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Sunday, January 7th

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Welcome to slice of life. Because the fight was not enough. You've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oases. Good morning everybody and welcome to another edition of slice of life thank you very much for curving out some time forest this Sunday morning or here for 1030 to eleven every Sunday. And we talk about all sorts of things under the lights out umbrella today we'll talk a little later we're we're gonna get back on the gridiron talking about the improbable win. The Cincinnati Bengals over the Baltimore Ravens resulting in the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs after the it's seventeen year drought made national and international news it's been great fun week. Here in buffalo but first I am delighted to welcome doctor Tom in Sana. To the airwaves and it's probably a familiar name from any view doctor Tom is with. Hi tech wellness and weight loss in Renaissance wellness and actor Tom. Welcome to the show good morning. Thank you Greta good morning and we wanna focus this time on high tech wellness and weight loss of Boris in New York. And I have seen this with my own eyes actor turned your program has. An incredible record of success and seeing less and less of many of my co workers quite literally because many people have taken advantage of this. Terrific program that seems to have almost immediate and long lasting results actor time tell me a little about yourself. Well I've been a chiropractor for over thirty years my wife and I who was a homeopathic by the way have been practicing Easter aura and we've been involved with the weight loss for about seven and a half years now we've been able hub literally thousands of people. Two achieved their weight loss and health goals where the only office in west New York it's licensed to do that Tyrell thin program and in neutral most program and you know Brenda we are in the season now where there's a lot of New Year's resolutions. And you'd turn at any television station any radio station that's all you hear his commercials for weight loss. Well our programs work incredibly well actually our goals to make WB and the smallest radio station involved. Going by weight. I can't sign that we're doing pretty well. But here's something I hear all the time I'll ask patients I'll say if you lost weight before and their answer is yes. If you've ever put a big gap absolutely that and then some and then I'll say something. That I always get a surprising remark from I'll say. Whose fault is that now normally if you ask somebody whether they have an auto accident or anything else that happens most people blame somebody else don't think yes. Et salute Lee every single time they'll say it's my fault well the real truth is in most cases isn't their fault. The deck is actually stacked against them. Because they have some issues that have never been addressed our programs argun address those issues but when Iowa mentioned to you today is the fact that. Over about the past three years my wife and I've developed. A maintenance program that is not only gonna help people to keep the weight off but to do it in a way. That allow them to live a normal life style and actually enjoy life and significantly drive forever dies. Right nobody wants to feel deprived director actor turned absolutely you know especially at this time of the year after camp coming off at the holidays. It's a challenge for everybody but in general 11 is trained to lose weight. It's difficult to keep that off why isn't so difficult to keep the weight off. Because there's some basic problems that most people don't understand. You see we were designed. As hunters and gatherers. And our bodies our designed to feast and to famine to live in times when there's plenty and times when there's not so much. So we have something called the hype both Lam a weight set point that's where your brain thinks you're supposed to be and if you go on any kind of weight loss program if you lose anyway for any reason whatsoever. It kind of confuses your brain your brain thinks it's a time. Of of starvation is a time when there's not so much food. Sewer puts you win this starvation mode and it causes a lot of biochemical actions the goal line your body to conserve energy. Your brain only knows you're not getting enough calories doesn't know the reason so. What do we need to do is we need to reset your hype before equate set points of your brain will accept your new ways in it's not always such a struggle a lot of people will come to mean the first thing they say is I've bitch I don't have any metabolism at all. Well they've been told by other doctors you can't lose because you have a slow metabolism and that's that altogether untrue. Most people are coming to see us do have a slow metabolism. But the reason they have a slow metabolism is from Yo-Yo dieting because they keep training and their body to go into the starvation mode. And your brain. Doesn't forgive that quickly so when you witness starvation mode it lowers your metabolism when the time of plenty comes and you're eating more food. It doesn't return your metabolism a normal it'll always keep a little slower so you have to have a program and on not only reset your hype before and equate set point. But you also have to have a program that will raise your metabolism back up to allow you to be able to burn those excess calories. A lot of people now have a metabolic or systemic problem whether it's a thyroid the kidneys or liver there adrenal. Something this caused him to crave sweets or to make them store fat instead of burning fat. We need to address those problems to vets were arming its program comes they will sit down with my wife and have a complete. Consultation with her to find out what their problems are what is holding them bet what's keeping them. From being able to live a normal healthy life with a good healthy diet and keep the weight off we also include. Monthly maintenance visits we've come and sit down with one of my staff for myself. And we do what's called a body composition analysis which tells us everything about your your percentage about it for interest of print metabolic gauge all the things that we need to know to make sure you're progressing the way you should and maintain the way you shoot. So it is a complete program that will fit your lifestyle. So you may be chronologically let's say for the repair sake of argument forty years old and not about playing metabolic or you might be ninety years. Absolutely rhesus seat time with people. Well I think the best example I had as a girl came in with her mother and her mother was slim X you should look like models she was tall and thin and trim. And this young girl and her sister struggle with weight all the reliance candidly she said to me. You know what makes me so angry as I should look like current she should look like me the problem was this girl was only sixteen and metabolism was a 69 year old woman. Now I didn't do a body composition analysis on the mother but I badger her metabolism was that team. Isn't it Chris what do you attribute it to attack attack I think the biggest problem is Yo-Yo dieting but let's not forget the chemicals that they put in their food today are very detrimental to us. They may preserve the food. But they're causing a lot of chemical imbalances in our bodies. And I think our metabolism is suffering for a moment. So that's probably something you've seen evolve over the past seven and happy years you've been doing this right because it seems it is Marmara foods liturgy amount their ratified or you know there Nat. Natural organic foods necessarily their genetically modified as its meaning you and your wife come up against and you're helping patients. We you know I'm very very encouraged my wife and I've been eating organic foods for probably 25 years. And there was a time when we would get a little corner of the supermarket with the very very little variety we had to take what we can get. Today you can walk into virtually any supermarket and sometimes. A quarter of or more is all organic to cancel. Today you're here and people advertise insane that GM all. Today you're hearing things about gluten free and dairy free. I think people are getting more and more educated and their health and I think they're really more adjusted their house. Yes we do have a big weight problem in our country today. And I think the source of our foods of our diet has a lot to do with a but I also think that people are starting to really understand how important it is that they maintain a healthy guy and I'm very encouraged by that. We're talking reject your town and sent out yet to familiar voice on our airwaves you've heard actor Tom on several of our stations here and enter Karen radio. He is with high tech wellness and weight loss of western new York and Renaissance wellness this is one busy gentleman he and his wife. But you know it's not about just a weight lost actor can tell about the healthy changes you nab John for your body. Have you ever success stories about what people can do now in terms of moving around easier perhaps participating and different activities picking up their grandchildren get enough medication you must feel so encouraged and gratified to hear them. I think everyone is an agreement. That losing weight getting down to a a more lean body mass. Is far healthier for a us. And there's a lot of disease processes for example high blood pressure and diabetes. And I see so many people had been a terror Purdue with a knee problems and hip problems with ankle problems. And our bodies are simply not made their dad designed to carry all this excess weight. So I've seen tremendous things over the over the seven and a half for eight years we've been doing this people coming off and a number of different medications. Health conditions that disappeared since they've lost all this way. We've been blessed to have a number of people would have gone. 67 years and kept the weight off and periodically come back and they talk about. How much better they feel the activities are able to play tennis again they're playing golf again. Under able to get back into run again some very touching stories where this is literally changed their lives. I bad and it really answer the quality of one's life absolutely it's terrific I commend you for what you do do you come. You don't have prepackaged food journeyed right there right mean to tell people you recommend what they should be in when they should eat as it generally how it works. Absolutely it's real food regular food you buy in the store and you prepare home it. Really isn't that dead different from a died that your great grandparents might of had couple hundred years ago it's a very basic diet. But it's the proper percentages of protein carbohydrates and fats that are so important that program. I think it's a challenge to doctor town like T how much of the story here about the deck of carrots or piece of meter have to play it should be veggies ante in Aaron Nat necessarily starches. Reproach teens. It's an awareness factor it's it now earlier you helping people lose way appear helping them educate themselves for the long term. That is so important that people are educated. And that they know what they can do by the time you finished the program after forty days or after six weeks to paint it which program you want by the time you finish you know the amount of protein you should have the carbohydrate you should have. And the fancy should have although we are all basically the same we are still individuals so. Sometimes we do have to change some things and and tweak the program. To fit a certain person's lifestyle or their biochemistry. So we need to be able to be flexible enough to do that too. And speaking of flexibility you have to location so people can see UN and our chance and the south towns. Here in the village of Easter are right on main street and main street in Williamstown between transit and youngster where sick we are you an Easter word after camp. We urge for an act before main street in East Aurora. And who Williams bill were at 6490. Main street and Williams though. And it's between transit hanging on certainly I'm busy areas and both main streets of these villages. And it must make you feel good to know that you can help people from all offer Western New York married a much much more accessible offices we have so we. Do Lehigh save weight loss of Western New York has really been blessed with the fact that I if people from all over I have people come an hour an hour and a half away. But it touched something in there the outlets is easy to remember is well it's the number four. Easy loss dot com and it's the letters EZ again number four easy loss. Dot com and I imagine there's all sorts of info. About what we just talked about your ups and iso us and fabulous testimonials you know yes congratulations. To both you and your wife on helping so many people seeing. Lesson class of people quite literally and I wish you continued success and look forward to more tips and interviews on slice of life. Thank you Brenda a pleasure to see your actor Tomlinson have high tech wellness and weight loss of Western New York. On main street in both Easter or and main street in claims fell will be back right after this we're gonna hit the gridiron with some fun from Cincinnati. And welcome back to this addition of slice of life hoping or saying nice and warm and toasty get ready for that incredible bills game that's coming up against the jags in just a few hours. And this Sunday were so excited about what's going on and the city has been. Crazy and it may be very frigid temperatures that things are hot hot hot in buffalo. Thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals beating the Baltimore Ravens and the most talked. Spectacular fashion you can almost half and it will be hard to write a better script the ghost or care business themselves and now Miami. Beating the dolphins and then it was up to Andy Dalton and company. To take your there ravens and certainly didn't look good for the bills that they appoint but Dalton pulled off an improbable improbable win for the ankles and they Harry team really had nothing to play for frankly. But they certainly dash the hopes of the ravens out. I patted only appropriate that we talked to a member of the Cincinnati media for a couple of minutes Europe slice of life. It can't get a feel for how things are going in the other queen city our guest today is James Turkey. Who is atop Karros hit ESPN. 1530 not to be confuse that are ESPN fifteen to rank. James good morning thanks for joining me today. I don't know I pleasure well I'll tell me what this city is abuzz in each year on. Cincinnati bank just play by play man said it is doubly pandemonium here in buffalo. What was your impression watching the game Sunday when Dalton threw a fourth down pass attack at that point. I was shocked I can be and that's it that in the norm when the bingo they basically exhibited a single play. They believe that particular fact and other loot we didn't have much support for obviously the road and even and they are. Maybe I'm being loud out into the window seat and that's going offense. And so can. But all of a boy can't sit for the game winning touchdown. Until then we'll send that they're competitive where America and critical Beltran that it got to. And and are seventeen seasons let's earlier in the playoffs the bills and the plans was in 1999. So now. It's been a long drought in my in our really we've been the butt of so many jobs because of the blockbuster art in the big four sports. In this country and so for us to finally break through again. Especially when you consider James at glory days of the bills in the early nineties I was a season ticket holder for many years ran. Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas Bruce Smith Andre reed Steve tasker in our names that were. Known for Aaron Y two bills fans even casual fan back in the day. And and then we just hit this long unbearable to Roush and nobody got this edition of the pills or don't do anything frankly. So for the Buffalo Bills now under the guidance of tyrant to their quarterback to pull this off simply amazing. When you talk about the Bengals to James. I know Pittsburgh is probably your biggest rival Purdue is a lot of rivalry between the Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens this or anything special that they were playing for. Other than to enact the ravens out of the playoffs. Think we're in a much better. The potential NFL the most fiscally. The benefit of the maybe you know that I can do that they think they're very slow. And that the ravens know it's still there about just it's not match up to run that far forward in the fact. When you're there you can knock them out of the fire outside I think they looked focused. And that they were certainly in bu I know this. Another week and there was no. I am black focused on lack of accountability apartment court because. Futures and certain motel much turnover happened here was this team over the next year. It during the season so that's something I think that that the and put forward so. And someone else they have good sound of that away and then there are a good spot next to. And Andy Dalton will be freeagent correct. I hope they create and that is because it. They are static and Rupert who knows there's certainly something and that would mine and not let. You do an object it's only Connie let. One year I wrote in my liked it good for. Well I think he ran for mayor Bob Hillary now and it really amazing too because surely after the bills. Juan and it was determined that the Bengals are gonna take care of business at the ravens. There is a lot of talk about a number of restaurants shipping. Chicken wing issues Cincinnati and pick the Buffalo Bills put out an official letter saying they would send out ticket race you out of that dangles. It was a fun tanner real buffalo thing to do however work became even more apparent and even more meaningful was the fact that. So many buffalo fans were donating in many times in seventeen dollar increments to say different how long it's been since the drought has lasted. Until Andy Jordan dolphins foundation. Itself prior several thousands of dollars injuries and were taping the show earlier in the week that ice and Hampshire and hit six figures. James tell us a little about the foundation and what your reaction when you heard about the bill's fans doing man. Well the back and forth that goes on the Andy Dalton on the field. It certainly the other guy and Altria I don't think it got into 2011. And done everything to collect well. And then he can. Record after record that Latin beat out man in the street they only. No and about it and talk so much time here and basically he hopes. Can't slip with special meet their fortune and and then do all it took the food. And different in the first this well and I don't go to every little dictate our children you silent for a day that there's another home that fact and the guy out and they take that parents. Especially children who don't you do that and I know. And then there's this little nine sit down dinner with angles. That episode and let us what what. Around so they took a step that the foundation and that includes such first as a group and I think it's hard. Who went in crime they can be and milk a goat so that there can't or don't boo him. And that's with you Mike it's a very good car there and blue oh. But ultimately. No lead that angle on the field and Shiite and can be cut out and make. And and they can with the pocket and they concurred and. It's your is it doesn't get much better than that. I jays before we go any predictions on the those jags game today. I hope to build what I'm not saying that's always fire but this lack of all of you. Tell us. We can never of course. No wind instrument and we. Oprah you know you go to that extent can go and get a win because. Why not 1 that I am Italian food the music city miracle what arugula and I know we have our fair share unity here and it's not the first. It goes and well goat some believe IPO went. One nobody in buffalo would disagree with your prediction medicine and James your pain firm ESPN fifteen purity in Cincinnati. Thank you so much for your time this morning vessel to the Bengals next year thank you. Thanks very much returning to slice of life we always appreciate her being out some time forests and today this will be go Bell's. Party next week.