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Sunday, August 26th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York at work your business from the conversation. Life here ESPN 15:20 am. And join us to do with my wonderful core holes lord Louis Lauren good morning. And mining Hawaii down I'm doing great this morning saw. 'cause your weekend and it's been fantastic fantastic yes I've done absolutely nothing to do what I expected knows he can't. Yes I did I kind of stroll through the year it was a little late on in the afternoon when I walked down there but. Seems like they have a lot of vendors I'm gonna go back here at today this afternoon. I go to it yet but I was driving through that you know an area. It was packed cars Raleigh now must mean. Lot of people in check it out I was afraid your secret was well attended just great and they have country music upon you country music fans today yes they did I don't know with a band was one honest and yet you don't. Her I like music but that's a little bit countrymen not super but some people go to. Every country can't say I'm just I love country music is it really well I like the new wave of country so that they are definitely country. Also in bells my guys hold Thomas or at the time is very popular though the Perot country guess you can say Florida Georgia line. I like ever went to Florida are joined couple Summers ago and out that so I'm in the country on a. Country music to. Listen in his pastor known now. Not just that I act idea right I didn't recognize the main site in state. On the ad in the background check it and keep blocking and yet yet speaking of music heard that Jay-Z concert easy Indian massacre of some nice. It's I think that either. Now. Too much traveling Lauren. Out of this. Weekend I can well great what we have are we a wonderful conversation in store for you listeners today we have new me you know. Was a action when it. Personally we see welcome to today's show and you sure what he has pollutants hype were cute. Thank you so much I'm thrilled to be here and down while I. I'm an empowerment coach and leadership trainer basically I own it coaching and training business. That empowers young professionals. To achieve success in the workplace. Using self mastery self education after they get there. Formal education they need to also invest in their self education so that's my faux. McCain will be talking a lot more about that and I think this is very tiny that we're having this conversation with the with the college students know returning back to school and you know various universities and colleges. We just. Missed his last Thursday last Thursday is out Simon Lester apostate tomorrow so. Yes take a plane and a happy to get ago so. There's a lot of things happening at Boston College oh yeah absolutely there is a lot of stuff on. I'm at the others the college radio station as a big topic on their now there is there's a really exciting stuff on all the sports are coming up in the fall also. Both states you know you've bee gets a lot of attention by both state you know and just not from a sports perspective but. Extremely divers are some awesome and so it goes down on the campus throughout the year so. It's definitely a good school to go to I've enjoyed my four years they're okay. And a lot of local from celebrities and politicians have a gradually. From upstate. So listeners are talking about. Sports thing and that follows the unions back in the swing of things let you give us our sports update or Stewart. It's Phil's game day at Muirfield the Buffalo Bills itself for their third pre season game against the Cincinnati Bengals Josh you know what if the starting quarterback for buffalo in the regular season tuneup game as the TV battle between Allen needs to be coming continues on. We'll be able to first start with the team. Head coach John McDermott told the media here expects started to play into the third quarter. Bills Bengals will get underway at 4 PM you can hear pregame coverage in game and post game right over her sister station WGR Sports Radio by fifty. From the NFL the Jacksonville Jaguars took a blow yesterday on the injury front wide receiver marquis sleep was carted off the field after suffering seriously injury. The jaguars they're pre season game against Atlanta Falcons. There were six of the game Saturday including ravens dolphins rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson stole the show in the second half scored a touchdown through here and on the ground. Over to baseball by some spectacular diamond today at 105 in their series against Pawtucket to her book to rebound from an 85 loss last night the Sox. Buffalo pulled within two heading into the top of the ninth inning. But run from Michael Davis sealed the deal for pot target as the fisons economic rally in the bottom of the inning. Pregame panel Carl get underway at 1235 which could be heard right here on ESPN 1520. In the majors Toronto made it five straight wins at defeating Philadelphia eight to six. The blue jays and Phillies are back at it today at one point seven. As for the Yankees they also continued their winning ways yesterday with a 51 victory over Baltimore New York remains in control the first AL wildcard spot. This update is brought to vote Tokyo PC market you're completely legal counsel and I thought to be so enjoy the game with an ice is about these risks and fifteen points. Alluded yes. Welcome back to Western New York or work with Gil Martin and Louis Louis Wright period ESP in 15:20 AM were we talk about sports jobs. Economic development and always the people that make it happen. Which a studio with us this morning mainly Euro was an empowerment called empowerment COLT and leadership trainer. Change your mindset change of life. While that that's very poetic and before we get into really what that means on Kyushu with our listeners a little bit about your two. Sure well we only have a short amount of times. I'm trying to make it correct but basically I grew up the same way you did when we went to school public school. And we were taught certain ways of behavior we were taught to follow the leader. To Sweden lying raise your hand before speaking. We Wear poured into you know buyer teachers with a lot of information. But then when we go out into the real world when we go out and get our first professional jobs. We aren't equipped with a real. Secrets to its six seating in the workplace. And it has less to do with information. That you have. And more to do with how you inner act in the workplace. Are you collaborative. What is your attitude is it positive or negative. Can you take initiative can you take arrests. So those. People call quote unquote soft skills. Are really. The skills you need to succeed to get ahead faster. In addition to you tomorrow Hungary's. Okay and are not working and in the staff in arena. And the candidates that you come across. Do you find that he or she may have that that academic achievement what are lacking in those soft skills that mainly was was speaking to. I think he's seen a lot. And it's did Chris now its head straight sellout amnesty season people who maybe even that physicians they're super super Smart very book Smart but. The street Smart summons that. Bedside manner and talk about it people skills aren't there but there are. Brilliant people up. So it's really can't I and that black and her you know great. Candidates and any job that really can have the personality of blends the Q and into the talent and. Take a look at the smiles on collegiate academic experience. Yes I know that when a degree in certain areas. And when I was exposed to those exposed to. Different assessment test notes help you do if we. So yes I was introduced. Most intelligent and in several others just one pass when it comes to mind and in this discussion on. That most Expos and certainly helped me to unify you know my strong points we areas that. I have to say that I didn't even know itself. That on paper says yes DO you have a desire to you know HR does to you. Yes I know that doesn't count that was it now. And either take that way and let's go. But the point you know the enemy hears it did help unify a little bit like swine. So when applied for theories positions. In the employers says we'll talk me out so why do you think it. I know what you feel that you agree to this position. I can refer back to paper. That's right yes. Is that which you speak enough. You know pay so you went to school. And you learned that you're a certain type of personality you have certain strengths right. What I do as a coach and empowerment coach thing is we take that theory we take that information. And then we have quiet. Personally. Out into the real world so it's fine it's good it's the first step it's the clarifying stopped ten now oh OK I am an implement there. I'm really good at implementing tasks I'm not so curry at the big picture visionary stuff. So how to I take that now that I know that information and apply it in my job and I apply it in interviews. And use that strength. To my benefit to help me get ahead in the workplace. In how to lie then. Take my weaknesses. And also out. Use those or find ways to compensate for Obama's weaknesses because we're not good at everything. We can yet be but we aren't good at certain things and so we need to. Connect them with other people who are good at those things were not so great. And work together. For the benefit of every. And even a lot of it to you is learning how to work with other people on the personality types and adapting your style and take the person you are you. It's another parent says yes. It's absolutely imperative. Unless you work at home. And you don't topped anybody you'd invent an absolutely you must get a lot were all selling. Something we're all selling ourselves even in our marriages or whether candidates. Every day we're selling to this scene were influencing. People. And if you can't get a wow if you can't collaborate. You won't get ahead you'll be left behind. And lift and pharmaceuticals asked for ten years before going into. An email business than south buffalo and I have really learned is that a stockings and doctors and healthcare professionals and in basis learning to adapt my style and who I was. To. To many different types of doctors and talk to you and they're really talking a lot about myself and yes what's that other people has agreed experience of people I guess it you know like howdy do. I think that transition from pharmaceuticals as a recruiting an epic its theme think it's talking to people it's building relationships it's establishment airport and you're still selling you selling different products we talked about are always telling people and I think they're doing yet an assailant but they really act. That's right they're not aware that there always selling themselves. Even one year at the cashier at wegmans and you have a choice to smiled. And say hello. Or to put your nose in your phone and not acknowledged the cashier. You're selling your south from you when you do it. You're saying I am positive person or a negative person I'm an open person or closed person. Everything you do you're selling yourself. Now that PSE and arm and a pretty sure there's a process. So how do you walk articulate individual here she's dead are says you know work. I've heard this stuff but you know I'm just and nonbelievers no I don't really think that's important but I am clinical commuter train anyway I'm gonna sit here and listen to you. So walk us through the process. Okay it's a very personal process at some very individual process because everybody has different desires. Everybody's definition of success. Differs and it's a very personal. So it starts with your purpose what do you wanna accomplish. If you want to perhaps. Get a promotion. That you are I mean maybe coming up at work. That that is. You know one direction one half we're going to take but if you're maybe. It's your health and your diet and you. Just you're tired of being tired that's another direction but the ultimate. I guess. Bottom line is you want to change. Whatever it is that you wanna change change change is it's difficult change is scary. Change is difficult but it's we all come to a point in our lives where we decide enough is enough. Can't go out like us I need a change. I need help I don't know what that helped looks like. But I'm making the decision. To. Find it. OK now let's face it there's someone out there this listening to our show today that struggling with something you know they would take themselves to the next level. So I guess what I'm really asking give us an example without using an individual's name give us an example of a client that you may have worked with from start to finish. And how you brought that transformation into their life. Very simple example I work with yet an artist he owns his own business he makes his living off his art. And he is a one mean and being and he's wearing all the hits he's been marketing he's the sales he's the artist he's the accountant. He's the CEO he's the C yeah follow you because that's it yeah so. He's decided I can't do it well. There's not enough hours in the day I'm not getting to do that are hurt. That I wanted to help I think that's his passion. To articulate his cash it's taking away from his pension but he has been the greatest LaSalle but things you know deacons are that he's our teammate and it's our. So he after some analysis. We realize but he's also the delivery guys. So stores buy his products and he gets in his car and he delivers all around Western New York driving around hours and hours. And you know sentencing gets to get it to nine. Jay-Z energy and shouldn't be there forever. Just document and change and is out here and how much. So why is he doing. Well it might not. Seem obvious to you but it was not obvious to him he shouldn't that be delivering his products it never even occurred to him. Tit delegate. Matt. Step and this process. I mean it sounds silly but when you're sort of stuck in your own world just going through emotions just trying to make it work every day. You don't happen tying to step back unless somebody's asking the question why. You doing your deliveries. Why don't you outsource. So you analyze. The business not only the business but him as the owner of this company as well in terms of how he could Creason efficiencies. It's all intertwined as an RU your business. Is your business you. So yes it goes hand in hand so just having that person to say hey I noticed this. Why he did it matter what what's stopping you for doing this other thing. That can change. Your business and change your life. And fancy we get ready to take our first break up before we do that let's make sure we argue about your contact information for anyone who like to reach out to you enhance you know have some questions. Sure you can go to my website. It's Naomi on that count. And AO am I why AW tacked on an ounce on FaceBook. The only empowerment coach leadership trainer. So but I'd be happy to have a confidential conversations with what's going on in your life. Fantastic but you're listening to Western Europe or work with Gil Martin and Lewis don't go anywhere we have more great conversation with Naomi. On the other side of this. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up close a certified woman owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about you like. In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as Chris ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check this out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. This is frank puts her view of the third. The term deal PC log group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855376. Weren't. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. Cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little respite. And it was the butt cheek club. That actually head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at each of them really have no matter Joseph bought cheap pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today on Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Welcome back to ES to Western New York network on ESPN 15 Tony and I am eminence in studio. It Elmira and and we have. Naomi with us this morning and Naomi as an army coats and leadership training and talked a lot about. Rationalizing need to change adapt and grow to succeed. And we talked about. Which is that we're about self mastery. Writes what does that mean you me. For me self mastery it's a continuous. Learning process you never stop until the day you die you're always learning. You're taking personal responsibility. For growing changing evil thing because if you don't involve you will be left behind news. And there's really three pillars. In my mind to what. Creates self mastery or mastering. Yourself enough to create your own success. I'm the first pillar is really clarifying your thoughts. Where you. Excuse me what are you doing why you're you here and where he went and go. The second pillar is managing your emotions. And that's the one we really need in the workplace right because people push her buttons we run into others that maybe error. Manipulative amber. They don't have their own emotional intelligence so so they don't know how to interact with you. So you have to learn to manage your emotions. In order to control. Yourself. And then that third pillar is choosing your actions. Every day we make thousands of decisions. Which ones are the ones that are going to help us move ahead which ones are the ones we need to stop. To the actions that we choose. Lead us. To their results. That we achieve. So do when you say I was starting with the first pillar in terms of the clarification. That clarifying phase are we clear of fine. His or her goals. Career objectives what are we really tapping into an identifying. Yes you are but we're also looking at how we. Got here and not not analyzing the past this isn't therapy this is counseling. But we need to know may be that. Yet as an example one of the things that happened in my life that got me to where I am today as I was fired from my first professional job. In the end it took me thirteen years to figure out. Why that happens and how that happened and I was sort of stock. I was working I was doing I mean I was living my life but. I was still stuck in this place and until I was able to clarify horrible. Thing that happened that's. What I did there. What I could have done differently only until I clarified. Could I move patent and in the second half of the clarity as where to Atlantic well. What's the pay half I wanna take what's the charter the court settlement picture. So it's two sites. How does someone even start clarifying their hot since hunt. Again there's certain questions you tonight reflect on and ask yourself is it when it. Yes yes you can you can ask yourself questions. It's also important. To have someone. Ask you questions. Somebody that's not really invested in the answers to this we're recently invests hit it in our answers. And sometimes we're afraid to ask ourselves the real questions that weird but that we should be hot across the tough. And so to hire a coach. Or even to find and then tour. Somebody that you admire and want to model in your life so many that he does the V. Qualities that you want to a lawyer. You can find a mentor and him and asked them mentor to ask you questions you can find a teacher. So somebody should be asking you. Questions to tip clarify and you need that and be open to the cancers. Bettany are rise. Bunch there's things you don't wanna here necessarily NC really acted to have that. Open mindedness going into that ready to like take that changed right well it could take ouch. That next step that's right but a good coach we'll ask you questions. Not give you that answers that answers are in new. Who they'd draw it out of view you hammer the answer. The question draws and out of you so nobody is telling you oh you should have done that she should act on that you made this mistake none out you. Now are ready. You know and and you can't change the past but you can learn from them so it could coach or good mentor somebody in your life. That you trust will help you dig deep and find those answers Nat give you the answers. And I'm assuming that. That being assessed a colt's okay you are you have the proper training yet and only connection business card and I'm Anglican that the John Maxwell team certified member what does that designation means. Well. You know we all want to learn from the past and I ain't had taken. Programming team in college the executive leadership and change masters prep for here with their program that we studied a lot of leadership abuse or use. And John Maxwell is is windows world renowned leadership gurus and he's a very relatable and I thought I learned more. About best. I wanna grow myself. OK because I'm in this journey tuna just from clients that I and the journey of self mastery. So I joining the John Maxwell team to learn to grow myself to self educate. And that way then pass that. Education and to my clients. Now me at the kinds that you work and they just like any individuals that come to New York with different companies that will out of their employees. Reach out Q how is it kind gaining your business that's a really great question and there are many people out there doing similar types of training. I have found that I work past with the individual. Who is made that decision. To improve themselves in whatever capacity. Because we can't control other people right so I could work with managers and there are people that do and and and that's great. These managers went to. Improve their teams but I have found. That it really starts with the individual you can't make anyone learn and you can't make anyone do anything they wanted to do. So I. Over with people. Who contact me and they say I'm ready scared. I'm nervous I don't know what's gonna happen but I'm ready to make a change. I am gonna take personal responsibility. For myself and my growth and might learn. Eons. They that that I've found is the most successful route awesome so some on looking right into that change how did they get in contact with the Naomi. Welding go to my web site. They can order my book it's online and it's get ahead faster book dot com. And I'd be happy to just have a one and one conversation with them to see what's happening in their life and whether or not we can work together. Fantastic. When mainly we can't thank enough of the apartment western you can work sounds like you all for a great deal. Helping individuals on internalize. Know how they can themselves to the next level. That's fine next career path. To a company to the next level more important just fine change in their lives. Thank you so much as the railing of the lord knows there's a lot of things before we close out today's show enemy troops talk while some of them all. Earnings that that the Wear and questionnaire that's right now say that out. I am not an immense looking for are they're not step in their career he's always been a staff upload dot com slash open jobs. We have a variety of great job working on currently from assisting controller is director of accounting. Litigation attorneys. HR manager retreating supervisor there. Director of outreach possessions well financed them and we had a lot going on self really any level victory here you can always talked as a staff upload dot com. Agree in your telephone number. That's just that's unless stack up. As well to make it their okay. Where I'm saying he had sesno. Just got sick you know who takes charge here in the studio. You know what it thought right well also we work and doesn't have a company that has position on that so much and in the professional room working in the office place by. This company that have been talking to oaks construction. We specialize in roll off the dumpster rentals for both residential and commercial usage. And they're looking to hire their job openings are in the area off full and part time driver positions are. Qualifications does require CDL class B license. One year of minimum truck experience looking for someone who's dedicated dependable. And heart worker if you interest in that position are just gives him a call at. 8756257. This oak. Construction oaks that is Ole AKS construction give Janelle call at 7168756257. Buffalo even listening to Western European work with dale Martin and Lewis. An angle to the you know what that's what today on how much so when I see over their loan you buy in now you know average. You never know where he does he lord above votes don't count so fine alone line final. I'll have a beautiful day grace and they go bill and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant field PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.