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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Laura Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York and worked your business coming conversation weicker ESP 15:20. AM. We'll talk about sports jobs economic development and always to people that make it happen. As a beautiful Sunday morning. With that being said let me just say good morning to my good friend to produce some stability nor dale I don't great hurry this morning. I'm no good football starts on the unhappy camper now I cried I've been kind of just waiting out these past two months doing some golf and in doing so normally. Now it's it's game is now I'm always happy like football training camp star insomnia and great and for listeners out there are we have a great conversation store for you today we have the story with us today mr. Jeff Ryan. From small business partners Jeff welcome to the national thank you for having me appreciate it our man you know it you have an exciting business and this is something that I've been warning this currency sort of when he this conversation. To happen for a long time so I'm so happy that you in studio with us today. But before we give it to them just ask you that are are you a sports fan absolutely. Bills they temperature okay our corporate. Any thoughts of a borrow some of the trees or. You know Thomas about the quarterback situation well yeah that's going to be the big thing this year is the you know the bills quarterback situation think. It's going to be interest in the the pre season to see who wins that's yet every year a gallon in a minute Josh Allen throws seven fighter touched on office back whatever one's got beat on form I think I still think towns and applying. OK great so far training camp he's been the best player already and I think he's gonna start thinking OK well speaking of stars Mets are trying to what's happening in the world sportsman and sports update. We get a double header start. Up today for the buffalo bison to wrap up their series with Indianapolis on the road that hurt fell last night in yet to take a 43 lead. Devices allowed three runs to score could not answer back. Following six deport. First pitch today is set for 1235. Pre game getting under way at noon. Right here and ESPN. 1520. Other Verizon's news top blue jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero junior has been called up and heard. Rarely makes his debut Tuesday after hitting point 402 with fourteen home runs and sixty RBIs in 61 games would double play. In the majors fifteen games on the slate today the Yankees take on the royals at 105 in New York. As they try to feed off their 54 victory yesterday the blue jays are also at home as they face the Chicago White Sox 210. Jays look to bounce back from 95 loss to Sox yesterday. Buffalo bills' training camp is officially arrived the bills practiced in pads yesterday in the third practice where Josh hill and perceived to have the first team offense. To find out more about how the seventh overall picked him practices well the rest of the team techno itself the popular full camp port. And to be here by fifty dot com some injury news report. Tied a nickel Leary was seen wearing a walking boot on his right ankle today at practice. The bills also were starting free agents this week has been worked out former. Giants running back or we start book dark we'll start eleven games for the giants last year rushing for 751. Yards and five touchdowns. The days of burning your tickets for game they are over the bills announced this week in mobile ticketing will be the new normal at new airfield. Tickets can be downloaded on your phone which will then be scanned before getting into the stadium. Other NFL news running back Alfred Morris visited the New York Jets yesterday more spent the last two seasons back if Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas. Also the Panthers suffered a blow me off with the wind is left tackle Darrell Williams dislocated kneecap and tourism CL practice on Saturday. This update is brought to about ten GO PC locker you're completely legal counsel about ITT enjoy the game with a nicely societies. We have 101520. I'm looted yet. Welcome back to western new York at work your business from the conversation to life here ESPN 15:20 AM. And as we always are do each and every Sunday we want you to be a part of the conversation so if you have a question or comment just give us call it'll 31520. Again it totally 1520. Not live mentioned are doing this forced object that the the bills are moving to eight paperless or no ticket lists. I guess environments so you download to tickets and I really think that that's indicative of our Jeff with the type of business that you provide the type of services you provide. Yeah I met with the systems that we builder com for the base for the small business market and what we can do is get those businesses that are full on paper. Manual processes and multiple software's that they're using primary date date business. And get everything electron record digital. To. To tell them girl so OK now you're the owner are from small business partners share with the audience. Exactly what type of services you provide an in which accompanied us sure. Well what we do and and for some scopus. They may or may not know the term see program witches customer relationship management software. Those software systems were basically reserved for the big companies. In the past now there's platforms out there that we've built better exclusively for the average every day's small business owner. In what they do is they bring. Multiple tools into one place one's system. And 20 really streamline your business. And can get real list of things here that making. That may resonate with the small business market out there obviously need a manager customers and having your customers and database is one great place to start. She keep you organized it brings your marketing tools to do email marketing direct mail. Text message marketing all within the same platform. You can establish alive chat function on your website which is another cool thing and marketing tool. He convert all your social media platforms together with in the platforms it's easier to manage bringing in leads. Do your post and all the good stuff and so having FaceBook and Twitter and stick ran in doing all he could do it all in one place. With the system also in other big thing it's all businesses is setting up in voicing quotes and contracts and things like that again all. Managed within the platform where everything is branded to your business. Other things into is forms. And what I mean by forms you know to businesses. You know a lot of paper you know he's going to help SE Fella this question bears form. All that can become digitized Euro electronic. And that all the information feeds back into the platforms so you always have that information to dig around files and folders to serve your customers. People come in and purchase products and are you have to be a certain you have to have a certain number of employees are for this type of solution. You can be missile proprietor or a person a thousand people. The application is scalable. Yang can service any type of business no matter how big or small you. For the small business partners we like dealing with folks that you know that twenty and under. As those of the those of the businesses we buying that are are doing well at the start buried in her own paperwork thorough manual processes and those ultimately take a lot of time away from the small business owners. And it becomes you know they're spending or five hours today managing invoices in quotes in customer calls and and we you don't have all that place all of its centrally located it can be very. Time consuming and ultimately cost a lot of money. When you can't do the math much time that takes. Over the course of an entire year or several people managing. Manual processes and thoughts papering office. You know everybody's worth twenty dollars an hour waste in two hours today. Now line manual paperwork process is there's forty dollars a day times 365. The year times five employees you know all of a sudden you'll. Eight under 200000 dollars in just wasted time on manual processes symbol we do as we streamline all. Imported into one system. That really helps people become more efficient and effective and and CRM's that we go in the operating systems. Get a small business that big business field. And nice email marketing campaigns upper hand written with your colors and links in. You know somebody goes your website and complete the form one more information. And email it. Comes back Q a will be we actors submission will be actually and as soon as we can also actually also on the process. I was you know he's. No walks through a process arm. Or give an example of accompanied her to see the name me churlish like to what is walk us through the process of what are over company when he clients that you have. Taken down from. From step 122. The final implementation peaks we have. Done business. What is health and wellness client here in Amherst and so it's it's like your typical medical office should come and just like you go into your doctor's office and if you're new patient. Of course they injuries that the clip board what twenty. Pieces of paper that you gotta fill out and sit there and fell out right yes so now what we've done now is these customers can go online to their website. Complete a form that we built that's tied to the system. It's automatically sends a customer email thank you for setting up your appointment and it automatically sends them a link to wolf form. That is now taken alt warning those pieces of paper that the customer has to fill out. In digitized it and they just go in that they're all drop down menus check box so it's very easy customer friendly to do. Then what's different is completing paperwork that you submit. All that information in real time comes back to that customer record in its there. For when you come in for your appointment that nurses and everybody have all the information. And digital format and it's captured their forever so they always have it and anybody in that office can pull up jump Ryan's record. Conceal that information so instead of you know imagine them having a whole file in dig through all that paperwork and all that stuff so. You know then it becomes downs via billing them electronically. Creating that invoice allowing them to pay online. Streamlining that whole process which make your accounting and expense and finance tracking. Much more efficient and effective because it's all within the system. If vs having to take that time to print the invoice and it. Chased people for the payment all the good stuff so and then when they come in and get treated each time they're coming in all those notes are in the patient record. All the results are there are so really streamline its. That part of the process more or. Leave the zone so the patient furnishing correct so the patient or the customer still got police there at the paperwork. What debt paperwork is centralized now in two. The database guess and they and the people worst electronic. That there is no more. Clip ports you know everything is done electronically and if you didn't have time. To complete that paperwork before you came into the office they just and that person iPad. And they quickly roll through the questions and as a girl drop down menus in check boxes and get that digital signature sign in with their finger which they need to have. For that and it stopped getting well as electronic signatures. And then again all stored customer record so Astros took a lot of efficiency has been created as a as a result of that one step absolutely and that today. There intake process now is. Light years from what it was because again you've eliminated all of that paper. It made it very quick and efficient for the customers complete that information and that's all there for for the for the company's receipt when they need to start servicing client. And that's just one example in any business that operates. On multiple paper manual processes we can bring them all together and make it very digital very electronic. And when you do that becomes very efficient effective. And issues are richer customers your clients and such away that you were able to in the past. Now when you implement a CRM system with a what are your clients do you train their staff in terms of how to know how you know how to function how to operate how does that work. Our processes as you know being a small business partners grow or proper name and it and it means something as old news Whipple come animals sit down review. And Nate critical people on your business and really take the time to understand how is your business from agencies work. How is power you currently servicing your customers how were you bring it leads in your organization numbered the sales. Ever step we try and truly understand and sometimes I can take hours sometimes it may take a week but we take that time. Because the critical thing when your building technologies. Solution for small businesses. If you got to understand the business and where they wanna go out there operating. That we build process. And you know not a small businesses now at the foreign wars you know they just kind of work on the fly around in their business. Because of a small business owners they're great at what they do they open up their business because they're very good at what they do but there. Marketing majors they're not sales people they don't you know not accountants. And almost. You have to they also had other you have to do all those things as small business owner to be effective symbol we do is. Is understand how it currently is working your business that we lay out all the process should look for your business for each PC. Of your business. And we kind of reverse engineer you or business processes. Into the platforms of the system is truly customized. To your business it doesn't matter when they hear in the medical field. Building widgets manufacturing. Running we were doing system rate now Texas it's it's a soccer league wood 700 kids in and saying and you you'd be surprised at how complex. A soccer league registration is but. Now the kids and parents can go on line they register themselves their kids that make payments the subscription going to take their money each month for the lead. And and it doesn't matter what your industry is it we just take the time my partner injuries and just really take the time understand your business. And again like this that we reverse county engineer. It back into the systems which truly cost them two years cheer proper. To your business fever is okay and it makes cents note one of the things are we really just went. Director right into exactly what you do but are sure the audience a little bit how you got started when did you start company. What actually were new comforting were out just short two years. Both my wife and I. Worked in corporate America for 2526. Years peace. And you know it's a comfortable lifestyle and but you know. Working for corporate America can be very taxing times expression when you get into a senior position. You know after awhile it's about quality of life and not necessarily the money to making you know you've become. You know for me you know I'm answering phone calls and emails at midnight seven days a week on the weekends were never went away so. Became very frustrating so we. Had been thrown around the idea of starting her own business for awhile. And that if you can believe that both my wife and I was my partner Andrea both quarter jobs the same game started the business. Together on the same day and and her background was work for local cable company one of the big ones here it was Time Warner Cable the tying she managed and built all of the CRM systems for the entire company OK so imagine when you call in to a big organization. They know who you are than many you call and they have all your account information and you'll eat past calls and you're troubleshooting. CRM system that these big companies are working from tool to be effective and efficient. She built those for. 101000 users in us there's 101000 people using that software. For their business so we took her knowledge and and her skills sat. To start building these for the small business and income in my background is more and that operational risk management for big calls collection operations so. In sales and marketing so it was a great fit for the both of us to be able to come and because she's great at translating. Your business into text speak so to speak to build a system. And I mechanic that they can sit there truly understand your operation works and how translate that into. What she needs to build that system cells so it's been an exciting journey you know just like any other small business owner that's out there that started you know it's scary and exciting all on the same breath but. Luckily for us these systems that we're building for the small business park for the small business market when you can farm and business owners that is buried in paper manual processes in the work and fourteen days. And you take that time conversation with them on what you can alleviate take that we from you it really resonates when. They really get air for someone one of our listeners out there that has heard the term CRM but really doesn't know. Our what does CRM not what does it mean for what are some of the I guess some of their arm. I guess types of CR and systems. They're out here well one of the biggest. Ones is salesforce. A lot of business owners superb sales force that is very global. Giant enterprise Skype is CRM system that you know huge companies use to manage their business manager customer base. So that that's a big one and I guess that it does everything you know you know from her lead generation social media marketing your invoicing quotes. Your website management live chat document management being introducing customer service surveys after you do business with them recruiting. Managing your HR process again and an invasion that all being done within one platform meaning you don't have to go to word to do that. He don't have to go to your social media platforms over here to do this. You don't have to go to your website the pole and athletics you don't have to go to mail champs. Solutions rent one place all on one place and what it really does skips that owner of the business true visibility. Into every area their business. Imagine your small business owner. You take a couple days off all you have to do is open up your phone plugged into your system. You see how many leads came in today our minds what your sales for the day what's going what task do you have what reminders you gotta fault with. What kind of out expenses that we incur today all from your phone from anywhere on the plan. And we are we live in very technology driven society today so it sounds as if you know how can do not have this in place within your company where you are. And soul Oprah no oral or now get profit or. Someone just a straight now or even you know a mature company. And that's kind of what we say when we get in front of a business it's almost like you can't afford not to do business in announcing you need to add that this system in place. You know to really grow your business and beauty of this system its cloud based meaning you don't need servers and giant computers. It's cloud based meaning anybody with an Internet and an iPad or computer can access their business. From anywhere on the plan fit you know and it's very scalable so suddenly you've got twenty people working and your business grows to sixty. And six months yet deuces at new licenses. Meaning and that those people to skip plus rating to the system. And the business continues acts and before we take our first break for anyone that would like to contact you for more information or get a demonstration what what should they do what I can call us at some 16. 3313906. Or visit us at our website which is WWW. Dot small business partners dot com afraid buffalo inaugurated take a very short break don't go anywhere we have more great conversation on the episode of desperate. 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Right local with the liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Welcome back to western new York at work life your ESP 1520 KM. And it didn't two in his short conversation today we have mr. Jeff Ryan who's the owner and founder of small business partners and they provide technology based solutions for. A multitude of businesses are Jeff was mentioning how they've really provide a one stop solution. For your company take you from. People is to the digital world but before we go there are further back into our conversations are watching their night get in trouble today I think sort has a birthday. Yes as I have to give a shout out to my business partner and wife finger Ryan today it's her birthday so happy birthday happy birth injury that. So now. John what are some things are we wanna make sure that we here before you know the next segment a temptation sure. And if your business out there that straw you know it just kind of in layman's term buried in paper buried in manual processes using multiple software systems. Two manager business give us a call and and it's it's free to talk to us we have taken the time I come here business set down. Take a look around and look under the hood as Andrea and I say NC what's going on and and really talk to you like your business and more what your pain points are because that's usually your first approach which about what what is killing you in your business. Forty was struggling to what you were in the three year for big pain points of your business. And we come up with a solution based on the systems we've built and their. They're very. Effective efficient and more priced for the small business market because sales force out there. Don't really work for the small business market they don't really care to sit down in your business to understand it. And you're talking about a 150 dollars a month pearl license and they nearly 50000 dollar bill in front you'd just to implement the system and that's also if you try to grow your business you have to invest in your business absolutely and our return on investment. Once we take that time and build up the system can be anywhere between 2002000%. Your initial investment. To get your paper or to get your business. And it digital way and organized in one place and again like this it's free to talk to us to give us a call for us to come out here. And just trying to understand your business and and mail proposal or plan based on your budget. And see if we can move for today and really fundamentally changing the way you operate your business and businesses that we built in systems for. Have truly. Changed the way they operate and couldn't be happier. What we've done for them because there's a lot of Mac world. And taken that weight off their shoulders Eric sounds like you're a local company Richard doing business he can do business across America just. But it doesn't matter where you're located and that are obviously are. Our home is well new York and we loved working with all companies it's our system physically being all this but we can do everything virtually. We can build these systems remotely. It doesn't matter where you live. We just need to take that time we deal with all our web. Webinar and just truly understand your pain points of where you're looking to go with your business and it doesn't matter so okay and what's in your contact information is. You can visit us at our website at WWW. Small business partners dot com. Call 3313906%. Doesn't cost anything to have a conversation list our pleasure to do so. And that the great thing about our business we've really gotten opportunities. Work for some great people there local business and awful awesome. And they're great people we all have same challenges or small business do what can grow our business so we get it. We empathize we get there there pinpoints problems we truly become partners these folks and you know a year later people were still call us. We're still going and check in and them and make sure other businesses doing well and if there's anything we can do to tweak or fundamentally changed system as there growth happens. Great what Jeff I certainly look more to partner with the use house like you know as you indicated earlier. If you are one employee or hundred employees he needed technology based solutions to help create efficiency. Provide a return on investment the investment is not that much but you and your business partner will sit down with the business owner and helped him decide. You would help them determine what's right solution for the company. And it's all again based on how they operate their business so it's customized. It. Your business models ourselves and their businesses they're too with a small business owners while we walk away. That system is built. Other businesses. Runs from AZ. We're both what you're looking for technology based solution look no further than the small business partners. Jeff Randy owner founder small business partners one more time your telephone number Jeff 7163313906. In reaches that the small business partners dot com. Fantastic roughly been listening to western new Yorker work of this is from a conversation I'm your host a Martin another fast pace conversation and this program. Enjoy your day have a beautiful Sunday we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group your most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.