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Sunday, July 15th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life here like Sarah radios are here NE SP and 52 running every Sunday from 1030 to eleven. We appreciate you tuning in. This morning as with all mornings that you're here and if you study that shows or security here another shower or security here at the show again. Please pretty ESPN 1520 dot com and you'll see Oliver shows. On a podcast so easy enough if Europe. I'm going you wanna listen we definitely recommend you pick up some of the shots because and this show will talk to everybody from juggler some lawyers real estate agents. Doctors dentists. Festival organizers that really runs the gamut. Here on slice of life while the 42. Annual sterling Renaissance festival is upon us and thirty started. Last weekend. And what a pleasure it is to me they have. We aren't Selby in the house you might irony William batter is the harmless. Gay danger job where I could spit it out there harmless danger juggler Rea good morning and welcome to slice of life good morning Brit thank you so much for having it's my pleasure in slice of life is so happy you're here equipped is just see on my FaceBook an answer ramparts folks. And add Twitter. Lehman is armed with three substantial both ideas are pretty big nights it's worth what's stick your you do answered jointly with us. Yeah I I geezer or machetes and Agile in my show and whenever I have an interview I'd like to see. How deep I can get into the building before somebody tries to stop at. So hot in this day and age you can't be too careful about well I will say nobody tried to stop me now what is of concern I think that's I'm glad you made it and I think you're harmless and it's the they monetary ground right it's my name not an attribute that. You know we do we do our best Q did you did you get DO. A singer walking around with these three large machetes and it's wearing him a ball or Taipei without. With beautiful for our well thank you so it's quite the the actress and it's well you know like I like dressing up and that festive ways and this is actually a very well trained hat I I will now do something. That the listeners at home will not be able to believe I'm going to do hat tricks on the radio area. I just did hat tricks trying to isolate real life and it did nothing to do a scoring three goals in hockey as a no extra it was a whole different scenario yet different court. Yet you ask what this Lehman is really quite quite talented. The end travels all over the place and is one of the people who you'll find at the sterling Renaissance festival. For folks who have never been there and William how would you describe what happens at the festival and it's you've got quite a while on the west Helena here. What a big question well you you come in the opening date and if you're if your fortune into impression too enough to get there early in the morning you get to see the parades come in with all of the entertainers and actors and the queen herself. We all parade into the affair and we have a big opening ceremony. And then you can spend all day there are a million things to do out there there's there's delicious foods it says that quintessential Turkey leg. You gotta get one before you leave the flare you can watch that joust you can see joggers variety acts. Acrobats musicians you can hear you know filthy storytelling. You can and you can meet the queen and have at T with fair the the royalty. How wonderful idea beating navy is running around all yet we have others hold the whole. That. The whole laundry list of scoundrels and higher gas thieves and it. If folks very machetes and luckily we also have I've constable and mayor that do their best to keep things. Sort of on the end and happened the pirates are pretty well their mystery. Britain as they would be and dad it's particularly important that you have some control and some authority on sites and Jim beverages including. And l.'s online knee britches honey wine that's true and boring stuff like nominate soda and bottled water teammate Ozzie nothing boring about it. It really good lemonade while Isaac process it all depends what's and I guess we have. But I haven't folks said the first all runs seven weekends from July 7 Sorgi an hour into it. Through August 19 and as we have mentioned each is theme and somewhat unique. So this weekend America plays and renewal about ours is coming out. And later in the year will hit great ails the pirate invasion highland fling. Which sounds like you might be playing has machetes careers at the case. Oh I am always filling in the decades has up its fire and says did you do any near the fantasy ferries in the future. The finish hitters in the future no all my fantasy fair work is in the past IC I can relate to that and also the grand finale. Now they're all stirs things got out I interior itineraries are adults. Of course children that I wonder who's at the bombers. One of the things we've then this here is you can go to the sterling Renaissance festival website and pick because that really the choice is for entertainment. Our. Immense and it can be kind of overwhelming to see the big schedule and yeah. There there's no wrong answers and what you wanna go see but some people do get choice paralysis so if you go to the sterling Renaissance festival website. You can see actually we have pre planned itineraries. Just accuracy we FAA kids itinerary and adult itinerary. That you can actually music lovers itinerary and you can pre planned and print off your own version of the schedules so you know exactly what you knew you'd like to go to. Voice you hear is we himself he is also known as harmless sees the danger juggler that's I love this title -- out do you courage various festivals around the U rats Duke Energy travel internationally as well. IE I did have the pleasure of doing a Renaissance festival and Ontario a few weeks ago I traveled to Michigan and Florida and all over the country. I've even. Performed in Italy although it wasn't a Renaissance fast clean up. At this fitted to be unique experience it was I got to I had the pleasure of doing Shakespeare's the tempest in Italian and I catalyst for Italians and that was really nerve racking I don't. Speak Italian had to learn all the lines and so it was a ton of fun and I would do it again in heartbeat and what did you like John Miller wasn't a juggling things. Well it turns out I liked it Kelly band the sort of monster of the island and did you fire him. Very nice genetic opera quality Italian audiences about Hitler addicts very well received lesser cruel what an interesting way of life and in this case. We will be performing at the sterling ran a front our presents us an opt in if you're wondering where that is you may have heard some of the commercials on our stations here and under can. Sterling New York is about fifty miles northwest of Syracuse. Calf kicker about two hours east of buffalo. And it is just an enormous area covers more than 35 acres in its full senate to lean because it's tucked within lush forest season. And it's a sea of rolling green and it's actually. The setting as a humble town for Warwick show you have been in other places and on other things you travel extensively. How would you compare this festival to some of the others events here. All that's an easy question. And we'll tell you right now sterling Renaissance festival is probably my favorite fare in the country there is real magic out there in that forest on the the cast of of actors the townsfolk that. The queen all of the wonderful entertainers we have out there are. The finest in the country and and I believe that and don't tell the other fares I said. I promised to tell anybody about this now the people the Warwick once a year transform the town into this lively festival ground to celebrate the arrival of our fair Queen Elizabeth. And of course trading impressive rivalry. Festival and when it's your turn to come out you are you given assignments how does that work in terms of your schedule that you come out at various times throughout the day. Yeah yeah I have. I'm I'm one of the entertainers that works on that on a stage so I have 4 am scheduled stayed Chavis is a day. And and many of the other stage acts and that's that's the case the actors however. You'll see them and mingling with people they'll be doing stuff in the lanes you can you can meet them interact with them. You can see you see them stories play out over the course of the day if you're lucky enough to be in the vicinity when they happen. It's really something special. It's acid at seven spectacular weekends. Where anyone weekend and you got time this weekend still to get to the app ran a front our Renaissance festival which runs through August 19. And their officers are risers heard his answer across the country as we imagine there's the queen's T. And there's some impromptu interaction. With the actors and cash and issue where this morning. And caricatures of questions you get for people who CU walking around with this very colorful Alfred that you have not I should mention that you are back and knee high boots. That are quite impressed 1000 catastrophe in January buffalo. Actually I got these boots from one of the vendors at this sterling Renaissance. Well I Catskills Marcus and makes boots you and approached me about them and are you can't investigate your feet Alcatel. Absolutely comfortable these bits it's amazing. That's treating you ever very colorful outfit and including this gorgeous multi colored vests and its roster insured in of course we mentioned your hair with the flowers. When people see you it's clear that your among the cast your way out. Are they intimidated detract huge if and a little kids might run up and talking (%expletive) I shake out. Most people are pretty eager to talk to me and I. By that I mean I yell at a lot of people and and try to makes them want to talk to me which is as. One of one of my jobs but then the main question people ask me. Is pat wears the bathroom. He key information yes and keeping a tradition. With a sterling Renaissance restaurants. She reassure them that we have modern day plumbing hero or a pennant after facilities and other security expert we have flushing toilets I think and it's. That's a good thing you would you like it in my NY giants it's great. Well when you're on your juggling machetes you wash your hands right your requires. I do yeah I've you know I've cut myself have burned myself out smashed thumbs I've put myself in the face it's. It's not a safe profession. Now Arnold is very dangerously Manning is keeping for a time as a how did you get an excellent work. All you should've started with that question because I'm actually a second generation juggler my father was harmless T jester I'm harmless T jester send in the nordic tradition he taught me to juggle when I was six years old. And after perform in my whole life I started performing with meant that and he passed the show I don't mean when compared to what a wonderful tradition they have here. When you're six surely take it wasn't knives sharp objects are juggling right it was standard juggling balls and it took me about thirty minutes Tenet to learn how to do basic three cascade. And I never really recovered from that. Yeah spot and we can say it's in your blood is a senior DNA absolutely 100%. While we look forward to seeing you that the sterling Renaissance trust of all I look forward to having people come out and say hi and I do encourage everyone to come out because it's a great year we have a great cast and it's going to be a ton of there's so much is due in senior can do it one day rightly in my novel about Elena and I would honestly advise everyone get a season pass and come out every weekend it is well worth it. Jeopardize its good advice and if you are more information it's the sterling fastball dot com easy and not. Leon you were more than harmless or charming thank you so much your coming and thanks again president my pleasure will be back right after this. Addiction is a chronic disease and like any disease it's difficult to overcome on your own. Get help today call this number right now. 803704139. That's 800. 3704139. Delphi behavioral health group is committed to providing quality addiction treatment services that are tailored to your needs more than needs of your loved ones. 803704139. Delphi is a network of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities that offer personalized evidence based services from medical professionals and experience clinicians. Our goal is to create a treatment plan that's tailored to you with the goal of helping you reach a life of long lasting recovery. Call us today to see how Delphi can help 803704139. That's 803704139. 803704139. 803704139. 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We can and week out well is that it is a pleasure for me to welcome to our show for the first time. Franklin champion junior you may have heard a francs. Firm that'll attempt PO law firm. Which is very much in the news because I hear frank everywhere and I feel like AC maverick and the man has cloned himself but it's our pleasure to have frank in studio with us this morning Franken morning in my heart I'm doing well and I do appreciate your time I know you're busy guy got. I and attorneys. In your firm and you are the owner and managing attorney also a practicing attorneys now. I'm sure you don't have a lot of downtime. No parent of about zero actually she one of the hardest things to do. In fact most firms. When they have a managing partner that their partner and she does not practiced law for the time after the managing partners so typical being a business owner and trying to you know practice law. Yes hello attempting a large group by the way is located in downtown buffalo. And frank is it like a little bit easier since you're right and Franklin street here the courts. Parents bucket building in 1984. It's a great building that was actually the departed. Education Department education building built in I think 6465. And we walked every corner every morning effort afternoon Eric Corey protection point 25 miles from our office. You know exactly your it's gonna hit those 101000 exhorted back and forth absolutely. I love that idea it's so great you know. As a side note to see the Renaissance of downtown buffalo. And is you're saying your parents bought that building years ago here it must be thrilling created seated and be part of it from the ground. Well you know which it's tremendous this whole Renaissance is incredible I you know when I was in college I always had thought Tom Tom point time I would move to New York City. You know I knew a lot of people there I was thinking he had grown couch from New York City. And by at the end of the day was always like corn come back to this will be amazing to you know and I never went to New York City and I am so happy I. And Ted you give east and knocked out buffalo right now I have. And now you're cute their articles and in the fair there's articles everywhere about your Chang is something your cash. About this for Renaissance in this resurgence and it's just amazing that so many great people they've made it happen. Absolutely we talked about the Renaissance fastball in the first segment interior turning at a different Renaissance and frank anyway it's a RenaissanceRe YouTube because. Am you have taken this turn on or from your dad my senior yes and what's it like with the family legacy around the firms. At a at. It is very difficult for a couple of reasons first always it's always very difficult to. You know by other business from a family member chest you know there's there's more than just money involved right it's there's. Emotions and and everything Oscars it's my father's baby great I mean in 1974. September of 1974. My father. Started his pass the bar which my mother kept on calling to make sure that he actually Pass Christian and believe it. And he did not the first time so she really didn't. But he started in a office. Smaller than this with fake card table to plastic chairs. And telephone now migrant hunting and so it's really his baby and and you know my father has been. Incredibly successful and it's very difficult actually is a second generation. Family member and second generation owner too sick to have the success that they've had you know. You know my father said told me when when I bought this business he said. I don't own view that you have to do this for another 25 to thirty years he said it. Don't practice of law has changed so drastically. The collegiality is changed. There's too many lawyers he should you know before he said you know what personal injury. Is one of our Brendan Mars and he too and I refer start pressing everybody was happy for another attorney when they got a big personal injury case now people are man that you hear that because they think they should case. So it's a it's a different thing it's very difficult to maintain. That level of success and my father has such you know you're working extra hard which is. Quick frankly why we do the marketing and we do the advertising and because if you don't. You're gonna follow me. I'm actually have to have some sort of competitive edge you know and and I luckily you John because the folks have probably heard your commercials across their stations. And you bring yourself. Both on radio and cure our digital assets here and her count as a full service law firm. You're here are tagline is complete attention complete answers complete council. And freer life ten legal needs so is this something like from the womb to the two. Absolutely we do I mean you know reasonable frame we do it adoptions to a State's right Ameen mcqueary covers the day there writer covers the gamut and we. My father. Felt that practice out in and he said when summer comes and this firm I never want them to leave this place. And in this day and age it's very difficult to do what we're doing we're in fact I think were really want some of the only people they really do there's some other firms that. Did have that you know you know fill that hole range up. But everybody's becoming very specialized thing and I think it's actually banned from where you know it's it's no different than when they talk about kids who play one sports her whole life. You know a lot of professional athletes all the professional athletes we'll tell you that the great soccer and basketball on baseball or soccer football. And help them be better and that's where it does for our our attorneys from our attorneys hit a couple of different practice areas and when I'm handling a criminal case. You know I have been nagged at the deep knowledge of the negligence case I mean I sometimes if you look at this is no different than a car accident rate. There's compared to fall accuracy can't get beyond a reasonable doubt and and you know to have that knowledge is really it's very different than being well around really. Are there really isn't and they're for awhile rounded Petra and even and I am sure pick the brains of your other attorneys are alleys their right there there's nine folks don't care. Did nine attorneys include you yes. So we literally need a more I tell you that is airing you know I can imagine it sounds like you're growing. It frequently is there any teenager though that you'd be sort of a Jack of all trades master of an honor it doesn't really apply to the long term enhancements. It doesn't because you know the law right I mean as I say in the commercial knowing the lie it's critical and it is critical. I'm special position is on. You know it it's strange because. I think you pigeon point yourself concerns that the situations. Especially in what we do a lot of it is litigation and I think litigation in the new litigation. You truly have to have a and knowledge of everything that's going in the world business. And negligence cases everything it all in all surfaces together at some point. Especially as you said with the way things are changing in the world from David. I'm as healthy as the next person has also median all these things and there's so many things to continue to evolve in our society. I think there probably keeps it interesting for you because you have to stay up to date when he had a challenge at the same time. That's right and you know I mean her. Then knowledge of other areas of the law really they overlaps so much that it is so important hands and out I think that's what really sets us apart in the really going in a courtroom people and they know that you know these areas in the right that your prepared and you're ready to go for something. And I think seeing the average person doesn't know who to turn too many times so it's great that you know try and closing and a house you might be able to help me with realistic but are crying about. A loved one who finds themselves and a TW I situation you can help a fan I mean there's sir runs the gamut obviously. You frank frank in this day and age with the weather especially this summer it Weathers and sound incredibly hot Hamas are presently south. That there's a lot of things that are happening out Taurus is festival every week and it seems and do you find the union more DW I cases. Yeah I mean the summer's right for need to realize people are out for each issue remains pretty consistent threaten ties there right here. There's spin it's I patients even know if there's been somewhat of a drop with Hoover I mean we've you know now maneuvers involve. In buffalo and left in those. Terror sharing her caring services didn't. And seen much of a difference really I mean it's it's. GW riser you know they're very serious turn can tell you this I I tell people said this is going to be worse. And if you actually went out and beat somebody track and sent it sounds it is it's it's you know that there's just some bigger worst the restrictions. Hayden garment beat Timmy or pay them some restitution and and he can get it clear and there are I think and in DW I after reading is. As certain level you're not gonna get a plea immune to its. Is the very vs and they should be right to mean put it so you know on absolutely. And anything we do I can tell you sometimes you know and people commit crimes. We're not saying that the right that we protect everybody's right. Two people say do you frank how can you possibly defensive but he was clearly guilty. All the time and how do you calendars at them myself it's the greatest thing in the world and that's called the United States constitution. And when you represent somebody. You truly at the end of the day represent directly tell everybody when a guy who when they come in my office for rockets hit two jobs first to protect your rights. And the second is to protect you and protecting your rights is asserting. You're Fifth Amendment right. Filing motions and whether an isolated probable cause a stopper your car or something of that nature. Protecting yours determining what best course of action based on you based in your life. Should we take it to trial to they have enough evidence because that is a constitutional right and I you know there's nothing better and that's right it I think lawyers it's such a bad rap because. You really work on the front line of cast. Protecting. The most important document in our air and and history that America trimming absolutely hear you read these books and you read Ben Franklin to book you rate when an industry Hamilton. He read these these these biographies of these people were fighting it out for us a lot of them are lawyers. But you'd these people were fighting for these rights and it's no different than what lawyers do certainly we're not. Here and have veteran and we're not in the army and him putting her life on the line but you really protecting. And someone who's fighting for in our military. Is fighting to protect our constitution and we're just on the front and adults. Are right it's great way to looking at a tier were charred human Franklin Tempe or junior final attempt feel our group. In downtown buffalo won eighty want Franklin street is Frank's address at the office. And if you need to call them with temp Gilad group what's the best way to reach from 7168553760. It backtracked 3761. At BC have a website as well. Attending a PC dot com. Yes ax on near disasters of information there are other various areas of law do you practice and background and the attorneys as well. Had I any emergency though I always give myself on a 716574732. Of those weren't. It's great that you can't get one more chance to seven point 65747325. I get calls in the middle of the night. So we're available 24 hours you know. I'm glad you brought it up because that things aren't have a nine a fact I don't play hang out things happen often in the middle and I are bad things can happen you know written lease an opportune times there has always been averaging ten digits and it's across the board to absolute. Corporate work your I get calls from corporate clients that cock Marie there and I cracked me. Can't we were just camp in the sky broke breached his contract okay well let me have to file on this tomorrow that. Interest in do you see an area where your practice is picking up the humane added anticipated area. Know since we do we cover a while first are real estate the buffalo realistic it's just tap. You know Somali loaded mile it's Lehman our office does are realistic she's like I can't believe how many closings were doing. In you can image in the prices too. Right I mean this is communal support it's incredible incredible what's going on. Which is a great thing for buffalo their parent their Renaissance yes you heard that part of that Renaissance but everything is. Really has stayed consistent I I will tell you this is the people have become more litigious and then. And they were before it I think I'm. There is a certain. You know few guys that if you're hired or might and again this goes to my father said by pressing. You know between Detroit Tigers preference thirty years. You know there's two people or get lawyers in the lawyers would be like okay this is how we're gonna haren hammer this out. And John corporate case personal injury case whatever wise. This is how organ hammered aren't paying their clients were really listened to them. Social media has not helped borders and and or or patient to the Internet has not helped wars in anyway shape or form because. People think that they know a lot better than you do because they are something akin to. And university group on sinners are pretty constant yeah. This is gonna drive you crazy just like it does physician yeah exactly well that's that's right right right in the law. That's good is that by uncle that. A doctor artist or not. You know I'm feeling this in and Carol look it up physical that's well that's Smart that's project at a young doing to the yeah. Aren't you at your fingertips right yeah yeah exactly so it's it's it's definitely it's it's. You have to start to clients differently now than you did fifteen years ago no doubt about it. Well if you need an attorney or go to Google to frank a champion junior who is with you attempt Leo locker frank the third actually polyps are losing friends security pitching out thank you frank Franklin champion appeared nine attorneys and going strong. Right and Franklin street in downtown off on his lawyer that gives him a cellphone now last. One more time hearing seven point 65747325. It's terrific and frank is. It emitted into the buyer in broad New York State and Florida so this is John and who knows his stuff he's gonna cover your lifetime. Legal meet thank you so much your coming in front it was a pleasure in Evian studio thank you great to be here. They're a rap and this addition of slice of life thanks for curbing awesome time for us to see you next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.