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Sunday, June 17th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so amateur carving out some time forest and that someday I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday funding. Is this terrific spate of weather we had continues in one rainy day but so first or bed and I harper summer continues to. Work out well it took a long tough great winter while is always we have two things happening on slice of life it is the only lights analysts out. In buffalo radio and I thought it would be remiss of an entering and my favorite. And I did this apt analogy group that is really quite frankly once app shopping it's my favorite group of actors. That it worked with over the years both as a patient aunt is an advertiser. It's a pleasure to bring and actor David Mac to psyche from EC EP AI Caron vision says it's got good morning and welcome to the shall give morning Brenda thank you for having me how likely do endorsements of Q well thank you and I speak from experience is I actually hit then. A patient of your practice for a number of years now and I was so pleased that sandy beach indicates that your practice. And actor home what is his position as a writer actor and well as well as mine in the united treated as well so so. One to the whole practice. Amount G eighty CD eight actor on a sunny. Can you explain some of them are basic terms for example what's the difference between an ophthalmologist. And optometrists in an attention. That's silly things or ask him and it is that's a good point. Just like every field of medicine. There's not one entity that covers all of that particular field. So an ophthalmology we sort of have a three pronged approach we have an optometrist which is a physician. Assistant or helper that deals with glasses. Have you unfit contact lenses are you attract new glasses or haven't picked correctly to your face there are experts that can fit these glasses to your face precisely. To that the position of say the buy for couples in the lands itself sits were supposed to be. They are excellent at and take their time doing it for certain. Optometrists. Are more along the prescription on the glasses Soria to issue of course affect those glasses the optometrist has a great job. Ed getting the prescription correct Susan numbers with in the lands are on the lens is ground with those numbers is such that the patient would seek greater you would suggest great. In the course up the mileage this is the surgeon you've heard of cataract surgery and only sick and we dollar and that sort of thing. The ophthalmologist or those MD's that went to medical school are trained to do those surgeries. They also look at pathology in many disease states or the eyeball treat those as well. So all three arms of the op them I care. Look at things slightly differently but they'll work together in conjunction give you the best care that we can for your eyes how long you've been an app and I just actor allergies so I graduate 98 to 2001. After his residency so about 181718. Years. I'll come at a price two decades you must have seen a ton of change in your profession is their big great technology that have helped people see better. And even recover quicker from something kind of routine now like cataracts. Absolutely in fact that's not just up the knowledge in most fields of medicine you've seen enormous change even the last single decade but you're right from eighteen years ago or seventeen years ago when I first started learning this. To now things like cataract surgery and treatments immaculate generation and diabetic Gretna apathy. Enormous changes just in the speed of recovery. A quick example Libya cataract surgery that twenty years ago we are doing in the hospital and take half an hour 45 minutes the recovery time was long and multiply drops in multiple visits we can now do a surgery in five to ten minutes from using either laser an ultrasound machine. And having the vision recovery quick and the news 20/20 the next day is not unexpected or unbelievable. So look like you mentioned things or do enormously improved over the years. And the patient can go out for lunch afterwards probably right it's kind of mad and routinely done an outpatient basis if monuments in lunch you know halfway through each surgery. But I hear from the patients who are now wide awake right now award podium asleep and he surgery. The most frequent appoint Americans teed up I'm hungry when new entity. As I have the instruments of our rights and they're worried in Paris and Italy we get him up and out pretty quickly and an ambulance. We're talking to doctor David man to -- was with I care and vision associates EC BAA as it's commonly called and they are for a locations. Throughout Western New York see I remembered back Orchard Park Niagara Falls, New York. And Mabel and forest right around the corner from here at Entercom and also in the elm wood village right and now whenever you. Yet during corrected it in this is by designed to. You know ophthalmology is a big field and there are a lot of patience indeed if I care and I do I care help. In Western Europe we thought is an original goal we set up our group it would be wise to spread ourselves around the Western New York area so that. No matter what sections suburb north southeast US you are on the city you can get to one of our shops. And I'll shops and I'll treatment centers that we have are tied in together. Do through Natalie social media but directly through links. As soon so any patient who's need of any help and anywhere in the city but new to anyone. So even if I typically go to the maple forest location a tyrant Orchard Park for instance I can pop in there there's an issue. Absolutely perhaps as they know you word it punch up my computer you get in and you get a phone call from the doctor you normally see whichever office to the doctor you see it that office that's a beautiful thing. I'm Idec hearing oh you're pretty humble guy but I talked to other physicians and other fields. And one of them once told me that the men and women who Wear out the mountains for the cream of the crop and now school. It requires a great deal of training right you're working after all with one's vision and I can't imagine him and I I've often talked to people about our senses and what would be the sense you would hate to lose most. I can't imagine being able to seek so you're charged with his enormous responsibility of helping people. With your vision. What was it like for you when you're in medical school is it is it true that it is the cream of the crop. Maturity you know and it's funny you mentioned that way it is not exactly in all fields of medicine are difficult and you know to talk to one in the neurosurgeons in town and look at a number of years they spent doing share Natalie research but that surgery. Since it into question sure is difficult to get enough margin residency but it's also to for the get many other agencies including plastic surgery in my listeners surgery. To sue sure again these sub specialties of surgery are are difficult and highly sought after and so maybe ideally cream of the crop might be stretching it just a bit but at. Who the heck we'll we'll take it I personally or a surgeon general question about it is socially medical school is a big question comes up for a Alice's. You know how to decide what feel we're gonna do you know we are going to medicine and hopefully for the right reasons right to. Altruistic Lee helped our society in and just prospective frontiers of health care. Sue we all sort of pick a route or route afterwards in Mexico for a couple years for me personally up the mileage he you enjoyed the anatomy. And the eyeball was small so the textbooks and then they were smaller. And yet but Wednesday interest and how do you see how connect and I ball detect one photon of light and change. That vote tunneling to a stimulus in your brain somewhere to finally an entire pathway was intriguing and so that's how I get excited about to start. Now it's it's fascinating to me and I need to type in a patient or Montana answered it wearing glasses and I was nine years old so. It's been awhile and answered it wearing contact lenses when I was nineteen and she remembered actor they relate these little round hardness Steve. And director when I was in college had to have a tendency to Wear them to linemen I would get you know I have a corneal abrasion on that. They're all sorts of issues and even with the evolution of consequences. There's so much easier to we are now even now I can still Wear them at my age and I can still breathe well enough with these higher and soft lenses. And I also still Wear glasses and I hit sunglasses from all of these from your practiced so on curing it you as we speak three years as well and able but it raised deviate thank you. And a shout out to Nancy who is in your optical shop at the maple forest location and winds out. I'm really takes the time. And to try to match up to frame with a person's face what works well what doesn't. Just top shelf very friendly efficient professional I can't say enough about your practice. But given the obvious that we strive for that now everyone in town but but thank you finesse we're tally of soil I mean from her so we talked briefly about catering X would you say doctor not a sunny that's the most common thing that you tree right now in western New York's yeah. I think so in in all of surgeries or all of the surgeries we do and our country kerik says the most common and the most successful. Non elective surgery in our practice ccb we have four. Since he's five now a formalities surgeons he. We do it a large number of cataract surgery as do other good physicians in town but I would you agree with you though that isn't the most common surgery that we do. It's not uncommon for our army to go and and you CAC Decker home what I've seen you as well protector homeowners say you're bringing up some cataracts but they're narrow right PI and it's a good thing right because it means it doesn't have to come out yet. If that's trek took so requisite is a funny turn non medical back at what price point is when we cigarette we don't mean just what we seem to look at your eyes but how are you doing. Is it a case in point I can have two patients one each room who have identical cataracts and other both to plus nuclear sclerosis medical term for these cataracts. With the idea of the same vision 2030 vigilance. Now walk into one room in that patient we'll tell me their life can't see a thing I can't see anymore docking got to fix me. Well clearly the characters to trouble it's causing that patient troubling and we go and fix it quick surgery make them better. Second room patients still has 2030 vision but I think she says I'm doing great dot I have no trouble I conceded driving ninth I'm doing wonderfully. That fishing doesn't cataract surgery so it's not just what we see in how we grade that your level cataract is how you feel. Makes sense. Yeah it's individual it is individual as a person irony answer absolutely me up amazing to how many are people who are near sighted more prone to getting cataracts. No and not more prone it's a different. Slightly different procedure in nearsighted people are nearsighted partly in in many cases patients and because the eyeball itself the globe that spherical eyeball is larger diameter I ball slightly larger so that creates a dead difference in the style we do the cataract surgery. With a mere definition of myopia nearsightedness does not preclude them to giving. Can picture created the same rate as anyone else. Catcher and catcher I MI harbor Hugh either rock common conditions Kenneth. I care vision won a warrant for you I'm sure for people that hear these terms. It's a scary thing to think about anything that might affect one's vision. In some seem more serious and others seems to me now when my secretary that if you do is easy for you to remove direct relatively what do look like call my doctor what is it exactly. Good point is that is more serious in some respects and cat director cataract surgery to glaucoma is in the simple definition is that. The pressure in the eyeball gets to such a level that it shuts off the good adequate blood flow to the optic near. So that simpler we you're losing optic nerve tissue in the epic near restrict cord that takes the information from the I'm often retina back to the brains he perceive it. If the cord is damaged in some way either from high high pressure or even normal pressure but pour blood flow. That becomes irreversibly damaged so no longer allowing. Information to traveled from the eyeball back to the brain I think of the example you buy a brand new lamp by Atlanta's beautiful you plug it in return on it works wonderfully. Somebody cuts the cord. Atlanta still working great looks healthy no light right you know connection from the outlet TV to the lab itself great analogy Minneapolis. This is something that can be repaired surgically it cannot sue glaucoma once the damage is done a camper repaired to the goal of treatment of glaucoma is to lower the threshold that's our lower the pressure below the threshold for damage in in the eyeball. We can do that by surgery means we can do by with using eye drops. Which India there laser techniques the whole goal is get dead arm pressure low enough so that the blood flow was still adequate to the optic nerve. Keeping them their viable and functioning. And it's something that you check on a regular basis when somebody comes and ECB a right for their regular check up there and dot com as part of their check up. Correct you know every patient is a mutton essentially no matter what they come in for get say a quick or in depth detailed. Glaucoma examination. And it really pharaoh when you go to I care and vision associate to infer locations throughout Western New York. Nagger faults Orchard Park. In the city in the Albert village and right here in suburbia at the corner almost at the corners and maple. Near the corner of forest. And Williams now and we're to talk about some other issues as well affecting your eyes macular degeneration. And also there's a pretty high incidence of diabetes in your community and they can never profound effect down one's vision. My own father's effort from problems with his vision because of diabetes. And we'll talk a little bit more about what you look for. Including some troublesome things it really don't have much of it cures like floaters and I can speak to their personally as well. Their protector David not a Sonny from I cared vision associates ready activist. You open the door you walk down the stairs you stand in a cluttered dirty dungeon the worst part you're in your own home you save basement you contact first buffalo total basement finishing. 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Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this way the most this Brenda how lazy. Welcome back to slice of life on this Sunday morning as always our thanks to the cake arrogant and pushy in the pine forest. Kevin Carey's always putting us on the right road on our our slice of life weekly show re either way every Sunday from 1030 to eleven. If you wanna hear some previous show she simply go to ESP and 1520 Jack come. Otters are Oliver shows are available. I'm podcast and it's a pleasure for me welcome back to the second half of the show director David months on it was with eye care and vision associates. EC BJ's it's more commonly known you for sandy beach talk about them and WB Ian over the years. And actors on a sunny is one of five positions. With the practice joining to actor you say fall. Hotter and home went dark welcome back to the sheltering and hit the unfortunate that you run into trimming back. Now it's great and you know more and more common complaints I hear about. Is something that I've been afflicted with for years floaters that these Darren little webs are black spots is C a almost as it is bloggers on the Koran and act. And I've been told that the to a something might be more common among folks who have yours in this can you explain what floaters are in is it true about your site that's. It if I can explain for certain suit if you picture the anabolic Genesee spherical glow of large marble writes about. 2.5 senators one inch in diameter. Most of the eyeball is filled up with substance called patriots which is like a clear jello. Accused at the integrity of this one genius who knows who it is the structures still Spierkel round. To this jello like stuff called victory this. As we get older the center of the victories can shrink called senior rhesus fancy medical term just means that liquefy and shrinks. If that happens to sides of Demetrius will pull away from the surface of the retton. When he pulled away they can pull clumps of debris such is. Lee you'll cells and fibrous tissue and those clips of the debris will sit suspended in this Petraeus now leg will come through your pupil as it normally does. And as it passes through the clear gel this victorious it'll hit that a suspended particle cast a shadow. Q I know incidents that a black flyer enact or you know peaceably and flowed a year VRA it be known Brad you're right Fred perfect analogy if you notice you can't quite seem to like if you look at that thread. In a move off when your periphery trying to follow with your eyes you never quite catch it. I do the same thing when mine gonna get play missile command element I'm. I went out ideas or pointers I mean if we could of the great half when it's very common to that question would be in most people have that the next question is is this a dangerous things is a sign of I trouble. By eight by itself it is not so typical floater if you asked several one you know you'll find that the answer yes and floaters. So in by themselves not but they couldn't be a sign especially if their company with flashing lights maccast sparkle or going off for a strobe lights in your periphery. A sign of tension in that same patriots on the right now surfaced and that tension especially long sticky parts like blood vessels could put your risk parental care. Now that's that's less go to somewhere very acute situation we have to come in. That's one of our offices are any optimal of the office you get evaluated right away if there's a terrorist quite simple to fix. If it remains a pair wanted to attaches that's a whole another story. Your other point about near sighted people Maktoob that the point in near sighted people for the most part have a larger diameter eyeball. With similar size red so it's analyst stretch. C news for those patients having intention of the victories on the retina may create higher risk situation for care of Iran and and detachment. So we certainly would like to see anybody with new onset floaters. Whether the near said it not but especially if they're new site. You know it's funny because I'd like to Wear those fancy sandwich is I got here is because I don't notice the floaters as much. They're much more apparent when you look at a white surface or if you look out into the signer he now with stark daylight yep or he and in the winter with this and how we counsel Whiting glaring. Great observation you picked up exactly if this is a shadow cast by that floating piece of debris were clearly the shadow is more denser the contrast between the channel right is more significant. If there is no bright white background and opens gotten. Do you see folks. It was done yes when asked I say you know 50% of patient we see whether we bring up the floaters them and that have them. When I don't like doing is pointing out the floaters and now they sent to notice that I am I get a phone call the next weeks and hey would you give me floaters who were. It's higher on Alec now in our game for after the check out some other common terms people here when it when it comes to vision is there are problems with vision would be. Mecky energy generation that's that's pretty scary what exactly is yet. Yes it so that is somewhat nebulous term when you hear that out there he would use it brought up the question guess to not pay to have drier wet Mac division you know explain that many but. The term match in a generation. To start off like this immaculate. It's a place so inside your eyeball the very center of your retina. The area used to focus when you looked straight ahead like to read something here look at someone's face the light that comes through your people it's falls and that's pot spot of the retina called the immaculate. So if you put the term together immaculate degeneration was the last thing you want is a degeneration of the tissue and that's involved with you seeing straight ahead. And that's what happens. Briefly what we think he happens is that. Proxy data radicals so these are moved chemicals of oxygen low variant of oxygen. I'd damaged cells that feed the redness the cells are called RPE sells retinal pigment at the Killian. But these cells live beneath the redneck if they get damaged by these oxygen free radicals. They can no longer feed him redneck give it is nutrients support the retina like supposed to. In the retina and those who individual photo receptors in the regiment they can die out McCullough and atrophy. If that occurs a patient would develop what we call a dry immaculate generation trying meaning it's just loss of the RT cells in an atrophy of the photo were sectors that's irreversible we can't get nerve tissue back in them and what we do. The wet form of macular degeneration comes up when. The blood vessels that live beneath those are peace sells but if something called brooks' membrane in the core and you know there's your anatomy lesson for today and a half but in the chloride those blood vessels can break through this membrane called brooks' membrane. And sort of exist beneath the red. When they do that can leak fluid in league blood. Beckham because a dramatic change in the vision especially straight ahead when you look to reads simply. A wet form like immaculate generation like that does have treatment initiatives aimed at decreasing those new blood vessels and a broken through bricks membrane Livni threaten. New treatments usually involve injections of with the call auntie badge F inhibitors that antibodies to a particular molecule discovery in the Yang does it sounds awful awful it does. It tell it though we eat either the patients a report. Too much difficulty was not quite as painful as you you think it's more about emotional. Where with off. I sure wish him as the idea that he had curly. I think you know that one good thing about having worn glasses since I was a kid and costs are wearing consequences I'm used to putting things in my eyes so it doesn't. Flipping out on the actor comes and goes on thing and I know a lot of people. You know you often hear doctor Mann's sunny about people who have a dental phobia cure patients who have an issue about their eyes are being touched anything like that. Yes it that not only patients doctors and a phone rang ER and you know something yeah Obama go anywhere near the other Collie Australian people are squeamish yellen went through medical school you know and lots of friends and who went through with me said what are you doing that thing is too small and squishy and image they can't even look at it while Joseph your right but not only do physicians and healthcare workers also have a phobia of the eyeball. Patients do as well. Interesting diabetes is something we hear a lot about in this area I think a lot of it is due to run. A lot of the high fifth diet that we eat in Western New York you know certainly wings pizza ice cream pinstripes on those things. Contribute to obesity and now oftentimes people are diabetic who are obese. Tell me how that affects. Territory of diabetes an awful in our country if you look at the prevalence. Of diabetes it's it's on the rise. You write a pizza maybe remorse in the wings but but the point is your hair and blood sledge are you're gonna. The blood sugar rises. Out of control should say. Because it insulin in the body in no longer adequate to force the new blood sugar into your cells what's it. So of the blood sugar is more elevated throughout the bloodstream and supposed to be it starts to like console late you know offense eve chemical term that means it puts glucose molecules and proteins were not supposed to be. Well these proteins exist in many cells throughout the body and on the surface of some. In a particular group of cells called the Perry sites which wraparound capillaries in the eyeball. And I mean that's so important but if those parasites have proteins in recollect how isolated in the cause trouble the parasites can rupture and died. They no longer can hold the integrity of the capillaries to think of it capillaries a little straw. Running between two big garden hoses right when garden hoses here artery you know and Jermaine those straw between the two candidates tries to be kept intact. It's Sorkin leak nutrients out to the grass to your lawn right but you can rupture of the parasites are gone because of diabetes and damaged him you get these straws to burst your felling my analogy right. And so that you get fluid their blood to leak out and Iran. Sending the red merits and redness flat to get there artery in the van besides little straw between the two. In a theater center damage these can rupture so what we can see from high un controlled blood sugar is damage to those capillaries causing hemorrhaging in the red. It can be anywhere from moderate to severe causing what we call a schema changes to. Really fascinating how it all works in the tank you know we hear about somebody having diabetes and are necessarily think of I issues but certainly it is a huge impact on. My father loved to read it was a real. Bookworm and it was particularly cruel to his eyes are affected because of diabetes and he passed away in 1990. And I often think about how different the technology is to our point in the beginning of the show. But how things have evolved he did get great care and he was able to salvage some of his vision and story so yeah there's so much it really affects our vision. And this man I salute you for the work that you do ECB eight actor along with your colleagues who are just outstanding and your other staff members in the other. Portions of your practice before we go. Have a common question I guess you probably get to especially her folks who have children what's the best age to seek an eye exam. Good point if the answer to that is any age at which your weary as a parent and you're worried as a parent he's been. If that if you notice something doesn't seem right or just have that gut feeling something is right. AH bring them and usually you get did an examination early on just after Burton pediatrician would do examinations early. In our office we can get a good examination on challenge aged three to certainly by then but back to the point this year. Not comfortable have a gut feeling any age any time any of our officers will see any. Great idea great idea to get an early habit baseline I think is so important absolutely and and data protector on Sunday and Bernard just run over those locations again please. And the other thing too folks you regular call to I Karen vision associates or EC BA's it's commonly now. There really catchy number 631 ice 6313937. But I opera an average of 631 eyes and they don't get too connected. The locations in lane is beyond the location points I should say is it 811 maple road right near forest north forest. Also in the south towns in Orchard Park 3712 south western boulevard. Are right in the city in the elm wood village 932 alma avenue and in Niagara Falls 6917. Plaza drive. Innophos and that's fire follow us at New York. Doctor David Mann a sunny border plastered attacked year and to be educated I love the analogy you make it easy for laymen like me understand. Some of the complexities of the I thank you so much for coming in that thank you very immigrant it's always a pleasure and it's so great to. I work with the practice like yours that help people you know when I walk in your practice exe everybody in their kids to seniors and I feel like me the courtesy extends everybody. The professionalism is apparent there mommy walk in the door keep up the good work must thank you can answer better endorsement than that thank you so much has been a pleasure once again to attack Tia and slice of life we look forward attacking me in next Sunday. At 1030 thanks to attorney in a see you next week. Thanks Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.