06/09/18 The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh

The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh
Saturday, June 9th
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Are you ready for the raw truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has 3M fifteen money presents the rock truth it would help the nutrition practitioner Robbie raw RN and join Robby as she discusses faith. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and Europe overall health. Can you handle the truth. And now here's the raw truth with a one and only Robby Iraq. And you better be Angeline the truth because I have so much to talk to you about today about taking care this. Temporary pursuit this temporary mobile home that got he has entrusted with us. It is our responsibility. And really quite frankly are honored to take care of this gift that is given us and I'm so excited to talk to you today about you or. But before you get into that at a couple of announcements number one. In this week starting it's Barack truth integrative health but the problem is center where kicking off our low carb low placing the key though. Program. Which you know everybody and their brother and sister have been asking me to. You know run this program and so this is a Hulk the version of Hedo. As I said an Ian yes well I was Debbie KB WT BAM buffalo as they set on that show last week you know. There are people doing he go the wrong way and I'll tell you why. If you lose weight that you have a heart attack that's a problem and so you really just can't dude when he neck carves and bacon fat and all of that stuff we do healthier version right trees integrative health. Healthy fats. Act the next harms are based on bio individuality. And EU GAAP results and the year you're not giving organ failure or anything like that so our programs starts this week. At rock tree that degree of health. And it's Tuesday at 1215. Or Wednesday night at 6:30. PM. And so we have a lunch time class in the evening class. And it runs for the next five weeks and so there's still room to shot the went in the evening classes on the sold out so. Make sure you we have email me rowdy Roddy rod dot com or go to our website rugby right to come. Listen the corporate challenges this week on Thursday I'm run mean locking run Joaquin with my husband Jeff. With catalysts fitness we have almost fifty employees running and grateful that catalyst that has. Really pushes this for their employees and actually. Supports all of us I love a company who invests in their employees and being healthy and encourages them to do so so that's coming up. Also. This July. On the 29 Sunday the 29 kingdom bound. Kicks off and that is a Ford a Christian conference which I have been having the pleasure of speaking at. For many years now giving Iraq truth and health and fitness there of thousands of people from all over the US and Canada to come to this. And accommodations are available on site always get sold out four in. So make sure you check it out go to kingdom bound dot org. So listen over the past couple of you know months over the past year you've been hearing me talk about your DNA. And how god has given us unique DNA you can not change that DNA. That you can change the way the DNA express themselves through your lifestyle habits through food and nutrition. In knowledge is power in rather than trying this diet that diet does work out that work out whatever your friends doing it whenever you see and social media. Why not get a blueprint of your body. It's gonna tell you what your body is gonna respond best when I'm so excited today because I have one of the founders of the DNA testing companies and I work for. It ruptured integrative health. And one of the others CE. CE and I think of the company and we're going to be talking about. How this can help you and how you can see is rod truth. To get your DNA tests and really what it's all about it give you the 411 and all of solicit. Don't go anywhere I wanna tell you about hospice they've helped my family they've helped so many families. You can have hospice in your home. If hospice in the hospital but I want you to hear about hospice and how they can help you and then we'll get into the DNA. And we'll be right back with the right troops stay with us. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost. How I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more times. 0716 hospice. I just Jim Kelly for west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits. Some really big guys that really got clobbered. But the damage here that's a whole different story because friend of mine introduced because it was hard work down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. It's being called patient and is about to just one little bill when it. If split when they went through it will be up for in news not shield. Are we all come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even at this team they could beat Jim Kelly hope was my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at WM smiled. To get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties what's Meyer mark dental care. You don't love your question mark smile and I know I do. Hi this is Robbie brought you know kinda keep this all different look and age and we can't change that DNA. We can change the wade DNA express themselves to write dietary habits and I lifestyle. And I'm telling you what. We test 92. Genes mixed at the right trees so that you can have a blueprint. For your body in terms of fitness and food to find out what your body is going to respond best to. Set appear playmate at Robby rock dot com. And we are back and so listen I know everyone listening here on ESPN radio cares about our health. And if you don't you ship it okay because basically. You know without our help there's very little we can do to live out their purpose that god he has for our life and we need to take care of this tempers suit. This temporary mobile home assailant to college. And yes god gave us all different DNA we can now change debt DNA is said. But we can change the way the DNA express themselves through our lifestyle habits and through fitness and nutrition. And then get results because for the forty years I've been working in the gym. ICP people killing themselves. Day after day week after week and never getting results and so why is well we're going to be talking about that today so. I have the company that I am working with so excited to him first about in studio Jose Estrada who is the chief marketing officer. App pathway good morning good morning and thanks for joining us Jose. For heaven mean pretty well we've been having a couple of ideal day is you know. In meetings and you know just gearing up for what we're going to be rolling out some new testing and things like that ruptured integrated and so excited about. And then. Were bringing in are also right now someone who's in California and also doctor Michael nova. Who is the chief innovative officer. And founder of the company good morning doctor. Morning glory. He has it is early over there. Thank you for joining us. They get for joining us NE SPA radios so. You know I have been talking about how DNA can be a blueprint for our listeners who are interested in you know. Live in an abundant life that were designed to live and getting results. Common. Who's worked in the gym for forty years. Although I'm only 29. And you know I see people. Killing themselves in the gym and never getting results and so I'm so grateful to him that working with Jose over the last year. And we have been helping saw many people can results here. In Western New York in Canada and outside of Western New York so it's it's amazing. There are great I mean I think it grabbed it's it's very clear. And since we've Internet as we try to the company. Almost eight years ago. The two sides Israeli all of where people are starting to really understand him. How regular a body you're body regulates. I nutritional all of them. About how your genes are expressed mentions it and now obesity. A lot of this quote please list if you diabetes at the very strong. Mental component. Fact obesity is you know very elegant fairways 46%. Now generics are responsible. But it does on the European cities so it makes sense that everybody that's. You know respond the diets. Richard able would. Absolutely and I've seen it you know as I said in the gym and in my practice for years and quite frankly. I'd been working blind before I started using DNA. To try and you know help people to change their body composition to get healthy. To get results and we know that obesity is linked not only to so many diseases. Including cancer. We know that you know it. The only way to change your health is to take care of what I collar tampering or sedan grateful for Jose. Thinking pose safer for you know this past year that I am working with you. We have been changing people's lives and I know I can do a lot of emails and we talk all the time but you know. Eight cat he you know you have been so. Knowledgeable and helping me. To how might patients and in the people worth our listeners are listening all over the place. To try and figure out you know how to. To change their body because. Listen why I work out for hours if you really don't know what's gonna work right. Absolutely and and so you know as we are attacking two. Analysts fitness which is one of the main engines they bastion in this area where I work at doctor. You know it is a perfect fit. Unit in the gym sending but also we use it in medical offices as well and the doctors love it. Yeah I'm not surprised them in what we first started. Offered this particular parents. That apparently suppressed which has. About eighty genes we look at about aging communications. And there're seven main categories. You know including. Exercise section. We make recommendations on the based on your genetics elections supposition did but I also. There's a very strong nutrition where as urgent and in the past where we actually kind of he's your genes are correct I. Whether you're trying to lose the way you know you're obese or even the tribe in creature orbit that will provide also. Clinton that go along with this sort of very comprehensive. I'm report. Are we L I mean we DE commerce uniformly whether physician's office or jam. Think about pregnancy to sell the political country of course the United States was uniformly it got very much. Positive results that. People keep buying their patients because they eventually. They can now dial in all of personalized level. Tibet's spiritual sides of the ball as nutrition and what depending on what attracted. Absolutely I mean I I joke because I heard for so many years people's need to be well. You know whatever is runs in my family an obesity runs in my physically or this runs in my feeling I say. You know what runs in your family your not running OK you're now Texas I think you're up worked out you're not eating right. And why trying into it blindly why try and you know. Improve your health changer body composition feel great look great. You know have longevity whatever it is why trying Dudack. Without knowing what the manual is for your body it's like buying a car and never looking at the manual right. I I mean and you and you pick on the those earlier I was trying to change people's behavior. Actually kind of the the crux of everything. I mean you can't get people that we get off approach. Four police department make any difference you know what kind of started you know so we're in the business. Providing you know real side of the information. Such study after study has shown that it can give people a little information about their genetics. It's gonna be much better change your behavior it's got to stay on diet clamp longer. They start exercising more it's really kind of well not everybody here is that he's not a doctor and see what broccoli but nobody does and the reason is because. Hagel and wanna hear other. I have been give people a little bit of a racial personal information about themselves. Attended a much better on a daily cup of urchins and. Yes and they should be and I and we see people you know. We have free will we have free choices. But what you have control over is the result of those choices you may break a consequence of those choices he makes you have a choice. Every single day when you get up to you know to to make the decisions to take care of this body. That we're gifted. And if we don't take care of it which is really our responsibilities do then we have to live with those consequences but. This will give us a blueprint this we'll tell us exactly what we need so much to talk about it now. But we need to guard. We need to go to our doors sponsors is can you guys hang with me. There are right listen you guys I wanna tell you about catalyst fitness it's where I work. It's where so many people go to changed their lives every single day and were going to be offering the DNA testing analyst at this as well and so excited about that. Amy when he is on fire about this and we have to solve much. To give you to help you reach goals goals attack about the will be right back with the right treat. Stay with us. Do you remember where you are or who we are where you good fast work out of your wife's. I mean when me and when I think after I'm only think kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and it's different fitness levels more would be able to be two back version of myself and when someone hit their bowl ban Ki energy I take the heat catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get results it subpoena from Friday walking to tiny catalog location compatible and I weren't needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. For you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve it happened. The fat certified trainers teen training classes and has no flash. Cycling indoor turf area weight loss programs Hydro massage recover and feel much more now I don't need my make you remember. Catalyst has everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project now in 99 and I'll fix vocation is it catalysts that miss buffalo dot com activate your office. You've waited long enough. Now you can have all of Robby is knowledge advice teaching and inspiration in the palm of your hand with her new book the rock church recharge the ride truth rechargeable teaching seven truths about staying. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and how all of them are vital to your health mentally or physically emotionally and spiritually Robby is a registered nurse an integrated health and nutrition practitioner and a master trainer armed with certifications. With thirty plus years experience in the industry she will teach you how to increase your energy he fit in feel healthy deep crease your body fat and increase your muscle mass shape your body pat cravings and focus your energy to a billiard calling God's word actually gives us a clear direction and all of these truth if you wanna get clean then you need to lean on the lord do you need inspiration and motivation to either dead or stay on track and this book is for you get your copy of the Iraq truth and Amazon.com. And Barnes & Noble dot com today. Life can take it hole and their bodies but the doctors at Buffalo's buying in sport medicine can now they treat injuries of the spinal muscular skeletal system non surgically to decrease pain and resource function. They listen they help. They explained this is doctor Michael candy so if you suffer from back neck joint. Nerve pain or headaches take back your lifestyle and contact Buffalo's finest sports medicine today call 7166260093. Or visit buffs buy dot com. And we are back and you know that I shall we say they caddie has given us all different DNA we cannot change their unique DNA. Well but we can change the way that DNA expressed themselves dried dietary habits through our nutrition throughout our lifestyle habits to. We were graft disease to lose weight gain muscle to whoever is you know to GAAP results and get so much information at a blueprint of our body. What propensity do we have to get injured. What propensity to we have. You know are we lactose intolerant or are wheat gluten intolerant Eric. What exactly. What vitamins and minerals we need to be taken and things like well I have. My friends from. A company that I don't working with. I doctor Michael nova who is the chief innovative officer and founder of the company and Jose Estrada is great here in studio they're from California. And we are talking about the changes of the company and doctor. Out so many exciting things are happening so can you tell me what is going on. Yeah are you Wheatley. Much testing company and also we're also purchased on culture and so we kind of and marry the two together and and by. You know test results in the positions and also stretched consumer. You can fire tests you know and yet. On a on. Aaron and use. Best impeding technology that kind of figure out. What's going on alert and individuals the page and then provide really concrete recommendations you know basically. Eat there as you know don't need that. Great restaurants don't take that berg. And that embarrass the science and the validity of the publicity out. A lot of there's just gotten stronger and stronger in the genome project. This was apple but a couple of decades ago and it would America keywords and putting out a lot more than there are different types of tests. We'll have a slouch in aaron's. We have got a lot you know cancer prediction it has. Nutrition and a pharmacology merits. On the that kind of where we're headed headed towards and of this kind of merger. A genetic data and critical data also using artificial intelligence intrigue going on. So her and it's awesome and in so tell our listeners. You know how how it's being applied like there's the sport. IQ and a nutrition. Yeah how how can help them. There are some good evening basically goes if you are liner Richard. I mean easy if you. Heard understand. And gotten perhaps about you know you know what you what your needs are larger I don't know eight charger. You compete and try out a lot earlier trying to. Living creature performance or whatever Arctic adventure. Or here type two diabetes. We would we would in New York. Or absolute figure out you know what what is the best legendary class and the preview. Your personal goals again like these kittens hair might be something else and then we'll figure out you know which when you should buy. Or or or or get on the doctors. And that helped you along the process to provide this service you would send your cheek to cheek swabs it would take a lot of work. I think what state quarterback in the envelopes are back let's. About a week later the report. In the future that what was your that your margin earlier a trainer or whomever. I won't get off so that is here. What it church and catch up to your diet plan. Whatsoever virtual coaching servers in our on line that you can sign up for so that a lot of support mechanisms. It was used. They built for the individuals. That feel like they're getting real help not just with their DNA could also. Trying to change your behavior different golly there was some some sort of pro. Oh absolutely and you know people need accountability they need knowledge because knowledge is power and they need accountability they need. Motivation and net and they need the expertise of people like me who's a liar and a registered nurses nutritionists here in note two to help them. Because sometimes they know they can know what to do. And once they have the task they certainly know what to do. But they need that accountability they need the tools and that's where you know that's right come in and that's where you know the trainers coming in and things like that. So I am. It's about the genes in the markers and and how how comprehensive it is an art tax. Yeah I mean we do. We have a large laboratory and so we do every type of genetic test whether we do we do whole genome sequence in which means we sequence alt. Six point four billion based players. And look at the 22000 different genes always do individuals. Gina what are your. Basically pick a certain number of change and look at mutations. And practically what do most. And so in an arbitration where abruptly. About eighty different genes and we look at the mistake everybody's got four billion or so education we're tired you know. Between each individual they're in the same racial group maybe millions you know different. These patients and and the 20000 genes and so there are a lot of very. So we're in the business of looking at bat very. And they're trying to figure out how you're different compared somebody else and compared to the population. And and that we can break very art creation. How what those changed me. So the science I would the doctor record on first person where whatever. Called jingle secrets vital move which comes with big technology provider parents are bigger that was to 2000. And lying about it and and for all you don't see what they're caught. 40400000. Dollars did. In 2000. Very regular audience in the first round I read your report another sort of tried legitimate you know dramatically. We meta information and increased. Can radically. Called alt alt culture data. Worldwide. Increases doubles every three years now doubled over three years. And it's it's projected to double every three months by the year 2000 in the 22. So he just showed you how much insulation or what that would gathering and we used in progression. And grind through it again with. That's it could argue that give you results. But it really personal as you can. Well it's so much information we have so much more to talk about sort of have to bring you back as were really at a time rate now doctor nova. I really appreciate you I joining us today I love the title cheat. Chief in the bay if officer Levitt and founder of this company is your doing incredible work continued to. Do what you're doing and helping people to get healthy. And you guys we need to go to our endorsed by answers but that's a no vote will bring you back soon okay. Thank you very much to my pleasure Kate app lets you are welcome back in the strata and I'll close it up will be right back with Iraq choose stay with us. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys they're really never on the but the damage here that's a whole different story because friend of mine introduced me it was my airborne down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. The coldest patient and is about to just one little you know when it. That's what Wednesday when. So it will be up. Incorporated news not shield there are feeling. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even at this team they could beat Jim Kelly hope was my mark dental care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at WM smile on to get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties plus Mark Martin dental care. You don't love your question mark smile and I know I do. It's quite the journey in fact it's been a lifelong journey pipes carry credit knowing if you're anything like me when it comes to eating healthy and exercising properly you need someone to walk beside you on your path to health and wellness for me that person is Robby Iraq. From food choices to nutrition team doing the right exercise Robby has the answers. I finally found success on the Iraqi street church Rockies 48 or twelve week program. That includes a seventy detox Robby will teach you how to eat and exercise properly because honestly we need to learn how to be healthy it does not come naturally. Robbie also offers private and semi private fitness and nutrition coaching if you've suffered through Yo-Yo dieting or type two diabetes this is the health even looking for. Do what I did find out more about the rock you to recharge at rowdy rock dot com. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me and my family at no cost. Home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. Thought 716 hospice. And we are bad humor running out of time in Jose is strata think is so much for joining us we're gonna have to get to react. Because we you and I have let's talk about we've been talking for four days now about all of that. And last Diaz well thank you for you're doing hoping to get people healthy and listen you guys I want you. To make sure that you give me a call or email me at Robby Robby rod dot com where we can help you at right truth integrative health it to your DNA test. And then we will interpret them for you and hope you. To get am bored so that your able to. He don't get the results that you have been working so hard for and don't forget about our healthy eating program coming up which starts this Tuesday and Wednesday. At right truth integrated health. Jose we got so much to talk about but you know. You know I mean you're fit you bet so they keep doing what you're doing you're obviously know your DNA. And listen we will talk soon again okay thank you so much are you guys god bless you have a great week we'll see right next right back here next week atlas. Join us next time for another episode of the rock truth and feel great and looked great in mind body soul and spirit we've Robbie Ross and the rock truth. Right here on ESPN 1520.