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Western New York at Work
Sunday, May 14th

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Here's western new York at work with your host dale mark. Join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development and the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's your host dale Martin. Good morning welcome to western new York at work. Your business from the conversation I'm your host del Martin right here ESPN 15:20 AM where we talk about sports jobs. Economic development always the people that make it happen. I'm gonna start pressing its Arab beautiful Sunday morning in Western Europe reed act so made no it's so. Fit him on this special day. It really is and with that audiences just like to say good morning and to my producing different mr. Cramer here good morning good morning. Now and good morning to RF one out there that is name other they seem to be mother. And every one but but still it is Mother's Day weekend after a member of that that's for tests yesterday that that was where it is Mother's Day. Happy days all of them. Or my days won titles real. Special. We know it's coming. Okay what to do to get ready for my wife girlfriend significant other. We do our best to 20 we can't but Mother's Day is more and yes today is Mother's Day every day. Witty guys that. I I agree it's okay. I think that yes Mother's Day is is supposed to be read he shouldn't just. Leave special treatment for one day for your mom just because hallmark holiday now com. Personal. On the dispatch some how dare you. Yes and they are an inch and then try to make up for Ramos how are you can't hear you back arm. Traces and girlfriends lives. But forgot her yeah how'd area but again. There's no love like the model while the mother but again like you said its average is supposed to be an everyday thing she'd be every. There's a witness witness mr. currently. The warm always. Comical. Here as a period. Charismatic and secure a second night you'd you'd actually had a had another. Destined studio there the talking to Harold that's exactly it. He knows exactly. Good morning what did they show the morning are you doing this morning. Great great post. So well. You say this is a little bit that if the I'll never forget those. And it's still it's like. The fact that we brought it up again it's going to be something that will never die at the legend will levered up yes your electric delight in or at least what you said was just if you're. At the very least. So again I was. I mean it was green dungeons and we did the normal things one can say normal when actually he. Can't say normal. You know just got an arm or your work too well all I mean just kind of this week was also superintendents. We so can we did that signal work on couple superintendent. For me yeah power it does it is. Waited is available in superintendent. I think it was the play is every time yes I. Secret agent man yeah it's do you see is yet DC is bad. He gives a little bit of this a little bit of that you never know what they expect and then what he said just now the normal things I can't seem normal but they were normal. I can. I love them love this this music in the background. Well vote no you're listening to what's your network your business from the conversation. I'm hopefully Omar and why theory ES PF 1528 year we talk about mothers. Mother's Day girlfriends day why is there you know what does all this bigs who. I'll jump alive I'll just nothing special all of you great moms out there and we want to hear from you would like you to join today's conversation. A telephone number is 31520. Again they don't rate 1520 wouldn't be talking to a few of you to find out what I'm used to say you know that memorable moment. That what mama used to say so basically it's appropriate is it in particular that. You recorded your mother used to say. Actually the yes. Yes. And one of the things it's an accounting from both Kentucky from them man and society. On its if I actually did something. And if the salt on it you do something wrong and and night. Major outside the house you know like criminally wrong. That is something from me wrong I mean. It would take no criminal wrong okay I'm in jail. Okay you'll be on. And so weakness I'm not coming. Out. The one thing I do remember him also but. See you monitor some violent. I'm Michael Yates thought. He locusts that you need that in itself will. Ball I know. You didn't do it so I wouldn't. Work. Today that is special she is Mother's Day. Where. You want. Oh. Right lets. It happen. Mean to. All the Eagles need to clean underwear so it was with. Was. Right when it would go right at the right way it was when. Don't numbers are. Money used now to make sure. But I'm me and giving some you bring up another point through his thank. It was always so like you say don't embarrass us up today as you Joaquin represented them on the right. Hit it that. And I view us as we want to hear from new ones happy Mother's Day so all of them out here. We use the community you. The world loves you and we appreciate you and we want to get here you are numbers you know 1520. 1520. House right here seven point six it'll 31520. Go back to my producing good for mr. Cramer and just to see what's happening in the world of sports. All right viewed the sports update. It was NHL playoff action last night the Ottawa Senators he plucky. Underdogs of the Stanley Cup Playoffs they picked him one yesterday against defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Last night to one in overtime. Capped off a beautiful goal by Bobby Ryan with a breakaway and a beautiful backhand finished it was the 25 overtime game all the post season for the NHL in this year alone. Game two Anaheim Ducks natural predators set for today puck dropped 730 the ducks are down one game to none on the predators in this series. NBA game one of the Western Conference finals to date spurs warriors that tip off is at 330. Game seven between the subjects and wizards that's set for tomorrow night's you're gonna to Western Conference finals start. Before the Eastern Conference semi finals finish. The Cleveland Cavaliers will await the winner of the wizards and Celtics. Tomorrow night the bills today they announced this morning to hearted new assistant general manager under brand being they hired former dolphins director of player personnel Joseph Schilling. To be the assistant GM under brand and being for the bills staff. This what's that he's brought to votes on your PC larger your completely council abide by cheese pizza enjoy your playoff games with a nice let's botched. Dale we go back to you. Welcome back to west new York at work your business friendly conversation it's a happy Mother's Day to all of Western New York. And I'm just animal for here are some some mothers stayed five we're going to be talking about that throughout the course of the show. And again we want to hear from you if you're happy Mother's Day. Announcement that you like to make something for your mother that you elect to say or what mama used to say. We wanna hear from you the telephone lines as it'll 31520. Again it'll three. 1520. Now car reflect back to myself and terms of you know my own. Bring. Among these is they okayed you know clean underwear because you cannot embarrass yourself or bears and bears but mom used to always say. I wanted to be the best you can be. Schooling and education was very important and now in our household and we came from me of fame means it. Education was was very important for not just education you know from their traditional academia standpoint but education in terms of. Understanding your surroundings. Are we were. That the principles or core values that were instilled in us were to be not be the best you can be put practice what you preach. And so I've been blessed to to come from a family that says you know be the best you can be. Be kind to others. And the end is not yours to keep whatever gifts that you received whether it be monetary. Or or otherwise. Your success is that you were two key. It is one that you have to you have to give to others and so I encourage all of our young men and women that are listening to today show to. Be a reflection of that statement. Your success. It's not yours to keep. Many of our college graduates are have walked across the stage this week and will be walking across the stage this week. Our next week and they will be embarking on a new chapter in their career. And yes embrace your success. Only take ownership of it and beat him that you can be. However unique to pull. Others with you and left and lets you uplift others. I think you are operating and a and a very silo type of environment and a lot of that stems from our mothers our debt and our parents. I will say this I wanna kind of divert a little bit from the Mother's Day theme for a moment as you did mention graduation and everything like that who gradually used to everyone that has. Had the honor of walking and everything like that finishing up your school and collegiate careers. Especially the guys and girls at upstate. As I am a member apostate elsewhere in bossy jacket since. Since radio listeners do not have eyes. So were rep and Ball State pretty well here I gotta say congratulations to a lot when the ball state police he went above state I went I'm going to upstate Dale's got busted Jackie did you. No well with their one date and trains him one days get enough yet of course he went to but states over and all this. All right I'll say for certain amounts of time so congratulations all the angles out there I know several close personal friends and you know it's it's been a great job working with a lot of those kids and everything like that trying to help them learn the ropes of radio. There's a lot of great things that are happening at the buff state campus and not sue. You know minimize what's happening at university at buffalo or condition is or not in Nevada or gaming college or or to fill in your brother. I can do me. Academia institutions. Live upstate I think is is it a different place right now. It's a different place because of the fact that there's a lot of emphasis going on with the communications department. On in terms of the television station Arabia CTV you can't write its campus TV station there. The record is a very nice newspaper there WP NY is a steeple on that campus and here and her com ISIS' is pretty much a pipe. So it is predicting great things going on there we just had an intern from WBM why this has seen in past years WGR. We had. I came from WPM why there are several noted a lot of it is to DC WD NY that is Howard Simons. Also prove that traffic. I can't think examining right now Harris on traffic and if in the FT oh. Are okay Dave cash Dave can't see him as merely Dave's Dave Devo bring up bush over that WB yet and so. I guess history so there's a lot of history mayor Byron brown was a member of WP and matter fact what is the goo dolls. Who doubts what else is where I mean we walk into a radio station when they started out. That's where we're. Robby would hang out in the radio station actually play. You know. And it's again it's been an honor to work with those guys and congratulations to so many of them that have graduated that are walking in they're going to begin their professional careers. Absolutely until all the graduates and soon to be grant which you know we can we say you know these. Welcome your success we welcome your success. And if you happen to have been looking for career opportunities. Q what's your network called them B exemption new career strategies and our coaching for a for more information on that the telephone number it's 165632. Victory again that's the Western European work real strategies. Close and sash. Second point 656323. Buffalo don't go anywhere we have more great conversations of a sudden this great. Going to be talking maybe a little bit more about the state may be living more about this a bit more about that. Who knows heart just don't go anywhere states don't buffalo. Whenever you need a ride ride local. Locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're going to few miles for a long distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. Were to download their new curve bath. Can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. The time BO piece he was founded by my father 43 years ago. Anyway is has grown. Based. Relationships. He's built in this news. There's a different. Feeling when you walk in that courtroom. With frank attack PO junior or any attorney in this firm with someone else. People should choose our law firm because we are completely offer classic complete law firm. We meet everybody's lifetime legal aid's we're Smart attorneys. Were aggressive attorneys. But most importantly your attorneys care for our clients. And more important than that care about our clients' needs and what is best for them at the end of the day knowing a lot is obviously critical. But it's an art form because it is taking your life experiences it's too getting to know people getting familiar Klein. It's taking all these variables. And then. Concentrate them on a single problem that your Klein's presented. We help people when they're injured to help people in times of trouble when there. Get arrested. You handle these matrimonial family court cases you can imagine the emotion that goes through People's Daily life and when you can. Provide them with some solace. In some comfort with your legal advice and try and that's going to be okay. Great day. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the butt cheek club. That if they head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at them really have no matter how much you pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Good morning about the effects of Western Europe imports to this conversation and we live ES PF 15:20 AM. And it's Mother's Day we have a great time talking about the mothers and we were glad to hear. From some of the mothers or just some of the inhibitors out there that just practicing happy Mother's Day. Since their mom or especially individual that mother and her life because you do have to necessarily be it biological mother to be a month there. Mother's mother ship is this something that I think that we meet again. Is that his Mother's Day to day as mothers they all year round and so if you. Selling your line has been mother has been guidance for you we want to hear from the top numbered in 1520. Eight at 31520. I'm fortunate to have young man lives in studio with us this morning. And he assured me he wants to say something to him asthma so welcome to west and your work. High. Game and it's my mom happy Mother's Day to Europe. Ousting bush. Karma my name's arm arm welcome to the nation. Thank you now as you put on here exits air went out there. Yes there's always something on my used to say put you on the spot here. So obvious to think about it could knowing your much you probably told you many things but we don't typically. We'll keep me. Now I get in the house. Not take up the garbage but something real positive very positive that. That mom used to say what would your mom always view. She well always tell me now I'm going to be wearing an advanced vascular fraction too. I'm going to be there it's not gonna be very successful. That's incredible so young mom believes in you yet. Would you say that's important you yes. What does it feel like for your mind to believe you. A carriage as me to do that you're. So with so that your record good basketball. Union. Could you bring Mike into brick my ankles. Definitely. What does that mean to break break ankles. Then there's competitiveness going did give a little joke you know you can't dribble around the problem. I'm terrible past. And he's hockey player. Yeah that's not vest pocket. Where does it from a athletics. There's some remote. In my opinion. They're fearing. For top players even though they may be because it there at this. Case. They can. Those skills. To other sports whether it be rugby football. Baseball or in some cases basketball. Oh yes so when you once were and what we've seen in years Nazis don't get too deep into this. It once sport issue. Transfer the skills to other sports and so going back to what you said Yuma city you're going to be a great basketball player. What she's hoping you do first of becoming great individual. Second basketball player you return would take your skills it. And transform into some of the other sports gear being beaten you know an athlete yourself what is it. I mean honestly. We're working on the outside stuff first I wouldn't worry too much about being an athlete be a better person and I'm sure your mom tells you that as well. Because that's important part of playing sports is that one nutrient found that. And to make she'll learn from. Very pointedly says okay well powerful you know what today is Mother's Day. Sunday and we want to hear from you the telephone number is in all 31520. Again it'll 31520. And since they're not getting that type of conversation from the mother's like we continue to place and music. They're just represent. Mom OK so take some suggestions in any suggestions. Younger I ask you is there any particular song that you can think of it makes you think of your mom. Bear mama by two dear mom my two par wow. That's that's something you're putting our producer on the spot. I don't know mr. Cramer is there any chance you have a song back home this title. What is it again when their mom your mom yeah at an imminent okay. Well you know what while we're waiting on dear mama a winner turn their might that over and closed mr. doing currently under. Because mr. that we want to go back to a statement that you made earlier today. Early today in terms of you know you're. Or are you for me just. Sister as well bright and a lot of things wrong group of principles or core values in Amman well. Provides an household. Also trees since two. So the first order. Bright house and is that you have a sister right and it was an assistant app purchasing many times all over my sister my system my sister right hole I mean I have a child. What she is still a mother right you know ever since that work well I mean I think for me has been very much. I'm much now and it's now been very much like the mother of some alternatives. OK and so far horror of that I think she gets it out. I think that's what happens like you were talking about mothers in general. The times the mother is the mother role. The mother wrote yes you know we're really talking about. Is the Mandarin and mothers and fathers either I think this is important and make it very clear what other things it I hate to and you hear a lot. I hate to when I hear you when people say you have the mother you have what are the picture hate about it. Well the thing that because some mothers not if I'm. OK okay and just the bottom I mean I just I hear a lot. You may have had to do certain that yes she is still good principles good principles exactly. But. You know but the mother is not the pop. OK a mother is just stand among others and my mother and I think that that's what we need to. Look at the gentle carrard. Arsenals and are usually our mother. Right okay so let's go back to. The European the first two Warner. You know in the house or two orders not just one but you know having to orders what do you feel because you grow what you know have an assistant what Wright say it was one other thing. Principles or things there. With some great take away from the only structure they came from the mother leadership. Moms leadership. You know I think that. Like you say generally. You know mother will teach Jordan is how to. Be mothers out of the women. On the core principles on Bobby and generally you know like he's. I mean nowadays it's a little different. But you know muscles there was not running around with zips on the hook with its well rules and he myself but. Okay basically. I mean she was girly girl from malls. A new term. The next eco mr. Simpson when it asks when you're asked whether mr. Kopper Landers handbook terminology with this me. From zip zip through girly girly girly girl is he enough so she went out war which option that would almost funny. I think about it now muscles to actually. Excuse me did like to play football so she did now she did she love to play football. Hope he's listening right now because that would now be you. I know he. Described his hand. Now eager. To play the compare loft story that. I. She had become too early. And when Herbert piled into one thing to another. I mean exactly so for now women athletes out there for a sword across the board mean export. Just don't know if you going to be gain a seat at the table today this is the goal hole. Well all their stay at my sister Alyssa today you know he'll he'll clean up once he guitar. Well you know that appears you know we had a request earlier today about hearings on it reflects Mother's Day. And he came from the young man that put her request out to his mother so before we sign mr. Dear mr. producers do we have picture. Do you do what they do though is gonna save our months collapsed. On and play something. For mine. Shout out to be great. This is. I'm literally collars and what your favorites on them it's gonna play it right from here. And you know it's one of those things where again and try to. You try to do the simple things in this is one of those little things. So. Again happy Mother's Day to my mom happy Mother's Day to. Obama it's all moms and happy Mother's Day to you soon to be mother of the might not the as. My Brothers had that great. Before Romans do and he moments and so for Marisa. Happy Mother's Day to you despite affected not yet a mother your debt. In buffalo enjoy the music know what. We will listen again next Sunday listening to what's near your work your business from the conversation I'm the host del Martin's life ESPN have a beautiful Mother's Day and we'll see you next Sunday. That can't play in a certain extent but look healthy living magazine named national bite mark and celebrating community to encode decode. At the 1956. National bike month it can't Turkey in the back at the bicycling and encourages more folks to get by contract. With the bike to work or school. I think my your time. Com or rattled the prisoner of your health or the environment or temperature exploit your community. National bike month as an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and 93 racetracks. Can and make it team. The American heart and in conjunction with stroke month. Well in lake or me and for national. Day. A movement on how ordination he used cycling help Americans get green and heart healthy post the photo that you and your wheels to social media. And you cashed had they culmination or hand had Franklin day. Posting your partner will qualify he church can't Atlantic high tax actually recycled art. Like a buyer will also be giving away a treat private party died in local market. And I'd like equally anti planners of the cedar reached land circuit bike. It's like any American Heart Association. Monday may fifteenth. You can and help may cast had likely play a trending topic Iranian backed. But ultimately the thing is proud to be resting your senior freaked out statement and nutrition magazine for people Bali. With over a hundred and played a thousand print readers and thousands more who read online we've about the cap X the matter mastery. Looks about how you're living magazine at every area let them attack along with a which 2000 other locations. You can bet that's mine at purple popular and backhand. Or Pollock and kick the can Twitter. And then how you write the buffalo hockey living magazine. Don't forget if you missed any of our episodes tomorrow mine on demand yet again fifteenth when he dot com. We're also on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash 1520 WNY network. And we're on Twitter. W and while we're happy Mother's Day to everyone out there and enjoy your Sunday. At home. We'll learn. But I do know my mum of a moment zero sales. Thank you for listening to the deal Martin shops and business report sponsored in part by Sunbelt network. The place to go buy or sell a business shatter IT. And other successful business partners tune in next Sunday at 10 AM to learn the very latest job in business news from around Western New York. We should also listen to deals weekly feature on our sister station WB and every Monday night between 715 and 730.