had the simple as I can see the smile on your face a must be what are your favorites it's worked out good so hard. Okay what did I mean I gave you what a couple. Meyer who can't think you know Lorena how long does it won't come over to talk to you about you know the restaurant and you do the chicken wings so. Any last parting thoughts wanna say it's who thought the community of western new York and I'll parting thought that would say don't give go to bill's game balance is thrown right out there we are parity you. So check it out were very easily yeah. Okay they. So much once again we heard first right here Wesley or get work on ESPN radio. Yeah. Awesome and thanks to Alex Witt it's fine here in my eyes that so wing and restaurants and please that support. You know western new York and I believe gallium another. Restaurant that we're talking to right. What is there are residents are OK. So yes. I guess. We have. Like you said earlier Dow's down that wing fast at Coca-Cola field. Its land at the holiday weekend. I'm going to you know. And got a lot of the Internet and plug it raining right now it didn't rain right now I guess I'm in studio and I got your your. Breyer well because I'm under that and what Oliver would look the what's great potential and how to work you are. Worked out a little bit about the arrest order pick the judges are. Or traditional American help rob been opened her eighteen year and locally owned and operated. I mean we've just got traditional welfare armed with a focus on fresh ingredients. And just good down home I'm boot. It works on the outlook issue to me what pitching article written by about you know that it went. We've always been told I'm promote our customers are more employees and you know and everybody associated going to be out of we've got a bit about spring roster. I'm so you know we wanted to come out and and play without the big boys are stacked up again against nations that. Our outlook is there any articles staple. Chicken wing or Becker we are we today. On our signatures are about or garlic parmesan. At back Georgia restaurant minutes then it's gonna local favorite rock or hurt the senior we've been a now of course I'm no doubt about it beeped already. And innovate quickly replied. According to OK great so I looked portage and some of that great ball. Wings and I'll pick you out and we want to continue to come out and watch the chicken little welts. Without a local they'll slowly. Yeah no chicken little about what you're trying to do or say or every great company all the good. My round around this step. We've got the best record cursor. In Italy da Ali right and Julian Jackie they're they're big part of our lives and our restaurant. And I could not serve beer and at that. Well we're taking your time are we wish you wanted to continue to show that the day that matched a little more slots and so real and it. In particular. We are are sort of like overkill are you the lyrics are you guys are required. We I we will win if you're gonna play her from going fast yesterday so there is that he got off right now. All I have no idea cause we can't believe does as usual as we back every year. Okay by Donald talking live just the classic that's. Now there isn't without buffalo I combat bad dream come to all of us that after the I know you've got to have a good amount is so far they have degraded the big event you a lot of people of I mean. It's essentially an international. And I got as good as we stated have a bear exact feeling of one week road trip to Baghdad you know. Tennessee home. Great in the event you know absolute thing is against buffalo includes some loose anyway right kids Butler has only. Its own thing. And bubble booze thing really read about how to Bhutto. And you got hot mustard chicken wings everywhere. About it you know beer batter hit guys you know about. Really his penalty. Well why do you think people light. Wings. Rather than be on a little. I thought I mean no losers like the key though the food it's it's unbelievably good week it started obviously yeah you're right back at his Bianca. A local thing that we gave minorities that day. And conflict. Countrywide and you can just tell about the price you have at it that way. You think that it I doubt that governor pointed out exactly no kids the fans want them. And I want to make here one meg dog it's not I don't much matter if it is. It is it is nice iris everybody welcomed there are a lot of things along with the it's many weeks rest being. You know has better almost fifty years many knocks everybody against it just million Smith was the last they wanted to previous owner's okay and you know. Everybody's all you know we read the rest could very amazed they want the community for OK what is the best just blew me. It's. Not. I've ever Gaza demanding better next minute they're. I am very visible and and that really it's. Every song all right yeah. So would you expect to do Renee and John Wall. You'll sell all of it's. Up David. Their whole wave that we use game rather. These guys are limited. We have been. Thank you said they're actually yeah. I really got the same wind. Well I hear the song. Then they go the way it's. Everybody you know wait a little bit yeah yeah. Okay Betty Betty okay you wanna double last year. It's evolution it's. Just once again they are resuming this all right very well I didn't really feel it's. IRA well not it is a lot land idling fast that was just a classic from docks elements in south buffalo. What are my favorite links this mideast now that he's referencing. Great chicken wing so questioning act thank you so much closing this morning. We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekends and a great week and we look forward to tap into law next Sunday as we kick. The bills' season the bills about a million of us. Many Eagles fan I don't bills don't set at an air territory and got stuff but go Eagles tale of bread and angry slogans. I will think you so much question you act and this is questioning our network and yes and fifteen money. Get down to coming fast if you get a chance of Filipinos have a great week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.