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Sunday, August 5th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martins and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and work your life business conversational like you're ESPN 15:20 AM with Gil Martin an on Lewis. We talk about sports jobs. Economic development and always the people that make it happen and join the live his studio with my wonderful co holes Lauren Lewis well good morning. And mining Dow how Mario weren't doing it frightens yeah that's a great and it is signing. Like so excited and love it. In a way summer is still in the year. And Creighton it's August yes. You know the weather's beautiful gorgeous yes another victory Summers. What did you do this weekend and you always to a special market. I am so it's still oddities in relaxed because tees in a day when it tees and I am Toronto for an entity slipped. Real. Awesome concert she's such a reform. It's empowering our power and her younger. Than nineteen years and it was fun it was great. And then yesterday went. From an officer says. You always had two points on your. Personally who handles your schedule needs some. I. It was fun retreat weekend is treasonous wearing a beautiful beautiful. Honest and lots. Green trees gorgeous while. What did you vote well think of him being gorgeous now that you know we have court's compensation that's happened today and today we are two win with. Christine how work. President and under EB greens consulting and how EV how can yes. Put it aside eat greens that are out okay well. Correction where it. Answer yes us at all sold the chapter president now bowl national association women's business is welcome to the nation. That note thank you. We don't want him ahead. Masterful well. He's two years yes yes. And we have to have a cancellation and and we it and just bring you and schedule. Yes you know it is in the stars at the that is what people go to our sports and they share with the audience a little bit about who you are what Jeter. Others so I'm Cassini B Howard news media Howard consulting lawyers sort of into the UP EU we do three things for our clients we help our clients find funding applied for funding and measure funding. I love it be gets help organizations all types without proper attire at K 212 even for profit entities. Aligned them with non dilutive funding. Which means. Investors or grants don't take equity in their organizations. That we have quite a diverse spectrum of the type of business organization and we request. I love it yeah its pilot. Said that you love it twice I know I can't say it enough I might get me I spring out about it every mining excitement to an idea I can't. I'm living the dream and do anything yeah. And since people living their dream note before we started to show you ladies and really has started its. Bill some dialogue empower women business ownership and know our share with us a little bit about what that conversation consistent off. I just can't connecting staffed up I am academy unit is in step up well air women owned business. And I was talking with Christine about how businesses. Get they're EB certification path and it it's a process takes it summarizes an. Alias its intensive it's you know if you're just getting going and applying for UW DE certification your women ands. Designation through New York State it can take upwards of a year to get that certification. Few going for competitive contracts that are looking to. You know you hire women owned businesses and that's an attack the paperwork the loans and that's okay. And that's what we've we'll be talking about it because it's this process. But we're going to be talking about how you can have a unit of how you can Butler will be connected to unify it. What's the women business owners. In Western New York okay but before we go. Any further with that let's hard to our producer and good friend mr. little legally what's happening in the world go first or how is Louis doing this morning. I'm doing great. My personal best in golf yesterday's in London is active not think I. I see happy are above par three golfer but do it probably was he organized ahead. I'm Bobble X is a golf course larger part that I grew up golfing at the par three chorus for equally you know like off and stuff though. So on and as a fifteen dollar and a big hat wearers on about it it and it's not and a rescue I've brought rub my course. It. So clearly what's up that mystery about the art. It's buys and. Game Baylor heard wrap up their series with Scranton today on the road hoping to start where they left off yesterday when he the second game of the double header six to four. Vladimir Guerrero junior finished with two hits and RBIs and Iran awful lost the first game of the afternoon. Three to 11 pitch today is set for 105 you can hear pregame starting at 1235 right here on ESPN. 1520. In the majors the trial blue jays got a third straight win against the Mariners after Saturday's 521 victory. The jays once again both against Seattle today starting at 410. The Yankees also played later today against the Boston Red Sox eight await New York is looking to bounce back from three straight losses to the Sox dropping Saturday's matchup. Four to one. To put all the bills get back on the practice field tomorrow as they prepare for their first pre season game this Thursday it's football season against the Carolina Panthers and new air field. He amber ambiance of the planet quarterback shuffling a gimmick here anything Peterman. And Josh you know the first team will change until the game against the Panthers when the cream rises to the top. During a patriots made a move this week a wide receiver signed veteran Eric Decker after they released former bills wide receiver Jordan Matthews. Also on patriots news first round pick. Running back Sony Michelle had a clean up procedure on his knees the former Georgia standout may miss the majority of the pre season but is expected to be ready for the regular season. Let's head over to the octagon kind of McGregor is set to make his return October 6 McGregor wolf like UFC lightweight champion to be. There Malcolm made all of the fight will be in Las Vegas at T-Mobile arena McGregor has not fought since crossing over into the boxing robe and his flight with Floyd Mayweather last year. In the world of golf Tiger Woods had a tough round Saturday at the Bridgestone invitational shooting three over par on the day the final score of 73. Was scheduled for bogeys at the twelfth hole finally sank his little birdie today. It's updated brought you pilots have UPC locker your complete legal counsel in my boxers pizza enjoy the game with a nice as the bodies. Freest and fifteen points because yeah. Welcome back to Western New York or work with. There Murton and norm Lewis library ES PF 15:20 AM were we talk about sports jobs. Economic development and always always the people that make it happen. And we are so happy to have this story with this pristine power as president and founder of EB how we're consulting but she's also. Chapter president of novel that national sources of women business owners. And I and I think it's so important that we we specify what now apple isn't what it does so Christine welcome to the nation. Thank you thank you for having me so now about national association women business owners its mission is to propel women. And spears of economic. Social and political influence and leave that last part political it is bipartisan. We have members who are both sides of the high oil. And we are actively this year following. This year is an election year 2018. Wrecked actively engaging her manners to inform them who's running from office would dare. What is their agenda making sure that members. No. How to vote. What they have to do to vote in primaries with me aptitude to be able to vote in there and their designated area where they either polling places. So this year all the way coming up to Election Day will be focusing on that bipartisan after me teachers and others. There employees that the miners know are informed and know what's going on in the you know in the election. And space weather Europe and women in politics in all running for office. Or just need to have your voice represented by full team. Novel. And first bitter it appears to me that that's what you. That's what part of your message. 11 part of our message the other part is that that spears of social and economic influence. You know we do everything that we can to support our numbers make sure that they have knowledge and access to funding. Guide knowledge and access to events going on in western new York and may. I'll speak to one at that recently ignite buffalo one of our members recently he was one of the 25000 dollar winds. She company is that that is paper crafts miracles hey I have chat hand makes the papers John will be the unit. Yeah I gave pieces of artwork exuded every single thing she treats is unique and beautiful and she. Would not have applied to ignite buffalo had not voted 9192. Attention and then tune now about. Had a look at me any information session where members can go and ask questions. Two representatives of ignite for. She applied. And she acted out of the courage to 25000 her hair. I read her at the on the FaceBook of us. Yes yes she was at the event what that music walk us through the history now apple because you know since 1994 there's been. Are the star or foundations of note taker. So the national organization. Was founded in and guys 74. In the DC area and take together. A couple of the systems together and when indeed things that they were having a difficult it was getting access to business once and funding. And that's the foundation have found out that was started in the DC area. And then. Short time later in 94 the chapters and we still had to this day several members who Wear founding members of our chapters to actively involved in check out there. And you know I should point now. 2008 teen is that. Thirtieth anniversary of each 5050. Which is a legislative item bill as passed. That allows women business owners to take. On their own without email comes used to be you number thirty years ago but what was that that was like 88. To remember in 1988 women could now take alone without an up close and it was cute Alan you're not that I I remember 1980 I think I was in like fourth or fifth grade I I remember factory. You if you were women in business unit had to have a male co sign ATP year uncle can be your brother could be your husband's. Weather but had to be a man you couldn't as a business owner just go out and get island to help start your business or our help he moved to the next problem does this action. So that was that landmark piece of legislation came through thirty years ago and we still. Are written you know acted to him he showed that piece of legislation states and. So I'm not or is this a unified and ways of creating opportunities that's women starting their business but more and even more than that. Have no voice from a legislation. To get this point. And. I think from child care policy every two. Health care policy anything that would affect the business owners specifically women on businesses. Now though is actively. You making sure that their voices heard on Capitol Hill. Okay now I think we're really we touch on this point why would someone want to join temple. There anyone anywhere at any one of our listeners out there female business owner or someone who's thinking about starting a business. So the benefits of an apple. So the benefits and Abbott scientists say it is their use a membership there's a cost to joining membership and one of the things we do a comic cast that so many different things we do. So once a month I'd September through June we have monthly dinner meetings. Our first one coming out this year is September 12 at the Hyatt place right off the 290 and owners can open up that registration shortly. Beats the benefits of joining apple you'd get to be as a woman owned business or just. You don't even have to be a woman or business owners there's different membership levels that you get to do in a room with other business owners. That have gone through what it's like to handle work life balance to be around other business owners that have. Have got to kinda how we handle the situation hand capital and play how to handle the situation hand scaling up how did you handle this when you scale up. How did you handle this transition and to people had that. Pool of colleagues and that collegial atmosphere did note that you're not alone the phrase what does it it's lonely at the top is. It's so true. But you need to be able to talk to other individuals that have been through and that are going through with you and even if they're in different industries and be. Business owners that own construction firms and engineering firms and architects in the lawyers and artists and individuals like myself that are consulting firms in the such a spectrum of type of business owner you have so much now it's. To share and to be around that sisterhood and say hey I went through this even on in the financial industry I dealt with this issue Hughes you need to know. This went this way for me but if you do it this way it's gonna come out better for use them edited for me. So so here's a quote that I rent it says. Don't follow the standard set to stand no set the new standard and be the new standard. Let's talk about that a vote. I've sat at my club is the fact that. Since when is it came from accounts of I didn't abundant. Other future business owners are potential business owners existing ones to know that you don't have to follow the path well tramples. And they use that. Use the example of when I started. Typically we start business in office space to you'd have over cost. And I. That is so it's the state entered and you know now we are establishing a 100%. Base where business on mine plays were at a house. That is not the state. It it's a different approach to business operations. So there's. It you don't have to this of course she's gone but I. New it's different ways of doing and it does is keeps an attempt to see. And you see it's well warned that story just doesn't it doesn't pay and it's. Expressed. To practice at score tied. To. It must have an office story for you must. This desks in the printers. Haven't. Had a lead creations. To it's it's something are from different industries. Industry's moving towards days. It's. Right it is so much like with. Laptops cellphones. Technologies and I'd loudly in everything's dark cloud. Everything and and it's much easier so much easier and you can. And don't you know. The child and being in assassins in space cap. And so far my biggest liquid right now you have created deep voice and unified voice for women it's the chip also create opportunities. And now apple has helped women. On goal from maybe being stale home on all war. Taken their idea from conception to implementation. Hitting a lot of women too they want. You know they they want to be in business they wanna work but it's like Ecstasy ads at Stanley how do you find that liquid balance and networks EUR. Yeah I'm giving a 100% each aspect of your life right and you have a cure group that. Constructively how did you manage that transition from. You know. Handling family into working you know 89 hours a day on your on your business. You have people that you can bounce ideas off of that's. That's really unique with the others to have that collegial environment. Indy is provide different seminars workshops for the members to help navigate different business process is different. I'm leadership. And we are dinner meetings cover different topics but as far as like. He operations. Deuce type of things. We refer our members to the kinesis women's business center or other. DS DA lowers scores when Nate when he gets down to find di tale of of those Allen writes Weaver for that that's that's matter area. Our area is. We have urgent meetings and we'll bring in speakers to unit talks about specific things eyes unit in the past we've talked about. You know having a backup plan what happens if you have a disaster in your company how do you recover from that and an. Talk to other business owners where they have. Had a disaster take place how did they recovered from that. And the disaster can be something as you know your spouse spouses in a major accident and so you'd have to focus on your spouse not your business and you have employees had to keep running how do you keep running neck and then and we've had other ones where invest it you know we had another's person covenant talked about where an investor pulled out. And even when they have employees you have things going on how do you still move forward when you lose that funding man and we've had other conversations. Are at a dinner meetings that have focus. And founder's syndrome. That self esteem element where. You know you you've created that you've come up with that idea and how do you like oh how do you start delegating how do you start. Handy things off and news that you have confidence in yourself to carry out by the way that you USC. Guy and that's. As as a founder as an entrepreneur that is something that business owners when they start out that is something hard and tackling and this and incredible support system. Or women this is (%expletive) in Western Europe but more importantly even national level sounds like novel. Provides it support system yes absolutely. Conference. September 23 the 26. An information can be found on our website about it award the national labs site. About that's coming up and this thing about it is its media chapters other business owners. And come together and you get to workshops since passions and talked to other business and even seniors and issue. Hey in this state in my CI tech XYZ. How do you handle it in this August day deep and it's this by air or had a success would you do New York area. Soon to be able to come out there. And have. This substantive conversation in new chapters is. Local here you know when number what's your contact information locally. So you can visit our website it's WW. An agent you'd be. You and why doppler cancer web site. You and why Allard. And we eat our our phone numbers on the web say it BT now info at nap it's human rights or in Google's quick email responses. Everything you would one know about the Coughlin chapter. I would encourage you to local plants and chuck as all of that answer up. All of our big initiatives are on the web site things about our sports committees you can get involved in the communities. And Goliath today yes so before we go anywhere we have to take a quick break. So don't go anywhere rest you're willing to back in just a couple of minutes with Christine EB Howard from EB Howard insulting and not a western Iraq. This is frankly Kerviel the third. The term deal PC large group your complete Caracol team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855376. Weren't. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified woman owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about when he liked. In the surrounding areas with excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out cat staff buffalo dot com. Step buffalo where buffalo where. Eighty judo that iced tea is tiring. Inside sales team dot com is a buffalo company is growing rapidly. As an advance sales and marketing agency with the West Coast five million East Coast work ethic we work with top technology clients from around the world and provide an unparalleled environment with the work hard play hard attitude. So if you're looking for new opportunities in buffalo goodie inside sales team dot com to apply. Again it's inside sales team dot com. Yeah. Welcome back to western New York Times ESPN 1528 and I learned this insidious plan my cost down my and and we have Christine EB how tired. In studio with us from EV Howard consulting and she is the chapter president for not about Western New York the National Association of Women Business Owners. So Christine writer for the show we're talking about now though and there's candidates involved in ways that limit its owners can find out about not enough memoir about how people can really get involved with not so. A couple of different things the first thing when you become a manner we have pride face bunkers so if we're not having an M and a having dinner meeting mean with the community. You can interact with your now about manners in archive it tastes but it's for now numbers only. Members are there with an uphill we've 92 members amongst you and he accidentally. We are growing. Evidence in the last couple years beat grief and picking up fighters and members a year which fantastic. But so FaceBook group which is private and secured its only for now the matters. And then the other ways that you can get involved in green cards this is we have communities. If you are passionate about economic development and and the west either community you can get involved with community surrounding economic development. We have a community. And communications market needs a marketing our chapter out to potential. Members. In and communications getting news information. We have a finance committee. To help with the financial elements of about humanity with. We have membership if you won people with an accusing other members yeah. And then we have. One other committee of course we have lots of other committees but one that's pretty cocky it's called the each one reach one. Community and this. Committee is specific. To an event that we have once a year it is a it's in. 300 person this year it'll be about where an estimating 175. Attendees maybe. And that sign out of Henderson a T 75. At art it's a dinner event in March march 13 is when it's going to be and it's a progressive networking to Anderson he'll have your salad at one table and you talked to people like your take on. And then you moved to your dinner humane on court. Table of course. And you'll talk to a whole different side keep on any chance have a conversation and and then. And Mitterrand in the evening you moved here dissect tape only had just talked a whole different set of people and potentially. If there's ten people weigh your table for your salad ten people at your table for months and potentially ten people at another table. Mean that's he's there he almost thirty people that you are tuning had a constructive conversation. Over the course of the evening dozens cats and so then that is apt to stay out there. And march 13. It's registration has opened up for example if you wanna be on the committee for that helping the planning and logistics and getting sponsors and helping putting that event together its primary key event that beat her fears. It's always in March. And it is always looking for new committee members that's probably the best way to get involved but. If you join now bogeys they hate and with each one each one. We're always looking for action hands and tied don't have as people like you know my very busy with my business. We tried it minimize the amount of commitment you have with a community's immediate and where your mind. Most people in our minds. But it's you know email this person can use secure this information from this person once a month. Collect some information and we have a programming committee of all sorts of communities to get involved with there's something for every one and we saved the best way to catch. You're best bang for your about the value for your talent is to get involved but now if you just show up today and meanings and 88 inner active and in line and even if you don't show up to dinner meetings. You know I can if you like now is of value for some. Soka Louie and eyesore. Often ask me at some Lee you to that first. Yes we would love that if women business owners came in Jelena but you're not limited to being one a one in oil business owners to attend a dinner meeting or become a member seat going. You and I can't get there are different membership packages there's the premiere which if you you have to view of women in business to the premier member and then there's an introductory suit you're young entrepreneur Harry to starting out as a business and he can be and then they're supporting so if you're not it. Dale if you wanna become. And Ricky can become a Savard we have our member or sponsor a number or spots you can do you can do about and will be in the default. Probably. Sometime in November will be. Looking for news sponsors. Starters sponsorship year bonds on calendar a year and beat. Looked ahead because this victory. Ways for Heatley and I'll have a pulse Korea chief government business owners to connect network and learn from each other and great way for other. People question your art and business to connect with back in the business owners so. Late before we closed Christine how someone is looking to envelop not what is the best AT and contact go to our website that is the best way to get off I would encourage you. If you could become much interested in membership go to where national website that is the best place she can sign up right online ads and now bodes out or an AW BO dot org and much less near quiet day and now it is an AW BO WNYE dot awards. But it'll direct you if you're looking to sign up to become a number you can go right to our local website it is direct to do the national page and you can register right online there are different membership package options. Depending on who you are and what you're doing. There's there's some aftermath and a real good. Today is sell an option for our very YE a Christine thank you so much for being any parting thoughts final wearing so did not vote our first dinner meeting is the September 12 we're going to be talking about elevator pitch and how you present yourself as so owners have been becoming up and registration. For that shortly. You know those that's really and really you know would encourage everyone to check out how about. Check it out come to a dinner meeting you don't have to be a member to come to the dinner meeting would be would love to have you let us know come in check us out. We do a lot in heat from 5:38 o'clock we and Friday it is fire kept it on I. On a dinner meeting expert John mean then he actually ever and says it will yank you so much sleep here is teaming you for sharing it's not like everything knob or does down there that's very. The fast his radio show only history honestly it's a way to he market work until Martin Lawrence and loyalist. But we'll have a bit of what they are great we can see Nixon. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cannot access CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.