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UB Football Insider with Lance Leipold
Wednesday, February 7th

Paul Peck sits down with UB coaches to discuss this year's signing class, as well as the future of the program.


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Sports network from the nuclear fuel to live from San tour is it's a public grilled corn transient world. This gives you beat football leagues either with a landslide goals presented by Santoro is still holding group. Also brought to you and part by our teen UV partners. At pro sports column done. Like WG RC channel 219. Pepsi. Like tone BMW. And behind the new America. It's UV football signing. Radio specialist ballpark. Football insider show where it's for a it's. Pete's a public relied transit road. For the next ninety minutes where reorganize what could be better than talking football in February head coach Lance libel. Nothing is better to get everybody thinking about football that doing it doing it today and for the next ninety minutes we are going to talk football. On the yeah occasion of today being the official. End of the signing period. We'll talk a lot about that there are fourteen new U people's will break down the details and every one problem. And we will go through the individual positions on the team and talk about. What you're going to have going into 2018 with each of your assistant coaches to get a lot of football to talk about him and there's nothing wrong with that writes absolutely now all of that to be with you you know with. To walk Sunday every talked letter on Monday I think we gave everybody 2.4 hours on Tuesday let's get active. Talking college football and spring football right around the corner absolutely in spring football kicks in and about a month or so for your right and a little longer a month actually gave Gordon and the guys just got back to campus all week ago so it happens really plan yet and in the spring game to remind everybody is going to be Friday April 13 at UB stadium so that. It's gonna be every once chance to get a look at the 2018. Bulls we'll get today's signing date Lance put it's a much different citing data that is ever being in the he you're career because of the new rules that he made this year. You're fourteen month. Is it's signed fourteen players at the new signing period. In December. So you're really only had two players that you officially. Locked in today. Just take everybody through how much different the dynamics of having the two signing date and having the bulk of your players get locked in on December. This had to feel like a February that's never felt. Like before a very different Paula being different in in a lot of positive ways I think there was a lot of things that everyone across the country was kind of you know. Really picture of and it kind of experimenting in two different ways it and then they'll when you look at our class in particular there are some uniqueness. In that alone of based on I I think it was of really good year for us in state it was is a good year in state for high school football. And and then also the fact that we had essentially four players from. The point seventeen graduating class that waited until January to a role with us a lot of our work was you know way ahead of schedule. Which we really felt appalled that we were. Finally had our our written in recruiting where we're at where we wanted to be where we get it on people and then also now with this signing period. The month that Jane where we got a great start on the point nineteen. I want to know what surprised you about I mean again it just it. The dynamics of this were completely different on an angle there was a lot of sort of conjecture going into December about. What he would most of the kids sign in with the weight. I'll wouldn't benefit the meat major programs like yourself. With the power programs off fuel cool about this not good about this what what did you learn what surprised you about all well I think that thing that surprised everyone is you know. How high the percentage is word that most people build their classes I think maybe that was some people that maybe a rupture and make sure they build it the first time around. I know for us we we had a plan we stayed with it you know rob buy and they'll say you know coordinates are recruiting grammar you delete the dollar some of the guys behind the scenes to a great job. The growth or director football operations. You know of course our assistant coaches but. You know everything that we went along of what we felt we could. We have we recruited we made offers they accepted. And and we stayed that according to plan and very little movement you know in the past Paul we have things that would happen. Very late in the in the last seven days a recruiting or laughs and and a par five school would offer one of our recruits it happens often in our conference. In all of a sudden you don't have a chance to really regroup. And inspection it's at a position where your only gonna take one guy. And and a deck commitment came early. People know that your done recruiting unit isn't liking keep recruiting another position appear on TQ one quarterback or something like that it. All of a sudden you're kind of left holding holding the bag their little bit now. You get a chance to lock that person and if they don't wanna sign. Well then you know they're not really committed and he's still have a month to goal a lot of built a class and I think that's the way it should be. Hit from the players perspective it would it benefited them because they couldn't it if if I am always on buffalo I like awful they want me. What's the sense of not exciting in December so did this benefit the players in the long run. I think so I think. There's gonna always be things that are gonna need to be tweaked in the system might go there were some pressure on you know people felt. The the urgency of things in December for people you know playing in conference championship games getting ready for bowl game column. Unfortunately hang on I wish we would have had that stress you know but I still think with the class Dwayne was coming out we would've been fine. But there's still some things there that echoed through like you said if you wanna be at that school that you are you're you're there you sign if you're not sure. You still have a month to figure out where you wanna be. And I think that's positive I think there's still concerns about. You know when the visits can take place. How long is you know should we haven't earlier signing date than that but then you get in the high school dynamics and and I will forever please everyone but I I know that from this point on and they gave us some percentages that are national convention of really. The power five schools signed animals. The group of five probably sign the next most and then there was under 50% of the FCS schools have filled. I think you find out that those players that are going to be FBS type players are gonna get taken. And I think for every one. It you know the month of January kind of settles where it needs to be perhaps CS and that I think financially and where you go and money's spent in the right direction for what it needs to and I think every one and at least from a group of five on down need to be budget budget sensitive. Body was OPEC with bulls head football coach Lance like pull this is the UB football signing a special where it seemed Taurus pizza pub and grill. On transit road will be here until 630 when we turn it over the map matier for the pregame show tonight you be women's basketball game right down the road. At alumni arena. Sixteen players in the in the class which is a little bit of a smaller class than normal but you didn't have a lot of seniors. You replace so dubious senses you looked at the 68 of them are meets European role is between they're already year. Eight of them will be freshmen that will come in in August on give me a sense of the personality the style. What jumped out you about this class well. I think the first thing is when you look at the numbers and you look at where we are as a program now you know heading into our fourth year. I think we've been able to establish what we expect from our our players are players that that are in our program know what they have and we and we have the client that is needed to continue to take steps. And that leads to two retention and be able to develop certain players. I think one of the areas that we kind of fall a little bit behind on day especially our scholarship count early it was offensive line so we had a blog address that so sometimes. It's not as flashy don't have a lot of stance and all those things but very happier would make the cut benefits they are big and we have two huge human beings definitely coming in in that group been. We're excited about that the other neat was that we want and get some immediate help and that the offensive line at depth there we between injuries in graduation. It's an it position that. Britain needed to get some immediate helping here for competition in depth for spring and I think those are two to positions that that we are able to attack right away. Nine different positions make up the sixteen players as you pointed out coached for offensive linemen three defense climates of nearly half. Of the sixteen are the big guys and it two linebackers two running backs a wide receiver quarterback titans safety and defensive back that's the breakdown now would you look at the geography of it. Seven different states in the sixteen players. Five of them from New York you mentioned it already that's the most you've ever signed from the State of New York. All of which some people tell you is that necessarily. A state that always turns out a lot of division one football players but there's always there and the fact that you got a pretty good amount of them including the player of the year Western New York. Is something that I know you're always focused on how satisfying was it. To be able to get as many New Yorkers she did. Oh it was very gratifying I think we've looked at it you know between you know right here section six section five but we thought it was a great year we think we did very well. On their I think it's twofold I think you know between. The student athletes themselves the high school coaches and an awesome as a staff haven't better feel and understanding of what's available and how it's gonna fit into our program. And you know to get a map miers to stay right here in town and the excellent season that he had he was committed. Even before he made did that to move back to back to two west Seneca west Seneca Weston leaving them a state championship he'll make Duffy. Of course another out David just to get those guys right here in the buffalo metro areas is awesome. You know Corey gross is a very talented player had a lot of things going there and you know might have been skis Leo one of those guys it was a high school tight end. That we feels that he is up is a big human being open up very athletic he's gonna turn into a very athletic and physical offensive linemen and those are some of the closest ones. In feet or guys 67. You know you know kind of gives us. You know back to maybe a John cling type of body eventually things like that that we thought that we needed to feel more like that offensive line as well Nowitzki sticky that was the two time state Allstate lacrosse player correct yes and that's what you list an idea about pluses yeah absolutely Mike is you know had offers from some of the major. You don't top programs in the individual one look across you know and I think he he looked at him and a guy like Steve Wallace on you know for Saint Andrews college really you know. You know he's from the cue from Calgary area over there. Now on the western part candidate is. If he's 66 it says you know we'd listen at 315 animal precinct 315 and while it's probably closer to 335. But he's an national rugby players you know the national team can Canada kept asking him in one and keep playing so you look at two big bodies like that in that group might note derelict Paul was very excited about it. And the chance to work with this. Is this group alignment and especially after last year you know Paul we played a lot of offensive line. Those will that line came together we are developing definitely bring a group of guys like this in here they get to learn underneath them nobody gets thrown into the fire hopefully to worldly. And now we build their consistency on both sides of the ball that we need. We will talk with Darryl specifically about those players and his offensive line as we will with every position coach throughout the next ninety minutes here. Let's look ahead a little bit well let's look briefly back to look ahead you you've finished with three consecutive week he finished 66. There was so much momentum going I know the disappointments billboards yet that there wasn't a bowl game. Bump but what. And strong like that. We you what I've seen a lot of football you know that when this team is strong it carries that momentum in the next year and you've got so many returning players. Eight starters on offense six on defense coming back to you sense of what's going through your mind now about what the potential is for 2000 ET. Well it is is that there's a lot of excitement there but uses an issue where potential yet to make their potential through because otherwise potential dispute to be if we were were so close and as we talked all fall. All we have these opportunities. You know we you know we could seize the players could see is okay now what we doing this offseason and make sure we we close that gap further. Take a huge step in improvement but you know there's. But you know. Miami of Ohio 5 cents it was eastern Michigan in the eighth dealer on the cusp and you don't they just came officers you know that's what makes our leaks of specialists because it is such a fine line. Oh where we're at right now is a very exciting time we. You know we're just under hotter players right now are offseason program you know that's probably. When he more that we were our first years old what we're able to do with practice the competition with in the positions to create the necessary means to take. On the steps needed and that it's a daily thing and wouldn't grow our new news strength and conditioning coach came in with another. I guess another set of new wife he is a way of doing anything great energy our players have really bought in it's been a very positive start so far with UB football. Coach Lance like pull in a lot of stake at about your that the progression of your time your UB UK and your first year was. Figure it out get everybody Houston who you are the second year winds up sort of be no rebuilding year and and the record reflects that. Last year was the year we get it the big step forward. Now you're going into year where the expectations are there that the the you're bringing back almost key players almost every position. Do you have to change argue changing the way you're coaching this team may be compared to the other three off seasons that you've been. You know I don't know we really changed I think that's one of the things we tried to do everywhere that we that along the way as a staff is it consistency we talk about that the you know we're going to be a developmental program all the time it's going to be doing the little things right. And it's it's a daily process that we're tickets used a lot football these days but it is and that's why the words used in. You have to try to do something today that make you. Little bit better than you were yesterday and sometimes it personally sometimes it in the competition in the position. And all the little things that you have to do I just think there's. A little bits. You know the word excitement it's got to be there but ended the urgency to try to get it done well I think those are all high positives and hopefully. You know on the awful area Western New York welcome take a look at this group because as we know pol B it's an exciting group and some of the games that we played were so exciting. And we we loss of four straight games. The other thing really could have gone. Self and that is any of those yet well almost as if you're not gonna delay right within the last three games they could depleted and to watch what they really did and how they handled it. Is really what is the exciting part of where this program. Had yadda and I I know Atlanta I feel like there's excitement that's starting to build a little bit around town when when people are. Noticing your players noticing there's articles are being written already about your one of the teams to watch this year and and there's one article that says tired rejections the the best quarterback in the McNamee you know this is good stop this ship the stuff that gets you excited gets excited to look at the fans. Site right there and when you're saying their quality that this is it local so this is that it produces national and and what people have taken a look now. Where there's been caught a weekday game or the seven over time gamer or maybe the first game of the year at Minnesota they've taken a look at it's not our players now. And watch how they've done it consistently in the you know. Whether it be somebody that's done a game. And how they watched us through the season. This team is taking and making people take notice as walls are athletic department as we watch our basketball team he knew what else is happening. There's a lot of things in. And if someone might pass stopped while that'll happen it's contagious is built within an athletic department within a campus. Confidence of being able to see others have success can filter in your program. And the whole thing will rise to. And it's exciting time to be a bulls fan no matter what sport it is and particularly with the prospects for football in 2018. Enjoyed the time thank you very much glad you had a little less stressful to my great for the first time in your life. Relax a little bit because I know that that you don't get great patriots went under appreciated what could be with you all right couples that coach Lance libel when we return to Saint George pizza pub and grill we start rattle and our way through position coaches here you've been to talk about their recruits and their positions and the prospects for next year. This is the UB football signing day special from earlier deal. Black got alumni arena Tuesday February 13 and UB men's basketball host rival kids stay with the first 4000 fans receiving rally towels courtesy of eight MF bowling tipoff is at 7 PM call 877 UB therefore visit UB bulls dot com. 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Look in their mouth and poor parched mouth when he relies shocked us defray storm sand castle. You're being awfully quiet is that because your mouth feels like the business end of drama saw. Is it because throughout his road haiku and all seventeen syllables or dry heaves. Right now your mouth to be tongue dating and refreshing citrus kicker Mountain Dew instead of feels like you've been motor boating can cut sarcophagus. Showed some mercy cracked open an ice cold Mountain Dew. So now. For you know your mouth wants you to do that you know. Black got alumni arena Tuesday February 13 and UB men's basketball host rival Kansas State with a first 1000 fans receiving rally towels courtesy of eight MF bowling tipoff is at 7 PM call 877 UB therefore busy UB bulls dot com. Welcome back to the UB football signing day special we're at sea tourist pizza public relies on transit notably abilities. Buffalo's a regional pizzeria. We're also broadcast the show live on FaceBook through the people's dot com website so wave and and smile rob Lionel Bryant Borland their lives though even though it's radio there's no hiding that they're great hiding in our world anymore so. You ready for you're ready for that he's ready first live on FaceBook wrote guess wolf there you go congratulations Sorkin continue to talk about. The signing day class that rob idol as the head of recruiting was a big hearted. And we'll talk to Brian a little bit about its new defensive backs who will give him due to wide receiver talk with Roberts well to rob we'll start with you. This question that I asked the coach this was unlike any recruiting period in your coaching lifetime but the nature of the December and February. I've got a handle on this and yet it was that easy year. This Wednesday morning was. Driving to work him. Stuff it was not stressful we try to outlast president Edward knock on some kid 6:30 in the morning and do anything like that so it was. It was different but you know. Wednesday. And December was was had some you know stuff to them Suze. Let you know back to December we at fourteen it signs right most importantly do you think kids appreciate and like this set up better benefit. The players. Well I think it does if you know where you're going in and you made a decision. Because you know I think statistically as you go back part of it. Reasoning behind the justification of insanity was so many kids that make these decisions early enough. X number had made him by the ended June next government before the senior year X number made by December 1. You know so in and I think it's it's a large numbers nationally. From power five group of five sign early. We have to see what the hell out evolves in the next few years with. Music I liked it I thought it benefited us. Personally buffalo. Because of maybe something happened to us in the last few years with. With you lose some kids at the end you you power five schools that we now have signs you know and so I think from our standpoint it. Our staff did a great job. Going back to last year. You know mark Hurst junior day a year ago haven't. Probably as good group of guys on campuses we've had you known him back and look at the number guys did it were offered by other schools that we sign that we did good programs. On to our spring recruiting known Q are. Comic book on it weakened in June to go of these camps in different places so I thought we did a great job of prepared ourselves for an early signing day. Prime Borland bulls' defense of coordinator you mentioned you spent more time in the month of January working on next year's recruiting class that you could ever remember in your lifetime. That has to be beneficial not only for the program. But for the kids who can start to get a feel for where they fit in for 2000. Eighteens class 2090 technically. Yeah I think. As rob said everything's just kind of sped up your little bit Seoul on. You know we've we've got a pretty good start on the 2019 Clausen and right you know let's sort they'll price sort itself out. Rather quickly as well so. He's just an evolving process and were everybody's new to it a little bit but so far Liz has. Robson I think it's I think he's really benefiting us. Rob but the interesting thing that jumps out you when you break down the numbers in this class five players in the state in New York. I know you guys always wanna do that sometimes the state doesn't always have a lot of players to try to get. But that perfect storm of a lot of good players and you were desire. Kind of fell in place for the. First time in awhile we we really felt like the buffalo Rochester area had tremendous amount of talent last year and then. In the door Elmira which is not that far from here so. We have five guys from from within the close proximity to our campus and then if you count the couple can't Canadian guys and people partisan with a Q teaches that you can't and gay from Toronto I mean there's seven guys very close to your campus in and day of the eighteen on this list that means you can have a that kind of quality close your campus and you mean you can do these jobs recruit those guys. And we had a chance to get our eyes on those guys ready camps and they were all right our camp. Two over two junior season forgy sees them before his senior season. Tonight get a real chance to evaluate them hands on. And then you get used to know them better negatives and you'd better and I think that all worked itself robbery. Money I'll be talking about the one player in this class who will play for US the wide receiver coach told you about morals Smith. Six foot 3205 pounds Cleveland Heights he's a guy that we get used to some. Last summer at camp. Besides watching these video and in and change type schools don't you see years and he's got two terrific parents Connie and Lamar senior. And he got on our campus in the summer and came back again an official visit to nose on the basketball team had a school he completely. Round. We played I can't I snuck out of watched him play on Friday night in and she was won on different places that night. And that's who really think athletically he's he's really you know government really like him he's got height to which. We'd like you to issue positions so we're really excited about it. Brian you can get you're gonna get to coach everybody who's a the defense of recruit as your role defensive coordinator but. Your specialty on the secondary means you get that tells little bit about the two players that you vetted and let's start with the one who is already on campus. And that's Joseph Ebanks who comes from the scene junior colleges we'll Hodge. And fits in at a position where I know you're looking for some bodies he's a five foot ten inch 205 pounds sixty. Yet Joseph really really excited bottom just being an on campus now being throughout the spring will be huge advantage you know we graduated our. Two safeties last year. Who played you know well over 80% of or snaps back there are so. Heaven a guy that's that's more ready made to be able come in and have a chance to compete to get on the field play. Is great joys and great kids great athlete you know he's he's played division one football before. Now before then he went to the junior college ranks and so. He he's kind of been in their little bit before had some success and I'm like you said looking for him to see what he can all of what he can do this spring. But I I have a feeling he'll be able to compete favorably in. And that's an area that we we certainly need. Some guys to step up and know who have a chance when when Robb keeps recruiting six foot three inch wide receivers unique to recruits a six foot two which corners. Which is Corey gross junior from Rochester. Three time all state player 62 quality five Jack Cora played about literally about a half dozen different positions on this on this team this year's is. You know quarterback running back defense of them linebacker safety frankly corners well so are. Nobody is he's the he's like what we needed him he runs well he's long. I've got some versatility to whom we had a chance to see him a couple of couple different camps our own and and other camps and I'm really showed up well I believe he's probably. Feel like you'd diamond in the rough kind of a player here that nobody knows a whole lot about but I think we feel very confident. In what you'll be able to do less for us in the future as a safety. With Brian Borland defensive coordinator rob Lionel recruiting coordinator wide receiver coach this is the UB signing day special. From Santorum speak to public growing transit you rather have the benefit of recruiting. One or Britain or bring back one of the deepest positions on this team including at a player who has. Opened everybody's eyes and dazzle so what. More can Anthony Johnson you'd be even better than third in the country in receiving an receiving yards and then talk a little bit about the depth that you bring back at wide receiver. Well see improvement in the united compass that you think is a lot of things he could and better and I think it is people like that you could change in the understands that itself. I think the biggest thing that all the players that are returning and receivers had some production is the day. They have to grass accounts in the past performances. Pass reforms not dictate future success. And so I think we've we approach it that way you look at what we can get better which is we've been business core value of our program daily improvement. So easy to go back to look at what we have to get better at it and have some daily from Bosnia and had a tremendous season for us and and and things that you proud of and Anthony is that he's really. You enjoyed being at buffalo. He's embraced. Be successful academically he's embraced these successful football player and if he made him. He let us do a few different things than last year moving him around him and had a really kind of be it student of the game to do that in and so really happy with him KG Osborne had a breakout season for himself you know he he started out as an outside receiver and then when we had some guys go down westerners in jumped in the slot and never looked back in. And hopefully Antonio none of the guys that played last year will. We will move grow and get better and we have some younger guys who haven't played it's much that we'll have a hopefully great offseason and it jump in the spring practice in. And try to get better from there. I know a lot of fans were worried about this were you ever worried that if you may decide to make the move to the NFL. As a junior not after our discussions I was not good because it is reasons that are. Report thing Anthony wanted to keep seized a great value of come back here and proven himself in and help in the team. OK I think he sees that value number one number two you'll be the first in his family to get a degree and and he sees that is very important to him to do. And I think he got some good guys from his cousin gave him clowning you want them to stay in school. Church. As it is a good decision maker he. United interrupted. The draft protocol program to get a great draft grade which he got and then we discussed with that was in where that would that would him. But he didn't waiver from the first his first conversations of and return to school. And something that's important reasons why yes. And I know a lot of bulls fans were happy to hear that one of the reasons there's a lot of excitement about this team for next year Brian. Is the fact you bring your entire cornerback. War back in it's such a critical position. From him Lewis to tease him slack given Russell Brand and Williams. All of those guys have played have played well and you get him for another season. Yeah you've said it we've got some certainly got some depth there are some quality depth or Campbell was just a really phenomenal player in really impact also. And there's couples as it have some good versatility so we can we can kind of shuffle moved some guys around and create some opportunities. And to get a lot of those guys on the field that's obviously. A you gotta you gotta have that position as. The players at their position if you're gonna. You're really gonna do anything defensively so at least we've we've got a good start there. And you mentioned it you know Joey banks would be in the mix you lost. Tim Roberts and Ryan waves you can start to safety school beat green plate a little bit there but that's gonna be position that you're going to be working on here ought isn't it CIA it is. But you know for almost guys and we always say it's it's a great opportunity for somebody writes so we're we've got to we've got mature there we've got to come along and and you know you never know against sometimes as when they when that they've really seen opportunities they they really start to flourish and hopefully that's what's gonna happen at that position all right. Brian appreciate the time rob as well good work on the low over the last couple of months we appreciate rob by Nolan Ryan whirl and joining us for this segment. 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The women are home in their revenge match against central Michigan that's next Wednesday and in the matter home again on Friday that's a week from. From fragile lot of basketball and the way the men's and women's basketball teams have been playing it's good that you got a lot of chances to go see them in action. And again that starts tonight we continue. Breaking down the UB football recruiting class of 2018. We welcome quarterbacks coach Jim Dombrowski. And offensive coordinator and running backs coach. Indy total Nikita talk a little bit about peer group and indeed we will start with you. You got two guys in the class this year one of them very familiar to Western New York players let's start with deal that Duffy. Six foot 215 pounds played street Francis and then it sweet home. Two years ago at street Francis over thirteen hundred yards rushing and fourteen touchdowns that he had great numbers but he got hurt. So the numbers are huge in order forty yards. Are any continuously fine tradition of football league nicked off the stuff at you bees tells about Dylan. Well Dylan is venerate or probably since we arrived here buffalo. This author for fall out so that very first for him news. You first your retrieval went so well there. Let your coats we normally talk about him. And you know him he says coach Nikki dryness and and it comes to the ranks here now he's so the processions and if you could point out he has had some. Failing that recently that you be. It's we have been tracking him for a long time and Harry arguments by the yeah yeah it's anybody's wondering if it's heat Teddy and I'm zoning out. On the on the last uncle but bulls played in the nineties he picked up his head coach that in high school here in Western New York so there's a great tradition of nicked off yeah. Christmas stuff revealed that. Since sold out so that so. You know identified doing really really the processes is gonna put I don't go Clinton talked about the. Want me to do your job to care section six years here buffalo area. In a really thoroughly evaluating every player to miss this chance to play this level you know identified the orderly as he's one of the guys that could do that. And seeing him through camp to get to work with him it's it's pretty special in. You don't. I recruit this area you know buffalo Rochester area so I have been recruiting him and I will be his position coach. Pretty deep relationship with him you know there's been going on for almost three years now. Joining our program you know then that and I'm excited about that and he brings. Physical you know some tools to our our backs are backfield that that we look for we don't wanna. Bert burst out back there of what we're doing and he certainly is that kind of. Player if he's as good as the last week home running back to play Harriet didn't things would be good he can be as good as Jordan Johnson Jaret Paterson. It comes in he's already enrolled in classes now from Glendale Maryland 5980. Pounds he was the player of the nearest high school team. Two years ago over 2000 yards rushing and twin Brothers in the class of guilt to tells about care what your. When you look at him from the status employers see he's the clone them and you read some of those characteristics that thrived and we try to confidentially is. Unbelievable guy terms his change direction his explosiveness. That it shifty kind of back that she had the skill player. As you know pork roll we're trying to do offensively he. He. Is an unbelievably young man to you know we he we have been recruit him for awhile as well courts of rusty involved in that family. Yes they're going to be nothing better resource for us. In terms of their athletic ability to our program but there is the fact they are such great flag bearers of our university down Maryland area. Now it we're excited about what they're gonna do for us here. All right gene you you get one of the headline guys in the class this year to work with them. And Matt Myers was amazing this past season in the league eating less cynical west to a state title. MVP of the state championship game Western New York player of the year six foot 4220 pounds and every football in west here knows all about. Matt Myers but tell us something we else we need to know about it but what you see is his future in this program. We'll think about him is you know and he has Syrians and god gave me some information in the process and my adherents are looking at quarterbacks and X class. Any kind of stuck out mean. With a unique about him was that played such a high level schedule at this time that the recommending rape I don't care what keeps you won. I want to think he's where they've they've played Pete Jordan played people I guess superb yeah there than people would remember this Friday night like this and that's a scheduled scoreboard didn't look very few but watching him play in schemes that. Quality kids have adversity. If you have he could play at that speed I think Jordan came at three or four. Division one recruit to one not for a chance to watch my cast really liked him. I can't see him work out he came over multiple times got no in this family really won't great family great people. Reaction came to camp and he just kept getting better every single panic. Some people. Taped by you know by whatever bomb we want to my like that's him personally pop star. Great looking cute to run its fast enough over the papers and he is he there are some industry but in the past kind at six work ethics or conflict and. Very much modern day quarterback up 2000 yards passing the thousand yard rusher is the third. Western new Yorker to tune that in its single season I know one of them was Jack Kelly. I'm sure I'll start the other they're gonna help me figure out who won once but but he plays the modern quarterbacking now it does he do they don't know. Some of the stuff you know obviously the zone read stuff the power reached for doing you know throw quick game be able throw on the run and create you know make plays you watched the kids we ethnic. Lot of times correctly yet you let them be able run they got through there real throw balls questions they made you know such a kid we have got real football now. The biggest human embryo run at being able to avoid. Pressure and minimize the sacks minimize my and it's plays and making great plays out enough and I think that's when best attributes yet you're so many great ones. He can make. Bad plays not a bad and make better plays that he you know I thought about correcting greater grace gave me you know I mean race where things are going to be great. I think he has the ability to do that and mice that. Watching council prod him because he I'm and I remember you came to camp and rafter committed. All excited like we are related and papers in my view drop in the football for Wright and her like the kid he thought about me. So I just not players say what this warming and to also and luckily you know obviously. From that there wasn't a west got a chance next you know it is the admirals and and state championship player of the year every award you can imagine. We're just so happens meaning any boulders so happy for the kid when he went through those hard to a three week period. We're like us. My football teams got dropped safely had he made decisions that look we need some of those kids that work what were you work so hard that any kind of help that team you know razor and those guys played well and actually you know they're there when the state championship which is the which is as unbelievable. Right well both of you guys you know as a coordinator did either as a quarterback coach. You know you guys are hands on every second of bobbled the quarterback position. Have you reflected a little bit on on what that position. He'd rule learned last year through the adversity of the injuries and you know you all three quarterbacks that started are all coming back. On the have all gotten better and it'll certainly everybody yours excited about the the next step for Tyreke Jackson but. From both of you guys give us a sense of what you think that position going to be able to do next here. If news you don't know yet I think what I'm most excited about from those guys in this release speaks volumes to the kind of players they ours. We talked about consistently in the improvement programs can values that we Cary. In every one of those guys if they went through adversity injury you know watching some else's success whatever would be. None of them stopped growing in that process and that speaks calling it took them there. There's ceiling which is very high for those guys. And that's problem observing them in obstacle he did a great job we're with them and that you would transition and who you know. You know inordinate starting quarterback is that kind of stuff I was tees every Thursday have a meeting with them. To just review the game plan this situation things coach bumpers. Would come in undergraduate system committee handouts and stuff. If he'd go in the through changes every week and it can't pick and at the end but he did a great job work with those guys but the fact that the you know learn from just observing in the you know problem for game and a half of play per game. You know how much experience you know what that's going to be to him in the future for him it's just an unbelievable thing. And we talk and we talked about them like I thought I don't worry about someone gets hurt the next guy got. Word second team third team. When you guys you're one snap away. Truth now. You were two steps away this is not your wants and hopefully that'll that'll ever played at the applicant Kyle's face. When the north Tyler and I uncle anybody was watching the game brought us to remember that it was but good for I'll let you know after the initial shock of I got to play. He wanted to play and and the waiver that we're doing things in the passing game you know progression read all everything it's been rumored that they feel great about it's about Mercury count on the outside. But they come and play a lot of mail out first it was a a what Bernie you know current proposal fascinated by a welcoming account or get from the best statistically speaking people at the those kids need each other better. Goes through third through and they can throw all the band and how to make it Roca. If they competed captors mainstream. That's what happens to works on all air and one quick note for you in the heat beat the running back position brief top rusher back from a year ago so again there's another position old habits matter getting those guys that are this right. And they in that we do with who radar Stafford no we do just that yours we give ourselves a lot of evaluation watched film. All the position coach to make the cut ups of the players things get better at. He ended you know having all those guys back to sit there and evaluate what we need improvement what they've done it for us to really know. What there's strikes are to think it in there that's when most undervalued things that coaches have to do with deal with and your your basis. What are your players can be good how can you utilize them when you have a lot of guys come back. You can answer that question a lot easier in that schools are you know both of our rooms cornerback groups you room you know really awkward position so. Right Emanuel read the only Anderson Jonathan Hawkins and camera pick the work I know you got coming back. And there's a few other guys that'll be in the mix there it's up to Basil. You don't get that last year that was the position that you didn't necessarily know what yeah has so that makes it a lot easier this year doesn't it. It does you know I tell you we there's a saying right. Repetition is the mother of learning and I have to follow this and that experience is the father. Right so the fact that those guys are doing repetitions. And getting experience a lot games. Last scrimmage is. Just increases their development temple. All right you guys thank you for the time appreciated. I know you guys are more than anybody excited about where things are gonna go. Next year can't wait to get the chance to see everybody out on the yield. Spring practice starts and a couple of weeks and in the spring game on April 13 obesity and he called it the offensive coordinator running backs coach. Jim to prosecute quarterbacks coach guys thanks for the time thing I thought all right we got much more talk about here more recruits more positions to break down it's the UB football signing day special from your. You be athletics proudly invites you to manage your name in the history with a personalize bring on the new stampede plaza located near the brand new merging family field mouse. Available in three fully customizable styles these bricks in the perfect way to celebrate holidays graduation or any special occasion joining us is celebrating UB es rich heritage and exciting future to cement your personal legacy at the university at buffalo call an 833. 5702. Or visit bricks for bulls dot com. This meant that town BMW at least a 2017 BMW three Tony I extracted an opportunity but they're not only to be faster until 5051105052100. Plus stuff like 8215 main street and Williams film today tell BMWs. Is proud to be the official auto pilot. 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Break out the pen. Welcome back to santorum's pizza pub and grill on transit road it's buffaloes a regional pizzeria and tonight it is the home of the UT football signing day special. Tomorrow it's the UV basketball insiders know from seeing torrents on Miller's support that we that. Every Thursday at 5 o'clock what we're talking football tonight because it gave was the second of him so I mean gates for high school football players. And here to talk about some of the players they've added that the air position. As we continue to work our way through the roster offensive line coach Darryl like also. That tight ends coach Alan Hansel and Darryl will start with you as you've got the most guys that are in position. You got four of the six recruits. Which it all the more big guys you can add that line episodes the better right yeah you're right it was Christmas for the office area well was there you go we'll take this duel little bit of some of the guys you've added what are the one he added today. But he's an interestingly intriguing prospect and that's Steve Wallace. 66315. For British Columbia the number one ranked offensive lineman in in the entire country and it. Yeah he's he's a tremendous gift for our program we're excited to get him here. You know the things he was even into account the way he's built. You know what he can do for our program turned aside Schilling's stature. He's going to be a great addition questions. Mike no 665. To forty from Victor talk with coach a little earlier in the show about FISA. He travels the lacrosse player obviously eager to forty need to put a little bit light. Which you guys must feel like you can pull him up to two PE eight legitimate the one side's offense line. Yeah yeah actually you know when he humans official visit us thinkers in January 3 two wins and please he's grown pretty quick I would say so. But you know at his services and any time getting him and that's the defensive and tide and high school guys who were athletic instruments. But. Tyler will rule comes from mentor Ohio 65 to 95. Yet out of the room is is another great addition to our program very athletic. Very physical do a lot of things. It was most decorated I feel more at emea has tremendous support system with scrambling. Great people he sees the very. And then in the upbeat or from Elmira a six foot 7206. Yeah he's he's going to be really good and I think you know we've actually had the opportunity for instance he was solved more. And body working but it the last two years I think that's it is there's a good football tradition down in the Elmira in there is a lot of good football players come out there you're exactly right I think it's one of the attention it is so all right so you get the four offensive lineman Alan you only get one new price athletically that's her job but but he's a local news that people know around here that it's cold harvested from can reach as high schools 63. 225 foot eight primarily running back in speeches but tell me about the projections tight. Yeah so that I see about Cole picked him beat its count your plant next to each his was we're able to get him going into his senior year over tech campus in an owls it will work with a man. And he will be able to do everything we ask our. Tight ends and fullbacks to do a lot of people are on the program no Bob what Malkovich he'll do a lot of that same type of stuff he's really athletic he can run. You know he was first team all states. They won a state championship I mean he's a really good football player I think you little hall parking a lot of different ways there's fewer and. Your teams that are using tight ends to use EU. An advantage for this team and it that you see in recruiting that. That you have that there may be less teams chasing its monopoly you know there always is tight and it's always such a unique position to projected he'd seen it done with quarterbacks running backs. Our receivers so. However we get get up there you know it is we've just got to get it done you know. You know right thought Darryl we'll talk with him Edwards about him in a moment but because. We we have the notoriety the first Hawaii and play here. Ever to play UB which is weird you're from a tell me the story about getting opt to find it. That whole book to come to buffalo from the junior college California but it beatable now yeah we finally got one here that's right yeah that's agreed. Billion offices three young man we found him on junior college. Men from for me it's special just because there's so much in common and there are so many threats and Colin and I am 72 missed a year actually he's actually hear me your read it in rowly. Is I think he's a performer in the wolf for Australia to have you. I have talked about the high quality of football that's played on the island and there are so many players that come to the states within. Looking for an opportunity to play in and play at a high level. Oh yeah you're exactly right it's. For four for young kids coming from Boyd is getting the opportunity he went through the junior college rotten apples that he could finally to earn a scholarship that it is. Well Alan much like a lot of the other positions on this team you get. Everybody back. Yeah that's performed last year Tyler may be the starter Zach will fade into grade and then even to him for possibly know you like very much who redshirt it. Come tell me about your group on the about. The next steps that a guy like Tyler may be no doubt. And I I am really set about my group because they were they were one of the young we were one of the more young positions that are here last year and I think. With those guys give has much experience as they did. And then adding guys like Julian. In the capable that's played a little bit for us and have an injured back in exactly you know he had a injury towards the end he's going to be back healthy of the united. Really exciting than any hole. I I feel really good where the position is heading. And you know the best part bodies they'll work good together they'll keep pushing each other. My name is Paul that with Alan Hansel Apple's tight ends coach Darryl lack multiple offensive line coach this is the UB football citing a special. From scene towards the open rely on transit. We'll Daryl you get three starters coming back from Europe will all hate it that's arts act and Tomas Jack particularly healed and much to do with David gold begin rated matters outlets will beat me through a little bit of the process of how to replace them and how to have the guys that are coming back. Take the next step. Yeah you know we talked earlier during the seasonal market for a home we're so lucky to have some stiff enough program. On that time we had up to nine guys get about throughout the season about a hundred games snaps. And you know it's going to be a tremendous loss for David losing on the right tackle siding with marveling at the left courtside but. You know what's interesting enough is that we have four guys that are really truly battle for that position that have a lot of game experience and he grabs. So it's gonna be it's gonna make for funds went for outsource some of the guys that are in the mix to fill those two spots yeah as of right now obviously the Ecstasy in the first four games when David was not available weekly pay Odeo she couldn't keys went. And the man that writes I've for four games so they've had sorts Arabian devote deeply significant snaps Russell. We from really excited about that right side. On the and then at the left guard position right now you talk about a young man like Scott hardly knew that hasn't want to gain experience for us on not where you had tremendous team experience for us. I'm doesn't include young guys that are coming up like. Mike benefit Jacobs called Jack clean those kind of kids are just pushing our argued in the right direction. Allen though you know I bet you this year earlier but it in a thicket of you watch the Super Bowl and you're seeing two of the best tight. I gains in the NFL and how they're being used I mean Decker truly was eagles' number one reason you couldn't argue that. That Gradkowski was the patriots number one receiver you know it's such an interesting position there are guys who can war supersize receivers and there are guys who are wider offensive tackles right what's the challenge in that in coaching the position as it is now. You know there there's always that. Your skin pulls so many ways whether that's passing game right gain. Guys on special teams. But I I think what you what I like trying to be able to do is have been the best analogy is out with a tidy group to be like good basketball starting five I want guys that are big guys don't want guys they're like point guards don't want forwards. In that way on offense we could use these guys all these different ways. That complement. The quarterbacks and receivers in the line. You know we saw the passing game take strides last year that it had been done around here a long time. All the receivers got a lot of the glory rightly so I'll put the titans played a role in that how do you see that position evolving. Mean we're we're the office may be going in 2008 to. You know I think it all comes down to. Utopia we get our best guys on the field and in but we do play not just eleven guys who played thirteen fourteen different guys through loud and I think. If if the tidy looking to view develop that would just make our office better as a. Hole yet and it affects you Darryl as well on the offensive line different quarterback different running backs different styles. You know we saw the offense take a rather dramatic shift. Towards the end of the season with a quarterback wasn't running power house the the adapting process both the offensive line and all. That yeah I think when when you're going throughout a season where their interior what you're being successful that everything's fluid so you have to find a way to adapt to your situation. Last year's we start to have tremendous success throwing the ball we knew we geared up to. To become better protectors for a quarterback to take care of him because we know we gave him time he was confined you from seems so do you spend a little more time on pass protection as spring practice goes longer do you try to find a balance between the two of home you know as a coach you're always looking at to improve your deficiencies you know on I mean in I'm not saying that our run game was sufficient but it's Amber's gonna make it better and so will continue to work our pass protection and improving that aspect of Bergen Peter. Older two are gentlemen appreciate the time very much looking forward to seeing what both of your position groups are gonna do. To make this upcoming season. As special as I think it can be Alan Hansel tied its coach. Darrell I also offensive line coach gentlemen appreciate the time into it a little bit of a relaxation here Leo thank you so much I think people up more to come gonna talk a little defense we haven't talked a lot of defense. We're gonna do that when we return to the UT football signing day special from your field. Voice update you people's 50000 watch ESPN 1520 WW KB buffalo. You've got the closest you can get you the football game with a big screens. You can again. Experience safe and secure. In the official ticketing partner of the university of buffalo. Save the suspense for the game not think gate over surely your tickets are 100% authentic guaranteed in the can he keep you from seed. He lives just goes to commit to dot com search for UT football and be part of the big game. And you make sure his toys don't have any sharp edges and being taught her what to do when the smoke alarm goes off. 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Black I don't want my every nut Tuesday February 13 when did you beat men's basketball team hosts Bible Penn State with the first 4000 fans receiving rally towel. Courtesy of AMF boy went long range three's monster dunks and intense defense you won't want to miss the bulls and accident. Be sure to get your tickets Wear black to the gate and let's make no one night or Reno wow. Tip off is at 7 PM to order call 877 you'd be there for busy UB bulls dot com. Welcome back to use it towards the public guerrilla transit road it's awful those original pizzeria mighty default packet we continue that you beat football signing date special. We're here until 630 went back but he takes over audience in 1520 with a pregame show for tonight. UB women's basketball game against that state still plenty of time. What you hop in the car tribal border alumni read it check out one of the hottest teams in the mid American conference women's basketball team. They hit it off tonight. At 7 o'clock we are breaking down. The recruiting class at sixteen new players that you peoples' we've done it. By position we have talked all about those dazzling glory Hungary offensive players now it's time to get into the trenches you bit with the defense of guys. We will look at me eat that supply coached him Edwards and linebackers coach Chris Simpson in the right everybody wants to talk about all the touchdowns nobody likes dark but the guys have to stop right. That's right changed right now yes we are all right let him what's our unit three members of the recruiting class this year. Including maverick in the all over JC it's right there all year already it's meet your. In a role he's you get a chance to really get going with them. And let's start with the guy that we mentioned and our last segment because Darryl I also. From Hawaii was able to get the bulls' first ever player. From Hawaii here ought to find. It cola but 280 pound defensive tackle GCQ from California tells. Oh we're we're try to get a bit more McKee very he has alluded to was got all Ramon campus right now. And don't want the government to Omaha later he was junior college prep Cuba in the day. Yet three big on campus right now than it was in the two guys who forwarded. And you know there is no judge in the Phil one try to please those good fastball but right but that's who was is this is. It was a great time for him for us you know we've got a guy from Holland and big guys already up to 29. So so we've decided to give these guys that we can do count something slow with and that's all of the key for us last year debated and symbols don't we go and I think he's one. It was true to do that. Have you learn any EO Hawaiian island traditions yet from him as he translated any of those to Western New York. No no not yet not yet a fortune off fortunately he's been through the most common strength coach so we're good to I've only like the let's hope periods in the ground beef shipments though I think that's going to be a great fit and it was great for the. Speaking of Mississippi your other junior college transfer to Sean trick box worth 310 pounder brought Colombian Mississippi. Who played Jones County junior college and popular reason I would know anything about Jones College junior. Junior colleges as I watched last tier Q are there in the same league there as the national champions down there right. These is one of those should be junior college in. And throughout the improv world you know we consume as of June because if you feel junior golf so it known to have a bunch of big. Explosion grabbed both of them that they'd be comfortable with that and that's what he breaks for the very through on the ground. And then we've been fortunate to have those got. I'd have a vote. So both of those guys are kind of working at two tackles wrecked yet how about the other Kennedy Wilson comes from Milford academy which the prep school is you little more of a defense of it signal or no he's a tackle to right no Barack. A gut is that anchor and then. Everybody's numbers. They're a bit of room considered the freshman problems freshmen house. Exports where to file I think it'll it. The big kid like you who will be built one of the biggest yeah Obama talking right now. Sawyer is being given brand let two of three chairmanships mobile and so you know not not only that they can you believe we've done than its successful. And now we've had a lot of success would move for the academy. Last year we got mama collapsed schools that came in a January just like him and can be years ago we Chris Gonzales he enchantment and we're so. Robert dove under job did that relationship born and that we try to get them and he's really an exciting young kid that's really really. Right Chris Simpson no one makes of the linebackers happier than happen big bodies in front of so they can go make the tackles so you're two recruits. Are gonna be happy once they get your maverick team Paterson it's already here. Six foot 215 pounds in Glendale Maryland. We are talking about his twin brother. On the running back position teams perhaps and at a 180 tackles as a senior tells about. Yet James is I would I would say he's is it true inside my wheel type linebacker. Very physical very explosive. I think you take a peek at his highlight tape. He's actually. On policy should be under counter right Dell's mini helmets and if it is a broken. Have to replace whether it's his or her home. But yankees on campus right now she's real excited even going spring ball. Another one of those creature type opportunities guys in and I've I've personally had a room like twins. Because they're very competitive and have to be from from birth I mean my wife whose twin. We've got that he Brothers that that have played for a subject with a story right now. There are very competitive and and the Patterson's differences in beavers extremely competitive. Athletic individuals that I'm excited. And there on the opposite sides of the ball which doesn't hurt either through right now your other recruiting is Max Michelle from Elizabeth futures 6250. Pounds but did with fourteen sacks as a senior vice. Yeah and he actually is here as well he's also. Marie shirt. Meet your role we so we have both of the guys here if it's like Coach Edwards talking about. Kevin the defense tackles and we're excited to be looked at those guys all spring ball there and all offseason conditioning program right now with coach Lou. Doing a great job. Max's extremely schools. They're in which he very athletic. The other one and outside have more of an outside outside backer more fuel tank outside backer. Like it was high jump tripled job type long jump guy in high school. Extremely extremely explosives so it seemed. My name's Paul that this is the UB football signing date special we make our way through the list were talking defense with defense line coach Tim Edwards linebackers coach Christians and well Tim let's look at the position you mentioned you lost a couple of really guys leaguers Chris Ford that there won't Harrison you've got some hole. It's the hill. Would you see as some of the players that are gonna be in the mix to fill those holes and then again you also bring back. Some pretty good guys and chuck Paris and just in Britain as well to. That. All crops farmers so it's hard to come back here. And just Brandon that we hear you all chrome on potential book preachers and and so close. Mom and it was played last year that was low you know we always been fortunate no ability to vote on. So we threw column those two. And no Riggans and outlast you transfer of Matthew from Rochester needs some excited about you know. And now with the young to go Lejeune knows them for an rose to three weeks are about those. Can you as. What we get him out seventeen guys spring ball so everybody we expect and do some work on his own camp was. You're not I'm going to do you weigh in coming days ago. Try to give back as fast we can't live off. We saw as the season went on chuck Paris becoming dominant player. Can take that next step to be home. Well all and all conference level in galleries already there but I mean every game was 678. Tackles two for loss a sack. Forced fumbles for touchdowns take us through how much he got better as the year went on and what you think you can do next year. Lawyers for impressions is they're beautiful you know obsolete and those. The way we've been fortunate David Buick and going examine the role freshmen true freshman seventy Nokia thanks Obama. Missile crews wearing crews dug him out in Detroit got a key of the unbelievably. And they've been developing just college the whole team. Think you guys and we count Marion. And the guy who we want it. And to them through the process and he just to me an example of the process what we have a program now give the guy that. Maybe didn't have twenty golfers but it got that big time football pollute. Presumed good double notes and you've got got some potential and you're here you buy into what we try to get look back. Four years for your spouse is gonna fill process. Yeah I think he's on the brink of being able to do that and hopefully take the next version comes out that I believe we here in that we all that we've been with them. Speaking of NFL prospects you get the benefit of having another year radical you'll Hodgins and he. He's been amazing through his first two he's gotten better each of those years what's the next steps that you're trying to hopefully he'll make. Well we've we've actually spent some time over the last couple weeks here and watch some some tape from the season watching cut ups and guard them. Where things are completely convinced he still continue to work on. And I'm Mel from the other days. Both practiced looked at each others believe that this is that now we got one more year after. After being here for three years are you you know and so we're real excited I'm excited I think Willis is really working hard. End is going to continue to grow as a leader in this program and I'll will leave his legacy. You know and I can say legacy because I think he. He's gonna be easier to go down as one of the great ones at least terms of productivity. You know that's such a lot come from program like this with with the guys that come through so little side. You bring Jordan collier back to one outside linebacker position to lose chart Franklin and Ishmael or group with the other so who are some of the next week both players that you think are gonna compete for that job and be ready to step up. Well I think god as the season progressed. I would say that Qaddafi right really start to come into his own and I would expect him to have to continue to grow in that fashion. I think ran out when house he's always senators sought bankruptcy. Legal and again that we can get in there and and and give him a break every now and again and that is helping young guys with. You know with Tim Terry. From Pittsburgh come in and out I'm excited about him Jenny Harrison played a little bit last year's toothbrush. A lot of special teams I think he's a guy that we all noticed on special teams. Didn't see much movement regular defense is it's there that potential for him to step in that role. I do think so I do think so that you know when and we've made the decision to so cool jays richer. And because of that reason that we thought he could really give us a good news of Steve's I think he did. And that just Mobil's injured you know another plodding guy that was injured throughout the year last year so we'll get him back from injury and you know I I really do like the depth of talking to guys today in effect. We've got more guys in my alignment that I ever have any where I've than. In terms of just sheer numbers. So you know we got a good group and I think the overall. Hold each other accountable and it's gonna make it's all about. Tim you've you've been around at at high levels of football throughout your life including playing in the NFL. Tom do you see some things happening here that have the potential to make this. A special season and all the guys that are returning the players that you know you have. Other than the way the season ended last year these are a lot of things that. You wanna check off on boxes when you move from one season of the tee and other give us a sense of what you think the potential for 2018 can be. What. Increased two. Days. In New. York expecting. In that meeting tomorrow like considering where we can defeat in practice this morning. And we did when it. Tomorrow forty practice war. The people that you expecting to do certain things or already there. No problem from a lot of respect in this region and goes go out to an immediate. You know there are will be new to the office but we just feel comfortable with with Lou on the street condition. The thing that. In the to return with those guys obviously. And then you know we know we'll all know report in the would look like him. Of their door announced not off the field looks like football and we compliment and feel good about. What we've dues as being here and just let's go through the good feelings those we just got to. Q wave of distractions and hopefully they Orix. Excited we are excited about profits and get into it so that if this group during his slighted because. Model prepared do that you are now under Gardner disappointed with the it's time for the payoffs and holidays than this Leo waiting for the that's where we're at calico. All right. Great one of the top defense as the Mac last year figures all be better with help from Christians linebackers coach. It would be at the white guys thanks very much for the time regulations on the outside clients from all right when we come back we're all had our final segment of the UB football site is not talk a little bit about the schedule next year but about some of the national know that the program is getting. Will do that when we come back to two hours pizza pub and grill on transit wrote this the UP football's. Special. From your. Black I don't want my every night Tuesday February 13 when you beat men's basketball team hosts Bible Penn State with the first 4000 fans receiving probably tell. Courtesy of AMF bowling with a long range three's monster dogs and intense defense you won't want to miss the bulls and accident. Be sure to get your tickets Wear black to be gay and let's make no one night or Reno wow. Tip off is at 7 PM to order call 877 you'd be there for busy UB bulls dot com. This meant that town begins W please it's when he seventeen BMW three Tony I extracted an opportunity but they're not only to be on serve until 5052105052100. Plus stuff like 8215 mainstream and Williams film today tell BMW is proud of media official auto pilot. You via athletics and our special pricing can you be students and employees. Prices performance we got its coach join our hometown team and let's have a winning season we love. 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Optimize your workflow. Welcome back to the UV football signing date special might have his fault that we're seeing tourists the department guerrilla trades to wrote we have been talking football. For nearly the last hour and a half nothing could be better than that February but that it's 630 at about eleven minutes we shifted over basketball map that he takes over. With a pregame show for the women's basketball team which is at night. And alumni arena against its eight. Still time for you to get over tickets still available Michael checked out the women's basketball team which has been off to an amazing eight Jews start. In Mac play and then lots action on the basketball court over the next week or so. The men are home on Tuesday the women home again on Wednesday those are both huge games. And in the mid have a big nationally televised game a week from Friday so plenty of basketball. Going on and it's been great basketball both teams are off to great starts we're talking a little bit more football and that little high level approach that all assistant coaches for comment on the talk about their recruits and their positions. But now welcome an assistant athletic director for communications John Fuller. To take a little bit of a high level look at the job in talking all the assistant coaching it it got me about something in. The progression of football programs like take you back. The 2007. When the bulls had a strong finish to the season yet who will get even Roosevelt it James Starks. You sits that the team was ready to break out and do some special things and we saw that in 2008. Do you feel like here's a comparison between 2007. And 2007. It would might mean for the next. Here yet not going to happen I would even go back even a little sooner and go back to the into the 2012 season member. The bulls won three of their last Ford since 2012 season. Lemon on when he deems a little bowl game to them thirteenth I think both those you know that your way year the thirteen year I think there's there's no question about this team. You know I I think last year Cairo where we run the radar right I mean we did there was become an awful lot to win season that was the only reason that a lot of lot of lot of expectations. And you know. Really just that it's certain to turn the corner and you obviously finishing you know we know last three games of the year to become bowl eligible the first time just the third time in school history. You know it really these guys are hungry I think almost. Not giving the ball game and in whose disappoint for all of us but I think that really is kind of build a fire and in the belly of these players are you know they they they know that. Pay a 66 is not good enough next year we got to you're gonna go seven a 584 or whatever to do we have we have we've got to win every single game Q and these games slip and and I think. He knows the hunger they have is is is really gonna make. Reports he's an ex and the expectations are legit it's based on nothing other than the backs which is eight starters returning offense six on defense. For your five all black players returning. You bring all your quarterback's back in almost all your receivers top receivers you bring your top four running backs back during top tackler back there isn't a position. On the field. We're here you have to sweated out the kind of seen what it's gonna be next year yeah it's it's I mean. That is our quarterback situation and you have you know. Tyree Jackson who is just incredible performer and end. Behind him have only have a guy that threw for 570 yards and that's what judgments and so. A quarterback it's just it's we have the luxury of of riches almost you noted that you'll have to. Really really good quarterbacks deposition in the column entries to. With soaring action last year did a good job. You know and then you know running backs we have we have four returning running backs all the starters and we have hitters were received pretty good receivers Anthony Johnson of through there regrettable you know he he's pretty early in the country at every ball harder yes so you know he's an amazing talent and and it is so I mean. And an obvious in the defense of said the boy and Cleo odds and that middle linebacker and all the owners and Warner you know if it it's yet I mean we've missed movement was stars that positions but. And I think. I think they know we didn't have been previous years that we sort of developed last year was depth. And I think. But I think now. That there was guys who got a lot of experience last year or are going to be able to move up in that starting role but I think you know last I think you we will we've thrown a lot of this fresh you know fresh and young players out there to think we were able to kind of build some depth. It at some disposition and replace. And and people on a national level are starting to notice. You know there have been some things written over the last couple weeks one article top twenty teams in the country to watch from 2018. The bulls are on that list. There was an article written about the best quarterback in every conference Tyreke Jackson's that I am a Mac list that's in your role in the athletic communications offers are you starting to sense that. Getting phone calls starting here from people that wanna know more about what's going on here. Yes no question about it a casino coming off of two win season. You know if there wasn't a lot of buzz around this team and now coming off a 66 year. And and clean up the numbers that we did that there's a lot of buzz and Weaver you know we're getting calls you know. You know what animal to a you know we'll do our best to get our guys out there it Tyreke Jackson's name out there and Kathy Johnson. You know it's not only will should could via finalists for the with a cough war but I mean if he keeps playing he's playing MEI you that you see you know I'm not yet. I am not facing the H word you know I they have totally fits you know. I mean why not why not promote our player really real players is good and anti Johnson is that the name up there in and you know and in. Even have his name. In the same conversation as other guys up for the Heisman Trophy would be incredible honor and and and just agreed you know great moments program yet spring practice. Start the next couple weeks the spring team will be Friday April 13 everybody's chance to see the bulls and their own eyes. For the first time that will be at UB stadium. But that looks ahead of the scheduled you're kind of got a fuel for will be opponents are gonna be the aids. Are not set yet except for the non conference that starts at home to Delaware State formats yes on September 1. Then at temple on the eighth. Out after a bye at Rutgers on the 22. And in the final nonconference home game of the European September 29 against army. That's manageable. Nonconference schedule there are Knoll likely top 25 teams on the. It's yet you know at this thing to do great job with this schedule I think coach like pulls in trying to do that since he's gotten here you know. In years past we've always had that he Ohio a major power five school that we pretty much is going in and essentially just cashed check thank you very much and come home you know but these are all winnable games right I mean Delaware State operatives yes over and we should it be in the opener and then you're at temple. Who went to a bowl game last year but that was the teams that I would say we're renting trick or terrible than it very well know very winnable game rockers. The Big Ten team but not one Ohio State Michigan Penn State right so did. That there's there's that there's a game that we've we've reached deafening going to win and then are having army at home we've been in two years ago here you know. By the Tribune last year and let him off the hook last your right always play well against them. Mean if you and that's the thing you can get off to a good start here you'll three in one form no. You know then you know. I'm in the conference U2 games with him bowl eligible every sort of conference play yet so I think that's the importance of having a manageable schedule the beat at the beginning of the season. With John Fuller's just an athletic director of communications that were wrapped up the UB football signing day special from your chin towards pizza pub and growing trend to Rhode. You know your Mac opponents at home it'll be Akron. Eastern Michigan had stayed in Miami the road shapes up as a little bit tougher. Bowling Green central Michigan Ohio and what might very well be the game of the year in the Mac is on the road so we. Yet we go to defending met Al Mac champions are greeted news you know an addict incredible season last year and and that they've you know. Coach candles and a nice job there as is really continue to build them upside that's going to be you know market calendars that that that's that's that's definitely I would too. But yet to be a mid week. Then Apple's television team in Toledo. You don't know again they're they're extinct it will lose their quarterback just gotten by the com mine in Logan would side that lost a couple of the players who lost one player as a junior. To the NFL that they're pretty good at reloading but you kind of wonder if they're gonna well how much to step back they take or not. It all but that's it that's going to be really interesting team for bulls fans to watch as the season progresses. And I think it'll also be a good measuring stick as to how good we are you know I mean that I mean they're going to be. Likely pick to winning the conference again helping to win there you win that game that's really opened some eyes feel right around the around a Mac. The Easter will be competitive as always Ohio brings back one of the breakout stars of the Mac and cornerback Nathan Rourke. Miami. Two years a goal was the story of the Mac went to a bowl and beat Mississippi State took a step back last year but they got their quarterback backed out of reach into. Yeah and you know that the Mac is always competitive. Meaning in it's it's always tough to gauge you know who is who's going to be good year or years it kind teams come comments come out of nowhere but. Is that question you know you receive buffalo football teams and one team. Are happily congratulations you and your Eagles enjoy the parade tomorrow will make basketball map that he's got the call it's the bulls against state come up next. We thank you for joining us on the UB football signing day special. From we're the only UBE sports network line from central was peaks of public room and he football insider with Lance like. Has been presented place and tallest peaks of the final hour. And close sports. He is familiar feel presentation. Will you be so fortunate were.