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Sunday, July 8th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Day two of this case the two day festival. Is an amazing success here in the near art and there are a lot of things to celebrate this year besides the fact that it's time for the taste and Kate I scheduled my vacations. Be sure that they don't conflict with the chase it's much I love going. I've hit the honor and pleasure being a judge or the past few days are few years agents say. And that's why am wearing a lot of spandex these days with big belts and the blue shirts because they really have a great time at the taste is such are awarded for representation. Off allowing and the authentic and independent restaurants. We have here and Western New York are here are too busy people who took time to meet with us this morning Cathy Roman asking is the public and media relations manager. Fort tops which is the title sponsor for the fourteenth. Straight year. And also in the studio this morning is rich McDermott who is the chairman of the 2018 taste of buffalo. Rich hippie good morning good morning morning Tran and asked great to have you back on foreign import richer in your blowing out some candles. Just a few days ago when he at a press conference announcing the teaching us at this year's taste. Celebrating 35 years taste of all the hard to fathom. It's 35 years or 35 fast thirty cents per tame her he says this Saturday we. That's our big parity in return again today. It's great people on buffalo like to parity including me and Kathy you've been with tops of course another iconic buffalo business in nerd out about that. What's it like for you was being being the title sponsor what exactly does it entail. For us at times were really excited to celebrate this time honored tradition here in Western New York celebrating the fast food and beverage that there is here in the area. So it's wonderful to be able to be a part of something so celebratory here in the community so we're proud to be the sponsor yet again this year. Reaction do you get from customers that tops and folks whom sealing your tech it's such a a great ten itself physically can't miss the tops tank using it spinning we all we do people come our parenting can arise taxes are involved they love seeing. Is there every year as you mentioned we are very iconic center located at tense at that very Niagara square the red white sat tents can't miss us. And we do have the prize wheel and from us folks who don't know that the proceeds from our tent and that price we'll. Benefit goodwill of western New York's every eerie pick a different charity this year it's good well. So when you come down with that the hungry belly you're actually benefiting a local charity and now. You can't ironic when I actress Sharon. That you Wear cognizant of they're wide range of charities in this area. And is spread the wealth around. We do we are very giving organization hair had that title of neighbors helping neighbors as part of our charitable mission and every with a different charity. And organizations help us on as well that day they provide volunteers to help us out because we need a lot of hands on deck that day in cardiac event forests. Yeah it's a long day out of restaurant I was today Sunday from eleven so you can head down marriage it was into the show and and it's 7 PM this evening. And folks who are not from failure with that are rich tell us where it sickly you're taste lineup is set and I know you have a new addition this year as well. He at least we've expanded this year were crossing over chip boy don't Delaware too just some Kirk. In the area we never knew restaurants and food trucks so you're looking for new leases will be in that new space. Along with our taps staged on their harming your tent. That's a great idea so it's a rookie grow a few well. That's it not affected everybody is grouped together because I think yeah if people want to now. What's new and exciting at the taste and they're always restaurants are common now we have some folks who seem like they've been their prop 35 years Hamas. But I'm. What was the thinking behind it was at let's put everybody who's new to gather because there wavered in her account I think that. Agreed idea behind that the folks behind the tees to buffalo and taking you know Rick hero is a great place for people want to try something new and different they know exactly where I had. You know folks are definitely like to go to the same places every single year than like I have to go back to India gay hurry you know I wanna go back to sweet melodies or something like that I. They wanna try something new and different this map really definitely helps and know exactly where ahead. Yet in and kicked at the festival footprint will extend north on Delaware pastor brought Johnson park you'll see it when you're locking down the street he can't miss Johnson park. And it's Natalie rest transferring Richard awesome food trucks that are new. Distance correct. And when asked him in terms of entertainment music. You know cooking shows. We have a culinary stage we have Marcos free zero. I sheath. He's going to be their sanity at noon. So if people I come down and see. The land chef fits it work Chinese. You know what's nice about these these shows that they can taste of food afterwards yes they can that you know stay and listen and eat. Whereas did you ask for our suite. I remember last year many of ASEAN Tristan. And I had hit the pleasure of hosting her event when she was in buffalo. And her book tour which music financing is a college a two hour match. And she missed a lifelike I practiced my Italian with their little brat pack up and she came back to buffalo last year. And did a demonstration in a separate because she had to chase it first passed every parent and may from the hands of witty about C match so you've really bring in some heavy stretch I'm impressed that the number of while much Jeff to comment. You we have. Islamist. You know does what we had to the program yesterday obvious chef Shula. That's going to be again. And here today so enough. He's going to be at noon so yes hi everyone. We entertainment into carnage stage in the entertainment insane Niagara square for. Kids we have explorer mark. Museum along with the monkey see monkey do that are going to do we don't forget to entertainment for all ages. In their beer tents feels like music. There for beer well it to over a beer tents we have. DJ in that we karaoke so we have something for everybody. That's values certainly do I'm when it comes to food Kathy you could say that it's a rep culinary journey. From start to finish because there's everything from Italian polish German Mexican Greek tie. In our and everything else in between. When do you armed characterize this array of food is really best in life you make a point of trying to keep it that way. I think it really hits all different cultural aspects as you just mansion because it's really something that. Buffalo is made up of eclectic mix and so it's wonderful to be able that'd be able to feature all those different types of foods from different parts of the world right here in buffalo because we have those wonderful restaurant at our disposal. This corner things I love about the taste rich is that you can try different foods from different you know parts of the world that perhaps she might act when it garden restaurant because we think man and I felt like a veteran government spend money. But at least with a taste you rarely get a taste of their food and you can judge at their point already running of a full meal and go to that it's going to be so great for the restaurants. Especially rich does that Eric is well known as some of the standards in the buffalo area. K as to discern gives them the opportunity to expose themselves to the public can. You know get to a wide breach of people sampling of food. It's it could be 53 restaurants so it's a lot of food over 200 items that people can come down and just hasten. Two other conclusion as to Lincoln that. Right absolutely do you have farm a say as to which restaurants make eating here in and year out. You know what we have. The fortunate to go out to these restaurants taste of who left. See if you know everything your identity. Went to present is gonna fit with what we laugh so. It's it's a whole committee. I papers say don't I leave it up to them to who's who's are bringing in with. You know from here to hear some. It's a great gig this cap. But now is the chairman. You get a chance to vote and what you like correct. In this year get to go out and sample some of the rest Frandsen. Dramatic conclusion I am what with I think it should be the chairman sir awards. It's it's a great honor and a great debt the depression or demand higher because it today it got so many people that want you to chase. The various cuisines and I'm sure everything is delicious account top choice church. He's just got to do I know and I now believe they hang out and really we be remiss if we can talk about the vast number of people who come to this camping mainly talk about it city the size of buffalo. Trying almost half million people it's really a phenomenal. It is or are. Of all I mean buffalo loves are possible as we make sure that this is one of those ones you get up and you make sure you get to so. If he didn't make it yesterday today's data make sure you come out and try everything that. Buffalo has to offer like we just talked about you know. It can be that opportunity to try different technically Xena may be your kind of on the fence about this is a great chance to get down there and maybe come down for lunch or dinner with your family and make sure if you stop down to tops a neighbor tops locations. We have vouchers they get ahead of time we have a family four pack which is a fifty dollar voucher and with that you get for free Coca-Cola products so. It's a great deal. It is a great deal and let's mention your featuring today and tops and people gonna taste sure so we have a Sheen to sirloin steak sandwich that's on fresh because stances role we love to support local vendors with top. We also have east placed sirloin steak salad that's our healthy option because it's served on a bed of organic greens so. He lacked something that cult theory as you're going around trying different things today. We have our tops its giant sausage races also served on his stance is roll some peppers and onions. And then some corn on the cob a few well that's double option to on the side there. And then desert doesn't mind desserts out. We have our Ann Arbor is Turkey which everybody fox were attacked her and she's a standard for tapped every year is if we didn't have it I think we'd have you don't ask Russian people boycotting cancel but now we have wonderful most average Turkey and because it is the 35 birthday for the taste of buffalo. We have our signature. Color splash cupcakes is like a tight I'd looking talking really fast of looking. I to celebrate so we'll have those Anthony act tent as well this year. And we talked all week and the station and many others in the enter town cluster about the need to hydrate in this extreme heat. So there are a number of non. Beer and wine products through my favorite right hydrate. I'm with Coca-Cola and a bad and have. The craft beer places from flying buys entering company 42 north. Resurgence during company also be sold in the hometown beer tent and of course rider is available on so be sure to hydrate and quench your thirst. Without this great food. I'm Richard Petty is do you thinner volunteer for how long now. I've done this is may 26 years not my goodness so you've really seen the evolution of this past him. Can you believe it's the largest two day fest on the nation it's such a feather in our campus and it's. It's fun I'd say it is in effect it has put down by an all volunteer board. These great people they love what they do is just. The other Harvard just really. Shows are. I think so too are really commend you for taking the time to do that and you know everybody's lives seem busier than ever in today's seeing agent to take time and and can volunteer hours and hours Jiri after your elected Israeli armed. Quite commendable. We should talk to Cathy about how a lot of the proceeds and in the different on sponsors. Help others in the community too is you are saying about tops donating this year it could well. Is a corporate citizen. You must talk to other folks in the feel. All through our charity oriented for the taste as well yes this is something that's very near and dear to our hearts and being able to give back to an organization just like the good well. Is very important to us they provide such important services to those in the community and as as well as jobs. To people in the community that. When we sit down every year and talk about what type organization and we wanna have it proceeds benefit it's so difficult because there's so many worthwhile organizations here in Western New York. Last year we worked with western York honor flight. This year it's good well I'm so it's wonderful to be able to shine a light on these worthwhile organizations and have an out there that day working with us so. We're very grateful to be able to work with these organizations and to get back. What are things that I was impressed me Richard aftertaste Rafa is the fact that there's an independent health foundation. Healthy taste and every restaurant or truck in this case. Is required to have one healthy. Yes correct correct and and pick yet he was mentioning the Koran account I assume that your health and liner is that the marinated steak out of the green is at stake over the green and even cram a couple real assets where empire in the engine into. But I think people are reacting to their concept rich and they sound a hack with that I wanna just enjoy myself pretty frank people really seek out and healthier options. I think cat I think people. My aunt and healthy option anything to the yeah. They appreciate the fact that we hesitant and be a 53 restaurants we have 53 healthy choices so it's it's just it. It's good thing. Yes absolutely essential skills involved and it's nice blend yeah. Yes yes and we should point out to it goes rain or shine. As a manner branding going to the taste I think from your Juan. And they're remember a couple of times or whether it was iffy and at the very first year it's pretty iffy. Four academy students are to believe how it's evolved into their point rich. Having been involved firm more than a quarter century is a balance here. In my Mir with the city is doing in terms of for resurgence right do you see a parallel between that. We we do and it's just funded paradigm is continuing to grows the city's. This continue to have a Zia. Resurgence that you you're talking about it's just fun to watch. Both pro and as the city just turn him into this beautiful jewel. It seems like mayor brown has always been supporter reputation taps can't be our minor he's usually at the press Cameron's axiom down at the taste Jack. You've probably your company gets support from city fathers. We definitely do mayor brown has been very supportive of taps and a taste of Baath law and it's wonderful to be able to have. The city support of this event and so many different cultural events here Western New York. It's great to hear and there's a lot of entertainment being featured as congress right. Yes there is we have lack of entertainment. So you know all all day have. Skinner Maingear ten years. The cook we have music kids that are home town pretend in lake assembly of karaoke in the he's DJ dance that it's the other so. Two were brought some of those Taylor earlier and well I'm congratulations. To you about four. 35 years of the taste of buffalo success 26 years as a volunteer Q. Richmond Dermot thank you for your service to add to squander professional it can't be Roman ASCII who is the public and media relations manager. At tops markets fourteen years this title sponsor grants you think you know. Well it's been a great segment with a taste about a function started ten to get down to be pretty announcements from eleven to seven today much heard a comment this addition a slice of life back right after this. I'm here which Joseph dispenser president of the forest lawn cemetery crematory group with another segment of past Joseph answers to your questions about cremation. Brutal arrangements and anything forest and Joseph this week march from buffalo less if I want to be cremated do I still need a funeral director. Absolutely yes and thank goodness for that. In New York State only a licensed funeral director. May make arrangements for the care. Transportation. Preparation of the deceased for burial or cremation and comply with all the Manny legal state and department of health requirements. With their experience and training funeral directors are uniquely qualified to handle this profoundly important responsibility. Beyond their knowledge and expertise. Funeral directors have the sensitivity. And compassion to ensure that all your family needs will be met during your most difficult time. So when you're making pre arrangements whether considering burial or cremation. Always remember to contact. Your family funeral director first. Then contact us here at the force long group. Or the cemetery beer choice. It's thanks Joseph if you've got questions about cremation or burial or anything forest lawn just give the team at the forest lawn group a call at 88516100. Or visit them all mine at forest type in Mong dot com. There you can ask your question and may be will entered on a future episode. That's forest type of lawn dot com caulk. Crashes don't happen in slow. They happen facts. In a crash there's no time to check of your child's in the right car seat don't think you know no you know visit safer car dot gov slash the right seat a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. So you don't come into the city much not sure how to bombard the bustling streets of buffalo. What would you protest because you can't tell apart. What has lots of shops but now. Unsupported which is fine if it's adventure you see. It's not music helpful in Washington we have a parking lot. Pretty swanky were on the plaza with the hardware store and made him Mel. Heart get pierced and perhaps careers of fine selection of plumbing products next door. Turkey ought to be accounted. England has done. Most people are coming in because they have a problem. And they have all kinds of hopes and aspirations and things they want to do and they're finally. Walking into the good feed store. I'm ready to dive in there and help them find a solution to their problem. You're listening to that. And her support specialists that the good feet store so this morning locks and she's literally got tears coming out of her eyes I'm going to Turkey I'm gonna be Joaquin. And walking and walking I wanted to go there my entire life I can't. And I don't know what to do so help me. There. For over twenty years. We've been helping people live the life they love without putting their feet get in the way. She called me and told me what a wonderful time she had on her trip was virtually pain free and I had literally saved her life you can cry. And he just carried us. See what we can do for you with the free personalized arch support fitting. At the good seats to college in 1903338. Or visit the Dixie store on Walden avenue near the galleria mall. If you have news about the latest happenings around the buffalo Niagara region to contact rendered during the week at 84306. Taiwan as a 430651. And welcome back to this edition of slice of life on this on a funding hope your day is going well and I'm with authority on back to the taste of buffalo. Great time yesterday and downs are hitting the weather is cooperating quite steamy is that was earlier in the week. With an extended heat wave we have blackjack is I've said many of my. Callies and pay out as an act and a complaint along called injury cannot take this any day but in any case you know speaking of things that are coming out. I'm tomorrow we have a WG are all tournament which is real signature event for. WGR Sports Radio Frye fifty and are we bring out a lot of folks who are. Alarms off the Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Sabres other people who are prominent in the community who like to rock. Have nabbed with our listeners and it's greater than I've played for many years in the event. Took a few years offer now on the preferred hitting the links again. Tamara the WG year golf tournament and heard the proceeds benefits charity as do many of Arafat's. It was only appropriate. To bring it to show Samantha Rudnick who is the director of live events and promotions for. Our team here entered ham radio Sam good morning good morning guys Tyler area nice to have you back and horrid and you're one busy one and you oversee a department of twenty people. Your official title is director governments and promotions and it seems like your everywhere Samantha like updated AP's story. Well you know I always say that I'm very lucky because no two days at the same. We a lot of finely you said the golf tournaments tomorrow we just got done with are big. Concert season which was our starting in the guardian Kerr Falkland kisses him hello at. You know. Upcoming now we have some different events that are really able to showcase what are. Stations can view and how we back each other and support each other in different ways which is really is and last month as you point out there are three catchers in very close proximity to each that was tightest it's ever since. No actually last year's summer of 2017. We had them. All three were in five days I'm like and yes we had back to back shows which giant you know is always interesting but. Really great for our sponsors and our clients and for our staff it's just forty hours of like pure adrenaline which is our they look forward to crashing into an adrenaline high count of countless now assured you like the five our energies in my system get out of there then I'm waiting for about forty hour S I can't imagine. I think everything my this year at the weather cooperated pressure except a little rain on starry night -- as well things still enough now everything was gray and everyone always says it every it's for starry night and it did in you know like. We handled it in it was awesome and mother nature gave us a little tease the list on our side his right as the first artist kicked off at 630. The rain stopped it was beautiful for the rest of the night and the flowers got. You know nourishment they need right. Monterey native much needed this year for where it's so these are signature events fire stations Samantha and how do you describe them to people are they consider reflective Bob. For example the format stirring nine inning Garrett and very much spiritual women we call the mommy station. And this event can have works well in that respect with a great artist's right kind of food and wine venue is did you view it as sort of an overall integrated package yes absolutely starring in the guardian for shirt. Is definitely a star that it's families you can com alone you could come in with a couple he could come with your girlfriend could come with your parents on. All EJ is you know is at a food and wine but you're welcome it com when you're not 21 which is actually really looking just honing in music and come with no other people you don't have to drink to comment. But you know case Amarillo is you know again and geared towards our. Younger demo but again that's really cool because parents now come with their kids they wanna be involved in music listening to and things like that so. It gears towards the season and things like that so. Absolutely every event is geared towards the stations but also the other stations we have can support it in their own ways rank. And it's really your prom I was across the board at different stations at supporting her sister stations. I'm deferred beyond the venues canal site is relatively new it's been a few years now that we and and there are what's your view on how well it's been working out can Nelson is awesome they have agreed you know they have a really. Tight friendship there and it's our it's our fifth summer my eyes are ready and it can outside and they are just great they've done a ton of development there they have a great team they have a great security team in the buffalo police in and you know they just such such a great job and awful fire and everyone really comes to gathering and chaos right now has just become such. Destination in buffalo whether you want to walk the boardwalk Q quantity pardon one of their life programming events they have every day. On so much going on there and were really lucky I have called it home for our shows for five years hours that perfect January I think in its are reflective of Buffalo's evolution and other Renaissance they're seeing their. And I think it's Canada's side benefits and because you see people coming downtown to an outside the main action adventure down there except for the concerts are the different events that the station hosts out. It's a nice way to can't work hand him with the city to expose people to what's happening there it really is in a lot of it is we have to repeat artist that maybe have com. 510 years ago and then they come back in the like wall and this is not where where wheat where did a plea before and were like. You plead meal may be right around the corner at political field and I have it there and it's like oh my gosh like you know and now to think that the ice ends the same company rich products and be our guest is this team ownership at can now sites showed all it's all come full circle. Yeah it really has and I am you brought up about the errors because you're probably too humble to brag about you in your teen. But I've read reviews from our program directors our operations managers about how these big bands these are well known bands. Really enjoy working with their group of stations. And how many of those efforts are glad that you that you make it did you do it right you make sure things are done improper order things get taken care of everything is buttoned up. This could be a real learning process for you I imagine each year even though you're been doing this for a lot of years. It it really is it penal I he started as a part timer too so I respect my staff and I always say that I would never asked anything of them that I went into myself and you know I'm their two breaking down tables and Cary and pieces of biker act today to do different things and I have bruises on my hips and you know sore bones and stuff like that and we we all work together and I take pride in that when an artist leans in buffalo to the minute that they leave their under our. You know they're under our blanket and we take care of Ayman if it leaves. Happy than we did. Our job ray and in kudos to you for doing me a year in year out it's not an easy thing to do a lot. In our performance our performers rather many of whom have big egos that are under a lot of stress out. It's great Tim we've got about ninety seconds left upcoming things happening with our stations. We have Bruce on the water coming up later this month on the 28. Yes that's going to be an awesome event on that happened Democrat like park in north title on a great offer river road we've done that a few years now but this year we've actually added. On two national acts I and the lord here Ryan and medicine ward in the momma bear they're gonna be performing simultaneously with the beer and wine tastings tell. That's gonna happen on a Saturday beautiful. Bright and the water on it's gonna be gorgeous and we did. Few different tiers of tickets this year TC ticket. Or you can actually get up close and personal with the audience or you can get some special beer tea sings these specialty brands they get to an idea. Much runners are leisurely enjoy it and you're right there's the setting is ideal and we're just about at a time so we'll applaud the fancy foot putt campus coming out next month which I'm Clayton. Great NFL insider and of course all birthday parties coming up in the fall in one and I fear the pink parity and of course October Samantha Rudnick director of live events and promotions thanks for everything you do with a group of stations and for your time this morning you guys can Sunday. They're pretty rare in this addition a slice of life things are harboring some time for us in next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.