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Sunday, August 12th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's the deal Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo and welcome to western new York and worked your business friendly conversation wife your ESPN 15:20 AM every Sunday. What we talk about sports jobs economic development and always always the people that make it happen and join the live in studio with my wonderful calls. And Lauren Laura's. Lauren you left and are ready. And there are just like become I think I. Went there and it. It takes you mentioned earlier. In the show takes it. And it's now. Alan. You know out of hit an whereas a packed day after Avery yeah that's what every guy. Missed the lowly what's gone why it may not bad. And this little yet for sure. And the star Ollie that Jersey Shore featuring Utley. I went to Ocean City and niece quiet one right I like about it or less people more ocean for me although. Friday I saw some wild stingers when I was in the water did not anticipate that it was not water on Friday I think and it runs right out of I noticed point around at things on the ground something slimy goes right government foot look over a stingray shoots obviously that's that's of the yeah Cheever and again. I was volume orange on volatile and no one of those mountains. Redone it that. It's so was this our outing with friends with the girl playing on camera in the family and one her William he's got a cottage down there are so I was invited on at. As the Eagles Josie birds play the Steelers in the first pre season games so. Hasn't she stakes down oh Lilly from where. So pets and Jeanne it was a yet across the street from each other I've never had either of those I've tried different places around and then there. Steals looks flashier but I want to pacts because it normally be the grungy looking place actually as the butt attitude what that's actually like that so yes I got to and it Amex oil well. She really is it winning isn't with onions up yeah I don't know how to order at the USA one with was an onion they don't like any nonsense if you're just like sleepers if he about it did very impatient Ollie flat and around their slider to me then that's okay no I left. Ask this question okay. Get in the joint they're both that you guys will ladies and gentlemen livid at Philly part time I don't or five times this I didn't. Pretty much part yeah we should affiliates and that's that I have yet he is eels and yes our hard so. As a former college bro I was I spent a lot of time in Philadelphia on the Schuylkill river. The top of the house row yes it's been lottery got us ahead. Does he calls dad Miller got a lot of to carry out Imus has there been that and also make to my roommates from college or from Phillies had been done. You know visited their home town with them and they took just noticed the ropes tied on order cheese steaks. Fat cats are Giannone you know those idiotic you know. Those are the two I haven't dungy knows that it tried a few different ones around like the old city and then Ciba and back and forth I was kind of pulling offer host known address in other. Lucky ones first buy it. The girlfriends and we was in Philly to an ounce on the spend money on hotels. Lately and Eagles games this coming I am going to I was gonna go to the season opener by. I'm not tickets are 200 dollars it's I'm going to need Minnesota game Eagles vikings and it's week four. I'll be in that. Game and how would you compare your seasonal or even enters the exports climbed to. So they have very similar fans the buffalo which is why I like them and they. Get worse wrapped and they truly deserve I don't think there's these totally free easy ruthless people I think Minnesota flight fans didn't like that are. Atmosphere they had against each image again Philly last year but it's very similar to buffalo Mattel it's a huge. But the differences the stadiums once you go to the Lincoln Financial Field and familiarly and Heinz Field Pittsburgh. An ankle and back to buffalo New Orleans. And into militia build another one of these big ones although ticket prices will go up and everything so is different stuff but. The atmosphere there is a really cool it's it's very similar buffalo which is why I like. I would opt out. It would be really exchange Super Bowl they were really at city tour atmosphere. That we because when you have that down I mean Philly has winners in the stadium opens up and you can see holes in downtown landscape right. It's amazing things so. Having it Palestinian downtown has purchased pre colonial loose on the alien atmosphere that as an Orchard Park is there's just so much open. Why are in bad English but I actually are. Yeah scope of the video we are a fan I was destroyed downtown there's kind of a on. What that is it before we move on really into sports are there I want this can't stand to stop a little bit. Because I think there a stadium downtown which is really an X the landscape I mean I think our work on a course. We're here I think we can have a Skype. But at a stadium. In downtown buffalo will give us. Skyline that would be comparable to other major cities were your thoughts. I think it you create TV great for the tourism for businesses in downtown. But the haute there's Sony hotels downtown it be great for that I just heard a ticket prices yeah. That's the only problem that park Ji again nearly keep yours loyal fan base that is Elliott. Should unjustly sellers continue to buy season tickets for you I just wonder. Because what the big stadiums and it's provoked by the right to have to see in the and you divide the season tickets I'm just concerned. Hopefully season tickets wouldn't skyrocket I mean obviously though when you see some of those politics Houston's last year to. When you see some mistakes usually communities are really nice to go to games. I just worry about prices does that mean right now eakins sometimes on stub of for the bills and get tickets thirty dollars and he would do that anymore. What did you think taking its nascent market that American buffalo kind of what our market value is what. That people like here what we're gonna patent if they overpriced tickets and Alex and I haven't gotten out and yes that'll. You have to consider the market value I think with Afghan basic comes from Canada and Rochester from Oliver images of these convenience to have a downtown. It doesn't have to be like a huge dome would not superdome or anything like if it's like Heinz Field to Obey the perfect stadium for buffalo downtown. Put it right on the water down near you know sabres arena and whatnot but. If it doesn't have to be something super usually the new Minnesota some of these stadiums like spaceships pretty much now it's crazy like you know land along. But if you just look at length the Lincoln financial Heinz Field. There's a noticeable difference between Randall stadium stadiums are now well. I'm Alex yeah it via ultimately it around with early trade as an actress so that. At large parts of Australia what more to come after to a tie in of the flash we're gonna have a stadium. But as a more to come on that as a where we're gonna have a statement absolutely but that being just ignore since we talk in sports that's fine that was. Additionally was happening in the world of sports. We'll start off in baseball the buffalo bison get back on assignment today couple hole. Field first pitch is set for 105 against the Toledo mud hands. Herder looking to rebound from six to three loss to Toledo yesterday. Like where junior stayed hot with another home run that's his. Fourth straight and four games we'll see if maybe he gets a call from Toronto Blue Jays in the near future catch pretty irate Iranians can fifteen to one in. Starting at 1235. In the majors fifteen games are on the slate for today of the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Tampa Bay Rays. At 107 as they hope to answer after we won loss yesterday. The Yankees golf against the Rangers at 105 New York got to win Saturday it's Texas five to thirty. To football to build it assigning to neighboring his defensive tackle Tyrone walker while releasing defensive tackle John muse of an injury settlement. Walker registered twenty tackles one sack and one forced fumble over 223. Defensive snaps of the rams last season. Buffalo has the practice field today at 1215. Other news around NFL Redskins rookie running back Darius rice received some bad news is he is out for the year. After he tore his ACL on Washington's first pre season game Geist is expected to start in the backfield for Washington after being selected in the second round of the Tony from an NFL draft. The final round of the PGA championship concludes today on the current leaderboard Brooks Africa remains in the lead with a two stroke lead at twelve under. Adams got currently sits in second and minus ten as for Tiger Woods he currently sits tied for sixth at eight under. Four strokes back from the lead. This update is brought your ballot Tokyo PC marker your complete legal counsel abide by to speak to enjoy that game but nicely so much. For ESPN this morning. I'm related deaths. Welcome back to western new York at work when del Martin and Lauren Lewis. IV ES PF 15:20 AM always always were to talk about sports jobs economic development in the people that make it happen. Now this is game one of the pre season and so even though we've already had that you know that game. I like to ask both of B what were your thoughts of their first game. I was really impressed with Josh I mean I think it all lodging Josh Allen I mean Nathan. Peter that you showed some good things but until either one of them really separate themselves I wanna see the rookie play. Some of the throws he was making a most NFL quarterbacks can't make the touchdown in the game and are rare in the cloud. Where he putted in a window in between three defenders. The Baltic it was going in 95 miles an hour back to receiver caught it was incredible it's a player that probably most people don't want to making you wouldn't consider Smart move. But the arm talent is so clearly there you can see why teams don't while with him in the draft process because. Outside of a couple players in pasty cam Newton's arm Aaron Rodgers you can just tell Josh Allen has that. Tale comes just I mean there's other things he's got to work on his accuracy footwork. Different stuff he's a young quarterback coming from small school but. The athletic ability in the talents just came off that your voice is definitely is if you don't get excited I know Josh owners of they'd gas. Josh don't hate group for much on Twitter he pretty much was this urban legend brother drafts are being you know just way over price and overvalued in the draft but. You can see why the upside was and mrs. It looks a lot like Carson once when he is coming into the league couple years ago lot of North Dakota State did very similar in I was really impressed them and night game one against Carolina. Or his atlases and spa speaks out I mean to deposit things like 65 yes on a whole new level as well as on a national level that's what they're talking about his stature as quarterback is fear its way to start to see these huge quarterbacks. You don't normally in the past to fewer fast you know Doug flute news small. Randall Cunningham was really the first guy that was as big. But mobile guy and now suddenly you're seeing it in the legal time where you're finding 6566. Quarterbacks. That can mean UB even has one right now than mine and being a first round pick next year Tyree Jackson were suddenly. They're 66 but they can run for five and escaped the pocket and run like their Michael Vick it's. It's a crazy evolution of the quarterback position and a folder announced pretty fun to watch as it's more exciting I'd rather see guys like that and the Sam Bradford of the world and even you know some of the guys that's in front Josh Allen you know McCarron and Nathan Peter ridiculous thing and you just you can tell what you wanna watch you can see what quarterbacks and that exciting treats them. Fun accident is still pre season. We won on it gets you excited but at least it system it's hyped season. Hi how easy yes absolutely but we're going to savor well I saw that and then to add Alter it seemed to have the super more now. You'll see that. You know game one pocket we're going to disapproval. The element though. Admiral and even Cleveland didn't wanna game lasted about Owens sixteenth there's even there's even heightened optimism included on right now Tyrod not just iRobot. They're first or epic baker mayfield got a bunch of weapons there even Cleveland fans like now we DePaul 900 at this point black it's fun every year NFL fan bases like. It's really only in the NFL ones that we could do it this year at the optimism just kind of resets every year regardless of what happened. It just the NFL has that kind of hold on and so we're speaking of Cleveland we play Cleveland next week. Baker may fielder's. Josh Illinois two in the first round picks. Aiming Cleveland and I believe we definitely need to call it the revenge game. There is treason that the other. I think Tara thank you are different than ever pre season well I really can't pick the game in matters statistically in terms of the records but managed to play redshirt Tyrod would wanna make couple mice poisonous former team you just as a as a purse I mean. Players want to say they don't get into that stuff they don't buy into it too much. But you know that the players are humans they listen to the outside noise he knew what they were talking about him in the bills last year got benched during playoff run. Camille Little extra motivating for him maybe he'll ask for a couple extra series normally then he won in a pre season game. I'm excited to though that that part of it hasn't raced in the storyline in the pre season considering the game out of elements that come for an inning in a. Think it also leased to know what are you made okay. Very early in pre season is gonna determine what Cleveland is made of but more important with the bills on me we have to make a quarterback decision and had three. Outstanding athletes at quarterback position. And reels one of them at least one of them. And it. Know that story Lam remains to be seen in terms how's it play out. If new coaching staff to USU offensive coordinator brand new offensive by knowing what a lot more creative than last year's like that rash super exciting death. Solemnly and help them just that extra and tube. Do something different to CBC and normally stronger than you normally doesn't matter. To an extent and him at a manageable or shake the roster yet yeah bottom end of the roster. But like the teams like the Eagles in the Steelers teams that are pretty much set their roster you don't see too much but. The bills are a lot of states and are now because they're still trying to figure who's there quarterback's going to be in that a lot of that. The implications it comes down to who and performs in the breezy and so it definitely matters for a lot of teams are now. Normally it's it's for them the beef of the roster you know the bottom half who's gonna make those final few cuts for the bills are now it starts at the top of the most important positions every game counts does. Right now it. After that game I don't think anyone really gained a light on the other quarterback in the in the race has all three of them looked pretty sharp. Yet and I think we we looked good in game one but I still saw all the same consistency. Of the bills we don't close it out. We ask you an inning you have to win that game day no matter what you have to winning game okayed or are different our defense civilians. Error. Losing. They're not making a play from a defensive end standpoint. OK when we need to make a third down now getting dynamic in the big play and so when we need it the most when I get in there it's I've seen this singing. Recipe. Of what has has not moved us for. Don't get too confident because again a lot of it was the second and third team players your product Tennessee all season so. I know a lot of time again it's high season and can go the other way as well in the pre season fuse if you teams struggling you can get a little you know. Pretty scared for the season but again it's it's pre season lights large cited it's it's one week. So but I took her some good things from a though I think two in Edmonds looked really athletic as a linebacker he's again mostly gone cover wide receivers he's so athletic but. It was a good I think it was a good first game for the bills and excited against Cleveland to its going to be a test. Ousting William what would that be SA network. We are here we have heard the bills on self sought. Some may be some time throughout the course of about today's show we can find Michelle some this is this is bill's time. And each and every Sunday we don't have to sell song part of Russia. It Alex Sunday's season finished thoughts on it sneaks it is because. Awesome Lola. Where so are you buying ice so let's go to our first break don't go anywhere rushing it we will be back with questioner at port in just a minute. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watching. Cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson gem but we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a smaller restaurant and it was the butt cheek club. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are. Seven years later serving takeout pizza to look for them really at noon at the Joseph bought cheap pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see Wi-Fi cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. 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Or download their new curve bath and get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cab Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. The bill McNeal. Welcome back to west you can work with Gil Martin Lewis. I've really ESPN and look your hair and it's football season. It's their right it and now it's thank god at its next. Here at summit. You know like two weeks ago that it came down packing. First week of August I think they did push it back a little bit which is fine by me because that appropriate seasons we tool. I love the draft I love free agency. Training camps thought after awhile but eventually. You want you need gain event it is. The NFL and they take advantage of it though because. It's basically two seasons now's the playing season it's the ought Rwandan people love the offseason but eventually look when you ended June and July it's it's I'm tired of seeing him in shorts and shells let's see them actually yeah. Speaking of that offseason and that and offseason but the thing this conversation very poignant today we talked about the bills. And you know putting the right players in in in a position and the right team in place Lauren. As a heartening was staff buffalo you have a responsibility. Of putting the right players within organizations that you were percent. That was such a great transition. The orderly transition gas up. Yeah except we are a lot of it with kind of our clients really help them find. The best talent she join our organization because a lot of times the hiring managers. HR department the owners of companies don't have the time to really put into finding. The right person team it goes beyond the lack of someone's resonate making (%expletive) I'm qualified to do the job. We also make sure someone is gonna that the culture organization. You know really. Be a place where they want to of their careers in a place where. The company wants to passes for help them. Rolled their business. Out there right talent in place and can you thrive so we really work. To find that matched the ache yes clients and company client which the companies and the candidates into its okay. It as similar to the staffing industry and some info at com or draw a parallel because we are between six NFL teams. What you have thousands. Of staffing and executive recruiting companies. And so there's a process and there's a differentiation. Of what you have to do to two demotion house staff buffalo. It's different from and better than some of the other staffing companies. Mean we just really trying personal approach to listen to our clients where Mara boutique. Staffing. Agency because that. I've not. Where small is ever as a quality seen exactly so you're gonna get. That's quality. And 83 B five. And it isn't now and does come down Q. Manager had to open sometimes you. Might see something that they down. So they have the open to. Him the interviewing Hillary people the great talent. That we might see is that an outsider's view with that more. Am in the organization looking for one thing hey you might meet. Yes okay so let's take this conversation and in a two pronged approach that's what a sticker from a job. Candidate standpoint. If you are college graduate or. A mature executive. That's looking for. A transitional looking for the next opportunity. Let's talk about that debt. Space of your company. Yes we have a lot with candidates you know we might not have a job to them today we only work and the jobs that are clients hire us to find so. You know we might be looking for different accounting positions attorney. Customer service reps that we have a marketing recently or marketing but we can't. Just magically find them a job we really try and work with and understand what. But their background is what. You know what their previous disease have been Steele says that they still sacks. There's salary requirements. Commute when he left previous jobs and we like well you know well can it keep that in our database that we get a job on the road. That's marketing position we've RD a status report with the candidate. And go back to them and say hey we found out how to be fit for you what your thoughts and kind of go from there so he really work she had that relationship with the candidates. And the clients that we can ultimately. Me fat cats. And from a candidate standpoint. Is there any transit things that you have seen recently. Whether you are new to the market in terms of your career search or the mature. Seasoned worker earning tree is that true scene. That you can share with the audience that you know here's where. Here's one of the biggest takeaways I want people to know if you're looking for a job today and I know that's a very abstract and and very broad question. But. The market apple be happy picky. You. Adopt it. And some people it was appropriate not a job it's a career making career choices in life as we spent time with a certain company. Dealing. And you know it's. Where like these days a lot of times with cell phones and even. In class eating meat based. He kind. Each in. Times and I can now. We offer a lot like and its services to use so we talked about what they're looking for the next we have Anthony form insert it in your view. Workshops throughout the characters interviews. Social media on it. You know clean up their social media pitches. Companies. And yet it is really at attic you mean I can't I can't put it all on my FaceBook page. That it went out last night I was dancing on the table and it's. Much of a good point. Some companies are actually means so companies are looking at Japan spoke personally absolutely it's it's huge it's not Twitter instant. Did I talk a lot as an option in presents because. A lot of companies. Eight at its and it. Didn't and other professionals and the industry. And companies. Active duty. Actually I'm just as it's not professional but what does the radio dale. This is out there. I unfortunately a Osama senator Edward. So actually it comes out a lot like you mentioned earlier people didn't create changes and I talked a lot of candidates who. Agilent field and I make a move to a complete different. It is managed people all the time. Amniotic being with the great people talking with the right people in that industry wanna. You know change to announce ask. You by the in terms of transferable skills because because. Our work force there and work force environment that is the so are for changing so rapid. You can working customer service and have a desire to be and sales you worked in engineering. And desire to be an IT. And so you have those very fortunate or unfortunate opportunity to share within individual how to make their transition. But. Adapting do transferable skills to that aspiration that. You had a share resume looks that way I talk to sales people all the time they don't have their numbers are the results on their resume in their credit for his sales job like. You wanna put your numbers on your resume so I know what youth what you do able and it tells you can. She results results okay and what Laura before we are passed Kimberly we come equipped to be in Russia from a from a business standpoint what type of companies are you looking to work with. We'll love Hewitt focal companies. That we really there's no limit as to who will work with real local companies. Small medium large. Really elect with anyone we love a lot of minorities. Are we have yet we workmen and a from because you know what. The Vatican the candidates CO and not everyone wants to work at a large companies and people at the small company atmosphere so we wanna make sure we have an adverse client base as well to help a candidate. So are you looking to hire the right talent he's looking to agree company. Know what look no further than staff buffalo company contact you. Staff buffalo dot com. Being right for our website Alice and linked end. Face back. Where in state and we really time post all of higher open jobs on all platforms and you go right to tap a foot dot com. Her emails and that's definitely that's not for the general email or I'm L Lewis at step off. Okay and are there any immediate. Opportunities out there we have a class three director accounting position we have a litigation attorney additional working on. We have several accounts payable position. Let's see but hon networking and now our team is very busy and we're always looking to. I love and know what are you heard first right here what's new York at work you're right this is conversation with Gil Martin and Lewis if you're looking for repertory look no further than staff buffalo. Give Loren Lewis apart and staff buffalo. They won't take care buffalo have a beautiful day a great Sunday and we'll see next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs deal Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.