02/10/18 The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh

The Raw Truth with Robbie Raugh
Saturday, February 10th

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Are you ready for the raw truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He has BM fifteen money presents the rock truth it would help the nutrition practitioner Robbie raw RN and join Robby is she discusses faith. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and Europe overall health. Can you handle the truth. And now here's the raw truth with a one and only Robby Iraq. You better handle the truth of I actually are so blessed to be here today with God's wrath. In our blogs his car it's our hearts are beating because of him and his blood is running through veins and I'll tell you why every day I wake up. I am so grateful for that because you know when you've seen people close to you. Take their last breath on this earth it changes you deep in the court and I never ever. Wake up in just think OK come up days I added as a guy do that I just thank god. For their breath and that he put in their lungs every single day that we are here. And so I was so grateful that you joined us today grab your green tea or your greens moody we got a great show for you. But why get into the attic got a couple things to say. First about. Today I'm so excited and doing a special master class at 1 o'clock at catalyst linking mr. French road. Club and that is rate of French right inland cancers I said. I'm very excited be teaching the raw energy kickbacks in at 1 o'clock today. And then following that at 2 o'clock I'll be doing a free seminar let food be that medicine medicine bee di food. It is open to the public and get bulk the class and at. The the seminary is open to the public some very excited. T do this special event at Lancaster club 1 o'clock in 2 o'clock solicit. Clean your house now go to the grocery store do whatever you have to do make those bags do the dishes and then get to class. And to the seminar and bring ten of your favorite friends. Because listen were most like the five closest people we hang out with so they got to hear the message to get the truth. And also. We are running our for an eight week classes rate now at the fountain wellness and which I'm so grateful for that. We got both classes but we still have room for you. If you wanna join us in today also catalyst I'll be offering. You can opt in on either four or eight week program or a seven day T tax and supermarket tour. So we'll be talking about that later on in the show is my guest today. Is in marine land values seen her in many a night. Photos of you follow me and social media as she is my sidekick my right arm my best friend she is just all of that and more. We have. Been able to work together and in the have a lot of fun together and how we speak the same language so don't go anywhere we'll be right back with the right troops stay with us. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness Powell I know my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me and my family at no cost. Home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you and your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. Thought 716 hospice. But this Jim Kelly for west mark mark Dell here over the years I think it's pretty big hits. Some really big guys they're really never thought of but the damage here that's a whole different story because a friend of mine introduced because it was my airborne down here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. It's being called that he should and is about to just one little you know when it. That's what Wednesday and so it will be up to. Rated news 020 please are fatally. All come here just like me so if you have stalled chip or even this team they could beat Jim Kelly. Hope was my mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at WM smiled. To get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties what's Meyer mark down here. You don't love plus mark smiled and I know I do. Hi this is Robby Ron you know god gave us all different looks and age and we can't change that Dini. We can change the way the DNA express themselves to write dietary habits and diet lifestyle. And I'm telling you what. We test 92. Genes mixed at the right trees so that you can have a blueprint. For your body in terms of fitness and food to find out what your body is going to respond best to. Set appear playmate at Robby rock dot com. And we are bad we're talking phase and we food fitness detox sleep and stress management and love today how it's all flight deal. To your health and my guest. Emory handle is here good morning good morning rowdy how're you today oh good how are you good I'm so excited to be here and a lot of got a great day ahead of Astaro Mike Ashley you had a great week ahead of you happy birthday in advance and happy Valentine's Day in advance that this isn't the weakened by an anniversary is coming up with my husband at the street on the GO. We you know we're talking about. All of those seven truths that my book is about the right treats recharged. And love as well because it is Valentine's week and you know guys hurt you know I know it's ESPN radio in your tuning me out are ready but don't. Okay love the wind your wit you know love your wife and I'm gonna tell you this. I got comedians salon designee Hillary does me leery of how many years he's going to be 38 years in May or skipping 3930 every now it appears. I don't know what 38 so out of network. I don't know how to workers are well you know. You must have some tips that you know you have to talk about and I'll say I'll say this. That. You know I believe and it's taken me a long time if we're coming up 126 anniversary. But you know I I heard this actually from a an author's CNET. You know God's idea of marriage is not to make is happy it's to make a hole. And it is tough I mean there are good times ambient times and they act. You know in May exceed twenty to 36 Katz says. Love the lord your cat with all of your heart with all of your soul with all of your strength this is the first. And greatest commandment in the second is love your neighbor as yourself. And you know. I I've often heard you know people say well you know it's hard to love when your when your argue well got it also says love your and impeach. If it's true at your now does he does so. Here we are too imperfect people. Trying to have a perfect marriage. I mean you it's perfect you've been married for 38 years knowing you know we're not perfect and you know you. It's your first round and this marriage thing to have killed so it you have to take you have to expect to fall down and get up and volcanic app again. That's just that's life but also. You know your faith really does play an important part you know Roland ads most important part and it county and down. I think it's kept us together around this time and we week we got mere difference of guiding hand down. We kept to their promise to each other and I'm and I'm grateful that we have. Absolutely and you know castle says we you're treasure is there your heart will be also. In in Luke 1234. And where we. We are we spend our time where we spend our energy we are we put you know ourselves. You know last. Is it is it shows where where her eyes in that is. It their marriage you know so many people I think don't realize that it takes an investment in. And it is something that you got to admit I'm not an expert in marriage that I that they do have a section in my book. Because. Faith family food that has deep tax sleep and stress management are all played into your house that those relationships. In your family. Our report in god says in Genesis 218 it is not good that means should be allowed. I will make him helper from terrible to him. So I think all of that guy doesn't want is to be alone it's better you what I hear people are you absolutely I am. Yeah we are we are tucked that they yesterday but if truth because Tulsa OK I conversation yesterday Emery was how we'd like to talk talk talk talk talk. In our husbands don't like to talk talk talk talk talk and that's where it odd great why have you as a girlfriend because we get talked a lot. Yeah and in I think at compatibility you know you always have one that's really energetic and talkative and then you have won this more on the quieter side and I think that's what. Makes us get along so well is because we balance each other we predict great balance and our relationship and it keeps us going that way well absolutely and I think you know the the support that you have with other people in fee act. In our marriage my marriage with it's definitely one of the things that is an important ST here have accountability couples. Not just accountability partners accountability girlfriends but honed ability couples that will help keep us and track because. You know I see is out to kill and destroy. Relationships. To kill and destroy families to kill and destroy us. And in that there is spiritual warfare going on everywhere we're gonna continue this conversation. A while we come back from our endorse sponsors later probably talking about sweet substitutes that you can do for Valentine's Day will be right back with the ride through it's they let us. Do you remember where you were or who we are aware. Commitment fast work out of your life hi I'm Amy Wendell and when I think after I'm only big kettle of fitness. With a trainer pushing me I love the feeling of working out with women and magic different fitness levels Mo would be able to be had passed version of myself. And when someone hit their all Daffy energy I paid the heat catalyst fitness. While winning the best way to get results subpoena for Saturday walk into tiny capitals vocation compatible in mind or needing some direction we will have a perfect trainer. Well you cannot have been about bragging equipment and dynamic training area to make your results capped at. The fat certified trainer team training classes that's both plastic recycling indoor turf area. We lost programs Hydro massage recover and feel much more so now I need my make you remember. Catalyst has everything you need to be it ever priced at a perfect. Thanks for your project 199906. Vocation is a catalyst that miss buffalo got pounds activate your house. You've waited long enough. Now you can have all of Robby is knowledge advice teaching and inspiration in the palm of your hand with her new book the rock church recharge the right truth rechargeable teaching seven truth about staying. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management and how all of them are vital to your health mentally and physically emotionally and spiritually Robby is a registered nurse an integrated health and nutrition practitioner and a master trainer armed with certifications. With thirty plus years experience in the industry she will teach you how to increase your energy he fit in feel healthy deep crease your body fat and increase your muscle mass shape your body cut cravings and focus your energy to fulfill your calling God's word actually gives us clear direction and all of these truths if you wanna get clean then you need to lean on the lord do you need inspiration and motivation to either get or stay on track and this book is for you get your copy of Iraq -- and Amazon.com. And Barnes & Noble dot com today. Life can take it hole and their bodies but the doctors at Buffalo's buying in sport medicine can now they treat injuries of the spinal muscular skeletal system non surgically to decrease pain and resource function. They listen they help. They explained this is doctor Michael Kennedy so if you suffer from back neck joint nerve pain or headaches take back your lifestyle and contact Buffalo's finest sports medicine today call 7166260093. Or visit buffs buy dot com. And today at one clocking catalyst that is Lancaster. And French road. A BUN is special guest appearance master kick boxing class. And is open to the public. Everyone can come they have a beautiful studio there and it's could be a great time and then at 2 o'clock I'll be giving a free seminar and let them be that medicine. And medicine BI food. And again open to the public health of those you can take both went one board you know whatever it doesn't matter just come out. Check it out Greg green's ability in fact you can granite greens the act catalyst that is. Sit down and listen the senator as we get to organics with these they're better to die for. So listen I'm with in Murray land earlier and we were talking about love it. Talk a little bit more about love and then talked about sweets substitutes for your diet they wanna say getting corinthians thirteen four. God's word says love is patient love is kind and is not jealous love does not rank it it is not arrogant. Does not act on becoming only. It does not seek its own. Is not provoked does not take into account wrongs suffered. And so hard you know as I said you know to imperfect people trying to have a perfect marriage. And you know we have to we have to forget Emery I always say forgiving someone. Is now for their benefit it's for your tactic but you're absolutely right it takes him relief off your heart doesn't really you know in God's word you know. I honestly. Tells us he commands us to forget how many times seven times seventy times. He tells us to forgive other people and you know that I'd rate of about this in the rough treatment. Those feelings of resentment. Anger. On forgiveness. All of those symptoms or all of those feelings I should say can manifest itself. In two physical ailments in our body and that's. That's realty and again a lot of yet. Is spiritual warfare there is always the spiritual warfare going on we think it's like. This earth Lee you know crazy relationships we have when it's really the enemy trying to kill and destroy he is trying to trip us up. And the naysayers indeed now on supporters and all of that. They are part of their cat will use other people. To pull you down when your stepping out tee to you know do what god has called you to do actually was writing about this. Today or this week in social media I said did you ever notice when guys opened the door for you. I he has plans for you you have something big coming up when you are stepping out and faith. They say will use people in your life to distract you from what god wants to use you for. The enemy is out to kill and destroy and he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to make you doubt yourself in cats purpose for your life. Don't let him guide did not create you. To live a distracted life I created you to know him. And let him be known for his glory in kingdom. And when you step out faith outside your comfort zone to walk through a door that that is opened. And it could be marriage to be relationship. People will try to hold you back the you'll try to trip you up in the panel is real spiritual warfare is no joke take. I don't let the noise of the world the naysayers but none supporters are the enemy keep it from hearing the voice of the lord. Dry near to him and he will try near TU. And when you step out of state. And become a blessing to others you will be blessed so put on your armor pray. Hold your head guy and pull out all the stops use the gifts and do look at his college did you draw a line to him and he will draw lines you. He will never leave. Or pursue a Q after. She's used to says I'll sell my house sat around we sell well fad you know sometimes things come in my heart I just instantly tweet and louder you know in two Graham matter whenever. But listen before we go I get I we talk about relationships and love him with your 38 years of marriage I know you have a lot of it right so we're gonna have to continue this conversation another time because we. About if they act act. This week is Valentine's Day in every every right to my husband Emery don't give me chocolate in what is to give me chocolate. But at least he's switched from. You know milk chocolate to organic dark chocolate if they do I mean. But you know you and I love Suisse we just where in Florida together retail. We do we admit that yeah sweets just like everybody else that we have learned and we teach others. You know what to do in terms of swapping out angry and you've made some really good desserts for her cooking class yes yes I mean we and we a lot of fun make you know sign desserts and you don't have to. If you don't have to I'm surprised right or heard the flavor still comes with some healthy options for your suites in recipes. You know whether they be fruits or whenever we unit details but I mean there's so many options maybe just have to try it once. And it's amazing to see people try them and they're like in light and they're like oh my gosh this is eats. Yeah that's what we're teaching our our for an eight week healthy eating class you an idea in Kieran. Other fellow coach. Yet the fountain wellness center and we teach healthy cooking. You know the good greens good Swedes good fan at all of that supermarket to work we do healthy cooking classes there. And some of the ingredients that that I know I use and I know you use. It you know for the bodies coconut sugar I knew you'd do to. Any we can actually it's. It's equal measurement. You know so it's Carlsberg a part of a cup sugar he supports a couple of coconut sugar. And it tastes the same as in the case wonderful yet another difference and then rock cocoa or rock how the organic chocolate. One of my favorite desserts. Which I hate. Love chocolate. Is debt. You know it's in my but the recipe is the avocado chocolate and he yes with rocket Howell and an avocado mixed together in a little that a coconut nectar you ran recipe and loved recipe to it it's like to getting that you don't know it's avocado but it is but it doesn't isn't even like Africa. And it's so good in case of for so many different things like putting and you know in. Filling effort Kate get tapped in for cake Corey hi I think he made a time out didn't tie it one time you know with a great you know healthy crossed at comic asked so that. They use of raspberries. Yeah. Using the coconut. Nectar instead of honey. A lot of people think I'd die happy as a local icy mix we are we know it's not. And so you know using it coconut nectar and just really not deemed price so you know it. This week of the Valentine's Day yes I'm gonna have some chocolate you know. I I prefer the dark chocolate. You know Beckham that there preferred the milk chocolate filled with sugar but now it's is dark. You know is high percent of cocoa is like again at 85% effort is. Organic dark chocolate. And I'll tell you you don't need to eat a whole bar UN I eat a little square here a little square there and you're satisfied and it just you know was to sell. It's great trying and you feel happy that you could still hit the chocolate filled it DT filled yet you know that why aren't. And it's satisfying in that missing. Excuse me I think you're not missing anything now you know people will. In no there is in towns where again. Any of the grocery stores around here. We'll have that and so you just really go in the organics action and got in some excellent health food stores that have. You know chocolate powerless cakes and things like that as well. You know in their healthy eating infection. And if there's a healthy teen section in the grocery store what does it say about the rest of affection people. I associate you know I'd be seriously you know stick with the Hulk. Section I'm going to be talking today in our free seminar catalysts fitness. About let it be that medicine and medicine be they food and to be talking about. Increasing your energy being fit and healthy decreasing your body get increasing your muscle mass shaping your body cutting cravings. Focusing your energy to them though the Colleen the caddie has given you and listen if you're eating out of a box a window or the dollar menu. You can not we have a million dollar body and a clean bill of health you just can't write and mark. I mean that's where it kind of works when you're seventeen or eighteen like you can. You know not work out and you know eat junk food all day UC cookie dough you know by mother would yell at me donate a dollar but I love the Dow. To keep cookie doll I would drink Aiken got out of the park net Thanksgiving. I was a worse okay. But I don't wanna eat junk because I don't want to feel like junk and I feel like joke when I eat junk. That's so true and that and I do too and even if like we really brands and wait for training and you know you have a little something that wasn't quite you know your right. You're you're right foods and he had sicker you just steeler right when he you know I I feel might the pain in my body you know at the joint pain you just feel it. Like well there's proof right there that you are we you week absolute. Lee and you know today at this free seminary catalyst fitness Ina. French wrote in Lancaster 2 o'clock Abby I'll be giving my testimony as well about you know how I lost my father to cancer. I my sister was miss diagnosed for two years. With what doctors thought was a black milk duct after being pregnant two years in a row. And how that rocked our world and she was given just weeks and months to live. And we changed her diet and Paducah through the grace of god of course prior. You know she lived ten more ten more years. So. Oh I'll be talking about yet I'll be talking a lot about the anti cancer diet which is anti inflammatory diet. Which is the anti standard American pie wedges all of that because our standard American diet which is sad. Is making us sick and they can tired. But it's not just what you eat and how much you exercise it's really about you know Emery you know this because. In I was writing the book wind. In you and I were still you know working together. It's about eight. PM Lee food fitness detox sleep and stress management how with all vital to our health got placed those seven truth. My heart for reason and seven is very significant in the Bible means perfection means completion. And it's not a coincidence that he placed those seven truce but book by the way you can get any Amazon or. Tying pharmacies family medical pharmacy he can get in its feel great health food stores and many other places as well. We're gonna go to iron to our sponsors and let's give him some tips Smart tips on staying and track this week because I know people are going to be going out to eat in Emery. And they think I'm going at speeds of up floodgates are open agony whatever I want or I'm going to have to eat whatever I want will be right back with the graduates stay with us. But this Jim Kelly for western art work down there over the years I think it's pretty big hits some really big guys that really got clobbered. But the damage here that's a whole different story because Fred mind introduced because it was my airborne demo here a couple of years. And now. Actually don't mind going to. Stay focused and patient and is about to just one little note when it. That's what Wednesday and so it will be up for in news 020 please are we all come here. Just like me so if you have stalled chip even this team they could beat Jim Kelly hope what's the harm mark don't care. That's 652. 7645. Protect my on the web at WM smiled. To get you back in the game to break. To calling penalties it was far more dental care. You don't love plus mark smile and I know I do. It's quite the journey in fact it's been a lifelong journey. Pipes carry credit Nellie if you're anything like me when it comes to eating healthy and exercising properly you need someone to walk beside you on your path to health and wellness for me that person is Robby Iraq. From food choices to nutrition team doing the right exercise Robby has the answers. I finally found success on the Iraqi street church Robbie sports eighths or twelve week program that includes a seventy detox. Robby will teach you how to eat and exercise properly because honestly we need to learn how to be healthy it does not come naturally. Robbie also offers private and semi private fitness and nutrition coaching if you've suffered through Yo-Yo dieting or type two diabetes this is the health even looking for. Do what I did find out more about the rock you to recharge at rowdy rock dot com. How will lying now. That's the question many ask when faced with serious illness how align my caregiver needs more help. How align no homeless services available to me in my family had no cost home I know it's time to call hospice. I ever hospice wants you to know that it's never too soon to call in fact those who call sooner in their disease process often live longer and with better quality of life with the help of hospice. How will you know. Don't wait call 716 hospice and get the support you in your family are entitled to don't be denied the gift of more time. Phone 716 hospice. And we are back and talking with the Emery land all new truce political consultant and nutrition coat. An Emory we put people through a let there be that medicine seminary to clack linking mr. catalyst that has them French wrote. And you need to reset your metabolism and read toxins with AD Jackson need eat clean. No adept means you need to exercise most days of the week he needed yep good gut health. You need proper hormone regulation you need to managers at distressed he need a manager your numbers and is not just about weight loss it's about your health right. And so. We're going to be giving them an option of they can do a seven AD tax that could do 87 of fourteen day. Out taxing its its south abrupt and they go through but it really isn't. And if you could see the people's faces after their Don. They're just they're great and up so he asked is it we got through it in we cut the cravings and all of that you can do that too so. At 1 o'clock today I'm teaching a kickbacks it clipped it catalyst that as. Lancaster French road if you've never taking kickbacks you can just throw some punches you don't need to jump you don't need to. You could do would everywhere you walked through the class it's for all ages and then at 2 o'clock. A gaffe free healthy eating seminary Emery thank you so much for joining me today not lightning Iraqi and it always goes so fast that you gonna come back again and we're gonna talk about. How amino acids we do right from proteins are used to make Nero transmitter brain chemicals. That actually can help control our appetite. Reduce cravings and balance mood swings are that the my book the Roger three jars we'll see you next week you guys came up last week remembered god commands us to love. One another. Happy Valentine's Day have Valentine's Day. Join us next time for another episode of the rock truth and feel great and look great in mind body soul and spirit we've Robbie Ross and the rock truth. Right here on ESPN 1520.