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Slice Of Life
Sunday, May 14th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life and hitting Mother's Day to all the ladies out there and I sure wish my mom was still with us because I think about her every day carry her in my heart. And so to my mom and haven't into all of the wonderful ladies and and other women in your lives who have provided you with some maternal support we wish you well on this special day. My name is Brenda only seen and it's another addition slice of life and we a lot of fun on the show we talk about a lot of different things everything from food. Health fitness real estate legal restaurants. And today it's an honor for me to bring in a mother a woman who was almost like a modern army he. More like a sister I think. International ice island commodity. International psychic Bernice golden. Who was world renown is in the house in morning Bernice. Good morning honey it's so good to be here with you it's truly mileage you're doing the Internet oh we really do from the day we that we can now pour. And hippie mother sits Hubert thank you honey how many children. I have four children. One is no longer Whitney but he is with me maximum death and fourteen grandchildren. And six rate so fantastic and I'm still working. She is there any Arab and other risks and yeah. And Bernice it is so fitting and this day to target you are on Mother's Day because. Timmy you epitomize what makes a woman died in your tank you're carrying your Pasternak. And you have this incredible psychic ability that you knew about when you're young young girl and anybody I'm more remembered as a grower you knew. I think people are always curious in our house somebody realizes they have this talent or ability. So why would you say how did you soon how did you first find out. About this psychic ability that you half I was four years old when I beat team and with my grandmother. Was Cherokee Indian. And very very spiritual. And she taught me everything that angle. Told she had pest. And again it was in chasing just sitting and listening to her stories. And death unbelievable I remember them to this day and I almost everything she taught me. And the beauty of motherhood really was surely her and them. The law they came from her face when she shared her stories. And we often hear of the Indian. Sharing the stories from time to time during and they were so wound chewing genuine and fascinating. And spirituality is so wonderful wonderful thing has it's a great guest but we all have. It's a matter of how we've learned to dial that anybody has spirituality. Or do you think perhaps people think they countered there and ordered answer they're afraid of it of course it's course. Now. Everybody has to gift of that for a site. At ten in two machine yen its sense of knowing. You know yeah advocate Paul got feeling I just know you took the words right out of my mouth there something about a gut feeling I think women's intuition perhaps during. As you might have been nagging thing going on or even subconsciously you feel. What do you suggest people do when they feel that. Go with your first impressions. Don't doubled cash yourself you're gonna mess up I unite tag you're not going to be a 100% accurate. If you you know go with your first impression all the time. But generally speaking he will be wrecked. So when you realize you had the scare cure for yourself and then through year end childhood your teen years your your young adulthood. How did you my man how did you develop there. I just kept practicing the things that gram tonne in practice. And I would just go with. And done now that my brand children are growing up. I have several grandchildren that are also gifted so I'm working with them as a management one granddaughter and Mina. His doing meetings and has done radio shows me against us and she's the market. And doing great with that and my other granddaughters now getting started also. And it's eighty so we have several coming up in the family that there are really doing. So anyway it's you know I suppose she and yeah amazing grace and you're able to take it to a level where you help so many individuals. And also on Brees has released a book called a million miles in a psychic shoes. And out tea like there are some incredible stories in this book about your experiences Bernice generally if you helped individualist that you bouncer at a lot of law enforcement agencies from the local state and even federal levels yes yes how in the world that they know about you. Don't call me. Say we want Jim help really heat just like it's a favorite charity you know it's. Many times and it's. Years ago. They would snob they. Would not say anything about it even though they have me work on it it's just don't say any Clinton now. I'm allowed to publicize the sick and marking some of them and they don't mind. So can you tell us you know some of them there one sit down. Are open for discussion publicly about some examples where you've helped law enforcement. Yes we had a case of sun. Oh girl unlocked port in New York where had been murdered. And done I told them where the body was rumored to finder. And at that point in time they relieved him on here. And death they would recognize what it said. Until seven years later. They've looked at that spot. That was just a special detective who thought well maybe she's right. We're gonna go. They found the body about three feet from where rights to challenge. And Dan. Paid drama also picture of the suspect. That I felt through and that's. And they captured him. In the picture was almost Titanic and. I'll maker in us and it's and I thought yes yes some of the cases is it does it make you feel uncomfortable or how do you when you're experiencing that you feel. When I had to go through something like that it's very disturbing I'd bet. I don't like doing those case especially when children Aaron that's that's so hard for me. Didn't pay and really don't like doing but I have to realize that I don't do. They may go out to kill again or. So I have to try to stop. It must be Manning to think that it took seven years for somebody just on the ticket site. Let's put her arm of going to look like it's almost like they don't want government the year Anderson it's right now exactly. And then you hit other this was a local case obviously there was a marked where you can't other state and federal yes investigators assigned to you. Yes and Dan I just had one not too long ago it's an effect it's an ongoing case right now. That where there's a missing person. In death I work with the nap. Because they're so far away. And that's how it's also a time where people don't realize that will take a nap. And tried to follow. The person who's missing at the suspect whenever. And that's a little put it more difficult. And it takes time. You know people don't realize that yes I charged my readings I do beatings by phone or in my office and but if I'm working on a criminal case like locating his missing person. And that any of the other ones have done if there's criminal and thought anything of crime. And on here where it's. And never church attack and really I won't put a price on life and death. It's her generous view and he's making good in my heart you know you have to its animations are real everything as the price tag can attest. Now we turn a couple of readings over the years and usually instantly you hold something maybe your race watcher and whatever. Is it typical for you to do something in these cases there's nothing tangible for all it's of his own mark him out but. It's it's OK I can you consult a debt when ethnic Catholic. Holding onto enough. Yeah he's your energy and say being transferred to me so I can feel it's going. So it's typically with somebody would experience if they come and see you right and then what do you do better over the phone just listen to the board is exactly. Because everything carries an edgy you're an issue and your voice pattern is like a fingerprint. Non tool is neutral. Amazing this is Bernice Coleman she is the international a psychic you've probably heard about for many years now and federally issued international psychic. Still practicing at Bernie's is also an author. Her book is called a million miles an psychics use. Now you've written a book that you're certainly I'm quite active on social media. I understand Bernice it every Monday Europe FaceBook life yes and they stay on Mondays and Thursdays he cents us at 8 o'clock. And it's accessed through preschool and account if you have a fate my FaceBook just go to my FaceBook. You know chipper needs golden life. Just push a button. And then there with the other night and I noticed people are actually asking you questions on FaceBook. So I just hit it becomes an answer pretty festive here if they act yes is it almost off creator to help those folks that really really. And and I do it like I said on Thursday night not appear normal warehouse right and that works just as well in the we have a great following great. Birdies what do you say to skeptics about people who have psychic ability to have talent who he wouldn't tell us folks what might help him. Is it you know what you might be right. Exotic island. Because who knows them. You know it's native Harry. And if that's what they want me. Let them only when and how would you passed an arrogant bunker that's it artists suspects through here and you did an Odyssey unit now. Information frank Q now. That it was completely out of your own excitement. That's tonight. And death I do haunted houses. I do it and lectures. To parties say do galleries I do. Just about everything where it comes here normally even at a summit coming yes they want is due back at the he's called in seminary is coming up a week from today Sunday may 21. And it's our ridding north China want Oliver street 576 Oliver street it's a seminary and bring these will be there all day from ten until four. And isn't Trampolsky post's history yes. So there's everything in the examiner from Hannity readings how to read or us communicating with spirits. Meaning up collars. Past lives Astro travel. I think a big court for people whose dream interpretation yes sometimes you wake up in the dreams feel so vivid and so real you can help people understand what they mean this is taken I have not changed for years. Really that's on my expertise and it's unbelievable. What you can kind of from entering what do you tell people at least it's hit just remember fragments or pieces can you help and in the yup. Give me an enough Ike and tried to do. Now when people aren't reading arias bernese Timmy from lay person's point of view and I avatar. It's people locking her room and hit a real presence it wants real charisma. Is would you in your world Collins are. The. Or is an emanate diction of energy. That exists from your body four foot six inch it's you can also to orbit. So what ever that energy shows in different layers the different colors of giving an answer to many things. And it's skin that can and hope you companies see what's what and I person's life right. What do you do if you get a sense about how many neutering or reading it it's bad news to tell you say I talent in a very discreet way that I Tom. Now that seminars to 89 dollars. For the whole day 10 AM to four. On sale at an art or at her party breakfast or that's. Tight well I know it's going to be pretty intense pain for. It is used to have. That comes across to me Euro or Timmy comes across very passionate about your guy I love what I do you can tell. I love it love god and love life I'd love people you know pretty siblings in my discretion for you to. It's mutually exclusive for you to have this psychic ability and still believe in god correct. You can honey you can leaving god and no matter what got his dad he is it call. I finished and it doesn't stack view from earlier fueling conflict it. That conflicted and so one more time on Sunday may 21 week from today. It's the Bernice Colvin seminar on their amount what a great way to spend a Sunday. And 576 Oliver street. And north town wanted to people to show Purdue they register they can register by going to my well my EST stage. Outstanding idea brown paper ticket sales and sign up unify its remember he's on space from page. 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For more information visit hope test upload data bark. And welcome back to the Mother's Day edition. Slice of life so here in Indiana slices twice is nice on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend why you haven't and now let's hope that the warm weather starts to invade Western New York. When it comes to invasions and talk about some animal health care and tick prevention. For that matter we've got a lot of topics to get into. And I'm delighted to have the past president and current member of the Niagara frontier veterinary society with me directory Stevens. Morning actor good morning good morning Redick growth so glad to be here this morning it's departure to have the doctor in the house sit and Linda nicer he makes in my. House calls doctor so much going on in the animal world and are proud owner of three cats that had cats my entire life Ramos and cannot imagine life without pants they get so much as it's immeasurable joy companionship everything. Rounder they certainly Arab. And I'm searching about some warm weather tips and you know it's still blows my mind actor Stevens that. And miss teen age you still hear reports about people leaving their pets inside pot Paris. Deal with them. Astounding astounding and it really does people don't realize oh I'm just gonna run and I'm just gonna pick something up. I don't wanna roll the windows down because I'm afraid of security and in especially in urban areas. I'm and we we see it all the time it is hazardous top temperatures can be a 150 degrees in a car. In in a matter of a thirty minutes and hot day with a sign out it might feel like it's eighty degrees or seven degrees or 65 degree but even. Even on a cool spring day can get hot at our. There's now question how quickly it can happen and answer for the animal and their inserts overheat internally obviously. And what are some of the science is it panting as it drooling. Absolutely panting and and and the start to get a later in the stages they'll get lethargic. They they will collapse. Our fall over. They're they're a test called ski intently and pick up their skin and Politico and of dozens recede completely back very quickly. On same thing and people did date it causes is a sign dehydration and really needs veterinary care immediately. Are just sickens me here that this happens do you see this every yourself. We do see it and it's a stretch I think he has BCA probably sees it more yeah but we as as in emergency clinics in about and and Western New York receipt of course in places like. And Vegas authorities think but it does happen here and. Right on this the other Vinci went in there be such an issue in this climate now speaking of things that are prevalent it isn't just in the summertime from running understand. Piercing quite an influx with takes an animal Oscar. It's the new disease unfortunate and fortunate there always seems every decade there seems to be in new veterinary disease that comes out at that puts on that people have to get educated down. Ticks have been around you lived in other parts of the country may be growing up with tics but if you live here in buffalo. I'm very worried because. We will live grip and buffalo don't think about Texan don't realize that ticks are real problem. And especially when you're dealing with a population that is naive. Armed. When you look at any biologists can tell you how are populations can expand X potentially think of zebra muscles in your right here right same thing can happen antics and is happening right now Western New York. You make that is attached it to something that's kind of know where that you expect can be kill all I hear something might phase out eventually I think that we will hit a peak and then things will come down this is this is but with. Blodget last and why is this happening well there's a lot of reasons. The the especially in urban areas where houses have been taken down there's a lot more while lake intrusion into these areas you think of the eSATA buffalo where there's some houses that have been taken down. Are you think of of the green ways that coming into any community where it's a railroad track river. I park way these are places anywhere EC deer from your risk of getting Lyme Disease from Tex. As well as other diseases. So how does it work does it attached to animals her to the skin and then is it something that people should be concerned about as well. It is absolutely Aziz in this is where we talk about the veterinarian dean dean the other family doctors yes we are concerned not only with the health. Of your family are that your pets but we're also concerned about the health of your family. So yes the ticket comes off of a deer can come off of a white footed mouse is is the factor mom and once attached to your pet or two you. It has to be a cash for over 24 hours which is scary to think that ticket be attached but they have. Hum that special. They've evolved did to avoid detection by its host. And they've date you don't always feel the bite because they nest that ties the skin you know and they actually carry a bacteria in their gut and when they bite you. That infection goes from their gut Indy your blood system or your pets blood system and causes a bacterial infection in years in years in your blood system. That are that affects many parts your body. So something and it's very serious shooter wonderful around this and can the tick camouflage himself. You know that they're at their most politics are brown I'm so it's sometimes hard to see on us we can see them because were not Azeri. But on our pets Russia long haired pat in and cats are not a Meehan we we see Tex we're seeing in out in my practice. We're seeing ticks regularly now where we never Celtics before and it's true of only outdoor cats. Mostly outdoor cats yes but I did see in Dirk that was one that eight two came off the dog down the cat. You can heal easily they could happen is attached to a human and Elena house app so I always always keep my cancer and sent it under very apparent lesson on iris can Nyack. I can't was an actor Kenneth timer so at home everywhere and my parents and I can't get into a fight with the doc. Lost tonight they can't was amazed English he acclimated to that injury and her handicap. But I was just heartbroken and never again when alum my camps across sites out. I assume that you recommend their practices while. Absolutely cats the average that the numbers I've I've read is that the average age for an end mr. clean your cat is thirteen years the average age for an outdoor cats equipped or cat is three years and my very necessary knowledge tremendous difference actor and you'll save on your vet bills to. No doubt about it he has now with C their warm weather season upon us people are going in and out of Canada as America to start recently and went for girls weekend up in Napa. Nagger wine country had a great time and I saw we were driving on the 190 towards the I'm the bridge and all the sudden. My friend who was an apparently sent it can't churn up. I still can't get over there is a camp peering out the window of the driver's side of the count on seeing dogs do that yes. And it really worries me in any case because they fear something flying into the animal's face perhaps in my job now. And let me ask you about logistics of getting in and out of Canada an awesome your view on whether to Canadian hip analysts here at the wind elect them. Really really good question thank you so much of that is it's important first of all Canada. Have a valid rabies certificate from here that it's very easy for you got to print out one for each car and I wanna feel home files for not one for four year for each of your glove compartments that cards you might have in your family. And then you'll never have to worry it's actually been years since that the customs offices of they have bigger things to worry about these days and ask Astor rabies that much. But you going to second the border without it. Armed as far as stick and heads out the window. Sure the big elaborate doors loved to do it now and then shepherds in the bigger dogs love to do it my strong recommendation is. To have. Even large dogs in the seat belt may have some great seat belt harnesses and and your dogs traveled a lot with the you have an harnessed the specially for cats. What I'll say is put your cabinet carrier and do not want your cat to get on catcher cats like to hide. A great place to hide is down by your feet you do not wanna make it that choice between your swished squish your cat with the brake pedal. Or stop means and from having accidents rusher actually want your want your cats in carriers who wants your small dogs in carriers. I'm it and also when you're traveling with your pat. Make sure that you he'd gotten all the shots when you're traveling to pave those cross country across the state. You don't know we're gonna end up in our at a rest stop on your gonna and you could end up in a field summer that you don't know we don't know what diseases are out there. You want your your pets fully vaccinated fully protected from parasites. You are reminds via via alternate line strand scare that tunes is the training camp in the senate candidacy down there and act quite what we had in mind for this tax return or reject your reads Stevenson the nagger frontier veterinary society. And kicked it actor was the past president of the and a half the ASEAN is a current member. What notes on dentistry for animals actor I've paid some pretty hefty vet is closer to yours because my cancer develops some act. And how frankly I don't brush their teeth and probably show that I have never been able to do it in on how to do it properly and it's a disaster usually so. How important is dental health to animals. Dental health bred great great question. Dental health is one of the most important things to think about actually the number one disease and pets today is nom is that'll help. The cats and dogs 85% of pets over the years of one have some form of dental disease that needs to be addressed. The best way to address it is to prevent it. There are wonderful foods out available that actually do an amazing job cleaning dog's teeth cleaning cat's teeth. That you can talk your vet about there are and aunts because nobody wants to brush a cap Steve right. I am answer right into your firsthand hand about an uneasy thank you can't train many dogs it to let them brush their teeth and that's the app that's the most important thing. So Ed Ed demo assessment taking a look at their teeth looking for dirty you can do that many people and I asked them to show me the dog's teeth. Though just lift up the front looked and you look at the front a couple of things and insiders which you really wanna do the real problems began. I'm specially in the larger dogs and cats ms. the back upper Moeller to lift that fact sheet where we're at the cheek arm. Comes Raleigh to that to the end of the lit therein and the very back of the amount lift that up and see what's going honor there. Pitch and obviously when you take your animal and should at EI a yearly checkup and then veterinary look at the appoint for dental health hours no problem up. Lift that we call flip in the let. Everybody in an area is being trained football weapon and and let you know with a don't know what the dental scores actually score I don't know. Clip that you have now we only have thirty seconds left arm and even an insecure about use that euthanasia are very difficult part of pet ownership obviously. Such a big part of our lives are we will bring you back Jack and I'd love and I come back to be back and I know you've done in ninety minute presentation and euthanasia so will do their. In the meantime thank you so much for your time this morning I really appreciate you coming in its. Or a pleasure just a shout out to my wife happy Mother's Day Carolyn Carolyn quite Stevens thank you to the actor was in the house and thanks to Brees called in as well for the first segment. He every Mother's Day ladies we'll see you next week and slice of life. Thanks Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen money.