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Sunday, September 2nd

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Slice of life he likes a radio show heard here every Sunday morning at 1030 to eleven. And it's my privilege to be the be here week in and week out talking to some the most interesting people. In Western New York with his busy holiday weekend atop with the Tina Hudgens later in the show. Athena is a familiar voice you may have heard a few times and the WB and morning show she is in charge of not attack the traffic control service. So we'll talk to the bots are right in the control room a little later in the show circuit is some updates about what to look out for. As back to school kicks into gear in the summer season winds down. But first up it's a pleasure to welcome to the first time a slice of life John Shepard and John is the co-founder of the upcoming. Orderly and asked about in morning John good morning Bruno how're you doing well in this sounding up your holiday weekend is going well I can't believe it's already. Labor Day weekend and their picture but why does the sort of like an apple and now and then and then march just seems to drag on forever yes I feel the same way. The festival is described as music art and craft it's a festival. Something unlike anything we've seen in this region before John do you describe what you co-founder with this wonderful event that's coming up later this month. Well yeah I real wolf I really describe it as a celebration of our region you know I'm not a native of Western New York I chose to move here won't care about. Twenty years or so back. And how I'm just blown away by. The other culture of this region because we live on a border. And it influences what we eat it influences what we drink. It influences the music that we listened to. And this festival is gonna bring all this on these great assets of this buffalo and anger region altogether at the fastball. You know it's interesting that you have. I non native perspective if you you know an outsider's view even earlier now western new Yorker because I think for those of us who are born and raised in this area and I lived away for awhile and came back. You take for granted it's a border town do you tune it out again and losing your backyard and don't think twice about it. You know I have so many friends who come up to visited LA is just this is so cool he be past that point over there that's Canada yeah that's that's Canada. But you know I feel immediately agreed dad ices buffalo audience. Really identified much more wind the Canadian culture in some ways than we do in New York City. And and you know again we're we're just you know a stone's throw from the border and really influences. How we live in I think in all really cool positive ways. Thank mr. Tim Hortons that's right across the bridge right on out I. Judge specifically though about border land it's coming up at the Knox firms state park which is gorgeous place to visit especially at this time of year. Importantly and is music its food its beer it's many things exit what people can expect when they go to the board and asked. All while it's they can expect a lot in in I would say it's a very immersive experience and quite frankly. Definitely unity that folks in this region have seen before you know life. Traveled to a number of music festivals. I'm my partner Jennifer Brazil in this in this venture also. Puts on festivals across the country what people can expect this and immersive experience from the moment they enter the park grounds. You know and we encourage people show up when doors open around 11 AM 11 o'clock really experience. It. And and interact with the artisans who are going to be doing live demonstrations. Talked to some Western New York brewers who are going to be on site brewing beer lives during the day. Local musical acts. National lax and we have three stages. So there's always music going and for the entire fast also. I think people I really hope. They're going to be blown away when they get on the grounds and there are going to be transformed. Into a whole different. Cultural environment. How great serve you wanna listen to music for allowing kick back it's right there if you wanna go grab a bite Jeter have. You know I drink it's all ones stuff shall there aren't there. And I Imus says it is you know the food parts of big part of it we have you know. Ellenberger Alan you know burger ventures asks Winfield spa black and be stroked. He's one of my favorites all right Bravo there and they're doing what we're calling culinary experiences. You know we are gonna have some of the best food trucks in the region on cycle were also gonna have a chance for folks to interact with the shafts. And the restaurant tears that are you know. Creating their great for him cable fair right in front of us so it's much more than and you know a lot of music or other fast which you may you may see. How did people get tickets John it's September 22 and turning third so it's a two day cultural and music festival can you buy tickets are one day or do you buy a package and in. Yeah where there's there's three day packages available for a VIP level which includes a Friday night that that the mansion on on the grounds. And ran to date passes. As well as single days and they're all available. On border land festival dot com that's her options. Let's talk about the music because I know that's a to keep her goodness and I know you worked very hard to secure some of these big acts that are coming and to the Knox firms say they are and the 22 and 23 of this month I've heard your commercials on our sister station alternative buffalo won 77. And it's the Kenyan music that I think appeals to the folks who love. And only alternative music but would you describe this kind of awful all you know remotely. Really don't kind of falls under that the more broader Americana yeah so that's a mix of full music. Some alternative rock song blues. And what I can tell you this you know a number of these artists I was introduced to over the last few four months and there are all top notch quality in you may not be an infamous string duster stand today or a bar Brothers fan today. But once you experience and at the festival are you going to be a fan of theirs for life at such a quality sky. A quality lineup. Include over got to you know give a shout out to the local tax their hair you know we're we're also paying tribute to some great music in this region and coming out of this region. So you know we really invite people to come early. And you know you may come to see the arrival us who play towards the end. But you wanna come early and experience of these other acts and that's what a festival does you know it expands. Your media were six venture comfort zone. But it really stretches the boundaries of of what elect to experience. Right and I think there's an analogy to be made with me the food that's being brought and it's stretching your culinary experience. Especially firm able we have some very innovative chefs in the pack coming. The music is stretching the boundaries of you know different sounds I would just logging on these bands with names are perfect fit. Great game. Exactly I can tell because I also spent some time and at the brewery it's it's difficult to come up with a name for a beer as well as the ban it's a vicious so regardless taken. You should go to London and look at other apartment aims at how that always blew my mind. Junk food would you consider the revivalist Canada have minor actor that one that people might be monster here with this point where you. A sudden it I guess who would say what you demographic which are aimed at age group where we're getting a ton of excitement for. For some of the younger fans for the revivalist as well as doctor dog is a good example is there. But for some of our. Older fans how are yours truly. How you know it great to see somebody like John Oates asked them all notes come out and do his old new. Kind of take Americana. So I think there's there's definitely something for everyone. And there's something for age demographic and I would really love to emphasize to the listeners this is a family friendly event. And I went to many music festivals with my daughter who is now you know 22. And she would bring me to hurt washer bands during the festival and I would take her to see mine during the same festivals and that's one of those few things you can truly share acts and so we really encourage folks to it to multi generation come out and and really experience although. That the new things at the festival. And I appreciate. Others honors yes I mean it's it's still on the broader umbrella but they're a little different a little differently throws a little bit different twists and I absolutely. And you expect more than twenty acts yeah we yeah we got to where twenty or Olsen has some. So some some some Oscars with your performance. That are in around the the past ways of the parks and yet it's again music starts. You know just around noon each day in we close up about 9 PM but the music does not stop. During that time in MP terrific so people can go to the website and get even more information and specifics ticket sales and the fans and the food and so forth. Yet again I would encourage folks to go to Portland festival dot com. It would also courage folks who buy the tickets early. Because. You know it helps hush that. Plan how much beer how much food or on site but we also. In partnership with with with the New York State parks when emphasized partnership with them because they're big proponent of Arafat. We're also gonna cap ticket sales at 7000 per day so if you wait until the last minute and you do get shut out. Don't blame me into plain view right primer and told place. And Paris but we really ample warning we really Kurt folks to buy it buy the tickets in advance. And and relieve them have a chance the NC for the whole experience. And Jan your us we have some I'm vendors on site right there's some local folks that are on merit expected there to sell their wears right on cited borderline yes and again. All local. That you know funnel local apparel local Jewelers. You know it is still so much talent in buffalo and again I think we take granted that it sometimes there's so much talent. And we have a first rate. Vendors from again all throughout the region. You know you're not gonna see stuff that's made out of market you're not gonna see stuff gets made overseas every writing. In it in and the grounds will be from local artisans. And had certainly can quote Allison beer insider and against speaking of the local talent here kick it over how that. February. World has exploded in Western New York it's it's exploded in and it's voted yes but were still catching up to rest of the country you would know can't act as Ari. I am ever and ever gonna hear person's right or have their perspective do you think buffalo is getting close to what you see in other cities. Now we're getting closer we get closer you know we're not Denver and Portland yeah but we're going in the right direction and I can speak to all the breweries. Right now the bar has been raised and they're all producing quality quality product. We're proud to have a 100% craft your lineup that are festival. Again everything that we're producing is made here in buffalo including the fear. It is terrific jam before we close at Utah Russia NS in the opener of her interview where we are talking about how. You're building buffalo as a brand with the sport and fast it's much more than just a two day festival how do you mean. We are going to. Put buffalo on the map with this festival is known for its its food and its music in its beer and we'd do seed this festival drawing. People from outside of buffalo. And once they come here and experience all the great things here. You know Brendan maybe they'll come back maybe they'll move here maybe it'll it'll get a job here as well so. We really want to bring folks into buffalo new experience it. And I can speak to the millennial audience a little bit they love these festivals and we gets the younger generation coming to buffalo for a couple days. It's a great chance wolf we'll get him to come back. It's an exciting time I could just you your co-founder John for what you joined with port land and all of the local elements that you're pulling together awesome with seal up their September 22 and 23 exploratory Johnson Berman from border land will be back right after this. Paid actors illustrating actual claims prior results do not guarantee similar outcome each case is unique. 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And welcome back to this addition of slice of life and this Sunday funding help the ticket mourn for you folks we always preaching to me and and if you're listener archive shows. Easy and not be simply go to our website at ESP and 1520. Dot com look for the weekend show slice of life. And you see Oliver Jones archive god from weeks and months pass our rights are great pleasure to be here we can and we get out and talk about on that. Interesting people who live in this community and work in this community. And if you're hitting the road for the holidays whether it's Labor Day or Thanksgiving or Christmas or you're on the road all the time like so many of us. I would highly suggest that you download the night tech camp and who better to talk about nine tact but the executive director herself. Who wrote in this morning good morning Athena the morning Athena Hudgens is here she is the executive director of nighttime and I and I check in at Keeneland people here at. The word ninety it's really angry now. It is its stance for the Niagara international. Transportation. Technology coalition. While some night tech is much easier yeah absolutely Agassi raise initial this year. And this is something that's available to anybody neo cons correct isn't alone I take app for that it's correct so. How little bit about my second Jenner so we're coalition. That was foreign back in 1995. To really help travelers. Get around in this area both cross border because we are binational as well so really it started because of some delays of across the borders of the coalition was formed we work with all the transportation agencies around the area. Great now we have about 43 member agencies that are part of nine tech and it's all about sharing information in the future aren't aware of what's going out there are certain foreign radio or TV stations they were looking at the camera is actually you folks at work right that is. We have about a 150 cameras in the region that we're monitoring we have a 24/7 operations planner and watching all the cameras. And were communicating directly with. On local police fired media when we have direct communications to give updates on traffic information. I've heard you several times over the years and WB Anne's morning shower which is very much information driven. News traffic sports rather. And you cannot talk about different things that are happening today generally call you a peanut because of the construction projects or some other sort of traffic related news there's a cup. We'll reason so they've they've called for it you know construction updates and I've given some updates in at the beginning of the construction season. We've also done stuff from the beginning up like a winter season because. That's when we get you know the most information we're trying to get out to the public so that before we can kick off the seasonal kinda review some of the travel tips that we provide. To the traveling public. It makes sense that you're really right and then her center as you said your office is located. And it's a fascinating place to visit a premier place and I just couldn't ever thought it was walking in something and NASA. If you walk into this cavernous room and they're all these cameras and keep working and monitoring and when the folks are there your ears after thinner. What age you are they just constantly looking for different traffic issues. Yes they're they're doing a little bit of everything so they're looking cameras they're looking at con. We have a lot of different systems that provide us with traffic information theirs speed information that comes in so if they start seeing slow downs which means. You know might turn red it just some hardest things you see and the Google. Google Maps for it turns red they know that something might be going out but there also in direct communications with the local police and fire like I said. So there's a lot of phone calls coming in and out and then they're making a lot of phone calls to disseminate that information. We're kind of clearing house of traffic information. And what I mean by that is. Instead of the please or the dispatchers experience on agencies needing to have all these different phone numbers and getting in touch with different people. They just call us and then we take care of getting that information up. Getting you know Fini new York state Department of Transportation and seen for something checking some guide real damage were the ones that'll calling get them involved and get them to the scene. Now are your offices at oak street and how many cameras you have and more areas is covers all of Western Europe is it fair to say because it seems almost impossible so yeah we have a handwritten 150 cameras. And our region what Wii's kinda call the night check region goes. Almost two Rochester so there we have camera coverage to Rochester on the thruway. And then all the way down the Pennsylvania State line and then into Ontario we go to about saint Catherine's. But if there's something major going on in the QEW Lang your way to Toronto. We are in direct communication with the ministry of transportation entered getting information to get that back to people that might be traveling from. Western New York let's say I'm planning or two trying to offer concert and I. Category get this traveler information as it often I am not or is her website is an hour for the person who needs it at their fingertips immediately so that if you download our app or even go to our mobile real mobile friendly website if you don't wanna and download the app. You can get that information you're only getting information there's something happening so if there's an accident on the road. In its blocking lanes. Or there's congestion and that's when you'll get that information and we can have another piece to that we have a subscriber system where you can go on and actually. Playing your routes if you tried downtown every game between. 730 any dirty every day you can actually go in and subscribe so if something is going on your route you can pick your route. Basically expressway network and then if there's an alert or congestion you'll get a text or email on your route during that time for. It's so convenient too because who's that constantly checking out from a plane holder depriving right. Certainly it's nice to have its are readily available so did information is always available no matter what and the mobile landing page or from the current and you can see snapshots of the video of the cameras as well it was an honor at her web site fits what I famous fascinating is being able to see the same chat that your staff for slipping. It isn't happens in real time because what they're looking at is actually happening. At the moment. We're talking with a Fina Hudgens she's the executive director of the nine tack. And and it's an important to note that this is this area I think all of a sudden the united rumor your husband a couple of times went off look at all the history think. Maybe it's time extradition but it seems to me that there's more trip around here and argue we do week. We collect a lot of that data that is available from all the incidents all the speed data and we do. A lot of different performance measures reporting and we can actually see and look at some of the trends. Look at where we're seeing increase congestion or seeing an increase travel times and we are seeing that increase in traffic in the region. What would you say Allen sent a major. Backups and where some of the major backups and what do you attribute their can of new reaction to this point so some of the areas as well you know that. The blue the blue water terror and everybody knows that as an athlete. Into the ninety's. I'm wave action scenes some improvements a little bit in that area. And some of that is attributed to add people may have seen signs but may not really know what it means there's new crash investigation sites. Honest in that area yes yes what that means is if you're in an accident. And you can safely pull off into one of those areas you pull off an and you call exchange information regarding mixing called the police and get them there. So we've seen a little bit improvement because of those being installed. And that's part of the the reason for them being installed with the help because we know that's an area can't pass can't clear off if passed Bob obviously and that's under the auspices of whom is at the York city Department of Transportation could put that out they put that up and in conjunction with the New York State thruway authority because there are some on the ninety. After the two in nineteen even approaching to ninety and there's also a new one near the Grand Island on bridges when. The river road access so those are some of the newer ones so it's a collaborative effort and also working with imports police. And New York State Police because then they're the ones responding to incidents in that area. It seems like Amherst is another area that it spot on that quite a bit especially as you're exiting that turn ninety on main street in the construction going on. Dear cameras show these major arteries that main street transit in Seneca street in the. Are off on so forth so we. Our cameras are primarily on the expressway network only but. Most of them are at Keener changes so we can turn the cameras and we can see down a little bit of Niagara Falls well our little bit of main street. You know not all where we want SE but we write a little bit sound on this Tyson much it's in covers how to especially. And such a large region of six profit of an area Arab region recover. With a 150 cameras but seems like a lot and a surprise you could probably add another one trip to enact covered up how do you find it in my attack so we federally funded by the Federal Highway Administration. That provides our funding in the new York state Department of Transportation is why. So that you get different eating champ and a different Dan sources of funding right. Yes we actually gone after different grant opportunities are in the years we've done and been successful in the region part of the reason we've been successful is how well we work together with all the agencies. We've really been able to highlight that success and get some grants we have a a grant project we're going to be working on here. In the region soon. Deploying some different technologies to help with congestion specifically is the purpose of that grant. You mentioned to me just Avery got stirred at the you've been at night tech for fourteen years. And did you ever feel like you can't be late for work because you're the executive executive director ninety excel -- employment mantra for. Yes but I have learned a few things over the years one specifically I adjust my commute time. Based on knowing what's going on so. If I know I have a meeting early in the morning I know it's easier to. To avoid some of the congestion I do not leave for work at 8 o'clock and get stuck in the congestion and usually network. Well and it audiences that aren't you telling me in years past you you get early an early bird Frasier. What how is your commute taken in as a curiosity is roughly 20/20 five minutes. But I always plan for more and I can't stress that enough with people. If they allowed them sat sells a little more time to get to where they have to go. I think that would help reduce some some of the congestion it would help reduce some of the incidents. That we seized just complaining for. More time. You know it's graded price I probably am just as guilty as the next person rushing out the door and hoping that I hit every green light on my way to work in our planning ahead is so key I am not a morning person ever epic in the heat so it takes yet allow the cannon get Alan fortunately my commute is close it's only about ten minutes spat. And I heard a lot because of my job my full time Jarvis entails you now. And then I have the app pleasure during that shall some on the road a lot and I want to with your cameras weren't. When your staff is looking at the cameras. Are you ever a position where the authorities are Collins he hated you folks see how this economic hard today to they grabbed the video from your cameras and use it for purposes of finding out who. It faults so we get a lot of calls we get a lot of inquiries about that. None of the camera to record it. So they are the only ally of images that we see so there's no going back to see what happened and okay so fortunately. Or unfortunately we don't court. A rewind button it and I tack come out and you've been here issues at fourteen years in your background is that a an engineer correct correct correct I'm civil engineer. I started in consulting. Rate at a college from the university at buffalo. And and primarily involved in technology. Deployment type projects. My backgrounds relieved and in intelligent transportation systems and sounds really lofty an interesting argue finest job challenging yes it can be challenging. But I like a challenge stats and that's why I've really enjoyed this out to be there for seniors says a lot about you and before we wrap up Athena how people find out more information about. Getting the Africa and your web sites so the biggest thing I say if he'd go to website which is and I TT EC dot ORG. So if you go to our let's say and there's links rate in there that I'll show you what are. Local looks like and high you can find us on the apps too great not to expert wearing and yes the roads which makes cents and can Canadian people access it has absolutely we have a for. Night tech dot CAA version of our web site as well fantastic well keep up the good worker we're enjoying your commercials and WB and N thank you so much for. Writing in today. I think a leader Harry hit any traffic tie ups this morning now an appetite I think yeah. Yeah that a putter rap on this edition of slice of life as always thank you for carving out some time forest policy in next week. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.