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Sunday, August 12th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition of slice of life here and this Sunday funding helps the weekend is going well and we is always appreciate her house and time forest. Four slice of life the only lifestyle show in buffalo radio and throw to be your weekend and week out. You know one of the reasons I enjoy doing that show us how much is because they get to turn to people from all walks of life. And it's a real pleasure to welcome Franco course now to our Airways for the very first time that this gentleman has been in buffalo a few times. And as you like good music and hearing romantic songs. John and native language that this gentleman is that guy to talk to and item list and you won't tell you where he's going to be next month in north talent but in the meantime. Welcome to adjourn good morning Franco. But don't let those people. Doing well thank you and we really appreciate you coming in and doing the show and we what is charge you about your upcoming appearance rack up next month at the historic Riviera theatre in north tanner Wanda. There's a big show I'm coming up on September 15 starting at 8 o'clock in your headlining network people expect. It's going to be a musical journey through easily with the Portland piece orchestra with and bring it to life. The classic Italian songs. Public chandelier to cuddle long and ballot bowl game with we're heaped tweets with the decent arrangement. That we look bring back the emotional some seem to be cut in a medical community. Out of it sounds like a wonderful wonderful night our romance and a mare certainly and the menu that night and when you do this type of showed huge period up by city York. Is it pretty consistent when near and tourist Europe the US. Yes we probation all in about them go to cut the other bush is floating down. Oates in the New York area. And I mean now coming to buffalo for the last nine years shall have them the pre people following. And beat also so close to Canada. Be guided America population really little we'd enjoy it. The repertoire and India plays all of mum. Those but because look strong. No doubt about different a because you per a lot of different styles and mean people here some of your music aren't as we close at this segment and a few minutes that. It's fair to say that you do everything from pop crooner to opera. Neapolitan classics. And also some other types of classics. So it's very typical to define you and we can't pigeonhole Franco cars are correct. Yes we get. The of that name is the voice of Romans. Can relate to love and passion. It's really. About the idea from my music side. At that Arabia right going to be also on an incredible. Showcase all of this song that I used to seeing when my idea was an eight Billy. At the age of eight the national and that the aria which would be a plate on the organ by in Miami musical director. That these make his job volatile is and that he's from buffalo Saul who's going to be down beautiful to having. Although they remain. Proud that's for sure am glad you mention it because say I believe that's the finale of your show right that you do not from Korea and it's such and it just brings me to tears gives me goosebumps and I hear that song. And anti do it epic historic Riviera theatre will say they organ and everybody knows about you know be a powerful performance nerd out. And also. We gonna have them in the usual footage of north of held illegally. And on that stage screen. So pure play out performance. At all of the in a real regional we believe we've come across in. Into the audience so they don't have that musical. And visual. Germany Italy Italy. My gosh you know earn it a beard just as wonderful as almost being earn out past or leader in this case a hybrid you don't really set the scene I think. I'm fresh arm and intercity knowing what don't you think of buffalo you say you've been here are several times over the years and you performed not long ago. And the Italian festival in July down. The buffalo waterfront to do you get a lot of good feedback from. The buffalo community and as you mentioned are neighbors to the north in Canada. Yes not a lesbian my AM. Well my bad audio that they have is that status saying it I've become mean. But before the last many years doing that the initials. And then also the festive well. Before Arthur Levitt and then in the duplication. Salt somebody from media we've done you'll get involved a lot of great people of the Melia. It's sort of ultra each family and that really McNamee make me feel very good any panic come. Ads are very welcoming community and Alex but I was called the city of good neighbors for good reason. And I'm not surprised to hear that you been welcomed and well received here. And I you know there's a significant Italian population size in this area including me and first generation. My father is pouring in at peach and say which is a small village about sixty miles east around. In likely die so our there's many many people. In this area and that surrounding areas that come from Italy or at least their ancestry. I do you friend the people come up do you answer talking Italian and turn to practice a little bit much like I do when I speak with your. Yes is that what up but it is thought it would mean dilemma practice in news. I don't talk and tell you you. It's made even pay yet exist. I've been in America for twenty years in Palm Beach like camp from a twenty years ago. But feel the accent is very strong about people tell me not to lose it make sure that these that keep it because. For summary is them. It's like a candle. Yes. I I totally agree are different on your English is outstanding. If selling well. Beautiful now my question Chile near Riviera when you're in a theater like this she wanted. Has been around for so long how do you decide what you're sat will be do you say okay we're gonna do the classics like you mentioned for Charlie Carl Russo a partner Nancy. Do you have a lot of control over the the set that you perform on any given night. We already if private Clint Eastwood and musical director and it's an IBM the first house. Is going to be. Mostly at the upbeat classic Italian American. Melodic in long bill the we the public that some on you now in the defense motion. And then all the casinos we have the speaks softly lob up by the name. Unfortunately in that mean in the in between and also. In a pickle we with some mom brought which songs because I laugh at the mobile era. Ernie and so powerful. So it's going to be a changeover I'll be the unit shall and bill also via choreography. And that that they would be. Something that is what people see it. Tell me our usage you've been in the US for twenty years at it's difficult to establish our career. With so many wonderful singers and I in this country and in North America for that matter. What do you think separates you from the grass in your divorce of romance is they can't your niche. Yet my idea my nature is mostly. Italian America talks about them. I studied that conservatory at the wrong. So all. Mike is I was always bring in via. B got your music to a United States. And I think that there's a great finish of liberty in that two America. So it was a great opportunity for me to do it's. Did you try to pattern yourself actors some of the great society you you used their music there's on sprouts tally has. Really taken off and in recent years certainly Pavarotti is an icon in Caruso from years ago. Didn't do those those fantastic famous singers inspire you even to this day. Yes there's there sort of exploration. Busch Elliott. Public but also PM. All seeing there's like a being mocked him and Tony Bennet. And because you know eagerly. The American ensemble is very popular so clinical that might help now. That may you know all of the seating always makes me think America saw it called the make up. Yes sir you you're you've got a foot in each continent anchor Franco. The future of America and I think I think I think it incredible market. Because it and say you know. He's got his finger left. The old block so fortunately. I've gone. Yes that's for sure other Tony Bennett has been amazing how long. His career has lasted he still very relevant aiming to thank attorney banner which singer Lady Gaga I think is a pretty remarkable. It I I love the land when in all the the old generation meets we've done. You know with the publishing that you. Yeah. But I'll let out when indeed the idea of what if Fred. Yeah yes yeah it really opens it up to so many other people who may not be aware of them. And I think you know certainly the same could be said for you because you incorporate a lot of different styles Andy your music. And down I remember I hate to tell you you'll appreciate this last October I was in Italy on a tour the Mediterranean. Anyone ever stops was in Tuscany and we are locking your RP outs and I saw big graphic of The Rolling Stones you know without the low over the tong and everything. Kenneth said the pop music and rock music. Inspired by American and perimeter English singers. Was all over Europe so to your point I think music is truly international in scope. Gained in non model which languages seeing. He captures heal caught and them. You projector emotions that that the reason life. Most of my songs I don't do all the songs Italian I really picked them up between Italian English. And and then you know for every song they even need to beat though he's doing the bulk of the region of the song and again in the description. Because opal mine all Italians that they thought America they've doubled that they'll speak Italian fluently so I would like to bring the old songs. Into everybody's heart and that you know make them understand the meaning not because. There's nothing like Italians talks. When it comes to passion and romance. Yes that's it it's so so moving him a while and this should be a tremendous show and I'm when you come back to buffalo. Or in our Western New York do you are are you into the chicken wings senior club wings like so many of us do here in buffalo. Particular weeks. And well not appropriately. Net net you're paying now but we certainly have Natalie article entertainment in this part of the world but also a terrific food in buffalo so I hope you get to indulge. I'm sorry are you in just for the hour weekend on the Iowa over the 1530 command for future. I come back I'm gonna come like that they earlier who. In all who have either the. It again then meet some friends that that I you know. But. Four that you Lisa notion you can't check my music on my website which is Frankel. Of them well. Taxing the case you can have a tape of my. My side. And sort of be like a little advertising for the main course at the Riviera. In your home so I'm social media frank Gardner person narratives it's important to analyze aspects comedians. A bush so he can you not check out. They slowed down them. Which I think that's absolutely it's brand golf course and see how our aunts house. And Franco will be crooning many classics including his own spin on things as well yeah they're revered hero here before you know it's ten or fifteen. In North Carolina musical journey through Italy and friend Heidi are hurting him and I can write down your liver disease it's just tonight. Here in Ratzinger and thank you so much for joining us. Thank you blazers don't mind that Q well. My pleasure to match he had and check out. We'll be back right after this I'm slice of life. You open the door you walk down the stingers you stand in a cluttered dirty dungeon the worst part you're in your own home you save basements you contact first buffalo total basement finishing. You scheduled for yesterday you meet with the design specialist QC a 3-D model of your new basement and get an estimate that day. You set a night you see your basement transform. You have a beautifully finished maintenance free space filled with specially designed materials specifically engineered for basements. 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Now back to your host this will the most this Brenda how lazy. And welcome back to this addition of slice of life and as always we want to thank Kevin pair for pushing out about as far as the K Kara driving us. In the right direction weekend and we get into the show about it speaking of the sharp you're looking for any urge shows from. Previous weeks months or years for that matter turnaround for a little while I check her archives show us. It day ESP and 1520. Dot com if you missed a show or you weren't here and other show out here show again rather you can now pick up on her show was right there. Under the tea weekend shows in the first place at liked this show will be available later this afternoon right now it's a pleasure to welcome. Two of my favorite people Josh and Alex Coen are the owners the Pio mining greens. Restaurants you might have noticed there's a couple of them around town there's a third on Austin that recently opened. Gentlemen. Alex Josh welcome aboard the camera. Nice to hear your board this morning and judge you've been here before and you know you think here representing Johnny sees the figure out family's other businesses ousting of any terms golf course. The Collins family is everywhere seemingly but this time we're talking about Ohio mining green to the concept of. Restaurants. Are concept is mixing two of America's favorite foods pizza and salads. And we normal little bit different we do it in its poll laced style fast casual setting where you go down the line and you can pick whatever ingredients like. So and we also do know servers so it's healed fast casual you're in and out your out of the line at five minutes and is exactly how you want to remind you. It's perfect because if people are coming in for quick launch or something like that Alex is that is that they sit there take a lot of take a lot of time they can command. Get a meal it's not out of a window it's not in a fast food that its quality food it served quickly. Capsule lay out there NN now more than ten minutes from the time you order to the time you younger your pizza and salad and if you get both they come out usually around the same time I saw some. Did the different customized features Alex what people get when they come through that can put in whatever they want or. As much as they want or as little as they want and both the pizza inch countering. Yet that's our biggest thing is the create your own you can get after the pizza or assailant. And we offer our unlimited veggies on either on Saturday completely loaded up as many toppings as you want. And national tremendous guilt or just because you're eating out in a pretty healthy manner certainly with the sale let's average daily pizza. At pizza oven that you guys brought it. Well it's from Italy they assemble it when we start construction site these built around that Alvin. And the big thing about as you can cook very consistently hundreds of pies power. In three minutes so you know whether it's a small piece of it happening to our large sixteen inch pizza. It's finished in three of four minutes so you get that yo seems I'll bait you know all. Right and it's consistent answer questions that comes out. Piping hot right now Gao in its thin crust exactly. Are you reading your pending have to bring in some pizzas today to the show and what to me it's the breakfast of champions rod and Earl YL I ever to liberty. Never cure all and even burning out of a sale to news or hey let's go. And you brought in three varieties one in which is a veggie pizza right. Yeah one of veggie pizza which had me with a boom booms boss. Which is you'll cool name and it's a little spicy creamy sauce guys and we popped out with mozzarella and blue cheese. And that we do onions tomatoes and I did a hot sauce drizzle with crusher pop argument that beautiful and I don't waking up this morning and what about the other two. Well one was they are pesto chicken which is one of our signature items. And the other one was a barbecue chicken. More hearty OP's it'll happier note there's. That's really popular on terrorism and Alex yeah that's kinda. What do you see in terms of salads do you see that people like to command and try different veggies to contamination stressing you've got such an array of dressings from other times on Sunday for anything in every time you Collins for a year to so many different combinations this nice thing to weed out as opposed to other restaurants and they offer the same old same on you really vary it up whether it's the pizza salads vote. You can choose a lot of different ingredients and mix them up is you see fit. What assailant batter breaking chapter in your opinion Alex. Home while when you chopping off all the odds of juices from the veggies kinda you get all that it's a different nutrients kinda. And it gets. Can mix in rightly am next in Thailand flavor I am far flavor and you get out the same bite out of every regional. Portfolios. You take end because it's all mixed up together. Yes yes that makes sense it's all integrated it's all delicious. And I would always hit a feature editor is especially image you you're sitting there you're boxing your lines in the at this giant piece Atlantis returned shopping that Russell. I have my featured on your shirt and out with this I think it's a cleaner ready to. Answer Nat trainee huge pieces of food. That are becomes unwieldy so I I love the concept. Now we should talk about the three locations that Pio mining greens the first was in east Amber's very Josh entry. There aren't a road up right east errors borders Clarence yes then the second one was Orchard Park right on southwest at five corners great knowledge and yup yes it very busy plasma. And then the third one which are new this is Tom Wanda borders had more I don't shared drives are pretty much at the corner of odd dollars share. Again very populated areas are out residential and businesses around all of those areas. Do you specifically look at Alex to allocate composites are shopping centers. Yeah we do opt for further you know retail plaza signers now we can on for the suburbia and modeling and those areas to kind of capture in all the businesses and com neck and stop during the daytime. And doll and and a nighttime me kind you know get a lot of the families in south comment and size highly kennel like does the suburbs for our plaza your stuff like that. Yeah she ever makes demographic and we thank you to kill two professional people. Lenny knows families I mean even kiss her friends on the eighty. Very mixed and that's why. You'll know what else was doing this though there are people doing he says there's people who eat salads this model. But nobody was mixing the two eight it was very hard to you don't mind that you into one line. Are we found a way to do it found a way to do it efficiently. And that's what we picked the suburbs and a lot of other you know of our competitors they picked yo Washington DC New York City Chicago and whatnot. We chose you know V you don't suburbs for just this reason is that we have very populated daytime. You know our community with the businesses and whatnot. And we get the families during the night rallies that kids get a piece or salad and same with the adults and we're not you know having to compromise on wall were. It's perfect yeah and I noticed too that you're geographically divers. North towns. Even though tunnel line Ken marsteller north towns it's closer to the city and our cars I train ride yeah and then of course the south towns. Very calculated area inside corners area I think those are great locations. And how it instance opened the first one you guys have grown quite ready January 2016. I suggest you in Amherst are. Unbelievable he has not yet to happier yeah it's it's thrown out like yesterday I observed as I'm sure you put in a ton of hours. How does it take to actually set up people might now the only offer peaches and greens but it probably takes quite wealthy at the right. Physical setup for your ears dialogue going online order. We had takes months you know even now if what we're getting ready to build the four plus day. It would still take us three solid months. But designing you don't look at spaces you know unique to itself right ad dollars by the time we were able to open the doors you know it was Kate jumped three to four months. You're listening to Josh and Alex Colin who were the Brothers who run. The hi all mine and greens are franchise is I think it's fair to say guys or is it is Richard collier yes I am Iran. Go three weeks ago we just got licensed enough. About 33 states to us are offering franchises. And trans you know grants thank you very Martina. So you what it means that you might find pilings in greens the cast of that you guys developed specifically here in Western Europe in other parts of the country down the road. Yeah eventually our Tom hoping to sorry in Florida we have some prospects there or cell. I think it's a great move because there's so many in our former buffalo onions you grounds out either permanently orders number that's kind of how to find us to Iran found just eating in our restaurants here. Variation in Florida are a family members there right so I alien on interest and that mid day and we think the Carolinas Arizona would be similar in scope. Yeah it's green and have been I think to a security breaking through. With their familiarity you don't have to brand yourself necessarily from the ground for up when you people have. Known you when you gonna say it was here in Western Europe with your three locations. We think there might be other locations in the buffalo market. We liked it actually get to six in the awful market. And we would also like to expand to Rochester and Syracuse all corporately owned. Since we live in buffalo you know we figured in two and a half hour radius you know from here sir and yeah I mean absolutely we go off the awful market have six piled nine greens. And you know Siemens Rochester churches. You offered gluten free as well right also really many ten inch. Pizza crust you care more and more people concerned about being out dietary restrictions or allergies and you try to accommodate us folks the best you can. Yeah we sure do one of the things that we do that's a little different. Is we offer. Average Allen gets chopped gets a brand new. And clean cutting board. I do scraper. Added new song at a new mixing bowl. So you don't have to worry about what a person before you had their salad when we go to chop no cross contamination islands and all our bread and not items are at. Actually never get mixed in any bull. So that we use you can Adam if you you'll have no allergies you have an allergy you can choose not to add any idle threat or not. Turns out it's great isn't a cavity people because they know whenever our managers here and her parent comes in with his children. One of whom is gluten sensor gluten sensitive refugee issue X disease. And it's such a pleasure to go to a place like yours or everybody can get something she doesn't feel now. Right partner you tended to bring in other items to guide to offered people in our every day there's not. It's nice downtown area. And you must think you know this is congress or should we introduce. Ernie geez and having. And there's so much we want to please everybody so when somebody does calm and and Gil is looking for in the we don't have. It's he'll mock I've it has been in all my whole life about her search for sure and my main goal is to please every customer that walks of the doors. But at this point without expanding we do have to sometimes stop. And say you know will this fit our model you know you gotta have their big picture in mind exactly exactly so I mean every day we're thinking about. You don't do it with new ways to do things. New items to bring and you know you you know even your hopeful New York met new job for us but we use not to a lot of times. You just to protect our house. Check out Tyler mine greens and social media you'll see that there they also have online ordering and loyalty programs three locations East Amherst town or Wanda. Orchard Park Alex Josh Colin. By the way you guys argue and I get along well okay pretty well yes and you're still talking to each other. All of the other. You're never gonna put him in the Chaudhry has. These young guys are hardworking and a real asset to the west in your community Pio mine and greens are highly recommended gentlemen thanks for coming in this morning. Thank you for having on that a putter on this edition of slice of life thanks again for carving out time analysts in next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.