02/17/18 The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh

The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh
Saturday, February 17th

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Are you ready for the raw truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has BM fifteen money presents the rock truth would help the nutrition practitioner Robbie raw RN and join Robby is she discusses faith. Family food fitness detox. Sleep and stress management and Europe overall health. Can you handle the truth. And now here's the raw truth with a one and only Robbie Iraq. You better handle the truth I am so blessed to be here today I just we are blessed to get up this morning with cats rats in our lungs. His blood running through our veins and our hearts beating because of him and you know white. He wants is to take here this temperate person you know guides he cares more about the condition of our heart and the condition of our party our body. But it is our responsibility. To take care this temporary Ers at this temporary mobile home that he's given us and that's what we talk about every week here. And that's what I do every day of my life I'm so blessed to be able to. To do the ads at a daily basis and really. How people to live that abundant life that I believe were designed to live. So I am so excited about today's gas before we get into the attic just what to say. Don't forget to check out the fountain wellness center we have soul much amazing stuff going on so many different. Got things going on there at the file wellness center and we are always giving our. Our healthy eating their for an eight week healthy eating classes 21 day detox seven day detox. And of course tech analyst at this as well we have you know monthly seminars going now on the rod truth. I talking about taking care of this body. Nick I gave you you need to be pro active about it you guys and it is a decision. Listen yesterday. You said tomorrow. In today's the day. So I'm so excited about today's guest. We're going to be talking when we come back from our doors sponsors. Did DN Dominguez he is the owner of buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture. And I am so grateful to learn more about acupuncture does absolutely. I have known nothing you know I don't know anything about acupuncture so we're gonna learn together today. So listen don't go anywhere get your green tea your greens will be will be right back with the right trees stay with us. How were lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost. How I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you and your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. Phone 716 hospice. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark down here over the years up. It's pretty big hits some really big guys they're really never thought. But the damage here that's a whole different story because a friend of mine introduced me it was my airborne down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. Listing folders that Asian tennis but to just one little bill when it. It's split one paper. So it will be up for in news 020 please are feeling. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip even at this team that they could beat Jim Kelly call Wes my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at W and smiled. To get you back in the game to break. To calling counties plus Mark Martin dental care. You don't love your question mark smiled and I know I do. Hi this is Robby Ron you know god gave us all different to an age and we can't change that DNA. We can change the way the DNA express themselves to write dietary habits and our lifestyle. And I'm telling you what. We test nineteenth two genes mixed at the right trees so that you can have a blueprint for your body in terms of fitness and food. To find out what your body is going to respond best to set appear playmate at Robby rock dot com. And we are back so excited about our guest today you know what ever you do do it in the name of the board and I'm telling you. He will direct your calf and am so grateful. To meet every week here and an interview people. Who help us to take care of his tempers that this temporary mobile home. The cat is entrusted us with so this morning my cat is DN Dominguez. He is the owner of buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture. Good morning Dan good morning they give so much for joining us today. Thank you for having me. Well it's wonderful to have you here because as I said earlier I don't know anything about it acupuncture so I'm gonna learn with the rest of our listeners today. So tell me a little bit about your background first. So I moved to buffalo in. 2016. I was formerly the head of acupuncture for the University of Rochester orthopedic and sports medicine department. I get in that acupuncture. Through multiple sports injuries I sustained playing yet the university of Saginaw Valley State I was the football player there and unfortunately. Career came to an end with the broken like. But through that. I was able to find acupuncture and and really find my purpose in life and in now was to help others the way that I've been helped through this Madison. Well and there's so many people I mean the audience that we try here are people who are active people. Where lists you know one need to take care of their bodies but don't want to putt pain medication in their bodies. And acupuncture is one of the main ways to me pain right. Correct acupuncture is accepted by most insurance companies. Primarily for pain management. That is if across the board a few see what they covered usually. Conditions of low back pain neck pain knee elbow shoulder those are all included in your plans. There was a recent. Change to the American College of Physicians. Guidelines for acute sub acute and chronic low back pain that. Included acupuncture as a first line therapy for those issues not opiates and insular is picked. A big shift and the way that. Doctors prescribe medication. They're looking for alternatives that that work. Chiropractic acupuncture and massage. Moist heat those are all things that come are now being prescribed first before they go down the route of of the painkiller. And I think that's important because in 2016. They were over 59000. Deaths attributed to pain medication and it's now the leading cause of death in people under fifty. So that's pretty astonishing. Yes it is an end. People need to know that there's alternatives such as acupuncture. So explain to our listeners what is acupuncture exactly. Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles and the specific points. In order to create a change in the response to the muscle and the local tissue and blood flow through that issue. I think there's a misconception that acupuncture is an energy medicine. And I don't I don't view it that way that's not what I was taught in it it's not the style that I I perform. Com there's so there's a word this associated with acupuncture called chi Chi's. Loosely translated that energy. Which he actually is this is. It's oxygenated blood and so what we're doing is his room. Modifying the way to that moves in your body via a needle so we're. The needle is just the Condo in order to create change your body increase blood flow. Stimulate tissue didn't to heal. Cause micro inflammation in that tissue and in release quite a funeral transmitters in your brain as a response to move the needle being answers and your pot. Now they can you feel it when you're because I know you you and you invited me to have acupuncture which I might take you up on that. But it does that doesn't hurt. I does not matter acupuncture needles are. Very small. If you're talking about gauger familiar with the South Gate a hypodermic needle the smaller of the bigger so. To gauge being around 16121618. That's what you're normally getting with a shot. And acupuncture needles actually range between thirty and forty. Engaged and and so what that means is. They're very small that are really about the size of a human hair and when done correctly by someone who who has good technique in needling you don't feel anything in the new Colson. Awesome moment. So I know that you hire you know I T doing this in training worldwide now you're gonna be going to several different. Countries. SMB and now I'll be in San Francisco on March Ireland in April and Australia and non. In July so we're going to be doing. Training on narrow functional acupuncture. Two other acupuncture is that. Weren't given that since school started curriculum. When I wanna hear more about yet. Nero acupuncture when we compare for married to our sponsors. I'm talking with DN Dominguez. From buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture. And I'm learning just like you are today's so don't go anywhere we'll be right back with the right trees stay with us. Do you remember where you were or who we are aware of the fast work out of your life. I'm Amy when me and when I think after I'm only big kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and magic different fitness levels Mo would be able to meet its fast version of myself. And when someone hits they're all back the energy I paid to heat catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get resolve it subpoena for Saturday flocking to Penney catalog location compatible in kind or needing some direction we will have a the perfect trainer for you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your resolve it happened. The fact certified trainer team training classes that no flash. Cycling indoor turf area weight loss programs Hydro massage recovery and felt much more so now I need my make you remember. Had a look at everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project now in nineteen kind of six location is a catalyst that miss buffalo got pounds activate your wife's. You've waited long enough. Now you can have all of Robby is knowledge advice teaching and inspiration in the palm of your hand with her new book the rock church recharge the ride truth rechargeable teaching seven truths about face. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and how all of them are vital to your health mentally physically emotionally and spiritually Robby is a registered nurse an integrative health and nutrition practitioner and a master trainer armed with certifications. With thirty plus years experience in the industry she will teach you how to increase your Energy East fits in feel healthy deep crease your body fat and increase your muscle mass shape your body -- cravings and focus your energy to just billiard calling God's word actually gives us -- clear direction and all of these truths if you wanna get clean then you need to lean on the lord do you need inspiration and motivation to either get or stay on track and this book is for you get your copy of the rock truth and Amazon.com. And Barnes & Noble dot com today. Life can take it hole and their bodies that the doctors at Buffalo's buying in sport medicine can now they treat injuries of the spinal muscular skeletal system non surgically to decrease pain and resource function. They listen they help. They explained this is doctor Michael Kenny so that you suffer from back neck joint nerve pain or headaches take back your lifestyle and contact Buffalo's finest sports medicine today call 7166260093. Or visit buffs buy dot com. And we are back talking about taking care this temporary cursed this temporary mobile home that god is entrusted with us. Listen we have a responsibility. To do that so that we can. Really go into God's work every day and then abundant life. That he has designed for us to live and I'm so grateful every day to be able to do yet. And meet people like DN Dominguez who from he's the owner of buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture. And I am just amazed I can't waits at check that out. I DN cell. We're talking about your trampoline all over the world and and you're gonna be training other people Aaron. This is different types of acupuncture so what is the difference between traditional. Chinese medicine in neural functional. Acupuncture. So traditional Chinese medicine as well we're taught as American acupuncture is in acupuncture schools so. Across the board most of us have that training. There are various different styles there's distill acupuncture which. It's primarily from the elbows and knees boundaries using nerves to create change and in different images of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine. Bounces Murray audience and in channels. There are twelve Marines dead Corley to an Oregon but really. When you look at it it's it's more of these Marines in channels are pathways along nurse. The lung channel. It is right along the radial nerve to repair Cardin channels red along the median nerve. And at the end of the heart channels right along the Boehner and in the singles the lake there's different channels there. Oh no functional acupuncture does. Is we target specific muscles. After testing these muscles we do muscle testing we read check to see if there's any imbalances or inhibition in those muscles that are creating issues. Downstream side use the pulpit colonel in the shorter girls of primary diagnosis tools. Feel weakness in your shoulders you're gonna have necked tightness you're gonna have neck pain you can have elbow problems wrist problems. Is treating one of the the the Buffalo Bills the season. And we found magistrates in tears and shoulder was not firing. By testing. And that was causing his elbow hurt and thrown mobile. And so. Com what we do is we answers needles institute what's called the motor nerves that's where the nerve in the muscle and atrophy. And we use electric stimulation. To isn't non painful called a non noxious stimuli. We created change in the muscle via electrical impulse it's different than attend in his tens unit which dispute sensory nerve fiber firing. We're doing is actually entering into the muscles of intra muscular stimulation. And creating a change in the nerve firing that muscle. Often times after an injury or incorrect posture for long periods or overuse. You create motor inhibition doctor. Doctor Stuart McGill termed it further includes calling include your amnesia. Word where in this happens quite often and runners who who don't cross train but actually. Constantly run forward and their quote shut off and that results in tight hamstrings. Tight lower back and eventually you know can cost major issues from shin splints to Achilles in the night is all because of who terrifying and we're able to do was put in you'll write in that muscle. Stimulated for five to seven minutes. And now muscle retest extremely strong distaste and on it's it's really awesome in the research is his back that up so it's it's been. An incredible opportunity for me to appeal to share that with with this community. Wow that's awesome and I know people that are listening rate now one in Knoll where you Larry and you're here offices is in my personal right. Correct yeah my offices at 1961. We're really drive. And we recently opened in November. An and I. Can tell you how excited sciences to be in buffalo to be able to help. The people of buffalo and you know give people an alternative to. Taking pain medication to getting cortisone injection to. Com you know doing the things that we're living data dangerous excepting that that's the way that their bodies can beat the doesn't have to be that way. Right absolutely. Come in so your website is Buffalo's sports. Acupuncture dot com right correct after a sports acupuncture dot com and how can people can hold the view what it was a phone number. And then we're also going to be talking about. Motor inhibition and how does it occur what is copy mean. I'm different conditions with acupuncture. Can aid wit and all of that will will give. All that information out it into the show too with your phone number in which you view but UN a lot of information and your. He website and do you have that number. In a phone numbers 7162768866. So in 6276887688660886. XOK I think Hughes 27686. Them. If it's funny how we have to look at numbers now because everything it adds to. I don't need this suppressed at. President name in the you know as for the longest time I didn't know my wife's numbered she seagate in the hardest time about it forever and now I only use her. Her number when I go to wegmans of the nature remembers my. Well don't tell my husband and I can tell his number off that from my caddie there it's and Jeff tiny is in my phone that's all I know. All right so listen I'm I want to know about. It in so you said something since of the needles iron. I injected for just like five to ten minutes. This sounds a lot faster than traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine you have the needles and for twenty to thirty minutes in order for. A full flow of boat that she cycled through the body. With no functional acupuncture relieving needles and sometimes for just seconds thirty seconds to a minute Wear while we stimulate them. And more chronic conditions that are muscle it's the it's extremely weak to testing. We keep it in for about five to ten minutes and stimulate that with the electrical and. And so. When it going to responses in the second that I want to also. I hear you know kind of what the practices when somebody comes that's when it comes to see you. Obviously to us an assessment in things like that and then we'll talk about the motor in addition it. How does it occur when his cup being in different conditions acupuncture can aid with and we want him time to open up the phones today but we'll have you back that we can do that. Are right guys so don't go anywhere we're talking acupuncture all about today. We'll be right back with a riot troops stay with us. Yeah. I just Jim Kelly for west mark mark down here over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys that really never thought. But the damage here that's a whole different story because a friend of mine introduced because it was hard work down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. The coldest patient and is about to just one little bill when it. That's what Wednesday when. Rated news 020 please are feeling. All come here just like me so if you have to all chip even at this team. They could be Jim Kelly. Oh what my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at WM smiles on the kitchen back in the game to break. To calling penalties which are more dental care. We love it much more smiles and I know I do. It's quite the journey in fact it's been a lifelong journey. Hi it's carry credit knowing if you're anything like I mean when it comes to eating healthy and exercising properly you need someone to walk beside you on your path to health and wellness for me that person is Robby rocked. From food choices to nutrition team doing the right exercise Robby has the answers. I finally found success on the Iraqi street church Rockies 48 or twelve week program. That includes a seventy detox. Robby will teach you how to eat and exercise properly because honestly we need to learn how to be how deep it does not come naturally. Robbie also offers private and semi private fitness and nutrition coaching if you've suffered through Yo-Yo dieting or type two diabetes this is the health even looking for. Do what I did find out more about the rock you to recharge at rowdy rock dot com. How were lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Howell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost. Home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. 0716 hospice. Join us next time for another episode of. It can we are back our right so. Today we are talking to Dan Deming is. From buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture awesome information. So we only a few minutes lefty and what is the motor in condition and how does it took her. Smucker in addition to his weakness occurring in the muscle and other muscles will compensate for that create. Tightness the Libyan noxious stimulus that occurs when you have almost without firing. The most become sticky and the surrounding tissue becomes sick in that's been trigger points or created that's when mile factual pain and even. Nerve pain because the muscles there are so tight around knickers and acupuncture. Com when stimulated into them order. I actually will re stimulate that and strengthening and clear that. Sticking it sort trigger point away from that another term sport is trying to. Com in New York that is illegal unless you're an acupuncture. Or medical doctors. In many states around the country physical therapists and chiropractors can. Trying to Eagleton and would drag needle essentially is is. Using a needle that doesn't have fluid and and so. Here in The New Yorker caught acupuncture com or trigger point mile fast acupuncture. And in other states called triangle. And once few releases that your point you know you you cleared that pain from from them muscle and release. That tension on the lunar. Some. Makes sense. Now what is copy as you mentioned company with is that it's. Cooking is stunned to different ways either we use the class cup and insert a flame into the cup to took the if you take the oxygen out so it just goes in and out very quickly and it's put on the skin and and the your body looks for oxygen and so creates a suction. Com what we're doing with that and you can Aussie use any. A big gun. Not a gun but it basically sucks the air out and use. Plastic cups for that but it's deep compressing them muscled very popular in the Olympics right now very popular and sports in general I can't tell you how many people tag meaning copping. Posts from from athletes Rahm boy you're doing is is increasing blood flow. By creating space pulling the skin away from the facts of the factually from the muscle the muscle from the bone. So that you can get a stimulus into that issue that may be tight in and. You retreated. So I'm so. Now different types of acupuncture can aid with so many things what are some of the types of I have problems that people come to four or maybe they don't have a problem I don't know a. Sign me any pain specialist. I am absolutely. The person you go to when you have an injury when you have chronic or acute pain or. You're an athlete you're looking. To be of I would to make sure that everything's firing away so that you stay healthy. A big part of acupuncture and I think it's under utilized. Is its ability to prevent illness to prevent injury. There are other acupuncture here's some very talented acupuncture is that actually work with that. That though owner's name is Andrea showing she. Owns western new York at our acupuncture works. And she's a fertility specialist so. She she deals and women's health and infertility. And any gynecological issues at home they have this little stress and anxiety. I think a lot of people if you break downward disease. If it's this east grand and that disease. We'll develop other issues down the line if not treated first. I'm absolutely. So we're at the European specialist so. Also now a year you when someone comes in in your rate Williams Phil here in 1961 were early to write a suite seven. What what is the process we only get about few minutes here are so savvy than and that's all takes right so once when it comes to me I'm gonna. Break down their history their health history we're gonna talk about the surgeries their issues we're gonna go through thorough assessment. I'm big in orthopedic testing I like to understand what's going on in the body so. We're gonna do manual muscle testing on the shoulder of the back. And legs figure out exactly where the problem is so that you as a patient are. Empowered to know how you can bingo and strengthen those areas after we address them so. I'm big into physical therapy yeah I'm big into. Homework and give all my patients homered so that they can go to the gym like. The catalyst and yes and work on these issues that we find after I re engage them with a needle pass some. Welty and we are running out of time but we'll have to have you been acting and Dominguez. Buffalo orthopedic and sports acupuncture you know your stuff. Thank you so much for joining us today if you medium well we're gonna have we're gonna connect more you can reach Dan at 716276. 886682768866. Or go to buffalo. Buffalo's sport acupuncture. Dot com. Right right. Buffalo sports that keep exports acupuncture dot com are right in the is right Williams well but right around the corner from you anywhere when his buffaloes they get their quickly. Arie thank you again so much for joining us today and wanted to take our listeners for joining us. And listen to jazz. Keep going people keep going on the journey of health because none of us are promised tomorrow now one of us. I guarantee tomorrow's a live data by the life today. The guy desires for you to live and go out as in do his work so hopefully god willing lobby back here next week have a wonderful last week. See you next week. Join us next time for another episode of the rock true feel great and looked great in mind body soul and spirit we've Robbie Ross and the rock truth. Right here on ESPN 1520.