08-05 Slice of Life

Slice Of Life
Sunday, August 5th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to the first Sunday in August we appreciate carrying outs and time forest is the summer rolls on. Always over an appointment seems as an it and if you know from the Williams he'll area you know the main street has been one big headache in terms of construction. But it is not stopped at one heart to care for her arm operating stirring up great food injuring and it's always a pleasure. To have PolyGram Aaron Kyle owners of it on park tavern here in studio with me in LA makes an encore appearance in morning Ali good morning Brenda. Nice to have you on board and asked that they construction because. And frequently up and down main street in blames on my trade aboard it lately but it notice that you hit a really big sign that said. Opened during construction for you mean why not just take it had a right. Well you know it's funny because they started in front of our place. So lucky and I knew it was coming in and ultimately. I'm very positive about the whole construction and I budgeted for it. It's a good thing they got a grant to do the sidewalks it's actually really good thing for the village. And we can I join the party by buying the construction workers lunch every day hoping they'd pick up the pace. At the British accent I've yet it but it you know eight. Now there there and kinda moved on on other parts of main street so ultimately I think it'll be a good thing but it it was a little rough there for a weaker to. I better wise and misdemeanor breaking and knowing exactly how will affect business rice making sure you get the word out is still many people the command. I'm Kelly what's the point if it is it to expand the sidewalks and make outlines are more watchable. It used to make wind still more walk evil but I don't know if you noticed but before the sidewalk project. In the right away in between the sidewalk and the street they had those breaks yes they were. Just a trip hazard. So they they're not really making the sidewalks larger they're making them safer. So on it'll be much easier for people to walk up and down main street. The next project I'd like them to take on is the traffic signals. We've had four people hit on main street last year so we're working on that one but so so basically. It'll just make it safer in that people won't be tripping in the bomb bouts. That they're creating like it meaningfully use gut and at Maine in mill. We'll prevent Carson sneaking up next to you acts so writes yeah you know I've had mine near clipped and meaning you get by guys lecture. I know earlier talking about. And I'm glad to hear that some improvements are being made and you know you've gone through a scanner. Rough patch. If your folks who don't Albert historic run park tavern is. It is our main break in your view correct and in its historic tavern because it's been around since what the 181887. Think. I know you weren't got pouring beer at their time and nobody can live picture of a guy with a beer holding onto his horse outside is that I. Related to somebody with foreign beer literary about anybody clipping his near no. At a let's talk about some of the signature dishes at Oakland park here because it's all about the food for me. And you also won an award recently for one of those signature dishes which is your hand carved beef on lacking gradually. Since battling thank you thank you actually. Brenda I am I just in this is at an awards that you win but from the public. So I'm so appreciative of all the people that vote of forest has every year I'd look at the magazine knowing owned earned. Didn't make it this year you know I'm so I I'm really honored and. I must be very humbling for you given the amount of competition yes in the restaurant scene especially now Ellie were so many places coming into the area yet well and I just mentioned we did tie with turley the butcher can't take it away from Charlie and out there and kudos to Charlie departures on other iconic buffalo at our place. And this is through street magazine correct catch up. So that you got him Paris beef and Turkey for that matter seven days a week greatest at just uncertain as days at every day elderly very nice and the other thing that we've been talking about on our sister station all buffalo won 77. And I can attest to how to question census especially on a hot summer day. Ewing if you're now famous gin and tonic and take up yes you expertise he's coming into an antenna. He had actually ice song that it's from a a distillery in Rochester called black button distillers you and IE. Who was visiting the distillery with the restaurant a set New York State Restaurant Association. And I don't really like tin and it's just not my thing. And I tried this they're pouring it on tap and I try to I was like oh my ups does this really good so it's a citrus for averaging on it gin and tonic on tap. I know a lot of people are like oh we can you do that can you server drink on liquor drink on tap. And you actually can because it's always in motion because of the compressed. Are attitude. Thank coaster it's funny you say that because I had that your price charming about this a year ago was in here get your energy used it yet. And I am not a gin drinker either I love drier red line and a martyr brown her island Berber and Scotch whisky say yes. My husband loves Jen so that's one thing he orders and I'm not gonna taste I'm like it's 8:30 am different and that. But when I try to answer I've got a track because a sector it was so refreshing Yan and light into it did. Some of these chin fewest air takes curfew meaning he and I don't inherit. Yet and I think that's what I don't like about ten and the unless it's got this. Aftertaste yes I don't like. Did you in the worst serving with this is a citrus forward gin and tonic so it's much different you know if you're a heavy duty Hendrix drinker right he may not like to turn it. You know. But it's a great summer during nice rushing nice change of pace Jim what's the reaction been from your customers. Oh they love it it was funny I was I needed couple weeks ago when the construction was going on and we are kinda slow site. Called the bartender off. And I was are attending and he's four guys lock in and I'm like. I hope and they asked what what I have on tap them like all of that funny that can handle is the black button gin and tonic on happening gusto call that a funny look and that handle will take four. Now a that's not that's great. Now tell you have a full menu of course at Oakland park tavern what are your hours of operation it's seven days a week for launch in dinner yes yes and then do you still do the Sunday brunch. No we don't do that early morning we opened at 1130 hands on science and yeah yeah we you know we tried difference for awhile but slick very labor intensive. And it wasn't really are we thought we get some spillover from the pancake house but you know what when you want pancakes at the pancake house here wait in line. Insert yeah yeah and started a tradition and I know you can't build irony here today that leisurely time. And certainly I hit some great salads at your place and meals and I always think about atomic Jerry's around the holiday season. But at the moment you are part of the chicken wing trail which is a tee program or in art there's another thing I'm really excited about acts. Was started by a visit buffalo Niagara. They're great team of people and again they did it online people voting and then they came in interviewed. All I'm number of different locations. And I think. You know they were charmed by air atmosphere and of course me it was very enthusiastic is a guy I just love it I think it's a great idea actress you know and it death. You know that's not to say we have the best swings in buffalo note that satcher we have excellent links so. But the goal of the chickens. Chicken wing trail. Is to bring people to buffalo solo try all the places so and but they had to start with a short list. Of course -- person everybody and their Brothers are examining every type of it all very age as you know great different sauces and earning eight re I hit Patrick Taylor I'm sure a few times in such a great ambassador for buffalo great hire IV BN. And maybe bring him in any hiss peonies were and other markets so he has other ideas. And I are something special about having a transplant at buffalo on Ian. Is the head of your agency because he can really appreciate it oh he's amazing I love Patrick and his crew yes it's amazing care. He is so much enthusiasm. Now Oslo. I'm thrilled I love to see what he's done here so when it comes to the trail on the tally how does it worked in Syria designated day when people would come man or his or just because you're on the trail people will come and. OK so. Of about a month ago I'm working on Sunday and nine a purchase couple. And they were like we are walking her dog and the trailing Rochester where we bunkered on. And we like what are we gonna do today and they went well let's do it's can we track. It out. But they came civic picked like 45 locations like ours is one of them and then they went to river works so is that. Three you know she's suburbia you see downtown Nat it's perfect had to make you feel grip pressure exposing your historic tavern to a new set of eyes. I TO now in my mind anybody who uses rant stressing it's sacrilege right and there are big controversy that mr. Frank's hot sauce. About ranch vs blue cheese. What's your feeling and that while. Our tavern is totally a team blew cheese where we got our own blue tees that we wouldn't argue rant. It's funny because national blue teased it was on some one's six sameness and 16 and yes and stand. I have two people that work in my restaurant there actually teen hands. Really and you still employ them Allen I do I and I actually because I got T shirts made up for team which he's I actually got them team grant shots. And opened a big. Excellent example I put the big red acts out. Tell me a little bit about that the reason that you do things that are homemade everything from the blue cheese too many other items hip. Why is stretch mates are important in today's teenage. The only way you cannot control quality. You know an even our chicken fingers you know we don't brand frozen in pre credit we by the chicken only bred them and then we try them. We're known for awesome chicken finger same. It's the same reason. All summer we go to Siebert firms at the way himself farmer's market and buyer lightest. Mean you can't get a fresher salad on mainstream with a receiver firms that are beautiful Romanian reading green leaf lettuce. It's and it looks nicer radishes and write a right it's dollar evil yeah yeah and it's quality I've got some Linus at the farmer's market recently. It actually hit later on my watch you die in a big box store wearers just like yes like virtually no learning fun. Mean I actually look forward to going home and having salad because it was tender and iris flavorful. It lasted but it didn't feel like yours pesticides and in rain is all of those things. I'm British you coming up at the Glen park for the armed at the end of summer into the fall season. Okay well this week is really exciting news or being beat us. It's Thursday night same during the same time as music on main. We're featuring the boys of summer of the parking lot all dressed up like a beach China. Minuses stand right right so fake palm tree and we have take Han Chinese have got a little pool for the kids Exxon. So that's that's our big huge party and then the following week were doing in gimme. Margarita Ville party. Which is featuring music with Jimmy buffet and then we'll have addressed more Margarita village so it's they're trying to close. This sounds like so much fun and I so again this summer beach bash. Is this Thursday August 9 from six to 10 PM to get any attempt to get down there and enjoy yourself and the boys of summer really air while regarded ban different yet there so much fun if they really are last year people just danced the whole time all night I can get him to stop advancing a blanket out at 8 o'clock am like. We got it out a it's pretty hammers stories about Britain and then the following Thursday from six attendance well it's Margarita now. Jimmy Buffett and other names and explode injuring the Jimmy Buffett theme saying with the boys of summer you said you do like different summertime cocktails conditions. We do yup we do come are partnering Wii is prepping Jim beam and stole Lee and doing some on special drinks. And then that's for the beach bounced and then nom for Margarita Ville of course. Margaret Mary. Does that make sense has given. I'm must be pre two for you to bring in new people who come to that and then they they can expose that on purpose well yes it translate. It does you pick up on inside as well absolutely I just dance human underway in Gardena and that's. A lot of people don't like to eat outside. So what happens is tiny people go inside to eat and then Monday right right work office caller's the brut she's that we charter and there's much work going on in my name's Alan of course on parts Cameron as part of it as well what's gonna music and main. In which you believe are murder mystery tour coming up in September. And also Alley is very involved with the tip credit controversies or won't delve into that in the next segment it's gray an hour from me one parent tamper and the car owner. Preaching ever on board here and slice of life back after this. 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Welcome back to slice of life and this Sunday hope your day is going well on the weekend it's fun. And is always like to thank heaven carrot cake care who is driving us on the right road pushing on right bonds worst week in and week out we could enter the Charlotte app can impair. And Kelly great hours with the speaking of summer favorite people she is the car owner. Of historical and her two ever and on main street bringing your T Uga in lane so that's a cool looking building on a bit different and now. Everything she see when it comes to cookie cutter looks Alley it just it's fun and and nickel and personal it's all but it's certainly decrepit well known on and so it there's so much going on in my story now. You had mentioned music and mean in the first segment and it's a real coup for your. We'd love it. It was started. Such policies probably six years ago now. And by Linda it's simple things salons you approach that whimsical business association. And just took off and it's just it's amazing we started it. To kind of grab some of that business that was going downtown Trenton on its third season square than sherpas exactly right. So and it worked. And it's been great. It saves our Summers it's great and you golfing a year for you've also always been very decent and doing new and different things as part of the blames our business association and of course your restaurant. Tell us about the arm to stop it will be made at the double Decker bus for the murder mystery tour coming up in September. Right okay so this is this is funny because I saw the double Decker bus at the old Monday's parade. And that's not on now that's a cool idea and always for our October fest the Wenzel business associations October fest I always get the trolley. Which is a fun ride. But I thought our kids who really love the double Decker bus so I called this gentleman dole and he was very excited about it and while we're talking about October fest. He said you know would you be interested in doing a murder mystery tour I guess he does he's found a Buffon. You pay thirty dollars just basically to ride. On the bus to three different locations. So right now we're thinking we'll do it in early part of September. With hopefully that eagle Haas the irishman and a clump park tavern. And then Jolie actually hires performers. To act out the murder mystery part of it. So it's you know they'll be at each location in robbing a murder mystery and you have to solve that the murder. Hoover great idea I don't know I thought it in funny different fun you know it doesn't include food or drink. But for thirty dollars or entertained for a couple of hours now something house you know I am always open to new experiences I think add. And that's what I love about Tom what's happening in our city and in the suburbs are so much on camera now. But certainly you know and we freed can stand out to right if you're one of the three in his own absolutely and yes. There's plenty of competition in your industry and we chart in the past about the chow committee how you'll turn to collaborate with each other and me street restaurants. And although your competitors are also collaborators and it's like all ships here rise to another island via. But there's a lot of controversy re narrowing your industry and general aura around the state Alley because of the armed. Tip credit tender mercy for folks we're familiar there what's the basic premise OK so. Forever restaurants has. Been able to PC servers are tipped employees. For example right now on minimum wage is 1040. So we paid to tipped minimum wage is seven dollars and fifty cents. So if they work a four hour shift and don't make 1040. Per hour which includes their tip and their hourly. Then I'm obligated to make out up to ensure that they do make minimum. Now that never happened and at least not in my business and and any of the people that that are part of the child committee. And in a majority of restaurants that does not happen unfortunately. In New York City and it probably and other areas that are there employers. That are keeping tips and not making Nana. So that's why this was brought to the attention of the governor. So now tipped employees not owners I mean owners are upset about this but tipped employees are more upset about this because if they lose. That tip credit and are brought up to minimum wage people tip less. So would you refer to the tip credit you're cherry method difference in money between the 740. 750 cities and Danny boy and for me right it's the tip crap that's called the tip credit IC which means I have to pay it if they don't make enough and tips. But if they do which the majority of them. Let's say you know for a night will claim 150 to 200 dollars. So they've obviously they and that's for like a five hour shifts right obviously made way more than 1040 an hour. So in the introduces in Maine and this is that the folks from Maine are really helping us restaurant workers of America. Within the first year. The the tipped employees brought their pay stubs. Two. The congress or wherever they outward fighting it. And showed that they took a twenty to 30% decrease in their case because people weren't tipping anymore. There's anything 10% are at a 2015 to twenty. Figuring you're gonna make it out exactly Thatcher so what the F and then their because you're not just a business owner and Williams on the York. You're also on on the board of directors of the New York City restaurant association questioning our chapters style. On the Western New York chapter and then on the state level as well so I've been very active yeah in this what's the positioning you folks have taken. On nine Israel believes that you know we're listening to the voices. Of the tipped employees and they do not want this to go way. So. Of course has restaurant owners we don't want it to go away because I I think I showed you that picture earlier when it went to New York City. I made had a big board made up with a big juicy burger on it. And I broke down the burger into the costs of running a restaurant. And what's left for him most owners is that 7% which I used as the pickle the reason that 7%. Boettcher profit okay. So many people think the restaurant business is huge cast out. Once upon a time it was but no longer everything's honest everything's on the books. People aren't having a second cash register slipping Cassie you can't he can't everything's electronic you have to be. And you should be honest. So that's seven percentage or profit. If they. You lose at 7% altogether so you labor costs go from 38 to 45. You know overnight well. They're talking not phasing it in but that's me is just like. Putting a lobster and took out cold pot of water and then turning into you know waiting for it to boy you're just still killing us slowly. So. On yes no people say what can you raise your price this year we can raise our prices. But what does that do your neck and he got to eat when your burger that was thirteen dollars is now sixteen now exactly and you're definitely not an attempt. Or it is not she might still leaves 10% that you're not gonna say that your meal just jumped so it's on. Your food to go up your drink and go up what else happened technology will take the place of servers is already being done in McDonald's Burger King. People will lose their jobs are cut back on staff a good account service only your lunch. And only have food runners you know so there's aid there's a lot domino effect yes. So when you went to when you showed this very dramatic picture of their small profit urgent work your response did you actually it was kind of interesting because. I was speaker number 211. So you know by this time they got to me. They were actually quite entertained into it I say anything. That much difference and the people before Mino. But it was graphic it got their attention and they listened because at that point they retired they've I mean I'm telling you these against the Department of Labor a lot of credit. They said in that room for hours and hours sometimes without even taking breaks. So and listen to thousands of people testified what happens next what's the next. We wait for the governor so at this point we just wait for governor come now if he is going to make a move on it what were hoping might happen. On the other industries involved in this are the nail salons and the car washes were hoping he carves those out of that and then just deals with those industries. I'm you know I'm I'm not familiar with the problems in those industries but the majority of people speaking. Worse from there are a lot of people speak more from those industries. So hopefully. That's how I mean it's really up to the governor. Would there be any division between say this part of New York State vs speed and hands and downstate it's the whole different I feel you know it is but I hope he doesn't do that I mean we have enough division between. You know New York City in us a riot right sound so at the moment what is the status quo. The Labor Department's reviewing. Links thousands of testimonies and people eager servers are still getting the old ways mister skilling that he has changed in other words. No this is a proposal for change. Correct ice and what governor come I was done is he's gone around having to go through the legislative process. By making it Department of Labor issue. And one thing that has upset me with all this they call the sub minimum wage sub minimum wage is actually a wage paid to handicapped individuals. So and I disagree with that on both levels number one. There my servers are now being paid a sub minimum age they make minimum points. If not. Most of time more weight more this you know it's why you pick people sing with you for years exactly and you have professional surfers dance or act as opposed to this kind of merry go around of people UC and other places Bakley and their professional surfers who have paid for their kids go to college they bought their house is they pop cars they're not eligible for welfare as they make too much money. Right and they are part of your business and earn a fair burger on her temper while always enlightening to charges Alley gray an hour on all levels whether it's running a restaurant are. You know lobbying different groups to our protect the assets of her company and the industry as a hall. Kelli thank you so much your coming in this morning thank you Brandon we'll see you next week right here on slice of life as always thanks for carving out some time forest. Coolest thing friend over back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.