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Sunday, August 19th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Laura Lewis. Welcome to western new York at work your business friendly conversation. Why appear ESPN 15:20 AM talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. And joined in studio with my one of local pols want Louis lore good morning good morning. Is startled interest in our red I don't go I'm doing them but it's been it Tuesday morning on to say the place interesting. Well. A lot of unexpected things are happening this morning at the studio is a little quiet boy I don't gonna have some fun as we always do. I did have an exciting weekend. Just relaxing spent a lot of time just the car trying to act don't want to Delaware park delicate creek. On trying to hit the reset button and Summers are succumbed to an end. And I've enjoyed this means like to the weather's been. Ford like as I'm pretty sure you would agree with but it's it's winding down and so in with accuse congress costume has come back to school. And some over employers in companies work where they're starting gate and says that mindset let's take him last off and we vacation tickner. There in their kid is back to college. And let's get back to business as September approaches. Act yes. Yes and we haven't stewed with this today mr. Town Car scheme president and CEO of and that's both owner Tom welcome to the nation. That's good beer. While we don't work out of for a while as we stated a team. Low profile. Unarmed and had not yet. Well before we go to our featured the date as we always do each and herbs and we have sports update. So before we go to the sports update in schools gold right into the sports update. Dear good morning to you and now brings up to speed in what's happening in the world of sports. Good morning dale good morning loser who point. And hey it's been awhile since this has been me sit here in this chair doing the sports update for you know Louie no problem. The bills they had their second pre season game back over on Friday night winning 1917. AJ McCarron he did suffer a hairline fracture. In his right shoulder. The right collar bone of a story arm the quarterback competition may now be winding down to rookie Josh Allen and second year player Nathan and Peter me. For the starting job for the bills the bills next pre season game though. Is a week from today. August 26. And if you want to hear that game. 4 o'clock kick off you'll be here that over on our sister station at WGR. 550. Today the buys and taking on when Nat trying to wrap up the series against when that there. First page set to be around 105. You can hear that right here on ESPN 1520. That is it for the sports update the sport that it's brought you by the time you PC log your your complete council and Spybot cheese pizza enjoy. The upcoming football season with a nice slice of bought sheets. Buffalo Niagara enterprise is now. Invested buffalo Niagara. Since 1999. We've been working hard for our region. As the area's leading business development and regional marketing organization. We've attracted billions of dollars in capital investment. And secured more than 40000 jobs. Just look around and you'll see opportunity is didn't mean. There's never been better time to invest work and live here and there are excited to continue to champion in the region as investors buffalo Niagara. New name same dedication to attracting Smart growth to buffalo Niagara. In best buffalo Niagara come grow your business with us. Welcome back to Western Europe and work with Gil Martin and Lewis life here ESP in 15:20 AM. And again we're we're just so delighted to have topped car ski. President and CEO of and as buffalo Niagara I've been studio with us today talent and welcome to today's. Q. What's you know four on. Individuals and any of our listeners that are just now we sure invest Opel. The story so here's the real quick. The elevator speech and what was the artist formerly known as buffalo Niagara enterprise which we were four. Sixteen years we are formed in 2000. Were by once the next week well or employees. And a bunch of dollars. And we put together as a public private not for profit. Which. Some. Months over seventy businesses. In the breeze in the business and contribute. Lot of money to promote the region and then once. An expression of interest is far it is new location. June 6 targeted areas industries that we deal expresses its then week. Work with the network that is now after twenty years almost 175. Different entities are and these virtual Western New York business development. When that phone in theory and that was with their it is. To put our best foot forward to use that expression of interest and customized solution. In. Keep us in. Economic development it's kind of like being in term UST in. To get to the championship game to win and he knew vocation. They'll employ people and interest in the region we've never had anything like that and so 2000 we started. The towns and counties and villages. Over Perry interest in recruiting business to themselves. And Imus is losers dispersed in the marketplace was in focused. And when now we have parity as we come together on the news that listeners call in deal of these issues city's. Suburbs members receive for. Each other. We don't do we as a team and complexities bow to that because I was I was thinking. You know collaboration it's very difficult team especially. A lot more here. I don't know or I did it's it's it was the first fighters were were real struggle. I. So what we have to do I think we did a couple of things record where it's time we reais rightfully can consult commitment and connect is a business. And so I am humbled. And this is my fourth stop and economic development and coming column was Great Neck and do we really accurately. Going in the right direction is nothing like. Yeah some committed patsy. If I was a business. Netbook is an office users and industrial users. And go through about forty points here's here's how you're not competitive with other places that I'm dealing in booking site businesses. And meals there at work in and that and and over time I think. We as we do their work eats at the parts of the region this year and falls through the company. They all business ones so the light bulbs went off for a if it by him sites were businesses ago. And if I don't hit. Now prepared for water sewer workforce. Zoning. We don't have the right incentives right analysts have all dossier if things are businesses looking for I'm not competitive. And if you are competitive we is in our world are gonna promote your sights and promote your wherever you have as far as your natural assets would cost power whatever. And it's you attract business so that that's kinda how we got everybody and and we would we get together about every. 34 months as a region usually you know if we obviously it's electric town they're willing to talk to read all the economic developers in the region. Will get together and just compare best practices and in the old days we used to fight about stuff in the media and it was about look and and now we write about stuff in the and we. Sorted out and and we present a united front the world because it is global economies and it's highly competitive. Now when you think of on our natural resources when natural assets that sets us apart from the markets on throughout the country what with some of those assets include so. Well it's what I'm sure we'll talk about this little bit but it until now it has been highly productive and dedicated workforce. So. By about. Ten to 20% and what industry you're looking at people here more productive. And the earth let's turn over and so business this is the biggest biggest cost to them is to find good people and keep. And so that that's a competitive factors that source and then we Natalie data and it it we can put companies that are looking to come into the region in touch with other companies and we get underway in them talk and usually it's a very productive conversation we have low cost power. Which is at about two and a half to three cent delivered per kilowatt which is among the lowest in the country for the 35 miles while. Around the power plant which encompasses most of western New York Mets very attractive for. For manufacturing specifically we we water which a lot of places you guys. Comes in very very handy for was the new industries in the in the so it can man displays and in traditional industries that are incorporating technology to power in Mexico border. We are great location corporate rate break halfway between I'd I'd describe buffalo is worthy. Midwest and the northeast. So we're nice but we move fast. And an official and resident yeah and operate you know I can see Canada from my office so I mean that's that's a nice place to be. And we have just tremendous natural assets. Having been around the country and around the world. A lot of communities are trying to replicate. What we have historically yours is for his architecture and inherited chin and just beauty of the outdoors and and and we have. Although restorative ran through it we had a lot of available buildings for. For occupancy. We know to institute good job as a community or lastly years there industrial vacancy rate is below 4%. So we got to get working on some development. It. Those are really things have businesses are looking for a that we that we know our. House. The way he described as almost like we are hidden jewel. And and I get. In Asia it's really interesting we just Rihanna. The international economic development council was here for a meeting we host Adam. About a month ago. First time they've been about fluent when years meeting and that's exactly the disease and there's issues. Hidden gem. It is interesting. All my family that are that are get togethers Ehrlich and you can slow this down a little bit because it trapped yeah I thought. I know there are this or just didn't know it. That was still a twenty minute commute city that now it's gone it's inched up in my whole minutes ago people are upset about. This. I mean I got that I love the thumb and I love seeing it of being a part of it but I know I that it that they think for a lot of the polonium we're so spoiled by. The lack of traffic we had a and the cost how is inning in their statement is crazy on a deal concerns. Yeah we were we were one of the most important places in the eyes and that is not the case are actually now over over the US median. As for housing prices and then the nets really. We we think it's. An interesting thing to deal with here what does that as a community to the outside world is sums going there and I got investigated and maybe people aren't yet. Now are really specifically to that because you're you're promoting Western Europe to the rest of the world on two companies like Amazon and just countless others. Can you speak specifically. What that process you know look like we were talking today you know supposed to be yes so well. Over the overview of how we do our work it is. We do everything is very data driven community your note the Internet you can find about 700 or so and understand as databases that you could do. Community compares. And who got to make sure all our data and that is our pieces but then we do very specific targeting social media. One on one meetings. Working with existing companies. Working. 48 were three north and everything going on medical campus to the commercialization Friday. To stay in front. Opportunities. It is business people our you know rose trees down girl trying to keep their businesses open. They don't have time to do due diligence work done by an opportunity to be in front of them and that's our job is. It is as we promote the world owes me accurate. Promote to the world as we make sure we captions opportunities. And they don't kid who lost so. As we're doing our work. You may see something from our region and can call the mayor's office or county executive's office or umi call Somalia here in business that you know. There's this whole collaborative. Nature of what we try to put in places that that eventually gets us sooner than later. And we can start working on it as a region that we put the best. Business case. Dieter rich incentives. Workforce. Specific sites all that other companies look for in front of them very quickly here's youth and today over in the past used. You would call back in that we derive it was gonna pass is just that speed is everything. Renegade yeah drag your feet and the famous you have to be so you get like really early get those 170. And it's now number that network works and sometimes we response Specter companies. While they're still meeting. With the business prospects but it can. So that's how we do as how we ultimately we know that there by doing research and losers can go on the website and they concede. They get an executive summary reach for targeted industries we have third party. Validation. In those years were their streaks where is their weaknesses. And we go and find around the world where there's concentrations. These industries that we have choices that match. We think it. While whether Europe they're very innovative start up to advanced manufacturing west you have something off everything in between. Okay offer would get ready to take our very first break don't go anywhere we have more fantastic conversation with time to Percy. The president and CEO of invests buffalo. Hi I learned with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about when he liked. In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check this out cat staff buffalo dot com. Step buffalo where buffalo works. 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I'll come back to west you're Galloway and ESPN fifteens I am I'm Lori Lewis insidious icons down my and and we have temperatures heat fan and that's a flag in studio with us this with us this morning. And a for the breaks and you're chatting about. You know it different industries and how we sell buffalo. To an questioner tees industries what are some target. Industries that you're trying to bring to an awful right so I'm. I'm opinion in these are reflected in sort of some of the announcers who seen in the last ten years so we we target agribusiness from because we didn't do you have a lot of biological research going on and we have a strong. Are already a strong. Dairy cheese especially cheeses. And Gary production. We Cornell cooperative and so if you put this half of the state together those are asses and do it for so. Al Pina located here. What was the quicker plant which is now could theory in Batavia is located here pride pick out of the society. Located here so there is is a number of those. Yeah I'm in an in in advance business services which is everything from time data centers to back office operations to. Collections like a city group where its accounting and and other functions. We target those because we know about a 15%. Office vacancy rate. And we have people that are trained in and those type of IT and this functions. Advanced manufacturing word now that that's that's everything from how well the two which took property and the from steel side as to being in the energy field. We have logistics which you know we just landed Larkin. Which is sticks came here from a out west. I'm so we we target specific not not just the whole industry who we target sub sectors in the industry where we know we have an existing business days. And where we either have academia or trained people that that are available it can work in that field and and promote that too specific said and I just. Specific groups of companies that actually to specific companies. And then we use our we use our technology to see if anybody response to any of them. Social media direct mail. And you promotions that we do we can actually track conceived you open up and what parts of her website they've actually opened up so sort of analysts and journalists and yet exactly right and then we you know without being too Big Brother issue. And follow up by those and make and we do we have. Actually mailed it. Cultivate quite a bit of new leads from doing that process relies especially the last couple years. Yet in that social media and marketing tactics are really taking over how people act in after an early start and yeah this is. In me you know that businesses is is evolving so fast and technology having introduced in. And so so companies whether they're starting up in there in in new technologies are there and legacy industries and try to trying to figure out how to survive and be competitive with other business units that they have to compete with. They are they're focusing and that they don't have time to focus on army and you know we need to read papers she's business units at Aurora displays. Or we need to be near her new customers have been developed and then in the northeast where we look who and that's where we try and fill that felonies. Awesome. Now what Tom mention a lot of like eighteen different companies do you see that where where are we lacking in Western New York with. From a skill standpoint I'm here so. Is so we do and they do this is connection go to the website and they can see we do labor market assessment were one of media hand hold. Communities across the country that actually do a really targeted in depth analysis ever labor market. And there's there's four sections to it. And so in there you can see where were lacking. Skills as mostly in in. He and IT in IAT. And managerial. Skills. Is I'm catching up with the latest. Basically business business skills that are being taught innovation and entrepreneurship which were trying to catch up. With Brit you know and then the old standard because we say that we still have a higher percentage of manufacturing the most community's sense as part of their GDP of the region. So we need welders we need is semi skilled technicians. We need. Mr. Miller writes we need those folks who can work. In what used to be artery in his dirty industrial environment and rather than new companies who were tracked whether there are many Mel or whatever you need off performances. It's great. And we got to get that in two in this part of with the town attraction and then at work or stopped doing obvious. And new facility in north Oakland which were pretty excited about that opening up in the neighborhood and with that'll do there. We have to get we have to get kids interested and and building things with their hands and and I understand that they can make a lot of money doing it I have to work environments that are very. You were working our computers January and you are worth dirty stuff and so if we can overcome that. We can help save a lot of our companies that are here and help them. While they're trying to figure on position themselves for the future and where to go for it and and everybody else across country that is in the industrial base is trying to do the same thing so we we're learning best practices from. Detroit Minneapolis. And a variety of other places and try and abuse of party first. So as a new partnership. And collaboration between private industry and education along with educating the marketplace oh. Know what skills are needed what tomorrow job availability tomorrow. Upgrade it's it's it you know it's it's kind of a cycle that we've seen is that in the in the old days you know companies used to pay for training in these entered training was so specific to what they did. That they they basically took that role and then it got kind of guy. Where. The southeast and a lot of parts of the countries started to use this as an incentive. Ol' Pete for years. Training of your employees and and put. Programs together at a local level and using academia Annika thanks for tennis shifted that way. Now a lot of those communities are kind of cash strapped in and are not and some notes is the burden is kind of shifting back to business and and they wanna do it in a collaborative way they wanna be able to use. Technology that can be. Like buffalo manufacturing works where the equipment is all error. Steve your robotics in the number of really cool cool things. That you can go in partnership with the with them with an employer and actually. Have that available and be able to train your future employees that's going to be the wave. The future good we've got to have citizens in and that one upscale. And folks who wanna come out of being discouraged workers took to give it a shot comes. It's to answer your question where it's most frustrating is when you when you do collaborative community activities to try and whether it's on a weekend away or recruit people. For jobs that we know our available right now and there's more people there to help them than their actually are people common in the Doherty is trained at all. Frustrating and so. I hope that you know with with north and success in bringing in all the workforce trainers together in one place this go maintenance and that the place was. Awful assess fell over. Fifteen years is an old industrial site and now it's time it's similar really green looks great. I don't regulate back and yet Andrea reeker said and put all that folks together so you can and you get a concierge whether and you know they'll go to whose an assessment of what your skills are which one do. And they'll send you to the right place and we certainly could could use them aren't clamoring it is you know about four and a half percent that's. Pretty much friction on employment and I'm and there are a lot of openings. It's time what are we doing to help bring people back to buffalo and don't keep. People here. Yes or. We're gonna start something we've never done before just simply because. There is going to be close to a 140000. Retirements. In in. In the next five laps and then I am a lot of folks right a lot of jobs and we had we had a lot of folks because there was an opportunity they left here that was when they left or. Or they went to school for things that are now here. That wasn't here and there in Boston are so invalid or whatever. And so we're gonna try and take in this rather minor mental task of trying to recruit. All those expo flown in and mr. X western New Yorkers to come back. Home because they may come back for holidays in the reader and he spent time with him and a review and investigate what's here I almost on yeah and I know about so organized it to we're gonna arm we need to diversify from our region that it's mentioned to us by a lot of companies there were still not. You know they they have for corporate philosophies are wanna be green they wanted to divert and that kind of thing and so we are working and that we gotta keep the kids that are here. The schools do a great job of being great schools but I don't really share you know what's what's here in the community and that's really changing the schools are stern unit together and and really understand and try to work with. Especially UB is kind of leading the way with their economic development department so. We're trying to do all of this stuff and and just try and work in the next five to seven years of workforce training guy. We're not gonna right size their way to prosperity we've got to grow our region and over in this never been a better time I mean you can bring people here and you can actually. Show them what's here supposed to trying to market this. Yeah like it Elvis and yeah. And now it's like you you know Korean it companies are talking to it's it's not a hard sell well it's it is but it is hard sell is fear in. An industry word you may be moving in yours. When you're moving world where it is one opportunity if it doesn't work out. In that new family trailing spouse immediately birds and that's why he continues to build these sectors going actors so. When you come here eight years in. In mediation technology or yours in its manufacturer whether there's other opportunities which you move if you did which recruited here for. Doesn't work out yours you stole. You don't have to go through that transition again and then nationally you'll. Mr. Tim shore up we're. But further Euro these industrials. Instead of annually isn't just in learning more about invest buffalo Niagara how'd they get. In contact with. There's there's answers to other questions that its release is www. Buffalo Niagara not work. Easy and now everybody's contact information and we've got all sorts of forms you can thought if you're interested and we're gonna get packed your future. Clinton got it's ass will very we actually are coming to the in which finances. Shall radio his weakness if you. Of people we signed a time the sounds like that you have created a culture narrowly within Western New York also. In harmony with the UN organization where collaboration cooperation is the key for success. Yeah and and everybody is a Keyon and and it's it's not a mystery all those other places around the world that are being successful are highly collaborative and can get stuff done and then hand them so. There's been a lot of different communities and individuals that are really helped. To do this and there's no better time to go for OK it will Buffy heard it first right here in western new York at work we hope you have enjoyed our conversation. Have a beautiful day enjoy your Sunday will see you next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.