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Sunday, August 19th

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Welcome to slice of life because of fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time forest and then Sunday morning we're gonna talk about. According to Turner's come and are bringing balance as a life. First off it's George crib come from a maize corn and what is summer it's been immersed in New York. Is how does I can remember many years here in the area and when I think about summer I think about food I think about food every season but in particular. Let's talk about corn unfair we have the kernel of corn with us. I George Crooklyn is on the line with us he is from Idaho nobody was in buffalo recently talking about his amazing Koran which is sold exclusively. It tops friendly markets Georgia hope we had a great time in buffalo and welcome to slice of life good morning. I'm good morning Brenda it's been fantastic to people here so friendly so receptive I've been at the top store and about every other person wants to try it the corn and and they seem to like it. It urge urge your corn is called a maize corn which is kind of I guess a play on words too because I'm Mays is corn sweeteners are spelled a MI CE corn. What sure corn so if you'll pardon the pun amazing. Only AM NE ICE in your correct it is play on words sole. Took me 22 years to develop that corn I didn't like this record that was kind of greedy and what she did happen I. Crisp bite to it like an apple and then it gains crunch. And rendered you don't mind I'd like to do it down by right. Corner in my hand and I'd like gigabyte for you and your audience. Our please do. Every don't. We. We are now iPad and that there's some that you enjoy a day in and George and what makes her different is the way it was read by you know from understand. She urged earlier you that the kernel of corn but you aren't geneticists now he literature do unscientific maker. Yell apps absolutely and it took me 22 years it's part science and be honest with ya it's part luck to. Just hard work being out the field and doing whatever but he got dated days churning up. You know it's fair to say that you probably have this in your blood because you do have the luxury of being trained by your grandfather and dad. We've both done similar type of work I am over there forced four generations of your family business. That is correct. I struggled behind. Anybody in the world in the family in the world that is done more with wheat corn and my family. And of course all the hard work app with my grandfather and author. I guess I'm more terror contrite breeders' and I am the expert. Well and you certainly have the credentials George because they know that you have a degree implant science with a focus on plant genetics and plant breeding. And I say you're working full time now with the our company is the CEO and chief that chief corn guy. But in the meantime I ask you what was it about this particular food it's so intrigued you Wazir. Some sort of you know childhood memory that brings you back to corn major wanna work with corn. I'm an answer that two ways. I talk to people in the world record and the things we corn is what you remember. So if you grew up in Wisconsin or buffalo. Yeah afraid of uncle or grandfather. Mania. That's the best record here and I can't argue with that but if you plant the right. It will surpass everything else so what got me on economies is back in about 1989. I was early on back then. I came across this what alcohol only little plane. With a small little ugly here and I took a bite actually you know that's what we court should case. Antarctica only little plan might. Clocked it by you know bigger plan help your land and then twenty years later I finally was walking down the road and accept any. Were there. They're the and I would like to say that it was my idea to name it may. But it what. Somebody else came up with that name. And I'm not Smart enough to remember my lights we're trying to align. Well your wise man in many ways to urged because that yearning after a wary about remembering anything if you temperature of so we this years and years and you know it sounds like. You make it sound like it was. You know an easy thing but I Q so much credit George speakers. You tell us more than 101000 variations of corn. Over two decades this really something that took time and effort and you must not be an easily deterred try to keep doing this year after year. I like at that I'm not the smartest guy in the world so I guess that that kind of plays into my wheel house. Is it something we do we fight them by eight and 99% of what we do as geneticists. Is a failure I mean that's OQ 101000 iterations. And I guess I'm not. Easily discouraged. And I get I have to stability to keep stick with. And markers freedom for its stick to goodness now what makes this that the bite that you talked about the sound bite it's it's almost like a pop that you hear. Or fronts. Is it you would describe describe it amaze corn. So we caught up in crunch really what it is it's crispy. And the mind the sleeper many decades. That we as humans we like Christy that. And it's mushy we have an association that it might make it heal. But if you think about almost record you buy into it it's really not crunchy like an apple. And that is like an apple and at these clutch. And I just think we earned actually. Don't tell go to court that Christie vegetables. The example I apples to apples oranges. I love. That I'm with raised two if you buy into an issue. And sometimes my frustration many years ago you'd buy into. And it would get greedy. And now aren't forcing myself to finish that apple. I feel the same way out. Two record when he wants something that's pretty beat naturally. I'm. Yes yes I agree with you when I was raised its namely George where I started to eat something I clean plate it's just the way I say. I hate to waste food and see it your star break or you don't wanna sit there aren't. Pinafore sit down payment that you feel like you're compelled to do so so this counts are the more appealing because you're going to have crunch from start to finish and this year. It sounds like. Yeah I I would write it down. I mean you'd have to experience you can hear them all when I buy into it right at your bird but I adapted to my mouth open cap he doesn't appreciate. As for using. You're that Christina but the beauty about it is. Lance is corn. What the freezer. Underdog or the freezer come back six months later microwave it and that popped in crunch is still. Now Kaeding even after being in the freezer that long. App gets out that's one of the selection criteria that I worked didn't only want to see how that popped in crunch. Rash I want to also be have that frozen or stores. And there's corn beacon that socially so crunchy is it can be ten days or. In your average person's gonna go all so trash. Isn't it something out candy to all and end it's all natural rite churches nothing now preservatives or anything else sees you maintaining a bearishness. There's no GM all know small containers. It's getting that acute heart work for that at all it's. Yes yes returned with the maize corn creator George crook from an amazing spelled AMA ISC and Georgia is in buffalo recently. At a number of tops markets where you can find a maize corn exclusively. Locally at church this arm does amaze corn is grown locally all around the country using conventional farming methods right. That is correct. We partnered with talks and reads in Eden because our whole concept is we want it locally grown and only in cease. We ship and up from order Georgian December. It is not. Not the same experience. And we're very protective of our brands we work very hard. And we just don't want you know that product being. What our name on neither desktops. And neither does reach or eaten the growers there. What's reception been like around the country Georgian people get that your birds between. The amazed sweet coroner and so many other varieties that you compete against. We get 99%. Success rate. And have I talked all race that's we corn ever. Yeah where you grew up your experience. And learn not to battle that. You know at people. They walk up my that you wanna try to sweet corn you ever act. And it's really funny that people they bought from Minnesota I'm from buffalo one from new security and we have the best record. And I can't argue I mean it's there's such a personal relationship this week or. 90% of them once they kicked up by 80 wow. I try to say no no well it's a mace. Yeah very very got to keep pushing it amaze and event. I am George is probably fair to say you don't even need a lot of butter and that's taper corn it's are deliciously sweet are ready. Yes and most people like Cornwell no butter no soul and then they take my ego doesn't need putter insult. But ran up funny story and we story. My whole family that is all we each. And sweet corn. And we're big we corny side and it paid the bill important. By my mom who I'd dearly love. The latter's it would butter. And I look at Michael mom are you kidding me if I am twenty years of my life. I know it good or better I'm still putting butter ball. It almost sounds like it is certainly. George the best free to arm to cook this week corn is. Probably the traditional lawyer for railing here right person in a removal costs and the sale from the tops and then oil three to four minutes. Do you are recommending or can you also grill that corn. My preference is boiling in the Reid and it is when you grow at your microwave. You you have more propensity to overcome it and most people all over cooked corn or under or not you like got really good record player. Barbeque it because artists we'll give you that kind of corn flavor but I boil it to three years to have three minutes. And here's three and a half minutes all he needed to issue their and dined in the sweet corn. That 10% of the population. Has a real action to it like eating two features. So in that two and a half three minutes Eugene nature that is so that problem goes away. And unfortunately it help melt the butter that this court has not used but. Right now it doesn't sound like the other thing that intrigues me to tell you George I love. Popcorn he. They won't Paul. That's probably my second biggest business after record is popcorn. So QE popcorn thank you very much. Good chance that. One way or another and associate. Well and all these girls these colonels will not off. Because popcorn has that had the outer layer has right moisture in you in that. And it. This does not have the pair are integrity or what we call sheet code integrity so it will pop it'll just trying to burn. And this is available year round ranked Georgia taps markets in buffalo. No no not your round we are locally grown. And in peace and that's important to our hand and talk to agree with less and that has to grow some. Because they're really speaks to the freshness of your product. Absolutely as I said earlier. You know we could ship and up from Mexico that it'll be too young to all of them. I really don't want khaki calling me and saying. We got a really bad ship and corn from Mexico on everybody's upset as it. We're very brands protective. Catcher at Lafayette it's an admirable quality because you want to maintain. A type of delicious flavor during the season and I have a compromiser I respect that. So is week host George. How do you foresee this and shaking harder the next years in the buffalo American Q continue to see buffaloes are viable market for years to come for the maize corn. Am very much so the reason you know Bob smoker was great sweet corn if you got a lot of very good record aficionados. And that's what I'm seeing here people are trying it they know what they like. And they seem to like it and Kathy I believe we continue to grow more corn every year we. It's great to hear right in our people on buffalo had very discerning palates. It's a great town for food and act for cheering for their matters are now it's a pricey here. It a corn is delicious this with this much cop would do well in our community the kernel of corn himself church for com. From Idaho in town recently and act kind enough to join us on the phone durst thank you so much you're timing appreciated. And please give my thanks to IKEA Fuhrman ASCII from the peer to permanent taps for all of her help in arranging the interview. Will do one more sound bite played. Now craving Korn thanks a lot George really during the interview he. All right thank you for your time and you that attacked you see now thanks very much. Looking for a place to live for just curious to see all the great living options Buffalo's northern suburbs have to offer well this is very ill there. Free buffalo alluding to returns to the north towns this Saturday spotlighting six incredible living space that you can call home you're just a couple what you can do it. Favorite senior apartments come experience the lifestyle Amherst premieres senior community great experiences are right around the corner where luxury beach convenience Faber offers remarkable value and an unbeatable location and offers all the comforts you desire. The Remington on the Hillary can now the north tunnel Wanda the remix of loss offer unique one and two bedroom apartment quote what bubble would do plots Paul former factory in our premier luxury address. To join the buffalo Liddy tour. Just download the free brochure at buffalo living toward gotten that no reservations three week air settles sleep every few minutes starting at nine from headquarters at the Belvedere free 75 Harry snell and Lancaster or you can drive to. Let's focus on the bubble living toward this Saturday presented by nationwide insurance. Tony agency created stored on the buffalo new CN home. 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As a 430651. And welcome back to this edition of slice of life great to have the on board on a Sunday fun day and speaking of fun I recently. Received a new Paris big birthday from these are my husband got me sports or something and one for many many years. And where else pretty goblet riverfront honest Hauspie ties. Not only did he go to river for a tremendous servers that we have a new parent the driveway it's a BM WZ four and of course it's a convertibles now. Return look at that Kara brings a smile to my face and Murti Parker our senior last year Marty is the owner riverfront Odyssey house located on. Nag or street thirteen 79 I cursory job rating that close to the downtown corridor good morning Ernie welcome. Good morning good morning Brenda and so much fun journey beamer and what a great summer as you mentioned in the off the year they have apparently there are what their rank top down just tour around and OTC. If so is is going to be one of the best Summers that I remember Lewis on a drive in a good day for convertible almost every day. Out no doubt about it at the Paris so much fun and very gonna tell you just can't ever person our our reflection for me. I was gonna carry accident a year ago may and I think you are really do not enjoy driving anymore. It was the second serious carrier accident and I like to point out neither was my fault. But now I have this little sports care it's again it's funny it and it will pare its you know stick shift I'm on the floor. I really feel like I'm driving and it's just a feeling it's a whole different experience. So thank you for during every vehicle like it that we can die there. Reasonable price and at the Paris really in mint condition. Yeah it was one of those Florida terrorism we bought during the winner in the offseason brought up which I'll be start to do again now in order probably another month or two we'll start for the dollars. Chipping down the Florida and bring cars back up. So it's stunning you do on a regular basis right and it allows people to get vehicles without other rust and solve wearing terror that one resigned here. F for Sherri on the saying is he advantages you know I go down in the wintertime when most people are thinking of convertibles and obviously this election down in Florida is a lot greater there than it is here are sure. You know the of this supply is greater the prices are better and they're better car so I love going down in December January February. And bring in all the summertime carrier's deck for this ranked. Other then as someone like me always wanted to sports Paris you're real market for those Florida Paris particularly. It is small ones maybe the convertible as you see there quite a bit in the serial. We're getting known for more people realize and they know we all of the friends that they tell their friends that they bought to cower when people see it needs to look internals are currently it's 810 years all the while is that really clean and they look underneath its. You don't know worst neared. Rusty is it barely dusty and it's like wow this is really were together for counsel people of all that riverfront. Is a place succumb to get you know Ross Rico ours. As airfare to your point yesterday pulled into the parking I hear work in the beamer and the top was down the weather was gorgeous. And run my collar workers had seen that are for the first times I came into the office and he said of hey did you get a new parent somebody else heard him ask me in what would you canonized five to beamer is easy for convertibles so much from a caller is in town and they said. It's brand new right. I said Natalie is now our brand newest and O three and under is fifteen years old you'd ever now in mint condition. And and it makes monetary caricature of heroin use cell vehicle like that it can you a lot of high quality vehicles are Marty everything from Lexus Porsche Mercedes. Cadillacs Acura is. Is it something that you focused energy try to bring in a wider array of cost. Your typical dealer we always have a little people looking for exotic are something different. You know will we can still get the normal cars we do have some of the dorm occurred by our main focuses to get stuffed it not everybody else has a good value and a nice carried. Can we do that you know if you look at our website we have tons of you know BMWs. Lexus overseas in Ohio and stuff that. Really don't you know is a great value after only couple years old. Our friend dumber Waltz your body a Cadillac SUV it's a good look at vehicle and I know he's really happy went into Syrian leaders of every size rate vehicles in recent. Yep yep Haley says thinks I got 45 years of my and so I'm like to have got some good weeks and I don't know. Know what to buy and I know what good deals are kinda which carriers have bad characteristics that we stay away from and cars that are have good characteristics that you know that are great colors resell it's got to be like a sixth sense for you at this point. Pretty much you know it's funny I echo walk up to a car's a walk in opera can almost get a feel while this is account it was a while maintain cash element. He'll give me thirty seconds and Alitalia you know highlight how this Kara has been maintained. You show up pre owned vehicles at riverfront on ourselves what if your bank your pre on vs a new vehicle. I think most people know even if you bought a brand new car it's only it and you drive for a month or two you know you've lost quite a bit of value. And now with the way they used car market is nightly said the guru from 45 years they've never seen. The actually used car markets actually going off I mean it was we saw cars people coming back a year two years later and they're worth just about what they hate us for because. Again these it's hard to find good cower salute supply is bad to demand is. Is is high so the use cars are wholly their values so and it better than buying a new one and by some this one or two years old driver for a couple of years you're not gonna lose a lot of money. Right this thing that I think about two as the depreciation as soon as you take care awful lot of my parents are so depreciate. Sure I guarantee like your car is a perfect example that Kara is not can be very really worse less must do much less than what you paid for crying even 34 years should not up. That kind of those cars are because they're great and if you wanna trade then there's really not much downside you have you lose a thousand bucks who cares verses if you go buy a new car. You can lose 10151000. Right sanity that second Hadley and it. We hear imagery to continue and wanted to do and I could probably get a comparable pair. Something fun and sport again share there's always an opportunity Julio. You know I perjured commercials over the years here on WG RWB and and our other sister stations rarity we thought about town. The hump that riverfront is the home of the guaranteed credit approval. You guys act. Well my son does most of the handles the finance and that we've been aggressive in the biz a long time so we've still some great relations it with a lot of banks and credit unions. And we have one bank that it took some time and I actually to go away for a couple weeks for. For training and to learn the the way it works and they have guarantee doesn't matter how bad your creditors as a matter of him. Which is great for specially in my daughter's they had no credit Windows Mobile lot of people when they're young kids don't have no Kress I think it started sold this bank will. Will finance people would no credit or bad credit. Whether it's a great TO it's gonna make the shopping process so much easier because you deal with people from all walks of like you try to accommodate everybody hearing right. And what's nice to once you get our board and you get the credit going. This bank will hope you. Whether you can never had credit will hope you establish credit if you had bad credit we'll hope turn it around I can't say how many times people come back a couple of years later. And other credit scores up. To Leo are 506070. Points vs what it was just two years ago and you know it that means a lot. It does it's a great way to establish a foothold answers cheaper younger person you are talking to Marty packer RO who is die for generations of the parent term family. Including Marty junior yours on earn little Murton who is your grandson and your daughters Chelsea and Britney it's truly a family affair report. Yeah both my daughters and my son with me I work from my father when I was a kid and I remember my grandfather you know he was in the service and that that was my father was born the service I started the sales and and now my if my son is with me then with me for over ten years my two dollars a that would be for a long time so Leo most of it even the two other employees we almost feel like they're family and with this for a long time we don't have much of a turn around our employees. And it's just a lot about the ownership I think that's a reflection of how you run your business it isn't difficult to work with family sometime. Well you don't want it's fun. Needs you know we we get along really well I mean most people woods would say that would think Depp but. They're no different it's you know it's going to you don't bring your home home to work you don't bring your work themselves out it's one of our policies and it seems to work very well froze. It's great year in a riverfront out of cells and is located at thirteen 79 anchors street at a Taylor Marty we armed. We talk often about the Renaissance of buffalo and even their court and anchor street. Most encouraging for you as a longtime business garnered seat area come back. To see apartments and lofts being put in an area does it help your business to just strictly by the visibility of you know people driving nine. Sure sure I mean I've seen I've been their lace it long time and I you've seen it and we've gone through some rough times of some rough neighborhoods and it's. Beautiful to see not just Niagara street but all of river works in downtown it's just I'm just so thrilled. And I'm so happy that we're making it term because I know the future's bright for my son and my grandsons. So when they take over the reins. And I'm gone. I think it's possible is really really come a long long way they've got a lot more it's good to go. It's so encouraging to see your city like this it throws me every Tenet announced on a particular disease at the Renaissance people coming back to this city it's awesome now. You know speaking of good things you celebrate the military campaign wind river front model sales and through the month of August. Anybody who's currently serving or battering in different Howard discount and any pre owned vehicle right. Right were given a 500 dollar gas card for everybody now we're given the military the five our our guest Kara plus a thousand dollars off on the purchase my father was in the service. So I mean I and and I have a lot of pitches I looked when he was a service and you know why we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our servicemen and women so. We're very grateful to have them and I think they should be recognized and it's very important that we direct. And I salute your no pun intended for during the and I hear. My husband is and navy veteran and it means a lot to me to that he search UK energy have been doesn't talk much about it but I am so proud to say that that he served in the navy you know served his country means a lot to me and and I can tell that about him now and before we cause it got Eskew you have a huge variety of pre owned vehicles at riverfront but you also have some classic Paris. Yeah yeah we started doing some classic cars and muscle cars probably 56 years ago. We've got we acquired the building next door Lois put an indoor show room so I invite anybody to come down. And take a look we actually just. Got about five new pieces that came in. And 1970 college for 42 dimensional wanna him. Off Ford galaxy convertible. I've got to we've got some nice pic of dressing and final four pickup truck. So yeah we've got some nice start to look it's not nice to look at it look at the condition album. Is gearing niche market marry for folks who love those old time Paris yeah I mean houses many guys dormant so I think you know we've been. Doing better than I thought we would do I had my first start doing is 56 years ago with the classics. But now we get the words getting now people drive the Carol while we're educate in nineteen summer I you know. Collison that should dog you and we get people call his. To try to find them. The roles to our people hey I had a seventy should valor sixty ninths about when I was a kid to defy anyone and you know we do that all the time for people find him exactly what to look for. Well I've got my classic heritage you receive our idea they're every bit there at the grand chapter Andy. What's sweeter reach of riverfront. Our fall numbers area code similar 6861626. And we're thirteen 79 our history just minutes away from the peace bridge right and I history between dull event in Lafayette. Easy enough to trying to Regis and Olerud carrier and what are the hours are Monday through Saturday. Yeah Robert Monday through Saturday late nights are Monday Tuesday and Thursday were there until it clocked in on Wednesday Friday was their top five. Now ice has thirty packer are continued success. Thanks so much for coming this morning you thank you very much better putter rap on this edition of slice of life as always thanks for tuning in I'll see you next week. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen point me.