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Slice Of Life
Sunday, August 26th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you listen to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life yes Ali it's we appreciate you curving out some time. I your Sunday morning for a the only life science talent buffalo radio and in Evernote is going to be on that show it's always fun for immediate bringing gas at every elk from all walks of life and on the people who may Western New York you know such a fun place that would have been such a place filled with people. Who are experts in many many areas. The community whether it's medical real estate legal pharmacies entertainment. Sports. You name it and what's worse a cigarette offload and wings for that matter at. We might think of some other things like thinking about food and Whitney and it's her to please any irony. We have the wing hang himself and the house troussier is is your good morning. Or tomorrow brown this crazy back I can't believe it is a year. I know how fantastic counts and I don't wing press has come and happy how this has become session tradition drew seventeen years in the making. We talk about it's been a year since you Benny are produced at her feet I believe also that it's been seventeen years you've been overseeing knowing fast. Really weird really is when you when you think about it there's so many. When you look back there's so many different moments of different festivals that are just classic situations you know and and it's grown it's grown well it's matured as a festival and you know it's been great for the city of buffalo are now in question and Chicagoans have grown it's really they've really grown through this summer play big I think and were wrong to someone. Are you a flats are drumstick and more toward the flat I'm beating opportunity but I'm more toward the last yeah again and a yeah and the more fun more port to for ways to even answer to reorganize or thirteen sitting there I go for the flat yeah I do on terms to you. Depends your riches are they regulated personal bra ladies first are easier jurors are it was a gentleman now has a wink and so her folks may not be aware of the national buffalo wing festival which is official and it's at Coca-Cola field Labor Day weekend of course which is Saturday September 1 and also Sunday the second two days of wing it. In Western New York both states. Both festivities kick off at noon. The Saturday festivities coast of 9 PM and then Sundays from noon to 7 PM an information can be found at buffalo wing. Dot com now all over the years is true you pride and many many different types of wing restaurant tell you have coming to this edition of going fast. You know we've got about twenty different wing restaurants coming in a lot of them are from out of town from all over the country from Portland Oregon. Two down or on the Pennsylvania areas soon Rhode island's. New Mexico and New Mexico itself the country. I really great restaurant called Lee's army and a new place from London England volcanic ash is truly become more international flair that was well. Now how these folks in Mexico and in Europe find out about this. You know they came to the festival like you know is the beauty of the Internet the food network of Travel Channel its worldwide. So when people see the show when they're in the business they I'll come to the fast we'll just check it out and you know they'll they'll meet me in the last in the email on they'll send information. And I feel like if they've really done a great job and they've held expand Wayne's. Outside into the nerve you know geography why not invite them so we try to buy one a year. It's great how do you have any restrictions in terms of the types of Boeing's they have ever did they prevent their own spin it doesn't matter what. No we we encourage a different types of ways I think that's the beauty of it rather never but it brings around region reality right to the festival but the also bring traditional ring wins as well. There's a lot of restaurants are coming from my town. There are former buffalo only do you know they couldn't get good when it's an open up their own places so that's. I think I think that's what makes a fight is not just you know traditional wings it's cool bit of everything. And is we've talked to on the show on the pastor having trampled and quite a bit you know in Europe and other parts of the country in the Caribbean. You see that term buffalo wings everywhere doesn't matter if you're 3000 miles or home or ten miles home. It's amazing how this food has just taken root in really reflected back on buffalo on it that way. Do without a doubt it's funny because boy you see the word buffalo and food. Buffalo's all flavor yet the city's a flagrant act and always some looks and tastes great by the NASA I'm. Yeah in and I don't get sensitive when peoples called chicken wings buffalo wings outside its debts could bring him for Buffy chip but I do a problem when it's like it. Different kind of crazy wing. In a restaurant calls a buffalo wings or their terrible wings the column buffalo wings called chicken fried frank you know all wings like we call on here but on. You know it's it's great praying for city without a doubt. It is indeed there's critic calendar is he recently about blue cheese or is ranchers if Hezbollah. In our saucer dip on there now what's your feeling I assume your credential. Alison thoughts without a doubt it's you know it's funny it's like in the north these specially buffalo its Obuchi's but he were down south throughout west ranch. So Juan nationally you know it's ranch you know as far as some. You know percentage wise but on the on buffalo were very sensible about our blue trees. No doubt about it I just can't imagine dipping it in ranch it doesn't make any sense to me. I'm journal we're going to be doing tests obviously and it's been 78 that are shown you might you might have over their and I do about it is. Are you going to be out walking around with a big wing him indicate. I'm working wearing can I guess stuff to do black. In laws is usually pretty warm we've been fortunate to have some great weather but dumb opt rather than they have in the cape wants oil rights but this fund meetings people from all of the car to the coming I think that's my favorite part. People just are such food season. And wings is such a forty food that is and on us and it's just a pleasure meeting everybody and people get a chance to experience or great city they have to scum of the we passed the experienced other parts pursue these will also it's a great tourism opportunity for us. This I love about it's you and over the seventeen years it's been like night and day frankly the way the city has evolved particularly the downtown area. Can outside the waterfront on the new buildings on their hotels. It seems like even hit as often as I get downtown every time I go down I'm marveling at something new tendencies seemingly last week. It's so exciting as a native buffalo mean to see your city's evolution and Renaissance like best. And I think a lot of bad stem from you coming out with this week fascinate you ask it was a great candidate impetus for people to view. You know that downtown area as a center for food and fun. The I think there's so many people don't some great things downtown look at Tom with the coolest on a look at Rocco Germany. I mean there's a guy who stepped up when he was the first guy putting apartments in. Townhouses downtown. You know in about like the wing festival canal side. And a little look at stewing. I think is just it just seems like there's little sporadic. Hints you know and I think Cuba with typically it's really transformed our city I remember years ago people be tell their kids you guys. Go to high school go to college get the heck out of here is here for you pose the same people digging their kids to combat experience they only sell. You know it is economically I think we were doing better. A big cycle lies we were doing really well much better and I think that will transform into the economic and it. Did you give this should be an article that was in the Iraq and the United Kingdom it was and I think one of them not London papers that there is a trooper right in the UK who came to buffalo. And just road. Absolutely fantastic article about the charms and events and attributes of this city. He you know that was a great article on a great hit in New York Times to the a look at god rest his soul at the board game when he came here he is the most. The most beautiful. Saying for buffalo he says it's a wonderfully weird wonderfully weird sitting the no cut that was a great compliment and there was some. We are different and we're proud of it he and dom. You know I hit deep cover sister Sylvia Sunday and it got a little heated. Because that person sound from a big city and pop those guys do this again have a huge conventions are they got it this as a way admit we're doing really well. And work great city be careful what you wish for there's nothing wrong with where we are that just make a better where we are yes you know I don't need to get bigger. You know we just need to get better and I think we are at the quality of life has improved immensely chip you know when I think that's it's about quality of life not here we have really. Come along way in these writers are coming from out of town they're just blown away they just can't believe what they say. And what you say about the psychological effect it's sure I don't feel like there's it's sort of collective sense of an inferiority contest. Complex and are if you like people. Have much better morale and their viewpoint about their city including medium and I'm proud to say worm front. I was out in pro enduring in last month and I respect to Sam from buffalo yeah and I am really proud of the city. I was complaining about not in the so last year because I would go and help him. And what it's like we weren't catch me sane and but I mean I think it's Saddam. I don't think were senses we used to be Apple's made the playoffs flaws in Dallas and Tokyo and that must act Geithner program to be very sensitive now it's like Coca. The outcome is worth more for us funny you should measurement the bills too because seventeen years since that went fast first flew into town and that's how long that outlaws now while. When do we start that I wonder did I start the ball out all know it was a fouls her out and I got to a important are these are gonna average out. You know every year you try to put a difference in going faster and of course we know it's Labor Day weekend September 1 and second. But cheer you initially wanted to be a bachelor party destination it's world. Well you know we dom. We got some great exposure on the show called the bachelorette. Back a couple months ago because one of the four finalist Jason target was from buffalo. So when the last four there's a hometown visit and we were able to appeal. Perform we need contest at the acre park gave us great exposure. And then about a month later song line in this article I can't remember the online. Publication but. The great Buffalo's one the four most under rated bachelor party destinations now so I took those two pieces is say you know what. Why don't make the wing passed the ultimate that I party. The out ways the copier. And after that you were down a chip Awad you've got they own street PO would strip. This is a great bachelor party destination adapt and I think that there real parties at the wing press that's what we're trying to create. Now pricey some guy running around your cape on and another party got out of hand here. Yeah movie one of the little unhappy you know who I think it's a great idea that your so a bachelor party destination you've got 21 wing restaurants. From us Airways Mexico and London England for that matter and then error or eat out there are restaurants as well none wing for a. Right right we've got John Paul lettuce comes with a assortment of desserts and you know did little to Italian dishes on. We've got to by cheap pizza which is always a favorite in any soup chicken wings soup. Occur she can speak priest who do Perot he's this year for the first time. And they also bring some dessert sweet nectar. He'll pop in pop popcorn we've got to screen but. You know the focus and we got to cry trolls of course I of course crunch rolls. Which is a huge seller at the win fest but he knows other foods besides wings but wings are really. The major focus is over a hundred different styles a chick I'm only the far end this year we we had little adventure in the back of the in the air team an area. We have a mechanical chicken. So it's like a mechanical bull what it's a chicken wing drumstick future or ride your you right here it's just like write them accountable. And that's it's inside this big on inflatable pool. And it's fun we have their a couple of years ago was sort of be a lot of fun we've got the ninja warrior courses can be set up Saul. There's stuff for the kids per for you know just wild despondent gradually just not back. And the European and United States chick when he championship sleep opt for wins in the kiddie pool pool blue cheese. I ran up right not rich not written chat so is buffalo. Miss buffalo we pageant. Would she be Bobbie really this year that's not a bad idea he wants your area. A thought dismemberment guys who organizes that this pattern are sincerely Carolina man and I haven't heard the term that's not all. All of this information can be found at buffalo wing dot com easy enough your kudos to you a tip of the wing hit you for all the help that you found. You've given to your city to our city and at the exposure that you brought here it's such a fun. And and wonderful way in its involve people from all over the place and really salute you for what you do year in and year out. Thanks for and appreciate the time that you give us and the other fest also helps out some great causes river Reese or three or 50000 dollars. Over the years firm organizations like Alzheimer's Association Western New York meals on wheels of Western New York in the food bank western. So. You know I wouldn't say it's everybody's given back you know charitable component and again to me that's another reflection of the city of good neighbors that's over all about yes sharing here at the top of the heap you sir is it going king thanks again under. Thanks Brenda. Back right after this. 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Not only will you be helping the environment but you'll spend most of the pump to it all starts with one thing I find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life now back to your host this with a Moses Brenda how lazy. And welcome back to this edition of slice of life on the Sunday. As always our thanks to the K Carrick having chairperson out of bonds tourist making sure we during an era accurate way could do the show without him in her weekend and we count. Well it's a pleasure to introduce some renewed the show. LE stronger this year. An Alley is pretty impressive title she's the director and curator. Of the Niagara Falls underground railroad heritage center in Niagara Falls, New York Elie good morning good morning. I've read about your art museum which is pretty new. And it's located at 825. Depot avenue west in nagger fonts and and the US side. For folks may have heard about the underground railroad center. That are quite sure what it is how would you describe it to people crest of the neck. Falls on a grammar are charities center. As an experiential museum with immersive exhibitions that tell the stories of the underground rare it's specifically in Niagara Falls a border city between. Slavery in the United States and freedom in Canada and our focus is on the African American freedom seekers. And hotel waiters who provided assistance during the time the underground rapper. What an interesting story so they came ups hub of sorts is it appeared as saying yes absolutely. And what would happen for example I am when you would walk into the sent cheering you can never go back in time and see what happened to those folks that you mention. Hi people who were escaping on the underground where wrote what is their role in trying to protect our high peace house. Well actually the role. And the underground raritan not a fossil slightly different agendas traditional narrative or what we normally hear about the underground railroad. Being I am very close to Canada. One more river across to get to freedom. It was a very unique community and how I'm the key community was working together and that and things are really out in the open. So the hotel waiters that worked at the cataract house hotel and many other hotels. Were all African American. I'm and they many of them had been the born enslaved in the south prior to working out the hotels but they found employment they found community here they were able to do their work generally speaking on the opening. And so they actually contributed to society in ways that we probably can't even imagine her name mean they work they participated in society they helped people. It's true human history in many ways when you to your work is director and curator. Do you find the EU frank these are fix and other pieces that really can't be human element must touch your heart every time you look at this. Yes absolutely at some what really. Jamie and when I first started on this project a couple of years ago. And we we're I'm kind of finishing up their research phase and we moved into a designing heritage center south. And we had to take those stories on men and create basically wait for the public to interact and learn those stories. And what I find. The note it's amazing part of the underground marriage stories is the individuals to. How encouraged day in and day out the freedom seekers that they walked they tech trains they had to hide along the way he's in incredible journeys that. I mean I feel like today it's very difficult for us to imagine right just to get to freedom right outside our doors are where we exist today. And think your attitude I with the weather here and I'm sure wasn't always a piece of cake an arrogant and quite Calder windier glossary or different contact. To travel around this area depending pan seasons. Yes and I'm freedom seekers in that they were trying to escape from slate slavery in the south that I have come his first the deep south weather's a little different. But you know I would imagine thinking you know what by any means possible. You trying to get to free him. And a story Nancy Berry element of freedom seekers who came to the cataract house hotel and was helped by the waiters. She actually crossed in winter and her on narrative that she had wrote her sister later in her life describes crossing through the ice now my cash and had to be just terrific for her and imagine how. These stories com have been largely on tall right this is something new that people are able to appreciate NC. Because I was thinking historical records were. A Covert operation if you well yes absolutely so the underground Ranariddh itself by nature was. Very secretive because you know there was the dangers and of being caught being killed. On being tracked back into slavery. And that was a dangerous thing that was you know across the United States regardless of whether there were you know slavery existed in that state or not. And the dangers are very real. I would imagine so and it's that you the other thing too that at people can go in and is it mostly reading story seeing things when you walk into the museum. On how would you describe what the artifacts like. So most army CM. Is actually interpret it so we have I'm. These are really awesome and very cool projections. They're fine art illustrations throughout the museum. Contemporary pieces that illustrates some of the stories that we had text or documents to. But nothing really engage visitors and indifferent. You know engaging way. I'm so these projections are I'm moving and help tell the stories. We do have some of the art some artifacts are out but it's really an immersive experience. And also including scenic build outs of the cataract house suspension bridge and others. It's fantastic it sounds like such a fascinating place to visit. You don't even open for a few months how is the response and now. The response has been really grade am we've been very busy this summer season and we opened on May fourth of this year. And we had four days of celebrations. Everything canceled out for us which is really exciting. Huge participation from the community and we've had over 6000 visitors so far in just this short period of time. Ominous feedback from visitors has been are really great everyone's really excited to visit on the have really. I deep conversations with us when they do this I imagine you get gas folks of every age to give our kids to grandparents they can deal is it appropriate for everybody. Absolutely I'm week at school groups and we had school groups and made just after reopened they were ready to vercammen. And then we've had family reunions all summer we've had senior groups we've had summer camp kids so it really does range in age it's some great shooting out that your your doing something significant for the community as well because this is the first new attraction opening a false. And more than thirty years and it's saying something. Yes definitely I'm not a follows is. On the rise there's a lot of really great things going on events taking place in the downtown districts revitalization. Are really excited to be part of. You must feel like you your paternity key resurgence to I mean there's been this incredible Renaissance and buffalo. And I often mention on the show I never thought I'd see it in my life tenants are proud in my city am a native and if she makes me. So proud to see what's happening all over Western New York but particularly in buffalo. And you wonder lost some its spill over into the cost you feel like there's good momentum happening. In the cataract city. Yeah I definitely think so you know there's there's a difference I am in size between buffalo and match her up were so close. And I think that taking some inspiration come from buffalo and it's for surgeons. And Niagara Falls is doing it in its own way and I think that's really exciting we're focusing very much on our community our local community. Community participation which I think you know by doing that you know being a local advocate for our own. Cultural assets and what we have an around city I will go. In in my Allison along way for visitors as well any brings people of every elk and right every sort of ethnic background. And socio economic status and I like thinking you're doing out daily freedom Paris Asian tourist how does that work. So we just started that program I'm so we invite everybody come down right now we're doing I'm two tours and day 11:30 in 2 o'clock. I Tuesday through Friday will probably. Increase that are changed up just depending on how the first couple months in the program goes. But basically the freedom conversations are facilitated dialogue tour experience. I'm one of our visitor experience specialist at the museum will leave this tour and the be engaging in coming conversations with the visitors throughout. This whole museum that they take them through and it won't be your typical you know the visitor more than our visitor experience specialist Olson and as a guitar got in this case. Will be just talking to the visitors they want your feedback from the visitors. I'm as well talk about Thompson bigger issues are related to freedom and we're talking at LA stronger now he is the M director and curator of the Niagara Falls. Underground railroad heritage center in port eighty hours at the center there and I. They the hours of the heritage center are at c.s stay Wednesday and Friday those states days are ten to six. Thursday were open a little bit longer till it's attend eight. And Saturday also to ten to six Sunday it's ten to four and were closed on Monday stature and what do funding I would imagine it's difficult to find new veins of funding are always looking for grants to our nation's and so forth. Absolutely so we depend I'm very much right now on our admissions. And also for our programs and things like that but donations memberships we have all of that he can visit our website time to be able to find information college supper come on an. Yeah that's I think there would be the best they recommend and yet experienced the center I'm looking forward to coming up and seeing it too I have not have it. The pleasure teen area but I'm so happy to hear that you Verity and more than 6000 visitors since may was it on track with what you project leader or you just. And hoping that people would commend. Well at the bit about we feel that there will congress yeah I in a lot of ways in there is that we can look at other numbers of other cultural institutions in Niagara Falls but being brand new with charges. And it's different you know passes in an ever imagine you know we're talking that's very historic ride a modern. Necessity of course these days it's just a media. What do you do for the center and it reader. A civic center our we have our face the hour and to Graham and a Twitter accounts. Testing you can follow us to engage with us on there return to share kind of some of the things we're working on. Also it historical facts engaging posts and pictures and things like that so we invite everybody to follow us on. Connect with the way it's terrific LA really appreciate you coming in this morning tell us the address again the nagger flaws underground railroad center. The heritage center is located at 825 deeper avenue west in Niagara Falls, New York. On the on the United States that right now it's yearning to cross the bridge due at any of the enhanced license passport issues. But make sure if you're punching it in your GPS. It's 825 people people avenue west and imagery and gun runner action. Yes Kelly and wish you continued success thanks for him into coming in this morning thank you Brenda that a putter ramp on this edition of slice of life thanks so much. Listening friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.