05/19/18 The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh

The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh
Saturday, May 19th
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Are you ready for the raw truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has BM fifteen money presents the rock true it would help the nutrition practitioner Robbie raw RN and join Robby as she discusses faith. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and Europe overall hell can you handle the truth. And now here's the raw truth with a one and only Robby Iraq. In good morning everyone I'm or Robby raw and we are having an awesome show today so grab that green tea. Cryptic greens with the it's going to be an easy listen I don't know if you're clean your house your in the current kids whatever it is. But you need elicited that showed today. Before I get into it I want to talk about our upcoming free healthy eating seminars may Twain ninth and may thirtieth. Day and evening sessions available you can learn eat says that and why. And really about your got micro buying him and how important it is that you have a clean guy in that EU. You know basically under eighteen to reset your metabolism because you're Mike by him up next your entire body mind body the whole thing and I'll tell you why. It also dictates your set point weight so if you're having trouble losing weight or whatever is he needs to clean your guy in so. We have a six week healthy eating class coming up in the gut detox. With a seventy page. You know pamphlet and just the detox alone in every week you get more information and supplementation in cooking classes and supermarket or holding. So that's coming up and it's starting June 5 and sixth at the fountain wellness diner with Iraq truth integrative health. And so I'm so excited about in Europe the people are current class right now lost twenty pounds are ready in just five weeks and it's amazing but not only that. They just feel amazing no pain it you know last body fat inches everything else is that about Wade's house. So listen I am so people excited about today show. You know. I am so grateful to have a good friend who's also a motivational speaker light coat Christian recording artist. Kerry charged now Lee is in the house today. You guys we're gonna talk about her life what she's doing now we're gonna talk about deep tax credit talk about. Boundaries and talk about life coaching we're gonna talk about. All of the things that matter to you in your life so don't go anywhere we'll be right back with the right trees still with us. How were lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Howell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you and your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. 0716 hospice. But this Jim Kelly from west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys that really never thought. But the damage here that's a whole different story because a friend of mine introduced me that was my airborne demo here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. They called the Asian tennis but to just one little know when it. It's about what they've been. Took it will be up. Incorporated news 020 please are fatally. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even this team that they could beat Jim Kelly hope what's my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Or check my on the web at WM smiled dot com to get to back in the game to break. To calling penalties what's Marmara dental care. You can love plus mark smile and I know I do. Hi this is Robby Ron you know because he was all different to an age and we can't change that DNA. We can change delayed the DNA express themselves to write dietary habits and our lifestyle. And I'm telling you what. We test 92. Genes nips at the right trees so that you can have a blueprint for your body in terms of fitness and food. To find out what your body. Is going to respond best to. Set appear playmate at Robbie brought duct content. Are right so we are Beckett if you're just joining us I'm so excited about today's guest my good friends here are definitely. You've seen her you've heard her she's on media sees it. All over the place because she is a motivational speaker a life coach Christian recording artist and so much smaller. And we're gonna welcome her this morning good morning Carrie good morning wrapping your so kind to me. Well it's true I mean all I did that and yours for many years I've been a big fan of yours I'll pay later saw. It out but surely hear you know I mean I'm that you. I years ago it's a BD CX obviously and so grateful to. You're out there you know and daily bases it is just. You to sell much to help other people and I wanna talk about how you help people in your life coaching. But also. We're both present in making about coming up in July and I'm so excited about that we talking about. Sexual sin really I. Cable that circle it. In homosexuality or people that have friends or family that are walking in that light and really don't know how to communicate that so I really believe in being. I bridge builder and between the church in the community and some feel like a lot of people teachers don't quite understand that because that's what I. I lived a life kidnapped but the word actually did some work army and changed her life around and in a really transform and mine and switched out desires I guess that its way. So I'll be talking about that thinking about really to equip people on how to learn to walk in harmony with someone who. Is living a life of homosexuality or chance standard. Well definitely get straight into a credit it is about life and that's what we're talking about today and I honestly. Teary eyed and O'Leary to doing their because I heard your seminary last year about. And the place was packed and there were tears and laughter and and it was amazing I mean it was really. An amazing seminars so I'd have governor picking amount. Now we doing this adventures type of fitness of food demo I'll also be talking about the anti cancer anti. I disease protocol which actually be the anti obesity per hour as well because we know obesity is linked. Two. Disease and cancer and everything else so. I'm so excited about the Euro area school so I wanna talk about you know what you do. Also he has. A life coach while. All of it I didn't realize that a lot of us walk around and we cover things up and we walk around with masks in the talk about things and so because of that. We're currently walking her true selves we're now or inner cheek cells and with confidence in the weren't able to do the things that we really. God has called us to do in life and for you you know you have to own who you are. And not be afraid to show that and happy you're free to buy your flies to be seen. In order if you really walk the carpet pads made for you. And really being in his well and so for me for years I walked around with a lot of masks are covered up a lot of old lean. You know from a chop as a child and it all it. Eventually led me into living lifestyles and I really wasn't meat to live that people can debate that with me all the watt by the chip is when I was living that way. I felt really dark inside I felt really. Lost animals and so when I finally stepped away because it's an edit step away forgotten I didn't know him at that time. I sept two weeks at that something's off in my life and I owe it to myself to figure this thing out and so for me I'm really big and self awareness. And you know same thing with. You know if if your daughter killed she said mom I'm in love with a woman say she said that you know and you instead of you battling her. You know learning ways to communicate with her disdain in her life and be in her life you know. For me. Even down to weight when I met EU how many years ago I was afraid to look at Robbie she's. I issued rocket to the studio and I would run. It like I'm now I'm not willing for her to see ugliness I feel myself inside but. I've Robbie approached at church was and it was the same day that I felt like it's time it's time teacher this. And you know she approached me and was like I want populate it absurd crying and I was like how are you such an answer prefer me. And that started my journey of understanding it's actually there's more to me in my life. And just losing weight I have a lot of issues with food. And a lot of that comes with addiction and a lot of that comes with not really loving myself and had to learn to understand all these things in order for me to be. Healthy and have a healthy mindset how to battle this addiction Alia and it's a spiritual pants it is a spiritual warfare. I are ready we can't create self control or. No absolutely flushes sleazy flashes those of control. But through Christ of things are possible I can already tell this used to be three or shall I don't it's always I have every I we got to gather it's great easy. I do want to talk about predictions later aren't too because you have so much experience and Natalie. Helping yourself and helping others as well through coaching him. You know really people need to feel that they date it's okay to seek help. Because I find it in my practice to when people are afraid. Or they think they don't need to come in and get help they think they can do it on their own in an age is keep failing failing telling him what you seen about. Just been true to yourself and really listening cats willing and taking mask. I was telling you earlier that I I struggle with the app when I was you know I'm getting older and am in a in this industry where everything is about. Being young in you know all of that and change right now okay yeah it's about Allen gets out about in your house you know but. For many years people said don't tell people your age could never know him like for. If that. I am what I come in in. Listen I am running the corporate challenge in a couple weeks I'm not a runner ice at a I have to crawl out crawl but it's you know I'm gonna be 62 that today. And I'll tell you what I don't care it's not about your age but for many years. I was like Q I was afraid. To really take them ask opt in beat Hawaii tan and who I am as a guide may mean in my age is irrelevant an act and really. In terms of people we debts are relevant to me it's about their house for it's about taking accurate is tempered pursuit is temporary mobile home to Entrust us with. Rate that you remove that that the numbers this session the scale and actually capped. I had a really work and transition my thoughts and ideas from weeks. To health and at that that's what he's going jets would actually force is needed to pattern from the talent and not let this thing now. Because I know there's I'm gonna hit another wrote black where I mean fail again and I have to learn how soap opera that's how to lately it in my earthly body suit. My temple and how to like teacher this thing in the junket here so that I can. Become 62 years old like Robbie Ryan Wright challenged. You know. You for the top congratulations to you you did lose the EU last flatly and the right to reach acted as he attacks in the boron. Las fifty pounds guarding McDonnell lots of deep that you guys I think last like forty something new Cray C. So you know the thing is it's not about your week yes. I mean actually my husband is speaking intimately about Disney's wrap he's like rowdy you know. You are. You know of younger people in the region are looking up to you as that is why I want would be in terms of health. When I get at age level of fitness and I never really looked and it weighed in in nineteen people. We call him up purposes like why is our purpose. Well we can talk about they will become excellent or answers in a little bit but I'll tell you it is so much about. Finding now you know number I always think of these three circles and Reinemund piece paper here. You know what is your passion might yet cashed in for UN have a passion for worship Kyrie. You are you know I worship leader you are are recording artist own. CD out this album out of the people selling album. At a party dated. That's right. You know. But you know. He cache of such incredible voice by the way things such queries in I'm cornerstone church and grant. To pester over the years Ernie pastor angers counter attack scurry some. So. You know there's three circles when it comes to. What GAAP purposes in life that I. Think about it and when we come from current response we can talk about what purposes and also you know how to live out life that he has for a us. I'm talking with Kerry carried Nellie motivational speaker of life coach Christian recording artists. And your website. Carrey part in its alternately. I like the Bert. Cardin LEC a RDI and AE. Ink is people who live in Iraq yet he's an and so where can they get to where your outlook. They can order written me off because of an apartment right coaching and read my story you so. It's you know I agree that there. Or right so oh. In just a few minutes we'll continue our conversation with Kyrie and now we're to talk about. Everything from boundaries food addictions geared toward feared journeys and why it really is our purpose. In this like how to find. That Powell will be right back with Iraq to stay with us. Do you remember where you were or who we are aware. Commitment fast work out of your wife's hi I'm Amy when me and when I think after I'm only big kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and magic different fitness levels motivate me to be had passed version of myself. And when someone hit their own dad the energy I paid to keep cattle. Always the best way to get results it subpoena from Vatican walk into any capital vocation compatible and I weren't needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. Well you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve it happened. The fact certified trainer team training classes who has no flash. Iceland indoor turf very weight loss programs Hydro massage recovery and feel much more so nice penny I make you remember. Catalyst has everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect fit for your project. Now in nineteen kind of six vocation is it catalysts that miss buffalo dot com activate your. You've waited long enough now you can have all of Robby is knowledge advice teaching and inspiration in the palm of your hand with her new book the rock church recharge the ride truth rechargeable teaching seven truths about staying. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and how all of them are vital to your health mentally or physically emotionally and spiritually Robby is a registered nurse an integrated health and nutrition practitioner and a master trainer armed with certifications. With thirty plus years experience in the industry she will teach you how to increase your energy he fit in feel healthy deep crease your body fat and increase your muscle mass shape your body pat cravings and focus your energies to a familiar calling God's word actually gives us a clear direction on all of these truth if you wanna get clean then you need to lean on the lord do you need inspiration and motivation to either get or stay on track and this book is for you get your copy of the Iraq truth and Amazon.com. And Barnes & Noble dot com today. Life can take it hole and their bodies that the doctors app Buffalo's buying in sport medicine can now they treat injuries of the spinal muscular skeletal system non surgically to decrease pain and restore function they listen they help. They explained this is doctor Michael Kenny so that you suffer from back neck joint. Nerve pain or headaches take back your lifestyle and contact populist finest sports medicine today call 7166260093. Or does it buffs buy dot com. Meet in London exile. I am so excited to have my good friend Jerry cared Nellie in the house she you hear her voice. I know the only us into the station but hey you've got to get us. What three every day at WDC actually does worship went three. And she also is like coach motivational speaker Christian recording artist Cary Kerr Natalie. And so we are before we went on break here you're talking about how to. Fine purpose in your life and I mean I know that you have been constant search for Aetna I have to. We. Have figured it out. So I forgetting there. So you know I heard this once before I think it was from he Bible where my daughter goes to school. That. If there's three circles to figure out what you're purposes this like three circles in the center of those circles. Is an intersection but those three circles one of them is European passions here you have a passion for singing you've helping other people. You you know you do so much motivational speaker and everything else. And Europe cut. So the other another circle is what are your keeps. I would say those year kept your spiritual. You know your spiritual. Health coach in so many ways you'd dentist spiritually in many ways an average age is sad. Recording artists and then the other circle is what does the world need more ups with passion. Gifts these are the three circles ashen. You're gives them what the world needs more what the world needs more as more what you're doing you know really honestly Europe Europe. Beautiful voice your worship and all of that and in yours speaking which touches people. And also of course you know being late coach as well. And so at the center of those three circles. Is what your purposes. And debt at below the ad is great and it's shook his. Think about what EU but did you. I was at an error on opportunities as other weeks ago. Purpose or welfare lights like. We can create matches up roadblocks that. At some point and I've been down spectrum. Going and knocked on doors and just Stockton in NC. You EEU. Gave me these gifts and its and you do it for it's O. On top I'd be real you to take off and asking me the boldness and confidence. To speak clearly people so witty and I'm willing and ready to go take some work hard work but. The workers me really looking inward it's OK. I understand why. Up counselors and air bike. And hike on stock for something and pop ups and oust its. Absolutely and and the opportunities that cat will open stored it for me music and my life life and ice things for years and look at holdings like action Kerry. I don't use it for the style that you think you direction want you to use it for me I want you to use your voice to meet people closer to me I would be honored. Honored to. And so with me saying yes he has opened her. Two to worship and keep up out here your knees at some things right so you mean BB edit singing but you ask us. Yeah oh. Actress and it and it I don't do coaching. And questions about where there's certain gifts that you bring to the table that I don't have any from view but you can beat me to be batter in in health and fitness and there Ares aren't gifted and you mean happy I can lead you closer to earth wears out absolutely absolutely it's it's you know guy has given us all gives an. You know whether now we won two. When the door opens walk through it you know he does help us. In gives us the desire of our hearts will be put him first but we was always just a census and media days at. God is currently speaking to a has always gets louder and harder louder but sometimes we don't hear it in till the day where he is how we. And then we hear him. And you know it cause for me it was my world came crashing down you know when asked his sister. You know in that was what really impacted mean it's okay I I I don't have anything different here except you. I'm Jesus I I just don't. And in I know you've gone through some of those I'm such a loud mouth and you know guys here's my loud mouth all the time and screaming you know there's so many times and crank shower. And it is until I feel like and listing might relate to this point you might you. We you cry and cry and cry even intentional and general life. And it you don't really hear anything. Filled with truth until you are at and of your crying rope in your sort of breeding. And you're just have no energy left and that is the moment I hear him and but. I'm a cute and I believe he's a cute it's like Kerry which the tantrum just getting out here until you calm down. And at that moment then. I mean to your hand and there's a calmness and peace comes over me now with a good now. We can move from here now I can teach you something new and keep you out of as if so boundaries that I know you talk a lot yet to lap up and we are in countries don't we yes. First of bile when it comes to people asking if to do things. He's sometimes it to say now so those are you know an example boundaries but when house. I you know I believe that that is out of order. And if he wasn't out of order then the seasons what happens it happens so if I believe that then I. Amateurs that he is order from my life and I'm out there just squandering every aired just. Writing myself rock. That it really rapper and purpose and so I've had to earn his life where I felt like people were you know constantly. And you just need this week we talked we talked well we can't go for dinner. Which includes currently going for dinner in the meat being able to focus. On my health you know another boundary starts saying now. Which actually was led me into like coach Mike let me put some ordered that's. Do think I can help you just like I went to counseling for years and mean going to counts tell the owners in my life so. You know I believed that. Boundaries are important when it comes to scam me when it comes to friends when it comes to finances. Comes to work on. Everything even health trees you know so. I just. But I had to walk through knowing what it feels like TP. Running Roth. Not having boundaries in that having boundaries for meats it's in that moment I look at where I was at the enemy grow up and like I can't do it anymore where god comes and says. Okay are you ready to setup some countries. He said yeah. Three I I okay. Well you know and it's our priorities I mean I just gave this. Kid at key cashier when the supermarkets a lecture every day because he said he was going this is mother on Mother's Day at 815 minutes from neck her. And I said I am not pain for my order until you hear me out. It's about priorities god family work whatever it. Well and sound is goes. To the other side as well where you know he probably sees. Which a lot of the reason why is because there's some right there that's holding him back from this up so. What does it take for IS. Two setter pride aside takes a lot takes a lot it takes self control center right side eyes. It's very difficult for us to entering you know you're fighting with someone to be the first to say hey by. Some confidence eighteen so much confidence in you own you're I Buhner arguing in year mad at me. It takes a lot. Robbie. I was wrong and sorry and you'd meet. Not accepted but either way nineteen match of self confidence that's gonna mean encouraged me to do better at my life and every time I make the first step. I walk away always feeling. You know cloud next how that felt really good to just oh Atlanta oh. Yeah I always say you know you forgive others an app for that person for you. And I comedians to forgive others just like he has forgiven nationals seven times 77 times. Forgive someone you care you are going curing their burden and it just isn't and then it for me. What I carry burdens the first place ago is that I now I'm hearing averted when I gain ten pounds. Well we didn't hear any of can be act because we are running out of time we have anything I independent. Texans out. But listen we will be right back and closes up and and I again I'm here with character nearly treat Kerry heard Nellie start to talk best will be right back with the Roger is doing us. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits. Some really big guys that really never applaud. But the dentist chair that's a whole different story because friend of mine introduced me that was my airborne down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't want. Stay focused and patient tends to just one little bill when it. It's about what they'd been. So it will be up for in news 020. Are we all come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even this team that they could be Jim Kelly hope what's the harm mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. We're checking on the web at WM smiles dot com. Don't get to back in the game to break. To calling penalties plus Mark Martin dental care. You can love plus mark smile and I know I do. It's quite the journey in fact it's been a lifelong journey. Hi it's scary credit Nellie if you're anything like me when it comes to eating healthy and exercising properly you need someone to walk beside you on your path to health and wellness for me that person is Robby Iraq. From food choices to nutrition team doing the right exercise Robby has the answers. I finally found success on the Iraqi street church Robbie sports eighths or twelve week program. That includes a seventy detox. Robby will teach you how to eat and exercise properly because honestly we need to learn how to be healthy it does not come naturally. Robbie also offers private and semi private fitness and nutrition coaching if you've suffered through Yo-Yo dieting or type two diabetes this is the health even looking for. Do what I did find out more about the rock you to recharge at Robby rock dot com. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you and your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. 0716 hospice. Mode days so we are jacket on my gash ice that we needed three hours now and we definitely do we are we Agnelli is with me because we have so much to talk about. Will you be able to come I look and act irate as we got to get in that whole thing you know as touching the surface. But teller listeners again what your website is yet it's scary part annaly dot com teary TR I tried in elites like the bird cardinal with an. And she's a motivational speaker life coach at Christian recording artist I'm so happy that you joined us today they being sort of my you will get together against him well. All right guys solicit I want you have a wonderful week. Again and don't forget about our free health seminars at the fountain on the center coming up may 29 and thirtieth I'll be talking about eat this not that and why. You're got micro by him and how important it is year I set point weight. And why we need to eat you know certain foods like fermented foods Bluetooth things like that to how that got. Micro by and your top. Bacteria is so important to your immunity in your overall halt even related to depression and mood disorders anxiety things like that. All comes from your gut which is your second rain also are six week healthy eating got deep taxes coming up. June 5 and sixth it's our last program for the summer we start back up the files of as your last chance. Our evening classes are always sold out so don't miss out Gordon Robby rock. Dot com or you can email me at Robbie Robbie brought that up. Listen you guys do what you have a wonderful week remember god commands is the root of the spear tips self control Osce right Becky your next week Kaplan. Join us next time for another episode of the rock truth did feel great and looked great in mind body soul and spirit we've Robbie Ross and the rock truth. Right here on ESPN 1520.