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Sunday, June 10th

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Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to Western Europe can't work your business friendly conversation. Right here ES PM 15:20 AM where we talk about sports jobs economic development and always to people that make it happen. Enjoying life period it ESP and with my wonderful core holes Laura Lewis long good morning. Mining how I know I'm doing excellent. My voice sounds funny. All that's get it's got. So so Dario I'm doing well no and how your weekend. My week actually we start with that we my week has on which is still a lot of business meetings I attended a number of workshops on Google being one of them cool he had an event that they hope to injury. To shorten business owners on how to Americus from it has sealed stamp we how to get their business listed on the improve their presence. Offline so that was very uninteresting plot information howls from me with but. You know I'm a big believer if you can walk away with something new something that you didn't know prior to going into it or. Just our revisit a lot of fundamentals then as it was a good place to me. Snyder that they stopped. And to continue and yes so I put yourself. It was kind of a sit doing eleven hour this week actually till a couple of days in his same thing sales training but it. Captain really great girls from a lot of that it is the fundamentals. Are you know it already but but he's never hurts to. Re apply that information yet this practice. And I think is so fitting that we you know both of us are weeks started out that way in leading into today's show because today show was really indicative of their. That continued professional development. It with champions and we have Leary Midas who is the owner founder. Speaking of strategy. When it comes to leadership development marketing advertising business coaching training sales during our generation as well as keen or speaking. Other than myself does not want a slightly or minus. I. They're what we think these are that. People couldn't hand multiples thank you so much her for hand me good morning Martin hale and and I have to lead by saying that highlight of my week this week was my thirtieth wedding anniversaries. Ask us. Yeah I'm one of those guys are married to my best friend my soul make a lot in my life Fenton and and the way our relationship operates really I transfer those things into the business world because there's a lot of overlap. You know healthy. Injuring relationship. He needs you communication unique common interest in each shared interest in a common goals and you talk to business people on operating a successful business. It's no different a lot of times they have trouble with communication people don't know what's going on there guessing and there's water cooler rumors chatter. The boss has won all the managers have another goal the ownership team has another goal he can imam with same room NATO. While I thought this was important and Canada this is important this thing happens country's heating your world Lauren and in simple things like performance reviews. So a lot of the every day things that we tool and can learning get better and we can really transfer into the business sector. I could agree which more pink to your point if there's harmony happiness in her happiness in the business. And I get my paychecks to my wife so that it helps to our last hit on hand in hand. I'm way happy anniversary. That you view. When before we go really into the death of today's featured conversations with two Malia and by what's happening in the world sports. The buffalo bison start game one of a doubleheader today in Columbus is they take on the clippers in the second and third game of their series. Columbus defeated buffalo 65 Friday. To open up the series. First pitch is set for 105 with three games starting at 1235 break here and yes PF 1520. The sabres John chain of sports that's as the trigger reserve forward Ryan O'Reilly are very real. Rallies when three seasons with buffalo entering his third year of his seven year contract extension that pace in seven point five million years. Washington Capitals have won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. To defeat the biggest gold what's in game five Thursday. Alexander Ovechkin on the con smythe award which goes to the MVP of the playoffs every year with the Vatican's first championship and fourteen seasons. The Pope mobile will conclude the final week of routier's Friday rookie quarterback Josh Taylor made the third team on the computer and AJ McCarron both got first team reps. Throughout the week but coach John McDermott did not rule out the possibility of elegant work with the first team at any. Other news or on the NFL patriots wide receiver Julian adamant received a four game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy fellow patriots pass catcher Rob Gronkowski. Tonight the patriots were have to trade him. After rumors spread last week. In the NBA the Golden State Warriors won their third NBA championship in four years including this series sweep of Cleveland Cavaliers Friday night. Have a great one piles of BP once again his second finals MVP award in two seasons. As for LeBron James who becomes a free agent this summer when asked if he played his final game with the Cleveland Cavaliers James was noncommittal saying he needs to speak with family before decision is made. This update is brought to pilots have your PC blogger your complete legal counsel of my Fox's pizza enjoy the game with a nice as the bodies. Chris good 1520 upgraded yet. Welcome back to western new York and work with Gil Martin and Lori Lewis. Why Perry ESP and 15:20 AM. And for listeners are do we want you to be a part of the conversation if you have any comment or question please don't created to give us car the telephone number is it'll 31520. Again it'll 31520. Now we're just really do arm deep right and so particularly iridescent when you website. And it goals which states developing dynamic leaders who tried positive results and personal satisfaction. He speaks of that. I sure can. Who were living and it's time unfortunately that was the Genesis of the challenge we have in leadership all over the world. Where the unfortunate and tragic events of September 11 because on September 12. People Koppen said I wanna go to work. On in my paycheck and I wanna go home and a lot of engine in my family in my community and based on what I just saw. I don't have an interest in. Fast tracked high potential. Leadership development program management. Work get paid go home and enjoy the rest of my life and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that candidates on the balance in your life. But what he did to our business is all over the world really it's created a gigantic Voight. Because so many people pulled back. From learning about management and leadership. They acts companies now are are are stressed. And you marry that to the fact that there are people you know leaving the workforce through attrition. I'm through retirement. Through death. Workplace is now are saying where are the leaders the future there is no and strength is very limited and strength and the and the rules have changed. We are going to in probably three years depending on who you talk to the majority of the workers that workforce will be in the one deals. I actually at this owners that means say to I have to hire quote unquote those people. So in the workforce we've got millennial starting next gen Y gen Z baby boomers. And probably two other generations I can remember and we're trying to get them to Cole late and collaborate and work together. And and psychologically that's stress. From a work ethic perspective there's there's misalignment. As a lot of balls in the air that managers leaders. Does sellers have to juggle and quite honestly people are stepping back going I don't want to be bothered with that money go to work get paid. And go home so. You know I used Jefferies dynamic leaders I believe anything I call super leadership. Because there have been studies for decades may be hundreds of years that profile. Women men in the workforce and helping lead and there are distinct differences between female and and male leadership. And and quite honestly. You'll like this Lawrence. It's able as an accidental let me be five years ago when you look at the fortune 500 list of the most successful publicly traded corporations and the United States. The top five gore all CE owed by females that's not an accident that's not mistake. That means I say this to my male leaders all the time myself included. We have to look at what these female leaders are doing an incorporate some of their game plan into bar our leadership style. Yes some businesses going to business to lose money they have lost leaders last leader division's loss leader products things like that. But at the end of the day it's about making profit. And hopefully having a good time doing it because in our culture unfortunately. Most of us work more than we eat sleep vacation a rectory eight. So your reporting in 405060. I know some business owners that work seventy hours a week. Are having fun. Is it worth it. You know -- have some people are you would say is there such a thing as a work like balance I'm a proponent of that I think you have to create it though. So that's kind of what that catch phrases. It's and let's talk a little bit about that gender CEO because Lorne you know she's a business owner she was wrong staffing company woman owned business women owned business BMI cousin about. Females and I think this there's something dear that speaks to our best practices. Or what type of arm assessments are being our guest may be out in a marketplace that can. Arm detect what told the skill sets are what are these women leaders bring it to the table that makes them number one and you know in their industry or what dynamics there from a cultural standpoint currently trying to infuse into a growing or progressive company. There's something I think there's some commonality here. And in Europe or walks of life. Hard hearted various assessment tools state you are either utilizing more I have come across. There are I guess holy business owners determined who's the right leader. Or whether there's there's there's a lot of different elements to that I don't Pisani and by jet these dollars and Warren Buffett and to retrieve those other business owners. Are going to create this this mag in new health care company. That's originally only going to managed there one point two. Million collective employees. Or the steps they took while they are recruiting the CEO of this new enterprise. Was they had every viable candidate write a white paper. On how they would change the health care industry. It wasn't just here's your resume your track record here's a treat them before they Wheatley. They did it deep dive into what do you think how do you think this could look at how we make this different so they only answer your question. This is a lot of different piece is now historically we know one thing pressure any industry white collar blue collar privately held publicly treaty doesn't matter. What sector of businesses and wing female leaders take a self assessment about the leadership skills. They under rate themselves. Probably 99.9. 9% of the time. That their responses gauge against there Holland audience response there's other co workers their peers are subordinates are asked he's asking questions of the leader as the leader. You get the saints are rate a man. 99 point 9% of the time they overeat that's. Your accent on the attack but he. The guys it's got more you give me a tunnel if you attack and then you'd you surveys the followers the troops and there is a four. Think women just like second guess themselves and under estimate. Alex asked absolutely. It frustrates me personally as a business personally I I I Matt I keep meeting continued need. Some dairy fairy tale fairy. Gifted. Intelligent female leaders and it's kinda like the to see in themselves. And sometimes they're a little bit afraid to take action now. There's many force going on their society there's the whole ceiling thing. Others need to which we'll talk about it by. That doesn't mean we can't migrate away from that so your original question dale I think the answer is at least I thought you or asking. What do you some of these females two batters leadership roles and males and it's things like communication. There are openly share more information last secretive. Female leaders tend to build cultures that are more collaborative and last competitive. You know guys are trying to errant kick divisions being. Female CE it was like let's all win together yeah. On nails like to take in port credit and again it's not universal statement just across the sports on for some time. But female leaders that have contract answer 810 to give credit away. They don't care who did the work including themselves they just are fifteen to win. So it's it's things like that. But cultures a tricky thing Agilent companies and they say we want to change our culture so organ at launch and you only like four. Hours right. I'm like nom I'm getting 2436. Months. Because think about your work experience lower income since she starts one or preaching something at work. And some of them followers go. All flavor of the month Vanilla. Latter tock letter maker noise letters and outs of emails and switched perk. We'll never hear about it again and the unfortunate thing is that happens a lot. But if you're going to bill culture and maintain it when accessing protect culture. That you recruit him. It takes a lot of work it takes one time gain traction and people's eyes are going I guess this is the real deal because Lawrence Steele singing that song. That's you missing a year ago I guess this is who we. Any any really need to commit. It catches implement her he's had a couple weeks you really need to. Live it breathe it. Commit to it if that's the course you want to accompany. Oh excellently you know that's Sunday morning and I challenge. When I teach in different colleges network my clients such as people say take Sunday. Buffalo News that implements action nowhere near the size east but read every single. Help one candidate for employment. You'll rarely if ever see it description. Of the company's culture you'll always see this is what the job it's a guess a lot. Any girl in Google configure with the job so right. I want in note two we laugh too fond retreated partly in and he can talk to the owner that's culture. And we need to do a better job of explaining corporate culture. To candidates to be able to attract the best. And that's something actually so interesting you talked about this morning because they think it's come up a lot and and my history in recruiting world and the human resources Ralph. He talked a lot about with candidates what they are looking for the accurate and it's like yes you can see what is on the black and right of their resume and sees what skills they have. But we're really gonna make a higher for someone into an organization. You want that person who economic reform public it's culturally. And wanted to the culture not everyone wants the same agriculture. But you were saying earlier some people wanna go and do their work. Get their paycheck go home they land and I'm able to like live and read their jobs their company. And C got a relief you can play someone who wants that. Spent five and two continents. Once he'd be more of a full time. For a position. And here I can and leads I think actually it's a one of the points I want to make I get asked every day about the workforce and employing one meals finally tracked them. How to weigh coach them mention them trained and pottery retain them. And and there's a lot of myths and fallacy out there about colonials and quite obviously in their defense if it upsets a lot of the colonials. Because I hear blanket statements like Ole they're lazy. All they want a deal overpaid for not a lot of war they're not loyal to are gonna work here two months and leave. A not not necessarily true. They are very attuned and very keen to corporate culture there and it doesn't just mean. In in the mind of almost millennia is now a corporation cannot say well we're doing public service by providing jobs paying property taxes to community. And is supporting families that's how we give back colonials are going you're supposed to do that. What's the deep dive will what are you doing for the environment what are you doing for sustainability. What are you doing to change the health care system. What are you doing to set the world of work on its year that's what makes your company attractive to me as a as a job candidate. And quite honestly if you set a millennial down. At work in a win the cubicle and they're next to what baby boomer in their next somebody else. Who may be is kind of lost the passion doesn't have the edge. Doesn't want to coach trainer Mansur. They're gonna leave. Because right now on the world of HR with the buzz I hear is the six months twelve months. Performance review they might go away. And it Michael A because millennial saying we don't want that so what to colonials want they want to elite feedback. And most of my clients that to mean all that's impossible. But you want daily feedback is a dale thinks come and nearly hit argued that to reach out of that report. Two seconds of feedback is he back then but they want it consistent. Lee and that constant communication and that can't snacks with Paris organizers manager yes. And I've also heard that millenniums also want them the right word balance our Whitner assessing the right company were four. They don't wanna work sixty hours a week and I have a light they wanna be evasive. Put in whether it's 3540. You know adequate number of hours. On in their profession but at the same time had a long personal time for family and just life and join. You know I went to Catholic school for years so my math skills aren't that good but I think all three killed my children and technically I should do this. I think there are maligning else and once the war one way maligned deals are mismanaged network is. The employer says 08. Lauren. Can you stay late tonight it's 5 o'clock but what we're we're gonna we're gonna have a an emergency meeting at seven. In her heart of hearts not being disrespectful Lauren looks at me and says why can't do that I have volleyball sudden. And the employer goals what are they crazy. Or they have to understand is that is a commitment in the mind of the millennial net is an appointment. And if you want to flex my schedule. Just give me some heads ups and only time I'll make it all work. Molecules are very busy very productive but you just can't like rack their schedule that's been proven right. And and so it's it's it's is learning how to get along with them and how to manage yelled at the biggest group of workers are gonna have in the United States and probably the world Clinton in a matter of three years. We have to retrain ourselves it's not about I was have employers say well they're gonna have to learn how how we roll here. Not after rolled together differently that we ever did before to produce the best workers in the past leaders we have ever had. And. And with you know that things that he has seek a quick break. It's a don't go anywhere is an awesome conversation acutely cup passes by bag but stay tuned and we will be back with bus you can regulating their email us. 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Welcome back to questioning I can't where can ESPN fifteen tiny a and I am learned Lewis in pseudo Psycho hose down my and and we're having an awesome conversation this morning with Larry my it is the founder of speaking of strategy but really everything that's been going on in the workforce and corporations around the country. You know I'll today. Thursday and today I had the pleasure being at center for entrepreneurial leadership's thirtieth graduation ceremony you'd be right right across the street. And now the executive director of CEL Tom Albert part of the speech he kept looking at the audience missing fill in the blank you don't know. What you don't know. So I wanna mention three things quickly dat. My experience is telling me some employers might not know because again owners of businesses are focused on productivity sales profit margins. And an announcer a lot of the H are things that get away from them. So here are three things and I despondent plant species and have people call maybe go back to work amounts they where are we on these topics. Legislation was passed quite a while I don't think it really. Generated out of Philadelphia. When it comes to hiring somebody using an application that there's a law called ban the box. And the boxes the boxes used to say have you been Kinect got convicted of a felony. You can't ask that question anymore. Because the mindset the legal mindset behind it was. And if the answer was yes. He probably never get an interview in a kick out won it it would be pretty short. And that's unfortunate so now there they're trying to take I guess some of prejudice perhaps out of the hiring process or at least the were at least the recruiting process. The second one that most employers don't know and sometimes their staff gets them in trouble. It in at least in New York State now you're really got spoiled they ask anymore what's on salary history was. Because again if somebody says it's seventy and you've got a job for 58 doesn't really mean they're not the best candidate and it doesn't mean they might not take that job but a lot of people go out. The parliament but now I'm not a lawyer I've never been one went to law school. I've ever played one on television I did watch LA law growing up so you can do the math to figure out old I am but I think I think when you get to that point. Either you make some Medina offered and the losses you can start to negotiate. The sum of my employer's annual so far in I could waste a lot of that time my time in the candidates' time. If we're that far down the road before we talk about compensation. I think and again on the local legal expert but the question I've been asking is. What's salary range do you desire does that really has nothing to do with you made what you made it past him but everything about what you want for the future. And then that and then the newest one that I can think of is and most in players are not aware and again as Genesis of the of the meat to movement. New York State. Senate and assembly have passed law that says sexual harassment training. Is mandated now mandatory. No longer optional. For every business in the state of new York and you have to have a planned attack in place. By this fall October 9. And it's limited him. Training yearly yes that's going to be required annually. This gonna cover up and three or four major points and again I'm not a lawyer well one of the points as what does that what does that look like what does it sound like how that we identify it. One of the points test to be what do we do what's the process as a company at there's there's an issue. And then what Aaron legal resources legal avenues for people to go down. Pot and the trains in it to be offered every year now I'll look at it this way there's there's a lot of employers now who currently AP once a year two years. They offer. Overall training and the sexual harassment piece is part of it. You know and there's there's bullying in all types of things. But I I think. The soapbox I stand on its people get afraid I'm myself included nicely look. This is all about there's a time and a place for almost everything. At work as business people we've got to be a little bit smarter about the times in the places and sometimes we have to. Solar cells and track I've had people say oh my gosh I'm auditing and be able look at someone network outlets thought about that. It's about using some common sense and having some protocols in place. In the morning educate people about it that there are more aware Hebert about what you can and can't do and just keep like we talked about earlier in the show continue that education. And heavy and being flexible and willing to move in adapt and. And just as the times and situations are changing rights I I'd I want your listeners to know that I can help them that they can they can reach me directly at seven point 6901. 4352. If they go to my website speaking of strategy dot com there's. Contact information requests for help pop section. A Macedonia launching a fairly senior in Western Europe but I call a seminar program that it's avoiding that Bermuda Triangle business. It was going to be a triangle business well you know that it's funny because everybody knows where the Bermuda Triangle is in back in the day when it was really hot topic yet disable lot of people keep going there if they know they might not make it out. The same thing applies to business people selling it short form involves the need for points. One of his HR we talked a little bit about that today. One of them is marketing and sales one of them is technology and the other one is financial acumen business acumen that you don't understand all four of those points. You get drawn in your business can disappear but I've noticed about many businesses they never realized there on the path disappearing until it's too. That he has Hitler fortunately there has to be our last word of the day but we need to have looked up. When an art to this conversation each one of those tennis star. Can be a complete show in of itself so we can think you know for being part of today's double we'd certainly like to have you back. Any parting thoughts. Thanks for having me. It up guy mentioned one quick thought that I just read that I loved and I think would benefit people it's called give and take. The author is Adam grant. At the age of 28 he was the youngest and highest rated highest tenured professor at the Wharton school of this house it's a great read it's a great reads it it's been on a few years but I just saw him speak so. Thank you so much for at me appreciating your area's great great show. Absolutely great show great conversation before even listening to Western New York or work would del Martin and Laura Lewis ever beautiful Sunday. A great day a great week I should say and we'll see you next Sunday. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.