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Sunday, July 29th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life as always we appreciate you carving at the time for a week in and week out. Or here's the only lifestyle show in buffalo radio coast and 1030 to 11 every Sunday morning. And it's a pleasure and privilege for me to host the show if you like here's the archives shows over the years after treatment or whips it ESP and 1520. Dot com and you see all of the archives shows. Right there and that and you know you never know who might be appearing on the show we hear everybody from actors pharmacists real estate agents. Event planners. People from all walks of life lawyers carry dealers. And of course my favorite topic in a world that's food so it is a pleasure for me to focus on food this week on slice of life. And I have him back in the studio for an encore appearance. John Rooney John is the co owner of the yelling go in Lancaster. He co owns the go with Lori who tested giant external that allowed but it's my seat back in studio welcome good morning good morning. Well you're certainly in the news back in February when a fire broke out at the yelling go your restaurant which is located by the way. And central avenue in Lancaster. Is seen force if you were John for that fateful day it was every 22 rate. Yes in the I was I was in the midst of mine map I get my afternoon nap and it's very important for me because I'm an early riser break every day so. Laureate called stating that there is a fire and is assumed that it was and overdone type of panic thing. And dom I listened to be and so that was on and sure enough. It popped on. That there's a fire at dealing goaded to a 5 central. So. I stopped in the car. And was listening to buy hourly at the time he was going on about it. And there were reports that. If it started in a pizza oven and it if the owner could give a shout out to verify that that'd be good. So I did and I spoke to Tom on the way over in the car. And explain to him what was going on which is basically it was a fire in the upstairs where the upstairs apartments. Just above the entrance to the bar. And it's engulf the entire second floor. The goat part of it that the that the space that we least the restaurant. Was some water damaged. And and smoke. And does so the fire department made it there in a timely fashion it was it was fairly amazing because that building is. You know 1920s. Give or take so it was a tinderbox waiting to go. The out control it they put it out. And it seemed as though at the time. That we were salvaged there there were holes in the ceiling and so forth where they poked through. And there's water dripping down but it seemed salvageable. And done. Then as as things went further and they begin tearing it out ripping out this or that that was that was water damaged. Hum things were to code. Mom would was less than stable. Etc. etc. so I would show up every morning arm although albeit not in in involved in the construction but I would go to see what was going on. And there'd be a hole in the floor over here and then the next day there'd be another hole over here and pretty soon there was no floor there was no bar there were no. There was no anything they have a whole united of these artists hurt it was sun. It was. You'd you don't know how life stops and in in literally you know in a flash like that. And we've been doing this for fifteen years you know released a roaring now in Lancaster and me personally. 6 AM every day fifteen years debate you know so I had. I had no idea what I was doing you know as far as waking up every morning and not having much to do yet picture ID your team all manner fully count so. Long and short of it is building owner. Construction people and Meehan lower. All agreed that the thing we get flipped quickly and a if it didn't come you know we'd have to go do something else because it's our livelihood. And a even though were insured well. You know that that only goes so far you. So. Everything begin to to go rapidly and the plan was to do the interior first. Period and the subject go full bore in the interior. And then exterior second. And does so we've been operational now for little over a month maybe a month and a weaker so my month and a couple weeks. And it's been fantastic the interiors lovely you know and were real pleased with the way it came out we come. We had say in the design. Which was nice and we wanted to keep the basic feel of what it was kind of an old buffalo tavern. And so we did and we were able to source Tim for the ceiling and and putting new floors and and paint and in fact the for an into the building. Is completely a 100% there's nothing. That exists from the past. So that's kind of cool it's hard waiting code. Please you know Johnny as you recount the story I can't help but think about how you had no control on forever expertise and none. When the fire broke out and subsequently how difficult it was to get your what was happening yet if anything happened again and now here you are tacky that you control and it's him input on the design yes. And yeah overall look at the tavern feel what are what are 180 for you. It was good yeah that that part was good. As with any construction project there are around. Situations that are to come up and and there were although armed they were handled nicely and everything turned around quickly as most people are fairly amazed that it was a three months and maybe two weeks. Before we were operational again. So that was great but our art our greatest concern initially was employees. From. When I showed up to the fire. The shift. The shift changes there so all the guys were sitting out watching this building burn their livelihood go away. And our people have been with us for years and years and years we don't have much turnover. So. Yeah it was a yet. That was headed and emotional yes I'll I and it's. While I was utterly amazed when I came two year grand reopening and as you said it was about six weeks so like you like you know maybe two months yeah. Utterly amazed at how the place looked and the inside because when you pull up it's all tied yes yeah. Think I'll tell you what type Vick is the new thing you know finally so you look like that era early American tag actually. But the sightings on now how does end up and down so the permits were were were. Cut I believe this week maybe last week so the finishing is has begun acts as they say yeah. In the tin roof really had a tin ceiling and should say. Offers quite a cool look I can't go retro feel to it yet and is you say that was by design right. Yes yeah we arm there's a guy down in Florida that as a retro ten and a the contractor. Gave him tell us and them we looked at his stuff and I picked out what was this close to what was there as possible. Talk could potentially a little more about your employees John you know I tried to many people over in in many different walks of life. Industries of every elk. And then once sort of common thread is that it's very typical to find good help and yet here you are talking about how he gets its loyal help here hearing in year out what makes it work for you in your restaurant. Well our our are. Mindset with the employees is to allow them to do their job. And a set the set the parameters that we want and the quality that we Washington and then not allow them to do it. And that's that's how it's worked from day one. And it's it's it works well because it empowers people it allows them to do their thing and I come from a sales background Gloria marketing background. And my philosophy was always just get out of my way and let me do my thing you know and so. So we do that with the employees and we paid them for pay for three weeks or three months. Out of the time off that's Santana yes very generous yeah well that that some yeah our insurance adjusters who looked at us a little funny on that one but. Were from our businesses such that you can't just poll. Jim off the street. And tell them go at it it's it's it's a much more complex a situation that they're in the kitchen. And out front then then it may seem so. Everybody stayed we lost two of them were gonna leave anyway before the fire so they went away and that's it that's always lie it's. Yeah that's utterly amazed yet again to me and it's it engenders mechanical royalties yeah. Yeah that I think you're very humble about his job but I am impressed that you have the mechanical royalty. Yeah they arm again we've we appreciate or people yeah he's and to feel it yeah I think so I think so and it's it's. By it was funny in our meetings that we have from time to time just to stay in touch we'd we'd have them come over. To the burnt out building on iron and have a meeting and a I didn't realize how much I missed people you on that you work with Damon seven days a week until you take all that way yes and so. That was an eye opener for me you know users touching you know in in inside and out. So yeah and in our bodies back at it we were able to put in new equipment in the kitchen just because you know we were down and so we spent some of the money on that. To do that up and then now a lot of new stuff inside to. Tables chairs setter so your sort of like a Phoenix rising from the ashes yeah it's it's amazing and couldn't wait to get going and and it's been done incredibly intense. Even with the tight back which I told Lori you know we we started out we didn't have a sign. We put out a little thing on oil on a lit signs saying we're open. No go no nothing and it was just so it was a tense yet a value well. Korea so it was humbling because I didn't expect any graduate you know. Coming out when did you leave east or to an open app. The goat is on its fourth year so come back from there okay so our team yeah yeah and and in the goto was the losing kind of the little engine that could you know I'm we'd set that up to get out of the clutter of Easter roar. Only community we live over there. Arm but from a business standpoint it was a little bit too clustered for us and our place over there was a 200 policy. Joint. So. I always thought it was Kenneth cavernous it's big that its product and a lot of utilities and space yeah and I suggested now yeah well we we'll talk more about why it's the coach to spot is inside your website and lobbyist Jack. We're talking with John Rooney he and Hillary could test our own the yelling go out and Lancaster. Back right after this and slice of life. Are you looking for a new vehicle with a little concerned about your credit for maybe your kid needs to get finance for a vehicle well here's some advice they can help you out. Go see my friends at riverfront auto sales a local family dealership on Niagara street in buffalo. Plain and simple owner Marty pechora senior can guarantee your approval for a car along. And whether you have good credit bad credit or no credit at all with a run auto sales we'll get to a proof. Right Marty that's right Jeremy we pride ourselves on being able to finance anyone. And yes any dealership can accept applications. 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Make it a buck and messing birthday party especially bad debt pool. Get a three hour video game party at boutique games for just 125 dollars that's half while the regular price it's today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks he tells it my buffalo perks dot com. I'm done again. My thanks my next. And stuff. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life now back to your host this with a most this Brenda how lazy. Welcome back to this addition of slice of life it's so great to be with you and the Sunday Monday and as always thanks to Kevin carrot cake care. Putting us on the right road as he pushes the buttons for the show weekend and week out. Could do without the cake care. While we are talking Regina Rooney who is the owner along with Lori crude test of the yelling go. Certainly one of my favorite spots and I found these folks from their time attempt to list at. And Easter are an awesome January shortly Ethiopian restaurant that I absolutely locker never bringing group are friends down. For my birthday one year what was anemic here EPO that was status they yeah I'd say I can't think in an am and what a delightful place allies I have to say. You know you go to the ailing goat in Lancaster which has been opened for about four years now he came through it devastating fire gear up and running bigger and better than ever. And you walk in and you might have a beer and burger or you might have some Ethiopian style wing spared airwaves. Or thin crust York city style pizza out or cal zone it's bigger than sandy beaches but I mean I hit here a full dinner. A French dish castaway mean there's so many things and your giant. How do you figure out which you wanna keep and then menu. Well it's it's almost the Chinese restaurant mentality of ingredients are intertwined everything scratch. So. There is nothing that stands out as an island. And were able to intertwine most of the core ingredients. With most everything that we do. So as disparate as they are it still works as you can combine so many ties in you have to do that with a menu that size and and make it Tom. Similar got us and add ingredients you know. Yeah I so it's weird to think you've got these different dishes and and and ethnic candor origins at the yelling go by the way that god is located at 205 central avenue right in Lancaster. And you'll see it Arab you know it's kind of like you said an old tavern can't look too yes and appetite that is rampant poverty. Yeah will moan most of it's been covered on the bottom so the front from the balcony over the patio is coming shortly yeah. Hoping to catch a little bit of summer although. We have. Fireplace setup for it to our home fans to the it'll be covered in wood. Fully covered and the mobile screen it. On with some industrial screens that you can see out but not in and then there will be our courts heaters up top. So we've really gone. The full mile on the whole patio thing though the concrete was torn up. So it's level everything is new it's it's real nice. It hasn't Killington to sit on your patio he or you run a squeeze out every moment right when you live in western new York and enjoy the outdoor season diet dog friendly to college area. It's economy European and I had this very call. Jon Lester I ended the food now I'm on your website chart ready giving the best burgers and it's it's pretty lofty thing to say when it's not about other burger can petition. What they sure burgers. Unique. Will the birders that we do our our ground stake blend that's customized for us. So more than more than more than more than often when folks get a burger the they speak of the taste the flavor that comes from our our grand stake that we use. And down the size it's twelve ounce burger so big and they they retain their size so it's not a it doesn't go away after you grew no shrinkage is darkest hour which and which take this. And so that's a big deal of work topping them with anything from ma. Pork belly deep fried pork belly and an egg to stuffed inside burgers from two analysts in its two analysts bird the insiders that we did. Be it cheddar and bacon an hour or blue cheese. And but but more than anything. It's the flavors that taste and we do a tremendous volume of burgers wasn't set out that way because it was just one of the things we do. But the burgers and the corned beef that Tom goes overnight. So it's real corned beef and very popular. And very and it's simmered for a dozen hours making it far tenure anorexia is if you bite into Rubin at our place and do you take out the whole piece of corned beef. You know there's a problem after the so yeah. You betcha Connecticut thank and you mentioned how you bacon and pick first came and went to your place in history yours now by the bright star laden grid parity Brad. Do you make their roles for the burgers as well or to people asked to put it on the brand no we source the roles from a local baker. Just are just around the corner from sing you try to support locals as well and yelling go very much sorry district. Touch me about the bear bear wings little taste in Ethiopia and downtown Lancaster. Yeah bear bear is are very buried as. The spice from Ethiopia that I source from over there I have an agent down in Washington DC. That I go through and bring in chunks of product at a time about a hundred pounds of it at a time. And it's an exotic flavor smoky. Little bit heat but more war than he deeper red. It's a combination of many different things ground into a fine powder. And then we take it and make it usable for wingtip or or wing coating if you will. So there ingredients added to it that we. Mechanized so that it works as a wing coating probably the most popular thing we do. Really yeah I was headed to go over always an exotic code to get the idea from the most folks yacht. Understand. You know so we do far more bear bear wings than we do. Hot mile to. Our QETC do mall but you know. Yes and there's so many versions out there I don't think anybody else is there bearing it's a rare because it's a rare breed I and every every tell me in previous conversations have you had a fascination with Ethiopian food yeah well I'd like cook dumb you know we discovered it in DC. When we were traveling. And. It was. Similar to the first time we had Mexican food I was a kid but you Rica right right right. So the flavor profile and so forth and so I X I explored that would cook at home. Further for the family and the kids. In dumb. We wanted to do an Ethiopian joint in buffalo. Early on in the T analyst days but it was so obscure so far to the left. That it wouldn't wouldn't work it would it was made to fail you know early on. And then all the sudden a couple of them popped up around town and we thought well there's there's our window and actually do something. Internally within our current kitchen over it two analysts. And we did and it was it was quite popular. But. That also coincided with the time that we want to scale back. Perhaps so we ran with that up until the bitter end of that operation over there and and then called the today. Because I didn't want to watch. It wouldn't fit with what we're doing over at the go and except for the wings and I do Obama on every now and again I'll do Ethiopian food. And I'll do platters. We do the and Chara you have the do do the whole thing now playing let me know about it every blue moon okay you know and will do it as kind of a European Europe. You know and over there -- you know different kind yeah it's funny you mention about DC because it's the first exposure he would Ethiopian food issue was in Washington where there are a number of Ethiopian restaurant and now hit it to say there are few here yes as you said at the at and Chara. Lies on. Like a religious experience for army and its purpose okay so it's a game changer in the and it's such a communal thing Jeff and their but he teeing off the player current rates just. Now you also have to impress your key New York City style pizza which. I had when you get your grand reopening actually delicious with some unique toppings as well. Yeah how are we from you know we have the pepperoni and the mushroom but we we create our own ground sausage for our sausage ties and so forth and it's some yeah it's kind of it's the flagship almost half its operation. In that it is unique. On the dough I make every day it's part of the baking routine that I do in the morning arms so that it's it's. It's a sour if you will there's a starter that I've developed for her. Rolled over for years and years and down. So it's it's kind of a flagship for what we do. It's great I get so much competition Jan with pizza. Pizzeria is seemingly on every corner it's nice to know that the goat can sustain itself with Peter that becomes a signature item for your. I'm sandy beaches talked many times just off the confident coming into your place with some friends he had never been there. And humor and on and on about the Cal's zone outs and he's a big boy you often talk about his appetite back even he wasn't able to have signature count. Sound and his as a mind Bender you know I'll go out and disable and then in this and typically it's an who holy smokes you know. Couple people carry it gets its live football sized and it's it's a big. The arm the crust that I developed is that is such that it's them it's a deep golden. Caller when it comes out bomb visually it's striking and dom. Internally it's striking to it it it works real nice chock full of lots of agreed yeah no later happened all right what you put in whatever you want you can take any of the toppings that we do on pizzas and nine's and some. And just call it out. I had got to come over and trail and I you know would it intrigues me to Jan I wonder if you'd be willing to pretend that they're buried. Splice and some grilled veggies and some think he definitely is of course yeah yeah I just like you like your armor training. Now if you're beer drinker and you see how popular craft appears to be calm and general. You're introducing some beer dinners that occur at the last Monday of every month why Peter Jan. Well we've. It fits with the atmosphere that we're doing over there we've done craft beer from. Day one in Easter world. And before it was popular before and I like to tell the stories of back in the day in Easter roar you could get tapped handles glasses. Plates lakers' lights they'd given to him because no one else was doing it. Now you have to stand in line or because it's kind of everywhere right turn but what we do over there and I buy all the stuff through the vendors is some. Go for the arm. Left of center. Deer that isn't on every street corner probably won't find Sam Adams our place and in on draft. But you'll find product that is unique. Usually very limited. And takes good. So it's not so far out there that you have to try to like it right right that's a good way to put it did don't want sale proof want to stuff that people cannot. Be introduced to use that they're not gonna seem normally. And does so. My situation with the vendors is that when they come upon the limited addition. Four. Minimal output kegs. They send it to me that if I don't have to ask it just happens. That's a great routine you're developed yeah. Are you recommend reservations dancing for there always end and here's the number to call 6830462630462. The yelling go to a French central avenue in Lancaster you can't keep a good guy wrote down Jack what a pleasure congratulations for a rising from the ashes and thank you so much for coming in this morning thank you. We'll see you next week that's why select as always we appreciate tuning in to Kieran enjoy the week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.