You Already Know, Don't You?

August 26, 2018 - 8:36 am

Gearing up for the third preseason game, I get the feeling that most Bills fans have their mind made up.  You already know who you want to start at QB, don't you?

From the look of this unscientific Twitter poll, 3/4s of us do....



I’m not sure how much is riding on this game.  If 75% of those voting in this poll already know who they want to start at QB, I would venture a guess that 90% of that 75% would be backing Allen.  If that can be assumed as true, wouldn’t it also be possible that Bills coaches and management could feel the same way?


Sean McDermott might already know what he wants to do.  Brandon Beane and Brian Daboll might.  What about Kelvin Benjamin and LeSean McCoy?  Wouldn’t they all have a pretty good idea of who they want/hope to start the opener in Baltimore?


Do we really think that today’s performance will determine who gets the nod?  I’m sure it’s possible, but I’m not convinced it’s a lock.  Not at all.  If Allen plays well, does he just get the job?  What if the #process is telling McBeane to wait a bit?  What if Peterman finishes the preseason with a grand total of 5 incompletions?  What more could he do to win the competition?  


Maybe you want Josh Allen to start as soon as possible.  Maybe you want Allen to sit early on and get more of a handle on the offense and life in the NFL.  The one thing that seems certain…this is all about Allen.  Let’s be honest about this game tonight, we’re in it to watch Allen.  We’re looking for some more improvement, or some highlight reel plays.  We’re looking for the draft pundits that were so convinced he was a terrible prospect (and there were a lot of them and they were convincing and they still might be right) to soften their stances even more than they have been in the last couple weeks.

The evolution of Allen with the Bills is something that I think is fun to watch.  The thing about social media, 24 hour draft coverage, and being hyperaware of how the sausage is made, is that we get to remember how we originally felt about a move, and learn from it.  At the time of the draft, Allen was the least popular prospect among fans.  There are cell phone videos of Bills fans booing the pick at the time.  If Josh Allen turns out to be a great NFL quarterback, he’ll be one of the biggest “Old Takes Exposed” in the history of… well… Twitter.  Many of us will have receipts wanting the Bills to take one of the other QBs.  I gotta be honest, I think about this a lot.  I think of a hypothetical moment in the future, where Allen has grown into one of the league’s best QBs, and someone will roll out with, “Remember when you didn’t want Josh Allen?”  And I think the response is, “Yeah and I remember when Jim Kelly didn’t want to come to Buffalo.”  Funny thing how sometimes you get something great, out of something you had serious doubts about.  Maybe that's a bit more representative of Buffalo than any sort of "blue-collar" talking point.  

We still don’t know anything about the careers of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, or Mason Rudolph.  But I do know one thing:  I’m really glad the Bills are one of the teams in the 2018 QB Club.  Every appearance from Allen feels like the football world is watching to see which teams came out of the draft, out of that club, and into a franchise-changing quarterback.  

Round 3 is tonight.  Giddy up.

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