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Sunday, June 10th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of spike was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you so much for carving out some time Boris on this Sunday funding hope your weekend is going well and that. Amazing how quickly they got buys in that they go by an uplink that we're happy to be here. Every Sunday morning from 1030 to eleven are here on ESP and 1520. If you have any ideas about gas or topics like this to copper. Please you're free to reach out to me directly he can reach me here undercount radio H 43065184306. Upon. Or hit me up and social media mind FaceBook Twitter. And inch to Graham and I would want to hear for me to comment on the Sharon any suggestions. This is by the way the only light Serra radio show and the buffalo market so. We can talk about everything from sports obsessions to breast cancer rehab to. Real estate legal matter cause you name it we're gonna cover and there's officers agreed happenings. Throughout Western New York especially at this time of the year. And to be a point it is my pleasure to welcome back to the show. Susan Gately and and kissed these winner with the dragon boat festival which is coming up. And just a few days I can't believe it's around the corner ready Susan welcome back to the show thank you run does pleasure to be here and always great to see you was well on major it will make an encore appearance is Susan. Yes this is great Brenda thank you know it's a pleasure now Susan and her folks may not know what the I hope chest buffalo nagger dragon boat festival as if you could just let everybody know what the whole concept is behind that sure. It's our largest fund raiser it's our seventh annual. Trenton park festival. It is comprised of 48 to visual have fifty teams that will be competing. And we. They race during the day and we have many family activities as wells a basket raffle. We have merchandise now owns and 55. 5050 raffle as well as a children's area. There's so much to see and do intake and and it's Downey buffalo river works right Susan we yesterday as he's ever roof over your head. Josh IBC there's a lot of outdoor activity. Focused the the race in all of the activity around there how do you like being down there and works is. Buffalo river works is perfect it is the perfect and you frost wind from the areas for viewing. It's really terrific and it is covered in the event that it's incredibly weak and the last couple years have been very very warm and sunny cast of people have appreciated that they could duck from the sun. And if by any chance we have a cloudy or rainy day you it really doesn't impact tests at all being a powerful whoever works it's really fantastic it's an all day event for justice starts at 8 in the morning and goes until 5 o'clock I team to actually start to arrive at 7 AM to get ready but the races start promptly at eating them. It's a full today and I had to give a shout out to Allen Davis who is our WG air program director here and under Karen radio. And we call Ellen the voice of the dragons because he does a phenomenal job. Calling their races and he has such a great voice and such enthusiasm and passion for the costs and it passes it must be such a pleasure for your work with a pro like Leon. Well Illinois is fantastic we appreciate Allen so much each and every year he has he has called our races. And he calls them all over the country and is so gracious city comes in doesn't frost I think you pointed it out because they know he goes to Florida and he spends a lot of time in other areas helping folks with. Various stricken about races and the recent recall actor and it's and it's quite simply. That that the canoes if you will. Have I dragon had. At the front of the bow right. Yes the boat's actually look like dragons are scales on the side. And then like he said the dragon head is at the front and there's a tale at the back. Yeah it's quite striking when you see these votes. And and we should explain to this is not just a great faster ball. I TO for families for spectators for the participants. But there's also more serious reason behind and it's a way for. Breast cancer survivors get your round exercise and help with their nutrition and to heal quicker and get over the trauma being diagnosed. How did get off Victor in this test of. Exactly well. Pau just was founded eighteen years ago and we were the second team in the United States we are comprised about breast cancer survivors. And the one day one of the members brought a little article about dragon boat racing and breast cancer survivors to the woman who founded hope chest and she took a leap of faith and decided yet this is what we could do. Like you said we are wellness program we offer free exercise and nutrition classes year round. In the summer we putter dragon boats in the water and that is a blast. And we go to other festivals throughout the east and into Canada because there are many teens in Canada it was founded in Canada. So it's a great way for some drivers to a get into a healthier lifestyle. Get themselves back. To a better level of health get them stronger. And then get them into eighteen situation where. You know they rely on each other and depend on each other to do this. Everybody has to work together there's no you know somebody going out of sync. Urban hero and I got. Up so the paneling has to be together and there is nothing like going down at river. In seen. The levels the different tiers at river works and people hanging over the railings cheering him their ma'am their sister or their grandmother. To you know finish the race. And every single woman and that Bausch has a story to tell. Exactly. It's just it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it and re calling being there over the years it's coming up and June 16 which is this Saturday. At Staten Butler ripper works its just so wonderful venue for this type of activity two and there's so much to do. Now and you are steering if I remember correctly right your steering one of the votes. Yes I have been steering since we got our first boat and I learn how to do that. Many years ago about thirteen years now I've been doing it and also the coach. Of the team at this point and I've been to dragon boat pants because and I do that I was there. Visit teacher coaches in Mary's school for the deaf for many years. But Tom dragon boating was never on the docket that school but I've just learned as they went along and hit some great teachers and mentors. In his may affect those people. Are the people who run the dragon a passel wanna come up your pinning him. Dragon OK so used to it they connection with them yeah it's so grating you are 22 years as a writer kudos it's fantastic experience thank you and you know for steering it takes a lot of Cornish I would imagine. Net a little bit of strain. Analog voice and you can use your teacher skills and that's encouraging skills it is so great and also you know. Is this dragon boat festival and Western New York is ground. You've had other partners who have come in for Sampras is in the BAC the buffalo athletic club which is now an all women's club. Announce an agreement with hope chest beckoned 2015. To offer exercise classes at RBC locations for the women participating. Yeah well ours it's fantastic all of our classes are all of our exercise classes are now how to get the BAC the women locations across Western New York. And it has been a great enhancement to our program phenomenal how iPad and you know and from a the perspective of somebody who his fought the disease and don'ts out successfully. There a time picnic especially since it's been more than two decades since you were today announced. Bitten and Damon in January actually discouraged from exercising. During an after treatment you remember. Yes that's true and they weren't supposed to lift anything heavy in all kinds of things so that's actually have a dragon boating started. A group of women went to this. Doctor in Vancouver Canada as he has done McKenzie he's the father. Five Drake in voting for breast cancer survivors because they want him to find out you know they wanted to work out. They wanted to get stronger. And so he put him in a program and found it do you exercises strengthening was good for them and the repetitive. Sold shoulder movements were very good for them and so he put them in the funny activity of dragon boating and that's really how it all began. I've seen women who have and Kadima and the air reserve base well and that's a great way to kind of keep the fluid moving in and and hasten that recovery. Under some really significant numbers here it Susan was kind enough to to get to me ahead of her interview. Active women have somewhere between twenty and 80% lower risk of getting breast cancer he even with moderate intensity exercise how. I know it's tough Sundays to get out of and a garbage hammer out there and offered as well well worth it. And also our Harvard study found it a recurrence of breast cancer is reduced by 50%. By exercising during and after cancer treatment and inching your point. It's something that's really helped you as well read I mean you've been in the business year career now are you doing this is again something that drives you. Yes that's a very significant. Statistic. And what's really nice on the BAC adapted our. Program that we originally designed for breast cancer survivors based on what this doctor McKenzie had done and so. We're very fortunate thing the people at the BAC. Have worked so closely with us in continuing that. Our exercise class is for anyone you don't have to hit a high fitness level. Any. Survivor at any age can come to us and participate in her class. It's our great to hear and there's exciting news to just a few days ago about. How chemotherapy mean happy necessary for some breast cancer patients as well south. Things are evolving Susan and a good way yes yes I've talked often about losing my sister and right after this dreaded disease and gives me hope that there is. There are studies that are happening at results and a concrete cures or at least things that are working towards a better way of life for for women and men for that matter who battled the disease. And what. So special about our program is in addition to the physical benefits we provide a lot of emotional support to women who have battled that terrible disease. And continue to have issues that they are challenged by. Throughout their life because of medications that I have to take more physical limitations. And our program is structured. Now only to address the physical concerns but also their emotional. So. Issues such an important point to that works hand in hand obviously and that the types of races ladies it's not just the dragon boats out there with breast cancer survivors of corporate teams you can't. Teams that are women mixed teams with the men and women and of course breast cancer survivors. Is it growing Susan and they respect your seeing more and more corporate entities come to this guy paragraph it certainly. Is growing we have received tremendous support from the buffalo business community as well as from community teams so our program Arab. And that is expanding every single year were selling out. By mid spring. So it's very exciting for us to see it growing and for many people who have never seen dragon boat racing they find it very exciting day and of course. With. Activities that we have like the best to raffle ask your raffles phenomenally. Successful people love it we've got great items and it's not just a fun filled day for everybody. There are so many things going and you've got a best team custom and T shirt contests. The winner receives a 500 dollar river works gift certificate it's a nice price. And you also as you mentioned at best Iran falls over a wide variety of vendors and we can't emphasize enough what a kid friendly. Experience this is a space penny painting and other activities. Photo Booth switching their kids are always enjoy. And the buffalo Niagara sports commission and the confucius institute is doing some guesses well just they will both be there. So there's tiny things for spectators to do and one of them more touching moment is when he hit that carnation. Ceremony and you and it's not about them. Yes and all of these festivals it we go to as well as our own. About midway through the morning. Midway through today. They hit the breast cancer race and then immediately following Mitt they do a Brett and they do the coronation ceremony where we honor those who have lost their battle. And continued to honor those who continue to fight their battle with breast when. What a lovely gesture and it's so moving to see this and a whole scene is just so exciting with what's gone on I've seen people sort of pitch a tent a few hours they set up there lawn chairs and have coolers and they're they're for the entire day in so much to watch you here Ellen's voice booming in the background. It's almost activity and find and it's really kind of cool to him the Renaissance of buffalo. You know happening concurrently because you can see what's happening down in the area. And it might expose people to all the fun things that are happening in buffalo too soon and you feel like it's a side benefit as well. Oh absolutely it's very exciting down in that area of the city and there's a lot going on and people tend to states throughout the entire day of give and pray and some people stay even longer to partake in some of the activities at buffalo river. X I'd like Cuba or both or what have you addressed that there's so many other great causes out there and certainly involve other than season has dealt with concerts festivals and fund raisers how do you compete what makes you different. While we're on the water which many of them are now a lot of big events here either races or walks yeah. And we're very unique and with this dragon boating because whoever heard of that hit it eight years ago and we've been doing it for. The better part of eighteen years. We're just hoping that you know will still continue to grow in buffalo and river works to be is an. Excellent facility host. Yes I think so too there's a NASCAR man and a Susan you you folks are soaring reducing new fund raiser called find for Hulk. Yes fun for hope is a fundraisers that we do for our teams as well as for a team members. Of our own teams where individuals countries on our behalf and his contributions can be made by going to hope chest buffalo dot org. And to the donation section of the website. And if you have a particular person that you would like to make a donation on behalf they receive credit for that donation and can earn prizes. Screw other Summers gone and again it's the 2018. Hope chest off on aggregate dragon boat fast across an affair street's angst I like our fits in your shirt though and and you'll see a lot of people. Down at the venue wouldn't be very distinctive logo that you have. Walking around and helping contributing just hit sort of esprit de corps the half with this plan I just lob harmony comes together for this. And I commend you for continuing to work so hard on this project again it is. This Saturday June 16 and it starts at 8 o'clock rates are desperate sister rated eight Susan Gately and his thank you so much for coming in this morn thank you so much hand as Brenda. We'll be back with a little bit if obsession right after this. It's time. Time increase education with two Wendy's summit that preaches. 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Thanks for tuning in to slice of life. Now back to your host this with a Moses Brenda how lazy. And welcome back to slice of life and that Sunday and as always we want to thank the gentleman who's pushing the buttons Christian Syriana was at the controls. Filling in for the cake care this week and thanks to jammed retained your business with us. This week slice of life I'm delighted to welcome for the first time Brian powers to the show. Brian is the owner of sports obsession Etsy store at the wall thing gallery I've been there for four years are ready. Brian welcome to usher as for me when it's always a pleasure to talk sports Ayman Al longtime bill sabres diehard fan long suffering and happy. And we're I have to rescue. You own place is awesome in Pennsylvania Erie and grove city. And also in Nile must act now as the audience I was in Ohio so what is the whopping Geller reallocation like at the fans here more rabid and in those other cities. Yes so that other stores we have don't actually have a team within. There over an hour away from our store so this is the first story actually had at the nationals crazy fans based so it's not. Sparky was always a 32 NFL teams all the all teams that are here courses different bills are way ahead of everything else. I would imagine so are not order an eerie penny between buffalo and Pittsburgh are their allegiance is more to the Steelers of the built the Steelers is airing out here all focus and these sports obsession and the Walden galleria. By the way any IBC the gallery as a giant property where exactly are you located at the mall. We are located upstairs near the food court. On cycle level land the champs and others Schuster agreed on the hole from muscles. Got you so now brain year's tour as well sacked just say the least. You have all 32 NFL teams. Is interstate memorabilia uniforms jerseys how you describe all 32 teams we have. What I do is we carry the best selection hats T shirts equities and jerseys for each team but that we also do the autograph memorabilia. In every novelty agony imagine we carry TV till it comes blank it's so flags the clocks interrogating accessories coffee mugs whatever you think of. Well it's no coincidence that we're doing this show now because fathers today airs tomorrow we're talking about gas. In our June 17 here and what how perfect for the day under the important man in your life. To coming gets on the unique like this so you virtually any kind of trinket Chatzky. High end Jersey you can imagine death. Wayne Levy had grill accessories and Buffalo Bills like different sets and no real covers swimming in the mountains the spatula as. All kinds of other minutes. This all right it's it's terrific and it doesn't just have to be offered and I obviously that I'm perfect timing for Father's Day who needs another time even integral accessory that Eldred on a bad ties in the past also realize with the bills like this totals looked. How did you come unstuck we certainly know the travails of the Buffalo Sabres over the past few years and they had a dubious distinction of finishing 31 at a very long last year. Get the sabres still sell heard it there merchandise is are still some demand for hockey. There's just a demand for hockey that Saber merciless death claim generally slow. It's that a tough cycles technicals corporate our rookie year wiese did really well his merchandise. And and they've actually improve day or several was gonna getting happy and last year they went downhill again so. And sales drop back off against well hopefully they the end of June brain your license as a harassment is down incoming and you know the number on pecs or we're gonna have some fun with the sabres again this year I called up again his Jersey and in that'll make the next mostly nice boost the sales useful. I hopes are to return is Brian bowers who is the owner of sports obsession. Located on the second level of the galleria in brain item before we get away from all the different items you have and checking to about Major League Baseball. Now people would assume the agency of yankees gear perhaps mats but you have the top ten MLB teams in terms of merchandise. Yes we code on deep selection of Indians pirates of the Red Sox the Yankees Mets he noise seems to giants and eighteen and pops up that they served on well we carry them also it's Astros. Or you know casino mariners are some really that'll carry the hats T shirts and jerseys those vessels. So even though Seattle's across the country you're still gonna get some mariners' fan yes it mayors are running yeah. After the fifth search or what the blue jays with being just over the border. We actually have as you saw reasonably generous pro Arab. And to the Yankees and we did our two best selling teams for the baseball. It makes a bank and daddy NBA playoffs it now it seems that the perennial two finalists all the same and the cavaliers. How big is an NBA in your story that we haven't had a team here in many many years. That's does really well for those Celtics specially in the cavaliers and now gold statesman has been in for your general that we got a lot of fans are down one teacher to actually right now we have maybe ten hat's stock in Kabul jerseys correction down once sure for example so it's been so. When this string everywhere you're too young to remember but never marry the buffalo braves averaged just a kid at the time to count I remember when agree Tenet was to have the Braves about flour and BA basketball and I don't think the city can never supported again I think are too small now. But there's nothing quite like in the day. Along those same lines were you don't NCAA and basketball in commerce minister so crazy for so many of us who like to play the pools and follow the teams do so many of those things. We sell list hats and seizure really well we don't really carry you very may jerseys and college. But we definitely saw a lot of hats T shirts and we do care and accessories also at the car window clings and blankets and all that waste baskets clocks in those teams also mainly the duke Penn State Ohio State Michigan all the top Alabama. Ask her period saw at least ten teams for sure the powerhouse OR OC yeah. Speaking of Paris after prepared to hockey firmament you know is we tape this show we're not quite sure what happened with the Stanley Cup let's say the caps are going out that way about who can count had Vegas at this point. It's just such an improbable run Brian with the biggest goals and I tell us they emergent and selling. I'm almost what bill didn't really have a team before but we had a lot of in plaintively mid season jump on that on the Vegas so a lot of people were flurry stands I think there were a lot of people mad that he left the penguins so they jump on to Vegas. Via baseballs are pro like the jurors are the most fantastically injuries who they are really clear of a shiny metallic gold. In there and it's just really sharp looking apparel and I think ceramics the sin city who the idea. Yeah I administered cherry it took an an audio monastery and the thought process. Do you have any personal favorites in the near Pennsylvania irate. Unfortunately for a bottle bills market I'm a big callous and out on. But that number two was like who was actionable bills like growth wishing for me and they're both different conferences site she rooted so those two teams have played simple and sure if they did back to back here. Have answered battling out I was an adventure guy and has a big fan could become a two games here doesn't it will be in the living here EPA we. That's sort of patsy at the time before having a store and we've come up for smile at football games solid this wasn't bill salmon's that's ointment really Cayman C seen as a kid younger. So they ticket disagree sir showing you covet the gallery sort of like a second home to come here. Yes mantra for the buffalo every year for sure and every week and doesn't mean don't play knows they once or for your personal we're about ruined for anyone else walls or a silly season. And our data about you think Dez Bryant or come to the DOS. Actually using an atrocious and they know us receiver for sure I think conversion charity fit into the locker room but it's you know it's a story for another time I guess. I'm what is what people finding your stirring autographed merchandise is a big deal for a lot of collectors. Yes we do ruled deep line of mini helmets full sized elements. Jerseys. For autographed merchandise and then Alec it's about fifty different items price per team as far as novelists of tinsel. When people can administer or what what they expect aiming that you have staff on. And site Agassi who can help people kind of girl is so much to choose terms or can they direct people to what they're looking for which can if your philosophy in the service industry. Yes Leo that's a Christmas command little corral because overwhelming puzzles much stuff we re very and Muslim on their own for comments and we go protein C we can help final with the needs to slow grandmothers and parents or bias of the kids are husbands. And they don't know what they're ready for it and not sure to find stuff so. You've warmer women like me just love sports I mean you attach as men who command at such a stereotype I think the thing richest man but there are plenty of women I think who loves sports champs. Ashley buffalo here yeah on the games so yes and are even if they're not the biggest of fans they are definitely shopping for a of their family members. Praise our biggest clientele. Yeah yeah it's a great point too because there are shopping for others and what what are the hours of sports obsession inside the gallery area. 10 AM till 9:30 PM. Monday through Saturday and Sundays reduced hours till six. So it would be consistent with Amara obviously out okay. And I'm when it comes to social media we've got about thirty seconds I think that it is do you have a presence and FaceBook and Twitter right so people can see some of your. Items Abbey's yes or web host city. Such otter signs we have coming up in new products commitment and you just challengers season trim on Edmonds jerseys we have those stock launch baker mayfield the number one pick overall for the browns. And sake on Barkley which is a big deal to for the adults so I have all the new draft picks and. There are Joshua Allen number seventeen his charity experts obsession yes Jersey as roster main entrance correct and I believe he's number 49 on it's great to learn how they would make a great trendy gaps. Four father's days or check out sports obsession charity. Four years in the house at the involving gallery out owner Brian bowers can enough to take some time out of his busy schedule. To come and talk with us Brian thank you so much enjoyed talking with you thanks for me. Ramp on this addition of slice of life thanks returning interpreting you'll see you next week. Coolest thing Rangel will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen point me.